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Chapter 6,102

Phenotypic and genetic parameters of productive performance traits in beef cows

Wollert, J.; Tilsch, K.; Goerlich, L.; Warzecha, H.

Archiv fuer Tierzucht 30(5): 413-420


Accession: 006101482

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Studies were made on the performance level in four beef breeding herbs involving 3,296 beef cows after first calving and 1,327 beef cows after third calving Heritability estimates and phenotypic and genetic correlation coefficients were established and were found to be in the upper range of analogous figures reported in international literature. The variability within and between breeding herds was great enough for performance selection. However, there were differences in the performance level which had to be attributed to specific peculiarities of the breeds and cross-breeds involved in the GDR beef cattle breeding programme, environmental variations and differences in the judgement on subjective appraisement scores.

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