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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6104

Chapter 6104 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nayak N.C., 1984: Phlebo thrombosis as a common pathogenic denominator in noncirrhotic portal fibrosis and extrahepatic portal splenic venous obstruction

Natly G., 1985: Phlebodynamic effect of doxium in chronic venous insufficiency

Vos'mirko O.D., 1981: Phlebographic examination of the thymus in patients with myasthenia

Frere D., 1981: Phlebographic investigation for suspicion of deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities

Schindler E., 1981: Phlebography a safe and simple method in the diagnosis of renal agenesia dysgenesia

Romanus B., 1980: Phlebography in crural hematoma differential diagnosis from recent deep vein thrombosis

Castan, P.; Bouzige, J. C.; Jean, E.; Castan-Tarbouriech, E., 1977: Phlebography in inflammatory pseudotumors of the orbit review of 18 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103007

Wiedmann C., 1980: Phlebography in patients on hemo dialysis

Wood R.F.M., 1982: Phlebography in the salvage of dialysis fistulae

Genovese L., 1981: Phlebography of the cavernous and inter cavernous sinuses

Schiller M., 1982: Phlebography of the deep venous system of the leg in children

Grosse Vorholt R., 1980: Phlebography of the internal spermatic vein

Cobben J.J., 1982: Phlebography of the internal spermatic vein and the ovarian vein

Cappelletti F., 1980: Phlebography of the lower extremities discussion of a newly acquired technique

Heitsch M., 1983: Phlebography of the upper extremity assessment of various x ray signs

Truebestein G., 1988: Phlebography of the upper extremity technique of examination indications and results

Maurer, H. J.; Clermont, G.; Willenberg, A., 1986: Phlebography vs. doppler sonography in follow up controls of phlebothromboses in the legs

Mishima H., 1986: Phlebolithiasis associated with intramuscular hemangioma x ray diffractiometric x ray microanalytical and scanning electron microscopic investigations

Arias, J. R.; De-Freitas, R. A., 1977: Phlebotomi of central amazonia brazil part 1 results obtained with captures made with human and horse bait diptera psychodidae

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Dias E.S., 1988: Phlebotominae of venezuela description of the female of lutzomyia amilari diptera psychodidae phlebotominae

Teruya E., 1985: Phlebotomine fauna of the city of corumba southern mato grosso brazil and description of lutzomyia forattinii new species diptera psychodidae phlebotominae

Singh I., 1979: Phlebotomine sand flies diptera psychodidae from a primary hill forest in west malaysia

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Perkins P.V., 1984: Phlebotomine sand flies of north american diptera psychodidae

Trouillet J., 1983: Phlebotomine sand flies of the congolese mayombe diptera psychodidae seasonal fluctuations

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Majori G., 1986: Phlebotomines diptera psychodidae from burkina faso italy a note on the sandfly species collected in domestic resting sites

Pont, F. L.; Desjeux, P., 1987: Phlebotomines from bolivia v. lutzomyia brisolai new species of phlebotomine anthropophilic sand fly from the andean piedmont diptera psychodidae

Falcao A.L., 1979: Phlebotomines of venezuela lutzomyia torrealbai new species of the state trujillo diptera psychodidae

Ramirez A., 1979: Phlebotomines of venezuela re description of the male and description of the female of lutzomyia hernandezi and description of the female of lutzomyia pilosa diptera psychodidae phlebotominae

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103039

Artem'ev M.M., 1980: Phlebotomus autumnalis new species of sandfly from afghanistan phlebotominae

Raymond, H. L.; Cornet, M., 1976: Phlebotomus diptera psychodidae from termitaria in eastern senegal

Artem'ev, M. M.; Dergacheva, T. I., 1978: Phlebotomus jacusieli new record a new sand fly species for the fauna of the ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103043

Martinez Ortega E., 1984: Phlebotomus perniciosus a possible vector of the cutaneous leishmaniasis diptera psychodidae

Davidson I.H., 1982: Phlebotomus taylori new species of the subgenus synphlebotomus diptera psychodidae phlebotominae from zimbabwe

Kruskall M.S., 1986: Phlebotomy for diagnostic laboratory tests in adults pattern of use and effect on transfusion requirements

Marticorena E., 1979: Phlebotomy improves pulmonary gas exchange in chronic mountain polycythemia

Naidenova E., 1984: Phlebotomy treatment in porphyria cutanea tarda combined with beta thalassemia

Takahashi S., 1983: Phlebotrichin a phenolic compound from the fresh leaves of viburnum phlebotrichum

D'alia G., 1986: Phlebotropic therapy results of a clinical trial

Shah D., 1986: Phlegm production and lung function among cigarette smokers changing tar groups during the 1970s

Takahashi, S.; Kitanaka, S.; Takido, M.; Sankawa, U.; Shibata, S., 1977: Phlegmacins and anhydro phlegmacin quinones dimeric hydro anthracenes from seedlings of cassia torosa

Nyembo, L.; Goffin, A.; Hootele, C.; Braekman, J. C., 1978: Phlegmarine a likely key intermediate in the biosynthesis of the lycopodium alkaloids/

Altman D.P., 1979: Phlegmasia cerulea dolens

Hagmueller, G. W.; Denck, H.; Garaculy, G., 1978: Phlegmasia cerulea dolens in an infant a successfully operated case in connection with chicken pox

Dean R.H., 1988: Phlegmasia cerulea dolens therapeutic considerations

Macak, J., 1978: Phlegmonous enteritis

Rosen, Y.; Won, O. H., 1978: Phlegmonous entero colitis

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103060

Solodovnikova A.A., 1983: Phlegmonous gastritis

Miller, A. I.; Smith, B.; Rogers, A. I., 1975: Phlegmonous gastritis

Bron, B. A.; Deyhle, P.; Pelloni, S.; Krejs, G. J.; Siebenmann, R. E.; Blum, A. L., 1977: Phlegmonous gastritis diagnosed by endoscopic snare biopsy

Bonfils S., 1979: Phlegmonous gastritis usefulness of endoscopy and bacteriological study of the gastric juice for a prompt diagnosis

Debrie J.E., 1985: Phlegmonous tenosynovitis and median nerve involvement

Muona J., 1985: Phlegon degallieri new species from south america with a key to the known species of the genus coleoptera eucnemidae

Yoshihara, T.; Shimanuki, T.; Araki, T.; Sakamura, S., 1975: Phleichrome a new phyto toxic compound produced by cladosporium phlei

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103068

Bregazzi, R., 1980: Phleogena faginea distribution in west germany

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103070

Tiraby G., 1988: Phleomycin resistance as a dominant selectable marker in cho cells

Tiraby G., 1987: Phleomycin resistance encoded by the ble gene from transposon tn 5 as a dominant selectable marker in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Farrell, L.; Reiter, H., 1973: Phleomycin stimulated degradation of dna in escherichia coli

Farrell, L. D.; Reiter, H., 1976: Phleomycin stimulated solubilization of dna in escherichia coli part 2 inhibition of solubilization by bacterio phage t 4

Smith, J. D., 1976: Phleospora idahoensis new record and didymella festucae new record from gotland sweden

Joachimiak A., 1981: Phleum boehmeri hy banding karyotype analysis

Kovats, D., 1976: Phleum studies part 1 data on the taxonomy and morphology of phleum bertolonii and phleum pratense

Kovats, D., 1977: Phleum studies part 2 phleum hubbardii new species a new species of poaceae gramineae

Vande Wege M., 1986: Phloem anatomy in stauropteris biseriata from the pennsylvanian of north america

Smoot E.L., 1985: Phloem anatomy of the carboniferous coenopterid ferns anachoropteris and ankyropteris

Smoot E.L., 1984: Phloem anatomy of the carboniferous pteridosperm medullosa and evolutionary trends in gymnosperm phloem

Pate, J. S.; Hocking, P. J., 1978: Phloem and xylem transport in the supply of minerals to a developing legume lupinus albus fruit

Pate, J. S.; Sharkey, P. J.; Lewis, O. A. M., 1974: Phloem bleeding from legume fruits a technique for study of fruit nutrition

Fuehrer E., 1988: Phloem compounds of picea abies analyses on bark beetle trap trees

Garner J.O.Jr, 1983: Phloem development in sweet potato ipomoea batatas cultivars

Leonardo L., 1981: Phloem differentiation in coleus blumei pith explants

Purse J.G., 1984: Phloem exudate of perilla crispa and its effects on flowering of perilla crispa shoot explants

Milburn, J. A., 1970: Phloem exudation from castor bean d induction by massage

Bhat, N. S.; Manjunath, M., 1988: Phloem exudation studies of gmelina arborea roxb. through severed stylet of coridien janus fabricius

Knutson D.M., 1984: Phloem in arceuthobium globosum viscaceae

Hanson, A. D.; Edelman, J., 1970: Phloem in carrot d calluses

Salle, G., 1976: Phloem in the cortical strands of viscum album loranthaceae

Ba A.T., 1983: Phloem in the haustorium of striga gesnerioides a parasitic scrophulariaceae

Davis R.E., 1983: Phloem limited prokaryotes in sieve elements isolated by enzyme treatment of diseased plant tissues

Mcneil D.L., 1980: Phloem loading and metabolism of xylem borne amino compounds in fruiting shoots of a legume

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103099

Giaquinta R.T., 1979: Phloem loading of sucrose involvement of membrane atpase and proton transport

Giaquinta, R., 1977: Phloem loading of sucrose ph dependence and selectivity

Steucek, G. L.; Koontz, H. V., 1970: Phloem mobility of magnesium

Kleier, D. A., 1988: Phloem mobility of xenobiotics i. mathematical model unifying the weak acid and intermediate permeability theories

Hsu, F. C.; Kleier, D. A.; Melander, W. R., 1988: Phloem mobility of xenobiotics ii. bioassay testing of the unified mathematical model

Sinclair W.A., 1979: Phloem necrosis of elms symptoms and histo pathological observations in tolerant hosts

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103106

Dute, R. R., 1983: Phloem of primitive angiosperms 1. sieve element ontogeny in the petiole of liriodendron tulipifera magnoliaceae

Dute, R. R.; Sharkey, C. L., 1985: Phloem of primitive angiosperms iii. phloem of petioles of drimys granadensis winteraceae

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Smoot E.L., 1984: Phloem structure in the carboniferous fern psaronius marattiales

Cahill D.B., 1983: Phloem thickness in lodgepole pine pinus contorta its relationship to dwarf mistletoe arceuthobium americanum and mountain pine beetle dendroctonus ponderosae coleoptera scolytidae

Mc-Nairn, R. B., 1972: Phloem translocation and heat induced callose formation in field grown gossypium hirsutum

Dickson R.E., 1983: Phloem translocation from a leaf to its nodal region and axillary branch in populus deltoides

Abdalla A.M., 1985: Phloem translocation of foliar applied oxamyl and its role in plant protection

Chamberlain K., 1987: Phloem translocation of non ionized chemicals in ricinus communis

Chamberlain K., 1987: Phloem translocation of weak acids in ricinus communis

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103118

Hall, S. M.; Baker, D. A.; Milburn, J. A., 1971: Phloem transport of carbon 14 labelled assimilates in ricinus d

Bergmann L., 1982: Phloem transport of sulfur in ricinus communis

White J.C., 1984: Phloem transport of xenobiotics in ricinus communis var gibsonii

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Amici A., 1980: Phloem ultrastructure of some gramineae

Eschrich W., 1984: Phloem unloading following reactivation in predarkened mature maize zea mays cultivar prior leaves

Eschrich W., 1983: Phloem unloading in aerial roots of monstera deliciosa

Schmalstig, J. G.; Geiger, D. R., 1985: Phloem unloading in developing leaves of sugar beet beta vulgaris cultivar klein e multigerm i. evidence for pathway through the symplast

Schmalstig, J. G.; Geiger, D. R., 1987: Phloem unloading in developing leaves of sugar beet ii. termination of phloem unloading

Ammerlaan A., 1983: Phloem unloading in developing seeds of vicia faba the effect of several inhibitors on the release of sucrose and amino acids by the seed coat

Thorne J.H., 1986: Phloem unloading in soybean glycine max cultivar wye seed coats dynamics and stability of efflux into attached empty ovules

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103134

Oparka K.J., 1986: Phloem unloading in the potato solanum tuberosum tuber pathways and sites of atpase

Turgeon R., 1987: Phloem unloading in tobacco sink leaves insensitivity to anoxia indicates a symplastic pathway

Peters H.F.C., 1984: Phloem unloading of amino acids at the site of attachment of cuscuta europaea

Mcnaughton G.S., 1986: Phloem unloading within the seed coat of pisum sativum observed using surgically modified seeds

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103140

Smetana A., 1981: Phloeonomus orientalis new species from the kuril islands ussr coleoptera staphylinidae

Lohse G.A., 1984: Phloeopora studies a nomenclatorial horror thriller

Ghosh A., 1987: Phloganthoside a diterpene lactone glucoside from phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus

Bohm G.M., 1988: Phlogistic action of ethanol a study of the vascular response in the gastric and duodenal mucosae

Mong S., 1986: Phlogistic activity of leukotriene d 4 in the mouse

Denko C.W., 1980: Phlogistic properties of the serum proteins albumin and transferrin

Peltier, J. P., 1976: Phlomis antiatlantica new species labiatae from morocco

Shreter A.I., 1980: Phlomis tuvinica new species section phlomoides from the tuva assr russian sfsr ussr and western mongolia

Van Dam K., 1983: Phloretin an uncoupler and an inhibitor of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation

Latorre R., 1983: Phloretin and phloretin analogs mode of action in planar lipid bi layers and mono layers

Waldmeyer J., 1979: Phloretin and related compounds inhibit agonist stimulated cyclic amp accumulation in cultured cells of central nervous system origin

Melnik, E.; Latorre, R.; Hall, J. E.; Tosteson, D. C., 1977: Phloretin induced changes in ion transport across lipid bi layer membranes

Lumsden R.D., 1984: Phloretin inhibition of glucose transport by the tapeworm hymenolepis diminuta a kinetic analysis

Sha'afi R.I., 1983: Phloretin is a potent inhibitor of rabbit neutrophil activation by chemo tactic factors

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103155

Lippe C., 1982: Phloretin sensitive active urea absorption in frog skin

Fannin, F. F.; Evans, J. O.; Gibbs, E. M.; Diedrich, D. F., 1981: Phloretinyl 3' benzyl azide a high affinity probe for the sugar transporter in human erythrocytes 1. hexose transport inhibition and photo labeling of mutarotase

Fannin, F. F.; Evans, J. O.; Diedrich, D. F., 1982: Phloretinyl 3' benzyl azide a high affinity probe for the sugar transporter in human erythrocytes 2. irreversible transport inhibition in induced by photolysis

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103160

Kimmich G.A., 1986: Phlorizin binding to isolated enterocytes membrane potential and sodium dependence

Moroz, P. A.; Bukolova, T. P., 1977: Phlorizin content in soil in the vicinity of apple trees

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103163

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Munakata K., 1979: Phloroglucinol type furo coumarins a group of potent naturally occurring insect anti feedants

Lounasmaa, M., 1977: Phloroglucinolic derivatives of hagenia abyssinica part 4 carbon 13 nmr of koso toxin pseudo aspidinol and alpha kosin

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Peabody F.J., 1979: Phlox longifolia polemoniaceae complex of north america

Agadzhanyan E.A., 1981: Phlox variability induced by chemical mutagens

Kowalski R.P., 1982: Phlyctenulae and catarrhal infiltrates occurrence in rabbits immunized with staphylococcal cell walls

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Atkins R.C., 1984: Phm 14 a novel monoclonal antibody that reacts with both normal and neoplastic human b cells but not b cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103191

Lugtenberg B., 1984: Pho e protein pores in the outer membrane of escherichia coli k 12 not only have a preference for orthophosphate and orthophosphate containing solutes but are general anion preferring channels

Wolfe P.B., 1988: Pho5 lacz hybrid proteins block translocation of native acid phosphatase in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Harris R.B., 1982: Phobia a case report

Soccio M.T., 1986: Phobia analysis of a case

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103196

Mcnally R.J., 1981: Phobias and preparedness instructional reversal of electro dermal conditioning to fear relevant stimuli

Chambers, J.; Yeragani, V. K.; Keshavan, M. S., 1986: Phobias in india and the uk a trans cultural study

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103199

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103200

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Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103206

Braasch F., 1982: Phobic withdrawal significance psychodynamics and therapy of phobic neuroses

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Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103225

Campbell A.K., 1987: Pholasin a bioluminescent indicator for detecting activation of single neutrophils

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103227

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Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103230

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Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103241

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Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103506

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Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103589

Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103590

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Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103654

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Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103662

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Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103672

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Section 7, Chapter 6104, Accession 006103736

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