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Chapter 6,104

Phosphatase activities in relation to phosphorus nutrition in nodularia spumigena cyanobacteriaceae 1. field studies

Huber, A.L.; Hamel, K.S.

Hydrobiologia 123(2): 145-152


ISSN/ISBN: 0018-8158
Accession: 006103846

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Alkaline phosphatase activities were examined in blooms of N. spumigena Mertens in the Peel-Harvey estuarine system, Western Australia. Variations in phosphatase activity occurred geographically and diurnally, as well as over the duration of a bloom. These variations correlated with differences in the P nutritional status of the Nodularia. In the laboratory, Nodularia phosphatase production was inversely proportional to cellular P, but not to external soluble reactive P.

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