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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6105

Chapter 6105 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Uvnas Wallensten K.; Larsson I.; Johansson C.; Efendic S., 1979:
Phosphate buffer stimulates somatostatin release into the antral lumen of anesthetized cats

Takagi I.; Sato T., 1984:
Phosphate buffered formalin used as a fixative for long time preservation of specimens for electron microscopy

Diaz, L.A.; Calvanico, N.J.; Tomasi, T.B.J. ; Jordon, R.E., 1977:
Phosphate buffered saline soluble substances with blood group activity from human epidermis and dermis

Majumdar S.; Baker R.F., 1980:
Phosphate calcium induced fusion of chicken erythrocytes

Fonyo, A.; Vignais, P.V., 1980:
Phosphate carrier of liver mitochondria the reaction of its sulfhydryl groups with mersalyl 5 5' di thio bis nitro benzoate and n ethyl maleimide and the modulation of reactivity by the energy state of the mitochondria

Nriagu, J.O., 1976:
Phosphate clay mineral relations in soils and sediments

Eleshev R.E.; Ivanov A.L.; Cherkasova A.I., 1986:
Phosphate composition in mechanical element fractions of virgin and irrigated light chestnut soils

Hughes, S.P.; Jeyasingh, K.; Lavender, P.J., 1975:
Phosphate compounds in bone scanning

Bartlett G.R., 1982:
Phosphate compounds in red cells of 2 dogfish sharks squalus acanthias and mustelus canis

Jezuita, J., 1976:
Phosphate compounds in the erythrocytes of new borns with abo systems hemolytic disease

Antoniewicz, K.; Baer, W.; Chmiel, J., 1977:
Phosphate compounds in the strobila of taenia saginata cestoda taeniidae

Ruyters, G.; Oh-Hama, T.; Kowallik, W., 1985:
Phosphate compounds of scenedesmus c 2a' in darkness or blue light as measured by phosphorus 31 nmr

D.F.anca F.P.; Gomes S.; D.C.stro A.C.D., 1981:
Phosphate consumption by chlorella homosphaera

Ferro Luzzi Ames G.; Nikaido K., 1981:
Phosphate containing proteins of salmonella typhimurium and escherichia coli analysis by a new 2 dimensional gel system

Starodub N.F.; Artyukh V.P.; Rekun G.M., 1979:
Phosphate content in erythroid blood cells of rats under normal and pathological conditions

Starodub N.F.; Artyukh V.P.; Dudarev V.P.; Rekun G.M., 1979:
Phosphate content in red cells of rat blood during hypoxia and hyperoxia

Tomblin, J.; Davis, B.; Larsen, B., 1987:
Phosphate content of human amniotic fluid and its relationship to bacterial growth inhibition

Parniak M.; Hasegawa H.; Wilgus H.; Kaufman S., 1981:
Phosphate content of rat liver phenyl alanine hydroxylase purified by hydrophobic chromatography

Takasaki E., 1987:
Phosphate contents in oxalate uroliths and urinary stone constituents

Schmid, R., 1977:
Phosphate copper and zinc concentration in soil and plant after 6 years of application of sewage sludge in a field experiment

Holmes, J.H., 1981:
Phosphate deficiency in cattle on the Sepik Plains, Papua New Guinea

Schmidt, M.L.; Carden, M.J.; Lee, V.M.; Trojanowski, J.Q., 1987:
Phosphate dependent and independent neurofilament epitopes in the axonal swellings of patients with motor neuron disease and controls

Pinkus, L.M.; Windmueller, H.G., 1977:
Phosphate dependent glutaminase of small intestine localization and role in intestinal glutamine metabolism

Akerman K.E.O.; Moore A.L., 1983:
Phosphate dependent ruthenium red insensitive calcium uptake in mung bean phaseolus aureus mitochondria

Liaw, K.Y.; Kuo, L.L.; Kao, J.T., 1987:
Phosphate depletion and ATP metabolism in muscle and liver during trauma, sepsis and total parenteral nutrition

Rampini C.; Dubois C.; Barbu V., 1984:
Phosphate depletion decreases mitogen mediated stimulation of phospho lipid synthesis in human peripheral lymphocytes

Maierhofer W.J.; Gray R.W.; Lemann J.Jr, 1984:
Phosphate deprivation increases serum 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d concentrations in healthy men

Nyamapfene K.W., 1981 :
Phosphate desorption on 3 highly weathered tropical soils

Segal, A.; Mate, U.; Wortman, M., 1978:
Phosphate di ester formation following reaction of beta propio lactone with thymidine 5 mono phosphoric acid

De-Rooij, J.F.; Arends, J., 1982:
Phosphate diffusion in whole bovine enamel 3. ph dependency

de Rooij, J.F.; Kolar, Z.; Arends, J., 1980:
Phosphate diffusion in whole bovine enamel at pH 7

De-Rooji, J.F.; Arends, J., 1981:
Phosphate diffusion in whole bovine enamel at ph 7 1. temperature time and concentration dependency

Sakhvadze L.I.; Imnadze M.I.; Rapava A.V.; Gvilava M.Sh, 1980:
Phosphate dissolving bacteria in manganese ores of the chiatura deposit georgian ssr ussr

Smith J.D.; Longmore A.R., 1980:
Phosphate distribution in bass strait and southeastern australian coastal waters

Schachtschabel P., 1980:
Phosphate dressing and phosphate content in the soil

Nikolaeva S.A.; Tsvetnova O.B.; Shcheglov A.I., 1986:
Phosphate dynamics in rice soils of the lower kuban river delta russian sfsr ussr

Sato S.; Aiba S.; Aquarone E., 1984:
Phosphate effect in the dilution rate on the saccharomyces cerevisiae multiplication

Ritchie J.M.; Straub R.W., 1979:
Phosphate efflux and oxygen consumption in small nonmyelinated nerve fibers at rest and during activity

Sharpe T.; Bittar E.E., 1985:
Phosphate efflux in single barnacle balanus nubilus muscle fibers

Sarkar S.K.; Basu S.N.; Guha D., 1986:
Phosphate equilibria in phosphatic fertilizer applied submerged neutral and calcareous soils of bihar india

Stelter, L.; Von-Sonntag, C.; Schulte-Frohlinde, D., 1976:
Phosphate ester cleavage in ribose 5 phosphate induced by hydroxy radicals in deoxygenated aqueous solution the effect of ferrous and ferric ions

Rapi G.; Ginanneschi M.; Chelli M.; Pinzauti G.; Vanni P., 1983:
Phosphate esters of vitamin d 2 and vitamin d 3 new substrates for alkaline phosphatase from calf intestine

Larkin, J.P.; Nonhebel, D.C.; Wood, H.C.S., 1976:
Phosphate esters part 3 formation of sesqui terpene hydro carbons from cis trans farnesyldiphenyl phosphate and trans trans farnesyldiphenyl phosphate

Lean, D.R.S.; Nalewajko, C., 1976:
Phosphate exchange and organic phosphorus excretion by fresh water algae

Alvarez R.; Luxoro M.; Nassar Gentina V.; Szklarz G., 1980:
Phosphate exchange between high energy phosphate compounds in resting crustacean megabalanus psittacus muscle

Twinch A.J.; Peters R.H., 1984:
Phosphate exchange between littoral sediments and overlying water in an oligotrophic north temperate lake

Wisniewski R.J.; Planter M., 1987:
Phosphate exchange between sediments and the near bottom water in relationship to oxygen conditions in a lake used for intensive trout cage culture

Rosenberg, H.; Russell, L.M.; Jacomb, P.A.; Chegwidden, K., 1982:
Phosphate exchange in the pit transport system in Escherichia coli

Kraus, E.; Briefel, G.; Cheng, L.; Sacktor, B.; Spector, D., 1985:
Phosphate excretion in uremic rats: effects of parathyroidectomy and phosphate restriction

Cornforth I.S.; Smith G.S.; Fox R.L., 1983:
Phosphate extractability and availability to plants in phosphate rock treated soils

Prasad R.; Sharma S.N.; Dixit L.A., 1985:
Phosphate fertilization in intensive annual cropping with wheat triticum aestivum green gram vigna radiata or cowpea vigna sinensis pearl millet pennisetum typhoides

Mitoff S.D.; Lewis B A.G., 1987:
Phosphate fertilization of pyritic waste foliar versus ground application to soybean plants

Singh, D.; Mannikar, N.D.; Srivas, N.C., 1976:
Phosphate fertilizer value of indigenous rock phosphates and super phosphate for lucerne and their residual effect on guar

Mizota, C., 1977:
Phosphate fixation by ando soils different in their clay mineral composition

Weir, C.C., 1977:
Phosphate fixation in jamaican latosolic soils

Almeida D.L.D.; Velloso A.C.X., 1982:
Phosphate fixation in soils from the state rio de janeiro brazil

Voikin, L.M.; Fat'yanov, A.S., 1976:
Phosphate forms in the main soil forming rocks of volga region ussr

Aiyer R.S.; Nair C.S., 1979:
Phosphate fractions of kerala india rice soils in relation to their occurrence and pedogenesis

DesJardins, K.C.; Morell, P., 1983:
Phosphate groups modifying myelin basic proteins are metabolically labile; methyl groups are stable

Lancelot G.; Helene C., 1984:
Phosphate guanosine interactions a model for the involvement of guanine derivatives in autocatalytic reactions of rna species

Braunitzer G.; Stangl A.; Schrank B.; Krombach C.; Wiesner H., 1984:
Phosphate hemo globin interaction the primary structure of the hemo globin of the african elephant loxodonta africana proboscidea asparagine in position 2 of the beta chain

Bidin A.A.; Barber S.A., 1985:
Phosphate in malaysian ultisols and oxidols as evaluated by a mechanistic model

Cook J.R., 1981:
Phosphate incorporation by euglena gracilis during ph dependent photo inhibition

Galler R.; Edstroem J E., 1984:
Phosphate incorporation into secretory protein of chironomus pallidivittatus salivary glands occurs during translation

Schneider P.; Ober K.M.; Ueberberg H., 1981:
Phosphate induced nephropathy in the dog comparative light microscopic and electron microscopic investigations on the proximal tubule after oral application of potassium hydrogen phosphate sodium hydrogen phosphate potassium chloride and sodium chloride

Vaghy, P.L.; Matlib, M.A.; Schwartz, A., 1981:
Phosphate induced swelling inhibition and partial uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation in heart mitochondria in the absence of external calcium and in the presence of ethylene glycol bis beta aminoethyl ether n n n' n' tetra acetic acid

Golovatskii I.D.; Tsegel'skii A.A., 1987:
Phosphate inhibition of conversion of ribose 1 phosphate the product of purine nucleoside phosphorylase splitting in the phosphoribomutase reaction

Witney, F.R.; Failla, M.L.; Weinberg, E.D., 1977:
Phosphate inhibition of secondary metabolism in Serratia marcescens

Doehlert, D.C.; Huber, S.C., 1984:
Phosphate inhibition of spinach spinacia oleracea leaf sucrose phosphate synthase ec as affected by glucose 6 phosphate and phosphoglucoisomerase

Sachs J.R., 1988:
Phosphate inhibition of the human red cell sodium pump simultaneous binding of atp and phosphate

Pereira, R.; Tolosa de Talamoni, N.; Asteggiano, C.; Cañas, F., 1984:
Phosphate intestinal secretion and absorption by isolated ileal loop: effects of cholecalciferol and diet phosphate

Valeri C.R.; Ouellet R.; Mostacci J.; Harmening Pittiglio D.; Vecchione J.J., 1983:
Phosphate ion exchange resin used in the liquid preservation of baboon papio cynocephalus red cells

Manning P.G., 1987:
Phosphate ion interactions at the sediment water interface in lake ontario usa canada relationship to sediment adsorption capacities

Afonina N.L.; Del'gado R.; Agafonov O.A.; Us'yarov O.G., 1983:
Phosphate ions sorption by iron clay mineral complexes

Dzhumaev, O.M.; Valyaeva, V.M., 1977:
Phosphate level in soils and effectiveness of fertilizers

Trepachev E.P.; Yagodina M.S., 1985:
Phosphate level in the soil and nitrogen fixing capacity of alfalfa

Brown E.J.; Button D.K., 1979:
Phosphate limited growth kinetics of selenastrum capricornutum chlorophyceae

Al-Bander, H.; Etheredge, S.B.; Paukert, T.; Humphreys, M.H.; Morris, R.C., 1985:
Phosphate loading attenuates renal tubular dysfunction induced by maleic acid in the dog

Knobloch, K.H.; Berlin, J., 1981:
Phosphate Mediated Regulation of Cinnamoyl Putrescine Biosynthesis in Cell Suspension Cultures of Nicotiana tabacum

Savant, S.; Parikh, N.; Chhatpar, H.S., 1982:
Phosphate mediated regulation of some of the enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in Neurospora crassa

Van-Bogaert, E.C.; Gueuning, C.O.; Graff, G.L.A., 1981:
Phosphate metabolism and fetal growth in the rat 1. net transfer of phosphorus 31 and phosphorus 32 inorganic phosphate from the maternal plasma to the normal placenta

Van-Bogaert, E.C.; Gueuning, C.O.; Graff, G.L.A., 1982:
Phosphate metabolism and fetal growth in the rat 2. net transfer of phosphorus 31 and phosphorus 32 inorganic phosphate from the maternal plasma to the normal fetus

Van-Bogaert, E.C.; Gueuning, C.O.; Graff, G.L.A., 1986:
Phosphate metabolism and fetal growth in the rat iii. net transfer of phosphorus 31 and phosphorus 32 inorganic phosphate from the maternal plasma to the placenta after fetectomy

Sicko-Goad, L.; Jensen, T.E., 1976:
Phosphate metabolism in blue green algae part 2 changes in phosphate distribution during starvation and the poly phosphate overplus phenomenon in plectonema boryanum

Jensen, T.E.; Sicko-Goad, L.; Ayala, R.P., 1977:
Phosphate metabolism in blue green algae part 3 the effect of fixation and post staining on the morphology of poly phosphate bodies in plectonema baryanum

Sicko-Goad, L.; Jensen, T.E.; Ayala, R.P., 1978:
Phosphate metabolism in blue green bacteria part 5 factors affecting phosphate uptake in plectonema boryanum

Bevington, A.; Asbury, A.J.; Preston, C.J.; Russell, R.G., 1985:
Phosphate metabolism in erythrocytes of critically ill patients

Henderson, T.O.; Costello, A.J.R.; Omachi, A., 1974:
Phosphate metabolism in intact human erythrocytes determination by phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy

Garszel J.; Oledzka R.; Napieralska A.; Rojek B.; Nadolska M.; Karpinska E., 1986:
Phosphate metabolism in the kidney of rats intoxicated with carbamate pesticides

Manganaro M.; Miccheli A.; Delfini M.; Gaudio E.; Marinozzi G.; Conti F., 1985:
Phosphate metabolites and organ preservation phosphorus 31 nmr study on rat kidney

Delfini M.; Angelini R.; Bruno F.; Conti F.; D.C.cco M.E.; Giuliani A.M.; Manes F., 1985:
Phosphate metabolites in germinating lettuce seeds observed by phosphorus 32 nmr spectroscopy

Navon, G.; Navon, R.; Shulman, R.G.; Yamane, T., 1978:
Phosphate metabolites in lymphoid friend erythro leukemia and hela cells observed by high resolution phosphorus 31 nmr

Hansen J.; Sharpe T.; Bittar E.E., 1986:
Phosphate metabolites in single barnacle balanus nubilus muscle fibers investigated by phosphorus 31 nmr

Krajewski K.P., 1981:
Phosphate micro stromatolites in the high tatric albian limestones in the polish tatra mountains

Mclellan J.H., 1983:
Phosphate mining at the lee creek mine north carolina usa

Kuntze H.; Scheffer B., 1979:
Phosphate mobility in relation to fertilizing effects in raised bog peat

Mansell R.S.; Mckenna P.J.; Flaig E.; Hall M., 1985:
Phosphate movement in columns of sandy soil from a wastewater irrigated site

Matthies, M.; Zundel, G., 1977:
Phosphate nitrogen base hydrogen bonds involving proton transfer with reference to the nonenzymic hydrolysis of atp

Beck, D.P.; Munns, D.N., 1984:
Phosphate Nutrition of Rhizobium spp

Paterno, E.S.; Espiritu, B.M., 1978:
Phosphate pelleting of centrosema pubescens

Geffner, M.E.; Opas, L.M., 1980:
Phosphate poisoning complicating treatment for iron ingestion

Okamoto N.; Tei H.; Murata K.; Kimura A., 1986:
Phosphate polymer dependent phosphorylation of glycolytic substrates by brevibacterium species

Mullins D.W.Jr; Lacey J.C.Jr, 1981:
Phosphate production and analysis in the nonenzymatic activation of amino acids by atp when using hydroxylamine as a trapping agent

Fau D.; Chanez M.; Bois Joyeux B.; Delhomme B.; Peret J., 1981:
Phosphate pyro phosphate and adenine nucleotides equilibrium in rat liver after ethionine ingestion and during ischemia

Poujeol, P.; Corman, B.; Touvay, C.; De-Rouffignac, C., 1977:
Phosphate re absorption in rat nephron terminal segments intra renal heterogeneity and strain differences

Clasen J.; Bernhardt H.; Hoyer O.; Wilhelms A., 1982:
Phosphate re mobilization from the sediment and its influence on algal growth in a lake model

Lin C.; Douglas L.A.; Motto H.L.; Busscher W.J., 1986:
Phosphate reaction models for the lakehurst soil in the new jersey pine barrens usa

Sarkar, D.; Sarkar, M.C.; Ghosh, S.K., 1977:
Phosphate reaction products in red soils of west bengal india

Babarina E.A.; Glazova A.A., 1981:
Phosphate regime of soddy podzolic soils

Abasheeva N.E.; Dugarov V.I.; Mangataev T.D.; Chimitdorzhieva G.D., 1981:
Phosphate regimen of meadow chernozem perma frost soil of the eravninsk valley buryat assr russian sfsr ussr

McCarter, L.L.; Silverman, M., 1987:
Phosphate regulation of gene expression in Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Goldfarb V.; Sanders D.; Gradmann D., 1984:
Phosphate relations of acetabularia mediterranea phosphate pools adenylate phosphates and phosphorus 32 influx kinetics

Hibberd, M.G.; Dantzig, J.A.; Trentham, D.R.; Goldman, Y.E., 1985 :
Phosphate release and force generation in skeletal muscle fibers

Bathla R.N.; Chaudhary M.L., 1987:
Phosphate release as influenced by biogas slurry and calcium carbonate in a typic calciorthid

Fyfe, W.S.; Kronberg, B.I.; Leonardos, O.H., 1978:
Phosphate release from synthetic glasses and inhibition of phosphate fixation on iron iii hydroxide

Sunahara, H.; Xie, W.M.; Kayama, M., 1987:
Phosphate removal by column packed blast furnace slag i. fundamental research by synthetic wastewater

Xie, W.M.; Zhang, X.C.; Kitaide, T.; Sunahara, H., 1987:
Phosphate removal by column packed blast furnace slag ii. practical application of secondary effluent

Bulusu, K.R.; Kulkarni, D.N.; Lutade, S.L., 1978:
Phosphate removal by serpentine mineral

Shiao, S.J.; Akashi, K., 1977:
Phosphate removal from aqueous solution from activated red mud

Couillard D., 1983:
Phosphate removal using wastes from the aluminum reduction industry

Rossknecht H., 1980:
Phosphate removal with calcium carbonate precipitation in the lake of constance obersee europe

Becker, D.J.; Brown, D.R.; Steranka, B.H.; Drash, A.L., 1983:
Phosphate replacement during treatment of diabetic ketosis. Effects on calcium and phosphorus homeostasis

Zhang J.; Wolfe S.; Demain A.L., 1988:
Phosphate repressible and inhibitable beta lactam synthetases in cephalosporium acremonium strain c 10

Shin C.N.; Rhee G Y.; Chen J., 1987:
Phosphate requirement photosynthesis and diel cell cycle of scenedesmus obliquus under fluctuating light

Powell, C.L., 1982:
Phosphate response curves of mycorrhizal and nonmycorrhizal plants 3. cultivar effects in lotus pedunculatus and trifolium repens

Bezama, B.N.; Aomine, S., 1977:
Phosphate retention on soils in the central valley of chile

Smyth T.J.; Sanchez P.A., 1982:
Phosphate rock and super phosphate combinations for soybeans glycine max in a cerrado oxisol

Smyth T.J.; Sanchez P.A., 1982:
Phosphate rock dissolution and availability in cerrado brazil soils as affected by phosphorus sorption capacity

Anderson D.L.; Kussow W.R.; Corey R.B., 1985:
Phosphate rock dissolution in soil indications from plant growth studies

Rajan S.S.S.; Gillingham A.G., 1986:
Phosphate rocks and phosphate rock sulfur granules as fertilizers for hill country pasture

Stirling, H.P.; Wormald, A.P., 1977:
Phosphate sediment interaction in tolo and long harbors hong kong and its role in estuarine phosphorus availability

Maftoun, M.; Krause, H.H., 1977:
Phosphate solubility in dried forest floor samples from new brunswick soils

Tsyganok V.D., 1982:
Phosphate solubility in fertilized soils according to data on extractions with anionite

Axelrod S.; Greidinger D., 1979:
Phosphate solubility tests interference of some accessory minerals

Kucey R.M.N., 1983:
Phosphate solubilizing bacteria and fungi in various cultivated and virgin alberta canada soils

Banik, S.; Dey, B.K., 1981:
Phosphate solubilizing microorganisms of a lateritic soil 1. solubilization of inorganic phosphates and production of organic acids by microorganisms isolated in sucrose calcium phosphate agar plates

Banik, S.; Dey, B.K., 1981:
Phosphate solubilizing microorganisms of a lateritic soil 2. effect of some tri calcium phosphate solubilizing microorganisms on available phosphorus content of the soil

Banik, S.; Dey, B.K., 1981:
Phosphate solubilizing microorganisms of a lateritic soil 3. effect of inoculation of some tri solubilizing microorganisms on available phosphorus content of rhizosphere soils of rice oryza sativa cultivar ir 20 plants and their uptake of phosphorus

Willett I.R.; Higgins M.L., 1980:
Phosphate sorption and extractable iron in soils during irrigated rice upland crop rotations

Borrero C.; Pena F.; Torrent J., 1988:
Phosphate sorption by calcium carbonate in some soils of the mediterranean part of spain

Nychas A.E., 1982:
Phosphate sorption by greek alkaline soils evaluated with a modified freundlich equation

Maida J.H.A., 1980:
Phosphate sorption by malawi soils and its relationship to soil properties

Willett, I.R.; Higgins, M.L., 1978:
Phosphate sorption by reduced and re oxidized rice soils

Van-Riemsdijk, W.H.; Van-Der-Linden, A.M.A.; Boumans, L.J.M., 1984:
Phosphate sorption by soils 3. the phosphorus diffusion precipitation model tested for 3 acid sandy soils

Polyzopoulos N.A.; Keramidas V.Z.; Kiosse H., 1985:
Phosphate sorption by some alfisols of greece as described by commonly used isotherms

Juo, A.S.R.; Fox, R.L., 1977:
Phosphate sorption characteristics of some benchmark soils of west africa

Jones, J.P.; Fox, R.L., 1977:
Phosphate sorption curves as a soil testing technique a simplified approach

Lopez Hernandez D.; Herrera T.; Rotondo F., 1984:
Phosphate sorption in relation to eutrophication in a tropical estuary maracaibo system

Dandy A.J.; Morrison R.J.; Chase L.D.C., 1982:
Phosphate sorption isotherms and fertilizer response of oil palms on solomon islands south pacific soils

Rhodes, E.R., 1975:
Phosphate sorption isotherms for some sierra leone soils

Manikandan P., 1985:
Phosphate sorption kinetics of some soils from bangalore and kolar regions of mysore plateau india

Chee, T.M.; Fergusson, J.E.; Campbell, A.S.; Richmond, T.R., 1978:
Phosphate sorption properties of some fijian soils

White, D.C.; Thorson, J., 1972:
Phosphate starvation and the nonlinear dynamics of insect fibrillar flight muscle

Poole K.; Hancock E.W., 1986:
Phosphate starvation induced outer membrane proteins of members of the families enterobacteriaceae and pseudomonadaceae demonstration of immunological cross reactivity with an antiserum specific for porin protein p of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Foster, J.W.; Spector, M.P., 1986:
Phosphate starvation regulon of Salmonella typhimurium

Munshi, J.D., 1977:
Phosphate status in certain moss communities

Scharpf H.C.; Grantzau E.; Koester W., 1984:
Phosphate supply and phosphate analysis of horticultural substrates

Konova I.V.; Kasymbekova S.K., 1981:
Phosphate supply of a medium as a factor of physiological regulation of lipogenesis

Fox, D.K.; Meadow, N.D.; Roseman, S., 1986:
Phosphate transfer between acetate kinase and enzyme I of the bacterial phosphotransferase system

Lal M.; Mahapatra I.C., 1979:
Phosphate transformation under continuous submergence in rice barley rotation

Resnik, M.E.; De-Palomar, S.G.; Manes, M.E., 1977:
Phosphate translocation from young and aging sett roots in sugarcane plants saccharum officinarum

Bengele, H.H.; Lechene, C.P.; Alexander, E.A., 1979:
Phosphate transport along the inner medullary collecting duct of the rat

Knox, F.G.; Osswald, H.; Marchand, G.R.; Spielman, W.S.; Haas, J.A.; Berndt, T.; Youngberg, S.P., 1977:
Phosphate transport along the nephron

Letellier, M.; Brière, N.; Plante, G.E.; Petitclerc, C., 1987:
Phosphate transport and alkaline phosphatase in confluent MDCK cell monolayers

Thiel, T., 1988:
Phosphate transport and arsenate resistance in the cyanobacterium Anabaena variabilis

Mazumder, A.; Wenner, C.E., 1977:
Phosphate transport and its relationship to cation movements in ehrlich lettre ascites tumor cells

Alziari S.; Touraille S.; Briand Y.; Durand R., 1979:
Phosphate transport and proteins with sulfhydryl groups in rat liver mitochondria

Cox, J.C.; Haddock, B.A., 1978:
Phosphate transport and the stoichiometry of respiratory driven proton translocation in escherichia coli

Kikuchi, K.; Ghishan, F.K., 1987:
Phosphate transport by basolateral plasma membranes of human small intestine

Ghishan, F.K.; Arab, N., 1988:
Phosphate transport by intestinal endoplasmic reticulum during maturation

Peraino, R.A.; Suki, W.N., 1980:
Phosphate transport by isolated rabbit cortical collecting tubule

Andrusiak E.W.; Phillips J.E.; Speight J., 1980:
Phosphate transport by locust schistocerca gregaria rectum in vitro

Kinoshita, Y.; Fukase, M.; Kubota, T.; Fujita, T., 1987:
Phosphate transport by reconstructed monolayers from cultured mouse kidney cells

Lean D.R.S.; Mcqueen D.J.; Story V.A., 1986:
Phosphate transport during hypolimnetic aeration

Lim S.T., 1988:
Phosphate transport in bradyrhizobium japonicum 31b 110

Berner, W.; Kinne, R.; Murer, H., 1976:
Phosphate transport in brush border membrane vesicles isolated from rat small intestine

Caverzasio, J.; Murer, H.; Fleisch, H.; Bonjour, J.P., 1982:
Phosphate transport in brush border membrane vesicles isolated from renal cortex of young growing and adult rats. Comparison with whole kidney data

Zoratti, M.; Lanyi, J.K., 1987:
Phosphate transport in Halobacterium halobium depends on cellular ATP levels

Poder D.; Suleiman S.; Penot M., 1988:
Phosphate transport in potato cuttings effect of gibberellic acid and abscisic acid

Lavat A.; Guerin M.; Guerin B., 1979:
Phosphate transport in rat liver mitochondria a mobile carrier model

Coty, W.A.; Pedersen, P.L., 1974:
Phosphate transport in rat liver mitochondria. Kinetics and energy requirements

Coty, W.A.; Pedersen, P.L., 1975:
Phosphate transport in rat liver mitochondria. Kinetics, inhibitor sensitivity, energy requirements, and labeled components

Wehrle J.P.; Pedersen P.L., 1979:
Phosphate transport in rat liver mitochondria properties of a calcium ion activated uptake process in inverted inner membrane vesicles

Shareghi, G.R.; Agus, Z.S., 1982:
Phosphate transport in the light segment of the rabbit cortical collecting tubule

Ullrich, K.J.; Rumrich, G.; Kloess, S., 1977:
Phosphate transport in the proximal convolution of the rat kidney part 1 tubular heterogeneity effect of parathyroid hormone in acute and chronic parathyroidectomized animals and effect of phosphate diet

Ullrich, K.J.; Rumrich, G.; Kloess, S., 1978:
Phosphate transport in the proximal convolution of the rat kidney part 2 effect of extracellular calcium ion and application of the calcium ion ionophore a 23187 in chronic parathyroidectomized animals

Ullrich, K.J.; Rumrich, G.; Kloss, S., 1978:
Phosphate transport in the proximal convolution of the rat kidney part 3 effect of extracellular and intra cellular ph

Weber, M.J.; Edlin, G., 1971:
Phosphate transport nucleotide pools and rna synthesis in growing and in density inhibited 3t3 cells

Zboril, P.; Horák, Z.; Dadák, V., 1983:
Phosphate transport system in paracoccus denitrificans

Palmqvist, E.; Tiselius, H.G., 1988:
Phosphate treatment of patients with renal calcium stone disease

Heyburn, P.J.; Robertson, W.G.; Peacock, M., 1982:
Phosphate treatment of recurrent calcium stone disease

Walters D.R.; Ayres P.G., 1981:
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