Phospho lipid distribution in organs of cotton plants during mass fruit formation

Gazizov, F.Yu; Isamukhamedov, A.Sh; Akramov, S.T.

Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii 1981(6): 706-710


ISSN/ISBN: 0023-1150
Accession: 006105099

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The P distribution in vegetative and generative organs, in their extracts and oil cake was studied during the mass fruit formation phase. The content of total and lipid P in the organ indicated the degree of its development and its readiness for transformation. The content depended on the function of each organ. The content of basic phospholipids in cotton organs varied widely and was 10.5-43.6% for phosphatidyl choline, 9.5-15.8% for phosphatidyl inosite, 2.6-24.2% for phosphatidyl ethanolamine and 6.2-37.4% for phosphatidic acid. Each organ had its own qualitative and quantitative phospholipid composition.