Section 7
Chapter 6,107

Phosphorus availability in particulate materials transported by urban runoff

Cowen, W.F.; Lee, G.F.

Journal Water Pollution Control Federation 48(3 Part 1): 580-591


ISSN/ISBN: 0043-1303
Accession: 006106637

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Samples of urban runoff were analyzed for dissolved reactive P, total soluble P, particulate P and total P. Particles were isolated by membrane filtration and extracted with acid, base and anion exchange resins, and the inorganic P in the extracts were compared with the particulate P extracted. Ranges of group mean values for various urban land uses were 33-46, 22-27 and 13-17% of particulate P for acid, base and resin extractions, respectively. Bioassays with Selenastrum capricornutum showed a range of 8-55% of particulate P available to the algae. Long-term aerobic incubations of unfiltered runoff with resin generally showed the same percentage of particulate P extractable by resin as did short-term extraction. At most 30% of the particulate P should be considered available to algae in the receiving water.

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