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Chapter 6,110

Photo potential generation by photosystem i mediated and proflavine catalyzed photo reduction of methyl viologen

Bhardwaj, R.; Pan, R.L.; Gross, E.L.

Photobiochemistry and Photobiophysics 3(1): 19-30


Accession: 006109071

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The photochemistry of photosystem I (PS-I) particles and proflavine were used to generate a photopotential. For the 1st time, methyl viologen was used to store energy due to uphill transfer of electrons mediated by PS-I. An open circuit potential of 800 mV and a short circuit current of 3 mA were observed. A maximum power of 1 mW at 300 .OMEGA. resistance was obtained. PS-I-mediated and proflavine-catalyzed photoreduction of methyl viologen act together to generate the photopotential observed. PS-I particles contribute .apprx. 30% to the total power developed. The front face power conversion efficiency using white light of 600 W .cntdot. m-2 was 0.1%. Apparently, the photoreduction of methyl viologen can be used for large photocurrent generation.

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