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Photochemistry of di methyl quinoline 3 4 dicarboxylate n oxides

, : Photochemistry of di methyl quinoline 3 4 dicarboxylate n oxides. Australian Journal of Chemistry 36(7): 1419-1430

The photochemical rearrangement of 2-methyl and 2-aryl subsitituted dimethyl quinoline-3,4-dicarboxylate N-oxides was studied. In methanol or methanol/chloroform solutions the major product was the 1-methyl- or 1-aryl-quinolin-2(1H)-one in which the substituent at C2 has migrated to nitrogen. The yield of these products was increased in a dark reaction subsequent to the irradiation. In acetonitrile solutions the initial major product was the corresponding 3,1-benzoxazepine; subsequent reactions yielded inter alia indole derivatives. [This strain is related to the structure of perloline, a Lolium perenne alkaloid.].

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