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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6112

Chapter 6112 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mansager E.R., 1982: Photolytic demethylation of monuron and demethyl monuron in aqueous solution

Lurie I.S., 1985: Photolytic derivatization for improved high performance liquid chromatographic electrochemical determinations of pharmaceuticals in biological fluids

Tometsko, A. M.; Turula, J.; Comstock, J., 1978: Photolytic inhibition and labeling of proteins with aryl diazonium compounds

Atkinson G.H., 1985: Photolytic interruptions of the bacteriorhodopsin photocycle examined by time resolved resonance raman spectroscopy

Frye C.L., 1984: Photolytic oxidative demethylation of aqueous di methyl siloxanols

Peyton B.M., 1987: Photolytic ozonation for protection and rehabilitation of ground water resources a mechanistic study

Tomer K.B., 1985: Photolytic production of vitamin k hydroperoxide isolation characterization and significance to vitamin k dependent carboxylation

Asaka A., 1983: Photolytic products of cartap in aqueous solution

Yijun C., 1985: Photolytic reaction of chromium and molybdenum carbene complexes with imines synthesis of cepham oxapenam and oxacepham derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111009

Otto H., 1985: Photolytic stability and residue behavior of fenazox on leaf surfaces

Greenwood C., 1982: Photolytic studies on the carbon mon oxide complex of sulf hemo globin

Suguna, H.; Pai, B. R., 1977: Photolytic syntheses of dl anolobine and dl 9 hydroxy 2 3 methylenedioxy berbine

Rajeswari, S.; Suguna, H.; Pai, B. R., 1977: Photolytic synthesis of racemic laurolitsine and racemic aequaline

Govindachari, T. R.; Nagarajan, K.; Rajeswari, S.; Suguna, H.; Pai, B. R., 1977: Photolytic synthesis of racemic laurotetanine racemic schefferine and racemic corytenchine

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111015

Suguna, H.; Pai, B. R., 1976: Photolytic synthesis of racemic norisoboldine and racemic isoboldine

Fung, B. K. K.; Stryer, L., 1980: Photolyzed rhod opsin catalyzes the exchange of gtp for bound gdp in retinal rod outer segments

Yerokhin, V. Ye ; Hordiyenko, A. P., 1976: Photometer for the determination of microbial biomass by atp levels

Wick G., 1985: Photometric analysis of antifading reagents for immunofluorescence with laser and conventional illumination sources

Evgenidis J., 1986: Photometric and electrochemical detection of purine and pyrimidine compounds in reversed phase and ion exchange high pressure liquid chromatography

Koller E., 1985: Photometric and fluorimetric assay of alkaline phosphatase with new coumarin derived substrates

Wolfbeis O.S., 1984: Photometric and fluorometric continuous kinetic assay of acid phosphatases with new substrates processing longwave absorption and emission maxima

Nagatsu, T.; Udenfriend, S., 1972: Photometric assay of dopamine beta hydroxylase ec activity in human blood

Gervasi P.G., 1980: Photometric assay of microsomal epoxide hydrolase activity using 4 p nitrobenzyl pyridine

Vinazzer, H., 1977: Photometric assay of platelet factor 4 with a chromogenic substrate

Latimer P., 1983: Photometric assays of cell shrinkage the resolution of a conflict

Mitchell I., 1982: Photometric assessment of glyoxylic acid induced fluorescence of dopamine in the caudate nucleus

Potapova, I. V.; Nikiforov, N. I.; Shadrina, N. Kh ; Shcherba, M. M.; Levtov, V. A., 1977: Photometric characteristics of erythrocyte aggregation properties

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111029

Miller D.L., 1980: Photometric detection of atp release from human erythrocytes exposed to ultrasonically activated gas filled pores

Flinn, C. G.; Aue, W. A., 1978: Photometric detection of selenium compounds for gas chromatography/

Dorofeenko G.N., 1979: Photometric determination of anesthesin novocaine streptocide and sulfacyl sodium in drug forms

Bokovikova, T. N., 1978: Photometric determination of armin and nibufin by phosphorus

Wagner M., 1988: Photometric determination of aromatic hydrocarbons after reaction with tetracyanoethylene

Beloborodova, N. F.; Danilov, V. B.; Khodzhaeva, M. M., 1976: Photometric determination of di furfurylidene acetone in biological substrata

Bubon M.T., 1987: Photometric determination of dimedrol in drug forms

Borodai I.V., 1980: Photometric determination of drugs by means of 9 chloro acridine

Maksyutina N.P., 1979: Photometric determination of flavonoids using nitrous acid

Berenson G.S., 1980: Photometric determination of glycosylation of hemo globin in diabetes mellitus

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111040

Mehlich A., 1984: Photometric determination of humic matter in soils a proposed method

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111042

Kosyan-Sh, A.; Eremyan, E. V.; Davtyan, K. A., 1975: Photometric determination of iodo acetone in air of industrial rooms

Ladygina E.Ya, 1984: Photometric determination of iridoid glycosides in viburnum opulus

Grindel', N. M.; Traggeim, I. V., 1978: Photometric determination of iron using tamms extraction method

Russkikh, A. A., 1976: Photometric determination of lauroyl per oxide in air

Stout J., 1981: Photometric determination of leaf input into tropical streams

Kreienbring F., 1988: Photometric determination of lysine in feedstuffs using furfural

Dozorova I.I., 1985: Photometric determination of maphenide acetate in the air

Ivakhnenko, P. N.; Chigarenko, L. S.; Kilyakova, G. M., 1977: Photometric determination of novocaine and novocainamide

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111052

Puxbaum H., 1984: Photometric determination of phosphate and soluble silicate in effluents and airborne particles

Guder W.G., 1986: Photometric determination of phospholipase a

Ishii E., 1987: Photometric determination of selenium with ferrocene

Bosman, F. T.; Van-Duijn, P.; Schaberg, A., 1977: Photometric determination of the dna distribution in the 24 human chromosomes

Dorofeenko G.N., 1980: Photometric determination of the drugs containing a primary aromatic amino group

Dorogova, V. B., 1976: Photometric determination of the methyl ester of benzenesulfonic acid in the atmosphere of industrial installations/

Salomatin E.M., 1980: Photometric determination of thiodipin

Seiffert, U. B., 1970: Photometric estimation of lipase activity using micellar solubilized substrate

Moeller, G.; Stamp, P.; Geisler, G., 1977: Photometric estimation of the activity of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase in maize leaves depending on plant development

Olofsson J., 1981: Photometric evaluation of laryngeal epithelium exhibiting hyperplasia keratosis and moderate dysplasia

Yakin, H. M.; Kronberg, H.; Zimmer, H. G.; Neuhoff, V., 1982: Photometric evaluation of slab gels 2. delimitation and integration of peaks in 1 dimensional electrophoregrams

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111064

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111065

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111066

Duksina S.G., 1986: Photometric identification of quinine hydrochloride

Tisa L.S., 1982: Photometric immersion refractometry of bacterial spores

Marme, D., 1969: Photometric investigations of the phytochrome system in mustard d seedlings sinapis alba d

Desmet G., 1986: Photometric measure of cellular density of culture in microplates

Lopez C., 1981: Photometric measurement of lipo protein cholesterol after agarose electrophoresis comparison with single spin ultra centrifugal analysis

Dressler F., 1985: Photometric method for the determination of glucosamine and galactosamine from the glycoproteins of the blood serum

Panin, K. P., 1976: Photometric method of separate determination of various mineral acids in air

Fridland E.V., 1988: Photometric method of sulfur determination in soils

Leu R.W., 1985: Photometric microassay for quantitation of macrophage fc and c 3b receptor function

Riha V., 1984: Photometric microtitration of iron by using 7 o carboxyphenylazo 8 hydroxyquinoline 5 sulfonic acid

Gottardi W., 1982: Photometric potentiometric evaluation of the hydrolysis constants of n bromo compounds

Kristen U., 1987: Photometric quantification of in vitro pollen tube growth a new method suited to determine the cytotoxicity of various environmental substances

Kristen U., 1988: Photometric quantification of water insoluble polysaccharides produced by in vitro grown pollen tubes

Uraganov V.I., 1984: Photometric structure of vegetative cover

Graccho M.Jr, 1981: Photometric studies on xylidine ponceau collagen interaction

Walczak T., 1980: Photometric study of chloroplast photo translocations in leaves of land plants

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111083

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111084

Wundschock M., 1982: Photometry of mycobacteria and its application in sensitivity testing of chemo therapeutic agents

Matsuda H., 1984: Photomicrobial electrode for selective determination of sulfide

Tomoda R., 1984: Photomicrobial sensors for selective determination of phosphate

Jelke E., 1984: Photomicrography of weakly fluorescent objects employment of p phenylenediamine as a blocker of fading

Rubin L.B., 1982: Photomimetic effect of serotonin on yeast cells irradiated by far uv radiation

Hallett, D. J.; Khera, K. S.; Stoltz, D. R.; Chu, I.; Villeneuve, D. C.; Trivett, G., 1978: Photomirex 8 mono hydro mirex synthesis and assessment of acute toxicity tissue distribution and mutagenicity

Chu I., 1979: Photomirex a teratogenicity and tissue distribution study in the rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111093

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111094

Pooler J.P., 1988: Photomodification of human erythrocytes external heavy atom effect selective permeability and properties of the anion permeation pathway

Kholmogorov V.E., 1987: Photomodification of immunocompetent human blood cells

Sherman W.V., 1986: Photomodulation of chemosensory response in halobacterium halobium

Glinka Z., 1988: Photomodulation of mesocotyl elongation in maize seedlings is there a correlative relationship between phytochrome auxin and cell wall extensibility

Vince Prue D., 1985: Photomodulation of stem extension in light grown plants evidence for two reactions

Wagner E., 1987: Photomorphogenesis in chenopodium album effects of supplementary far red light on the kinetics of stem extension

Cerda Olmedo E., 1988: Photomorphogenesis in phycomyces dependence on environmental conditions

Cerda Olmedo E., 1988: Photomorphogenesis in phycomyces fluence response curves and action spectra

Schreckenbach T., 1984: Photomorphogenesis in physarum induction of tubulins and sporulation specific proteins and of their messenger rna

Koornneef M., 1987: Photomorphogenetic responses of a long hypocotyl mutant of cucumis sativus l

Deshmukh A.K., 1987: Photomorphogenic effect of crowding on growth and dry matter production of crops

Deshmukh V.A., 1985: Photomorphogenic effect of high population density of reproductive development of crop plants

Kendrick R.E., 1985: Photomorphogenic responses of long hypocotyl mutants of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Haeder D P., 1985: Photomovement in cyanophora paradoxa

Ghose A.M., 1986: Photon absorptiometric studies of elements mixtures and substances of biomedical interest

Davies T., 1984: Photon absorptiometry for noninvasive measurement of bone mineral content

Aird, E. G. A.; Pierides, A. M., 1977: Photon absorptiometry of bone after successful renal transplantation

Ghose A.M., 1986: Photon absorptiometry of hydrocarbons

Witt, R. M.; Mazess, R. B., 1978: Photon absorptiometry of soft tissue and fluid content the method and its precision and accuracy

Suzuki N., 1980: Photon activation analysis of trace metals in biological materials via collection of metal tropolone 5 sulfonate complexes onto anion exchange resin

Hughes W.L., 1981: Photon activation oxygen 15 decay studies of tumor blood flow

Mccall, R. C.; Jenkins, T. M.; Oliver, G. D. Jr, 1978: Photon and electron response of silicon diode neutron detectors/

Geerts H., 1983: Photon and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and light scattering of eye lens proteins at moderate concentrations

Kim, Y. S., 1976: Photon attenuation and energy absorption coefficients in various biological samples

Langley, K. H.; Piddington, R. W.; Ross, D.; Sattelle, D. B., 1976: Photon correlation analysis of cytoplasmic streaming

Gal V., 1979: Photon correlation measurements on para myosin solutions

Thompson T.E., 1982: Photon correlation spectroscopic study of the size distribution of phospho lipid vesicles

Clauwaert J., 1985: Photon correlation spectroscopy and light scattering of eye lens proteins at high concentrations

Earnshaw J.C., 1984: Photon correlation spectroscopy as a probe of planar lipid bilayer phase transitions

Earnshaw J.C., 1983: Photon correlation spectroscopy of bi layer lipid membranes

Jones, C. R.; Johnson, C. S-Jr ; Penniston, J. T., 1978: Photon correlation spectroscopy of hemo globin diffusion of oxy hemo globin a and oxy hemo globin s

Nieuwenhuysen, P.; Clauwaert, J., 1978: Photon correlation spectroscopy of ms 2 virus

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111127

Barry B.W., 1985: Photon correlation spectroscopy of surface active cationic drugs

Sheridan J.P., 1982: Photon correlation spectroscopy study on the stability of small uni lamellar 1 2 di palmitoyl sn glycero 3 phosphoryl choline vesicles

Oda, K.; Yoshida, S.; Hirose, S.; Takeda, T., 1984: Photon counting determination of ultra trace levels of nadh by immobilized luciferase ec

Blom J., 1984: Photon deficient bone scan lesion as a precursor of active pagets disease

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111132

Purdy J.A., 1987: Photon dose perturbations due to small inhomogeneities

Biersack H J., 1988: Photon emission computed tomography in the diagnosis of alzheimer type dementia

Fewell, T. R.; Shuping, R. E., 1977: Photon energy distribution of some typical diagnostic x ray beams

Bjarngard B.E., 1980: Photon energy spectra of a heavily filtered 300 kilovolt therapy unit

Polys S.M., 1987: Photon flux and leaf temperature effects on flower initiation and early development of red elite geraniums

Walia, S.; Dureja, P.; Mukerjee, S. K., 1985: Photon induced reactions part v. photochemical and chemical oxidation products of dillapiole and isodillapiole

Falk G., 1981: Photon like signals following weak rhod opsin bleaches

Geider R.J., 1987: Photon requirement for growth of the diatom phaeodactylum tricornutum bohlin bacillariophyceae

Ghose A.M., 1984: Photon scattering in biomedically important elements

Webber C.E., 1984: Photon scattering measurements of calcaneal bone density results of in vivo longitudinal studies

Snyder D.L., 1981: Photon time of flight assisted positron emission tomography

Myneni, R. B.; Gutschick, V. P.; Asrar, G.; Kanemasu, E. T., 1988: Photon transport in vegetation canopies with anisotropic scattering part i. scattering phase functions in one angle

Myneni, R. B.; Gutschick, V. P.; Asrar, G.; Kanemasu, E. T., 1988: Photon transport in vegetation canopies with anisotropic scattering part ii. discrete ordinates exact kernel technique for one angle photon transport in slab geometry

Myneni, R. B.; Gutschick, V. P.; Asrar, G.; Kanemasu, E. T., 1988: Photon transport in vegetation canopies with anisotropic scattering part iii. scattering phase functions in two angles

Myneni, R. B.; Gutschick, V. P.; Asrar, G.; Kanemasu, E. T., 1988: Photon transport in vegetation canopies with anisotropic scattering part iv. discrete ordinates exact kernel technique for two angle photon transport in slab geometry

Plancherel, D.; Von-Zelewsky, A., 1982: Photon triggered complex formation radical complexes of o benzo semi quinone dopa dopamine and adrenaline formed by electron transfer reaction from excited tris 2 2' bi pyridyl ruthenium ii

Demmig B., 1987: Photon yield of oxygen evolution and chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics at 77 k among vascular plants of diverse origins

Wada H., 1988: Photonastic and thermonastic opening of capitulum in dandelion taraxacum officinale and taraxacum japonicum

Koller D., 1987: Photonastic control of leaflet orientation in melilotus indicus fabaceae

Chaudhri M.A., 1988: Photoneutron production in tissue during high energy bremsstrahlung radiotherapy

Robbins P.J., 1985: Photonuclear target systems for producing clinically useful quantities of carbon 11 using an electron linear accelerator

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111154

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111155

Crosby D.G., 1985: Photooxidant activity in natural waters

Samuilov V.D., 1984: Photooxidase activity and chlorophyll fluorescence of anabaena variabilis cells isolated membranes and pigment protein complexes treated with detergents and phospholipids

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111158

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111159

Furlong, D. N.; Wells, D.; Sasse, W. H. F., 1986: Photooxidation at platinum colloidal titanium dioxide aqueous solution interfaces i. edta and related compounds

Grosjean D., 1984: Photooxidation of 1 heptene

Prota G., 1987: Photooxidation of 5 6 dihydroxy 1 methylindole

Shlyapnikov S.V., 1986: Photooxidation of bacillus intermedius 7p rnase and preparation of the photoinactivated enzyme

Mukerjee S.K., 1985: Photooxidation of beta asarone

Krawszyk S., 1985: Photooxidation of chlorophyll a in complexes with lecithin

Abdullah C., 1987: Photooxidation of cinnamon oil

Wraight C.A., 1986: Photooxidation of mitochondrial cytochrome c by isolated bacterial reaction centers evidence for tight binding and diffusional pathways

Skibsted L.H., 1987: Photooxidation of oxymyoglobin wavelength dependence of quantum yields in relation to light discoloration of meat

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111169

Kalkwarf D.R., 1987: Photooxidation of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and pyrenequinones coated on glass surfaces

Miller G.C., 1986: Photooxidation of thio ether pesticides on soil surfaces

Fennema O., 1987: Photooxidation of tryptophan in the presence of riboflavin

Dontsov A.E., 1987: Photooxidation processes in the eye structure protecting function of crystalline lens and screening pigments

Poston, T. M.; Bean, R. M.; Kalkwarf, D. R.; Thomas, B. L.; Clark, M. L.; Killand, B. W., 1988: Photooxidation products of smoke generator fuel sgf no. 2 fog oil and toxicity to hyalella azteca

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111175

Mohr H., 1984: Photooxidative destruction of chloroplasts and its consequences for anthocyanin synthesis

Mohr H., 1986: Photooxidative destruction of chloroplasts and its consequences for expression of nuclear genes

Jahnke L.S., 1986: Photooxidative reactions in chloroplast thylakoids evidence for a fenton type reaction promoted by superoxide or ascorbate

Juo R R., 1985: Photooxygenation of 1 vinylcycloalkenes the competition between ene reaction and cycloaddition of singlet oxygen

Wong, E., 1987: Photooxygenation of 2' 4 4' trihydroxychalcone identity with products from enzymic oxidation

Schoenholzer P., 1988: Photooxygenation of 5 aryl 2 4 diaminopyrimidines leading to 4 amino 1 3 5 triazin 2 yl ketones and in the presence of sodium borohydride to 5 6 dihydro 4 3h pyrimidinones

Robles Diaz R., 1984: Photooxygenation of glycosylfurans synthesis of c glycosylpyridazine derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111183

Krautler, B.; Stepanek, R., 1985: Photooxygenolytic degradation of the vitamin b 12 derivative heptamethyl cobalt alpha cobalt beta dicyanocobyrinate efficient preparation of bicyclic fragments

Danesi M.A., 1987: Photoparoxysmal discharges among patients investigated after a single seizure

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111186

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111187

Etcubanas E., 1980: Photopenic lesions in bone scintigraphy

Malkin S., 1985: Photoperception mutants in trichoderma mutants that sporulate in response to stress but not light

Mahoney, J. J.; Hutchison, V. H., 1969: Photoperiod acclimation and 24 hour variations in the critical thermal maxima of a tropical and a temperate frog hyla labialis rana pipiens

Poe S.L., 1985: Photoperiod affects chrysanthemum host plant selection by leafminers liriomyza trifolii diptera agromyzidae

Luening K., 1981: Photoperiod affects enzyme activities in the kelp laminaria hyperborea

Mott J.C., 1988: Photoperiod an important regulator of plasma prolactin concentration in fetal lambs during late gestation

Latteier B., 1982: Photoperiod and ambient temperature as environmental cues for seasonal thermogenic adaptation in the djungarian hamster phodopus sungorus

Alexander J.R., 1986: Photoperiod and body weight in female syrian hamsters mesocricetus auratus skeleton photoperiods response magnitude and development of photorefractoriness

Langhans R.W., 1983: Photoperiod and continuous irradiation studies of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium with high pressure sodium lamps

Sharif R.R., 1985: Photoperiod and correlation of major developmental events in maize zea mays

Temte J.L., 1985: Photoperiod and delayed implantation in the northern fur seal callorhinus ursinus

Hominick W.M., 1986: Photoperiod and diapause in the potato cyst nematode globodera rostochiensis

Spieler R.E., 1983: Photoperiod and diel variations of serum cortisol thyroxine and protein in goldfish carassius auratus

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111201

Underwood, L. S.; Reynolds, P., 1980: Photoperiod and fur lengths in the arctic fox alopex lagopus

Clement, P.; Pourriot, R., 1976: Photoperiod and heterogonic cycle in the rotifer notommata copeus part 4 effects of light intensity in mono chromatic light variations in the rate of mictic female production during egg laying of the parent females

Flack I.H., 1981: Photoperiod and its effect on the responses of the immature fowl gallus domesticus to stressors

Wagner E., 1984: Photoperiod and light quality effects on rate of dark respiration and on photosynthetic capacity in developing seedlings of chenopodium rubrum

Zucker I., 1983: Photoperiod and melatonin influence seasonal gonadal cycles in the grasshopper mouse onychomys leucogaster

Dyrenfurth I., 1983: Photoperiod and ovulatory menstrual cycles in female macaque monkeys

Ehleringer J.R., 1986: Photoperiod and photosynthetic capacity in lotus scoparius

Horwitz B.A., 1983: Photoperiod and pinealectomy do not affect cold induced deposition of brown adipose tissue in the long evans rat

Miller L.L., 1982: Photoperiod and reproduction in female deer mice peromyscus maniculatus bairdii

Hagras A.E.E., 1986: Photoperiod and salinity effects on survival and some blood parameters in female bufo regularis

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111215

Kohl H.C.Jr, 1985: Photoperiod and soil temperature effects on crop productivity efficiency and growth of seedling geraniums pelargonium hortorum cultivar mustang in the greenhouse

Smith, M. J.; Bennett, J. H.; Chesson, C. M., 1978: Photoperiod and some other factors affecting reproduction in female sminthopsis crassicaudata marsupialia dasyuridae in captivity

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111218

Poling E.B., 1984: Photoperiod and temperature effects on flower and runner development in day neutral junebearing and everbearing strawberries fragaria ananassa

Weiss, P. W.; Simmons, D. M., 1977: Photoperiod and temperature effects on growth and development of emex australis and emex spinosa

Humphreys L.R., 1988: Photoperiod and temperature effects on late developmental stages of stylosanthes guianensis

Larson R.A., 1982: Photoperiod and temperature effects on nonstop tuberous begonias begonia tuberhybrida

Bryant, P. M.; Humphreys, L. R., 1976: Photoperiod and temperature effects on the flowering of stylosanthes guyanensis

Elsey K.D., 1982: Photoperiod and temperature effects on the occurrence and periodicity of mating in pickleworm diaphania nitidalis moths lepidoptera pyralidae

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111225

Shapiro, A. M., 1977: Photoperiod and temperature in phenotype determination of pacific slope pierini bio systematic implications

Mclaughlin, J. R.; Ashley, T. R., 1977: Photoperiod and temperature modulation of male eclosion timing in the white peach scale pseudaulacaspis pentagona

Raper C.D.Jr, 1983: Photoperiod and temperature regulation of floral initiation and anthesis in soybean glycine max cultivar ransom

Mclachlan J., 1986: Photoperiod and temperature regulation of the life history of porphyra columbina rhodophyta bangiales from central chile

Cook, R. E., 1976: Photoperiod and the determination of potential seed number in chenopodium rubrum

Sadleir, R. M. F. S.; Tyndale-Biscoe, C. H., 1977: Photoperiod and the termination of embryonic diapause in the marsupial macropus eugenii

Mathur, D. D.; Vines, H. M., 1976: Photoperiod and thermoperiod effects on crassulacean acid metabolism

Adams J.C., 1986: Photoperiod at time of nursery lifting affects water oak quercus nigra field survival and growth

Cawood A.H., 1985: Photoperiod control meiosis in the male syrian hamster mesocricetus auratus

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111237

Yamada, M., 1977: Photoperiod dependent activities of cytoplasmic l glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec and other enzymes in liver and kidney of male japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Yamada, M., 1978: Photoperiod dependent activities of several enzymes and protein constituents in anterior pituitary of male japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111241

Reichelt D., 1980: Photoperiod dependent neural control of the activity of neuro secretory canopy cell in the lateral lobes of the cerebral ganglia of the fresh water pulmonate lymnaea stagnalis

Hanyu I., 1986: Photoperiod determination of preovulatory gonadotropin surge onset time in the carp cyprinus carpio

Dobrescu O., 1986: Photoperiod diet and method of feeding on reproduction

Bowden J., 1979: Photoperiod dormancy and the end of flight activity in chrysopa carnea neuroptera chrysopidae

Settimi J.R., 1986: Photoperiod effect before and after flowering on branch development in determinate soybean glycine max

Khmyalyeva N.M., 1982: Photoperiod effect of the growth of streptocephalus torvicornis crustacea anostraca

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111248

Owen, H. R.; Veilleux, R. E.; Haynes, F. L.; Haynes, K. G., 1988: Photoperiod effects on 2n pollen production response to another culture and net photosynthesis of a diplandrous clone of solanum phureja

De Vlaming V., 1980: Photoperiod effects on carbohydrate metabolites in the goldfish carassius auratus role of the pineal and retinal pathways

Downs R.J., 1984: Photoperiod effects on growth rate of in vitro cultured soybean glycine max embryos

Ewing R.D., 1981: Photoperiod effects on hydroxy indole o methyl transferase activity in the pineal gland of chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha

De Vlaming V., 1980: Photoperiod effects on hypothalamic serotonergic activity in the goldfish carassius auratus

Guderley H., 1986: Photoperiod effects on plasma cortisol levels in gasterosteus aculeatus

Raper C.D.Jr, 1983: Photoperiod effects on soybean glycine max growth during the onset of reproductive development under various temperature regimes

Williams, R. D., 1978: Photoperiod effects on the reproductive biology of purple nut sedge cyperus rotundus

Proudfoot F.G., 1981: Photoperiod effects on the volume motility and viability of spermatozoa drawn from chicken males

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111258

Taylor J.M., 1982: Photoperiod experiments on the american robin turdus migratorius

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111260

Erickson, R. O.; Meicenheimer, R. D., 1977: Photoperiod induced change in phyllo taxis in xanthium

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111262

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111263

Chang E.S., 1988: Photoperiod induced changes in hemolymph vitellogenins in female lobsters homarus americanus

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111265

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111266

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111267

Parker B.M., 1988: Photoperiod induced diapause in a north carolina usa strain of aedes sollicitans photosensitivity of fully formed and developing embryos

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111270

Zucker I., 1984: Photoperiod influences the annual reproductive cycle of the male pallid bat antrozous pallidus

Hebbalkar, D. S.; Sharma, R. N., 1988: Photoperiod linked patterns of daily mating behavior in the bug dysdercus koenigii f. hemiptera pyrrhocoridae

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111275

Mosher K., 1986: Photoperiod modified circadian resetting responses in sparrows

Nelson R.J., 1987: Photoperiod nonresponsive morphs a possible variable in microtine population density fluctuations

Levine A.S., 1986: Photoperiod peptide interactions in the energy intake of siberian hamsters

Nevo E., 1984: Photoperiod perception in the blind mole rat spalax ehrenbergi involvement of the harderian gland atrophied eyes and melatonin

Jenner C.F., 1983: Photoperiod photon exposure and the growth and sucrose content of the wheat shoot apex

Luciani A., 1981: Photoperiod reception by a rotifer hypothesis on the mechanisms

Settimi J.R., 1988: Photoperiod requirements for flowering and flower production in soybean

Ewing E.E., 1980: Photoperiod response and earliness of solanum tuberosum ssp andigena after 6 cycles of recurrent selection for adaptation to long days

Major D.J., 1980: Photoperiod response characteristics controlling flowering of 9 crop species

Bashandi, M. M. H.; Poehlman, J. M., 1974: Photoperiod response in mung beans vigna radiata

Kondra Z.P., 1986: Photoperiod response of spring oilseed rape brassica napus and brassica campestris

Anderson L.W.J., 1986: Photoperiod responses in monoecious and dioecious hydrilla verticillata

Ormrod D.P., 1981: Photoperiod responses of corchorus olitorius in controlled environments

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111290

Lynch G.R., 1988: Photoperiod temperature and melatonin effects on thermoregulatory behavior in djungarian hamsters

De Vlaming V.L., 1980: Photoperiod temperature interactions on liver and plasma metabolites in the goldfish carassius auratus

Sokolove P.G., 1986: Photoperiodic activation of brains in castrates and the role of the gonad in reproductive maturation of limax maximus

Belknap R.W., 1986: Photoperiodic adjustment of thermal conductance in deer mice peromyscus maniculatus

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Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111635

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Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111816

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111817

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Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111823

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Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111836

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111838

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111839

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111840

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111841

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111842

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111843

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111844

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Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111864

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111865

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Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111873

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111874

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Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111896

Section 7, Chapter 6112, Accession 006111897

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