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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6114

Chapter 6114 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hill R.S., 1985: Photosynthetic responses to light of australian and chilean species of nothofagus and their relevance to the rainforest dynamics

Chazdon, R. L.; Pearcy, R. W., 1986: Photosynthetic responses to light variation in rainforest species i. induction under constant and fluctuating light conditions

Chazdon, R. L.; Pearcy, R. W., 1986: Photosynthetic responses to light variation in rainforest species ii. carbon gain and photosynthetic efficiency during lightflecks

Strand M., 1982: Photosynthetic responses to low temperature in betula pubescens and betula tortuosa

Wainwright S.J., 1987: Photosynthetic responses to salinity in two clones of agrostis stolonifera

Ehleringer J., 1984: Photosynthetic responses to slowly decreasing leaf water potentials in encelia frutescens

Crossland, N. M.; Roberts, S. M.; Newton, R. F., 1978: Photosynthetic routes to prostaglandins conversion of 2 3 endo epoxy bi cyclo 3 2 0 heptan 6 one into 6 7 endo epoxy 3 alkoxy 2 oxa bi cyclo 3 3 0 octanes

Newton R.F., 1979: Photosynthetic routes to prostaglandins synthesis of prostaglandin c 2 and analogs

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113008

Szigeti Z., 1985: Photosynthetic screening of a group of benzonitriles

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Musgrave R.B., 1979: Photosynthetic selection of zea mays part 2 the relationship between carbon di oxide exchange and dry matter accumulation of canopies of 2 hybrids

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Misra, C. M.; Mall, L. P., 1975: Photosynthetic structure and standing biomass of a grassland community

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Chellappan K.P., 1988: Photosynthetic studies in succulent halophytes

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Gnanam A., 1980: Photosynthetic studies with mesophyll protoplasts and bundle sheath cells of mollugo nudicaulis

Gnanam A., 1980: Photosynthetic studies with mesophyll protoplasts from notonia grandiflora a crassulacean acid metabolism plant

Madigan, M. T.; Brock, T. D., 1975: Photosynthetic sulfide oxidation by chloroflexus aurantiacus a filamentous photosynthetic gliding bacterium

Malik K.A., 1984: Photosynthetic system of leptochola fusca

Penhale P.A., 1986: Photosynthetic temperature acclimation in two coexisting seagrasses zostera marina and ruppia maritima

Pan, D.; Tan, K. H., 1981: Photosynthetic thermostable phosphoenol pyruvate acid carboxylase ec from maize zea mays cultivar earliking leaves general chemical characteristics of the end product

Stamp P., 1987: Photosynthetic traits of maize genotypes at constant and a fluctuating temperatures

Hieke B., 1982: Photosynthetic transport of electrons and formation of biomass in selected evolutionary forms of wheat

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113028

Gingras G., 1982: Photosynthetic unit size and electron transport chain in a photo reaction center depleted mutant of rhodospirillum rubrum

Withers, N. W.; Alberte, R. S.; Lewin, R. A.; Thornber, J. P.; Britton, G.; Goodwin, T. W., 1978: Photosynthetic unit size carotenoids and chlorophyll protein composition of prochloron sp a prokaryotic green alga

Myers, J.; Graham, J. R., 1975: Photosynthetic unit size during the synchronous life cycle of scenedesmus obliquus

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113032

Schmid, G. H.; Gaffron, H., 1968: Photosynthetic units chlorophyll

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113035

Gantt E., 1979: Photosynthetic vesicles with bound phycobilisomes from anabaena variabilis

Vicente C., 1987: Photosynthetical and nutritional implications in the accumulation of phenols in the lichen pseudevernia furfuracea

Rao C.R.N., 1984: Photosynthetically active components of global solar radiation measurements and model computations

Bonhomme R., 1982: Photosynthetically active radiation by alfalfa variations and modeling

Hatfield, J. L.; Carlson, R. E., 1978: Photosynthetically active radiation carbon di oxide uptake and stomatal diffusive resistance profiles within soybean canopies

Gosse G., 1981: Photosynthetically active radiation under natural conditions characterization and variations

Nobel P.S., 1985: Photosynthetically active radiation water and temperature limitations on the productivity of cultivated agave fourcroydes

Leonardi, S.; Luciani, F.; Poli, E., 1974: Photosynthetically active surface of quercus ilex in an ilex grove on mount minardo etna italy

Sameoto D.D., 1983: Photosynthetically competent phyto plankton from the aphotic zone of the deep ocean

Morgan M.D., 1985: Photosynthetically elevated ph in acid waters with high nutrient content and its significance for the zooplankton community

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113046

Ben-Hayyim, G.; Drechsler, Z.; Neumann, J., 1976: Photosystem 2 mediated electron transport and phosphorylation with ferri cyanide and di bromo thymo quinone the uncoupling activity of di bromo thymo quinone

Melis A., 1984: Photosystem electron transport capacity and light harvesting antenna size in maize zea mays chloroplasts

Simonis W., 1979: Photosystem i and photo phosphorylation dependent leucine incorporation in the blue green alga anacystis nidulans

Golbeck, J. H.; Parrett, K. G.; Mcdermott, A. E., 1987: Photosystem i charge separation in the absence of center a and b iii. biochemical characterization of a reaction center particle containing p 700 and f x

Golbeck, J. H.; Cornelius, J. M., 1986: Photosystem i charge separation in the absence of centers a and b i. optical characterization of center a 2 and evidence for its association with a 64 kilodalton peptide

Warden, J. T.; Golbeck, J. H., 1986: Photosystem i charge separation in the absence of centers a and b ii. esr spectral characterization of center x and correlation with optical signal a 2

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113053

Izawa, S.; Pan, R. L., 1978: Photosystem i electron transport and phosphorylation supported by electron donation to the plasto quinone region

Salin, M. L.; Homann, P. H., 1977: Photosystem i enriched sub chloroplast particles from granaless chloroplasts

Lopez Gorge J., 1985: Photosystem i linked photosynthetic activity of spinach plants grown under different copper concentrations

Vidaver W., 1987: Photosystem i mediated regulation of water splitting in the red alga porphyra sanjuanensis

Mathis P., 1986: Photosystem i photochemistry a new kinetic phase at low temperature

Vanngard T., 1984: Photosystem i photochemistry at low temperature heterogeneity in pathways for electron transfer to the secondary acceptors and for recombination processes

Evans E.H., 1981: Photosystem i preparations from dark grown and light grown cells of the cyanobacterium chlorogloea fritschii

Levanon H., 1985: Photosystem i reaction center from mastigocladus laminosus correlation between reduction state of the iron sulfur centers and the triplet formation mechanisms

Nelson N., 1983: Photosystem i reaction center from the thermophilic cyanobacterium mastigocladus laminosus

Hattori T., 1987: Photosystem i reaction center polypeptides of spinach are synthesized on thylakoid bound ribosomes

Nelson N., 1981: Photosystem i reaction centers from chlamydomonas and higher plant chloroplasts

Ohad I., 1986: Photosystem i reaction centers from maize bundle sheath and mesophyll chloroplasts lack subunit iii

Macdonald P., 1987: Photosystem ii activity and triazine resistance in weeds

Andersen, K. S.; Bain, J. M.; Bishop, D. G.; Smillie, R. M., 1972: Photosystem ii activity in agranal bundle sheath chloroplasts from zea mays m

Zalik S., 1982: Photosystem ii activity plasto quinone a levels and fluorescence characterization of a virescens mutant of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar gateway

Simpson D.J., 1987: Photosystem ii and cytochrome b 559 in the stroma lamellae of barley chloroplasts

Quimby, P. C. Jr ; Potter, J. R.; Duke, S. O., 1978: Photosystem ii and hypoxic quiescence in alligatorweed

Szalay L., 1985: Photosystem ii and its connection to the electron transport chain during the life cycle of chlorella

Mathis P., 1981: Photosystem ii chlorophyll a protein complex a study by flash absorption spectroscopy

Izawa S., 1979: Photosystem ii energy coupling in chloroplasts with hydrogen per oxide as electron donor

Owens T.G., 1986: Photosystem ii heterogeneity in the marine diatom phaeodactylum tricornutum

Krendeleva, T. E.; Kukarskikh, G. P.; Nizovskaya, N. V.; Rubin, A. B., 1977: Photosystem ii induced absorption changes at 520 nanometers in pea chloroplasts

Babcock G.T., 1980: Photosystem ii oxidation of charged electron donors surface charge effects

Matlick H.A., 1986: Photosystem ii photoinhibition and altered kinetics of photosynthesis during nutrient dependent high light photoadaptation in gonyaulax polyedra

Fork D.C., 1981: Photosystem ii photosynthetic unit sizes from fluorescence induction in leaves correlation to photosynthetic capacity

Barber J., 1987: Photosystem ii reaction centers isolated from phosphorylated pea thylakoids carry phosphate on the d1 and d2 polypeptide subunits

Winget G.D., 1980: Photosystem ii reactions in liposomes reconstituted with cholate extracted thylakoids and a manganese containing protein

Knaff, D. B.; Malkin, R., 1976: Photosystem ii reactions in oxidant treated chloroplast fragments

Pelroy, R. A.; Kirk, M. R.; Bassham, J. A., 1976: Photosystem ii regulation of macro molecule synthesis in the blue green alga aphanocapsa 6714

Melis A., 1988: Photosystem stoichiometry and chlorophyll antenna size in dunaliella salina green algae

Melis A., 1987: Photosystem stoichiometry and excitation distribution in chloroplasts from surface and minus 20 meter blades of macrocystis pyrifera the giant kelp

Laloraya M.M., 1984: Photosystems of cuscuta santapaui chloroplasts

Shimizu, I.; Kato, M., 1985: Phototactic behavior in the silkworm bombyx mori iii. suppression of phototaxis after smelling volatile principle from mulberry leaves

Tuji R., 1987: Phototactic behavior of the orb weaving spiders argiope amoena and nephila clavata

Samways M.J., 1987: Phototactic response of trioza erytreae del guercio hemiptera triozidae to yellow colored surfaces and an attempt at commercial suppression using yellow barriers and trap trees

Nultsch W., 1988: Phototactic responses of chlamydomonas reinhardtii in electric fields

Dogra S.K., 1986: Phototautomerism of harmaline and harmalol in the excited singlet state

Haeder M., 1984: Phototaxis and photophobic responses in stentor coeruleus action spectrum and role of calcium fluxes

Grozdov A.O., 1986: Phototaxis as a test function in biotesting

Leffler D.L., 1987: Phototaxis in the marine fungus rhizophydium littoreum

Forward R.B.Jr, 1984: Phototaxis of adult brine shrimp artemia salina

Williams T.P., 1986: Phototaxis regulation of daily photon catch by rat retinas in response to various cyclic illuminances

Dubertret L., 1988: Phototherapeutic photobiologic and photosensitizing properties of khellin

Kaul R., 1984: Phototherapy a modified approach

Marks J.M., 1987: Phototherapy and dithranol treatment of psoriasis new lamps for old

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113099

Weindling A.M., 1988: Phototherapy and the use of heat shields in very low birthweight infants

Carta S., 1984: Phototherapy and thyroid function in low birth weight infants

Evans H.E., 1986: Phototherapy effect on the incidence of patent ductus arteriosus in premature infants prevention with chest shielding

Pratesi R., 1986: Phototherapy for neonatal jaundice clinical equivalence of fluorescent green and special blue lamps

Speck W.T., 1985: Phototherapy for neonatal jaundice in vivo clearance of bilirubin photoproducts

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113105

Reiff M.I., 1984: Phototherapy in full term infants with hemolytic disease secondary to abo incompatibility

Vecchi C., 1987: Phototherapy in the management of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia efficacy with light sources emitting more than 500 nanometers

Cerny J.C., 1986: Phototherapy of bladder cancer dose effect relationships

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113109

Frosch P.J., 1985: Phototherapy of urticaria pigmentosa clinical response and changes of cutaneous reactivity histamine and chemotactic leukotrienes

De Leeuw R., 1987: Phototherapy the hospital as risk factor

Mendonca M.T., 1987: Photothermal effects on the ovarian cycle of the musk turtle sternotherus odoratus

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113113

Sobral L.S., 1987: Photothermal induction of sugar beet plants

Summerfield R.J., 1988: Photothermal time for flowering in faba bean vicia faba and the analysis of potential vernalization responses

Stewart K.A., 1988: Photothermal time for flowering in lentils lens culinaris and the analysis of potential vernalization responses

Tseng S.C.G., 1988: Photothrombosis of corneal neovascularization by intravenous rose bengal and argon laser irradiation

Ginsberg M.D., 1988: Photothrombotic occlusion of rat middle cerebral artery histopathological and hemodynamic sequelae of acute recanalization

Santus R., 1987: Phototoxic effects of fluoranthene a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon on bacterial species

Matsuo I., 1987: Phototoxic potential of afloqualone a quinazolinone derivative as determined by photosensitized inactivation of bacteriophage

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113121

Van De Vorst A., 1984: Phototoxic potentialities of tartrazine screening tests

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113123

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113124

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113125

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113126

Lam J., 1986: Phototoxicity of naturally occurring and synthetic thiophene and acetylene analogs to mosquito aedes atropalpus larvae

Towers G.H.N., 1986: Phototoxicity of polyacetylenes to cryptococcus laurentii

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113129

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113130

Newmann E.A., 1986: Phototoxicity photoallergy and contact sensitization of nitro musk perfume raw materials

Gagne S., 1987: Phototransduction in invertebrates the prolonged depolarizing afterpotential

Yoshioka T., 1986: Phototransduction mechanism of drosophila retina

Haupt W., 1985: Phototransformation of oat avena sativa phytochrome with millisecond and submillisecond flashes the level of the photostationary far red absorbing form of phytochrome to total amount of phytochrome ratio is modified by photoreversible intermediates

Schiff J.A., 1986: Phototransformation of protochlorophyllide by a proplastid fraction from euglena

Furuya M., 1985: Phototransformation of the red light absorbing form to the far red light absorbing form of phytochrome in pea pisum sativum epicotyl tissue measured by a multichannel transient spectrum analyzer

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113137

Soennichsen N., 1988: Phototreatment for acne vulgaris the efficacy of visible light

Sieburth J.M., 1985: Phototrophic and apochlorotic components of picoplankton and nanoplankton in the north atlantic geographic vertical seasonal and diel distributions

Paronyan A.Kh, 1980: Phototrophic bacterium biomass fodder value test and the effect of biomass on productivity of hens and growth of chicks

Keevil, C. W.; Hough, J. S.; Cole, J. A., 1977: Phototrophic growth of citrobacter freundii and the biochemical basis for its apparent growth requirements in aerated media

Krippahl G., 1983: Phototrophic growth of halobacteria and its use for isolation of photosynthetically deficient mutants

Harfoot C.G., 1987: Phototrophic growth on n fatty acids by members of the family rhodospirillaceae

Siefert, E.; Irgens, R. L.; Pfennig, N., 1978: Phototrophic purple and green bacteria in a sewage treatment plant

Kataoka H., 1979: Phototrophic responses of vaucheria geminata to intermittent blue light stimuli

Kataoka, H., 1977: Phototrophic sensitivity in vaucheria geminata regulated by cyclic amp

Caumette P., 1986: Phototrophic sulfur bacteria and sulfate reducing bacteria causing red waters in a shallow brackish coastal lagoon prevost lagoon france

Bakker J.F., 1985: Phototrophic sulfur bacteria in two spanish lakes vertical distribution and limiting factors

Mihara H., 1988: Phototropic fluence response curves for pilobolus erystallinus sporangiophore

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113150

Schaefer E., 1984: Phototropic response of the stage i phycomyces blakesleeanus sporangiophore to a pulse of blue light

Firn R.D., 1988: Phototropism

Noguchi, H.; Hasegawa, K., 1987: Phototropism in hypocotyls of radish iii. influence of unilateral or bilateral illumination of various light intensities on phototropism and distribution of cis and trans raphanusanins and raphanusamide

Hasegawa, K.; Noguchi, H.; Tanoue, C.; Sando, S.; Takada, M.; Sakoda, M.; Hashimoto, T., 1987: Phototropism in hypocotyls of radish iv. flank growth and lateral distribution of cis and trans raphanusanins in the first positive phototropic curvature

Hasegawa, K.; Noguchi, H.; Iwagawa, T.; Hase, T., 1986: Phototropism in hypocotyls of radish raphanus sativus var hortensis f gigantissimus i. isolation and identification of growth inhibitors cis and trans raphanusanins and raphanusamide involved in phototropism of radish hypocotyls

Noguchi, H.; Nishitani, K.; Bruinsma, J.; Hasegawa, K., 1986: Phototropism in hypocotyls of radish raphanus sativus var hortensis f gigantissimus ii. role of cis and trans raphanusanins and raphanusamide in phototropism of radish hypocotyls

Thomas R.J., 1985: Phototropism of pellia evidence for mediation by auxin stimulated acid efflux

Bilderback D.E., 1984: Phototropism of selaginella selaginella kraussiana the differential response to light

Bilderback D.E., 1984: Phototropism of selaginella selaginella kraussiana the role of the small dorsal leaves and auxin

Loehle C., 1986: Phototropism of whole trees effects of habitat and growth form

Nandy P., 1985: Photovoltage generation in dye probed bilayer lipid membranes

Clifford P.E., 1984: Photovoltaic measurement of early gravicurvature

Sissolak M., 1985: Photovoltaic power supply for mobile measuring stations in distant mountainous regions

Sinkus, A. G.; Sinkuvens, D. S., 1976: Photrin induced chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes in vitro and in vivo

Orlova A.M., 1986: Phoxim detection during forensic chemical analysis of biological materials

Slattery P.N., 1982: Phoxocephalid amphipod crustaceans as predators on larvae and juveniles in marine soft bottom communities

Savile, D. B. O., 1976: Phragmidium ivesiae and its allies in north america

Armstrong W., 1988: Phragmites australis a preliminary study of soil oxidizing sites and internal gas transport pathways

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113169

Sprent J.I., 1980: Phragmites performance in reed beds in the tay estuary scotland uk

Gustomesov V.A., 1980: Phragmocone of the genus belemnella

Henk M.C., 1986: Phragmoplasts in cytokinesis of cephaleuros parasiticus chlorophyta vegetative cells

Caramazza A., 1982: Phrase comprehension after brain damage

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113174

Gregory J.F., 1986: Phrasing in the speech and reading of the hearing impaired

Longley G., 1986: Phreatic hydrobiids gastropoda prosobranchia from the edwards balcones fault zone aquifer region south central texas usa

Longley G., 1987: Phreatodrobia coronae new species of cave snail from southwestern texas usa

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113178

Murata K., 1979: Phrenic activity during severe hypercapnia in vagotomized rabbits

Milic Emili J., 1981: Phrenic activity respiratory pressures and volume changes in cats

Duron B., 1985: Phrenic afferent input to the lateral medullary reticular formation of the cat

Roussos C., 1986: Phrenic afferents and their role in inspiratory control

De Troyer A., 1985: Phrenic and diaphragm function after coronary artery bypass grafting

Nail B., 1987: Phrenic and external intercostal motoneuron activity during progressive asphyxia

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Getting P.A., 1988: Phrenic motor nucleus of the guinea pig dendrites are bundled without clustering of cell somas

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Gonen B., 1981: Phrenic nerve and diaphragmatic involvement in progressive muscular dystrophy

Moosa A., 1981: Phrenic nerve conduction in children

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113193

Mationi T.A., 1981: Phrenic nerve conduction studies a new technique and its application in quadriplegic patients

Shin J.S., 1985: Phrenic nerve conduction studies in healthy koreans

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113196

Et Al, 1985: Phrenic nerve conduction time measured by surface electrodes

Gandevia S.C., 1985: Phrenic nerve conduction times and twitch pressures of the human diaphragm

Cetkovic, S.; Boskovic, B., 1988: Phrenic nerve diaphragm preparation in situ for studying the detoxification of soman in the rat liver

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Mitchell G.S., 1986: Phrenic nerve responses to hypoxia and carbon dioxide in decerebrate dogs

Green M., 1987: Phrenic nerve stimulation in normal subjects and in patients with diaphragmatic weakness

Gonen B., 1983: Phrenic neuropathy in patients with diabetes mellitus

Szereda Przestaszewska M., 1987: Phrenic output changes due to progressive airway denervation in rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113212

Duron B., 1988: Phrenic to phrenic inhibition and excitation in spinal cats

Walen S.R., 1982: Phrenophobia

Shellow, W. V. R., 1981: Phresh 3.5 a new low ph liquid skin cleanser

Diakonoff A., 1981: Phricanthini a new tribe of the tortricidae with description of a new genus and a list of known species lepidoptera

Ng P.K.L., 1986: Phricotelphusa hockpingi new species a new gecarcinucid freshwater crab from perak west malaysia decapoda brachyura

Rizza, A., 1977: Phrydiuchus spilmani and phrydiuchus tau cross mating egg production and larval head capsule size

Johnson M.F., 1981: Phrymaceae and plantaginaceae in virginia usa

Sattorov T., 1981: Phrynocephalus helioscopus saidalievi new subspecies sauria reptilia from the fergana valley ussr

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Golubev M.L., 1979: Phrynocephalus rossikowi shammakowi new subspecies reptilia sauria agamidae from the central kara kum turkmen ssr ussr

Mcknight D.G., 1979: Phrynocrinus nudus new record a stalked crinoid new to new zealand waters

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113224

Freeman D.H., 1982: Phthalate ester concentration variations in dated sediment cores from the chesapeake bay usa

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Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113241

Barnsley, E. A., 1983: Phthalate pathway of phenanthrene metabolism formation of 2' carboxy benzalpyruvate

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113243

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113244

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113245

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113246

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113247

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113248

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113249

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113250

Bjeldanes, L. F.; Kim, I. S., 1977: Phthalide components of celery essential oil

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Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113254

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Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113257

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Baerheim Svendsen A., 1983: Phthalides in roots of opopanax chironium

Svendsen A.B., 1982: Phthalides in the essential oil from roots of levisticum officinale

Section 7, Chapter 6114, Accession 006113261

Section 7, Chapter 6114 , Accession 006113262

Goldstone A.H., 1987: Phthalocyanine photosensitization for in vitro elimination of residual acute non lymphoblastic leukemia preliminary evaluation

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Neidbala W., 1983: Phthiracarus koumantanosi new species acari oribatida phthiracaridae of central greece

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Patil S.S., 1980: Phule pragati a high yielding early bunch groundnut arachis hypogaea cultivar for maharashtra india

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Hughes S.A., 1987: Physeal injuries of the cervical spine

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