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Chapter 6,114

Phylogenetic relationships of the superfamilies psychoidea tineoidea and yponomeutoidea lepidoptera with consideration of the functional morphology of the male genital apparatus part 1 the functional morphology of the male genitalia

Kuznetov, V.I.; Stekol'nikov, A.A.

Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 55(3): 533-548


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-1445
Accession: 006113753

An analysis of the musculature and skeleton of the male genitalia in members of the superfamilies Psychoidea, Tineoidea and Yponomeutoidea is presented, with detailed descriptions of the genitalia in Lepidopsyche unicolor Hufn., Taleporia tubulosa Retz., Opogona thiadelpha Meyr., Nemapogon cloacellus Hw., Morophaga hyrcanella Zag., Morophagoides ussuriensis Car., Tineola biselliella Humm., Plutella maculipennis Curt., Eidophasia messingiella F.R., Argyresthia goedartella L., Digitivalva sibirica Toll, Roesslerstammia bella Mor., Ypsolophus xylostella L., Yponomeuta cognatellus Hb. and Aechmia thrasonella Sc. These data indicate the similarity in the functioning of the genital apparatus in the 3 superfamilies and their phylogenetic proximity.

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