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Physical and chemical analyses of the mineral substance during the development of 2 experimental cutaneous calcifications in rats topical calciphylaxis and topical calcergy

Tochon Danguy, H.J.; Boivin, G.; Geoffroy, M.; Walzer, C.; Baud, C.A.

Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung Section C Journal of Biosciences 38(1-2): 135-140


Accession: 006114148

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In s.c. calcinoses induced in rats by topical calciphylaxis and topical calcergy, the ultrastructural aspects related to the evolution of calcified deposits were previously described. By means of X-ray diffraction, IR spectrometry and ESR, different biophysical analyses are performed on the mineral substance deposited during development of calciphylaxis and calcergy. A rapid transformation of the calcium phosphate deposits into hydroxyapatite was noticed along the first 20 days of the calcinoses; from then, there is no important modification even at the later stages, and the characteristics of the mineral substance are mostly similar to that of bone tissue. The concentration of trace elements such as Mg2+ and Fe2+, is higher in cutaneous calcinoses than in bone tissue.

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