Section 7
Chapter 6,116

Physical properties and moisture conditions in clayey gley soils of the kolkhida lowland

Gudzhabidze, N.I.; Motsereliya, I.A.

Pochvovedenie 7: 110-114


Accession: 006115393

Soils in the Kolkhida Lowland [Georgian SSR, USSR] are drained by means of a system of canals supplemented by agricultural improvement measures such as profile strips, surface planning according to natural slopes and frequent ridges. A study of the effects of these measures on the moisture conditions and physical properties of swelling soils planted with corn indicated that the mechanism operates in practically water impermeable subsoil at a depth not more than 30-40 cm from the surface. On drained fields a relatively high air content was noted only in the cultivated soil layers. Mechanical loosening of the soil does not allow an increase in air content because soil fragments tend toward maximum dense packing after moistening. Significant reduction of moisture and the optimal water-air soil condition can only be achieved by dehumidification as much as possible while simultaneously improving its physical properties toward increased aeration of the soil mass.

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