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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6117

Chapter 6117 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Grigorova, A.M.; Cittanova, N.; Jayle, M.F., 1977:
Physicochemical analogies of rat alpha feto protein and rat serum albumin

Mazumdar, B.C., 1975:
Physicochemical analyses of some types of bael aegle marmelos fruits growing in west bengal

Hachey J M.; Bui V.T.; Tremblay Y.; Houde D.; Mihelich W.G., 1986:
Physicochemical analysis of a spent sulfite liquor from a chemimechanical pulping process pulp

Manyakina N.S.; Vinogradova L.F.; Murugova L.A.; Listov S.A.; Nekrasov V.I., 1987:
Physicochemical analysis of chloxyl solid dispersed systems

Motai H.; Ishiyama T.; Matsumoto E., 1981:
Physicochemical analysis of coagulation and precipitation of shoyu sediment formed by heating

Smol'janinova T.I.; Kutzyi M.P., 1984:
Physicochemical analysis of matrix and bulk dna species and their protein complexes novobiocin effect on the conformation of these preparations

Hutchens T.W.; Markland F.S.; Hawkins E.F., 1981:
Physicochemical analysis of reversible molybdate effects on different molecular forms of gluco corticoid receptor

Karaivanova, V.G.; Trendafelov, D.; Ivanov, D.S., 1980:
Physicochemical analysis of systems with a main component acetyl salicylic acid in ethanol water mixtures 5. investigations of the systems acetyl salicylic acid magnesium acetyl salicylate 95 percent ethanol water mixture and acetyl salicylic acid magnesium acetyl salicylate 50 percent ethanol water mixture at 15 celsius

Yang, S.S.; Wivel, N.A., 1976:
Physicochemical analysis of the dna product of murine intra cisternal a particle rna directed dna polymerase ec

Kajfez F.; Hofman H.; Zinic M.; Meic Z.; Blazevic N.; Kuftinec J., 1982:
Physicochemical and analytical characteristics of pirenzepine

Mihalic M.; Hofman H.; Kajfez F.; Kuftinec J.; Blazevic N.; Zinic M., 1982:
Physicochemical and analytical characteristics of piroxicam

Georgiyevs'kii V.P.; Khovans'ka N.P., 1984:
Physicochemical and analytical characteristics of the drug chlotazole

Kolesnyk, L.V., 1975:
Physicochemical and antigenic properties of erwinia carotovora bacterio phages

Atanasiu P.; Arita M.; Perrin P.; Manganas O.; Sureau P., 1981:
Physicochemical and antigenic properties of rabies virus

Arrizabalaga P.; Castan P.; Laurent J P.; Cros S.; Francois G., 1984:
Physicochemical and antitumor activity of new acid amide or diamide platinum blues

Roos C.F.; Matsumoto S.; Takakura Y.; Hashida M.; Sezaki H., 1984:
Physicochemical and antitumor characteristics of some polyamino acid prodrugs of mitomycin c

Slack S.M.; Horbett T.A., 1988:
Physicochemical and biochemical aspects of fibrinogen adsorption from plasma and binary protein solutions onto polyethylene and glass

Tsuchiya, T.; Suzuki, H.; Matsumoto, J.J., 1977:
Physicochemical and biochemical properties of squid actin

Khan, A.A.; Siddiqui, A.Q.; Ali, M.; Hameed, T., 1978:
Physicochemical and biological characteristics of a pond chau tal

Verma, S.R.; Tyagi, A.K.; Dalela, R.C., 1978:
Physicochemical and biological characteristics of kadarabad in uttar pradesh

Alibhai K.R.K.; Forster C.F., 1986:
Physicochemical and biological characteristics of sludges produced in anaerobic upflow sludge blanket reactors

Kaniewska Prus M.; Sztrantowicz H., 1979:
Physicochemical and biological characteristics of the vistula river poland water in subsequent stages of its treatment

Papkoff, H.; Bewley, T.A.; Ramachandran, J., 1978:
Physicochemical and biological characterizations of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin and its subunits

Pandey, R.C.; Guenther, E.C.; Aszalos, A.A.; Brajtburg, J., 1982:
Physicochemical and biological comparison of polyene macrolide antibiotics fungichromin, lagosin and cogomycin

Zalewski W.; Zabojszcz W.M.; Brzezicka Bak M., 1979:
Physicochemical and biological investigations of plastic materials intended for long term contact with blood

Kirsta E.F.; Kandyba E.I.; Gobeev V.N.; Pushkina L.A.; Korotaev G.K.; Pakhomov V.P.; Gasanov S.G.; Belai V.E.; Arzamastsev A.P., 1982:
Physicochemical and biological methods of control of a corticotropin standard

Kudryashov L.I.; Dombrovskii B.A.; Alekseeva G.S.; Yarovaya S.M.; Chlenov M.A.; Grineva L.P.; Kryukova G.N.; Telkova T.N.; Smirnov A.V.; E.A., 1986:
Physicochemical and biological properties of a new plasma substitute on the basis of hydroxyethylstarch

Kochkina Z.M., 1986:
Physicochemical and biological properties of bacillus thuringiensis ssp galleriae phages

Zenkova, V.A.; Iurina, M.S.; Lomakina, N.N.; Gol'dberg, L.E.; Bazhanov, V.S., 1979:
Physicochemical and biological properties of bleomycin complex antibiotics

Takeuchi, T.; Takeda, Y., 1978:
Physicochemical and biological properties of canine prothrombin and thrombin

Kandyba E.I.; Kirsta E.F.; Korotaev G.K.; Pakhomov V.P.; Belai V.E.; Arzamastsev A.P.; Gendrolis A.A., 1982:
Physicochemical and biological properties of corticotropin from pig hypophysis

Runova, V.F.; Bednova, V.N.; Kondu, E.I.; Agilina, M.G.; Danilova, T.N., 1985:
Physicochemical and biological properties of gonococcal allergen

Takeda, Y.; Nakabayashi, M., 1974:
Physicochemical and biological properties of human and canine plasmins

Elizarova G.P.; Keda Y.M.; Kiseleva A.G.; Osipova T.A.; Bulatov A.A.; Pankov Y.A., 1988:
Physicochemical and biological properties of human hypophyseal somatotropin as compared with the hormone produced by means of genetic engineering

Polushina, T.V.; Prostakova, T.M.; Andrianova, I.I.; Luk'ianova, N.A.; Kuznetsova, V.M., 1980:
Physicochemical and biological properties of hydroxyethyl starch

Dea S.; Roy R.S.; Begin M.E., 1980:
Physicochemical and biological properties of neo natal calf diarrhea coronaviruses isolated in quebec canada and comparison with the nebraska calf coronavirus

Livshits, V.A.; Nagornaya, L.V.; Ryshka, F.Y. ; Selochnik, L.I.; Kirsta, E.F.; Briskin, A.I.; Pakhomov, V.P.; Korotaev, G.K., 1978:
Physicochemical and biological properties of the new drug corticotropin obtained from cattle hypophysis

Runova V.F.; Kondu E.I.; Bednova V.N.; Vakhnina T.E.; Kisina V.I., 1987:
Physicochemical and biological properties of trichomonas vaginalis allergen

Shevlyagin, V.Y. ; Klenova, A.V.; Borodina, N.P.; Chizhevskaya, V.I.; Voskoboinik, A.D.; Eremina, L.A., 1978:
Physicochemical and biological properties of viruses isolated from primary human tumor cultures

Basova L.V.; Grigor'eva O.L.; Gromov V.A.; Zhuravlev L.T.; Klimova T.P.; Ovchinnikova N.S.; Shengeliya K.Ya, 1981:
Physicochemical and biological studies of irradiated cordiamine

Geddes M.C.; Butler A.J., 1984:
Physicochemical and biological studies on the coorong lagoons south australia and the effect of salinity on the distribution of the macrobenthos

Babilyev F.V.; Chyrypyt'ko V.V., 1985:
Physicochemical and biopharmaceutic investigation of polymorphous caffeine modifications

Ivanov, A.P.; Prokopenko, S.M., 1976:
Physicochemical and bread baking qualities of wheat rye amphi di ploid triticale grain

Iijima, S.; Saiki, T.; Beppu, T., 1980:
Physicochemical and catalytic properties of thermostable malate dehydrogenase ec from an extreme thermophile thermus flavus at 62

Yamamoto, R.; Arai, M.; Murao, S., 1978:
Physicochemical and chemical properties of red yeast cell wall lytic enzyme from penicillium lilacinum

Girot, P.; Boschetti, E., 1981:
Physicochemical and chromatographic properties of new ion exchangers 1. cm trisacryl m

Martoja R.; Melieres F.; Raynaud C.; Truchet M., 1981:
Physicochemical and crystallographic data on nephropathic casts induced by mercuric chloride in a mammal the rabbit

Suekane, M.; Tamura, M.; Tomimura, C., 1978:
Physicochemical and enzymatic properties of purified glucose isomerases from streptomyces olivochromogenes and bacillus stearothermophilus

Bhatia K.S.; Vardani, 1982:
Physicochemical and erosional behavior of red and black soils of bundelkhand region of uttar pradesh india

Meinel W.; Matthias U., 1982:
Physicochemical and faunistic studies on a small stream the nieste in a mountainous region of the kaufunger wald nature park north hesse west germany

Timchenko N.A.; Timchenko L.T.; Shvartsman A.L.; Salikhov T.A.; Gaitskhoki V.S., 1983:
Physicochemical and functional characteristics of transferrin messenger rna from rat liver

Pinckard R.N.; Farr R.S.; Hanahan D.J., 1979:
Physicochemical and functional identity of rabbit platelet activating factor released in vivo during immuno globulin e anaphylaxis with platelet activating factor released in vitro from immuno globulin sensitized basophils

Okaka J.C.; Potter N.N., 1979:
Physicochemical and functional properties of cowpea powders processed to reduce beany flavor

Szabolcs M.; Csorba S.; Hauck M., 1981:
Physicochemical and functional properties of gliadin isolated from bread and of the various fractions

Kitabatake N.; Ishida A.; Doi E., 1988:
Physicochemical and functional properties of hen ovalbumin dephosphorylated by acid phosphatase

Babich S.G.; Kazakova T.B., 1980:
Physicochemical and functional properties of mitochondrial poly ribosomes of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Chiancone, E.; Ascoli, F.; Giardina, B.; Vecchini, P.; Antonini, E.; Musmeci, M.T.; Cina, R.; Zagra, M.; D'amelio, V.; Et-Al, 1977:
Physicochemical and functional properties of perinereis cultrifera erythrocruorin

Mattarella N.L.; Richardson T., 1983:
Physicochemical and functional properties of positively charged derivatives of bovine beta lacto globulin

Stremmel W.; Gerber M.A.; Glezerov V.; Thung S.N.; Kochwa S.; Berk P.D., 1983:
Physicochemical and immuno histological studies of a sulfobromophthalein binding and bilirubin binding protein from rat liver plasma membranes

Yagovkina, V.V.; Moskalenko, E.P., 1987:
Physicochemical and immunobiological properties of bordetella pertussis dialysate antigen

Tsvetkova N.V.; Vaneeva N.P.; Shagam N.L.; Kuznetsova E.M.; Baturo A.P., 1981:
Physicochemical and immunochemical characteristics of poly saccharides isolated from streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 3

Cottam, G.P.; Moran, D.M.; Standring, R., 1986:
Physicochemical and immunochemical characterization of allergenic proteins from rye-grass (Lolium perenne) pollen prepared by a rapid and efficient purification method

Yokosawa, N.; Taniguchi, N.; Tsukada, Y.; Makita, A., 1981:
Physicochemical and immunochemical characterization of gamma glutamyl trans peptidase ec from yolk sac tumor and ascitic hepatoma ah 66 cells

Stewart G.A.; Turner K.J., 1980:
Physicochemical and immunochemical characterization of the high molecular weight allergens from dermatophagoides pteronyssinus with particular reference to the tridacnin concanavalin a and s 107 reactive components

Sen'ko L.N.; Protsenko B.A.; Korotkoruchko V.P., 1982:
Physicochemical and immunochemical features of heavy chains of immuno globulin g typical of malignant growth

Tamai Y.; Shinmoto H.; Takakuwa M., 1983:
Physicochemical and immunochemical properties of a thermo labile antigen tla b from the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cell surface

Tamai Y.; Shinmoto H.; Takakuwa M., 1983:
Physicochemical and immunochemical properties of a thermolabile antigen tla a from yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cell surface

De-Young, N.J.; Ashman, L.K., 1978:
Physicochemical and immunochemical properties of carcino embryonic antigen from different tumor sources

Sen'ko, L.M.; Protsenko, B.O.; Korotkoruchko, V.P., 1978:
Physicochemical and immunochemical properties of sub molecular structures of immuno globulin g characteristic for cancer

Lauriere M.; Mosse J.; Daussant J., 1983:
Physicochemical and immunochemical studies of the hordeins with low electrophoretic mobility at acidic ph

Etoh Y.; Shoun H.; Beppu T.; Arima K., 1979:
Physicochemical and immunochemical studies on similarities of acid proteases mucor pusillus rennin and mucor miehei rennin

Beuvery E.C.; Kaaden A.V.D.; Kanhai V.; Leussink A.B., 1983:
Physicochemical and immunological characterization of meningococcal group a poly saccharide tetanus toxoid conjugates prepared by 2 methods

Ochiai Y.; Watabe S.; Hashimoto K., 1988:
Physicochemical and immunological properties of myosin light chains from the ordinary muscle of marine teleost fishes

Chamova K.G.; Perelazny A.A.; Guseva N.I., 1981:
Physicochemical and immunological properties of tissue dna in mice with leukemia induced by oncornaviruses

Humphrey B.A.; Dickson M.R.; Marshall K.C., 1979:
Physicochemical and in situ observations on the adhesion of gliding bacteria to surfaces

Yankovskii O.Yu; Kokryakov V.N.; Lyzlova S.N., 1979:
Physicochemical and kinetic characteristics of myelo peroxidase of cow neutrophilic leukocytes

Barbarić, S.; Kozulić, B.; Ries, B.; Mildner, P., 1984:
Physicochemical and kinetic properties of acid phosphatase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Monakhov, N.K.; Shvartsman, A.L.; Neifakh, S.A., 1975:
Physicochemical and kinetic properties of hexo kinase iso enzymes from normal and tumor human tissues

Gordeladze J.O.; Andersen D.; Hansson V., 1981:
Physicochemical and kinetic properties of manganese ii dependent adenylate cyclase of the human testis

Duckworth, H.W.; Coleman, J.E., 1970:
Physicochemical and kinetic properties of mushroom tyrosinase

Andriashvili, I.A.; Petrovskii, G.V.; Kvachadze, L.I.; Adamiya, R.S., 1975:
Physicochemical and macro molecular organization of bacterio phage fi 5

Aszalos, A.; Bax, A.; Burlinson, N.; Roller, P.; McNeal, C., 1985:
Physico-chemical and microbiological comparison of nystatin, amphotericin A and amphotericin B, and structure of amphotericin A

Rafahi H., 1980:
Physicochemical and mineralogic properties of limy brown soils of iran retrogression of potassium

Kaswala, R.R.; Deshpande, S.B., 1983:
Physicochemical and mineralogical characteristics of some coastal and inland soil series of south gujarat india 2. mineralogical characteristics

Kaswala R.R.; Deshpande S.B., 1983:
Physicochemical and mineralogical characteristics of some coastal and inland soil series of south gujarat india physicochemical characteristics

Rafahi H., 1982:
Physicochemical and mineralogical soil properties of western iranian oak forest

Tesu C.; Merlescu E.; Avarvarei I.; Balatescu I., 1979:
Physicochemical and morphological changes in glossic argillic illuvial podzolic soil cultivated more than 100 years within the neamt depression romania

Gosting L.H.; Grinnell B.W.; Matsumoto M., 1980:
Physicochemical and morphological characteristics of avian encephalomyelitis virus

Mani R.S.; Boyes B.E.; Kay C.M., 1982:
Physicochemical and optical studies on calcium induced and potassium induced conformational changes in bovine brain s 100b protein

Auclair C.; Pierre A.; Voisin E.; Pepin O.; Cros S.; Colas C.; Saucier J M.; Verschuere B.; Gros P.; Paoletti C., 1987:
Physicochemical and pharmacological properties of the antitumor ellipticine derivative 2 diethylamino 2 ethyl 9 hydroxyellipticinum chloride hydrochloride

Agrawal, M.; Kumar, H.D., 1978:
Physicochemical and phycological assessment of 2 mercury polluted effluents

Nandan S.N.; Patel R.J., 1985:
Physicochemical and phycological assessment of certain sites of gujarat state fertilizer company baroda india

Ryudiger P.E., 1985:
Physicochemical and receptor properties of red blood cells in patients with biliary obstruction diabetes mellitus and in elderly subjects

Cereda M.P.; Wosiacki G.; Conceicao F.A.D., 1985:
Physicochemical and rheological characteristics of sweet potato cultivars

Hill B.J.; Williams R.F.; Smale C.J.; Underwood B.O.; Brown F., 1980:
Physicochemical and serological characterization of 2 rhabdoviruses isolated from eels

Hiratsuka K.; Namba S.; Yamashita S.; Doi Y., 1987:
Physicochemical and serological properties of viruses from bamboo culm rust stereostratum corticoides

Saxena K.L.; Gadgil J.S.; Makhijani S.D., 1979:
Physicochemical and settling characteristics of waste water from a waste paper and straw based paper mill

Udupa N.; Tatwawadi S.V.; Gode K.D., 1986:
Physicochemical and stability studies of amoxycillin cloxacillin and lorazepam

Kolpakova, V.V.; Vakar, A.B., 1976:
Physicochemical and structural differences between gliadin and glutenin components of gluten of different qualities

Mezzasalma V.; D.S.efano L.; Piazzese S.; Zagra M.; Salvato B.; Tognon G.; Ghiretti Magaldi A., 1985:
Physicochemical and structural properties of the extracellular hemoglobin of ophelia bicornis

Dragun J.; Helling C.S., 1985:
Physicochemical and structural relationships of organic chemicals undergoing soil and clay catalyzed free radical oxidation

Maury L.; Rambaud J.; Pauvert B.; Lasserre Y.; Berge G.; Audran M., 1985:
Physicochemical and structural study of sulfamethazine

Alekseev K.V.; L.V.N.; Alyushin M.T.; Demishev V.N., 1986:
Physicochemical and technological properties of loose cross linked acrylic polymers

Kim J.W.; Lee S.K.; Ahn B.Y.; Lee Y.B., 1981:
Physicochemical and textural characteristics of locally produced processed meat

Lyarskii, P.P.; Kopylova, L.S.; Gleiberman, S.E.; Zayeva, G.N.; Kolesnikova, N.I., 1986:
Physicochemical and toxicohygienic aspects of using ethylene oxide for the sterilization of articles for medical use part 2. toxicity and risk of ethylene oxide entering the organism by non inhalation routes

Joseph N.R., 1978:
Physicochemical anthropology part 1 human behavioral structure

Davydov, V.Y. ; Kiselev, A.V.; Sapojnikov-Yu, M., 1980:
Physicochemical applications of liquid chromatography 1. investigation of the adsorption of cardiac glycosides from water ethanol solutions on silanized silica

Davydov, V.Y. ; Gonzalez, M.E.; Kiselev, A.V.; Lenda, K., 1981:
Physicochemical applications of liquid chromatography 2. investigations of the surface properties of chemically modified silica gels and of the adsorption of cardiac glycosides from solutions

Westerberg, M.; Jonsson, B.; Nystrom, C., 1986:
Physicochemical aspects of drug release iv. the effect of carrier particle properties on the dissolution rate from ordered mixtures

Nilsson, P.; Westerberg, M.; Nystrom, C., 1988:
Physicochemical aspects of drug release v. the importance of surface coverage and compaction on drug dissolution from ordered mixtures

Kopaladze, R.A.; Semiokhina, A.F.; Kol's, O.R., 1976:
Physicochemical aspects of excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex hemispheres of the rat brain

Marshall, B.E.; Falconer, A.C., 1973:
Physicochemical aspects of lake mcilwaine rhodesia a eutrophic tropical impoundment

Muraviov I.O.; Kononikhina N.F., 1980:
Physicochemical aspects of liberation of water soluble agents from hydrophobic ointment bases

Sidhan, V.; Gurnani, S., 1978:
Physicochemical aspects of lytic enzyme isolated from rat liver nuclei

Peschanskii V.S.; Libinson G.S., 1979:
Physicochemical aspects of mineralization of epiphyseal cartilage in endo chondral osteogenesis

Hermansson, A.M., 1978:
Physicochemical aspects of soy protein structure formation

Ogunmoyela O.A.; Birch G.G., 1982:
Physicochemical aspects of sweetness in cocoa drinks

Smetana K.Jr; Sulc J.; Krcova Z., 1987:
Physicochemical aspects of the giant multinucleate cell formation

Dunlop, E.H.; Hughes, R.D.; Williams, R., 1978:
Physicochemical aspects of the removal of protein bound substances by charcoal and other adsorbents of potential value in systems of artificial liver support part 1 equilibrium properties

Love, M.H.; Dugan, L.R.Jr, 1978:
Physicochemical assessment of short term changes in the quality characteristics of stored instant navy bean powder

Revaclier R.; Dethier M., 1984:
Physicochemical bacteriological and biological study of the river seymaz geneva switzerland/

Dethier M.; Revaclier R.; Wisard A., 1985:
Physicochemical bacteriological and biological study of the swiss part of allondon river

Botatskii A.V.; Nazarov E.I.; Golovenko N.Ya; Luk'yanenko N.G., 1984:
Physicochemical bases of the search for pharmacologically active substances in the series of polyfunctional macroheterocyclics

Pak, C.Y., 1969:
Physicochemical basis for formation of renal stones of calcium phosphate origin: calculation of the degree of saturation of urine with respect to brushite

Cho T.M.; Cho J.S.; Loh H.H., 1979:
Physicochemical basis of opiate cerebroside sulfate interaction and its application to receptor theory

Pitha, P.M.; Huang, W.M.; Ts, O.P.O.P., 1968:
Physicochemical basis of the recognition process in nucleic acid interactions iv costacking as the cause of mispairing and intercalation in nucleic acid interactions

Futerman, A.H.; Fiorini, R.M.; Roth, E.; Low, M.G.; Silman, I., 1985:
Physicochemical behavior and structural characteristics of membrane bound acetylcholinesterase ec from torpedo californica electric organ effect of phosphatidylinositol specific phospholipase c ec

Gupta G.S.; Chopra V.K., 1980:
Physicochemical behavior of isolated dna and phosphorus 32 incorporation in rat tissues following administration of iodine 125

Sabbatini, L.; Desimoni, E.; Palmisano, F.; Zambonin, P.G., 1978:
Physicochemical behavior of the chloro ferri proto porphyrin ix in di methyl formamide water mixtures/

Decleve, A.; Lieberman, M.; Ihle, J.N.; Rosenthal, P.N.; Lung, M.L.; Kaplan, H.S., 1978:
Physicochemical biological and serological properties of a leukemogenic virus isolated from cultured radiation leukemia virus induced lymphomas of c 57bl ka mice

Kobayashi, K.; Yamanishi, T.; Tuboi, S., 1981:
Physicochemical, catalytic, and immunochemical properties of fumarases crystallized separately from mitochondrial and cytosolic fractions of rat liver

Ito O.; Akuzawa R., 1983:
Physicochemical change and preservatives of cow milk catalase by freeze drying

Gavrilov, V.P., 1976:
Physicochemical changes during cooling of bacterial suspensions part 2 analysis of cell electro conductivity

Imungi J.K.; Scheffeldt P.; Saint Hilaire P., 1980:
Physicochemical changes during extraction and contraction of clear guava psidium guajava juice

Aono K.; Tanaka T.; Urakami H.; Harano K., 1981:
Physicochemical changes during hemorrhage and following infusion

Hartenstein R.; Hartenstein F., 1981:
Physicochemical changes effected in activated sludge by the earthworm eisenia foetida

Tripathi, R.C.; Tripathi, B.J.; Millard, C.B., 1988:
Physicochemical changes in contact lenses and their interactions with the cornea and tears: a review and personal observations

Owusu Ansah J.; Van D.V.ort F.R.; Stanley D.W., 1983:
Physicochemical changes in corn starch as a function of extrusion variables

Cuesta C.; Sanchez Muniz F.J.; Rodriguez A.; Varela G., 1987:
Physicochemical changes in olive oil used in repeated frying and their effects upon lipoproteinemia in rats

Morga N.S.; Lustre A.O.; Tunac M.M.; Balagot A.H.; Soriano M.R., 1979:
Physicochemical changes in philippine carabao mangoes during ripening

Movshev B.E.; Matvienko V.P.; Gusenova F.M., 1985:
Physicochemical changes in plasma proteins after normovolemic exchange transfusion of the allogeneic blood

Ooraikul B.; Moledina K.H., 1981:
Physicochemical changes in potato granules during storage

Mitryaev A.B.; Belous A.M., 1980:
Physicochemical changes in rat liver dna dependent rna polymerase under low temperature conditions

Singh, P.; Bakhshi, J.C.; Jaiswal, S.P., 1974:
Physicochemical changes in relation to the dormancy in jujube

Joshi S.M.; Seth J.N., 1985:
Physicochemical changes in the apple hybrid chaubattia princess during fruit development maturity and post harvest storage

Gorin, A.I.; Serebryanyi, A.M.; Zoz, N.N.; Kharinonenkov, I.G.; Slavenas, A.Y. ; Atkochyunaite, V.K.; Antonova, L.V.; Tseitlin, P.I., 1976:
Physicochemical changes in the dna and deoxy ribo nucleo protein evoked by potassium cyanate

Schaeffer F.; Chegaray E.; Lafargue P., 1987:
Physicochemical changes induced by sterilization in certain plastics for medical use

Ockerman H.W.; Crespo F.L., 1982:
Physicochemical changes occurring during storage of pre cured beef blends at different temperatures and 2 levels of salt

Robles R.R.; Murray E.D.; Paredes Lopez O., 1988:
Physicochemical changes of maize starch during the lime heat treatment for tortilla making

Gravani R.B.; Vadehra D.V.; Baker R.C., 1984:
Physicochemical changes produced in egg yolk by streptococcus faecalis var liquefaciens

Sinitsyna, A.L.; Lashas, L.V.; Zarubina, N.A.; Evaltaite, D.; Aleshina, L.V., 1977:
Physicochemical characteristics and biological activity of human somatotropin preparation

Sunderman, F.W.; Hopfer, S.M.; Knight, J.A.; McCully, K.S.; Cecutti, A.G.; Thornhill, P.G.; Conway, K.; Miller, C.; Patierno, S.R.; Costa, M., 1987:
Physicochemical characteristics and biological effects of nickel oxides

Muramatsu, T.; Hashimoto, H.; Takahashi, T., 1984:
Physicochemical characteristics and conformational features of alginate lyase ec isozymes from turbo cornutus

Singh S.P., 1981:
Physicochemical characteristics and macrophytes of naukuchiya tal a mid altitude lake of kumaun himalaya india

Djangmah, J.S.; Gabbott, P.A.; Wood, E.J., 1978:
Physicochemical characteristics and oxygen binding properties of the multiple hemo globins of the west african blood clam anadara senilis

Mossa J.S.; A.Y.hya M.A.; Hassan M.M.A., 1987:
Physicochemical characteristics and spectroscopy of the volatile oil of thymus vulgaris growing in saudi arabia

Kabankin A.S.; Boldeskul I.E.; Trinus F.P.; Protsenko L.D.; Landau M.A., 1982:
Physicochemical characteristics anti tumor activity and quantitative aspects of the structure biological activity relationship for benzoyl di ethylenetriamides of phosphoric acid

Donets, M.A.; Chumakov, M.P.; Korolev, M.B.; Rubin, S.G., 1977:
Physicochemical characteristics, morphology and morphogenesis of virions of the causative agent of Crimean hemorrhagic fever

Chavan, J.D.; Magar, N.G., 1977:
Physicochemical characteristics of 11 varieties of rice from maharashtra india

Akinyele I.O.; Onigbinde A.O.; Hussain M.A.; Omololu A., 1986:
Physicochemical characteristics of 18 cultivars of nigerian cowpeas vigna unguiculata and their cooking properties

Travkin O.V.; Lashkov G.I.; Komarov E.V., 1981:
Physicochemical characteristics of 3 states of the nystatin molecule

Zakharova, L.A.; Katlinskii, A.V.; Stapenenko, R.N.; Strelkov, L.A.; Mikhailova, A.A., 1986:
Physicochemical characteristics of a bone marrow mediator stimulating antibody formation

Naikare S.M.; Kadam S.S., 1983:
Physicochemical characteristics of bhakari prepared by traditional method from commonly grown cultivars of grain sorghum

Gromo A.E.; Kulikova A.I.; Shostka G.D.; Tugusheva F.A.; Lukichev B.G., 1982:
Physicochemical characteristics of blood from patients with chronic kidney insufficiency

Helling, C.S.; Krivonak, A.E., 1978:
Physicochemical characteristics of bound di nitro aniline herbicides in soils

Pospiech E., 1982:
Physicochemical characteristics of canned hot meat as affected by various qualities of pork

Karimov M.; Nasyrov Y.S.; Popova G.Yu; Lobov V.P., 1984:
Physicochemical characteristics of chloroplast dna in certain higher plants

Mendzhul, M.I.; Nesterova, N.V.; Lysenko, T.G.; Pilipenko, V.G., 1984:
Physicochemical characteristics of cyanophages and their components

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Physicochemical characteristics of d i a hypotensive factor occurred in acetone extract of bovine brain

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Physicochemical mechanisms of the transport by means of micropinocytosis

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Physicochemical model of the biological effect of ionizing radiation

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Physicochemical model of toxic substances in the great lakes usa canada

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Physicochemical pharmacological and toxicological substantiation for the pasteurization and sterilization of solid drugs by ionizing radiation

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Physicochemical principles of the sodium and potassium ion discrimination by the membrane sodium pump 1. effects of some organic compounds on the sodium potassium atpase ec ion specificity

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Physicochemical properties and amino acid composition in fractions of soy horse bean colza and alfalfa leaf proteins

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Physicochemical properties and amino acid composition of a highly purified preparation of an unusual estrogen binding protein from rat liver

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Physicochemical properties and binding site amino acid residues of galactoside binding protein of human placenta

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Physicochemical studies on the interaction of delta 5 dehydromalouetine with dna further evidence for the partial insertion of a steroidal diamine into a dna double helix

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Physicochemical studies on the judgment of food freshness on the measuring methods of conductance and di electric constant of meat

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Physicochemical studies on the sex pheromone of insects part 2 inclusion complexation of sex pheromone of spodoptera litura with urea

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Physicochemical studies on wheat protein foams part 2 relationship between bubble size and stability of foams prepared with gluten and gluten components

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Physico-chemical study of diazepam and hydrophilic excipients interaction

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Physicochemical study of receptive mechanism of laryngeal water fibers in the rabbit

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Physicochemical surface indices in bacteria and their penicillin binding capacity in connection with sensitivity to penicillins and streptomycin

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Physiochemical studies on the protein and mineral metabolism and the blood in rabbits poisoned by arthron hispidus tetrodo toxin

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Physiochemical study of association with sulfamides caffeine sulfamides associations

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Physiochemical study of associations with sulfamides antipyrine sulfamides associations

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Physioecology of poecilid fish poecilia reticulata and phalloceros caudimaculatus influence of salinity

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Physiogenesis of endo thermy and its relation to growth in the great horned owl bubo virginianus

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Physiognomic analysis of the mangrove swamps of puerto soley guanacaste costa rica

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Physiognomic characteristics of wetland vegetation in south african shelduck habitat

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Physiognomic ecological typification of forests and shrubs and their function in the landscape

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Physiognomic floristic units in san lorenzo canyon saltillo coahuila mexico

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Physiognomic form perception a comparison of normal and schizophrenic subjects

Dor-Shav, N.K., 1977:
Physiognomic form perception: mature or immature?

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Physiognomic homogamy: a test of physical similarity as a factor in the mate selection process

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Physiognomic perception and empathy

Olesker, W., 1977:
Physiognomic perception and flexibility of concept formation

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Physiognomic perception: empirical and theoretical perspectives

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Physiognomic sensitivity its development and modification

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Physiognomic structure of a linear tectogenic ecosystem in the basin of kazakhly turkmen ssr ussr

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Physiognomic vegetation maps in 5 high watersheds from pampa de achala sierras grandes cordoba argentina

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Physiognomy and floristic composition of a restinga forest in the taim ecological station rio grande do sul brazil

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Physiognomy floristic composition and dynamism in the formations of a part of the lower oueme valley dahomey

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Physiographic analyses of the longitudinal distribution of fishes in the rappahannock river virginia usa

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Physiographic and edaphic aspects of the caroni river basin

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Physiographic gestures as decoding facilitators 3 experiments exploring a neglected facet of communication

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Physiography and formation of the holocene floodplain along the lower course of the rhine in the netherlands

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Physiography and fumarprotocetraric acid production in the cladonia chlorophaea group in north carolina usa

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Physiography and limnology of 3 lakes in the environs of the union territory of delhi india

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Physiography and plant landscape of banos de montemayor caceres spain

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Physiography and soil association in rajasthan india

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Physiography and soil associations of haryana india

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Physiography and soil relationship in a transect in northeast punjab india

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Physiography and vegetation zonation of shallow emergent marshes in southwestern florida usa

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Physiography paleotectonics and paleoenvironments as controls of changes in ammonite and brachiopod communities an example from the early and middle jurassic of western algeria

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Physiokinesitherapy treatment of comminuted fractures of the femoral diaphysis treated by ao osteosynthesis and autoplastic avascular bone transplant

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Physiologic abnormalities and outcome from acute disease. Evidence for a predictable relationship

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Physiologic activities of ochracin synthesized by septoria nodorum on the growth of rice plantlets and on de novo synthesis of alpha amylases by the aleurone layers of the caryopsis of wheat interaction with gibberellic acid

Shipp, T.; Morrissey, P., 1977:
Physiologic adjustments for frequency change in trained and untrained voices

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Physiologic age seasonal variation and diurnal periodicity of 4 populations of tabanidae diptera on the university campus at manaus brazil

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Physiologic aging of mature porcine erythrocytes: effects of various metabolites, antimetabolites, and physical stressors

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Physiologic analysis of the interaction of gametes during fertilization of the egg of the sea urchin paracentrotus lividus

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Physiologic anatomy of the palmar circulation in 200 normal hands

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Physiologic and acid base measures of gopher snakes pituophis melanoleucus catenifer during ketamine or halothane nitrous oxide anesthesia

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Physiologic and anatomic investigation of a visual cortical area situated in the ventral bank of the anterior ectosylvian sulcus of the cat

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Physiologic and anti gravity suit performance data from yf 16 flight tests

van Rensburg, J.P.; Kielblock, A.J.; van der Linde, A., 1986:
Physiologic and biochemical changes during a triathlon competition

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Physiologic and biologic behavior of autologous canine iodine 131 fibrinogen labeled by a chloramine t method

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Physiologic and electrocardiographic responses of American river otters (Lutra canadensis) during chemical immobilization and inhalation anesthesia

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Physiologic and environmental factors influencing the calcium to tissue ratio in populations of 3 species of fresh water pulmonate snails

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Physiologic and ergonomic description of the work of female machine operators at machine building factories

Elble, R.J., 1986:
Physiologic and essential tremor

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Physiologic and histologic features of muscle development in the hamster

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Physiologic and histologic measurements of the rabbit digastric muscle

Matveev O.G.; Kamenskii Y.N., 1981:
Physiologic and hygienic evaluation of vibrations in the helicopter cockpit

Daletskaya G.V.; Polyakova G.A., 1981:
Physiologic and hygienic evaluation of work of female tower crane operators

Turbin E.V.; Aldyreva M.V.; Matyukhin V.V., 1981:
Physiologic and hygienic evaluation of working conditions in poly vinyl chloride based synthetic leather manufacture

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Physiologic and metabolic alterations associated with seizures in normoxic and asphyxiated neonatal dogs

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Physiologic and metabolic response to progressive and prolonged exercise in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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Physiologic and microbiologic changes in skin related to frequent handwashing

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Physiologic and morphologic changes and incidence of neoplasms in mice and rats fed naltrexone hydrochloride for 24 months

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Physiologic and morphologic changes in rat anterior pituitaries separated of the normal brain control

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Physiologic and pathogenic races of urocystis agropyri

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Physiologic and pathogenic role of the adrenal medulla in severe essential arterial hypertension. Populational and experimental investigations. Therapeutic implications

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Physiologic and performance measurements in simulated airborne combined stress environments

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Physiologic and pharmacologic studies on the motility of isolated guinea pig cauda epididymidis

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Physiologic and prognostic significance of alpha coma

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Physiologic and psychologic profiles in a survey of women runners

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Physiologic and psychologic responses to a low dose of naloxone administered during prolonged running

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Physiologic and self report comparisons between tension head ache sufferers and nonheadache controls

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Physiologic and temporal variation in hepatic elimination of midazolam

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Physiologic and therapeutic aspects in congenital vein valve aplasia of the lower limb

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Physiologic aspects of intra splenic auto transplantation of pancreatic fragments in the dog after 25 hours of cold storage

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Physiologic assessment of lung function in patients undergoing laser photoresection of tracheobronchial tumors

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Physiologic assessment of phosphoglycerate mutase deficiency incremental exercise tests

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Physiologic assessment of the four commonly performed endorectal pullthroughs

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Physiologic assessment of the inotropic vasodilator and afterload reducing effects of milrinone in subjects without cardiac disease

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Physiologic availability of phenyl butazone tablets marketed in india

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Physiologic basis for neuro electric blocking activity in multiple sclerosis

Granger, D.N.; Gabel, J.C.; Drake, R.E.; Taylor, A.E., 1978:
Physiologic basis for the clinical use of albumin solutions

Dencheva, A.; Klisurska, D., 1984:
Physiologic biochemical basis of seed viability 4. effect of seed storage conditions on the activity and isoenzyme spectrum of peroxidase isolated from maize seedlings

Dencheva, A.V.; Nikolova, A.K., 1984:
Physiologic biochemical basis of seed viability 5. activity of proteolytic enzymes isolated from the endosperm of germinating maize seeds stored at various conditions

Khomulo P.S.; Gritskevich N.L., 1984:
Physiologic biochemical correlations of cat behavioral reactions in emotional stress

Kojima S.; Fujii T.; Ohe T.; Karakawa S.; IIda T.; Hirata Y.; Kuramachi M.; Shimomura K.; Ito K.; Omae T., 1988:
Physiologic change during supraventricular tachycardia and release of atrial natriuretic peptide

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Physiologic changes due to aspiration pneumonitis

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Physiologic changes during a marathon, with special reference to magnesium

E.M.nawi M.F.; Wahbi O.; E.B.gouri I.S.; Sharawi M.; E.M.llah S.Y., 1981:
Physiologic changes during carbon di oxide and nitrogen oxide pneumo peritoneum in diagnostic laparoscopy a comparative study

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Physiologic changes in pregnant women and their fetuses during jet air travel

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Physiologic changes in rowing performance associated with training in collegiate women rowers

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Physiologic changes in the dog anesthetized with thiamylal and enflurane

Block, R.A.; Hess, L.A.; Timpano, E.V.; Serlo, C., 1985:
Physiologic changes in the foot during pregnancy

Ninan, A.; O'Donnell, M.; Hamilton, K.; Tan, L.; Sankaran, K., 1986:
Physiologic changes induced by endotracheal instillation and suctioning in critically ill preterm infants with and without sedation

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Physiologic changes induced by theophylline in the treatment of apnea in preterm infants

Heddleston, K.L., 1976:
Physiologic characteristics of 1,268 cultures of Pasteurella multocida

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Physiologic characteristics of subjects exhibiting accelerated deterioration of ventilatory function

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Physiologic cholestasis 2. serum bile acid levels reflect the development of the entero hepatic circulation in rats

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Physiologic cholestasis: elevation of the primary serum bile acid concentrations in normal infants

Tallo D.; Malarkey W.B., 1985:
Physiologic concentrations of dopamine fail to suppress prolactin secretion in patients with idiopathic hyperprolactinemia or prolactinomas

McLaughlin, J.S., 1971:
Physiologic consideration of hypoxemia in shock and trauma

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Physiologic control of 2 neurophysins in humans

Creasy, R.K.; Hillig, J.E.; Morris, J.A., 1970:
Physiologic control of conception with an intra muscular progestogen estrogen clinical experience

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