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Phyto alexin accumulation in bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivars garrafal oro and fortune after infection with botrytis cinerea and treatment with mercuric chloride

Fraile, A.; Garcia Arenal, F.; Sagasta, E.M.

Physiological Plant Pathology 16(1): 9-18


Accession: 006119840

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Phytoalexin accumulation in response to infection by 3 isolates of B. cinerea differing in virulence, and to HgCl2 treatment, was studied in hypocotyls of 2 P. vulgaris cultivars with different degrees of susceptibility to the parasite. When infected by B. cinerea the combined yield of phytoalexins was always higher in the less susceptible cultivar; it was also highest in lesions produced by the least virulent B. cinerea isolate and lowest in lesions of the most virulent one. When challenged with HgCl2 the yield of phytoalexins was the same in both cultivars, the accumulation patterns being different from the B. cinerea case. These data are discussed in relation to current theories about the role of phytoalexins in host-parasite interactions.

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