Phytosociological observations on the pinus halepensis woods of the tellaro basin southeastern sicily italy

Bartolo, G.; Brullo, S.; Minissale, P.; Spampinato, G.

Bollettino dell'Accademia Gioenia di Scienze Naturali 18(325): 255-270


Accession: 006121388

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The occurrence of some spontaneous Pinus halepensis woods along the Tellaro river basin (S-E Sicily) is emphasized. From the floristic and structural point of view, it is very similar to that one described from Vittoria territory and it must be considered as well as the latter, a primary edaphic vegetation linked to marly places with markedly arid climate. In order to verify the phytosociological position of this community, the pine-woods previously studied in other areas of the Italian territory are examined. On the ground of this, several Pinus halepensis associations are individuated; they are: Pistacio-Pinetum halepensis De Marco et al. 1984, Erico arboreae-Pinetum halepensis De Marco and Caneva 1985, Thymo-Pinetum halepensis De Marco and Caneva 1985 and Plantago albicantis-Pinetum halepensis ass. nov. For its floristic and ecological characteristics, the pine-woods of Tellaro basin, as well as that one of Vittoria, is referred to Thymo-Pinetum halepensis, which is included in Cisto-Ericetalia order.