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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6123

Chapter 6123 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lamers, J. J. H.; Maesen, F. P. V., 1976: Pigeon breeders lung

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Franklin J.J., 1985: Pigeon discrimination of letters and other forms in texture displays

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Grutta G.L., 1987: Pigeon esophageal emg activity analysis of intramural neural control

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Rothe, H. J.; Biesel, W.; Nachtigall, W., 1987: Pigeon flight in a wind tunnel ii. gas exchange and power requirements

Hirth, K. D.; Biesel, W.; Nachtigall, W., 1987: Pigeon flight in a wind tunnel iii. regulation of body temperature

Biesel, W.; Nachtigall, W., 1987: Pigeon flight in a wind tunnel iv. thermoregulation and water homeostasis

Hassan F.K., 1982: Pigeon herpes encephalomyelitis virus in egypt

Burtonboy G., 1980: Pigeon herpes infection excretion and re excretion of virus after experimental infection

Pastoret P.P., 1980: Pigeon herpes infection natural transmission of the disease

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Wiltschko W., 1985: Pigeon homing can release site biases be explained by a preferred compass direction

Wiltschko W., 1985: Pigeon homing change in navigational strategy during ontogeny

Walcott C., 1987: Pigeon homing different effects of olfactory deprivation in different countries

Wiltschko W., 1985: Pigeon homing does initial orientation include a preferred compass direction

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Benvenuti S., 1983: Pigeon homing further experiments on shielded lofts

Baldaccini N.E., 1984: Pigeon homing the effect of outward journey detours on orientation

Goudswaard, J.; Noordzij, A.; Stam, J. W. E., 1978: Pigeon immuno globulin a a major antigen in pigeon breeders disease

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122029

Hsu R.Y., 1983: Pigeon liver malic enzyme involvement of an arginyl residue at the binding site for malate and its analogs

Blass J.P., 1986: Pigeon liver phosphoprotein phosphatase an effective activator of pyruvate dehydrogenase in tissue homogenates

Wright A.A., 1984: Pigeon memory same different concept learning serial probe recognition acquisition and probe delay effects on the serial position function

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Baldaccini N.E., 1985: Pigeon orientation a comparison between single birds and small flocks

Ballouh A., 1987: Pigeon paramyxovirus serotype i clinico pathological response in experimentally infected chickens in the sudan

Barsellotti R. , 1984: Pigeon pattern electro retinogram a response unaffected by chronic section of the optic nerve

Sekhon H.S., 1987: Pigeon pea based intercropping studies under irrigated conditions

Keatinge, J. D. H.; Hughes, G., 1981: Pigeon pea cajanus cajan as a dry season crop in trinidad west indies 1. yield and yield components

Sheldrake A.R., 1979: Pigeon pea cajanus cajan as a winter crop in peninsular india

Patil B.D., 1982: Pigeon pea cajanus cajan based forage inter cropping systems light relations and growth performance

Gwin G.H., 1983: Pigeon pea cajanus cajan witches broom in florida usa

Blough D.S., 1982: Pigeon perception of letters of the alphabet

Greene S.L., 1984: Pigeon visual memory capacity

Cerella J., 1986: Pigeons and perceptions

Green L., 1988: Pigeons and rats observe signals of when but not where food will occur

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122051

Roberts J.E., 1984: Pigeons experience orientation contingent chromatic aftereffects

Wilcox D., 1987: Pigeons fail to detect low frequency magnetic fields

Essock Vitale S.M., 1979: Pigeons inter hemispheric transfer of auto shaping and other visual discriminations

Takai R., 1985: Pigeons match location of sample more accurately than color of sample

Green, L.; Rachlin, H., 1977: Pigeons preferences for stimulus information effects of amount of information

Neuringer, A., 1973: Pigeons respond to produce periods in which rewards are independent of responding

Wilkie, D. M., 1983: Pigeons spatial memory 2. acquisition of delayed matching of key location and transfer to new locations

Wilkie, D. M., 1983: Pigeons spatial memory 3. effect of distractors on delayed matching of key location

Wilkie, D. M., 1984: Pigeons spatial memory 4. effects of inter trial interval manipulations on delayed matching of key location

Wiltschko W., 1981: Pigeons with a deficient sun compass use the magnetic compass

Wilkie, D. M., 1986: Pigeons' spatial memory v. proactive interference in the delayed matching of key location paradigm occurs only under restricted conditions

Price K.R., 1979: Piglet and pork production from gilts bred at puberty chemical compositon of the carcass and assessment of meat quality

Van Golstein Brouwers G.W.M., 1988: Piglet influenza is it back again?

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122065

Bolduan G., 1985: Piglet maturity for weaning following different periods of nursing

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122067

Grudniewska B., 1980: Piglet rearing in large scale pig units

Ryszkowski J., 1981: Piglets weaned at 5 weeks old reared in batteries

Kleinen-Hammans, J. W., 1978: Pigment 750 sensitized photo oxidations in anacystis nidulans

Marmor M.F., 1988: Pigment adherence as a measure of retinal adhesion dependence on temperature

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Cohen, J. R.; Fuller, R. C.; Litsky, W., 1977: Pigment analysis in the identification of flavobacteria

Olson L., 1983: Pigment analysis of chloroplast pigment protein complexes in wheat triticum aestivum

Xavier Filho L., 1986: Pigment analysis of sun and shade populations of cladonia verticillaris

Moller B.L., 1983: Pigment and acyl lipid composition of photosystem i and photosystem ii vesicles and of photosynthetic mutants in barley

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Allen D.I., 1988: Pigment and lipid compositions of algal and bacterial communities in ace lake vestfold hills antarctica

Gross J., 1982: Pigment and plastid changes in mesocarp and exocarp of ripening muskmelon cucumis melo cultivar galia

Gross J., 1985: Pigment and plastid ultrastructural changes in kumquat fortunella margarita cultivar nagami during ripening

Grumbach K.H., 1985: Pigment and quinone content of 2 photosynthetic barley hordeum vulgare cultivar svalofs bonus mutants

Graef M., 1983: Pigment and ultrastructural changes in the developing pummelo citrus grandis cultivar goliath

Moores P.P., 1980: Pigment anomalies of the skin in the human chimera their relation to systematized nevi

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Pinsky A., 1985: Pigment bleaching by soybean lipoxygenase type 2 and the effect of specific chemical modifications

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Robinson S.J., 1984: Pigment cell differentiation in the fire bellied toad bombina orientalis structural chemical and physical aspects of the adult pigment pattern

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122098

Erickson C.A., 1986: Pigment cell pattern formation in amphibian embryos a reexamination of the dopa technique

Erickson C.A., 1986: Pigment cell pattern formation in taricha torosa the role of the extracellular matrix in controlling pigment cell migration and differentiation

Polulyakh Yu A., 1980: Pigment cells of the periosteum in some mammals

Dawber R.P.R., 1987: Pigment change and melanocyte distribution in guinea pig skin after cutaneous freeze injury

Moon, R. E.; Dawes, C. J., 1976: Pigment changes and photosynthetic rates under selected wavelengths in the growing tips of eucheuma isiforme var denudatum during vegetative growth

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122106

Dawber R.P.R., 1986: Pigment changes in human skin after cryotherapy

Fluegel M., 1982: Pigment changes in peel of the ripening banana musa cavendishii

Gross J., 1981: Pigment changes in the flavedo of tangerine citrus reticulata cultivar dancy during ripening

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Jupin H., 1984: Pigment complexes and energy transfers in brown algae

Rajeswara Rao G., 1981: Pigment composition and chlorophyllase activity in pigeon pea cajanus indicus and gingelly sesamum indicum under sodium chloride salinity

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122114

Nank W.K., 1986: Pigment composition and color of conventional and veri green canned beans

Nair P.V.R., 1987: Pigment composition and light requirement of tropical nanoplankters chromulina freiburgensis doflein and isochrysis galbana parke

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122123

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122140

Stamp P., 1979: Pigment contents and activities of photosynthetic enzymes in the leaves of young maize plants in relation to the temperature at grain ripening

Fischer, A., 1969: Pigment deficiency in a mutant of platynereis dumerilli polychaeta

Van-Hasselt, P. R.; Strikwerda, J. T., 1976: Pigment degradation in discs of the thermophilic cucumis sativus as affected by light temperature sugar application and inhibitors

Mizuno K., 1987: Pigment deposition in the anterior segment caused by melanocytoma of the optic disc

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122145

Ozato, K., 1976: Pigment dispersion in cultured goldfish erythrophores by di butyryl cyclic amp

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122147

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122148

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122149

Donze M., 1981: Pigment distribution and nitrogen fixation in anabaena azollae

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122151

Stirton C.H., 1981: Pigment distribution light reflection and cell structure in petals

Hallegraeff, G. M., 1976: Pigment diversity in fresh water phyto plankton part 1 a comparison of spectrophotometric and paper chromatographic methods

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122165

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122173

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Section 7 , Chapter 6123, Accession 006122198

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122200

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122207

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122208

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122209

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122210

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122211

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122212

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122223

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122231

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122240

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122250

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122253

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122259

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122260

Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122261

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122268

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Section 7, Chapter 6123, Accession 006122280

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