Plant mucilages 27. isolation and characterization of a mucous poly saccharide narcissus thymus gluco mannan from the bulbs of narcissus tazetta var chinensis

Tomoda, M.; Yokoi, M.; Torigoe, A.; Maru, K.; Arai, M.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 28(11): 3251-3257


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-2363
Accession: 006126244

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A mucous polysaccharide, named narcissus-T-glucomannan, was isolated from the bulbs of N. tazetta L. var. chinensis Roemer. [The bulb has been used as a crude drug to treat human breast tumors.] The final preparation was homogeneous as determined by ultracentrifugal analysis, glass-fiber electrophoresis and gel chromatography. It was composed of D-mannose and D-glucose in the molar ratio of 5:1 and its MW 119,000. The O-acetyl groups in the glucomannan were identified, the content amounted to 22.7%. They were located at positions 6 and 2,6 of most D-mannose units. Methylation, periodate oxidation, partial acetolysis and enzymatic degradation studies showed that the glucomannan is mainly composed of .beta.-1 .fwdarw. 4 linked aldohexopyranose residues; it contains an average 42 aldohexose units per non-reducing group. D-Mannose units occupy nonreducing terminal positions and branching points linked through position 3.