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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6136

Chapter 6136 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Essien E.M., 1987: Platelet reactions after interaction with cultured plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocytes

Essien E.M., 1987: Platelet reactions in acute plasmodium berghei infection in swiss albino mice

Barnes M.J., 1987: Platelet reactive sites in collagen collagens i and iii possess different aggregatory sites

Fukuzaki H., 1983: Platelet reactivity and its dependence on alpha adrenergic receptor function in patients with ischemic heart disease

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135004

Stein P.D., 1981: Platelet reactivity in patients with degenerated porcine bio prosthetic valves

Wallentin L., 1987: Platelet reactivity in unstable coronary artery disease

Ramwell P.W., 1984: Platelet reactivity in vivo in dogs with arterial prostheses seeded with endothelial cells

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135008

Bidlingmaier F., 1987: Platelet receptors for atrial natriuretic peptide in man

Mckee P.A., 1979: Platelet receptors for human factor viii von willebrand protein functional correlation of receptor occupancy and ristocetin induced platelet aggregation

Murphy S., 1981: Platelet recovery from aspirin inhibition in vivo differing patterns under various assay conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135012

Solymoss C.B., 1980: Platelet regeneration time and late occlusion of aorto coronary saphenous vein bypass grafts

Dowling, S. V.; Muntz, R. H.; D'souza, S.; Ekert, H., 1976: Platelet release abnormality associated with a variant of von willebrands disease

Rosenberg, J. C.; Sell, T., 1975: Platelet release and aggregation induced by anti thymocyte globulin in vitro effect of inhibitors

Genton E., 1982: Platelet release and thromboxane synthesis in symptomatic coronary artery disease

Pennock J.L., 1985: Platelet release in coronary heart disease effect of antiplatelet drugs and coronary artery bypass graft

Al Mondhiry H., 1987: Platelet release in hemophilia

Ehrman M., 1983: Platelet release of beta thrombo globulin within the coronary circulation during cold pressor stress

Dry J., 1987: Platelet release of dopamine during attacks of common migraine

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135021

Ribeiro J.M.C., 1985: Platelet release reaction and aggregation induced by canatoxin a convulsant protein evidence for the involvement of the platelet lipoxygenase pathway

Kubisz, P., 1973: Platelet release reaction and clot retraction

Weiss, A.; Baenziger, N. L.; Atkinson, J. P., 1978: Platelet release reaction and intra cellular cyclic gmp

Montani M., 1983: Platelet release reaction and prostaglandin pathway activation in angina patients during exercise effect of indobufen

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135026

Muirden K.D., 1986: Platelet releasing activity in sera of patients with rheumatoid vasculitis

Kohner E.M., 1983: Platelet relevant parameters in patients with diabetic micro angiopathy

Kaplan, J. E.; Saba, T. M., 1978: Platelet removal from the circulation by the liver and spleen

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135030

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135031

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135032

Anderson, G. H.; Hellums, J. D.; Moake, J.; Alfrey, C. P-Jr, 1978: Platelet response to shear stress changes in serotonin uptake serotonin release and adp induced aggregation

Barnhart, M. I., 1978: Platelet responses in health and disease

Caprino L., 1985: Platelet responsiveness and biosynthesis of thromboxane and prostacyclin in response to in vitro cocaine treatment

Gutierrez Martin M., 1985: Platelet retention evaluation in diabetic patients its relationship with microangiopathy

Fitzpatrick, F. A.; Gorman, R. R., 1977: Platelet rich plasma transforms exogenous prostaglandin endo per oxide h 2 into thromboxane a 2

Payne C.M., 1981: Platelet satellitism an ultrastructural study

Skinnider, L. F.; Musclow, C. E.; Kahn, W., 1978: Platelet satellitism an ultrastructural study

White, L. A. Jr ; Brubaker, L. H.; Aster, R. H.; Henry, P. H.; Adelstein, E. H., 1978: Platelet satellitism and phagocytosis by neutrophils association with anti platelet antibodies and lymphoma

Larson, J. H.; Pierre, R. V., 1977: Platelet satellitism as a cause of abnormal hemalog d differential results

Poindexter A.R., 1980: Platelet satellitism experimental studies

Woodall M., 1979: Platelet satellitosis a case report with laboratory characterization and quantitative evaluation

Petrovici J N., 1987: Platelet scintigraphy in carotid thromboses following whiplash injuries of the cervical spine

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135045

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135046

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135047

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135049

Turner R.C., 1985: Platelet sensitivity in vitro to adp and prostacyclin and diabetic retinopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135051

Gati I., 1985: Platelet sensitivity to adp and prostacyclin in diabetic pregnancies

Goto Y., 1982: Platelet sensitivity to adp and to prostacyclin in diabetic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135054

Notarbartolo A., 1982: Platelet sensitivity to prostacyclin and thromboxane production in hyper lipidemic patients

Uzawa H., 1985: Platelet sensitivity to prostacyclin in diabetics

Alyavi A.L., 1987: Platelet sensitivity to prostacyclin in myocardial infarction complicated by acute left ventricular insufficiency

Slater T.F., 1985: Platelet sensitivity to prostacyclin in normal subjects and in patients with benign and malignant tumors of the breast

Prager R., 1981: Platelet sensitivity to prostacyclin in patients with juvenile onset diabetes mellitus

Lippert T.H., 1981: Platelet sensitivity to prostacyclin in pregnancy and uterine cancer

Silberbauer K., 1986: Platelet sensitivity to prostacyclin in smokers and non smokers

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135062

Hogg J.C., 1981: Platelet sequestration in lung with hemorrhagic shock and re infusion in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135064

Rich N.M., 1980: Platelet serotonin changes in dogs with prosthetic aortic graft

Molyneux S.G., 1987: Platelet serotonin concentration in schizophrenic patients

Et Al, 1988: Platelet serotonin content and plasma tryptophan in peri menopausal and postmenopausal women variations with plasma estrogen levels and depressive symptoms

Meyer P., 1985: Platelet serotonin content and uptake in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135069

Meltzer H.Y., 1983: Platelet serotonin levels in schizophrenia relationship to race and psycho pathology

Bitter Suermann D., 1981: Platelet serotonin release by complement c 3a and complement c 5a 2 independent pathways of activation

Rylander R., 1983: Platelet serotonin release by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes stimulated by cotton dust bacteria enterobacter agglomerans

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135073

Nilsson C G., 1987: Platelet serotonin uptake and effects of vitamin b 6 treatment in premenstrual tension

Glenn T.M., 1983: Platelet serotonin uptake during myo cardial ischemia

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135076

Walker R.F., 1987: Platelet serotonin uptake methods and strain differences

Kohner E.M., 1980: Platelet shape change abnormalities in diabetic retinopathy

Nachmias V.T., 1983: Platelet shape change and cytoskeletal assembly effects of ph and monovalent cation ionophores

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135080

Takano S., 1986: Platelet shape change induced by 5 hydroxytryptamine in chronic schizophrenics under antipsychotic drug treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135082

Kubisz, P.; Klener, P., 1976: Platelet shape change induced by cold and the retraction of reptilase clots

Mustard J.F., 1980: Platelet sialic acid and platelet survival after aggregation by adp

Paterson A.D., 1982: Platelet sialic acid in malignant disease

Inana, I., 1978: Platelet size analysis platelet diameter evaluation on blood films

Valeri C.R., 1984: Platelet size and age determine platelet function independently

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135088

Valeri C.R., 1983: Platelet size as a determinant of platelet function

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135090

Valeri C.R., 1983: Platelet size does not correlate with platelet age

Gilmer P.R.Jr, 1982: Platelet size in health and hematologic disease

Paulus, J. M., 1975: Platelet size in man

Carson P.H.M., 1983: Platelet size in myo cardial infarction

Empey D.W. , 1988: Platelet size in patients with chronic airflow obstruction with and without hypoxemia

Gardner F.H., 1983: Platelet size in thrombocytopenia due to sepsis

Ritvo E., 1988: Platelet size number and serotonin content in blood of autistic childhood schizophrenic and normal children

Mattiasson I., 1987: Platelet sodium kinetics blood pressure and serum urate aberrations in non obese men at risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus

Barrett A.J., 1984: Platelet specific and granulocyte specific antibodies after allogeneic and autologous bone marrow grafts

Silberbauer K., 1981: Platelet specific proteins and platelet aggregation in patients with primary pulmonary hypertension

Girolami A., 1983: Platelet specific proteins in patients with transient ischemic attacks

Repin V.S., 1987: Platelet status during plasmapheresis and immunosorption in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia

Till U., 1985: Platelet stimulating and membranolytic properties of racemic paf acether platelet activating factor acether and analogs

Damas J., 1983: Platelet stimulation and hypotension induced by carrageenans in the rat

Gershman H., 1982: Platelet stimulation by anti fibronectin antibodies requires the fc region of antibody

Wong S.C., 1981: Platelet storage an assessment of the requirements for plasma and oxygen

Holme, S.; Vaidja, K.; Murphy, S., 1978: Platelet storage at 22 celsius effect of type of agitation on morphology viability and function in vitro

Murphy S., 1983: Platelet storage at 22 celsius for transfusion interrelationship of platelet density and size medium ph and viability after in vivo infusion

Murphy, S.; Gardner, F. H., 1971: Platelet storage at 22 celsius metabolic morphologic and functional studies

Murphy, S.; Gardner, F. H., 1975: Platelet storage at 22 celsius role of gas transport across plastic containers in maintenance of viability

Stewart M., 1988: Platelet storage changes in cytosolic calcium actin polymerization and shape

Rock G., 1986: Platelet storage effects of leachable materials on morphology and function

Schiffer C.A., 1986: Platelet storage for 7 days in second generation blood bags

Adams G.A., 1985: Platelet storage in a plasma free medium

Sasakawa S., 1984: Platelet storage in glow discharge treated polyvinylchloride bags effects of a plasticizer on platelet hypotonic shock response

Little C., 1987: Platelet storage lesion formation of platelet fragments with platelet factor 3 activity

Courtright M., 1987: Platelet storage lesion in second generation containers correlation with platelet atp levels

Gerrard, J. M.; Stoddard, S. F.; Shapiro, R. S.; Coccia, P. F.; Ramsay, N. K. C.; Nesbit, M. E.; Rao, G. H. R.; Krivit, W.; White, J. G., 1978: Platelet storage pool deficiency and prostaglandin synthesis in chronic granulocytic leukemia

Swank R.T., 1984: Platelet storage pool deficiency in mouse pigment mutations associated with 7 distinct genetic loci

Saraya A.K., 1986: Platelet storage pool disease

Zucker M.B., 1984: Platelet storage pool disease in hybrid rats f 1 fawn hooded rats derived from crosses with their putative ancestors rattus norvegicus

Handin R.I., 1988: Platelet storage results in a redistribution of glycoprotein ib molecules evidence for a large intraplatelet pool of glycoprotein ib

Chandler J.A., 1982: Platelet studies in patients with hypertrophic cardio myopathy

Marmont A., 1981: Platelet support in patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation

Gmuer, J.; Von-Felten, A.; Frick, P., 1978: Platelet support in poly sensitized patients role of hl a specificities and cross match testing for donor selection

Steele, P.; Rainwater, J.; Vogel, R.; Genton, E., 1978: Platelet suppressant therapy in patients with coronary artery disease

Vogel R., 1979: Platelet suppressant therapy in patients with prosthetic cardiac valves relationship of clinical effectiveness to alteration of platelet survival time

Santoso, S.; Lohmeyer, J.; Rennich, H.; Clemetson, K. J.; Mueller-Eckhardt, C., 1984: Platelet surface antigens analysis by mono clonal antibodies 1. immunological and biochemical studies

Lobuglio A.F., 1987: Platelet surface bound igg in patients with immune and nonimmune thrombocytopenia

Crawford N., 1988: Platelet surface charge heterogeneity characterization of human platelet subpopulations separated by high voltage continuous flow electrophoresis

Sukhov V.M., 1987: Platelet surface charge in patients with hemorrhagic vasculitis and its role in the evaluation of platelet function

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135132

Steiner M., 1987: Platelet surface glycosaminoglycans are an effective shield for distinct platelet receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135134

Richenbacher W., 1984: Platelet survival and function in animals with prosthetic mitral valve the effect of nafazatrom

Donati M.B., 1985: Platelet survival and function in rats with enhanced thrombotic tendency

Uhlemann, E. R.; Tenpas, J. H.; Lucky, A. W.; Schulman, J. D.; Mudd, S. H.; Shulman, N. R., 1976: Platelet survival and morphology in homo cystinuria due to cystathionine synthase deficiency

Weinfeld A., 1979: Platelet survival and platelet production in acute myo cardial infarction

Kutti J., 1980: Platelet survival and platelet production in systemic lupus erythematosus

Sharefkin J.B., 1987: Platelet survival and serotonin content after placement of arterial prostheses in dogs effects of neointimal coverage and high and low dose aspirin

Elveback L.R., 1981: Platelet survival and the development of coronary disease in the young adult effects of cigarette smoking strong family history and medical therapy

Mustard J.F., 1982: Platelet survival and thrombosis

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135143

Gerhardts M.D., 1981: Platelet survival curves in man considering the splenic pool

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135145

Patson R.C., 1979: Platelet survival diabetes mellitus using an aspirin labeling technique

Ozsoylu, S.; Allahverdi, H.; Laleli, Y.; Pirnar, A., 1976: Platelet survival in childhood idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura in remission

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135148

Harker L.A., 1979: Platelet survival in patients previously resuscitated from out of hospital ventricular fibrillation

Verstraete M., 1984: Platelet survival in patients with angiographically diseased and normal coronary arteries

Mustard J.F., 1987: Platelet survival in rats with spontaneous diabetes mellitus

Colwell J.A., 1984: Platelet survival in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135153

Wacquet M., 1979: Platelet survival studies in patients with vascular diseases

Vogel R., 1979: Platelet survival time and thrombo embolism in patients with mitral valve prolapse

Steele, P.; Weily, H.; Davies, H.; Pappas, G.; Genton, E., 1975: Platelet survival time following aortic valve replacement

Steele, P.; Ellis, J. H. Jr ; Weily, H. S.; Genton, E., 1977: Platelet survival time in patients with hypoxemia and pulmonary hypertension

Shio, H.; Plasse, A. M.; Ramwell, P. W., 1970: Platelet swelling and prostaglandins

Serneri G.G.N., 1988: Platelet synthesis of cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase products in type i and type ii diabetes

Barbeau A., 1984: Platelet taurine content in friedreichs disease

Genton E., 1983: Platelet tests and anti platelet drugs in coronary artery disease

Petito C.K., 1979: Platelet thrombi in experimental cerebral infarction

Workman, E. F-Jr ; White, G. C. Ii ; Lundblad, R. L., 1976: Platelet thrombin interactions as assessed by affinity chromatography

Detwiler T.C., 1980: Platelet thrombin receptors binding of alpha thrombin is coupled to signal generation by a chymotrypsin sensitive mechanism

Maccia, C. A.; Gallagher, J. S.; Ataman, G.; Glueck, H. I.; Brooks, S. M.; Bernstein, L., 1977: Platelet thrombopathy in asthmatic patients with elevated immuno globulin e

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135166

Berndt M.C., 1985: Platelet thrombospondin hemagglutinin activity is due to aggregate formation

Ginsburg V., 1987: Platelet thrombospondin mediates attachment and spreading of human melanoma cells

Kaapa P., 1987: Platelet thromboxane b 2 production in neonatal pulmonary hypertension

Giordano C., 1983: Platelet thromboxane formation and b thrombo globulin levels after intensive charcoal hemo perfusion in uremics on regular hemo dialytic treatment

Kangasaho M., 1985: Platelet thromboxane formation and bleeding time is influenced by ethanol withdrawal but not by cigarette smoking

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135172

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135173

Strano A., 1983: Platelet thromboxane synthesis in treated childhood diabetes mellitus

De Gaetano G., 1983: Platelet thromboxane synthetase inhibitors with low doses of aspirin possible resolution of the aspirin dilemma

Ohshima N., 1984: Platelet thrombus induced in vivo by filtered light and fluorescent dye in mesenteric micro vessels of the rat

Greipp, P. R.; Gralnick, H. R., 1976: Platelet to leukocyte adherence phenomena associated with thrombocytopenia

Lessin L.S., 1982: Platelet to leukocyte adherence phenomena platelet satellitism and phagocytosis by neutrophils associated with in vitro platelet dys function

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135179

Roquin H., 1981: Platelet transfusion automated selection of donors

Weiss K.L., 1984: Platelet transfusion from donors mis matched for cross reactive hla antigens

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135182

Funatsu R., 1986: Platelet transfusion in open heart surgery using extracorporeal circulation

Racher J., 1979: Platelet transfusion induced serratia marcescens sepsis due to vacuum tube contamination

Lilleyman J.S., 1979: Platelet transfusion requirements of children with newly diagnosed lympho blastic leukemia

Silva, V. A.; Miller, W. V., 1977: Platelet transfusion survey in a regional blood program

Wiernik P.H., 1980: Platelet transfusion therapy

Kutti J., 1980: Platelet transfusion therapy and circulating immune complexes

Taswell H.F., 1985: Platelet transfusion therapy in acute leukemia lack of effect of splenomegaly on transfusion requirements and risk of hemorrhage

Brand, A.; Van-Leeuwen, A.; Eernisse, J. G.; Van-Rood, J. J., 1978: Platelet transfusion therapy optimal donor selection with a combination of lymphocyto toxicity and platelet fluorescence tests

Grumet F.C., 1979: Platelet transfusion tolerization by liver membrane treatment

Moerel L., 1982: Platelet transfusions can induce transplantation tolerance

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135193

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135194

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135195

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135196

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135197

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135198

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135199

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135200

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135201

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135202

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135203

Mcintyre L.M., 1987: Platelet tritiated rauwolscine binding in patients with panic attacks

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135205

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135206

Schiotz P.O., 1982: Platelet tritium labeled serotonin releasing immune complexes induced by pseudomonas aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis

Brown W.E., 1985: Platelet tropomyosin binding protein is identical with serum albumin

Crawford, N.; Trenchev, P.; Castle, A. G.; Holborow, E. J., 1975: Platelet tubulin and brain tubulin antibodies immuno fluorescence of cell micro tubules

Vlodavsky I., 1985: Platelet tumor cell interaction with the subendothelial extracellular matrix relationship to cancer metastasis

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135211

Abrahamsen, A. F., 1976: Platelet turnover in metastatic cancer and the effect of platelet aggregation inhibitors

Shibata A., 1987: Platelet type von willebrand disease platelet aggregating factor a novel functional assay of von willebrand factor

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135214

Martin G.S., 1988: Platelet tyrosine specific protein phosphorylation is regulated by thrombin

Rimland, B., 1976: Platelet uptake and efflux of serotonin in subtypes of psychotic children

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135217

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135218

Omenn, G. S.; Smith, L., 1978: Platelet uptake of serotonin and dopamine in huntington disease

Szekely G.A., 1980: Platelet uptake of serotonin in psychotic children

Coleman R.E., 1984: Platelet uptake of the pheo chromo cytoma scanning agent iodine 131 labeled m iodobenzyl guanidine

Van-Eys, J.; Thomas, D.; Olivos, B., 1978: Platelet use in pediatric oncology a review of 393 transfusions

Scott E.P., 1988: Platelet utilization in a university hospital

Walker W., 1985: Platelet values during normal pregnancy

Chirkova L.D., 1987: Platelet vascular hemostasis and its regulation in embolism of the major arteries of the limbs

Gabrielyan E.S., 1986: Platelet vascular hemostasis status in rabbits with parathyroprivic hypocalcemia

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135227

Dyerberg J., 1981: Platelet vessel wall interaction influence of diet

Hornstra G., 1981: Platelet vessel wall interaction role of blood clotting

Tremoli E., 1981: Platelet vessel wall interactions effects of platelets and plasma on the anti aggregatory activity and 6 keto prostaglandin f 12 production in isolated perfused aortas

Van Gorp L., 1984: Platelet vessel wall interactions in hemostasis implication of 5 hydroxytryptamine

Et Al, 1984: Platelet viability following storage for 5 days influence of holding whole blood for 8 hours at 20 to 24 celsius before concentrate preparation

Sturk A., 1988: Platelet vinculin a substrate of activated factor xiii

Di Palma A., 1987: Platelet vitamin c in relation to serum ferritin levels and alpha beta synthesis ratio in heterozygous beta thalassemia preliminary data

Zurukzoglu W., 1982: Platelet volume a comparative study of 2 populations 1 greek and 1 french

Von Dem Borne A.E.G.K.R., 1986: Platelet volume analysis for differential diagnosis of thrombocytosis

Von Dem Borne A.E.G.K., 1986: Platelet volume analysis in thrombocytopenia in relation to bleeding tendency

Uetsuka Y., 1987: Platelet volume and blood coagulation parameters during early postoperative period in patients who underwent coronary artery bypass surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135239

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135240

Martin J.F., 1986: Platelet volume heterogeneity in acute thrombocytopenia

Buemi A., 1985: Platelet volume in cases of myeloid splenomegaly

Gralnick, H. R.; Rick, M. E.; Mckeown, L. P.; Williams, S. B.; Parker, R. I.; Maisonneuve, P.; Jenneau, C.; Sultan, Y., 1986: Platelet von willebrand factor an important determinant of the bleeding time in type i von willebrand's disease

Rick M.E., 1985: Platelet von willebrand factor comparison with plasma von willebrand factor

Meyer D., 1987: Platelet von willebrand factor evidence for its involvement in platelet adhesion to collagen

Holmberg, L.; Kristoffersson, A. C.; Lamme, S.; Nilsson, I. M.; Awidi, A.; Solum, N. O., 1985: Platelet von willebrand factor interactions in type iib von willebrand's disease

Montgomery R.R., 1981: Platelet von willebrands antigen ii active release by aggregating agents and a marker of platelet release reaction in vivo

Brown D.J., 1982: Platelet washing with a blood cell processor

Levi J., 1985: Platelet x ray microanalysis in patients with chronic renal failure

Meyer, D. M.; Hillman, R. S.; Slichter, S. J., 1984: Plateletapheresis program 1. donor recruitment and commitment

Jorgensen, D. W.; Mcfarland, J. G.; Hillman, R. S.; Slichter, S. J., 1984: Plateletapheresis program 2. computer selection of hla compatible donors

Scott E., 1987: Plateletapheresis using single vein access a comparison of haemonetics v 50 and fenwal cs 3000 blood cell separators

Del Fabro E. , 1987: Plateletapheresis with haemonetics 30 through a new three way reinfusion set

Chao, F. C.; Tullis, J. L.; Tinch, R. J.; Conneely, G. S.; Baudanza, P., 1978: Plateletpheresis by discontinuous centrifugation effect of collecting methods on the in vitro function of platelets

Valeri C.R., 1981: Plateletpheresis experience with the haemonetics blood processor 30 the ibm blood processor 2997 and the fenwal cs 3000 blood processor

Taft, E. G.; Babcock, R. B.; Scharfman, W. B.; Tartaglia, A. P., 1977: Plateletpheresis in the management of thrombocytosis

Segel, G. B.; Lichtman, M. A.; Gordon, B. R.; Macpherson, J. L.; Nusbacher, J., 1976: Plateletpheresis residues a source of large quantities of human blood lymphocytes

Nusbacher, J.; Scher, M. L.; Macpherson, J. L., 1977: Plateletpheresis using the haemonetics model 30 cell separator

Mishler, J. M.; Lund, P.; Borgerg, H., 1980: Plateletpheresis with the ibm model 2997 1. effects of acid citrate dextrose nih formula b on selected donor indices

Breidung R., 1987: Platelets and age protein and neuraminic acid content of platelets of male donors of various age groups

Vericel, E.; Croset, M.; Sedivy, P.; Courpron, P.; Dechavanne, M.; Lagarde, M., 1988: Platelets and aging i. aggregation arachidonate metabolism and antioxidant status

Vericel, E.; Croset, M.; Perrot, L.; Renaud, S.; Lagarde, M., 1988: Platelets and aging ii. plasma lipoproteins and fatty acid profiles

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135263

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135264

Merrill E.W., 1981: Platelets and artificial surfaces the effects of drugs

Malmgren, R., 1984: Platelets and biogenic amines 1. platelets are poor investigative models for dopamine re uptake

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135267

Morley J., 1984: Platelets and broncho spasm

Lenner R.A., 1983: Platelets and coagulation in patients with familial hyper cholesterolemia type iia

Braunstein P.W.Jr, 1982: Platelets and endothelium effect of collagen induced platelet aggregates on pulmonary vessels

Reiss, R. F.; Katz, A. J., 1976: Platelets and factor viii as functions of blood collection time

Richter J., 1984: Platelets and fibrin strands during clot retraction

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135274

Cameron, J. S., 1977: Platelets and glomerulo nephritis

Thind A., 1983: Platelets and leukocytes in the lungs after acute hypobaric hypoxia

Forcier R.J., 1982: Platelets and malignancy rationale and experimental design for the veterans administration cooperative study of ra 233 2 6 bis di ethanolamino 4 piperidino pyrimido 5 4 d pyrimidine in the treatment of cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135278

Ingeberg S., 1979: Platelets and platelet function in patients with chronic uremia on maintenance hemo dialysis

Goldsmith G.H., 1979: Platelets and surface mediated clotting activity

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135281

Rossi, E. C., 1976: Platelets and thrombosis

Gebskif V.J., 1985: Platelets and uric acid in the prediction of preeclampsia

Weir, E. K.; Seavy, J.; Mlczoch, J.; Genton, E.; Reeves, J. T., 1976: Platelets are not essential for the pulmonary vascular pressor response to hypoxia

Ubatuba, F. B.; Ferreira, S. H., 1975: Platelets arthus type reactions and inflammatory mediators

Ubatuba, F. B.; Ferreira, S. H., 1976: Platelets arthus type reactions and inflammatory mediators

Bongioanni P., 1987: Platelets as a model in neurological studies biochemical and clinical features

Steiner M., 1980: Platelets as a source of growth promoting factors for tumor cells

Jacob H.S., 1986: Platelets augment granulocyte aggregation and cytotoxicity uncovering of their effects by improved cell separation techniques using percoll gradients

Asch R.H., 1983: Platelets bind to rhesus monkey corpora lutea and stimulate its prostaglandin synthesis

Penington D.G., 1983: Platelets coagulation and fibrinolysis in patients with diabetic retinopathy

Constantine, J. W.; Purcell, I. M.; Gotthelf, M., 1971: Platelets coagulation and in vitro thrombus formation

Nachmias V.T., 1988: Platelets contain a 210k microtubule associated protein related to a similar protein in hela cells

Clemmons D.R., 1986: Platelets contain a peptide inhibitor of endothelial cell replication and growth

Davies, G. E.; Cohen, C. M., 1985: Platelets contain proteins immunologically related to red cell spectrin and protein 4.1

Bilston R.A., 1984: Platelets deficient in glyco protein i have normal fc receptor expression

Renaud S., 1984: Platelets during alimentary hyperlipemia induced by cream and cod liver oil

Dejana E., 1987 : Platelets express a membrane protein complex immunologically related to the fibroblast fibronectin receptor and distinct from gpiib iiia

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135299

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135300

Majno G., 1980: Platelets fibroblasts and inflammation tissue reactions to platelets injected sub cutaneously

Williams K.I., 1982: Platelets from diabetic subjects show diminished sensitivity to prostacyclin

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135303

Balestracci L., 1985: Platelets function in chronic bronchitis

Montgomery R.R., 1983: Platelets have more than 1 binding site for von willebrand factor

Martin J.F., 1987: Platelets in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura are increased in size but are of normal density

Bolam, J. P.; Smith, M. J. H., 1977: Platelets in inflammatory exudates

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135308

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135309

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135310

Farron N.T., 1983: Platelets in pregnancy hyper destruction in pregnancy

Laschi R., 1982: Platelets in primary thrombocythemia electron microscopic study

Susic D., 1985: Platelets in rats with chronic normobaric hypoxic pulmonary hypertension

Toti P., 1985: Platelets in the platelet vessel wall interaction

John J.A., 1982: Platelets in the prediction of thrombotic risk

Boullin D.J., 1987: Platelets in the subarachnoid space a cause of acute and delayed arterial spasm intimal damage and cerebral infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135317

Jamieson G.A., 1988: Platelets in tumor metastasis generation of adp by tumor cells is specific but unrelated to metastatic potential

Repine J.E., 1981: Platelets increase neutrophil adherence in vitro to nylon fiber

Lewis J.C., 1985: Platelets interact with fibrin only after activation

Section 7, Chapter 6136, Accession 006135321

Vallance S., 1986: Platelets leukocytes and buffy layer vitamin c after surgery

Salmon J., 1982: Platelets lysosomal enzymes and anaphylactic shock in the rat

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