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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6137

Chapter 6137 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bloth, B.; Lundman, T., 1977: Pleuro peri myo carditis caused by immunization with anti catarrh vaccine a case report

Morse D.E., 1984: Pleuro peritoneal canal closure in the rat

Molnar, L.; Glavits, R., 1981: Pleuro pneumonia caused by haemophilus parahaemolyticus in swine 2. reproduction of the disease

Christensen, G., 1981: Pleuro pneumonia in swine due to haemophilus pleuropneumonia ssp parahaemolyticus 2. studies on the epidemiology and the relation to chronic pleuritis pleural scars in baconers

Mukerjee, C. M., 1978: Pleuro pulmonary amoebiasis in ghana a report of 3 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136006

Malkhazyan K.A., 1979: Pleuro pulmonary complications in acute hematogenic osteo myelitis

Weiss, W.; Theodos, P. A., 1978: Pleuro pulmonary disease among asbestos workers in relation to smoking and type of exposure

Courtieu A.L., 1986: Pleuro pulmonary disease caused by pasteurella multocida a study of nine cases and review of the literature

Parrilla Santos E., 1981: Pleuro pulmonary infections by anaerobic bacteria

Vergnaud M., 1985: Pleuro pulmonary involvement in non typhoid salmonella infections

Porton W.M., 1984: Pleuro pulmonary involvement in waldenstroms macro globulinemia a case

Abeysundere, R. L.; Hodson, M. E.; Szawatkowski, M.; Noone, P., 1978: Pleuro pulmonary lung infection by anaerobic bacteria

Capone D., 1981: Pleuro pulmonary manifestations in staphylococcal septicemias

Thurm K., 1982: Pleuro pulmonary occurrence of waldenstrom disease a case report

Xie T., 1979: Pleuro pulmonary resection in chronic empyema complication by broncho pleural fistula

Greenough A., 1988: Pleuroamniotic shunting for decompression of fetal pleural effusions

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136018

Ottaway, J. R., 1977: Pleurobranchaea novaezelandiae preying on actinia tenebrosa

Okutani T., 1987: Pleurobranchella nicobarica new record thiele 1925 new to the japanese notaspidean fauna

Paton, J. A., 1976: Pleuroclada albescens with gemmae

Scheffler W., 1986: Pleurocyclos new genus within the sceletonemaceae bacillariophyceae

Tjallingii-Beukers, D., 1978: Pleurocystids as a landmark for the determination of pholiota subgenus flammula

De-Garnica, R., 1977: Pleurodeles waltlii amphibia salamandridae in leon province

Ofoegbu R.O., 1980: Pleurodesis for spontaneous pneumo thorax experience with intra pleural olive oil in high risk patients

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136026

Fraser J.R., 1983: Pleurodesis the results of treatment for spontaneous pneumo thorax in the royal air force uk

Evans H.C., 1980: Pleurodesmospora coccorum new genus new combination for the entomogenous hyphomycete gonatorrhodiella coccorum

Schiecke, U.; Modigh-Tota, M., 1976: Pleurogonium variabile new species from the gulf of naples italy

Widstrom O., 1985: Pleurography in encapsulated effusion

Sinner W.N., 1980: Pleuroma a cancer mimicking atel ectatic pseudotumor of the lung 55 consecutive cases studied by high kilovolt radiography bronchography selective pulmonary angiography and needle biopsy

Merlier M., 1984: Pleuromediastinal complications of cervical phlegmon by anaerobic germs of dental or ear nose and throat origin

Leelavathy K.M., 1987: Pleuromycenula hydrophila new species tricholomataceae from south india

Gutierrez, M. J.; Zuniga, R. O., 1977: Pleuroncodes monodon in bay of mejillones del sur chile crustacea decapoda anomura

Shen S C., 1982: Pleuronectid fishes family pleuronectidae from taiwan

Garcia, M. L., 1987: Pleuronectiformes from argentina iv. feeding of paralichthys isosceles bothidae paralichthinae

Marvanova, L.; Iqbal, S. H., 1973: Pleuropedium trichadioides new genus new species

Davido, A.; Hallali, P.; Darmon, J. Y.; Robinet, C.; Jullien, J. L.; Corone, P., 1987: Pleuropericardial cyst two dimensional echography and c.a.t. scan of a case

Schraader, E. B.; Hesseling, P. B., 1987: Pleuropericardial effusions in children with non hodgkin's lymphoma a report of 2 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136040

Hussain S.A., 1986: Pleuroperitoneal shunt in recurrent pleural effusions

Skinner D.B., 1986: Pleuroperitoneal shunting for malignant pleural effusions

Pittino R., 1980: Pleurophorus pannonicus new record a valid species new for the fauna of western europe coleoptera aphodiidae

Fukayama M., 1988: Pleuropneumonectomy for malignant thymoma with pleural dissemination a case report

Teramatsu T., 1984: Pleuropneumonectomy for the treatment of chronic thoracic empyema

Molnar, L.; Gombos, A.; Kaszap, L., 1987: Pleuropneumonia caused by haemophilus pleuropneumoniae equals haemophilus parahaemolyticus in swine vi. field vaccination trials

Molnar, L.; Molnar, L., 1985: Pleuropneumonia caused by haemophilus pleuropneumoniae haemophilus parahaemolyticus in swine iii. epizootiologico clinical experiences and diagnosis

Molnar, L., 1986: Pleuropneumonia caused by haemophilus pleuropneumoniae haemophilus parahaemolyticus in swine iv. treatment and drug resistance of hungarian isolates

Shenderov B.A., 1984: Pleuropneumonia caused by pseudomonas stutzeri

Jeekel C.A.W., 1983: Pleuroporodesmus new genus an aberrant new genus of the family paradoxosomatidae from diplopoda polydesmida

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136051

Sahn S.A., 1985: Pleuropulmonary complications of enteral tube feedings 2 reports review of the literature and recommendations

De La Torre P., 1987: Pleuropulmonary infections caused by eikenella corrodens

Huberman E.D., 1984: Pleuropulmonary lesions in the systemic lupus erythematosus

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136055

Ratliff, J. L.; Johnson, N.; Clever, J. A., 1977: Pleuroscopy and cautery control of intra thoracic hemorrhage with a flexible fiber optic bronchoscope

Zurkowski Z., 1980: Pleuroscopy in patients with pleural effusion and pleural masses

Singh A.P., 1985: Pleuroscopy in the diagnosis of pleural effusion using a fiberoptic bronchoscope

Marais W., 1981: Pleurostylia putamen new species celastraceae from rodrigues mascarene islands

Kashiwadani, H., 1978: Pleurotheliopsis erigens new species of lichen from the bonin islands

Hickman, C. S., 1976: Pleurotomaria archaeogastropoda in the eocene of the northeastern pacific a review of cenozoic bio geography and ecology of the genus

Fechter, R., 1976: Pleurotomella bathyiberica new species and pleurotomella lyronuclea new record newly recorded from the iberian deep sea basin gastropoda prosobranchia turridae

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136063

Schlegel M., 1987: Pleurotricha indica new species of hypotrich ciliate from the indian subcontinent

Berzins, B., 1973: Pleurotrochopsis anebodica new genus new species rotatoria from sweden

Furukawa H., 1987: Pleurotus abalonus new record han chen and cheng a newly cultivated mushroom in japan

Ivanov A.I., 1987: Pleurotus cornucopiae paulet rolland a promising species for artificial culture

Ohira, I., 1977: Pleurotus ostreatus and its related species

Eger, G.; Eden, G.; Wissig, E., 1976: Pleurotus ostreatus breeding potential of a new cultivated mushroom

Macaya-Lizano, A. V., 1975: Pleurotus ostreatus related forms and species cultural behavior and systematics

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136071

Pegler, D. N., 1977: Pleurotus spp agaricales in india nepal and pakistan

Oso, B. A., 1977: Pleurotus tuber regium from nigeria

Frey D.G., 1983: Pleuroxus denticulatus and pleuroxus procurvus cladocera chydoridae in north america distribution experimental hybridization and the possibility of natural hybridization

Affi, A. M., 1978: Plexafer f in the management of latent iron deficiency in pregnancy

Muchaluat M.A., 1981: Plexal chole steatosis in horses 28 cases

Moore K.C., 1979: Plexiform neuro fibroma infiltrating the facial nerve

Momoh J.T., 1986: Plexiform neurofibroma in children

Mcloud T.C., 1988: Plexiform neurofibromatosis of the mediastinum ct appearance

Douglas G., 1986: Plexiform neurofibromatosis of the orbit computed tomographic evaluation

Tavassoli F.A., 1984: Plexiform tumorlet a clinical and pathologic study of 15 cases with ultrastructural observations

Battifora H.A., 1979: Plexiform tumors of the uterus ultrastructural study

Garner D.G., 1981: Plexiform uni cystic amelo blastoma a diagnostic problem in dentigerous cysts

Corio R.L., 1984: Plexiform uni cystic amelo blastoma a variant of amelo blastoma with a low recurrence rate after enucleation

Worsham J.C., 1987: Plexiform unicystic ameloblastoma of the maxilla

Whitbread T.J., 1987: Plexiform vascularization of lymph nodes an unusual but distinctive lymphadenopathy in cats

Shankaraiah K., 1981: Plexo serial linear nonlinear rhythmometry of blood pressure pulse and motor activity by a couple in their 60s

Schneider J., 1980: Plexogenic pulmonary arteriopathy and liver cirrhosis

Wagenvoort C.A., 1981: Plexogenic pulmonary arteriopathy significance of medial thickness with respect to advanced pulmonary vascular lesions

Rumessen, J. J.; Thuneberg, L., 1982: Plexus muscularis profundus and associated interstitial cells 1. light microscopic studies of mouse small intestine

Rumessen, J. J.; Thuneberg, L.; Mikkelsen, H. B., 1982: Plexus muscularis profundus and associated interstitial cells 2. ultrastructural studies of mouse small intestine

Berger E., 1979: Plexus paresis and small pox vaccination

Mungalov D.D., 1985: Pliability of the human brachial artery under low transmural pressures application to the theory of the korotkov method

Poulsen T.D., 1986: Plica mediopatellaris arthroscopic resection under local anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136095

Wachtler F., 1979: Plica synovialis infrapatellaris

Ghelman B., 1983: Plica synovialis infrapatellaris arthrographic sign of anterior cruciate ligament disruption

Tse K.S., 1986: Plicatic acid specific ige and nonspecific bronchial hyperresponsiveness in western red cedar workers

Et Al, 1981: Plication and suspension of the pulmonary artery for severe left bronchial compression in an infant with ventricular septal defect

Helenon O., 1986: Plication of hip synovia at upper border femoral neck

Williams J.G.P., 1988: Plication of the anterolateral capsule of the ankle with extensor digitorum brevis transfer for chronic lateral ligament instability

Vervoort W., 1986: Plicatotheca anitae new genus new species of thecate hydroid from bermuda and south africa

Mazur M., 1980: Plinthus pawlowskii new species coleoptera curculionidae from turkey

Pinna G., 1979: Pliny the elder and fossils

Mirkou R M., 1987: Plio pleistocene benthic foraminifera of zante greece paleobathymetric interpretation

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136107

Pocock T.N., 1987: Plio pleistocene fossil mammalian microfauna of southern africa a preliminary report including description of two new fossil muroid genera mammalia rodentia

Johanson, D. C.; Taieb, M., 1976: Plio pleistocene hominid discoveries in hadar ethiopia

Section 7 , Chapter 6137, Accession 006136110

Yamaguchi T., 1987: Plio pleistocene ostracod fauna of shimokita aomori prefecture japan preliminary report

Pasini G., 1980: Plio pleistocene ostracoda of the vrica section in calabria italy with remarks on the neogene quaternary boundary

Woloszyn B.W., 1987: Pliocene and pleistocene bats of poland

O'neill B.J., 1981: Pliocene and pleistocene benthic foraminifera from the central arctic ocean

Burckle, L. H., 1977: Pliocene and pleistocene diatom datum levels from the equatorial pacific

Koizumi I., 1986: Pliocene and pleistocene diatom datum levels related with paleooceanography in the northwest pacific

Fahlbusch, V., 1978: Pliocene and pleistocene eomyidae rodentia mammalia from poland

Samson P., 1985: Pliocene and pleistocene mammalian biostratigraphy in southeastern transylvania romania

Hermelin J.O.R., 1986: Pliocene benthic foraminifera from the blake plateau atlantic ocean faunal assemblages and paleocirculation

Didkovs'kyi, V. Ya ; Ivanik, M. M., 1976: Pliocene deposits in the eastern slope of the median atlantic ridge

Tanimura Y., 1983: Pliocene diatomaceous mudstone from hanayama miyagi prefecture northeast honshu japan

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136122

Kitanov G.B., 1984: Pliocene flora composition in the gotce delchev region bulgaria

Hay R.L., 1979: Pliocene foot prints in the laetolil beds at laetoli northern tanzania

Polishchuk, V. V., 1976: Pliocene fresh water and brackish water fauna in water bodies of the black sea azov basin

Ognyanova N., 1979: Pliocene fresh water diatoms new for bulgaria

Matsuoka K., 1988: Pliocene freshwater bivalves lamprotula and cuneopsis unionidae from the iga formation mie prefecture central japan

Matsuoka K., 1985: Pliocene freshwater gastropods from the iga formation of the kobiwako group mie prefecture central japan

Harris, J. M., 1976: Pliocene giraffoidea mammalia artiodactyla from the cape province south africa

Coppens Y., 1982: Pliocene hominid cranial remains from the hadar formation ethiopia

Nottrodt J.W., 1982: Pliocene hominid gait new interpretations based on available foot print data from laetoli

Johanson D.C., 1982: Pliocene hominid mandibles from the hadar formation ethiopia 1974 1977 collections

Hill A., 1987: Pliocene hominid partial mandible from tabarin baringo kenya

Coppens Y., 1982: Pliocene hominids from the hadar formation ethiopia 1973 1977 stratigraphic chronologic and paleo environmental contexts with notes on hominid morphology and systematics

De Vos J., 1982: Pliocene mammals from the apolakkia formation rhodes greece

Domenech R., 1986: Pliocene marine malacofauna from saint isidore var basin alpes maritimes france

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136137

Hitaka, M., 1977: Pliocene mizuhopecten from the hiji formation of the oita group oita prefecture japan

Smith G.R., 1981: Pliocene mollusks and fishes from northeastern california and northwestern nevada usa

Carlquist S., 1987: Pliocene nothofagus wood from the transantarctic mountains

Todd, T. N., 1976: Pliocene occurrence of the recent atherinid fish colpichthys regis in arizona usa

Mogensen G.S., 1984: Pliocene or early pleistocene mosses from kap kobenhavn north greenland

Irr F., 1979: Pliocene paleo geographical reconstruction of the mediterranean sea margin in the alpes maritimes france a paleo ecological approach

Borzenkova I.I., 1988: Pliocene paleoclimates past climates as possible analogues of mid twenty first century climate

Malz H., 1980: Pliocene pleistocene and recent neocytheretta and alocopocythere ostracoda from the pacific

Barabas I., 1981: Pliocene pleistocene boundary near abony hungary in terms of facies analysis and bio stratigraphic interpretation

Malz H., 1982: Pliocene pleistocene buntoniini from southwestern taiwan ostracoda

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136149

La-Greca, M., 1977: Pliocene pleistocene evolution of insects from high mountain regions italy

Thunell R.C., 1979: Pliocene pleistocene paleo temperature and paleo salinity history of the mediterranean sea results from deep sea drilling project sites 125 and 132

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136152

Cooke, H. B. S., 1978: Pliocene pleistocene suidae from hadar ethiopia

Grecchi G., 1981: Pliocene pteropods of northern italy

Mateu G., 1985: Pliocene quaternary calcareous nannoplankton of the balearic sea western mediterranean chronostratigraphic and paleobiogeographic implications

Sanfilippo A., 1988: Pliocene radiolaria from bianco calabria italy

Mongereau N., 1981: Pliocene rhodian ria in the valley of the garon rhone france

Mlynarski M., 1979: Pliocene salamandrids amphibia caudata from poland

Huang, W. P.; Tung, Y. S.; Teng, W. S.; Yuan, C. C.; Yu, C. C., 1974: Pliocene stratigraphy of hohsien shansi china

Boni, P.; Peloso, G. F.; Vercesi, P. L., 1976: Pliocene strips in western liguria from san lorenzo al mare imperia to andora savona italy

Schminke, H. U., 1968: Pliocene subtropical vegetation on gran canaria fossil flora pinus canariensis g erica arborea d

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136162

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136163

Leanza, A. F.; Baldis, B. A., 1975: Pliomeridius new genus of trilobite from the llanvirnian of northern argentina

Hirschfeld S.E., 1981: Pliometanastes protistus edentata megalonychidae from knights berry california usa with discussion of early hemphillian megalonychids

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136166

De Muizon C., 1983: Pliopontos littoralis new genus new species a new platanistidae cetacea from the pliocene of the peruvian coast

Unay, E., 1978: Pliospalax primitivus new species rodentia mammalia and anomalomys gaudryi from the anchiterium fauna of saricay turkey

Van Roy A., 1980: Pliothyrina new genus a new genus of terebratulid brachiopoda from the neogene

Umezawa, H.; Aoyagi, T.; Nishikiori, T.; Okuyama, A.; Yamagishi, Y.; Hamada, M.; Takeuchi, T., 1986: Plipastatins new inhibitors of phospholipase a 2 produced by bacillus cereus bmg 302 ff 67 i. taxonomy production isolation and preliminary characterization

Nishikiori, T.; Naganawa, H.; Muraoka, Y.; Aoyagi, T.; Umezawa, H., 1986: Plipastatins new inhibitors of phospholipase a 2 produced by bacillus cereus bmg 302 ff 67 ii. structure of fatty acid residue and amino acid sequence

Nishikiori, T.; Naganawa, H.; Muraoka, Y.; Aoyagi, T.; Umezawa, H., 1986: Plipastatins new inhibitors of phospholipase a 2 produced by bacillus cereus bmg 302 ff 67 iii. structural elucidation of plipastatins

Lipa J.J., 1981: Plistophora legeri new combination microsporidia as parasite of lobesia botrana lepidoptera tortricidae

Lipa J.J., 1980: Plistophora syleptae new species a new microsporidian parasite of sylepta ruralis lepidoptera pyraustidae

Villiers A., 1979: Ploiaria speluncaria a new cave dwelling emesinae from the fiji islands

Hull H.M., 1985: Ploidal changes in clonal cultures of spirogyra communis and implications for species definition

Farsund T., 1984: Ploidy aberrations and agar cloning ability of malignant cells from human bladder carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136178

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136179

Gillett E.L., 1981: Ploidy and dna distribution analysis of spontaneous dog tumors by flow cytometry

Bogart J.P., 1982: Ploidy and genetic diversity in ontario canada salamanders of the ambystoma jeffersonianum complex revealed through an electrophoretic examination of larvae

Uzzell T., 1982: Ploidy and immunological distance in swedish water frogs rana esculenta complex

Green B., 1982: Ploidy and progesterone receptor distribution in flow sorted deciduomal nuclei

Esposti P., 1979: Ploidy and proliferation in human bladder tumors as measured by flow cyto fluorometric dna analysis and its relations to histo pathology and cytology

Rubio C., 1983: Ploidy and proliferation patterns in colo rectal adeno carcinomas related to dukes classification and histo pathological differentiation a flow cytometric dna study

Ascari E., 1987: Ploidy and proliferative activity of human brain tumors a flow cytofluorometric study

Fiocca R., 1987: Ploidy and proliferative activity of human gastric carcinoma a cytofluorometric study on fresh and on paraffin embedded material

Alexanian R., 1982: Ploidy and proliferative characteristics in mono clonal gammopathies

Stephens F.O., 1986: Ploidy and proliferative characteristics of sheep epidermal squamous cell carcinoma determined by flow cytometric dna analysis

Soliman M.H., 1980: Ploidy and strain differences in seed germination of glycine wightii at different ph levels

Parsons P.G., 1987: Ploidy as a prognostic determinant in surgically treated lung cancer

Van-Der-Walt, J. P.; Taylor, M. B.; Liebenberg, N. V. D. W., 1977: Ploidy ascus formation and recombination in torulaspora hansenii debaryomyces hansenii

Skaarland E., 1987: Ploidy assessment of benign and malignant ovarian tumors by flow cytometry a clinicopathologic study

James J., 1985: Ploidy class dependent metabolic changes in rat hepatocytes after partial hepatectomy

Bhattacharya R.D., 1984: Ploidy class dependent variations during 24 hours of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and succinate dehydrogenase activity and single stranded rna content in isolated rat hepatocytes

Srivastava S., 1988: Ploidy dependence of chromosomal variation in callus cultures of hyoscyamus muticus l

Ts'o P.O.P., 1980: Ploidy dependence of induced mutation frequency in transformed syrian hamster cells

Grigorov, V. S.; Zherebtsov, N. A.; Shchegolev, V. V., 1986: Ploidy determination in rhizopus pygmaeus mutants and their glucoamylase biosynthesis at different temperatures

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136200

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136201

Twentyman P.R., 1982: Ploidy distribution of tumor cells derived from induced and spontaneously arising metastases of a murine radiation induced sarcoma rif 1

Mix G., 1979: Ploidy distribution pattern in barley plants hordeum vulgare derived from anther cultures

Hostmark J., 1983: Ploidy disturbance of normal appearing bladder mucosa in patients with urothelial cancer relationship to morphology

Meyers, S. P.; Nichols, S. L.; Baer, G. R.; Schrader, L. E.; Molin, W. T., 1982: Ploidy effects in isogenic populations of alfalfa medicago sativa 1. ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase ec soluble protein chlorophyll and dna in leaves

Molin, W. T.; Meyers, S. P.; Baer, G. R.; Schrader, L. E., 1982: Ploidy effects in isogenic populations of alfalfa medicago sativa 2. photosynthesis chloroplast number ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase chlorophyll and dna in protoplasts

Meyers, S. P.; Molin, W. T.; Selman, B. R.; Schrader, L. E., 1982: Ploidy effects in isogenic populations of alfalfa medicago sativa 3. chloroplast thylakoid bound coupling factor i in protoplasts and leaves

Randall D.D., 1981: Ploidy effects on anatomy and gas exchange of tall fescue festuca arundinacea leaves

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136209

Lincoln R.F., 1986: Ploidy estimation using erythrocytes from formalin fixed salmonid fry

Salmon R.J., 1987: Ploidy in colorectal cancers

Solov'eva L.V., 1979: Ploidy in cultured varieties of malus domestica and wild species of malus

Liedholm P., 1987: Ploidy in human cleavage stage embryos after fertilization in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136214

Pfitzer P., 1983: Ploidy in the hearts of elderly patients

Xiao Y., 1981: Ploidy in the process of anther culture of hevea brasiliensis

Khrustalev S.A., 1987: Ploidy level and alpha fetoprotein production in murine spontaneous hepatomas depending on the degree of histological differentiation

Kovalenko, V. I.; Laptev, A. V., 1979: Ploidy level and productivity in interlinear hybrids of sugar beet 1. genome dosage effect on the productivity of self pollinated lines of sugar beet

Kovalenko, V. I.; Laptev, A. V., 1979: Ploidy level and productivity in interlinear hybrids of sugar beet 2. genome dosage effect on the productivity of interlinear hybrids of sugar beet

Jakobsen A., 1984: Ploidy level and short term prognosis of early cervix cancer

Dore C., 1986: Ploidy level evaluation for a population of pollen plants of brussels sprouts brassica oleracea ssp gemmifera

Balog C., 1982: Ploidy level increases mitotic divisions in allium triquetrum roots

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136223

Bijmolt E.W., 1983: Ploidy levels in leaf callus and regenerated plants of solanum tuberosum determined by cyto photometric measurements of protoplasts

Durham D.W., 1988: Ploidy levels in silverside fishes atherinidae menidia on the texas usa coast flow cytometric analysis of the occurrence of allotriploidy

Hosoda K., 1982: Ploidy of human embryonic fibroblasts during in vitro aging

Stanley J.G., 1983: Ploidy of hybrid grass carp x bighead carp determined by flow cytometry

Biggers C.J., 1983: Ploidy of hybrids between grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella and bighead carp hypophthalmichthys nobilis determined by morphological analysis

Berger, L.; Roguski, H., 1978: Ploidy of progeny from different egg size classes of rana esculenta hybrid parent

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136230

Novozhilov O.V., 1985: Ploidy of the callus tissue in durum and soft wheat

Schneider W., 1984: Ploidy pattern of megakaryocytes in patients with metastatic tumors with and without paraneoplastic thrombosis and in controls

Wied G.L., 1985: Ploidy patterns in cervical dysplasia

Mankes R., 1983: Ploidy patterns in hepatic tumors induced by mirex

Blumenschein G., 1982: Ploidy proliferative activity and estrogen receptor content in human breast cancer

Williamson, J. M. S.; Grigor, I.; Smith, M. E. F.; Holgate, C. S.; O'brien, C. J.; Morgan, D. R.; Quirke, P.; Alison, D. L.; Child, J. A.; Bird, C. C., 1987: Ploidy proliferative activity cluster differentiation antigen expression and clinical remission in high grade non hodgkin's lymphoma

Schuessler, J.; Dehnhard, F.; Breinl, H., 1977: Ploidy reduction in carcinogenesis of the uterine cervix numerical chromosome anomalies in carcinoma in situ

Tyagi, B. R.; Gupta, M. M., 1987: Ploidy status and diosgenin content in costus speciosus koen. sm

Whitehead R., 1985: Ploidy studies in adenomatous polyps of the colon

Uijtewaal B.A., 1987: Ploidy variability in greenhouse cultured and in vitro propagated potato solanum tuberosum monohaploids 2n equals x equals 12 as determined by flow cytometry

Bright S.W.J., 1986: Ploidy variation in solanum brevidens plants regenerated from protoplasts using an improved culture system

Schouten M.E.H., 1985: Plosive consonant identification in ambiguous sentences

Section 7, Chapter 6137, Accession 006136243

Rogers R.S., 1980: Plot distribution in the understory of a beech maple forest a comparison of 2 contrasting sampling designs

Christman S.P., 1984: Plot mapping estimating densities of breeding bird territories by combining spot mapping and transect techniques

Wood M.K., 1987: Plot numbers required to determine infiltration rates and sediment production on rangelands in south central new mexico usa

Witter J.A., 1982: Plot size and number of plots needed to assess spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana impact

Campos J., 1982: Plot size and replication number in potato solanum tuberosum cultivar bintje trials

Moura M.M.D., 1987: Plot size and shape for experimentation with irrigated maize

James F.C., 1981: Plot size as a factor in winter bird population studies

Loubane M., 1984: Plot size effects on disease progress and yield of wheat infected by mycosphaerella graminicola and barley infected by pyrenophora teres

Mehra R.B., 1981: Plot size for coordinated varietal trials in chick pea cicer arietinum

Olson, R. V., 1980: Plot size requirements for measuring residual fertilizer nitrogen and nitrogen uptake by corn zea mays

Patel A.S., 1985: Plot size studies in forage oat under two methods of irrigation

Ek A.R., 1981: Plot stand and cover type aggregation effects on projections with an individual tree based stand growth model

Fehr W.R., 1984: Plot type and treatment method for assessment of soybean glycine max response to defoliation

Lehnert W.G., 1981: Plot units and narrative summarization

Taylor W.R., 1982: Plotosus nkunga new species catfish from south africa with a re description of plotosus limbatus and key to the species of plotosus siluriformes plotosidae

Nair V.N., 1981: Plots and tests for goodness of fit with randomly censored data

Laws, E. A., 1983: Plots of turnover times vs. added substrate concentrations provide only upper bounds to in situ substrate concentrations

Nierlich D.P., 1987: Plotting genetic maps on a microcomputer

Roser, H.; Mielenz, H.; Koser, C., 1977: Plotting regression lines for a new beta lactam antibiotic mecillinam

Small, N. J. H., 1978: Plotting squared radii

Doksum, K. A.; Sievers, G. L., 1976: Plotting with confidence graphical comparisons of 2 populations

Kalas J.A., 1983: Plovers page turns into plovers parasite a look at the dunlin calidris alpina and golden plover pluvialis apricaria association

Coulman B.E., 1986: Plow down effects of different forage legume species cultivars cutting strategies and seeding rates on the yields of subsequent crops

Easton, G. D.; Nagle, M. E.; Bailey, D. L., 1977: Plow vs shank fumigation for control of verticillium albo atrum of potato

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