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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6138

Chapter 6138 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137000

Baselski V.S., 1988: Pneumonia due to aeromonas hydrophila complex epidemiologic clinical and microbiologic features

Nakao T., 1984: Pneumonia due to chlamydia trachomatis in japanese infants

Sumaya C.V., 1981: Pneumonia due to chlamydia trachomatis in the immuno compromised nude mouse

Marraro, R. V.; Mccleskey, F. K.; Mitchell, J. L., 1977: Pneumonia due to haemophilus influenzae haemophilus aegyptius biotype 3

Organick, A.; Lutsky, I., 1968: Pneumonia due to mycoplasma in gnotobiotic mice iii lesions in the lungs of gnotobiotic mice after multiple intra nasal inoculations of broth cultures of mycoplasma pneumoniae

Pumarola A., 1981: Pneumonia due to mycoplasma pneumoniae clinico radiological study of 28 cases

Gabrielsen J., 1981: Pneumonia due to staphylococcus aureus during mechanical ventilation

Yoshiya I., 1985: Pneumonia during long term mechanical ventilation

Hammond G.D., 1980: Pneumonia during therapy for childhood acute lympho blastic leukemia

Carapau J.A., 1986: Pneumonia from mycoplasma pneumoniae

Oseasohn, R.; Skipper, B. E.; Tempest, B., 1978: Pneumonia in a navaho community a 2 year experience

Racz P., 1987: Pneumonia in aids patients

Nath P.H., 1984: Pneumonia in bone marrow transplant patients

Schmoldt P., 1980: Pneumonia in calves in the 1st 4 months of life

Carter G.R., 1985: Pneumonia in calves produced with aerosols of pasteurella multocida alone and in combination with bovine herpesvirus 1

Nardelli M., 1987: Pneumonia in children a clinical statistical evaluation

Winnicki S., 1982: Pneumonia in children with acute leukemia

Thierry V.L., 1981: Pneumonia in goats caused by mycoplasma mycoides ssp mycoides

Lauermann L.H.Jr, 1986: Pneumonia in goats following administration of live and heat killed pasteurella haemolytica

Heaston D.K., 1981: Pneumonia in hairy cell leukemia

Ghinsberg R., 1980: Pneumonia in infants due to chlamydia trachomatis

Johnson, A. P.; Taylor-Robinson, D.; Slavin, G., 1977: Pneumonia in mice produced by neisseria gonorrhoeae

Weinberg D., 1987: Pneumonia in pediatric outpatients cause and clinical manifestations

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137025

Youkanna S.O., 1988: Pneumonia in sheep and goats in iraq a pathological study

Hemming, V. G.; Mccloskey, D. W.; Hill, H. R., 1976: Pneumonia in the neo nate associated with group b streptococcal septicemia

Serjeant G.R., 1985: Pneumonia in young children with homozygous sickle cell disease risk and clinical features

Gandy T.K., 1979: Pneumonia of atypical measles

Muntean I., 1985: Pneumonia of childhood

Smith Erichsen N., 1986: Pneumonia patients in need of intensive care treatment

Molina Chavez G., 1984: Pneumonia treated with the combination of trimetoprim sulfamethoxypyridazine in pediatric patients

Sorrell T.C., 1981: Pneumonia with bacteremia due to escherichia coli

Fainstein V., 1986: Pneumonia with cunninghamella species in patients with hematologic malignancies a case report and review of the literature

Agusti Vidal A., 1988: Pneumonias and osmotic regulation of plasma

Dolin R., 1982: Pneumonic and nonpneumonic forms of legionellosis result of a common source exposure to legionella pneumophila

Young R., 1987: Pneumonic pasteurellosis examination of typable and untypable pasteurella haemolytica strains for leukotoxin production plasmid content and antimicrobial susceptibility

Thomson, R. G.; Benson, M. L.; Savan, M., 1969: Pneumonic pasteurellosis of cattle microbiology and immunology

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137039

Motorina L.I., 1985: Pneumonitis and fibrosis in combination therapy polychemotherapy radiotherapy of small celled bronchial carcinoma

Rosett, W.; Heck, D. M.; Hodges, G. R., 1976: Pneumonitis and pulmonary abscess associated with moraxella nonliquefaciens

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137042

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137043

Yoshida T., 1980: Pneumonitis caused by gold salt therapy evidence for the role of cell mediated immunity in its pathogenesis

Reyes, P. A.; Sandoval, J.; Diaz-De-La-Vega, V., 1981: Pneumonitis caused by hyper sensitivity to pigeons 1. clinical value of counter immuno electrophoresis to detect specific antibody in serum

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137046

Selman M., 1985: Pneumonitis deficient suppressor t cell function in avian antigen induced pneumonitis

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137048

Gardner, S. E.; Pearson, T.; Hughes, W. T., 1976: Pneumonitis due to corynebacterium equi

Jacomo K., 1981: Pneumonitis in congenital chagas disease 10 cases

Rankin A., 1985: Pneumonitis in lymphoblastic leukemia of childhood

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137052

Loos Frank B., 1987: Pneumonyssus africanus fain 1959 acari mesostigmata comparison of larva and adults with pneumonyssus simicola banks 1901

Mulefu K.M., 1986: Pneumopathies due to petroleum ingestion analysis of 60 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137055

Homma M., 1988: Pneumopathogenicity in mice of a sendai virus mutant tsrev 58 is accompanied by in vitro activation with trypsin

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137057

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137058

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137059

Struve Christensen E., 1986: Pneumopericardium after pneumonectomy and lobectomy

Touraine R., 1986: Pneumopericardium complicating a bronchial cancer

Adebo O., 1986: Pneumopericardium following blunt chest injury report of three cases

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137063

Han S.Y., 1986: Pneumopericardium occurring as a complication of achalasia

Luallin D., 1988: Pneumoperitoneum and its association with ruptured abdominal viscus

Clair M.R., 1986: Pneumoperitoneum following percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy a prospective study

Van Steirteghem A., 1988: Pneumoperitoneum induced ph changes in follicular and douglas fluids during laparoscopic oocyte retrieval in humans

Ovesen O.C., 1988: Pneumoperitoneum pneumoretroperitoneum mediastinal emphysema and subcutaneous emphysema following herniotomy

Von Haacke N.P., 1987: Pneumosinus dilatans

Gray, R. F. E.; Barton, R. P. E., 1978: Pneumosinus dilatans as a cause of variable unilateral proptosis

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137071

Hepler R.S., 1986: Pneumosinus dilatans of the sphenoid sinus

St John W.M., 1987: Pneumotaxic mechanisms influence phrenic hypoglossal and trigeminal activities

Hoffmann R.G., 1988: Pneumothorax and other lung diseases effect of altered resolution and edge enhancement on diagnosis with digitized radiographs

Nakamura H., 1985: Pneumothorax associated with acupuncture

Benfield J.R., 1986: Pneumothorax associated with lymphoma

Gulsvik A., 1987: Pneumothorax complicating serious asthma attacks

Guillermo Cal L., 1987: Pneumothorax due to subclavian vein puncture

Wagner H.R., 1985: Pneumothorax during positive pressure mechanical ventilation

Araujo A.M., 1987: Pneumothorax following brachial plexus block

Jakse R., 1986: Pneumothorax following mediastinal emphysema location and mechanism of the mediastinal pleura

Winckler C., 1986: Pneumothorax following ventriculo peritoneal shunt procedure

Bateson E.M., 1987: Pneumothorax in the aboriginal

Lee A.S., 1988: Pneumothorax radiologic treatment with small catheters

Borges A., 1985: Pneumothorax study of 100 cases

Jensen A.G., 1987: Pneumothorax treated with simple aspiration

Hayashi Y., 1986: Pneumotoxicity of butylated hydroxytoluene applied dermally to cd 1 mice

Homma M., 1985: Pneumotropism of sendai virus in mice in relation to activation of the progeny virus in the lung

Pringle C.R., 1979: Pneumoviruses the cell surface of lytically and persistently infected cells

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137090

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137091

Chuprova A.L., 1986: Poa alpina as initial material for the formation of pasture lawn grass stands

Soreng R.J., 1985: Poa in new mexico usa with a key to middle and southern rocky mountains species poaceae

Baytop, A., 1977: Poa jubata new record in turkey

Edgar, E., 1986: Poa l. in new zealand

Ulvinen A., 1985: Poa remota and jacob henrik af forsalles

Farragher, M. A., 1975: Poaceae irish members part 6 morphology and ecological notes

Greguss, P., 1978: Pobitite kameni the eocene stone forests of varna bulgaria

Best M.W., 1981: Pocillopora in the miocene reef at baixo porto santo eastern atlantic

Dicosmo F., 1980: Pocillopycnis an emendation

Sethi, C. S.; Garg, S. K.; Sharma, S. N., 1978: Pock characteristics of buffalo poxvirus on chorio allantoic membrane

Hayashida S., 1984: Pock formation of streptomyces coerulescens with production of phage tail like particles

Hayashida S., 1982: Pock formation of streptomyces endus with production of phage tail like particles

Nagaoka K., 1983: Pock forming plasmids from antibiotic producing streptomyces

Ogawara H., 1984: Pock forming plasmids isolated from streptomyces roseochromogenes

Holtkamp C.A., 1987: Pocked erythrocyte counts in patients with hereditary spherocytosis before and after splenectomy

Belling R., 1979: Pocket calculator program low cost implementation of an epidemic model

Gutgesell H.P., 1981: Pocket calculator program to compute normal values for echo cardiographic measurements in children

Gildengorin V., 1981: Pocket calculator program welchs upsilon statistic

Heffner J.E., 1988: Pocket computer for interpretation of office spirometry

Dumler J.D., 1986: Pocket computer for real time ultrasound

Oestreicher E.G., 1984: Pocket computer program for fitting the hill equation

Pinto G.F., 1983: Pocket computer program for fitting the michaelis menten equation

Krenning L.E., 1983: Pocket computer program for performing nutritional assessment on hospitalized patients

Mejias J.E., 1985: Pocket formation 3 years after comprehensive periodontal therapy a retrospective study

Tester J.R., 1987: Pocket gophers geomys bursarius vegetation and soil nitrogen along a successional sere in east central minnesota usa

Wilkins K.T., 1985: Pocket gophers of the genus thomomys rodentia geomyidae from the pleistocene of florida usa

Smith H.D. , 1981: Pocket gophers thomomys talpoides in successional stages of spruce fir forest in idaho usa

Rickard W.H., 1980: Pocket mouse perognathus parvus population response to winter precipitation and drought

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137120

Lawson C.P., 1982: Pocket sized device for measuring forced expiratory volume in 1 second and forced vital capacity

Granthil, C.; Gineyt, G.; Arzalier, J. J.; Colavolpe, C.; Francois, G., 1984: Pocket sized spirometer vs. lung function tests a comparative study of vital capacity forced expiratory volume in 1 second and tiffeneaus coefficient

Stary J., 1988: Pocsia kunsti new species from tanzania acari oribatida euphthiracaridae

Nangju D., 1982: Pod and grain yields from inter cropping maize and vigna unguiculata in nigeria

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137125

Prikhod'ko V.A., 1983: Pod and seed development in grain legume crops

Leggett J.E., 1982: Pod and seed development in soybean glycine max cultivars with differences in seed size

Hegde D.M., 1979: Pod development in pigeon pea cajanus cajan cultivar bs 1

Wien, H. C.; Ackah, E. E., 1978: Pod development period in cowpeas varietal differences as related to seed characters and environmental effects

Abawi, G. S.; Crosier, D. C.; Cobb, A. C., 1977: Pod flecking of snap beans caused by alternaria alternata

Zamski, E.; Ziv, M., 1976: Pod formation and its geo tropic orientation in the peanut arachis hypogaea in relation to light and mechanical stimulus

Jackson A.K.H., 1981: Pod formation in soybeans glycine max at low temperatures

Singh S.R., 1988: Pod hairs as a factor in vigna vexillata resistance to the pod sucking bug clavigralla tomentosicollis

Foster K., 1985: Pod retention and seed yield of beans phaseolus vulgaris in response to chemical foliar applications

Muchovej J.J., 1979: Pod rot seed rot and root rot of snap bean and dry bean caused by fusarium semitectum

Pandya B.P., 1980: Pod set in pigeon pea cajanus cajan

Ponomarenko, S. F., 1976: Pod structure of different varieties of arachis hypogaea

Malik C.P., 1987: Pod wall structure and function in relation to seed development in some legumes

Bennett, J. P.; Adams, M. W.; Burga, C., 1977: Pod yield component variation and inter correlation in phaseolus vulgaris as affected by planting density

Fender K.M., 1979: Podabrus youngi new species coleoptera cantharidae from california usa

De-Santis, L., 1975: Podagrion insolens new species of argentina hymenoptera torymidae

Leclercq J., 1981: Podagritus brieni new species and 27 other species of podagritus from south america hymenoptera sphecidae crabroninae

Cochrane, T. S., 1977: Podandrogyne brevipedunculata new species capparidaceae from ecuador

Cochrane, T. S., 1978: Podandrogyne formosa new species capparidaceae from central america

Gruber U., 1981: Podarcis muralis kefkenensis new subspecies from the island kefken at the turkish coast of the black sea

Bullini L., 1987: Podarcis sicula and podarcis wagleriana in the aeolian archipelago sicily italy preliminary data reptilia lacertidae

Price, R. D., 1976: Podargoecus tasmaniensis new species mallophaga philopteridae from tasmania

Jaech M.A., 1982: Podelmis xanthogramma new species from malaya malaysia coleoptera elmidae

Burke R.D., 1980: Podial sensory receptors and the induction of metamorphosis in echinoids

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137151

Canter K.G., 1986: Podiatric health planning for the aging veteran

Mccarthy D.J., 1986: Podiatric implications of intradermal nevi

Mccarthy D.J., 1988: Podiatric implications of neurodermatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137155

Morrow, D. T.; Robinette, L. R.; Saubert, C. W-Iv ; Van-Hoosier, G. L-Jr, 1977: Poditis in the rat as a complication of experiments in exercise physiology

Moscal A., 1981: Podocarpus lawrencii and other highland plants in eastern tasmania australia relics from last glacial times?

Hendrickx M.E., 1987: Podochela casoae new species brachyura majidae from the continental shelf of the gulf of california mexico with a note on ecology and distribution of podochela in the eastern pacific

Alberti G., 1985: Podocinidae a new family of mites acari mesostigmata in west germany

Grau, J., 1975: Podocoma and vittadinia 2 supposedly bi continental genera

Mills, C. E., 1976: Podocoryne selena new species of hydroid from the gulf of mexico and a comparison with hydractinia echinata

Gibson D.I., 1986: Podocotyle araii new species digenea opecoelidae from sebastes spp off the coast of british columbia canada with a key to the species of podocotyle occurring off the pacific coast of north america

Olsen, T., 1976: Podocotyle atomon trematoda digenea in gobius flavescens percomorphi gobiidae

Ricard M., 1979: Podocystis perrinensis new species and podocystis guadalupensis new species 2 new species of the genus podocystis collected in guadeloupe

Bariety J., 1979: Podocytes in amino nucleoside glomerulo nephritis investigated ultrastructurally with concanavalin a

Robinson W.E., 1985: Podocytes in bivalve molluscs morphological evidence for ultrafiltration

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137167

Buss, H.; Lamberts, B., 1975: Podocytes of rat kidneys with nephro toxic serum nephritis a combined transmission and scanning electron microscopic study

Langlois J.C., 1985: Podoendin a new cell surface protein of the podocyte and endothelium

Szczepka, M. Z.; Sokol, S., 1986: Podofomes trogii fr. ponz. monographic study i

Jit I., 1980: Podographical and metrical study for pes planus in a northwestern indian population

Morgan G.S., 1982: Podogymnura aureospinula new species of gymnure mammalia erinaceidae from dinagat island philippines

Rossman, A. Y., 1978: Podonectria a genus in the pleosporales on scale insects

Golbach R., 1979: Podonema impressum new record coleoptera elateridae for argentina

Scherer, G., 1978: Podontia affinis a polytypic species

Dieckman J., 1985: Podophrya grelli new species a host specific suctorian parasitic on stylonychia lemnae

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137177

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137178

Hokanson, G. C., 1978: Podophyllo toxin and 4 demethyl podophyllo toxin from polygala polygama polygalaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137180

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137181

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137182

Von-Krogh, G., 1982: Podophyllo toxin in serum absorption subsequent to 3 day repeated applications of a 0.5 percent ethanolic preparation on condylomata acuminata

Himanen P., 1981: Podophyllo toxin lignans under experimental anti viral research

Manso Omartinez R., 1982: Podophyllo toxin poisoning of micro tubules at steady state effect of substoichiometric and super stoichiometric concentrations of drug

Gupta R.S., 1981: Podophyllo toxin resistance a co dominant selection system for quantitative mutagenesis studies in mammalian cells

Gupta R., 1982: Podophyllo toxin resistant mutants of chinese hamster ovary cells alteration in a micro tubule associated protein

Gupta R.S., 1983: Podophyllo toxin resistant mutants of chinese hamster ovary cells cross resistance studies with various micro tubule inhibitors and podophyllo toxin analog

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137189

Wong L.F.T., 1987: Podophyllotoxin analogues synthesis and computer modelling investigation of structure activity relationships

Rosenstein, G.; Rosenstein, H.; Freeman, M.; Weston, N., 1976: Podophyllum a dangerous laxative

Murphrey K.J., 1980: Podophyllum suspected teratogenicity from topical application

Nichols D., 1981: Podosphaeraster pulvinatus new species echinodermata asteroidea from the pacific

Cummings D.J., 1987: Podospora anserina does not senesce when serially passaged in liquid culture

Durrens P., 1983: Podospora anserina mutant defective in glucose dependent growth control

Bernet J., 1979: Podospora anserina mutant defective in protoperithecium formation asco spore germination and cell regeneration

Mouchacca J., 1986: Podospora carpinicola new species an ascomycete isolated from dead carpinus leaves and 2 other species of the same genus

Bernet J., 1988: Podospora growth control mutations inhibit apical cell anastomosis and protoperithecium formation

Garcia-Zorron, N., 1977: Podospora lindquisti new species sphaeriales ascomycetes

Bernet J., 1986: Podospora mutations reducing cell survival following nutrient exhaustion

Weber, H. A.; Baenziger, N. C.; Gloer, J. B., 1988: Podosporin a a novel antifungal metabolite from the coprophilous fungus podospora decipiens wint. niessl

Cusset, C., 1983: Podostemaceae 7. ledermanniella subgenus phyllosoma

Thompson C.H., 1981: Podzol chrono sequences on coastal dunes of eastern australia

Evans L.J., 1980: Podzol development north of lake huron canada in relation to geology and vegetation

Matthews J.A., 1987: Podzol development vegetation change and glacier variations at haugabreen southern norway

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137206

Turchenkova E.V., 1983: Podzolic eluvial gleyish soils of northwestern siberia russian sfsr ussr

Pshenichnikov, B. F., 1976: Podzolic illuvial humus soils of primorye russian sfsr ussr

Zhirova, O. N., 1976: Podzolic sandy and sandy loam soils on 2 layered deposits in the vologda oblast ussr

Terasmae J., 1988: Podzolic soil development in the southern james bay lowlands ontario canada

Gosteev Yu N., 1980: Podzolic soil formation in the system of residual polygonal micro relief of northwest siberia ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137212

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137213

Shvarova T.Yu, 1985: Podzolic soils of vologodskaya district ussr

Smith, C. A. S.; Coen, G. M.; Pluth, D. J., 1981: Podzolic soils with luvisolic like morphologies in the upper subalpine subzone of the canadian rockies 1. stratigraphy and mineralogy

Smith, C. A. S.; Coen, G. M.; Pluth, D. J., 1981: Podzolic soils with luvisolic like morphologies in the upper subalpine subzone of the canadian rockies 2. genesis

Simonov G.A., 1983: Podzolization and lessivage reliable and probable diagnostic criteria

Tatarnikova L.G., 1981: Podzolization of soils in pine forests of the great caucasus mountains located near the basin of the kuban river ussr

Crampton C.B., 1982: Podzolization of soils under individual tree canopies in southwestern british columbia canada

Gerasimova M.I., 1981: Podzolization process in soddy podzolic soils in the southern taiga of the european part of the ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137221

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137222

Whitton J.S., 1986: Podzolized soils in hilly and steep land near tennyson inlet marlborough sounds new zealand classification and relation to landform slope and altitude

Overstreet, R. M., 1977: Poecilancistrium caryophyllum and other trypanorhynch cestode plerocercoids from the musculature of cynoscion nebulosus and other sciaenid fishes in the gulf of mexico

Niethammer J., 1987: Poecilictis libyca new record in the sudan and its overall distribution

Coy Otero A., 1987: Poeciliids in central cuba

Dobosh, I. G., 1977: Poecilimon affinis new record of grasshopper for ussr fauna

Andreeva E.T., 1980: Poecilimon bulgaricus new species orthoptera tettigoniidae from bulgaria

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137229

Mearns, A. J., 1975: Poeciliopsis gracilis a newly introduced poeciliid fish in california usa

Swanepoel, D. A., 1976: Poecilmitis orientalis new species from the drakensberg natal lepidoptera lycaenidae

Yang T., 1980: Poecilobdella hubeiensis new species hirudinea hirudinidae from hubei sheng china

Miura T., 1988: Poecilochaetus koshikiensis new species of polychaete from shimo koshiki island japan

Brookes H.M., 1981: Poecilococcus longilobus new genus new species of mealybug on callitris in south australia homoptera pseudococcidae

Steiner W.E.Jr, 1982: Poecilocrypticus formicophilus new record a south american beetle established in the usa coleoptera tenebrionidae

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137236

Grau, J., 1977: Poecilolepis new genus of the asteraceae astereae

Baehr M., 1987: Poecilometis vallicola new species and some other species of poecilometis dallas from northwestern australia insecta heteroptera pentatomidae

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137239

Rokicki J., 1987: Poecilostomatoid copepods parasitic on fishes off the west coast of africa

Humes A.G., 1979: Poecilostome copepods associated with antipatharian coelenterates in the moluccas malagasy republic

Boxshall G.A., 1988: Poecilostome copepods associated with bivalve molluscs and a brachiopod at hong kong

Dojiri M., 1979: Poecilostome copepods cyclopoida lichomolgidae from the alcyonacean lobophytum crassum in the moluccas east indonesia

Dojiri M., 1979: Poecilostome copepods lichomolgidae associated with the alcyonacean litophyton in the moluccas

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137245

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137246

Dojiri M., 1980: Poecilostome copepods lichomolgidae from the alcyonacean coral cespitularia multipinnata in the moluccas indonesia

Luque F.J., 1988: Poems program for outliers elimination in multidimensional space

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137249

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137250

Marschark M., 1985: Poetic comparisons psychological dimensions of metaphoric processing

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137252

Anton, B. S., 1976: Poggendorff illusion as a function of orientation of transversal and parallel lines

Fagersten, R., 1977: Pogonatum dentatum new record musci polytrichaceae for finland

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137255

Dransfield J., 1980: Pogonotium ursina new genus new combination palmae lepidocaryoideae related to daemonorops

Baehr M., 1984: Pogonus nigrescens new species from north queensland australia coleoptera carabidae

Fife A.J., 1985: Pohlia australis new species musci from new zealand with notes on some other austral pohlias

Demaret, F.; Wilczek, R., 1978: Pohlia drummondii and taxa confused with it

Lou J S., 1986: Pohlia hisae new species musci bryaceae from wo long nature reserve sichuan province china

Arts, T.; Nordhorn-Richter, G.; Smith, A. J. E., 1987: Pohlia muyldermansii var pseudomuyldermansii new variety a new name for pohlia muyldermansii wilcz. and dem. sensu lewis and smith

Crundwell A.C., 1982: Pohlia scotica new species of moss from the western highlands of scotland uk

Wilczek R., 1979: Pohlia spp of belgium

Couderc, J. M.; Guedes, M., 1976: Pohlia turonensis new species bryaceae

Rozhold O., 1983: Poikilo dermato myositis

Ogino, A.; Tanaka, S., 1977: Poikiloderma like cutaneous amyloidosis report of a case and review of the literature

Warin, A. P.; Eady, R. A. J., 1977: Poikiloderma vasculare atrophicans with vasculitis

Roth H., 1985: Poikilodermatic type of large plague parapsoriasis

Wood G.S., 1988: Poikilodermatous mycosis fungoides and atrophic large plaque parapsoriasis exhibit similar abnormalities of t cell antigen expression

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137270

Takaizumi Y., 1987: Poikilosakos oldhaminidina brachiopoda from the permian of northeast japan

Sethi M.S., 1979: Poikilotherms as reservoirs of q fever coxiella burnetii in uttar pradesh india

Hansen, C., 1987: Poilannammia new genus c. hansen melastomataceae a new genus of four new species endemic to vietnam

Lewis A.J., 1986: Poinsettia euphorbia pulcherrima

Barton R.J., 1983: Poinsettia mosaic virus a tymovirus?

Chiko A.W., 1983: Poinsettia mosaic virus in british columbia canada

Bailey D.A., 1987: Poinsettia tolerance of molybdenum

Warrick A.W., 1985: Point and line infiltration calculation of the wetted soil surface

Budy J.D., 1981: Point and line intersect sampling in pinyon juniper woodlands

Maruse S., 1988: Point cathode electron gun using electron bombardment for cathode tip heating

Jones R.S., 1986: Point count censusing from a submersible to estimate reef fish abundance over large areas

Clark R.L., 1982: Point count estimation of charcoal in pollen preparations and thin sections of sediments

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137283

Fowler R.L., 1985: Point estimates and confidence intervals in measures of association

Linkins S.E., 1981: Point estimates of concentrations by simple immunoassays

Viergever M.A., 1983: Point impedance characterization of the basilar membrane in a 3 dimensional cochlea model

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137287

Favale E., 1981: Point localization in patients with unilateral brain damage

Yamada, T.; Murohisa, B.; Muto, Y.; Okubo, H.; Okamoto, K.; Doi, K.; Fujimori, I., 1978: Point minute and small cancers of the stomach at the early developmental stage detected by improved chymotrypsin lavage method for diagnostic cytology

O'malley B.W., 1982: Point mutagenesis of the ov albumin gene promoter sequence and its effect on in vitro transcription

Vetter, D.; Sadowski, P. D., 1974: Point mutants in the d 2a region of bacterio phage t 4 fail to induced t 4 endo nuclease iv

Ruggiero M., 1986: Point mutated p21r a s couples a muscarinic receptor to calcium channels and polyphosphoinositide hydrolysis

Ross J., 1986: Point mutation associated with hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin decreases rna polymerase iii transcription upstream of the affected gamma globin gene

Schlessinger J., 1987: Point mutation at the atp binding site of egf receptor abolishes protein tyrosine kinase activity and alters cellular routing

Cooper T.G., 1985: Point mutation generates constitutive expression of an inducible eukaryotic gene

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Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137864

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Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137888

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137889

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Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137904

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Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137909

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Aguiar-Castro, A., 1987: Polarographic determination of heavy metals in seawater i. lead and cadmium

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Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137913

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Norbaev, N., 1977: Polarographic methods for studying gamma radiation induced radiochemical transformations of phenol compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137962

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137963

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Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137988

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Thomas J., 1986: Polarographic study of a 5 4 d pyrimidopyrimidine derivative

Section 7, Chapter 6138, Accession 006137998

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