Poly chemo therapy for lympho granulomatosis

Raevskii, I.G.; Vermel, A.E.; Korman, N.P.; Lebedev, V.N.; Gerasev, V.V.; Koba, V.D.

Voprosy Onkologii (Stsburg). 23(6): 15-20


ISSN/ISBN: 0507-3758
Accession: 006140014

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Patients (42) with lymphogranulomatosis (LG), mainly in stages IIB and IVB, received polychemotherapy- a combination of N-nitrosomethyl urea, vinblastine, natulan and prednisolone (scheme L-I). The treatment comprised repeated courses. The 1st course lasted for 3 wk, the remaining for 2 wk. An objective effect estimated as 3 was noted in 33 (78.65%) patients, 2 in 6 (14.3%), 1 in 2 (4.7%) and 0 in 1 patient (2.4%). In 25 out of 33 patients with the objective effect 3, complete clinical remission was gained, being maintained in 21. An average duration of the remission was 14 mo. In the majority of cases the maximum effect of the treatment was observed after the 1st (1-3) course of polychemotherapy. No grave complications relative to treatment were noted.