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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6143

Chapter 6143 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Aronson W.J., 1983: Polycythemia rubra vera and pregnancy

Greaves M.W., 1987: Polycythemia rubra vera and water induced pruritus blood histamine levels and cutaneous fibrinolytic activity before and after water challenge

Esan G.J.F., 1983: Polycythemia rubra vera associated with unbalanced expression of the x chromosome and mono clonality of t lymphocytes

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Et Al, 1982: Polycythemia vera 10 cases treated by herbs with blood activating and stasis dispersing actions

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Brown R.W., 1983: Polycythemia vera and glomerulo nephritis

Rickles F.R., 1979: Polycythemia vera and mesenteric arterial thrombosis a disease association resulting from decreased platelet sensitivity to aspirin

Hussonois C., 1981: Polycythemia vera and primary hyper parathyroidism

Ogata Y., 1985: Polycythemia vera associated with erythema nodosum and other cutaneous signs

Paladini G., 1987: Polycythemia vera associated with hyperparathyroidism

Voigt S., 1986: Polycythemia vera associated with thymoma

Georgii A., 1979: Polycythemia vera electron microscopy of the bone marrow in 10 nontreated patients a thin section and freeze fracture study

Fialkow P.J., 1980: Polycythemia vera further in vitro studies of hematopoietic regulation

Golde, D. W.; Bersch, N.; Cline, M. J., 1977: Polycythemia vera hormonal modulation of erythropoiesis in vitro

Cifuentes E., 1979: Polycythemia vera in a child with acute lymphocytic leukemia

Harris J.W., 1980: Polycythemia vera in childhood a case and a review of the literature

Robinson R.J., 1981: Polycythemia vera in identical twins

Varet B., 1980: Polycythemia vera in vitro studies of circulating erythroid progenitors

Rain J D., 1987: Polycythemia vera in young people an analysis of 58 cases diagnosed before 40 years

Kopecky K.J., 1979: Polycythemia vera increased expression of normal committed granulocytic stem cells in vitro after exposure of marrow to tritium labeled thymidine

Ronquist, G.; Frithz, G., 1977: Polycythemia vera of long duration with terminal erythro leukemia

Steinmann L., 1980: Polycythemia vera physical separation of normal and neoplastic committed granulocyte macrophage progenitors

Strachan R.W., 1981: Polycythemia vera presenting as acute abdomen

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Weinfeld, A.; Westin, J.; Ridell, B.; Swolin, B., 1977: Polycythemia vera terminating in acute leukemia a clinical cyto genetic and morphologic study in 8 patients treated with alkylating agents

Hashimoto S., 1986: Polycythemia vera terminating in acute myeloblastic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142028

Pettit, J. E.; Lewis, S. M.; Goolden, A. W. G., 1978: Polycythemia vera transformation to myelo fibrosis and subsequent reversal

Teruya J., 1984: Polycythemia vera unusual relapsing eruption

Koff R.S., 1980: Polycythemia vera with myelo fibrosis and myeloid metaplasia acute hepatic failure following splenectomy

Lavy, S.; Herishianu, Y., 1970: Polycythemic reaction in acute ischemic stroke

Lazzeri L., 1985: Polydactylia in the equine a case report

Kallo J., 1985: Polydactyly in pelger huet anomaly

Grogan D.P., 1985: Polydactyly of the foot

Imamura T., 1987: Polydactyly of the hands and feet

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142037

Goldberg I.H., 1985: Polydeoxyadenylic acid deoxythymidylic acid damage by radiolytically activated neocarzinostatin

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142039

Parnaik V.K., 1985: Polydeoxyguanylic acid polydeoxy cytidylic acid in the z form inhibits escherichia coli dna polymerase i and avian myeloblastosis virus dna polymerase activity

Kohwi Y., 1985: Polydeoxyguanylic acid polydeoxycytidylic acid sequences under torsional stress induce an altered dna conformation upon neighboring dna sequences

Williamson B., 1984: Polyderm a barrier to infection of red raspberry rubus idaeus buds by didymella applanata and botrytis cinerea

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142043

Poretskaya E.S., 1983: Polydiadema echinoidea from the lower valanginian of mangyshlak kazakh ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142045

Haas H G., 1986: Polydioxanon splints in fracture treatment

Dinstl K., 1984: Polydioxanone in vascular surgery 1st experience with an absorbable suture in femoro popliteal bypass

Wallace J., 1988: Polydioxanone pds a new material for internal suspension and fixation

Derom F., 1985: Polydioxanone suture material in growing vascular anastomoses experimental study

Eschenmoser A., 1986: Polydipeptamidinium salts definition and methods of preparation

Crammer J.L., 1988: Polydipsia in chronic psychiatric patients body weight and plasma sodium

Rosellini R.A., 1985: Polydipsia on fixed and variable time schedules as a function of signal condition in the rat

Morii S., 1987: Polydipsia polyuria and water intoxication observed in psychiatric inpatients

Tsuchiya T., 1984: Polydispersity effects on head to tail polymerization of f actin a theoretical treatment

Akashio K., 1985: Polydispersity of acidic glycosaminoglycan components in human liver and the changes at different stages in liver cirrhosis

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142056

Blake J.A., 1980: Polydora and boccardia species polychaeta spionidae from western mexico chiefly from calcareous habitats

Marinescu A., 1979: Polydora ciliata polychaeta perforates the gastropod rapana thomasiana of the black sea

Rzhavskii A.V., 1985: Polydorid fauna polychaeta spionidae of the sea of japan

Zein Z.A., 1988: Polydrug abuse among ethiopian university students with particular reference to khat catha edulis

Tempere, G., 1976: Polydrusus of the subgenus chlorodrosus coleoptera curculionidae

Ghosh M.M., 1988: Polyelectrolyte characteristics and flocculation

Braswell E.H., 1987: Polyelectrolyte charge corrected molecular weight and effective charge by sedimentation

Manning G.S., 1984: Polyelectrolyte effects on site binding equilibria with application to the intercalation of drugs into dna

Somasundaran P., 1988: Polyelectrolyte interactions at the hematite water interface part 1

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142066

Fisher, R. R.; Glatz, C. E., 1988: Polyelectrolyte precipitation of proteins i. the effects of reactor conditions

Fisher, R. R.; Glatz, C. E., 1988: Polyelectrolyte precipitation of proteins ii. models of the particle size distributions

Shklover I.S., 1987: Polyelectrolyte properties of dna activation energy of conductivity and conductometric melting curves of concentrated salt free solutions

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142070

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142071

Ivashin M.V., 1987: Polyembryony and developmental abnormalities in minke whales balaenoptera acutorostrata of the southern hemisphere

Kumar P., 1986: Polyembryony in acacia farnesiana willd

Bhojwani S.S., 1985: Polyembryony in leucaena leucocephala

Gulati N., 1985: Polyembryony in symplocaceae

Johnson, D.; Subden, R., 1977: Polyene antibiotic affinities for the sterols of resistant and sensitive strains of neurospora crassa

Tereshin I.M., 1980: Polyene antibiotic effect on increase of specific resistance caused by inactivated anti viral vaccines

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142078

Pandey, R. C.; Rinehart, K. L-Jr, 1977: Polyene antibiotics part 8 the structure of rimocidin

Pandey, R. C.; Rinehart, K. L-Jr, 1977: Polyene antibiotics part 9 an improved method for the preparation of methyl esters of polyene antibiotics

Sarmah P., 1984: Polyene cyclization cyclization studies on an acyclic furanoditerpene and its epoxide

Shibuya S., 1986: Polyene cyclization strategy in the stereospecific synthesis of b c trans morphinan a total synthesis of racemic o methylpallidinine

Fisher, P. B.; Bryson, V.; Schaffner, C. P., 1978: Polyene macrolide antibiotic cyto toxicity and membrane permeability alterations part 1 comparative effects of 4 classes of polyene macrolides on mammalian cells

Schaffner C.P., 1979: Polyene macrolide antibiotic cyto toxicity and membrane permeability alterations part 2 phenotypic expression in intraspecific and interspecific somatic cell hybrids

Meinwald J., 1983: Polyene pheromone components from an arctiid moth utetheisa ornatrix characterization and synthesis

Epstein F.H., 1984: Polyene toxicity in renal medulla injury mediated by transport activity

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142087

Yavin, E.; Menkes, J. H., 1974: Polyenoic acid metabolism in cultured dissociated brain cells

Sigot Luizard M F., 1988: Polyester arterial grafts impregnated with cross linked albumin the rate of degradation of the coating in vivo

Smolova M., 1987: Polyester film as an advantageous tool for light and ultrastructural examination of single cells infected with viruses

Guidoin, R.; Martin, L.; Marois, M.; Gosselin, C.; King, M.; Gunasekera, K.; Domurado, D.; Sigot-Luizard, M. F.; Sigot, M.; Blais, P., 1984: Polyester prostheses as substitutes in the thoracic aorta of dogs 2. evaluation of albuminated polyester grafts stored in ethanol

Riffat G., 1986: Polyester wadding for specimen orientation during embedding in methacrylates

Matsukage A., 1984: Polyester wax embedding and sectioning technique for immunohistochemistry

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142094

Cooper S.L., 1985: Polyether urethane ionomers surface property ex vivo blood compatibility relationships

Ataya H., 1983: Polyethism and distribution of activity levels in the ant lasius niger

Garnier-Sillam, E., 1983: Polyethism in reticulitermes lucifugus santonensis isoptera rhinotermitidae a. differences in activity in workers according to stages

Garnier-Sillam, E., 1983: Polyethism in reticulitermes lucifugus santonensis isoptera rhinotermitidae b. contribution to the study of individual prospecting behavior and recruitment during the search for food workers

Morel L., 1985: Polyethism in social interactions in ants

Mcmahan, E. A., 1970: Polyethism in workers of nasutitermes costalis

Beale S.I., 1987: Polyethylene based high performance liquid chromatography of chloroplast pigments resolution of mono and divinylchlorophyllides and other pigment mixtures

Faust U., 1988: Polyethylene based water and bone equivalent materials for calibration phantoms in quantitative computed tomography

Harder D., 1985: Polyethylene based water equivalent phantom material for x ray dosimetry at tube voltages from 10 to 100 kilovolts

Lima L.A., 1987: Polyethylene compaction and chemical treatments to reduce the seepage losses from irrigation channels

Dahiya A.S., 1985: Polyethylene functional thigh brace in the treatment of fractures of the shaft of the femur

Bornman C.H., 1986: Polyethylene glycol and electric field treatment of plant protoplasts characterization of some membrane properties

Schellenberg K.A., 1984: Polyethylene glycol as a protector against head and neck irradiation

An J.G., 1988: Polyethylene glycol bonded phases for protein separation by high performance hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142110

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142111

Inada Y., 1987: Polyethylene glycol derivative modified cholesterol oxidase soluble and active in benzene

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142113

Sinani R., 1986: Polyethylene glycol electrolyte solution used in colonoscopy preparation

Horne J.C., 1985: Polyethylene glycol embedding of plant tissues for transmission electron microscopy

Eneroth P., 1986: Polyethylene glycol enhanced nephelometric quantification of bovine submaxillary mucin with helix pomatia lectin

Dobryszycka W., 1987: Polyethylene glycol enzyme immunoassay for screening anti haptoglobin monoclonal antibodies

Smith C.J., 1985: Polyethylene glycol facilitated transformation of bacteroides fragilis with plasmid dna

Jaskowska H., 1984: Polyethylene glycol fractioned calf serum and its application for experiments on rubella virus

Spivey H.O., 1987: Polyethylene glycol induced heteroassociation of malate dehydrogenase and citrate synthase

Krakoff I.H., 1988: Polyethylene glycol l asparaginase and l asparaginase studies in rabbits

Dijkstra J., 1985: Polyethylene glycol mediated infection of cowpea protoplasts with sonchus yellow net virus

Inada Y., 1984: Polyethylene glycol modified catalase exhibits unexpectedly high activity in benzene

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142126

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142127

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142128

Juniper, E. F.; O'connor, J.; Roberts, R. S.; Evans, S.; Hargreave, F. E.; Dolovich, J., 1986: Polyethylene glycol modified ragweed extract comparison of two treatment regimens

Hargreave F.E., 1985: Polyethylene glycol modified ragweed pollen extract in rhinoconjunctivitis

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142131

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142132

Dunnill P., 1988: Polyethylene glycol precipitation and two aqueous phase separation of progesterone 11 alpha hydroxylase from rhizopus nigricans

Metcalf T.G., 1988: Polyethylene glycol precipitation for recovery of pathogenic viruses including hepatitis a virus and human rotavirus from oyster water and sediment samples

Alper H., 1986: Polyethylene glycol promoted reactions of vinylic dibromides dehydrohalogenation and palladium 0 catalyzed formal oxidative homologation

Kitano K., 1988: Polyethylene glycols for promoting the growth of mammalian cells

Dobrova N.B., 1987: Polyethylene hydrophilic polymer blends for biomedical applications

Pashkevich K.I., 1986: Polyfluoroalkyl containing alpha ketoacid derivative activity with respect to influenza virus

Stolyarova E.S., 1985: Polyfunctional endometrial carcinoma producing melanin noradrenaline and chorionic gonadotropin

Niemann E., 1986: Polyfunctional landscape evaluation aims and methods

Millar, B. C.; Jenkins, T. C.; Smithen, C. E.; Jinks, S., 1985: Polyfunctional radiosensitizers 7. radiosensitization by conformationally restricted isomers of a nitroxyl biradical in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142143

Majumdar N.C., 1984: Polygala arillata complex in india and burma

Nauman C.E., 1981: Polygala grandiflora polygalaceae reexamined

Chrtek, J., 1976: Polygala kassasii new species from the sudan

Fortunato R.H., 1986: Polygala lancifolia new record for the argentine flora polygalaceae

Oliver P.H., 1981: Polygala omissa new species in the flora of cuba

Banerjee, R. N.; Banerjee, L. K., 1975: Polygala raoi new species polygalaceae from kanya kumari tamil nadu india

Smith, C. R-Jr ; Madrigal, R. V.; Weisleder, D.; Plattner, R. D., 1977: Polygala virgata seed oil a new source of aceto tri glycerides

Salthouse, T. N.; Matlaga, B. F., 1976: Polygalactin 910 suture absorption and the role of cellular enzymes

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142152

Bennett A.B., 1987: Polygalacturonase gene expression in cultivar rutgers rin nor and nr tomato fruits

Nguyen T.K., 1985: Polygalacturonase inhibition in rind of valencia orange infected with diplodia natalensis

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142156

Gerasimchuk, A. V., 1977: Polygamous activity of mink sires of different genotypes and reproductive qualities of mink females

Dyrcz, A., 1977: Polygamy and breeding success among great reed warblers acrocephalus arundinaceus at milicz poland

Da Prato S.R.D., 1982: Polygamy by willow warblers phylloscopus trochilus

Cressman R., 1988: Polygamy in human and animal species

Zijlstra M., 1982: Polygamy in the marsh harrier circus aeruginosus individual variation in hunting performance and number of mates

Downhower J.F., 1982: Polygamy in the mottled sculpins cottus bairdi of southwestern montana usa pisces cottidae

Kondratzki, B.; Altmueller, R., 1976: Polygamy in the tengmalms owl aegolius funereus

Custovic F., 1984: Polygelin colloid solution as an echocardiographic contrast agent

Thompson J.N.Jr, 1984: Polygene polymorphism affecting wing vein formation in a natural population of drosophila melanogaster

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142166

Tanaka, Y., 1987: Polygenic analyses of morphological characters in pieris rapae crucivora boisduval lepidoptera pieridae i. heritability estimates

Tanaka, Y., 1987: Polygenic analyses of morphological characters in pieris rapae crucivora pieridae lepidoptera ii. phenotypic genetic and environmental correlations

Rozykhodzhaev Kh Kh, 1984: Polygenic analysis of cotton productivity in ecologically remote hybridization and in hybridization of cultivars with a common genealogy

Itoi M., 1985: Polygenic analysis of keratoconus

Siqueira M., 1988: Polygenic control of quantitative antibody responsiveness restrictions of the multispecific effect related to the selection antigen

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142172

Ebba T., 1987: Polygenic modification of a major virulence gene in ustilago hordei

Sethi G.S., 1986: Polygenic variability for grain yield and its components induced by ems and its combination with gamma rays in barley

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142175

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142176

Balestrieri A., 1985: Polyglandular autoimmune disease type i a family study

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142178

Loutayf Ranea J.J., 1987: Polyglobulia multiple pulmonary nodules and unilateral enlargement of the kidney

Najean Y., 1987: Polyglobulia vera problems and complications of treatment with phlebotomy

Grace D., 1987: Polyglucose synthesis in chloroflexus aurantiacus studied by carbon 13 nmr evidence for acetate metabolism by a new metabolic pathway in autotrophically grown cells

Grzelakowska Sztabert B., 1986: Polyglutamation of the antifolate anticancer drug n 10 propargyl 5 8 dideazafolic acid cb 3717 in the mouse

Huttner W.B., 1985: Polyglutamic acid 62 alanine 30 tyrosine 8 serves as high affinity substrate for tyrosylprotein sulfotransferase a golgi enzyme

Tsuchisaka H., 1986: Polyglycolic acid as 9 0 suture material in cataract surgery

Forrest R., 1986: Polyglycolic acid mesh in experimental renal trauma

Schmidt R.A., 1986: Polyglycolic acid mesh in repair of renal injury

Bouckaert, J.; Groessens, E., 1976: Polygnathus paprothae new species pseudopolygnathus conili new species and pseudopolygnathus graulichi new species from the devonian carboniferous boundary

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142188

Taniguchi M., 1988: Polygodial an antifungal potentiator

Mitchell, R. S.; Dean, J. K., 1978: Polygonaceae buckwheat family of new york state usa

Rafferty N.S., 1986: Polygonal arrays of actin filaments in human lens epithelial cells an aging study

Scholz D.L., 1984: Polygonal arrays of microfilaments in epithelial cells of the intact lens

Kucharczyk K., 1982: Polygonal cell shape regulation cell division and specialization in human epithelium

Kartenbeck, J.; Franke, W. W.; Morre, D. J., 1977: Polygonal coat structures on secretory vesicles of rat hepatocytes

Tani, E.; Yamashita, J.; Takeuchi, J.; Handa, H., 1969: Polygonal crystalline structures and crystalline aggregates of cylindrical particles in human glioma

Simoncelli G., 1981: Polygonal inequalities as a key to neuronic equations

Kodama T., 1988: Polygonal networks geodomes of adult rat hepatocytes in primary culture

Voon F.C.T., 1981: Polygonal networks in living chick embryonic cells

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142199

Wunderlin R.P., 1981: Polygonella polygama polygonaceae in florida usa

Jarolimek I., 1985: Polygono lapathifolii bidentetum in bratislava czechoslovakia

Asakawa Y., 1986: Polygonolide an isocoumarin from polygonum hydropiper possessing anti inflammatory activity

Hickman, J. C.; Hickman, C. S., 1978: Polygonum perfoliatum a recent asiatic adventive

Pogorelov L.N., 1984: Polygonum weyrichii productivity as a function of methods of seed preparation under conditions of the central region of the non chernozem zone ussr

Tolok L.I., 1979: Polygonum weyrichii yield depending on harvest period

Rao R.V.S., 1979: Polygraph method for expression of morphological variation in cigar filler tobacco

Nezuo, S.; Tohara, M.; Sawayama, T.; Tsuda, T., 1976: Polygraphic analysis of the left ventricular function and systolic time intervals in cases of bundle branch blocks

Dallaire A., 1986: Polygraphic analysis of the sleep wake states and the rapid eye movement sleep periodicity in domesticated pigs sus scrofa

Le Maho Y., 1985: Polygraphic and behavioral study of sleep in geese existence of nuchal atonia during paradoxical sleep

Morini B., 1980: Polygraphic and behavioral study of transitional epochs in full term infant sleep

Campisi D., 1984: Polygraphic evaluation of effects of carnitine in patients on adriamycin treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142212

Kocinger A., 1981: Polygraphic examination of patients with ischemic heart disease after administration of viskenit 45

Gafurov B.G., 1985: Polygraphic features of the structure of nocturnal sleep in the pathology of the left and right cerebral hemispheres in patients with a history of cerebrovascular accident

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142215

Gottesmann, C.; Rebelle, J.; Maillet, B.; Rodi, M.; Rallo, J. L., 1975: Polygraphic recording of the rat by a miniaturized radio telemetric technique

Gottesmann, C.; Rodi, M.; Rebelle, J.; Maillet, B., 1977: Polygraphic recording of the rat using miniaturized telemetry equipment

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Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142219

Castaigne P., 1979: Polygraphic sleep recordings in 9 cases of steele richardson disease

Stevenson, M.; Mcginty, D. J., 1978: Polygraphic studies of kitten development respiratory rate and variability during sleep waking states

Mcginty, D. J.; Stevenson, M.; Hoppenbrouwers, T.; Harper, R. M.; Sterman, M. B.; Hodgman, J., 1977: Polygraphic studies of kitten development sleep state patterns

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142223

Harper, R. M.; Hoppenbrouwers, T.; Sterman, M. B.; Mcginty, D. J.; Hodgman, J., 1976: Polygraphic studies of normal infants during the 1st 6 months of life part 1 heart rate and variability as a function of state

Hoppenbrouwers, T.; Harper, R. M.; Hodgman, J. E.; Sterman, M. B.; Mcginty, D. J., 1978: Polygraphic studies of normal infants during the 1st 6 months of life part 2 respiratory rate and variability as a function of state

Hoppenbrouwers, T.; Hodgman, J. E.; Harper, R. M.; Hofmann, E.; Sterman, M. B.; Mcginty, D. J., 1977: Polygraphic studies of normal infants during the 1st 6 months of life part 3 incidence of apnea and periodic breathing

Kurtz D., 1980: Polygraphic study during hyperpnea tests in elderly subjects

IIda Y., 1979: Polygraphic study during whole night sleep in infantile spasms

Ferrari G., 1986: Polygraphic study of anterior hypothalamic preoptic neuron thermosensitivity during sleep

Pedrazzini F., 1981: Polygraphic study of left ventricular activity in chronic obstructive lung diseases

Yamamoto, T.; Hirose, N.; Miyoshi, K., 1977: Polygraphic study of periodic breathing and hyper somnolence in a patient with severe hypo thyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142232

Trevi, G. P.; Caobelli, A.; Bortolini, F.; Benussi, P.; Sheiban, I.; Marano, A., 1976: Polygraphic tracing in ischemic heart disease correlation with the data obtained from the cine ventriculography

Dhondt A.A., 1987: Polygynous blue tits and monogamous great tits does the polygyny threshold model hold

Bibby C.J., 1982: Polygyny and breeding ecology of the cettis warbler cettia cetti

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Spradbery J.P., 1986: Polygyny in the vespinae with special reference to the hornet vespa affinis picea hymenoptera vespidae in new guinea

Weatherhead P.J., 1987: Polygyny in the yellow headed blackbird female choice versus male competition

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Kazimierska E.M., 1980: Polygyny in white clover trifolium repens

Kitahara, M., 1976: Polygyny insufficient father son contact and sons masculine identity

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142259

Higashi S., 1979: Polygyny nest budding and inter nest mixture of individuals in formica japonica at ishikari shore japan

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142261

Bellemare N., 1980: Polyhedra of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus from euxoa scandens lepidoptera noctuidae produced in vivo and cultured in vitro comparative studies

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Huang L., 1984: Polyhistidine mediates an acid dependent fusion of negatively charged liposomes

Santamaria P., 1985: Polyhomeotic a gene of drosophila melanogaster required for correct expression of segmental identity

Perrimon N., 1988: Polyhomeotic a gene required for the embryonic development of axon pathways in the central nervous system of drosophila

Malamed S., 1987: Polyhormonal regulation of avian and mammalian corticosteroidogenesis in vitro

Cha S.C., 1986: Polyhydramnios

Maier J.A., 1987: Polyhydramnios and elevated intrauterine pressure during amnioinfusion

Seeds J.W., 1988: Polyhydramnios and oligohydramnios in twin gestations

Turiel De Castro D., 1985: Polyhydramnios associated to fetal ascites in the intrauterine meconium peritonitis

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142277

Ma H.K., 1984: Polyhydramnios in hong kong

Fries J.K., 1987: Polyhydramnios ultrasonically detected prevalence and neonatal outcome

Herz W., 1984: Polyhydroxyagarofuran derivatives from austroplenckia populnea

Lira Rocha A., 1988: Polyhydroxyagarofuran derivatives from rzedowskia tolantonguensis

Tomimatsu T., 1987: Polyhydroxyagarofuran derivatives from tripterygium wilfordii h

Braun, H.; Klier, K.; Kresze, G.; Sabuni, M.; Werbitzky, O.; Winkler, J., 1986: Polyhydroxyamino compounds via diene synthesis with nitroso compounds x. trans 5 6 dimethoxy 1 3 cyclohexadiene as educt for the synthesis of optically active streptamine precursors

Braun, H.; Charles, R.; Kresze, G.; Sabuni, M.; Winkler, J., 1987: Polyhydroxyamino compounds via diene synthesis with nitroso compounds xi. determination of the configuration of 1r 4s 2 oxa 3 azabicyclo 2.2.2 oct 5 ene

Barnes G., 1985: Polyhydroxydihydrochalcones as antioxidants for lard

Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142286

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Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142509

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Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142514

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Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142517

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Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142528

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Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142533

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Section 7, Chapter 6143, Accession 006142549

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