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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6144

Chapter 6144 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Komatsu N., 1986: Polymorphism of esd by isoelectric focusing phenotyping in human tissues dental pulps hair roots and semen

Peters, J.; Nash, H. R., 1976: Polymorphism of esterase 10 in mus musculus

Peters, J.; Nash, H. R., 1977: Polymorphism of esterase 11 in mus musculus a further esterase locus on chromosome 8

Kido A., 1985: Polymorphism of esterase d by isoelectric focusing description of the new allele esterase d kofu and phenotyping in bloodstains

Manczak M., 1979: Polymorphism of esterase d in a polish population

Rudminaitis E.A., 1984: Polymorphism of esterase d in salmonid fish

Wahren, H.; Tegelstrom, H., 1973: Polymorphism of esterases and tetrazolium oxidases in the roman snail helix pomatia a study of populations from sweden and germany

Davie J.M., 1985: Polymorphism of f c receptor on murine b cells is igh linked

Bochkova, D. N.; Konstantinov, V. V.; Osipova, A. Kh ; Semenova, E. N., 1987: Polymorphism of familial cardiovascular changes

Longinotti M., 1986: Polymorphism of fetal hemoglobin in the sardinian beta thalassemia

Jastrzebski M., 1984: Polymorphism of flagellates trypanosoma occurring in blood of crucian carp carassius auratus gibelio perch perca fluviatilis and stone perch acerina cernua

Sugimoto I., 1985: Polymorphism of fostedil characterization and polymorphic change by mechanical treatments

Phillips S.M., 1983: Polymorphism of genes involved in anti tubular basement membrane disease in rats

Givol D., 1981: Polymorphism of germ line immuno globulin v h genes correlates with allotype and idiotype markers

Metakovsky, E. V.; Iakobashvili, Z. A.; Naskidashvili, P. P.; Sozinov, A. A., 1988: Polymorphism of gliadin and intraspecies heterogeneity of wheat triticum macha dek. et men

Dushaeva N.A., 1982: Polymorphism of gliadin and quality of durum wheat grain in relation to breeding

Shavkun V.E., 1982: Polymorphism of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and dynamics of its multiple forms in certain tissues at different embryonic stages in the pig

Cheta, N., 1977: Polymorphism of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase from human erythrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143018

Blumenfeld O.O., 1987: Polymorphism of glycophorins in nonhuman primate erythrocytes

Pausch, V.; Fachleutner, G.; Kirnbauer, M.; Mayr, W. R., 1979: Polymorphism of glyoxalase i ec in vienna austria

Antadze M.Kh, 1979: Polymorphism of hemo globin types in sheep and its relation to productivity

Labie D., 1981: Polymorphism of hemo globins d in ivory coast hemo globin korle bu hemo globin avicenna and hemo globin cocody

Jimenez J., 1985: Polymorphism of hemoglobin and erythrocyte glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase in the preschool population of santa cruz guanacaste costa rica

Prokof'eva Bel'gorskaya A.A., 1984: Polymorphism of hetero chromatic regions of chromosomes 1 9 16 y and mental deficiency in humans

Kuznetsova S.M., 1987: Polymorphism of heterochromatin areas on chromosomes 1 9 16 and y in long lived subjects and persons of different ages in two regions of the ussr

Bennett M., 1988: Polymorphism of hh 1 the mouse hemopoietic histocompatibility locus

Svinarchuk F.P., 1983: Polymorphism of high mobility group of proteins in 3 flatfish species

Muller J.Y., 1984: Polymorphism of hla class i genes after restriction by endonucleases e c o r i e c o r v and h i n d iii

Silver J., 1986: Polymorphism of hla dr beta chains in dr 4 dr 7 and dr 9 haplotypes implications for the mechanisms of allelic variation

Ascanio, L.; Pascale, P.; Marcadet, A.; Mahouy, G.; Fradelizi, D.; Cohen, D.; Dausset, J., 1982: Polymorphism of hla gene 1. evidence for a close correlation between dna restriction fragments and hla class i antigens

Cresswell P., 1980: Polymorphism of human b cell allo antigens evidence for 3 loci within the hla system

Frolov, V. K.; Sokhin, A. A.; Sotnik, A. Y.; Frolov, A. K.; Lebedinsky, A. P.; Potapova, N. A.; Lapina, L. M., 1975: Polymorphism of human blood groups and incidence of influenza a hong kong h 3n 2

Tursi F., 1982: Polymorphism of human chromosomes 1 9 16 y variations segregation and mosaicism

Grosse Wilde H., 1985: Polymorphism of human complement c 2 detected by immunoblotting

Herzog, P.; Bartova, A.; Slepicka, L., 1975: Polymorphism of human complement c 3

Porter R.R., 1985: Polymorphism of human complement c 4

Dondero D., 1984: Polymorphism of human cytomegalovirus glycoproteins characterized by monoclonal antibodies

Atkinson J.P., 1983: Polymorphism of human erythrocyte c 3b c 4b receptor

Nazarova A.F., 1983: Polymorphism of human erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase in population of moscow russian sfsr ussr and in native populations of siberia discovered by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143040

Geltner D., 1987: Polymorphism of human immunoglobulin v h genes a possible marker of autoimmune disease

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143042

Lane D.M., 1987: Polymorphism of human plasma apolipoprotein c iii at birth and in early neonatal life

Benson M.D., 1983: Polymorphism of human plasma thyroxine binding prealbumin

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143045

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143046

Du R., 1986: Polymorphism of human red cell glyoxalase i in six ethnic groups of china

De-Soyza, K., 1978: Polymorphism of human salivary amylase a preliminary communication

Mkheidze, M. O., 1986: Polymorphism of human serum cholinesterase ec in populations of leningrad russian sfsr and azerbaijan ssr both ussr

Kazachenko B.N., 1984: Polymorphism of human serum cholinesterase in populations of evenks and yakuts of krasnoyarsky regions ussr

Kaldor A., 1987: Polymorphism of human serum paraoxonase

Blanicky P., 1980: Polymorphism of human serum zinc alpha 2 glyco protein and its behavior during ontogenesis using quantitative crossed starch gel immuno electrophoresis

Robbins J., 1983: Polymorphism of human thyroxine binding globulin

Roche J., 1986: Polymorphism of human thyroxine binding globulin in serum a new form with no demonstrable triiodothyronine binding activity

Deman J.M., 1985: Polymorphism of hydrogenated canola oil

Herslof M., 1984: Polymorphism of interesterified triglycerides and triglyceride mixtures

Gibson D.M., 1985: Polymorphism of kappa variable region genes in inbred mice relationship to the ig kappa ef 2 serum light chain marker

Gibson D.M., 1985: Polymorphism of kappa variable region v kappa 1 genes in inbred mice relationship to the ig kappa ef 2 serum light chain marker

Du R., 1981: Polymorphism of karyotype of bactrian wapiti cervus elaphus bactrianus in beijing zoo china

Peters, J.; Nash, H. R.; Eicher, E. M.; Bulfield, G., 1981: Polymorphism of kidney pyruvate kinase ec in the mouse is determined by a gene pk 3 on chromosome 9

Koropachinskii I.Yu, 1980: Polymorphism of larix gmelinii and larix cajanderi

Bondarenko, S. K.; Kontrimavichus, V. L., 1976: Polymorphism of larvae of the genus aploparaksis hymenolepididae

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143063

Pischel, K. D.; Marlin, S. D.; Springer, T. A.; Woods, V. L. Jr ; Bluestein, H. G., 1987: Polymorphism of lymphocyte function associated antigen 1 demonstrated by a lupus patient's alloantiserum

Salkin, I. F.; Gordon, M. A., 1977: Polymorphism of malassezia furfur

Zee, D. S.; Isensee, H.; Zinkham, W. H., 1970: Polymorphism of malate dehydrogenase in ascaris suum

Agosti, D.; Hauschteck-Jungen, E., 1987: Polymorphism of males in formica exsecta nyl. hymenoptera formicidae

Scholl A., 1982: Polymorphism of mannose phosphate isomerase in north sea and baltic sea populations of the amphipods gammarus zaddachi and gammarus salinus

Tentsova, A. I.; Bulenkov, T. I.; Uspenskaya, S. I.; Akashkina, L. V., 1978: Polymorphism of medicinal substances

Luzikov V.N., 1985: Polymorphism of membrane proteinases from mitochondria

Watanabe, D.; Fukutani, T.; Ikawa, H.; Yamaura, T.; Kase, N.; Mizutani, H., 1986: Polymorphism of methyl e 3 phenyl 2 propen 1 yl 1 4 dihydro 2 6 dimethyl 4 3 nitrophenylpyridine 3 5 dicarboxylate frc 8411

Lefranc G., 1988: Polymorphism of mhc class iii genes definition of restriction fragment linkage groups and evidence for frequent deletions and duplications

Sternberg, L.; Ting, I. P.; Hanscom, Z. Iii, 1977: Polymorphism of microbody malate dehydrogenase ec in opuntia basilaris

Burt M.D.B., 1983: Polymorphism of microtriches in the cysticercoid of ophryocotyle insignis from the limpet patella vulgata

Cho I.S., 1985: Polymorphism of milk phosphoglucomutase in korean populations

Klein J., 1983: Polymorphism of minor histo compatibility genes in wild mice

Tomoita T., 1985: Polymorphism of mitochondrial dna in pigs based on restriction endonuclease cleavage patterns

Lonsdale D.M., 1983: Polymorphism of mitochondrial dna s regions among normal cytoplasms of maize zea mays

Titov, A. F.; Nikolaevskaya, T. S.; Drozdov, S. N.; Olimpienko, G. S., 1975: Polymorphism of morphological properties in the population of meadow fescue

Coffin J.M., 1988: Polymorphism of murine endogenous proviruses revealed by using virus class specific oligonucleotide probes

Tada N., 1985: Polymorphism of murine major histocompatibility class 1 antigen assignment of putative allodeterminants to distinct positions of the amino acid sequence within the 1st external domain of the antigen

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143082

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143083

Constantinescu, O., 1978: Polymorphism of mycocentrospora acerina

Rodeva, R., 1987: Polymorphism of mycosphaerella graminicola fuckel schroetter conidial form septoria tritici rob. ex desm

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143086

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143087

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143088

Omel'chenko V.T., 1983: Polymorphism of nadp dependent iso citrate dehydrogenase and malate dehydrogenase in populations of chum and pink salmon

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143090

Lukomskaya I.S., 1983: Polymorphism of neutral alpha glucosidase from human kidney

Sjogren H O., 1985: Polymorphism of normal factor ix detected by mouse monoclonal antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143093

Lucotte G., 1987: Polymorphism of p49 y specific probe in new guinea papuas baruyas

Balgir R.S., 1984: Polymorphism of palmer c line and d line terminations among the sikligars of chandigarh india

Suzuki H., 1983: Polymorphism of parathyroid glands in patients with chronic renal failure and secondary hyper parathyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143097

Trusov, B. A., 1975: Polymorphism of perianth structures in perennial asiatic species of delphinium

Pilat E., 1982: Polymorphism of pgm 3 in the polish population

Matsunaga, J.; Nambu, N.; Nagai, T., 1976: Polymorphism of phenyl butazone

Boucelham, M.; Hokkanen, H.; Raatikainen, M., 1988: Polymorphism of philaenus spumarius l. homoptera cercopidae in different latitudes altitudes and habitats in the usa

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143102

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143103

Vattier Bernard G., 1983: Polymorphism of phospho gluco isomerases in some african phlebotomines

Ananthakrishnan, R.; Schneider, P., 1976: Polymorphism of phospho gluco mutase in a german breed cattle

Probeck, D.; Geldermann, H., 1976: Polymorphism of phospho gluco mutase in cattle leukocytes

Mollon J.D., 1987: Polymorphism of photopigments in the squirrel monkey a sixth phenotype

Randjandiche, M., 1976: Polymorphism of pityrosporum ovale in vivo and in vitro

Komatsu N., 1985: Polymorphism of placental phosphoglucomutase in japanese

Grossman, G. D., 1977: Polymorphism of plasma esterases in rainbow trout

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143111

Moroi M., 1986: Polymorphism of platelet glycoprotein ib in the usa

Ginzburg, E. Kh ; Miroshnichenko, E. Ya, 1977: Polymorphism of poa pratensis chromosomal numbers and its correlation with bio morphological characteristics

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143114

Asker S., 1985: Polymorphism of potentilla tabernaemontani and related taxa on gotland sweden

Suzuki S., 1981: Polymorphism of prealbumin i and prealbumin ii acidic esterase and aryl esterase in plasma and hemo globin in red cells of sheep

Grinio L.P., 1981: Polymorphism of primary myopathies with recessive x attached inheritance

Konarev, A. V.; Vvedenskaya, I. O., 1986: Polymorphism of prolamines and its use in the identification of dactylis glomerata l. cultivars

Kalakutskii L.V., 1982: Polymorphism of promicromonospora citrea cells

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143120

Mauff, G.; Gauchel, F. D.; Hitzeroth, H. W., 1976: Polymorphism of properdin factor b in south african negroid indian and colored populations

Omoto K., 1982: Polymorphism of properdin factor b in the japanese description of a rare variant and data of association with hla and complement c 2

Semenova, S. K.; Slyn'ko, V. I., 1988: Polymorphism of proteins in populations of atlantic salmon salmo salar l. brown trout salmo trutta l. and their hybrids

Denniston C., 1980: Polymorphism of ps parotid size variant and detection of a protein pms related to the pm parotid middle band system with genetic linkage of ps and pm to gl db and pr genetic determinants

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143125

Queval, R.; Bambara, L., 1984: Polymorphism of purine nucleoside phosphorylase ec from bovine erythrocytes

Klein J., 1983: Polymorphism of qa and tla loci of the mouse

Hernqvist, L.; Herslof, B.; Larsson, K.; Podlaha, O., 1981: Polymorphism of rapeseed oil with a low content of erucic acid and possibilities to stabilize the beta' crystal form in fats

Cronenberger L., 1988: Polymorphism of rat gastric mucosal histidine decarboxylase effects of the coenzyme and sulfhydryl groups

Guardiola J., 1984: Polymorphism of rat seminal vesicle secretory proteins characterization of svp 1 and svp 2 and their identification with the major secretory proteins iv and v

Aebi U., 1985: Polymorphism of reconstituted human epidermal keratin filaments determination of their mass per length and width by scanning transmission electron microscopy

Scott, E. M.; Wright, R. C., 1978: Polymorphism of red cell enzymes in alaskan ethnic groups

Jimenez J., 1988: Polymorphism of red cell glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase in costa rica

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143134

Ghosh, A. K., 1977: Polymorphism of red cell glyoxalase ec part 1 with special reference to south and southeast asia and oceania

Turowska, B., 1975: Polymorphism of red cell phospho gluco mutase adenylate kinase and adenosine deaminase in a polish population

Uotila, L., 1984: Polymorphism of red cell s formylglutathione hydrolase ec in a finnish population

Van-Jaarsveld, P. P.; Branch, W. T.; Edelhoch, H.; Robbins, J., 1973: Polymorphism of rhesus monkey serum prealbumin molecular properties and binding of thyroxine and retinol binding protein

Van-Jaarsveld, P.; Branch, W. T.; Robbins, J.; Morgan, F. J.; Kanda, Y.; Canfield, R. E., 1973: Polymorphism of rhesus monkey serum prealbumin purification and partial structure

Semenova E.V., 1982: Polymorphism of rye chromosomes for hetero chromatic bands in some varieties of rye and in lines of triticale

Scacchi R., 1987: Polymorphism of s adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase in italy

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143142

Malakhova L.A., 1979: Polymorphism of satellite chromosomes of adonis sibirica examined from several populations of siberia ussr

Lovegren, N. V.; Gray, M. S., 1978: Polymorphism of saturated tri glycerides part 1 1 3 di stearo tri glycerides

Gray, M. S.; Lovegren, N. V., 1978: Polymorphism of saturated tri glycerides part 2 1 3 di palmito tri glycerides

Theron A., 1986: Polymorphism of schistosoma mansoni egg morphology in populations from guadeloupean foci french west indies possible presence of schistosoma rodhaini like parasites?

Yarish, C., 1976: Polymorphism of selected marine chaetophoraceae chlorophyta

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143148

Kalina I.A., 1987: Polymorphism of sensillae in cercaria pugnax trematoda

Andresen E., 1985: Polymorphism of serum albumin in dog breeds and its relation to weight and leg length

Solovenchuk, L. L.; Devyatkina, S. D.; Avanesova, G. P., 1976: Polymorphism of serum alkaline phosphatase in the chukchi

Przytulski, T.; Klemke, A., 1981: Polymorphism of serum amylase and its relation to serum alpha amylase ec activity and serum calcium level in friesian black and white cows

Lucotte, G.; Kaminski, M., 1975: Polymorphism of serum esterases in japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Magdoff Fairchild B., 1986: Polymorphism of sickle cell hemoglobin aggregates structural basis for limited radial growth

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143156

Basset, P.; Zwiller, J.; Revel, M. O.; Vincendon, G., 1983: Polymorphism of soluble rat brain guanylate cyclase ec is produced during iso electric focusing

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143158

Smed E., 1984: Polymorphism of some marker enzymes of the sugar beet beta vulgaris investigated by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis and starch gel electrophoresis

Mendonca, L.; Gorin, P. A. J.; Lloyd, K. O.; Travassos, L. R., 1976: Polymorphism of sporothrix schenckii surface poly saccharides as a function of morphological differentiation

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143162

Vinetskii Yu P., 1987: Polymorphism of storage proteins in the perennial soybean of the subgenus glycine

Polin A.N., 1987: Polymorphism of streptomyces olivocinereus producing heliomycin

Laggner P., 1988: Polymorphism of synthetic 1 2 o dialkyl 3 o beta d galactosyl sn glycerols of different alkyl chain lengths

Cinader B., 1983: Polymorphism of t cell and b cell sensitization by aggregate freed heterologous gamma globulin

Figueroa F., 1984: Polymorphism of t complex genes in european wild mice

Rittner C., 1979: Polymorphism of the 2nd component of human complement c 2 observation of the rare phenotype c 2 2 equals c 2b and data on the localization of the c 2 locus in the hla region

Hoste, B.; Brocteur, J.; Suys, J.; Andre, A., 1977: Polymorphism of the 3rd component of complement and of transferrin in belgium

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143170

Matsumoto H., 1988: Polymorphism of the a subunit of coagulation factor xiii evidence for subtypes of the fxiiia i and fxiiia 2 alleles

Coggan M., 1981: Polymorphism of the a subunit of coagulation factor xiii in the pacific region description of new phenotypes

Caldwell J., 1979: Polymorphism of the bovine lymphocyte antigen system

Atkinson J.P., 1985: Polymorphism of the c 3b c 4b receptor cr 1 characterization of a 4th allele

Theron A., 1985: Polymorphism of the cercarial shedding pattern of schistosoma mansoni and its relations with the ecology of the parasite

Vinogradova, K. A.; Vasil'eva, L. S.; Tkhan'-Dat, N.; Silaev, A. B., 1975: Polymorphism of the chromomycin producer actinomyces aburaviensis var verrucosus

Ziomek, E.; Szewczuk, A., 1978: Polymorphism of the cobalt activated acylase in human tissues

Berovides Alvarez V., 1984: Polymorphism of the color of the conch of the caribbean hawksbill eretmochelys imbricata

Lefranc G., 1987: Polymorphism of the complement c3 gene in the lebanese population

D'apice A.J.F., 1985: Polymorphism of the complement receptor for complement c 3bi

Hostetter, H. P.; Rutherford, K. D., 1976: Polymorphism of the diatom pinnularia brebissonii var brebissonii in culture and a field collection

Smith Canet R., 1982: Polymorphism of the fur color of the hutia conga capromys pilorides

Schnitzer T.J., 1982: Polymorphism of the genomic rna among the avian reoviruses

Ikemoto S., 1988: Polymorphism of the group specific component in japanese monkeys as revealed by two dimensional gel electrophoresis

Kohen, G.; Philippe, N.; Godet, J., 1982: Polymorphism of the h i n f i restriction site located 1 kilobase 5' to the human beta globin gene

Matsumoto H., 1982: Polymorphism of the hapto globin peptides by iso electric focusing electrophoresis and iso electric point determinations

Fleuriet A., 1980: Polymorphism of the hereditary sigma virus in natural populations of drosophila melanogaster

Zaritskaya M.Yu, 1986: Polymorphism of the heterochromatic regions of the chromosomes 1 9 16 and y in long lived people and in persons of various ages from two areas of the ussr

Johnson A.H., 1988: Polymorphism of the hla d region in american blacks a dr3 haplotype generated by recombination

Brautbar C., 1986: Polymorphism of the hla dr 1 haplotype in the israeli population investigated at the serological cellular and genomic levels

Johnson A.H., 1988: Polymorphism of the hla dr1 haplotype in american blacks identification of a dr1 beta chain determinant recognized in the mixed lymphocyte reaction

Lebowitz P., 1987: Polymorphism of the human c abl gene relation to incidence and course of chronic myelogenous leukemia

Atkinson J.P., 1984: Polymorphism of the human complement c 3b c 4b receptor identification of a 3rd allele and analysis of receptor phenotypes in families and patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Colten H.R., 1986: Polymorphism of the human complement c 4 and steroid 21 hydroxylase genes restriction fragment length polymorphisms revealing structural deletions homoduplications and size variants

Henke, J.; Basler, M.; Baur, M. P., 1983: Polymorphism of the human phospho glycolate phosphatase ec in northrhine westphalia west germany and its application to paternity testing

Kaldor A., 1987: Polymorphism of the human serum paraoxonase in a hungarian children population

Wisniewski L., 1983: Polymorphism of the human y chromosome

Parcheta B., 1984: Polymorphism of the human y chromosome the evaluation of the correlation between the dna content and the size of the hetero chromatin and eu chromatin/

Elder, J. H.; Jensen, F. C.; Bryant, M. L.; Lerner, R. A., 1977: Polymorphism of the major envelope glyco protein gp 70 of murine c type viruses virion associated and differentiation antigens encoded by a multi gene family

Shonnard, J. W.; Cramer, D. V.; Poloskey, P. E.; Kunz, H. W.; Gill, T. J. Iii, 1976: Polymorphism of the major histo compatibility locus in the wild norway rat

Biemont C., 1986: Polymorphism of the mdg 1 and i mobile elements in drosophila melanogaster

Kulemina, I. V., 1976: Polymorphism of the medial anchors of dactylogyrus vastator monogenoidea from the crucian carp carassius carassius

Ghosh, B. K.; Nanninga, N., 1976: Polymorphism of the mesosome in bacillus licheniformis 749 c and 749 influence of chemical fixation monitored by freeze etching

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143204

Neitz J., 1987: Polymorphism of the middle wavelength cone in two species of south american monkey cebus apella and callicebus moloch

Schnitzer T.J., 1982: Polymorphism of the migration of double stranded rna genome segments of avian reoviruses

Fields B.N., 1979: Polymorphism of the migration of double stranded rna genome segments of reovirus isolates from humans cattle and mice

Gleva Yu Yu, 1987: Polymorphism of the mitochondrial dna of fertile and sterile forms of the sugar beet

Tissot R.G., 1982: Polymorphism of the mixed lymphocyte culture response in the rabbit

Dimmock N.J., 1982: Polymorphism of the ns 1 proteins of type a influenza virus

Bujard H., 1985: Polymorphism of the precursor for the major surface antigens of plasmodium falciparum merozoites studies at the genetic level

Bargagna, M., 1978: Polymorphism of the red cell acid phosphatase in tuscany by starch gel thin layer electrophoresis and fluorogenic substrate

Lucotte G., 1986: Polymorphism of the restriction of class i histocompatibility genes in the chimpanzee

Buschinger, A.; Winter, U., 1975: Polymorphism of the slavemaker ant harpagoxenus sublaevis

Demaine, A.; Welsh, K. I.; Hawe, B. S.; Farid, N. R., 1987: Polymorphism of the t cell receptor beta chain in graves' disease

Gordon I.J., 1984: Polymorphism of the tropical butterfly danaus chrysippus in africa

Fomina, M. M.; Minenkova, E. A.; Lankin, V. Z.; Poroshenko, G. G.; Evseenko, L. S., 1979: Polymorphism of the tumor cell population and selective processes 3. changes in the proportion of tumor cell sub populations of the ehrlich ascites strain under the action of glucose or sodium succinate

Dugoujon J.M., 1987: Polymorphism of the vitamin d binding protein dbp among primates an evolutionary analysis

Hyldgaard Jensen J., 1983: Polymorphism of the vitamin d binding serum protein in pigs and cattle determined by iso electric focusing in agarose gel

Baverstock, P. R.; Watts, C. H. S.; Hogarth, J. T., 1977: Polymorphism of the x chromosome y chromosome and autosomes in the australian hopping mice notomys alexis notomys cervinus and notomys fuscus rodentia muridae

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143222

Watanabe, A.; Tasaki, S.; Wada, Y.; Nakamachi, H., 1979: Polymorphism of thiamine hydro chloride 2. crystal structure of thiamine hydro chloride hemi hydrate and its stability

Gorevic, P. D.; Levo, Y.; Frangione, B.; Franklin, E. C., 1978: Polymorphism of tissue and serum amyloid a proteins in the mouse

Dubrovskaya, R. M.; Starodumov, I. M., 1976: Polymorphism of transferrin and albumin of the blood serum of pure bred riding horses

Valenta, M.; Stratil, A., 1978: Polymorphism of transferrin and con albumin in the domestic goose anser anser

Roed K.H., 1987: Polymorphism of transferrin and esterase in alaskan usa wolves evidence of close molecular homology with the dog

Valenta, M.; Stratil, A.; Slechtova, V.; Kalal, L.; Slechta, V., 1976: Polymorphism of transferrin in carp cyprinus carpio genetic determination isolation and partial characterization

Sykiotis M., 1981: Polymorphism of transferrin locus in horses immunochemical evidence of 2 structurally different subgroups of the allelic proteins

Dogonadze M.I., 1979: Polymorphism of transferrin types in different breeds of sheep and its relation to productivity

Shapiro, Y. O., 1969: Polymorphism of transferrins in the kostroma and swiss breed cattle and its connection with some indices of blood and productivity

Donchenko T.G., 1985: Polymorphism of trypanosoma cruzi in the blood of a vertebrate host

Matsumura, F.; Hayashi, M., 1976: Polymorphism of tubulin assembly in vitro formation of sheet twisted ribbon and micro tubule

Pantaloni D., 1984: Polymorphism of tubulin oligomers in the presence of micro tubule associated protein implications in micro tubule assembly/

Cachon, J.; Cachon, M., 1980: Polymorphism of tubulin reassembly 1. different aspects of allotropic transformations induced by low temperature

Cachon, J.; Cachon, M., 1981: Polymorphism of tubulin reassembly in the micro tubular system of a heliozoan sticholonche zanclea 2. cytochemical effects of mechanical shock and ultrasound

Fomina, M. M.; Minenkova, E. A.; Poroshenko, G. G.; Evseenko, L. S., 1978: Polymorphism of tumor cell populations and selective processes part 1 sub populations of tumor cells of the ehrlich i ch ph ascites strain

Berger Perrot Y., 1980: Polymorphism of ulothrix flacca of the brittany coast of france

Klein J., 1987: Polymorphism of unique noncoding dna sequences in wild and laboratory mice

Szymanowicz A., 1981: Polymorphism of urinary 4 hydroxy proline containing poly peptides

Mollon J.D., 1988: Polymorphism of visual pigments in a callitrichid monkey

Masina, P.; Ramunno, L.; Iannelli, D., 1978: Polymorphism of vitamin b 12 cobalt 57 binding proteins in rabbit serum

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143245

Anderson, W. W., 1969: Polymorphism resulting from the mating advantage of rare male genotypes

Thompson V., 1984: Polymorphism under apostatic and aposematic selection

Valdeyron G., 1986: Polymorphisms and environment the adaptive value of the oil polymorphisms in thymus vulgaris

Namkoong Y., 1986: Polymorphisms and genetic variations of red cell enzymes in korean populations

Section 7, Chapter 6144, Accession 006143251

Sanudo A., 1983: Polymorphisms for asymmetric reciprocal translocations in 2 species of the genus sideritis lamiaceae

Leonard, K. J., 1978: Polymorphisms for lesion type fungicide tolerance and mating capacity in cochliobolus carbonum isolates pathogenic to corn

Dearn, J. M., 1978: Polymorphisms for wing length and color pattern in the grasshopper phaulacridium vittatum

Rudikoff S., 1983: Polymorphisms in anti phospho choline antibodies reflecting evolution of immuno globulin families

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