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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6145

Chapter 6145 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kondratenko E.S., 1985: Polysaccharides from the waste products of some fruit berry vegetable and industrial crops

Polyakova, N. S.; Rakhimov, D. A.; Kondratenko, E. S., 1984: Polysaccharides from ungernia 13. leaf carbohydrates of ungernia genus

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Kiho, T.; Ito, M.; Nagai, K.; Hara, C.; Ukai, S., 1988: Polysaccharides in fungi xxii. a water soluble polysaccharide from the alkaline extract of the insect body portion of chan hua fungus cordyceps cicadae

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Sinitskaya I.A., 1986: Polysaccharides produced by some cryptococcus species

Kinoshita S., 1985: Polysaccharides sulfated at the time of gastrulation in embryos of the sea urchin clypeaster japonicus

Dellacherie E., 1986: Polysaccharidic prodrugs for enzymatically controlled release

Shearer C.A., 1982: Polyschema bicellularis new species from illinois usa

Reddy K.A., 1984: Polyschema lignicola new species

Slepyan, L. I.; Mikhailova, N. V.; Kublashvili-Ts, G., 1978: Polyscias filicifolia root structure in vivo and in vitro

Lundeen R.O., 1988: Polysectional triaxial posting a new process for incorporating correction in foot orthoses

Han X W., 1984: Polysensory neuron activities in prefrontal and premotor cortex of awake monkeys

Finne J., 1987: Polysialic acid units are spatially and temporally expressed in developing postnatal rat kidney

Inoue S., 1986: Polysialoglycoproteins of salmonidae fish eggs complete structure of 200 kilodalton polysialoglycoprotein from the unfertilized eggs of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Buster J.E., 1986: Polysiloxane vaginal rings and cylinders for physiologic endometrial priming in functionally agonadal women

Lee M.L., 1987: Polysiloxanes containing thermally stable chiral amide side chains for capillary gas and supercritical fluid chromatography

Heinrich P.C., 1984: Polysomal and cytoplasmic messenger ribo nucleo protein particles containing 7s low molecular weight rna

Rozanova L.M., 1980: Polysomal and monosomal content in lymphocytes of healthy humans and in patients with chronic lympho leukemia as affected by the therapy

Morrison M.R., 1980: Polysomal and nonpolysomal messenger rna in neuro blastoma cells lack of correlation between poly adenylation or initiation efficiency and messenger rna location

Gabrielli F., 1981: Polysomal and nonpolysomal messenger rna of noninduced and induced friend erythro leukemic cells analysis by cell free translation

Todorov, I. N.; Smal'ko, P. Ya ; Galkin, A. P., 1977: Polysomal apparatus as a reflection of functional interactions between translation and transcription processes during restoration of protein biosynthesis inhibited by cyclo heximide

Pearson, J. A.; Wareing, P. F., 1970: Polysomal changes in developing wheat m leaves

Lutz, R. W.; Shires, T. K., 1978: Polysomal changes in rats treated with lethal doses of carbon tetra chloride

Truden, J. L.; Franklin, R. M., 1971: Polysomal localization of r 17 bacterio phage specific protein synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144035

Volm M., 1982: Polysomal poly adenylated rna and albumin messenger rna in mastomys natalensis liver and in a chemically induced hepato cellular carcinoma

Holoubek V., 1980: Polysomal poly adenylic acid positive rna in liver of rats fed 3 methyl 4 dimethylamino azo benzene and in hepatoma induced by the same carcinogen

Reid M.S., 1983: Polysomal population in relation to ethylene production and the senescence of cut carnation dianthus caryophyllus cultivar white sim flowers and floral parts

Mudd, J. A.; Summers, D. F., 1970: Polysomal rna of vesicular stomatitis virus infected hela cells

Grant W.F., 1984: Polysomaty in the genus impatiens

Lynch, A. G.; Klein, N. W., 1978: Polysome activity in relation to growth and protein starvation in brains and hearts of cultured early chick embryos

Schopfer P., 1983: Polysome assembly and rna synthesis during phytochrome mediated photo morphogenesis in mustard sinapis alba cotyledons

Bartkoski M.J.Jr, 1982: Polysome associated proteins in herpes simplex virus infected cells

Avadhani N.G., 1980: Polysome dependent in vitro translation system capable of peptide chain re initiation

Reger, B. J.; Egley, G. H.; Swanson, C. R., 1975: Polysome formation in light sensitive common purslane seeds

Bukrinskaya, A. G.; Lebedeva, E. N., 1975: Polysome formation on virus specific rna within the transcriptive complex of the parainfluenza virus

Robson, K. J.; Chandra, T.; Macgillivray, R. T. A.; Woo, S. L. C., 1982: Polysome immuno precipitation of phenyl alanine hydroxylase ec messenger rna from rat liver and cloning of its complementary dna

Reynes, M.; Diebold, J., 1977: Polysome lamellae complexes in a case of nodular pleomorphic lympho blasto sarcoma

Ennis, H. L., 1972: Polysome metabolism in escherichia coli amicetin an antibiotic that stabilizes polysomes

Ennis, H. L., 1972: Polysome metabolism in escherichia coli effect of antibiotics on polysome stability

Petersen, N. S.; Mclaughlin, C. S., 1974: Polysome metabolism in protein synthesis mutants of yeast

Sells, B. H.; Ennis, H. L., 1970: Polysome stability in relaxed and stringent strains of escherichia coli during amino acid starvation

Miller O.L.Jr, 1983: Polysome structure in sea urchin lytechinus pictus eggs and embryos an electron microscopic analysis

Ron, E. Z., 1971: Polysome turnover during amino acid starvation in escherichia coli

Potts M., 1986: Polysome turnover in immobilized cells of nostoc commune cyanobacteria exposed to water stress

Oparka K.J., 1980: Polysomes and intra cisternal accumulations in enucleate sieve elements of rice oryza sativa

Ho-Terry, L.; Terry, G. M.; Cohen, A., 1978: Polysomes and polysomal messenger rna in sv 40 infected cv 1 cells in vivo observations

Cocito, C.; Vanlinden, F., 1978: Polysomes and ribosome metabolism in virus 2c multiplication

Firtel, R. A.; Monroy, A., 1970: Polysomes and rna synthesis during early development of the surf clam spisula solidissima

Ven Murthy M.R., 1986: Polysomes during early postnatal development of brain in the rat

Hari V., 1980: Polysomes from expanded tobacco nicotiana tabacum leaves

Szyszko, M.; Lassota, Z., 1977: Polysomes in diapausing and developing embryos of bombyx mori

Boyer J.S., 1988: Polysomes messenger rna and growth in soybean stems during development and water deficit

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144066

Hirama, M. N.; Mano, Y., 1976: Polysomes of the sea urchin embryo nature of so called cyclic amino acid incorporation and conditions to prepare cell free systems for protein synthesis

Mirkes, P. E., 1974: Polysomes rna and protein synthesis during germination of neurospora crassa conidia

Arora, O. P., 1977: Polysomics in moss verbena

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144070

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144071

Roffwarg H.P., 1986: Polysomnographic findings in recently drug free and clinically remitted depressed patients

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144073

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144074

Kalsher M., 1984: Polysomnography of torsion dystonia

Miyao M., 1984: Polysomnography on lissencephaly

Morgan W.J., 1985: Polysomnography scoring for sleep apnea use of a sampling method

Ruiz-Rejon, C.; Lozano, R.; Ruiz-Rejon, M., 1987: Polysomy and supernumerary chromosomes in ornithogalum umbellatum l. liliaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144079

Zang D.K., 1986: Polysomy of chromosome 7 is correlated with overexpression of the erb b oncogene in human glioblastoma cell lines

Koskinemi J., 1986: Polysorbate 20 as a drug release regulator in ethyl cellulose film coatings

Ratcliffe J.F., 1986: Polysorbate 80 and low osmolality water soluble contrast medium enema in diagnosis and treatment of fecal obstruction in malignant pheochromocytoma report of a case

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144083

Avrameas S., 1988: Polyspecific natural antibodies and autoantibodies secreted by human lymphocytes immortalized with epstein barr virus

Haynes B.F., 1987: Polyspecific reactivity of a murine monoclonal antibody that binds to nuclear matrix associated chromatin bound autoantigens

Swerlick R.A., 1986: Polyspecificity of antistreptococcal murine monoclonal antibodies and their implications in autoimmunity

Wentz A.C., 1985: Polyspermy effect of varying stimulation protocols and inseminating sperm concentrations

Hohl H.R., 1988: Polysphondylium luridum a new dictyostelid with unique spores

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144089

Jan P., 1987: Polysplenia with inferior vena cava duplication a case report

Anon, 1978: Polysponin

Drabek, K., 1976: Polysporia robusta new species from the carboniferous of central bohemia czechoslovakia

Kraft, J., 1977: Polystichum braunii new record on soderasen south sweden

Lei T.T., 1982: Polystichum lonchitis in central quebec labrador canada

Aslund G., 1988: Polystichum lonchitis new record province of medelpad central sweden

Poelt J., 1985: Polystigma caulicola new species a new parasitic ascomycete from the alps

Bourgat, R., 1975: Polystoma assoulinei new species monogenea polystomatidae a parasite of the urinary bladder of ptychadaena huguettae anura from togo

Du Preez L.H., 1987: Polystoma australis monogenea life cycle studies in experimental and natural infections of normal and substitute hosts

Dupouy, J.; Knoepffler, L. P., 1978: Polystoma chiromantis new species monogenea in chiromantis rufescens of cameroon gabon and central africa

Dupouy, J., 1978: Polystoma ebriensis monogenean worm parasite of the anuran amphibian ptychadena aequiplicata in cameroon description of the adult

Vaucher C., 1987: Polystoma from ecuador with descriptions of 2 new species

Murith D., 1980: Polystoma lamottei new species and polystoma aeschlimanni new species 2 polystomes monogeneans from the same amphibian species ptychadena pumilio

Murith D., 1981: Polystomes monogenea polystomatidae parasites of amphibia in lower ivory coast

Brooks D.R., 1987: Polystomoidella mayesi new species monogenea polystomatidae from the urinary bladder of a malaysian box turtle cuora amboinensis

Combes, C.; Kulo, S. D., 1978: Polystomoides bourgati new species monogenea polystomatidae 1st representative of the genus polystomoides new record in western africa

Gonzalez, J. P.; Mishra, G. S., 1977: Polystomoides tunisiensis new species monogenea polystomatidae and telorchis temimi new species digenea telorchiidae 2 new species of trematodes from fresh water turtles from tunisia

Chrambach A., 1987: Polystyrene latex particles as size standards in quantitative agarose gel electrophoresis application to three plant viruses

Seaman G.V.F., 1986: Polystyrene latex separations by continuous flow electrophoresis on the space shuttle

IInuma M., 1987: Polysulfans in the volatile oils of ferula species

Roncucci R., 1986: Polysulfated polysaccharides an in vitro study of their effects on proteoglycan biosynthesis by articular chondrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144116

Buzsaki G., 1988: Polysynaptic long term potentiation a physiological role of the perforant path ca3 ca1 pyramidal cell synapse

Seifert K.A., 1988: Polysynnema new genus of hyphomycetes

Nassar, W. Y., 1977: Polytef teflon injection of the vocal cords experience with 34 cases

Lee B.H., 1984: Polytene chromosomal variability of bilobella aurantiaca collembola from sainte baume population france

Bedo D.G., 1987: Polytene chromosome mapping in ceratitis capitata diptera tephritidae

Deharveng I., 1979: Polytene chromosome polymorphism in lathriopyga longiseta collembola neanuridae

Bonner, J. J.; Pardue, M. L., 1977: Polytene chromosome puffing and in situ hybridization measure different aspects of rna metabolism

Evgen'ev M.B., 1986: Polytene chromosome regions of drosophila virilis containing multiple dispersed p dv 111 dna sequences

Berendes, H. D., 1970: Polytene chromosome structure at the sub microscopic level part 1 a map of region x 1 4e of drosophila melanogaster

Derksen, J.; Berendes, H. D., 1970: Polytene chromosome structure at the submicroscopic level part 2 length distribution of dna molecules from polytene chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster and drosophila hydei

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144128

Dessen E.M.B., 1985: Polytene chromosomes and the puffing patterns in the salivary glands of sciara ocellaris

Safaya A., 1986: Polytene chromosomes in aedes vittatus bigot culicidae diptera

Murashige T., 1984: Polytene chromosomes in cultured pea roots pisum fabaceae

Gostev, A.; Asker, S., 1978: Polytene chromosomes in glandular hairs of salvia horminum/

Varmuza, S.; Prideaux, V.; Kothary, R.; Rossant, J., 1988: Polytene chromosomes in mouse trophoblast giant cells

Bedo, D. G., 1976: Polytene chromosomes in pupal and adult black flies diptera simuliidae

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Freed, H. J.; Grant, W. F., 1976: Polytene chromosomes in the suspensor cells of lotus fabaceae

Masuda H., 1980: Polytene chromosomes isolated from nuclei of tokunagayusurika akamushi diptera chironomidae structural transformation caused by salt detergent poly anions and enzymes

Naguro T., 1980: Polytene chromosomes observed by scanning electron microscope

Kaur G., 1982: Polytene chromosomes of musca domestica muscidae diptera

Spear, B. B.; Lauth, M. R., 1976: Polytene chromosomes of oxytricha biochemical and morphological changes during macro nuclear development in a ciliated protozoan

Dallai R., 1980: Polytene chromosomes of some bilobella aurantiaca collembola italian populations

Meyer H.J., 1988: Polytene chromosomes of the face fly musca autumnalis degeer

Li, B.; Liu, D.; Xie, C.; Lu, H.; Ye, B., 1983: Polytene chromosomes of the salivary gland of anopheles sinensis 1. technological modifications

Li, B.; Liu, D.; Xie, C.; Lu, H.; Ye, B., 1983: Polytene chromosomes of the salivary gland of anopheles sinensis 2. re identification of the x chromosome and chromosome mapping from anopheles sinensis

Endow S.A., 1982: Polytenization of the ribosomal genes on the x and y chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster

Zybina T.G., 1985: Polyteny and endomitosis in supergiant trophoblast cells of microtus subarvalis

Politano V., 1985: Polytetrafluoroethylene injection for urinary incontinence in children

Prasad K.U., 1986: Polytetrapeptide of elastin temperature correlated elastomeric force and structure development

Wagner R.F.Jr, 1982: Polythelia and unilateral renal agenesis

Ocic G., 1986: Polytherapy of epilepsy cause of intoxication poor control of attack and onset of pseudoepileptic attacks

Novozhilov Yu K., 1981: Polytomous numerical keys for determining myxomycete genera and species of leningrad oblast russian sfsr ussr

Deb Mallick S., 1982: Polytoxus sp heteroptera the 2nd reduviid genus with xo males

Kingsbury D.W., 1985: Polytranscripts of sendai virus do not contain intervening polyadenylate sequences

Haeske Seeberg H., 1988: Polytrauma and fracture of the femur

Harder F., 1986: Polytrauma in the elderly

Gaubert J., 1984: Polytraumatisms in children report on 76 cases

Pedersen, P. M., 1977: Polytretus reinboldii a rare brown alga in culture ectocarpales sorocarpaceae new family

Hart, R. G.; Yoshiyama, J. M., 1970: Polytropic montage ribosomes examined in a tissue section

Gutsevich, A. V., 1976: Polytypical species of mosquitoes culicidae part 2 aedes caspius

Gutsevich, A. V., 1976: Polytypical species of mosquitoes part 1 anopheles hyrcanus

Gassull M.A., 1988: Polyunsaturated fatty acid deficiency in liver cirrhosis its relation to associated protein energy malnutrition preliminary report

Horrobin D.F., 1988: Polyunsaturated fatty acid induced cytotoxicity against tumor cells and its relationship to lipid peroxidation

Svetashev V.I., 1985: Polyunsaturated fatty acids among tissue lipids of semiaquatic insects

Hockaday T.D.R., 1985: Polyunsaturated fatty acids and diabetic retinopathy

Zunin P., 1986: Polyunsaturated fatty acids and medium carbon chain triglycerides

Webb K.L., 1984: Polyunsaturated fatty acids and neutral lipids in developing larvae of the oyster crassostrea virginica

Anderson R.E., 1986: Polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin e in rat rod outer segments during light damage

Resch K., 1987: Polyunsaturated fatty acids are enriched in the plasma membranes of mitogen stimulated t lymphocytes

Horrobin D.F., 1987: Polyunsaturated fatty acids augment free radical generation in tumor cells in vitro

Lardinois, Ck; Starich, Gh; Mazzaferri, El; Delett, A., 1987: Polyunsaturated fatty acids augment insulin secretion

Sraer J D., 1986: Polyunsaturated fatty acids increase fibrinolytic activity of human isolated glomeruli

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144180

Eaton J.W., 1988: Polyunsaturated fatty acids stimulate superoxide formation in tumor cells a mechanism for specific cytotoxicity and a model for tumor necrosis factor

Schulte E., 1987: Polyunsaturated pheromones semi synthesis of z z 6 9 alkadienes and z z z 3 6 9 alkatrienes from naturally occurring fatty acids

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144186

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144187

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144188

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144189

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144190

Schoeller D.A., 1988: Polyunsaturated saturated ratio of diet fat influences energy substrate utilization in the human

Couturier C., 1987: Polyurethane central venous catheters for pediatric use

Gonzalez M., 1988: Polyurethane net new alternative as a temporary replacement of the abdominal wall in serious septic surgery

Kutzner J., 1985: Polyurethane positioning aids in radiotherapy

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144195

Salcedo J.R., 1979: Polyuria in children clinical evaluation and differential diagnosis

Eliakim M., 1983: Polyuria in experimental intra hepatic cholangitis induced by alpha naphthyl iso thio cyanate

Behrendt D., 1984: Polyuria poly dypsia and hypertension produced by a 6 day intra venous infusion of prostaglandin e 1 in the conscious dog

Craven R.M., 1980: Polyuric megalocystis

Streitz J.M., 1988: Polyuric urinary tract dilatation with renal damage

Mckissock Desoto D.C., 1980: Polyvalent anti sera to pseudomonas aeruginosa ribosomal vaccines protection of mice against clinically isolated strains

Fung, D. Y. C., 1973: Polyvalent anti serum agar system for the detection of staphylococcal entero toxin a entero toxin b entero toxin c and entero toxin e

Allegri, L.; Brianti, E.; Chatelet, F.; Manara, G. C.; Ronco, P.; Verroust, P., 1986: Polyvalent antigen antibody interactions are required for the formation of electron dense immune deposits in passive heymann's nephritis

Abraham W.H., 1982: Polyvalent heat killed antigen for the diagnosis of infection with legionella pneumophila

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144206

Lee L.F., 1984: Polyvalent mareks disease vaccines safety efficacy and protective synergism in chickens with maternal antibodies

Khitrina L.V., 1988: Polyvalent metal salts as inhibitors of photochemical conversions of bacteriorhodopsin

Udel'nova, T. M.; Boichenko, E. A.; Karyakin, A. V., 1976: Polyvalent metals in chloroplasts

Ciria, J.; Caja, G., 1977: Polyvalent method for the preparation of blood samples and determination of the nitrogenated metabolites ammonia urea and free amino acids

Giolma P., 1981: Polyvalent pneumococcal immunization of patients with plasma cell dyscrasias

Ammann, A. J.; Addiego, J.; Wara, D. W.; Lubin, B.; Smith, W. B.; Mentzer, W. C., 1977: Polyvalent pneumococcal poly saccharide immunization of patients with sickle cell anemia and patients with splenectomy

Cano F.R., 1980: Polyvalent pneumococcal vaccine given alone and in combination with bivalent influenza virus vaccine

Jonakova, V.; Cechova, D.; Zawistowska, U., 1982: Polyvalent proteinase inhibitors from potatoes isolation and characterization of acrosin ec inhibitors from solanum tuberosum

Kingsman A.J., 1988: Polyvalent recombinant antigens a new vaccine strategy

Totman P., 1980: Polyvalent strain specific allo anti sera as tools for routine genetic quality control of inbred and congenic strains of rats and mice

Zhylyayev H.H., 1986: Polyvariance of grassy perennials in carpathian phytocenoses

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144218

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144219

Karube I., 1986: Polyvinylbutyral resin membrane for enzyme immobilization to an ion selective field effect transistor microbiosensor

Berezin I.V., 1987: Polyvinylcaprolactam a reversibly precipitating thermopolymer coprecipitation with proteins

Schlipkoeter H W., 1984: Polyvinylpyridine n oxide therapy in human silicosis

Koehler J., 1986: Polyvinylpyrrolidone coated silica a versatile polar stationary phase for high performance liquid chromatography

Wuensch P H., 1984: Polyvinylpyrrolidone induced granuloma different aspects of the diagnosis of rare tumors of the cheek

Mork P., 1987: Polyvinylpyrrolidone iodine as a disinfectant in eye surgery for five years

Trofimov E.I., 1985: Polyvinylpyrrolidone stimulation of immune response in laryngeal cancer patients

Nedelcu M., 1987: Polyvisceral surgery in extensive colonic cancers

Regan M.A., 1986: Polyxylon australe new species a new cladoxylalean axis from the devonian of australia

Robinson H., 1988: Polyynes from calotis species

D'hondt, J. L., 1977: Polyzoa collected in 1972 and 1973 by the missions polymede ii in the west part of mediterranean sea and thalassa 1973 in the bay of biscay cheilostomata and cyclostomata

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144232

Sorcetti C.C., 1981: Pomania morettii new species in a larva of potamophylax cingulatus

Meininger, P. L., 1977: Pomarine skua stercorarius pomarinus taking black headed gulls larus ridibundus

Aspinall S.J., 1987: Pomarine skuas in britain uk and ireland in autumn 1985

Matsumoto E., 1987: Pomatoleios kraussii baird as a paleo sea level indicator on the southeast coast of boso peninsula central japan

Zachej, S., 1974: Pomological analysis of selected types of english walnut

Kolecevski P., 1985: Pomological characters of some native and introduced cherry varieties grown in the region of pelagonija bulgaria

Samuelsen T.J., 1983: Pompano trachinotus ovatus new record of fish species to norway

Lin, C. Y.; Hwang, B.; Hsiao, K. J.; Jin, Y. R., 1987: Pompe's disease in chinese and prenatal diagnosis by determination of alpha glucosidase activity

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144241

Crowe J.E., 1979: Pompes disease diagnosis by combined echo cardiographic and gray scale ultrasound evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144243

Section 7, Chapter 6145, Accession 006144244

Kudeshia P.P., 1983: Pomphale striptipennis new genus new species hymenoptera eulophidae

Agrup G., 1985: Pompholyx a 1 year series

Levene G.M., 1987: Pompholyx occurring during hospital admission for treatment of atopic dermatitis

Rogers W.A., 1984: Pomphorhynchus lucyi new species acanthocephala from fresh water and brackish water fishes of the southeastern usa gulf coast

Lomholdt O., 1987: Pompilidae hymenoptera from the skallingen peninsula western coast of jutland denmark

Marion, H., 1978: Pompilids of the nievre france hymenoptera

Mccarthy J.F., 1979: Ponasterone a a new ecdysteroid from the embryos and serum of brachyuran crustaceans

Gori, P., 1978: Ponceau 2r staining of proteins and per iodic acid bleaching of osmicated sub cellular structures on semi thin sections of tissues processed for electron microscopy a simplified procedure

Gori, P., 1977: Ponceau 2r staining of semi thin sections of tissues fixed in glutaraldehyde osmium tetr oxide and embedded in epoxy resins

Kurmaeva M.E., 1981: Poncets rheumatism analysis of 102 observations

Werner J.K., 1986: Pond acidity and its relationship to larval development of ambystoma maculatum and rana sylvatica in upper michigan usa

O'grady, K. T.; Spillett, P. B., 1987: Pond and tank feeding trials with carp cyprinus carpio l. gross nutrition conversion efficiency and cost effective diets

Habib Ul Hassan, 1987: Pond culture of jaira and kalri penaeid shrimps in pakistan

Powers, H. R-Jr ; Langdon, O. G., 1977: Pond pine clones vary in resistance to cronartium fusiforme

Lamberts L., 1984: Pond sediments as historical record of heavy metals fallout

Rodionova S.S., 1984: Pond smelt hypomesus olidus osmeridae ecology in water bodies of sakhalin russian sfsr ussr

Bond, W. J.; Collis-George, N., 1981: Ponded infiltration into simple soil systems 1. the saturation and transition zones in the moisture content profiles

Bond, W. J.; Collis-George, N., 1981: Ponded infiltration into simple soil systems 3. the behavior of infiltration rate with time

Collis-George, N.; Bond, W. J., 1981: Ponded infiltrations into simple soil systems 2. pore air pressures ahead of and behind the wetting front

Dash-Sharma, P.; Haque, M., 1975: Ponderal index and height among the dusadhs of darbhanga india

Faquih A.M., 1985: Ponderal index as a predictor of neonatal morbidity in small for gestational age infants

Matei-Vladescu, C.; Apostol, G.; Radaceanu-Aricescu, V.; Ionescu, E., 1975: Ponderal modifications in chickens with hypothalamic lesions induced by l mono sodium glutamate

Mata S.A., 1986: Ponderosa pine conelet and cone mortality in central arizona usa

Bragg T.B., 1987: Ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa invasion of nebraska sandhills prairie nebraska usa

Gray W.H., 1981: Ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa provenance tests in minnesota usa

Gray N.F., 1983: Ponding of a random plastic percolating filter medium due to the fungus subbaromyces splendens in the treatment of sewage

Parlange, J. Y.; Smith, R. E., 1976: Ponding time for variable rainfall rates

Guiso M., 1982: Pondraneoside a new iridoid glucoside from pondranea ricasoliana

Skokbaev S.O., 1979: Pondweed family of the kazakh ssr ussr and its economic significance

Hirai M., 1986: Ponfolin a new coumarin from trifoliate orange

Talapatra B., 1980: Pongaglabol a new hydroxy furano flavone and aurantiamide acetate a di peptide from the flowers of pongamia glabra

Orlova N.E., 1984: Ponomareva plotnikovas schema modified to determine the composition nature and properties of the soil humus

Burnstock G., 1985: Pontamine sky blue a counterstain for background autofluorescence in fluorescence and immunofluorescence histochemistry

Novick L.F., 1984: Pontiac fever associated with a whirlpool spa

Et Al, 1981: Pontiac fever isolation of the etiologic agent legionella pneumophila and demonstration of its mode of transmission

Mckinney R., 1987: Pontiac fever outbreak associated with a cooling tower

St John W.M., 1981: Pontile axonal projections of medullary respiratory neurons

Ohno T., 1979: Pontine and non pontine pathways mediating early mossy fiber responses from sensori motor cortex to cerebellum in the cat

Torizuka K., 1987: Pontine ataxic hemiparesis studied by a high resolution magnetic resonance imaging system

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