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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6147

Chapter 6147 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Farhud D.D., 1986: Population genetics of the persians and other peoples in iran

Weissmann J., 1983: Population genetics of the polymorphism of the enzymes acp ada ak esd glo i gpt and pgm 1 in xhosa bantus and europides from south africa

Beckwitt R., 1985: Population genetics of the sand crab emerita analoga in southern california usa

Udina I.G., 1985: Population genetics of the taiga hunters deer breeders peculiarities of the hla system markers distribution in the native population of central siberia ussr

Kirk R.L., 1984: Population genetics of the vitamin d binding protein gc subtypes in the asian pacific area description of new alleles at the gc locus

Burton, R. S.; Feldman, M. W., 1981: Population genetics of tigriopus californicus 2. differentiation among neighboring populations

Ohta T., 1984: Population genetics theory of concerted evolution and its application to the immunoglobulin v gene tree

Shutyaev A.M., 1987: Population geographical variability of leaf downiness in quercus robur l

Keil C.B., 1984: Population growth and behavior of blattella germanica orthoptera blattellidae in experimentally established shipboard infestations

Procter D.L.C., 1984: Population growth and intrinsic rate of natural increase of the high arctic nematode chiloplacus sp at low and high temperatures/

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146012

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146013

Day K.R., 1986: Population growth and spatial patterns of spruce aphids elatobium abietinum on individual trees

Perng J J., 1987: Population growth and temperature dependent effect of cotton aphid aphis gossypii glover

Sazykina T.G., 1987: Population growth dynamics at the consumption of replaceable food components change over model

Pal G.P., 1983: Population growth in daphnia carinata as a direct function of available space

Davison, J., 1973: Population growth in planaria dugesia tigrina regulation by the absolute number in the population

Kolasa J., 1987: Population growth in some mesostoma spp turbellaria predatory on mosquitoes

Martin R.E., 1985: Population growth in stationary and suspension culture of paramoeba permaquidensis amoebida paramoebidae

Winkel W., 1981: Population growth of 5 tit species parus spp in a larchwood experimental area before and after the severe winter of 1978 1979

Exley E.M., 1980: Population growth of brevipalpus lewisi acarina tenuipalpidae on grapevines vitis vinifera

Southwick C.H., 1984: Population growth of free ranging rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta at tughlaqabad india

Phadke, K. G.; Bhatia, S. K., 1974: Population growth of sitophilus oryzae and rhyzopertha dominica in wheat varieties

Yadava S.C., 1984: Population growth of sitophilus oryzae in three varieties of maize with relation to different types of container

Harris M.K., 1985: Population growth of the blackmargined aphid monellia caryella on pecan carya illinoensis in the field

Thomas P.A., 1986: Population growth of the floating weed salvinia molesta field observations and a global model based on temperature and nitrogen

Schwaegerle K.E., 1983: Population growth of the pitcher plant sarracenia purpurea at cranberry bog licking county ohio usa

Perper, T.; Petriello, R., 1977: Population growth patterns of 4 species of aphelenchoides on fungi

Ray S., 1987: Population growth patterns of helicotylenchus dihystera and hoplolaimus indicus in weedicide treated groundnut plots

Mclaughlin J.J.A., 1983: Population growth patterns of skeletonema costatum and nutrient levels in the lower east river new york usa

Edwards C.R., 1985: Population growth potentials of the mexican bean beetle epilachna varivestis coleoptera coccinellidae on soybean and lima bean cultivars

Seki H., 1988: Population growth rate of bacterioplankton community in a bog doh hoh numa bog japan

Seki H., 1985: Population growth rate of the bacterioplankton community in a bog matsumi ike japan

Werner, P. A.; Caswell, H., 1977: Population growth rates and age vs stage distribution models for teasel dipsacus sylvestris

Greep, R. O., 1974: Population growth the environment and fertility control

Komlos J., 1985: Population growth through history and the escape from the malthusian trap a homeostatic simulation model

Boyce, M. S., 1977: Population growth with stochastic fluctuations in the life table

Jorgensen H.E., 1985: Population habitat selection and reproduction of the marsh harrier circus aeruginosus 1971 1983

Abdullah N.F., 1980: Population heterogeneity in cumbria england uk analysis by digital dermatoglyphics

Sarkar, S.; Jones, O. W.; Centerwall, W.; Tyler, E. T.; Shioura, N., 1978: Population heterogeneity in human sperm dna content

Lehto V P., 1985: Population heterogeneity in the surface expression of ulex europaeus i lectin binding sites in cultured malignant and transformed cells

Nesme, X.; Michel, M. F.; Digat, B., 1987: Population heterogeneity of agrobacterium tumefaciens in galls of populus l. from a single nursery

Boehm C.D., 1981: Population heterogeneity of the h p a i restriction site associated with the beta globin gene implications for pre natal diagnosis

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146047

Koeslag J.H., 1985: Population homeostasis during the demographic transition

Park, Y. S.; Gerhold, H. D., 1986: Population hybridization in scotch pine pinus sylvestris i. genetic variance components and heterosis

Gerhold, H. D.; Park, Y. S., 1986: Population hybridization in scotch pine pinus sylvestris l. ii. combining ability comparisons

Portaro, J. K.; Glick, G. I.; Zighelboim, J., 1978: Population immunology age and immune cell parameters

Stallard E., 1980: Population impact of mortality reduction the effects of elimination of major causes of death on the saved population

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146053

Gallais, A., 1978: Population improvement breeding methods and creation of varieties 3. theoretical bases for reciprocal recurrent selection

Gallais, A., 1978: Population improvement breeding methods and creation of varieties part 2 concept of genotypic varietal ability and consequences for recurrent selection

Gallais, A., 1977: Population improvement breeding methods and creation varieties part 1 synthesis on general aspects and on theoretical bases for intra population recurrent selection

Pandita P.N., 1985: Population improvement in pyrethrum chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium

Singh R.B., 1980: Population improvement in wheat triticum aestivum

Parsons, J. A., 1976: Population in southern africa a resource or a burden

Bester M.N., 1980: Population increase in the amsterdam island fur seal arctocephalus tropicalis at gough island south atlantic

Roux J P., 1983: Population increase in the subantarctic fur seal arctocephalus tropicalis at amsterdam island indian ocean

Stone, M. W.; Wilcox, J., 1978: Population increase of introduced elaterids conoderus exsul and conoderus falli coleoptera elateridae

Gunn A., 1981: Population increase of musk oxen ovibos moschatus on banks island canada and implications for competition with peary caribou rangifer tarandus pearyi

Laursen K., 1981: Population index for danish breeding birds 1978 1979

Laursen K., 1979: Population index of danish breeding birds 1975 1978

Klug Andersen B., 1983: Population index of danish breeding birds 1979 1980

Klug Andersen B., 1984: Population indices for danish breeding birds 1980 1981

Klug Andersen B., 1984: Population indices for danish breeding birds 1981 1982

Larow, E. J., 1976: Population interaction a synchronizer for the persistent rhythmicity of chaoborus larvae

Beck J.T., 1979: Population interactions between a parasitic castrator probopyrus pandalicola isopoda bopyridae and one of its fresh water shrimp hosts palaemonetes paludosus decapoda caridea

Andrews F.M., 1983: Population issues and social indicators of well being

Mikhailova P.V., 1986: Population karyological studies of some chironomidae species diptera

Noga S.J., 1986: Population kinetic study of guinea pig monocytes and their subsets during acute inflammation

Noga S.J., 1986: Population kinetic study on the origin of guinea pig monocyte heterogeneity

Andersson, G.; Heby, O., 1977: Population kinetics of an ehrlich ascites tumor following treatment with methyl glyoxal bis guanyl hydrazone nsc 32946 a poly amine synthesis inhibitor

Lehy, T.; Willems, G., 1976: Population kinetics of antral gastrin cells in the mouse

Benn, P. A., 1977: Population kinetics of chromosomally abnormal human fibroblast sub populations

Virsik P., 1982: Population kinetics of micro colonies causing shouldered survival curves at low linear energy transfer

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146081

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146083

Teeri J.A., 1986: Population level variation in photosynthetic metabolism and growth in sedum wrightii

Newton, I., 1976: Population limitation in diurnal raptors

Yadava, C. P. S.; Saxena, R. C.; Mishra, R. K.; Dadheech, L. N., 1977: Population management of white grub holotrichia consanguinea in an agro ecosystem

Hegart K., 1987: Population measurements of two deleterious rhizobacteria in different crop rotations and in different soils

Olenev G.V., 1981: Population mechanisms of adaptation to extreme environmental conditions based on the red backed vole clethrionomys glareolus

Manga, N., 1972: Population metabolism of nebria brevicollis coleoptera carabidae

Watts S.J., 1987: Population mobility and disease transmission the example of guinea worm

Williams F.M., 1982: Population model for the gypsy moth lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae egg parasite ooencyrtus kuvanae hymenoptera encyrtidae

Dzhanseitova, G. B.; Dzhanseitov, K. K.; Kibardin-Yu, V., 1976: Population model of the erythron system

Radosevich S.R., 1988: Population modeling approach for evaluating leafy spurge euphorbia esula development and control

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146096

Halbach, U., 1976: Population models and syn ecological models in ornithology

Barclay H.J., 1981: Population models on the release of chemo sterilants for pest control

Pickens G.T., 1985: Population momentum a formulation based on a stochastic population process

Potter, R. G.; Wolowyna, O.; Kulkarni, P. M., 1977: Population momentum a wider definition

Pickard D.K., 1981: Population momentum its relation to the moments of replacement level fertility

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146102

Fry J.S., 1984: Population morbidity screening practical methodology for small populations

Yablokov, A. V., 1976: Population morphology as a new trend in evolutionary morphological and population research

Madsen, B. L.; Butz, I., 1976: Population movements of adult brachyptera risi plecoptera

Bazzaz F.A., 1987: Population niche structure differential response of abutilon theophrasti progeny to resource gradients

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146107

Watanabe I., 1982: Population of aerobic heterotrophic nitrogen fixing bacteria associated with wetland and dryland rice

Eiras J.D.C., 1981: Population of alosa alosa amphibiotic migrating fish thalassotroph land locked in fresh water in portugal

Sackl P., 1987: Population of birds in the winter in the middle valley of the kamp river lower austria determined by point counts

Schuster, S.; Werner, H., 1977: Population of birds of prey in the bodanrueck area lake constance in 1974 and 1975

Celinska-Szpytko, E.; Brelinska-Peczalska, R.; Mackiewicz, S., 1976: Population of blood lymphocytes in rheumatoid patients

Rabeni C.F., 1983: Population of characteristics of sympatric smallmouth bass micropterus dolomieui and rock bass ambloplites rupestris in the jacks fork river and current river missouri usa

Simola H., 1984: Population of dynamics of plankton diatoms in a 69 year sequence of annually laminated sediment

Grosholz E., 1985: Population of dynamics of the ribbed mussel geukensia demissa the costs and benefits of an aggregated distribution

Tokeshi M., 1986: Population of ecology of the commensal chironomid epoicocladius flavens on its mayfly host ephemera danica

Misra S.L., 1987: Population of ectoparasites as influenced by certain edaphic factors in sub humid region around rhizosphere of certain fruit crops

Urata, Y.; Mori, S.; Watanabe, K.; Ueno, K., 1985: Population of genus propionibacterium genus staphylococcus genus streptococcus and genus enterococcus on normal skin and skin lesion i. population of genus propionibacterium and genus staphylococcus on normal skin

Urata, Y.; Mori, S.; Watanabe, K.; Ueno, K., 1985: Population of genus propionibacterium genus staphylococcus genus streptococcus and genus enterococcus on normal skin and skin lesion ii. population of genus propionibacterium genus staphylococcus genus streptococcus and genus enterococcus on skin lesion

Yagi S., 1983: Population of killer lymphocytes in various kinds of thyroid disease

Harrison, D. E.; Astle, C. M., 1976: Population of lymphoid tissues in cured w anemic mice by donor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146125

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146126

Meklenburtsev R.N., 1982: Population of nesting birds in tashkent uzbek ssr ussr and changes in its composition for many years

Nadyrshina R.Sh, 1986: Population of ornithodoros papillipes in namangan and andizhan oblasts uzbek ssr ussr and factors determining this population

Ciepielewski W., 1981: Population of pike esox lucius in pond type lake warniak poland in 1969 1978

Bahtijarevic A., 1985: Population of proteus anguinus laurenti in the suvaja cave yugoslavia

Pierce M.E., 1981: Population of quickly adapting mechano receptive afferents innervating monkey macaca nemestrina glabrous skin representation of 2 vibrating probes

Weinhold, A. R., 1977: Population of rhizoctonia solani in agricultural soils determined by a screening procedure

Varshavskii S.N., 1987: Population of rhombomys opimus rodentia cricetidae in cis ust urt and north ust urt region ussr its association with plague epizootics

Yasnyi, E. V., 1978: Population of small mammals in rocky habitats of the greater caucasus ussr

Maricic S., 1979: Population of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis on corn hybrids in the territory of the duro salaj agricultural combine valpovo yugoslavia

Savitskii, B. P.; Savitskaya, G. M., 1976: Population of the forests in the lower and middle amur flood plain by ixodid ticks

Zhivotchenko, V. I., 1977: Population of the lazovsk state preserve by the tiger panthera tigris altaica and the relations with the leopard and the wolf

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146138

Hiernaux, J.; Maquet, D., 1979: Population of the rural canton of chateauponsac haute vienne france and its migrants to cities 2. blood pressure from 6 17 years its associations with age height weight and skin fold thickness

Shlyakhov A.V., 1988: Population of the spiny dogfish squalus acanthias and its biomass in the black sea

Laing D.J., 1979: Population of the tunnel web spider porrhothele antipodiana mygalomorphae dipluridae

Mathew D.N., 1984: Population of the western ghats squirrel funambulus tristriatus in south india

Tsujino Y., 1980: Population of xanthomonas oryzae and concentration of techlofthalam in guttation droplets on rice leaf sprayed with techlofthalam

Booke H.E., 1980: Population or stock structure of lake whitefish coregonus clupeaformis in northern lake michigan usa canada as assessed by isozyme electrophoresis

Hornig L.L., 1980: Population oscillations and energy reserves in planktonic cladocera and their consequences to competition

Svendsen G.E., 1980: Population parameters and colony composition of beaver castor canadensis in southeast ohio usa

Kennamer R.A., 1987: Population parameters and philopatry of breeding female wood ducks

Pitcher T.J., 1987: Population parameters biannual cohorts and assessment in the pagellus bellottii sparidae fishery off ghana

Arbogast, R. T., 1976: Population parameters for oryzaephilus surinamensis and oryzaephilus mercator effect of relative humidity

Birkhead, T. R.; Hudson, P. J., 1977: Population parameters for the common guillemot uria aalge

How R.A., 1981: Population parameters of 2 congeneric possums trichosurus spp in northeastern new south wales australia

Labisky R.F., 1984: Population parameters of a relatively unexploited stock of snowy grouper epinephelus niveatus in the lower florida keys usa

Nishida T., 1985: Population parameters of cyrtorhinus lividipennis heteroptera miridae reared on eggs of natural and factitious prey

Gjertz I., 1987: Population parameters of ringed seals phoca hispida schreber 1775 in the svalbard area norway

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146155

De Vlas J., 1979: Population parameters of the lugworm arenicola marina living on tidal flats in the dutch wadden sea netherlands

Jamil Z., 1984: Population patterns of androlaelaps casalis acarina laelapinae in stored grains from lucknow india

Pickett S.T.A., 1982: Population patterns through 20 years of old field succession

Bormann F.H., 1988: Population persistence and reproductive ecology of a forest herb aster acuminatus

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146161

Fuseau E., 1985: Population pharmacokinetics

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146163

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146164

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146165

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146166

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146167

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146168

Whitney, V. H., 1976: Population planning in asia in the 1970s

Leeuw F.L., 1985: Population policy in industrialized countries evaluating policy theories to assess the demographic impact of population policy

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146171

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146172

Fung M., 1982: Population prevalence of epilepsy in sydney australia

Muro, S., 1975: Population problems of romania including the population problems of east european countries

Hamilton J., 1984: Population processes in a large herbivorous reptile the giant tortoise of aldabra atoll indian ocean

Persson C., 1987: Population processes in south west scanian sand martins riparia riparia

Johraku T., 1983: Population processes of nephotettix cincticeps hemiptera deltocephalidae in hokuriku and tokai nisinippon districts of japan

Cockburn A., 1981: Population processes of the silky desert mouse pseudomys apodemoides rodentia in mature heathlands

Nettleship D.N., 1987: Population productivity and ddt contamination trends of northern gannets sula bassanas at bonaventure island quebec canada 1967 1984

Eberhardt L.L., 1987: Population projections from simple models

Malaker C.R., 1983: Population projections of the less developed regions 1980 2000

Beekhuis H., 1988: Population radiation absorbed dose from nuclear medicine procedures in the netherlands

Hodun A., 1985: Population recognition of infant isolation peeps in the squirrel monkey

Ramirez M., 1984: Population recovery in the moustached tamarin saguinus mystax management strategies and mechanisms of recovery

Gunson J.R., 1986: Population reduction as a factor in the control of skunk mephitis mephitis rabies in alberta canada

Otis D.L., 1982: Population reduction of richardsons ground squirrels spermophilus richardsonii with zinc phosphide

Cockburn, A., 1981: Population regulation and dispersion of the smoky mouse pseudomys fumeus 1. dietary determinants of micro habitat preference

Cockburn, A., 1981: Population regulation and dispersion of the smoky mouse pseudomys fumeus 2. spring decline breeding success and habitat heterogeneity

Elliott J.M., 1985: Population regulation for different life stages of migratory trout salmo trutta in a lake district stream uk 1966 1983

Halberstein R.A., 1980: Population regulation in an island community

Jain S.K., 1979: Population regulation in bromus rubens and bromus mollis life cycle components and competition

Elliott J.M., 1987: Population regulation in contrasting populations of trout salmo trutta in two lake district streams england uk

Krebs C.J., 1987: Population regulation in deer mice the role of females

Jensen A.L., 1981: Population regulation in lake whitefish coregonus clupeaformis

Guinness F.E., 1985: Population regulation in male and female red deer

Marquiss M., 1986: Population regulation in sparrowhawks accipiter nisus

Alway J.H., 1979: Population regulation in spruce grouse canachites canadensis franklinii a working hypothesis

Black, R., 1977: Population regulation in the inter tidal limpet patelloida alticostata

Barlow N.D., 1979: Population regulation in the lime aphid eucallipterus tiliae

Hill D.A., 1984: Population regulation in the mallard anas platyrhynchos

Simberloff D., 1981: Population regulation of a new leaf mining insect cameraria sp at increased field densities

Hestbeck J.B., 1982: Population regulation of cyclic mammals the social fence hypothesis

Yadav A.S. , 1982: Population regulation of eupatorium adenophorum and eupatorium riparium effect of population density soil nitrogen and light intensity

Tripathi R.S., 1986: Population regulation of galinsoga ciliata and galinsoga parviflora effect of 2 4 d application at different growth stages and light regimes

Tripathi R.S., 1983: Population regulation of galinsoga ciliata and galinsoga parviflora effect of sowing pattern population density and soil moisture and texture

Fraval A., 1986: Population regulation of lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae in the atlantic cork oak association of morocco effects of climate entomophages and human activity

Borner M., 1985: Population regulation of serengeti wildebeest connochaetes taurinus a test of the food hypothesis

Sunose T., 1985: Population regulation of the euonymus gall midge masakimyia pustulae diptera cecidomyiidae by hymenopterous parasitoids

Drea J.J., 1988: Population regulation of the eurasian pine adelgid homoptera adelgidae in hawaii usa

Potter D.A., 1985: Population regulation of the native holly leafminer phytomyza ilicicola diptera agromyzidae on american holly ilex opacae

Curtis, C. F., 1976: Population replacement in culex fatigans by means of cytoplasmic incompatibility part 2 field cage experiments with overlapping generations

Hoekstra, B.; Van-Der-Straeten, E.; Van-Laar, V., 1977: Population research on terrestrial mammals in the benelux

Axelsson B., 1980: Population respiration a theoretical approach

Doetsch, G. S.; Escobar, N.; Norman, H. L., 1977: Population response characteristics of neurons in anterior motor sensory cerebral cortex field 6 of the domestic cat

Bunney B.S., 1987: Population response of midbrain dopaminergic neurons to neuroleptics further studies on time course and nondopaminergic neuronal influences

Kennedy G.G., 1984: Population response of the twospotted spider mite tetranychus urticae to host phenology in corn zea mays and peanut arachis hypogaea

Doetsch, G. S.; Towe, A. L., 1976: Population response patterns of distinct neuronal subsets in hind limb sensori motor cerebral cortex of the domestic cat

Ellis B.E., 1987: Population responses in tobacco cell cultures during selection for resistance to p fluorophenylalanine

Stoermer, E. F.; Ladewski, B. G.; Schelske, C. L., 1978: Population responses of lake michigan usa phyto plankton to nitrogen and phosphorus enrichment

Fairchild G.W., 1982: Population responses of plant associated invertebrates to foraging by largemouth bass fry micropterus salmoides

Viyanant V., 1986: Population responses of the snail bulinus abyssinicus to differing initial social and crowding conditions

Wesolowski T., 1981: Population restoration after removal of wrens troglodytes troglodytes breeding in primeval forest

Blackburn H., 1985: Population risk of cardiovascular disease the minnesota usa heart survey

Ferrer E.R., 1983: Population sampling for planthoppers leafhoppers hemiptera homoptera delphacidae and cicadellidae and their predators in flooded rice

Weseloh R.M., 1983: Population sampling method for cocoons of the gypsy moth lepidoptera lymantriidae parasite apanteles melanoscelus hymenoptera braconidae and relationship of its population levels to predator induced and hyper parasite induced mortality

Flatz G., 1980: Population screening for beta thalassemia

Lundgren B., 1979: Population screening for breast cancer by single view mammography in a geographic region in sweden

Haley N.J., 1986: Population screening for cholesterol determination a pilot study

Vermorken A.J.M., 1983: Population screening for glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency on the baleares

Rose, G., 1978: Population screening for myo cardial ischemia

Flatz G., 1981: Population screening for the human adult lactase phenotypes with a multiple breaths version of the breath hydrogen test

Zielhuis G.A., 1988: Population screening of cervical cancer in the region of nijmegen the netherlands 1976 1985

Acad Sin Inst Zool Dep Anim Ecol Group I., 1979: Population self regulation in brandts voles microtus brandti relationships between population density adrenal weight and gonadal weight

Munan, L.; Kelly, A.; Petitclerc, C., 1976: Population serum urate levels and their correlates the sherbrooke quebec canada regional study

Fukuoka, T.; Yanagawa, R., 1987: Population shift from piliated to non piliated bacteria in kidneys bladder and urine of mice infected with corynebacterium renale strain no. 115 piliated bacteria

Lachowicz, T. M.; Swiderski, M., 1976: Population shift in drug resistant and sensitive escherichia coli during antibiotic treatment of children with diarrhea

Aronson M., 1985: Population shift in mannose specific fimbriated phase of klebsiella pneumoniae during experimental urinary tract infection in mice

Sowell G.Jr, 1982: Population shift of sphaerotheca fuliginea on muskmelon cucumis melo from race 2 to race 1 in southeastern usa

Zhivotovskii L.A., 1979: Population similarity measures for polymorphic characters

Mattes H., 1979: Population size and biology of the newly discovered kabylian nuthatch sitta ledanti

Fiala V., 1988: Population size and breeding success in the pochard aythya ferina and tufted duck aythya fuligula

Robertson G., 1986: Population size and breeding success of the gentoo penguin pygoscelis papua at macquarie island antarctica

Moller, A. P., 1978: Population size and changes of crested larks galerida cristata in north jutland denmark with remarks on population regulation

Simon J., 1985: Population size and diet of the spotted woodpecker dendrocopos major

Tsybulin S.M., 1987: Population size and distribution of ixodid ticks in the northern altai russian sfsr ussr

Crossland J., 1980: Population size and exploitation rate of snapper chrysophrys auratus in the hauraki gulf new zealand from tagging experiments 1975 1976

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146253

Fjeldsa J., 1981: Population size and habitat selection of magpie pica pica on central zealand denmark

Asbirk, S.; Dybbro, T., 1978: Population size and habitat selection of the great crested grebe podiceps cristatus in denmark 1975

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146256

Blaber, S. J. M., 1973: Population size and mortality of juveniles of the marine teleost rhabdosargus holubi pisces sparidae in a closed estuary

Alendal, E.; Byrkjedal, I., 1976: Population size and reproduction of the rein deer rangifer tarandus platyrhynchus on nordenskiold land svalbard norway

Chapdelaine G., 1988: Population size and status of the northern gannet sula bassana in north america 1984

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146261

Freedman, W.; Catling, P. M., 1978: Population size and structure of 4 sympatric species of snakes at amherstburg ontario

Pitkanen A.K., 1985: Population size and structure of crucian carp carassius carassius in two small natural ponds in eastern finland

Bohren B.B., 1982: Population size as a factor in response to selection for 8 week body weight in white leghorns

Gvaryahu G., 1988: Population size cage area and dominance rank effects on productivity and well being of laying hens

Tuite C.H., 1979: Population size distribution and biomass density of the lesser flamingo in the eastern rift valley kenya tanzania 1974 1976

Voris H.K., 1985: Population size estimates for a marine snake enhydrina schistosa in malaysia

Stanley S.M., 1986: Population size extinction and speciation the fission effect in neogene bivalvia

Nogues, R. M., 1977: Population size fluctuations in the evolution of experimental cultures of drosophila subobscura

Prepas E.E., 1988: Population size growth and production of a unionid clam anodonta grandis simpsoniana in a small deep boreal forest lake in central alberta canada

Gad, A. M.; El-Fawal, M. A.; Bedair, F. A.; El-Rouby, M. M., 1977: Population size in the f 2 generation of cotton

Eto S., 1987: Population size of erythroid progenitor cells cfu e and erythropoiesis in iron deficiency anemia

Shaughnessy, P. D., 1987: Population size of the cape fur seal arctocephalus pusillus 1. from aerial photography

Symonides, E., 1983: Population size regulation as a result of intra population interaction 1. effect of density of the survival and development of individuals of erophila verna

Symonides, E., 1983: Population size regulation as a result of intra population interactions 2. effect of density on the growth rate morphological diversity and fecundity of erophila verna individuals/

Symonides, E., 1984: Population size regulation as a result of intra population interactions 3. effects of erophila verna population density on the abundance of the new generation of seedlings conclusions

Butler R.G., 1980: Population size social behavior and dispersal in house mice mus musculus a quantitative investigation

Bergo G., 1984: Population size spacing and age structure of golden eagle aquila chrysaetos in hordaland west norway

Dean, J. M.; Ricklefs, R. E., 1980: Population size variability and aggregation among forest lepidoptera in southern ontario canada

Watanabe M., 1979: Population sizes and resident ratios of the swallowtail butterfly papilio polytes at a secondary bush community in dharan nepal

Spight T.M., 1982: Population sizes of 2 marine snails with a changing food supply

Mccarthy, K. F.; Macvittie, T. J., 1978: Population sizes of granulocyte macrophage and monocyte macrophage colony forming cells in sl sl d

Watkins B.P., 1987: Population sizes of king rockhopper and macaroni penguins and wandering albatrosses at the prince edward islands canada and gough island 1951 1986

Ryan P.M., 1984: Population sizes of metazoan parasites of brook trout salvelinus fontinalis and atlantic salmon salmo salar in a small newfoundland lake canada

Krasilov, V. A., 1976: Population species deme and demogenesis

Roff, D. A., 1975: Population stability and the evolution of dispersal in a heterogeneous environment

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Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146789

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Section 7, Chapter 6147 , Accession 006146809

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Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146830

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Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146843

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Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146847

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Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146850

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146851

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Schwyzer, M.; Hill, R. L., 1977: Porcine a blood group specific n acetyl galactosaminyl transferase ec part 2 enzymatic properties

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146871

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146872

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Et Al, 1988: Porcine and human insulin absorption from subcutaneous tissues in normal and insulin dependent diabetic subjects a deconvolution based approach

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Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146888

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Penttinen K., 1982: Porcine complement c 1q and the solid phase immunoassay of human immune complexes

Hebert C.N., 1984: Porcine congenital tremor type ai spinal cord morphometry

Iosif C.S., 1987: Porcine corium sling in the treatment of urinary stress incontinence

Vanhoutte P.M., 1987: Porcine coronary arteries with regenerated endothelium have a reduced endothelium dependent responsiveness to aggregating platelets and serotonin

Done J.T., 1988: Porcine cytomegalovirus pcmv in early gestation

Et Al, 1987: Porcine d amino acid oxidase determination of the messenger rna nucleotide sequence by the characterization of genomic and complementary dna clones

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Witter B.A., 1986: Porcine factor viii and plasmapheresis in the management of hemophiliac patients with inhibitors

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146908

Hristic, V., 1988: Porcine ferritin i. isolation and antiserum production

Kradecky J., 1988: Porcine fetal antibodies to maternal granulocytes and lymphocytes

Drake T.R., 1982: Porcine focal symmetrical polio myelo malacia

Delahunta A., 1988: Porcine focal symmetrical poliomyelomalacia experimental reproduction with oral doses of encapsulated sodium selenite

Armstrong D.T., 1983: Porcine follicular and fluid does not inhibit maturation of rat oocytes in vitro

Sebokova E., 1986: Porcine follicular fluid containing water soluble lh hcg receptor

Reichert L.E.Jr, 1987: Porcine follicular fluid contains both fsh agonist and antagonist activities

Reichert L.R.Jr, 1984: Porcine follicular fluid contains several low molecular weight inhibitors of fsh binding to receptor

Dizerega G.S., 1986: Porcine follicular fluid proteins inhibit rat ovary granulosa cell steroidogenesis

Varga B., 1985: Porcine follicular fluid treatment at proestrus diminishes the serum progesterone level of rats in early pregnancy

Ling N. , 1988: Porcine follistatin gene structure supports two forms of mature follistatin produced by alternative splicing

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146920

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146921

Kuhl, C.; Jensen, S. L.; Nielsen, O. V., 1976: Porcine gastric insulin

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146923

Fisher A.E., 1983: Porcine granulosa cell de sensitization prolonged fsh responsive cyclic amp production in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146925

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146926

Labarbera, A. R.; Ryan, R. J., 1981: Porcine granulosa cells in suspension culture 2. luteinization and human chorionic gonadotropin responsiveness

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146928

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146929

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146930

Niven D.F., 1984: Porcine haemophili and actinobacilli characterization by means of api test strips and possible taxonomic implications

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Decker, R. S.; Henney, A. M.; Dingle, J. T., 1986: Porcine heart valves produce a protein that induces cell mediated connective tissue degradation ii. biochemical properties of the partially purified protein

Elias E.G., 1979: Porcine hetero graft dressings for split thickness graft donor sites

Titus J.L., 1981: Porcine hetero graft valve replacement in carcinoid heart disease

Edwards W.D., 1982: Porcine hetero graft valve replacement in children

Sasaki M., 1987: Porcine high molecular weight kininogen its purification and properties as a thiol proteinase inhibitor as compared to human high molecular weight kininogen

Wider M.D., 1987: Porcine ileal polypeptide causes an increase in cytoplasmic calcium in both parietal and chief cells resulting in acid and pepsinogen secretion

Stok W., 1986: Porcine immunoglobulin g isolation of two immunoglobulin g subclasses and anti immunoglobulin g class specific and subclass specific antibodies

Ward D.N., 1984 : Porcine inhibin initial fractionation as a high molecular weight complex

Simmen R.C.M., 1988: Porcine insulin like growth factor i plgf i complementary dna cloning and uterine expression of messenger rna encoding evolutionarily conserved igf i peptides

Romanowski R.D., 1984: Porcine interleukin 2 parameters of production and biochemical characterization

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146945

Rechnitz G.A., 1985: Porcine kidney tissue based membrane electrode for glucosamine 6 phosphate

Vinuela E., 1984: Porcine leukocyte cellular subsets sensitive to african swine fever virus in vitro

Johnson F.H.Jr, 1979: Porcine leukocyte interferon and anti viral activity in human cells

Makisumi S., 1983: Porcine liver amino peptidase further characterization of its sulfhydryl groups

Smith, S. L.; Patrick, P.; Stone, D.; Phillips, A. W.; Burchall, J. J., 1979: Porcine liver di hydro folate reductase ec purification properties and amino acid sequence

Mccarty K.S.Sr, 1984: Porcine liver nuclear histone acetyl transferase partial purification and basic properties

Moriyama, A.; Sasaki, M., 1983: Porcine liver succinyl tri alanine p nitro anilide hydrolytic enzyme purification and characterization as a post proline cleaving enzyme ec

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146954

Debuysscher E.V., 1985: Porcine lymphoblastoid cell lines of b cell origin

Hall, G. M.; Lucke, J. N., 1983: Porcine malignant hyper thermia 9. changes in the concentrations of intra muscular high energy phosphates glycogen and glycolytic intermediates

Kwiatkowski H., 1981: Porcine malignant hyper thermia a possibility of its prediction based on body temperature and blood noradrenaline measurements

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146960

Lister, D.; Hall, G. M.; Lucke, J. N., 1976: Porcine malignant hyper thermia part 3 adrenergic blockade

Hall, G. M.; Lucke, J. N.; Lister, D., 1976: Porcine malignant hyper thermia part 4 neuro muscular blockade

Hall, G. M.; Lucke, J. N.; Lister, D., 1977: Porcine malignant hyper thermia part 5 fatal hyper thermia in the pietrain pig associated with the infusion of alpha adrenergic agonists

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146964

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146965

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146966

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146967

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146968

Louis C.F., 1985: Porcine malignant hyperthermia susceptibility erythrocytic osmotic fragility

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146970

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146971

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146973

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146974

Hendrix, W. F.; Kelley, K. W.; Gaskins, C. T.; Hinrichs, D. J., 1978: Porcine neo natal survival and serum gamma globulins

Miller W.L., 1984: Porcine ovarian inhibin preparations sensitize cultured ovine gonadotrophs to lhrh

Section 7, Chapter 6147, Accession 006146977

Robyt J.F., 1985: Porcine pancreatic alpha amylase hydrolysis of substrates containing 6 deoxy d glucose and 6 deoxy 6 fluoro d glucose and the specificity of subsite binding

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Nakajima, Y.; Matsuno, S.; Noto, N.; Saitoh, Y.; Sato, T., 1980: Porcine pancreatic elastase activity 1. radio immunoassay for porcine pancreatic elastase

Nakajima, Y.; Matsuno, S.; Noto, N.; Saitoh, Y.; Sato, T., 1980: Porcine pancreatic elastase activity 2. immuno reactive elastase level during acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis in pigs

Garner, C. W-Jr ; Smith, L. C., 1972: Porcine pancreatic lipase a glyco protein

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Bianchetta, J. D.; Bidaud, J.; Bonicel, J. J.; Rovery, M.; Guidoni, A. A., 1979: Porcine pancreatic lipase ec sequence of the 1st 234 amino acids of the peptide chain

Benkouka, F.; Guidoni, A. A.; De-Caro, J. D.; Bonicel, J. J.; Desnuelle, P. A.; Rovery, M., 1982: Porcine pancreatic lipase ec the di sulfide bridges and the sulfhydryl groups

Kizuki, K.; Ikekita, M.; Shimamoto, Y.; Moriya, H., 1982: Porcine pancreatic pro kallikrein 1. its partial purification and effects of various proteases on its activation

Kizuki, K.; Kamada, M.; Moriya, H.; Iketa, M., 1982: Porcine pancreatic pro kallikrein 2. purification and some properties of pro kallikrein a

Kizuki, K.; Takiguchi, H.; Kamada, M.; Ikekita, M.; Moriya, H., 1984: Porcine pancreatic prokallikrein 3. some different forms of kallikrein generated from prokallikrein

Kizuki, K.; Murakami, H.; Hiratsuka, M.; Kamada, M.; Moriya, H., 1986: Porcine pancreatic prokallikrein iv. amino terminal amino acid sequences of prokallikrein b and the kallikrein generated from it by the action of trypsin

Kyriakides, G. K.; Arora, V. K.; Lifton, J.; Nuttall, F. Q.; Miller, J., 1976: Porcine pancreatic transplantation part 1 auto transplantation of duct ligated segments

Kyriakides, G. K.; Arora, V. K.; Lifton, J.; Nuttall, F. Q.; Miller, J., 1976: Porcine pancreatic transplants part 2 allo transplantation of duct ligated segments

Lipson, A.; Meikle, H., 1977: Porcine pancreatin as a source of salmonella infection in children with cystic fibrosis

Cross R.F., 1982: Porcine pararotavirus detection differentiation from rotavirus and pathogenesis in gnotobiotic pigs

Collett M.S., 1984: Porcine parvovirus dna characterization of the genomic and replicative form dna of 2 virus isolates

Pini, A., 1975: Porcine parvovirus in pig herds in southern africa

Karlsson K.A., 1986: Porcine parvovirus propagation in microcarrier cell culture and immunogenic evaluation in pregnant gilts

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