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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6148

Chapter 6148 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147000

Sorensen K.J., 1982: Porcine parvovirus serological examination in pig breeding herds and artificial insemination boar centers

Collett M.S., 1983: Porcine parvovirus virus purification and structural and antigenic properties of virion poly peptides

Hood L., 1981: Porcine pituitary dynorphin complete amino acid sequence of the biologically active heptadeca peptide

Teschemacher, H.; Blaesig, J.; Kromer, W., 1976: Porcine pituitary peptides with opiate like activity partial purification and effects in the rat after intra ventricular injection

Weeds A.G., 1981: Porcine platelet tropo myosin purification characterization and para crystal formation

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147006

Hogan J.E., 1982: Porcine proliferative enteritis experimentally induced disease in cesarean derived colostrum deprived pigs

Lintner V., 1986: Porcine proliferative enteritis serological microbiological and pathological studies from three field epizootics

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147009

Niall H., 1987: Porcine relaxin gene structure and expression

Zumpt, I. F.; Muller, G. L.; Bakker, S. K.; Rensburg, W. J. J., 1977: Porcine respiratory disease in the western cape province

Tillon J.P., 1985: Porcine respiratory diseases some epidemiological aspects

Bohl E.H., 1980: Porcine rotaviral infection of cell culture effects of certain enzymes

Whitmoyer R.E., 1985: Porcine rotavirus like virus group b rotavirus characterization and pathogenicity for gnotobiotic pigs

Nordstoga, K., 1970: Porcine salmonellosis part 1 gross and microscopic changes in experimentally infected animals

Nordstoga, K.; Fjolstad, M., 1970: Porcine salmonellosis part 2 production of the generalized shwartzman reaction by intra venous injections of disintegrated cells of salmonella cholerae suis

Nordstoga, K.; Fjolstad, M., 1970: Porcine salmonellosis part 3 production of fibrinous colitis by intra venous injections of a mixture of viable cells of salmonella cholerae suis and disintegrated cells of the same agent or hemolytic escherichia coli

Keys H.M., 1982: Porcine sensitized lymph node cells immuno therapy and attenuated irradiation for infiltrative transitional cell carcinoma of bladder

Marcoullis, G.; Salonen, E. M.; Grasbeck, R., 1978: Porcine serum cobalophilin and trans cobalamin identification isolation and properties including electro focusing patterns

Tang J., 1986: Porcine spleen cathepsin b is an exopeptidase

Tang J., 1988: Porcine spleen cathepsin h hydrolyzes oligopeptides solely by aminopeptidase activity

Hill R.L., 1988: Porcine submaxillary gland apomucin contains tandemly repeated identical sequences of 81 residues

Van Den Eijnden D.H., 1986: Porcine submaxillary mucin contains alpha 2 3 linked and alpha 2 6 linked n acetylneuraminic acid and n glycolylneuraminic acid

Wilson W.W., 1981: Porcine super oxide dis mutase isolation and characterization of a relatively basic cupro zinc enzyme

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147026

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147027

Kull F.J., 1983: Porcine thyroid cytosolic latent alkaline rnase does an acidification step during purification alter the enzymes properties

Grove, D. G.; Serif, G. S., 1981: Porcine thyroid fucosidase ec

Taurog A., 1988: Porcine thyroid peroxidase relationship between the native enzyme and active highly purified tryptic fragment

D'angelino, J. L.; Ishizuka, M. M., 1986: Porcine toxoplasmosis 1. experimental intraperitoneal inoculation with tachyzoites of toxoplasma gondii development of antibodies as determined by the indirect immunofluorescence and hemagglutination tests

Ishizuka, M. M.; D'angelino, J. L.; Souza, J. M. P., 1986: Porcine toxoplasmosis 2. comparative study of indirect immunofluorescence and hemagglutination tests for assessment of toxoplasma antibodies in porcine sera

D'angelino, J. L.; Ishizuka, M. M., 1986: Porcine toxoplasmosis 3. evaluation of the prevalence of toxoplasmosis infection in swine by indirect immunofluorescence and hemagglutination

Craighead J.E., 1982: Porcine tracheal goblet cell ultrastructure a 3 dimensional reconstruction

Trinkle J.K., 1982: Porcine valve bio prosthesis early thrombosis with systemic emboli

Dunn J.M., 1981: Porcine valve durability in children

Cohn L.H., 1981: Porcine valves how are they holding up?

Fass, D. N.; Knutson, G. J.; Bowie, E. J. W., 1978: Porcine willebrand factor a population of multimers

Et Al, 1980: Porcine xeno graft valve a clinical study

Goldstein S., 1980: Porcine xeno graft valves long term 60 89 month follow up

Speer, R. J.; Dilworth, T. G., 1978: Porcupine winter foods and utilization in central new brunswick canada

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147042

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147043

Labhart T., 1981: Pore canals in the cornea of a functionally specialized area of the honey bee apis mellifera compound eye

Ball B.C., 1981: Pore characteristics of soils from 2 cultivation experiments as shown by gas diffusivities and permeabilities and air filled porosities

Tyugina, O. V., 1976: Pore complexes in the granular reticulum of swine embryo kidney cells

Kabak, K. S.; Petunin-Yu, I.; Yatsenko, V. P.; Semeiko, N. G., 1978: Pore density in the nuclear membrane of the receptor neuron in early ontogenesis of gallus domesticus

Wergin W.P., 1986: Pore development and seed coat permeability in soybean glycine max

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147049

Oppermann R.A., 1979: Pore dimensions for accumulating biomass part 1 microbes that reproduce by fission or by budding

Kolot F.B., 1979: Pore dimensions for accumulating biomass part 2 microbes that form spores and exhibit mycelial growth

Bohme H., 1985: Pore formation by an outer membrane protein of the cyanobacterium anabaena variabilis

Vos Scheperkeuter G.H., 1986: Pore formation by lam b of escherichia coli in lipid bilayer membranes

Tommassen J., 1988: Pore formation by pho controlled outer membrane proteins of various enterobacteriaceae in lipid bilayers

Benz R., 1986: Pore formation by the mitochondrial porin of rat brain in lipid bilayer membranes

Fringeli M., 1979: Pore formation in lipid membranes by alamethicin

Weckesser J., 1987: Pore forming activity of the major outer membrane protein of rhodobacter capsulatus in lipid bilayer membranes

Benz R., 1988: Pore forming activity of the tsx protein from the outer membrane of escherichia coli demonstration of a nucleoside specific binding site

Michel G., 1985: Pore forming properties of iturin a a lipopeptide antibiotic

Rajchenberg M., 1985: Pore fungi from french antilles and french guiana

Orci, L.; Perrelet, A.; Malaisse-Lagae, F.; Vassalli, P., 1977: Pore like structures in biological membranes

Staub N.C., 1979: Pore models of sheep lung micro vascular barrier using new data on protein tracers

Fleeger J.W., 1987: Pore pattern a possible indicator of tube building in stenhelia and pseudostenhelia copepoda harpacticoida

Kuhn N.J., 1984: Pore properties of the golgi membrane from lactating rat mammary gland effects of ph and temperature and reconstitution into phospho lipid vesicles

Colombini M., 1980: Pore size and properties of channels from mitochondria isolated from neurospora crassa

Asseed, M.; Abdeigawad, G.; Omar, S., 1977: Pore size distribution and saturated hydraulic conductivity study in calcareous soil as affected by calcium mono basic phosphate application

Wichtmann, H., 1978: Pore size distribution and soil fertility a contribution concerning the physical classification of soils at soil maps

Sanjeevi, R.; Ramanathan, N.; Viswanathan, B., 1976: Pore size distribution in collagen fiber using water vapor adsorption studies

Greenland D.J., 1979: Pore size distribution in critical point and freeze dried aggregates from clay sub soils

Gradwell, M. W., 1978: Pore size distributions of some new zealand soil groups

Liu, C. C.; Baylink, D. J.; Wergedal, J. E.; Allenbach, H. M.; Sipe, J., 1977: Pore size measurements and some age related changes in human alveolar bone and rat femur

Murphy, C. P.; Banfield, C. F., 1978: Pore space variability in a subsurface horizon of 2 soils

Spindler M., 1980: Pore structures in planktonic foraminifera

Reyment E., 1979: Pore variations in afrobolivina afra

Topp G.C., 1987: Pore volume changes in a structured silt loam soil during drying

Nakano, M., 1976: Pore volume distribution and curve of water content vs suction of porous body part 2 the boundary wetting curve

Nakano, M., 1980: Pore volume distribution and curve of water content vs. suction of porous body 3. the effect of pore structure

Howarth R.W., 1984: Pore water evidence for a dynamic sedimentary iron cycle in salt marshes

Love L.G., 1986: Pore water evolution during sediment burial from isotopic and mineral chemistry of calcite dolomite and siderite concretions

Hood I.A., 1985: Pore width in heterobasidion annosum

Hallingback T., 1982: Porella arboris vitae in sweden

Srivastava S.C., 1986: Porella platyphylla in india and scanning electron microscope details of spores

Viano J.C., 1984: Porencephalic congenital cysts with hydrocephalus

Matsaniotis N., 1980: Porencephalic cysts after amnio centesis

Lyonnard De La Girennerie O., 1979: Porencephaly and cerebral thrombo phlebitis

Valk J., 1987: Porencephaly and schizencephaly in adopted infants frequency ascertainment in a risk group

Mahdi A.H., 1987: Porencephaly computed tomography ct scan findings

Volpe J.J., 1980: Porencephaly from peri ventricular intra cerebral hemorrhage in a premature infant

Levine, D. N.; Fisher, M. A.; Caviness, V. S. Jr, 1974: Porencephaly with microgyria a pathologic study

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147090

Rahn H., 1985: Pores in avian eggshells gas conductance gas exchange and embryonic growth rate

Van-Alphen, W.; Selm, N. V.; Lugtenberg, B., 1978: Pores in the outer membrane of escherichia coli k 12 involvement of proteins b and e in the functioning of pores for nucleotides

Hoshino T., 1979: Pores of the palatine tonsillar crypt and pharyngeal tonsillar recess a scanning electron microscopic study

Sartorelli A.C., 1985: Porfiromycin as a bioreductive alkylating agent with selective toxicity to hypoxic emt 6 tumor cells in vivo and in vitro

Panettiere, F. J.; Talley, R. W.; Torres, J.; Lane, M., 1976: Porfiromycin in the management of epidermoid and transitional cell cancer a phase 2 study

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147096

Van-Der-Laan, H. F., 1975: Poria lindbladii new record equals poria cinerascens a resupinate polyporaceae with hyphae soluble in alkalis

Koenigs, J. W., 1972: Poria weirii as a possible commercial source of peroxidase

Cuartas, E. I., 1986: Porifera collected from the cruise of the b i dr. e. holmberg demospongiae

Cuartas E.I., 1986: Porifera from the argentine biogeographic province ii

Rigby, J. K., 1978: Porifera of the middle cambrian wheeler shale from the wheeler amphitheater house range in western utah usa

Reitner J., 1986: Poriferan affinities of mesozoic stromatoporoids

Matteoda E., 1987: Poriferous spicules from la cruz formation upper cambrian departamento las heras mendoza province argentina

Benz, R.; Boehler-Kohler, B. A.; Dieterle, R.; Boos, W., 1978: Porin activity in the osmotic shock fluid of escherichia coli

Foulds J., 1983: Porin channels in escherichia coli studies with beta lactams in intact cells

Rosenberg E.Y., 1983: Porin channels in escherichia coli studies with liposomes reconstituted from purified proteins

Nikaido H., 1988: Porin channels in intact cells of escherichia coli are not affected by donnan potentials across the outer membrane

Galdiero E., 1988: Porin content modifies resistance of salmonella typhimurium to phagocytosis

Nikaido H., 1984: Porin from rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Dankert J., 1981: Porin from the outer membrane of escherichia coli immunological characterization of native and heat dissociated forms

Koomey M., 1987: Porin protein of neisseria gonorrhoeae cloning and gene structure

Winter A.J., 1984: Porins of brucella spp

Rosen J., 1979: Poriomania

Aliev A.A., 1980: Porizontinae hymenoptera ichneumonidae fauna of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Danilov A.I., 1984: Pork and fat quality of pigs fattened on diets containing dry food waste

Jabbal, I.; Schachter, H., 1971: Pork liver gdp l fucose glyco protein fucosyl transferases

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147118

Weiss G.M., 1981: Pork quality attributes their estimation and their relationships with carcass composition in commercial pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147120

Tarrant P.V., 1986: Pork quality in irish purebred pigs

Evans B., 1982: Pornographic imagery and prevalence of paraphilia

Wood M.G., 1982: Poro keratosis of mibelli a perforating disease of the epidermis

Slater D.N., 1983: Poro keratosis of mibelli and immune complex glomerulo nephritis

Alcalay D., 1981: Poro keratosis of mibelli in 2 mono zygotic twins

Bhutani, L. K.; Kanwar, A. J.; Singh, O. P., 1977: Poro keratosis of mibelli with unusual features

Hashimoto K., 1982: Poro keratotic eccrine duct and hair follicle nevus

Read S.I., 1980: Poro keratotic eccrine ostial and dermal duct nevus

Anvari S.F., 1984: Poro or chalazogamy in the genus juglans

Hozumi Y., 1985: Poro poro duct carcinoma

Walters L.S., 1980: Porocephalus dominicana new species from the dominican boa constrictor constrictor nebulosus

Furuya K., 1979: Poroconiochaeta new genus of the coniochaetaceae

Haq M.A., 1982: Porogalumnella setosa new species acari oribatei galumnellidae from kerala india

Ryvarden L., 1979: Porogramme and related genera

West, K. A., 1976: Poroid fungi detrimental to pine in southwestern illinois usa

Glickman F.S., 1982: Porokeratosis associated with basal cell carcinoma

Pincelli C., 1986: Porokeratosis of mibelli cytogenetic and immunohistologic study of a familial case

Lacentre E., 1988: Porokeratosis on 8 cases

Somlai B., 1986: Porokeratosis plantaris palmaris et disseminata

Pippione M., 1986: Porokeratotic eccrine ostial and dermal duct nevus

Cavicchia J.C., 1987: Porokeratotic eccrine ostial and dermal duct nevus

Toribio J., 1988: Porokeratotic eccrine ostial and dermal duct nevus

Vorob'eva E.I., 1987: Porolepid crossopterygian from the middle devonian of the estonian ssr ussr

Ebeling A.W., 1980: Poromitra crassa new species from the western pacific pisces melamphaidae

Benkert D., 1988: Poronia erici new species of xylariales ascomycetes

Voigt E., 1983: Poroplagioecia new genus of bryozoa from the northern west german barremium lower cretaceous order cyclostomata

Ruth J.E., 1983: Poroporo solanum aviculare a summary and discussion of some recent agronomic research in new zealand

Bezsonov D.G., 1985: Porosity and meliorative features of southern chernozems

Gorbachik, T. N.; Maslakova, N. I., 1978: Porosity and shell ornamentation of cretaceous foraminifers of the genus hedbergella

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147151

Lazenby R., 1986: Porosity geometry interaction in the conservation of bone strength

Poggio G., 1988: Porosity in a puddled rice soil as measured with mercury intrusion porosimetry

Chretien J., 1979: Porosity in mixed sands clay micro morphological aspects

Holland R.I., 1986: Porosity in posterior composite resins

Clarke A.E., 1984: Porosity of gladiolus gandavensis stigmatic papillae and pollen tube walls

Mcclugage, S. G.; Low, F. N.; Zimny, M. L., 1986: Porosity of the basement membrane overlying peyer's patches in rats and monkeys

Kellomaki A., 1984: Porosity of the fine fractions of finnish tills

Scherrer, P.; Louden, L.; Gerhardt, P., 1974: Porosity of the yeast cell wall and membrane

Lagouvardos P., 1985: Porosity of various composite resin materials

Hegdahl T., 1985: Porosity strength and mercury content of amalgam made by different dentists in their own practice

Holubova Jechova V., 1985: Porosubramaniana new genus of lignicolous hyphomycetes

Janssens P.A., 1981: Porotic hyper ostosis and goats milk anemia a theory

Walker P.L., 1986: Porotic hyperostosis in a marine dependent california usa indian population

Stuart Macadam P., 1987: Porotic hyperostosis new evidence to support the anemia theory

Stuart Macadam P., 1985: Porotic hyperostosis representative of a childhood condition

Sato, T.; Kanke, M.; Schroeder, H. G.; Deluca, P. P., 1988: Porous biodegradable microspheres for controlled drug delivery i. assessment of processing conditions and solvent removal techniques

Handler J.S., 1986: Porous bottom dishes for culture of polarized cells

Likhttsind E.V., 1981: Porous cellulose beads as an immuno sorbent

Pedersen, K. N., 1980: Porous ceramic implants in the alveolar ridge of humans a 3.5 year follow up study

Benum, P.; Lyng, S.; Bo, O.; Rafn, I.; Haffner, J. F. W., 1976: Porous ceramics as a bone substitute in the medial condyle of the tibia an experimental study in sheep

Benum, P.; Lyng, S.; Alm, T.; Johannessen, N., 1977: Porous ceramics as a bone substitute in the medial condyle of the tibia an experimental study in sheep long term observations

Glassman A.H., 1987: Porous coated hip replacement the factors governing bone ingrowth stress shielding and clinical results

Dreiss S.J., 1988: Porous cup samplers cleaning procedures and potential sample bias from trace elements contamination

Roser S.M., 1987: Porous hydroxyapatite as a bone graft substitute in alveolar ridge augmentation a histometric study

Mooney V., 1987: Porous hydroxyapatite as a bone graft substitute in diaphyseal defects a histometric study

Mooney V., 1986: Porous hydroxyapatite as a bone graft substitute in metaphyseal defects a histometric study

Tso W W., 1983: Porous kaolinite bead a novel but economical solid support material for biomass in fluidized bed technology

Mousavi, S. F.; Kirkham, D., 1978: Porous media tests of ground water mounds

Mulch G., 1984: Porous poly ethylene and proplast their behavior in a bony implant bed

Sriram M., 1986: Porous polymers in monitoring air pollution

Ortega, J.; Martin, I.; Martin, A., 1987: Porous polymers use for analysis of wines' volatile compounds

Smyth G.D.L., 1984: Porous prostheses an electron microscopic study

De Wijn J.R., 1986: Porous root replacements reactions of the surrounding tissues

Strelko V.V., 1983: Porous structure of active carbons as a criterion for analyzing molecular hemosorption mechanisms and selecting hemosorbents purposefully

Dorey F., 1988: Porous surface replacement of the hip with chamfered cylinder component

Zoltan I., 1982: Porous tinders polyporaceae sensu lato of our tree species

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147188

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147189

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147190

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147191

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147192

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147193

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147194

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147195

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147196

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147197

Piriz M.L., 1981: Porphyra argentinensis new species and porphyra pujalsii new record bangiales rhodophyta from argentina

Conway, E., 1975: Porphyra maculosa new species in british columbia canada

Waaland J.R., 1985: Porphyra nereocystis a dual daylength seaweed

Munda, I. M.; Pedersen, P. M., 1978: Porphyra thulaea new species rhodophyceae bangiales from east iceland and west greenland

Kornmann P., 1986: Porphyra yezoensis at helgoland west germany a developmental study

Morrice, L. M.; Mclean, M. W.; Long, W. F.; Williamson, F. B., 1983: Porphyran primary structure an investigation using beta agarase i ec from pseudomonas atlantica and carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Gregor A., 1986: Porphyria a pharmacogenetic disease

Chebac I., 1982: Porphyria cutanea in women

Seah M.M.H., 1985: Porphyria cutanea tarda an unusual manifestation of obstructive liver disease due to cholelithiasis

Hernandez Guio C., 1985: Porphyria cutanea tarda and hepatocellular carcinoma frequency of occurrence and related factors

Nordmann Y., 1987: Porphyria cutanea tarda and hla linked hemochromatosis evidence against a systematic association

Guilhou J J., 1986: Porphyria cutanea tarda and neoplasms two cases and a review of the literature

Harman R.R.M., 1982: Porphyria cutanea tarda and sarcoidosis

Thomsen K., 1982: Porphyria cutanea tarda and systemic lupus erythematosus

Capusan I., 1980: Porphyria cutanea tarda and the blood groups in the abo system

Callen J.P., 1981: Porphyria cutanea tarda as a cause of bullous dermatosis of hemo dialysis a case and review of the literature

Fernandez Cruz A., 1984: Porphyria cutanea tarda associated with lymphoma

Perry H.O., 1979: Porphyria cutanea tarda associated with lymphoma

Villano, P. A.; Pisani, M.; Argenziano, G.; Bordi, B.; Iaccarino, G.; Parascandola, R. R.; Caliendo, M.; Romano, G.; Marcacci, M., 1981: Porphyria cutanea tarda behavior of certain hematological parameters 2. serum characteristics

Argenziano, G.; Pisani, M.; Bordi, B.; Abete, A.; Zarli, N.; Boeri, F.; Ciccone, S.; Marcacci, M.; Di-Micco, B., 1981: Porphyria cutanea tarda behavior of certain hematological parameters 3. hemostatic characteristics

Jones K.G., 1979: Porphyria cutanea tarda clinical and laboratory features

Harber L.C., 1979: Porphyria cutanea tarda clinical features and laboratory findings in 40 patients

Chow J.F., 1981: Porphyria cutanea tarda complicating wilsons disease

Poh-Fitzpatrick, M. B.; Bellet, N.; Deleo, V. A.; Grossman, M. E.; Bickers, D. R., 1978: Porphyria cutanea tarda in 2 patients treated with hemo dialysis for chronic renal failure

Benavente R.R., 1981: Porphyria cutanea tarda in 3 brothers and 1 sister

Benedetto, A. V.; Kushner, J. P.; Taylor, J. S., 1978: Porphyria cutanea tarda in 3 generations of a single family

Barone R., 1987: Porphyria cutanea tarda in a 4 year old child

Felsher B.F., 1981: Porphyria cutanea tarda in a patient with chronic renal failure on hemo dialysis

Ventura E., 1984: Porphyria cutanea tarda in beta thalassemia trait carriers

Perrot, H.; Germain, D.; Euvrard, S.; Thivolet, J., 1977: Porphyria cutanea tarda like dermatosis by hemo dialysis ultrastructural study of exposed skin

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147229

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147230

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147231

Braga M.E., 1986: Porphyria cutanea tarda report of three cases

Moore M.R., 1988: Porphyria cutanea tarda resulting from primary hepatocellular carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147234

Ridaura C., 1985: Porphyria cutanea tarda symptomatica in children treated with chloroquine report of four cases with control liver biopsies

Thiriet M., 1980: Porphyria cutanea tarda with multi neuritis

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147237

Kappas A., 1982: Porphyria functional evidence for a partial deficiency of ferro chelatase activity in mitogen stimulated lymphocytes from patients with erythropoietic proto porphyria

Grisler R., 1980: Porphyria in childhood

Wigfield D.C., 1988: Porphyria in herring gulls a biochemical response to chemical contamination of great lakes usa canada food chains

Payne B., 1981: Porphyria in the elderly case reports

Moses, H. L.; Spelsberg, T. C.; Korinek, J.; Chytil, F., 1976: Porphyria inducing drugs comparative effects on nuclear rna polymerases in rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147243

Peters H.A., 1980: Porphyria turcica 20 years after hexa chloro benzene intoxication

Dogramici I., 1984: Porphyria turcica due to hexachlorobenzene a 20 30 year follow up study on 204 patients

Doss M., 1980: Porphyria variegata

Watson, C. J.; Cardinal, R. A.; Bossenmaier, I.; Petryka, Z. J., 1975: Porphyria variegata and porphyria cutanea tarda in siblings chemical and genetic aspects

Watson, C. J.; Cardinal, R. A.; Bossenmaier, I.; Petryka, Z. J., 1976: Porphyria variegata and porphyria cutanea tarda in siblings chemical and genetic aspects addendum

Fromke, V. L.; Bossenmaier, I.; Cardinal, R.; Watson, C. J., 1978: Porphyria variegata study of a large kindred in the usa

Schlenzka K., 1982: Porphyrias with cutaneous symptomatology clinical and biochemical diagnosis and differential diagnosis

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Briggs S., 1981: Porphyric neuropathy an ultrastructural and quantitative case study

Wochnik-Dyjas, D.; Niewiadomska, M.; Kostrzewska, E., 1978: Porphyric poly neuropathy and its pathogenesis in the light of electro physiological investigations

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147254

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147255

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147256

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147258

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147259

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147260

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147261

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147262

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147263

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147264

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147265

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147266

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147267

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147268

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147269

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147270

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147271

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147272

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147273

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147274

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147275

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147276

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147277

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147278

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147279

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147280

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147281

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147282

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147283

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147284

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147286

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147287

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147288

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147289

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147290

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147291

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147292

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147293

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147294

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147295

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147296

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147297

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147298

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147299

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147300

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147301

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147302

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147303

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147304

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147305

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147306

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147307

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147308

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147309

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147310

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147311

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147312

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147313

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147314

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147315

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147316

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147317

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147318

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147319

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147320

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147321

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147322

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147323

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147324

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147325

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147326

Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147327

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Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147329

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Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147976

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Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147978

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Section 7, Chapter 6148, Accession 006147999

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