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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6149

Chapter 6149 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Moses, M. J.; Solari, A. J., 1976: Positive contrast staining and protected drying of surface spreads electron microscopy of the synaptonemal complex by a new method

Singh G., 1980: Positive contrast urethrography in goats

Baron M.G., 1980: Positive contrast ventriculography combined with computed tomography technique and applications

Dixon R., 1983: Positive control and autogenous regulation of the nif la promoter in klebsiella pneumoniae

Bloom, F. R.; Mcfall, E.; Young, M. C.; Carothers, A. M., 1975: Positive control in the d serine deaminase system of escherichia coli strain k 12

Ames B.N., 1985: Positive control of a regulon for defenses against oxidative stress and some heat shock proteins in salmonella typhimurium

Heincz, M. C.; Kelker, N. E.; Mcfall, E., 1978: Positive control of d serine deaminase ec synthesis in vitro

Greenblatt, J., 1972: Positive control of endo lysin synthesis in vitro by the gene n protein of phage lambda

Umbarger H.E., 1979: Positive control of ilvc expression in escherichia coli k 12 identification and mapping of regulatory gene ilvy

Artz S.W., 1979: Positive control of lac operon expression in vitro by guanosine 5 di phosphate 3 di phosphate

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148010

Halpern M.E., 1983: Positive control of the herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene requires upstream dna sequences

Wilcox G., 1984: Positive control of the l rhamnose genetic system in salmonella typhimurium lt 2

Mizushima S., 1985: Positive control of transcription initiation in escherichia coli a base substitution at the pribnow box renders omp f expression independent of a positive regulator

Boivin P., 1984: Positive coombs test in acute leukemia

Levine, A. M.; Thornton, P.; Forman, S. J.; Van-Hale, P.; Holdorf, D.; Rouault, C. L.; Powars, D.; Feinstein, D. I.; Lukes, R. J., 1980: Positive coombs test in hodgkins disease significance and implications

Poulsen, L. O.; Freund, L.; Lylloff, K.; Grunnet, N., 1988: Positive coombs' test associated with ulcerative colitis a prevalence study

Klee C.B., 1980: Positive cooperative binding of calcium to bovine brain calmodulin

Grant C.W.M., 1980: Positive cooperativity in a dissected lectin membrane glyco protein binding event

Perlmutter Hayman B., 1983: Positive cooperativity in binding by albumin the system bovine serum albumin and alizarin yellow g co binding by salicylic acid

Gill S.J., 1983: Positive cooperativity in binding carbon mon oxide to hemo cyanin

Mccune, R. W.; Gill, G. N., 1979: Positive cooperativity in cyclic gmp binding to cyclic gmp dependent protein kinase ec

Piszkiewicz, D., 1977: Positive cooperativity in micelle catalyzed reactions

Arnold R.R., 1982: Positive cooperativity in the binding of streptococcus sanguis to hydroxylapatite

Pecht I., 1981: Positive cooperativity in the hapten binding by v l dimer of protein 315

Zolman J.C., 1983: Positive cooperativity in the membrane receptor mediated response

Hamilton D.E., 1981: Positive cooperativity of the estrogen receptor

Niswander P.W., 1981: Positive correlation between adenosine deaminase activity and super oxide formation during phagocytosis

Sloan C., 1986: Positive correlation between body weight length of human menopausal gonadotropin stimulation and oocyte fertilization rate

Deneufbourg J M., 1979: Positive correlation between breast cancer incidence and hla antigens

Hickie R.A., 1982: Positive correlation between calmodulin content and hepatoma growth rates

Hartmann G.M., 1986: Positive correlation between contamination by blood and amino acid levels in cerebrospinal fluid of the rat

Duzgunes N., 1988: Positive correlation between cytosolic free calcium and surfactant secretion in cultured rat alveolar type ii cells

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148033

Mclemore T.L., 1982: Positive correlation between high aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase activity and primary lung cancer as analyzed in cryo preserved lymphocytes

Minna J.D., 1980: Positive correlation between histological tumor involvement and generation of tumor cell colonies in agarose in specimens taken directly from patients with small cell carcinoma of the lung

Riesenfeld, I.; Orn, A.; Gidlung, M.; Axberg, I.; Alm, G. V.; Wigzell, H., 1980: Positive correlation between in vitro natural killer activity and in vivo resistance toward akr lymphoma cells

Nagai K., 1979: Positive correlation between inhibition of transfer rna synthesis and mutation induction by acriflavine in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Shakr C.J., 1985: Positive correlation between mature amniotic fluid optical density readings and the absence of neonatal hyaline membrane disease

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148040

Longnecker D.S., 1983: Positive correlation between pancreatic dna damage and species specificity in response to n nitrosobis 2 oxo propylamine

Nanninga N., 1980: Positive correlation between size at initiation of chromosome replication in escherichia coli and size at initiation of cell constriction

Rabinowitch, H. D.; Clare, D. A.; Crapo, J. D.; Fridovich, I., 1983: Positive correlation between super oxide dis mutase ec and resistance to paraquat toxicity in the green alga chlorella sorokiniana

Niswander P.W., 1982: Positive correlation between super oxide release and intra cellular adenosine deaminase activity during macrophage membrane perturbation regardless of nature or magnitude of stimulus

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148045

Sirover M.A., 1984: Positive correlation between the extent of cell proliferation and the regulation of base excision repair

Sherins R.J., 1986: Positive correlation between the level of protein carboxyl methylase in spermatozoa and sperm motility

Ojo E., 1979: Positive correlation between the levels of natural killer cells and the in vivo resistance to syngeneic tumor transplants as influenced by various routes of administration of corynebacterium parvum bacteria

Yannopoulos, G.; Stamatis, N., 1987: Positive correlation between the occurrence of chromosome breakage and the induction of point mutations associated with male recombination 31.1 mrf system of hybrid dysgenesis in drosophila melanogaster

Levin S., 1981: Positive correlation between the proportions of subgingival spirochetes and motile bacteria and susceptibility of human subjects to periodontal deterioration

Waldenstrom J., 1985: Positive correlation between urinary excretion of catecholamine metabolites and tumor mass in pheochromocytoma results in patients with sustained and paroxysmal hypertension and multiple endocrine neoplasia

Raj H.G., 1988: Positive correlation exists between glutathione s transferase activity and aflatoxin formation in aspergillus flavus

Mcpherson K., 1988: Positive correlation of corneal thickness and endothelial cell loss serial measurements after cataract surgery

Persinger M.A., 1987: Positive correlations between temporal lobe signs and hypnosis induction profiles a replication

Soulillou, J. P.; Guenel, J.; Peyrat, M. A., 1977: Positive cross match for bone marrow derived lymphocyte antigens ia like and kidney allo graft behavior

Maul, G., 1978: Positive detection of mycoplasma contamination by the whole mount preparation of cell cultures for transmission electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148057

Askinazi, C.; Cole, F. S.; Brusch, J. L., 1976: Positive differential heterophile antibody test persistence in a symptomatic patient

Lau, P.; Haesler, W. E.; Wurzel, H. A., 1976: Positive direct anti globulin reaction in a patient population

Miller W.V., 1983: Positive direct anti globulin test due to anti fr a in a new born infant

Gorst, D. W.; Rawlinson, V. I.; Merry, A. H.; Stratton, F., 1980: Positive direct anti globulin test in normal individuals

Avoy D.R., 1979: Positive direct anti globulin test on thawed de glycerolized units of erythrocytes prediction and prevention

Colucci J., 1984: Positive direct anti globulin tests at birth without demonstrable maternal antibody

Tatarsky I., 1986: Positive direct antiglobulin test associated with echinococcosis a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148065

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148066

Fricke W.A., 1987: Positive direct antiglobulin test results after intravenous immune globulin administration

Risso M., 1985: Positive direct antiglobulin tests and heteroimmune hemolysis in patients with severe aplastic anemia and pure red cell anemia treated with antilymphocytic globulin

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148069

Donowitz G.R., 1985: Positive direct antiglobulin tests due to clavulanic acid

Oberling F., 1981: Positive direct coombs reaction in autologous bone marrow grafts

Balmes A., 1979: Positive direct coombs test and matuhasi ogata phenomenon

Narimatsu, A.; Taira, N., 1977: Positive dromotropic effect of di butyryl cyclic amp on the atrio ventricular node

Holmgren, G.; Blomquist, H. K.; Samuelson, G., 1980: Positive effect of a late introduced modified diet in an 8 year old phenyl ketonuric child

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148075

Krueger L.E., 1986: Positive effect of heterogeneity of difference on the same different disparity in letter matching

Kersey J.H., 1987: Positive effect of prophylactic total parenteral nutrition on long term outcome of bone marrow transplantation

Belov Yu V., 1982: Positive effect of reduced venous return on circulation in myo cardial infarction

Al Adil K.M., 1986: Positive effect of weeds on the natural enemies of black bean aphid aphis fabae on broad bean

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148080

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148081

Arntz W., 1988: Positive effects of el nino on macrozoobenthos inhabiting hypoxia areas of the peruvian upwelling system

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148083

Galanud P., 1988: Positive effects of interferon alpha on b cell type chronic lymphocytic leukemia proliferative response

Swanbeck G., 1980: Positive effects of psoralen and longwave uv light on the epidermal melanocyte population in psoriatic patients

Pauk, J.; Kuhn, C. M.; Field, T. M.; Schanberg, S. M., 1986: Positive effects of tactile vs. kinesthetic or vestibular stimulation on neuroendocrine and ornithine decarboxylase activity in maternally deprived rat pups

Mead J., 1987: Positive effort dependence of maximal expiratory flow

Lang W.R., 1987: Positive effusion cytology as the initial presentation of malignancy

Atkochyus V.B., 1984: Positive electro roentgenography for examination of the esophagus and stomach

Stewart S., 1979: Positive end expiratory pressure and continuous positive airway pressure following open heart surgery in infants and children

Egan, E. A.; Hessler, J. R., 1976: Positive end expiratory pressure and right to left shunting in immature goats

Byles P.H., 1981: Positive end expiratory pressure and the bain circuit

List W.F., 1987: Positive end expiratory pressure and the damaged right ventricle an experimental open versus closed chest study

Pare P.D., 1984: Positive end expiratory pressure decreases bronchial blood flow in the dog

Sibbald W.J., 1981: Positive end expiratory pressure does not depress left ventricular function in patients with pulmonary edema

Shaffer, T. H.; Koen, P. A.; Moskowitz, G. D.; Ferguson, J. D.; Delivoria-Papadopoulos, M., 1978: Positive end expiratory pressure effects on lung mechanics of premature lambs

Chapman R.H., 1986: Positive end expiratory pressure following coronary artery bypass grafting

Fowler, A. A-Iii ; Scoggins, W. S.; O'donohue, W. J. Jr, 1978: Positive end expiratory pressure in the management of lobar atel ectasis

Mills N.L., 1980: Positive end expiratory pressure in the management of the patient with a post operative bleeding heart

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148100

Benumof J.L., 1979: Positive end expiratory pressure induced discrepancy between pulmonary arterial wedge pressure and left atrial pressure the effects of controlled vs spontaneous ventilation and compliant vs noncompliant lungs in the dog

Manny, J.; Grindlinger, G.; Mathe, A. A.; Hechtman, H. B., 1978: Positive end expiratory pressure lung stretch and decreased myo cardial contractility

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148103

Steele P., 1980: Positive end expiratory pressure shifts left ventricular diastolic pressure area curves

Wayne, K. S., 1976: Positive end expiratory pressure ventilation a review of mechanisms and actions

Abbushi W., 1981: Positive end expiratory pressure ventilation and elevated position of the upper part of the body in patients with brain injury

Bignon J., 1982: Positive end expiratory pressure ventilation induced air space over distension complicating paraquat lung

Eerola R., 1979: Positive end expiratory pressure ventilation renal function and renin

Lazarus G., 1985: Positive end expiratory pressure ventilation without hyperinflation of the lung a primary ventilatory pattern derived from expiratory pressure volume curves

Gann D.S., 1985: Positive end expiratory pressure with increased intra abdominal pressure

Escourrou, P.; Harf, A.; Simonneau, G.; Atlan, G.; Lemaire, F.; Laurent, D., 1981: Positive end expiratory vs. negative external pressure mechanical ventilation during pulmonary edema in dogs

Hurt W.G., 1987: Positive endocervical curettage in patients with satisfactory and unsatisfactory colposcopy clinical implications

Cheatham M.A., 1987: Positive endocochlear potential mechanism of production by marginal cells of stria vascularis

Mikami K., 1981: Positive evidence for defective germ nucleus generated by transplantation in paramecium tetraurelia

Reum P J., 1986: Positive evidence of occupational health examinations of fitness and check ups of juveniles with regard to the prevention of diseases conditioned by work

Okada R.D., 1985: Positive exercise thallium 201 test responses in patients with less than 50 percent maximal coronary stenosis angiographic and clinical predictors

Stovring S., 1984: Positive expiratory pressure as lung physio therapy in cystic fibrosis a pilot study

Feldman, K. W.; Herndon, S. P., 1977: Positive expiratory pressure for the treatment of high altitude pulmonary edema

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148119

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148120

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148121

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148122

Yamamoto Y., 1981: Positive feedback facilitation of external intercostal and phrenic inspiratory activity by pulmonary stretch receptors

Suga, H., 1976: Positive feedback hypothesis on development of essential hypertension

Grinwald, P. M., 1977: Positive feedback in the ling process the role of atp in ischemic cell death

Pflueger H.J., 1988: Positive feedback loops from proprioceptors involved in leg movements of the locust

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148127

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148128

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148129

Gross, W.; Ring, K.; Heinz, E., 1970: Positive feedback regulation of amino acid transport in streptomyces hydrogenans

Kalsner S., 1982: Positive feedback regulation of noradrenaline release from sympathetic nerves a questionable hypothesis

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148132

Tencati R., 1985: Positive fitness test in sportsmen of average age 25 to 54 correlations with perfusional myocardial scintigraphy

Hughes, M. K.; Fusillo, M. H.; Roberson, B. S., 1970: Positive fluorescent treponemal antibody reactions in diabetes

Gordeev Yu V., 1988: Positive g z acceleration tolerance in rhesus monkeys

Olson W.H., 1979: Positive gallium 67 citrate scan in retroperitoneal fibrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148137

Niculescu Duvaz I., 1986: Positive gene control growth homeostasis carcinogenesis a hypothetical model

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148139

Whitney C., 1987: Positive groin lymph nodes in superficial squamous cell vulvar cancer a gynecologic oncology group study

Mclaughlin M., 1982: Positive group efficacy in adolescent treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148142

Nadol, J. B. Jr, 1977: Positive henneberts sign in menieres disease

Haubensak K., 1980: Positive histological tuberculous findings despite stable sterility of the urine on culture results of 111 nephrectomies and partial nephrectomies

Carroll F.I., 1980: Positive identification and quantitation of isomeric cocaines by high performance liquid chromatography

Polliack A., 1981: Positive identification of human leukemic cells with scanning immuno electron microscopy using antibody coated poly styrene latex beads as markers

Spielvogel D.E., 1982: Positive identification of silicone in human mammary capsular tissue

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148148

Hannant C., 1981: Positive immediate skin tests in cystic fibrosis a possible role for pseudomonas aeruginosa infection

Hocquet P., 1980: Positive immuno fluorescence reaction for amoebiasis with hepatic brucellosis

Basch R.S., 1981: Positive immuno secretion using antibody enzyme complexes

Ety J., 1987: Positive impact of a therapeutic drug monitoring program on total aminoglycoside dose and cost of hospitalization

Weinstein, L., 1977: Positive incentive contrast as a function of age and length of training in rats

Wolanski N., 1984: Positive indices of health

Ziegler W., 1985: Positive influence of hemofiltration on hemodynamics in postoperative surgical patients an improved method for representation of myocardial depressant factor in hemofiltrate

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148156

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148157

Yamamoto, S.; Akera, T.; Brody, T. M., 1980: Positive inotropic action of digoxigenin and sodium pump inhibition effects of enhanced sodium influx

Inoki R., 1987: Positive inotropic action of kappa opiate agonists ethylketocyclazocine and dynorphin a1 13 in isolated rat atrium

Kondo H., 1981: Positive inotropic action of p chloromercuri benzoate in isolated guinea pig heart influence of membrane stabilizing agents

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148161

Nishie, K.; Fitzpatrick, T. J.; Swain, A. P.; Keyl, A. C., 1976: Positive inotropic action of solanaceae glyco alkaloids

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148163

Hedtke, J. L.; Shideman, F. E.; Goldberg, N. D., 1976: Positive inotropic activity of cholera entero toxin on the embryonic chick heart

Cummings, J. R.; Beaulieu, G., 1977: Positive inotropic and anti arrhythmic actions of actodigin in dogs

Siess M., 1988: Positive inotropic and chronotropic effects of the calcium ionophore a 23187 calcimycin on guinea pig atria

Yoshida Y., 1987: Positive inotropic and chronotropic effects of trypsin and some other proteolytic enzymes in the guinea pig heart

Bormann G., 1985: Positive inotropic and electrophysiological effects of app 201 533 3 amino 6 methyl 5 phenyl 2 1h pyridinone can be explained by an increase of cardiac cyclic amp

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148169

Shimizu Y., 1984: Positive inotropic and toxic effects of brevetoxin b on rat and guinea pig heart

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148171

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148172

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148173

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148174

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148175

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148176

Dorigo P., 1983: Positive inotropic effect of a stable analog of prostaglandin i 2 and of prostaglandin i 2 on isolated guinea pig atria mechanism of action

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148178

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148179

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148180

Appel, W. C.; Vincenzi, F. F., 1973: Positive inotropic effect of cardiotonic steroids differential antagonism by aldo sterone

Erdmann E., 1988: Positive inotropic effect of dpi 201 106 in spontaneously hypertensive rats lack of inhibition by adenosine and cholinergic agents

Marquez, M. T.; Puntoni-De-Mikulic, L. E.; Armaendia, P., 1977: Positive inotropic effect of ethylephrine on the isolated rat atria

Furukawa H., 1983: Positive inotropic effect of helenalin a sesqui terpene lactone on guinea pig myo cardium

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148185

Koley B.N., 1984: Positive inotropic effect of nicotine on electrically evoked contraction of isolated toad ventricle

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148187

Giotti A., 1986: Positive inotropic effect of some taurine related compounds on guinea pig ventricular strips perfused with low calcium medium

Osnes, J. B., 1976: Positive inotropic effect without cyclic amp elevation after alpha adrenergic stimulation of perfused hearts from hypo thyroid rats

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148190

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148191

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148192

Cardone G., 1985: Positive inotropic effects of and acth analogue acth 1 17 on myocardial performance

Zaagsma J., 1988: Positive inotropic effects of calcium channel antagonists are not necessarily caused by partial calcium channel agonism

Skelton, C. L.; Levey, G. S.; Epstein, S. E., 1970: Positive inotropic effects of di butyryl cyclic amp

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148196

Richardson D.P. , 1987: Positive inotropic effects of histamine in anesthetized dogs

Roveda M., 1986: Positive inotropic effects of ibopamine in patients with congestive heart failure a multicenter investigation

Erdmann E., 1988: Positive inotropic effects of the calcium channel activator bay k 8644 on guinea pig and human isolated myocardium

Oron Y., 1986: Positive inotropic response to alpha adrenergic stimulation in an electrically driven rat left atrium the role of extracellular calcium

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148201

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148202

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148203

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148204

Zaldivar M.E., 1987: Positive instrumental learning and types of memory in the cricket pteronemobius sp orthoptera insecta

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148206

Larner J., 1987: Positive interaction between insulin and phorbol esters on the regulation of a specific messenger rna in rat hepatoma cells

Berti F., 1985: Positive interaction between leukotriene c 4 and histamine and other mediators on vascular tissues

Gardner F.E.M., 1987: Positive interaction between mothers and conduct problem children is there training for harmony as well as fighting

Hemmes, N. S.; Eckerman, D. A., 1972: Positive interaction induction in multiple variable interval differential reinforcement of high rate schedules

Moodie E.M., 1984: Positive interactions between human interferon and cyclo phosphamide or adriamycin in a human tumor model system

Wolf C.R., 1984: Positive interactions between interferon and chemotherapy due to direct tumor action rather than effects on host drug metabolizing enzymes

Gigon, A.; Ryser, P., 1986: Positive interactions between plant species i. definition and examples from grassland ecosystems

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148214

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148215

Papangelou, L.; Christidis, M., 1978: Positive intra maxillary sinus pressure and intra ocular pressure

Kaneko Y., 1987: Positive intratympanic pressure in the morning and its etiology

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148218

Riesenberg, D.; Erdei, S.; Kondorosi, E.; Kari, C., 1982: Positive involvement of guanosine 3' di phosphate 5' di phosphate in de repression of the nif operon in klebsiella pneumoniae

Sparagana, M.; Ackerman, L., 1988: Positive iodine 131 6 beta iodomethyl 19 norcholesterol np 59 adrenal images can precede return of adrenocortical function after o p' ddd treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148221

Yamada T., 1987: Positive ion and negative ion mass spectrometry of 24 benzodiazepines

Honda, S.; Kakehi, K.; Ohmura, T.; Morita, M., 1988: Positive ion fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry of reductively pyridylaminated maltooligosaccharides and its application to alpha amylase assay

Krause N., 1988: Positive life events and depressive symptoms in older adults

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148225

Burton R.R., 1987: Positive linear acceleration induced loss of consciousness a case for training exposure to unconsciousness

Whinnery J.E., 1979: Positive linear acceleration tolerance correlation with clinical parameters

Cleary T.L., 1986: Positive local contrast and s negative duration theories of local contrast and a resolution

Rutledge F., 1980: Positive lymph nodes in vulvar squamous carcinoma

Okada S., 1985: Positive middle ear pressure on tympanogram in sleeping children

Carter D.R., 1981: Positive middle ear pressure shown by tympanometry

Huehn, M., 1978: Positive mixture effects in crop trials with mixtures of maize hybrids

Miale, T. D.; Barbosa, J. L.; Dellinger, C. T.; Wolfson, S. L., 1978: Positive monospot tests preceding the diagnosis of acute monocytic leukemia in 2 adolescents

Prerost F.J., 1981: Positive mood inhibiting potential of human crowding

Block A.J., 1984: Positive nasal airway pressure eliminates snoring as well as obstructive sleep apnea

Berdel D., 1987: Positive nasal provocation tests with negative skin tests

Venton D.L., 1984: Positive negative chemical ionization direct exposure mass spectrometry of underivatized prostaglandins

Matula, G.; Chang, C., 1974: Positive nitro blue tetrazolium test associated with henoch schoenlein purpura

Sorensen K.I., 1984: Positive nitrogen balance in burn patients

Et Al, 1988: Positive nystagmus of malignant paroxysmal type

Hishikawa Y., 1983: Positive occipital sharp transients in the human sleep electro encephalogram

Brenner, R. P.; Zauel, D. W.; Carlow, T. J., 1978: Positive occipital sharp transients of sleep in the blind

Zugibe, F. T., 1970: Positive periodic acid schiff staining of acid muco poly saccharides

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148244

Coutant C.C., 1982: Positive photo taxis in 1st instar hydropsyche cockerelli trichoptera

Aiken, R. B.; Hailman, J. P., 1978: Positive photo taxis of the brine shrimp artemia salina to mono chromatic light

Kenneth R.G., 1981: Positive photo tropism and hydro morphogenesis in germination structures of conidiobolus spp

Crowley, C. P.; Armstrong, P. M., 1977: Positive practice over correction and behavior rehearsal in the treatment of 3 cases of encopresis

Petersen P.B., 1982: Positive practice over correction combined with additional procedures to teach signed words to an autistic child

Wu W.C., 1985: Positive predictive value and examiner variability in diagnosing duodenal ulcer

Growcock G.W., 1986: Positive predictive value of cholescintigraphy in common bile duct obstruction

Mortola J.P., 1984: Positive pressure and negative pressure breathing in newborn rat before and after anesthesia

Panchenko V.S., 1982: Positive pressure breathing as a countermeasure against adverse effects of a head down tilt

Balldin U.I., 1983: Positive pressure oxygen breathing and pulmonary atel ectasis during immersion

Gann D.S., 1985: Positive pressure respirations and pneumatic antishock garment application hemodynamic response

Krouskop T.A., 1980: Positive pressure respiratory assist for wheelchair mobile persons

Milligan D.W.A., 1981: Positive pressure ventilation and cranial volume in new born infants

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148258

Hamilton N.G., 1986: Positive projective identification

Sonnenblick, M.; Gelmont, D.; Keren, A.; Stern, S., 1977: Positive radio nuclide myo cardial infarction pattern after ventricular fibrillation and direct current counter shock

Pfeiffer E.F., 1979: Positive rate sensitive cortico steroid feedback mechanism of acth secretion in cushings disease

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148262

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148263

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148264

Jimbow K., 1988: Positive reactivity of dysplastic melanocytes with a monoclonal antibody against melanoma melanosomes moab hmsa 2

Philippides, D.; Scazzocchio, C., 1981: Positive regulation in a eukaryote a study of the u ay gene of aspergillus nidulans 2. identification of the effector binding protein

Scazzocchio, C.; Sdrin, N.; Ong, G., 1982: Positive regulation in a eukaryote a study of the ua y gene of aspergillus nidulans 1. characterization of alleles dominance and complementation studies and a fine structure map of the ua y oxp a cluster

Fink G.R., 1983: Positive regulation in the general amino acid control of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148269

Farin, F.; Clarke, P. H., 1978: Positive regulation of amidase synthesis in pseudomonas aeruginosa/

Chung, S.; Echols, H., 1977: Positive regulation of integrative recombination by the c ii and c iii genes of bacterio phage lambda

Pawelek J., 1988: Positive regulation of melanin pigmentation by two key substrates of the melanogenic pathway l tyrosine and l dopa

Pappuoli R., 1988: Positive regulation of pertussis toxin expression

Hollenberg C.P., 1987: Positive regulation of the beta galactosidase gene from kluyveromyces lactis is mediated by an upstream activation site that shows homology to the gal upstream activation site of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Schleif R.F., 1987: Positive regulation of the escherichia coli l rhamnose operon is mediated by the products of tandemly repeated regulatory genes

Harmon J.M., 1988: Positive regulation of the glucocorticoid receptor in human t cells sensitive to the cytolytic effects of glucocorticoids

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148277

Van Bogelen R.A., 1981: Positive regulatory gene for temperature controlled proteins in escherichia coli

Fink G.R., 1984: Positive regulatory interactions of the his 4 gene of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gray J.J., 1979: Positive reinforcement and punishment in the treatment of childhood trichotillomania

Hake, D. F.; Powell, J., 1970: Positive reinforcement and suppression from the same occurrence of the unconditioned stimulus in a positive conditioned suppression procedure

Zeiler, M. D., 1976: Positive reinforcement and the elimination of reinforced responses

Albert Stewart P.L., 1986: Positive reinforcement in short term treatment of an electively mute child a case study

Bialowas J., 1980: Positive reinforcement produced by noradrenergic stimulation of the hypothalamus in rats

Leidenberger F.A., 1988: Positive relationship between the nocturnal concentrations of melatonin and prolactin and a stimulation of prolactin after melatonin administration in young men

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148286

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148287

Berry N.H., 1979: Positive results from out patient mental health intervention

Nuss R.C., 1987: Positive results of endocervical curettage as an indication for conization of the cervix

Fessard C., 1986: Positive rolandic sharp waves and periventricular leukomalacia in the newborn

Dreyfus Brisac C., 1982: Positive rolandic sharp waves in neo natal electro encephalography types and significance

Vaucher Y.E., 1987: Positive rolandic sharp waves in the eeg of the premature infant

Tharp B.R., 1984: Positive rolandic sharp waves in the electro encephalograms of premature neo nates with intra ventricular hemorrhage

Pearson J.W., 1979: Positive rubella titers in pregnancy a question of validity

Fadeev, N. P.; Barchuk, A. S.; Keller-Yu, M.; Mitreikin, V. F.; Tret'yakova, O. I., 1977: Positive scintigraphy in the diagnosis of lung cancer

Begueret J., 1986: Positive screening and transformation of ura 5 mutants in the fungus podospora anserina characterization of the transformants

Rojo J.M., 1984: Positive selection by panning of b lymphocytes using unfractionated anti immunoglobulin antiserum

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148298

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148299

Bruns, P. J.; Brussard, T. B., 1974: Positive selection for mating with functional heterokaryons in tetrahymena pyriformis

Thorsby E., 1986: Positive selection of activated t cells of the t 8 cd 8 sub type by immunomagnetic separation

Lea T., 1988: Positive selection of antigen specific b lymphocytes by means of immunomagnetic particles

Rytka, J., 1975: Positive selection of general amino acid permease mutants in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Sercarz E.E., 1981: Positive selection of major histo compatibility complex restricted suppressor t cells bearing the predominant idiotype in the immune response to lysozyme

Cuchens M.A., 1983: Positive selection of mouse b lymphocytes and t lymphocytes and analysis of isolated populations by flow cytometry

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Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148331

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148332

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148333

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Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148339

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148340

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148341

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148342

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Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148434

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148435

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148436

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Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148484

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148485

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Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148499

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Dechevska M., 1986: Possibilities for evaluating wheat resistance to pseudomonas syringae pathovar atrofaciens mccull young dye wilkie using certain mathematical models under various ecological conditions

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Bressel M., 1980: Possibilities for the evaluation of receptor sites in benign prostatic hyperplasia and carcinoma of the prostate

Gollmann G., 1987: Possibilities for the field diagnosis of hybrids of the fire bellied toad and yellow bellied toad bombina bombina linnaeus 1761 and bombina variegata linnaeus 1758 anura discoglossidae

Prikhod'ko L.A., 1980: Possibilities for the long term storage of volatile powder like drugs in poly ethylene packages

Brueser, P., 1977: Possibilities for the restoration of the flexor tendon in no mans land

Obwegeser H., 1988: Possibilities for the surgical treatment of secondary deformities in cleft patients

Breschinski W., 1986: Possibilities for the use of perfusors in emergency ambulances on the example of the ivac injection pump model 700

Ustinova V.F., 1984: Possibilities for the use of radiation therapy in aggravated diabetic osteoarthropathy

Daskalov S., 1979: Possibilities for the utilization of some mutagenic factors in changing sweet pepper susceptibility to powdery mildew leveillula solanacearum f capsici

Sonnleitner F., 1986: Possibilities for treatment of cancer patients at a general department of internal medicine

Gordeev A.I., 1981: Possibilities for ultrasonic examination methods in diagnosing death of the brain clinical and experimental study

V"rlev, I., 1985: Possibilities for using climatic factor wheat yield relationships

Ternovoi S.K., 1981: Possibilities for using computed axial x ray tomography in diagnosing pathological processes in the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space

Lalev T., 1986: Possibilities for using durum wheat in the amelioration of bread from weak soft wheats

Chan Min Tam, 1983: Possibilities for using the preparation m 1 in storing seed potatoes in vietnam

Jeneyne Jambrik R., 1982: Possibilities for water recovery in bekes county hungary

Lozanovski R., 1985: Possibilities for weed control with herbicides in parsley

Jaeger K., 1987: Possibilities in coverage of decubitus ulcers

Steich W., 1988: Possibilities in non invasive vascular diagnostic in detecting the cause of cerebro vascular insults

Semke V.Ya, 1981: Possibilities in pathogenetic therapy of hysteria

Levic J., 1984: Possibilities in protecting maize seed from fusarium graminearum using fungicides

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148609

Quast, U.; Glaeser, L.; Heckemann, R., 1978: Possibilities limitations and errors with ultrasound tomography in computer assisted treatment planning

Maseri, A.; L'abbate, A.; Michelassi, C.; Pesola, A.; Pisani, P.; Marzilli, M.; De-Nes, M.; Mancini, P., 1977: Possibilities limitations and technique for the study of regional myo cardial perfusion in man by xenon 133

Gavrilova S.A., 1986: Possibilities of a cytochemical study of cerebrospinal fluid smears for determination of neuroleukemia

Fedorova I.F., 1984: Possibilities of a differentiated approach to the treatment of patients with idiopathic hypertrophic subaortal stenosis

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Okulov, V. B.; Bobrov-Yu, F., 1975: Possibilities of alpha feto protein and heterologous antibody distribution in the mother and fetus in trans placental carcinogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148616

Kalab M., 1980: Possibilities of an electron microscopic detection of butter milk made from sweet cream in adulterated skim milk

Nesvetov A.M., 1981: Possibilities of and errors in small early gastric carcinoma x ray diagnosis

Poethig D., 1987: Possibilities of and limits to geriatric diagnostics in sports medicine

Balogh A., 1988: Possibilities of application of nir technique in the analysis of oilseeds and their derivatives examination of used frying oils

Hoffmann P., 1985: Possibilities of applying non linear double resonance to the investigations of chlorophyll electronic structure

Knizhnik E.I., 1981: Possibilities of applying the microtron m 30 in oncology

Anon, 1988: Possibilities of arterial hypertension control using a stepwise scheme of prolonged therapy with antihypertensive drugs

Kolinko A.I., 1980: Possibilities of artificial hypotension in ophthalmological surgery

Benedek P., 1985: Possibilities of bee safe control of pests with insecticides on flowering medicinal poppy crops

Andronova L.M., 1987: Possibilities of behavior correction in formed preference for ethanol in female and male albino rats

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148627

Mohyuddin A.I., 1981: Possibilities of bio control of some pests of cotton in pakistan

Laczko I., 1986: Possibilities of biological energy production

Kraeusslich H., 1981: Possibilities of breeding for fertility

Krzymanski J., 1984: Possibilities of breeding for higher oil and protein contents in winter rape seeds

Plange, H., 1976: Possibilities of cartographically documenting changes of the vitreous body when examining the eye with a 3 mirror contact glass

Samokhvalov V.P., 1979: Possibilities of clinical comparison of diseases with hereditary aggravation in the descending generation using the model of familial schizophrenia

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148636

Laska, P., 1975: Possibilities of combination of glasshouse whitefly chemical control and two spotted spider mite biological control

Zhelev K., 1979: Possibilities of complete or partial substitution of starea 44 for sunflower oil meal in lactating cow rations

Speckmann H., 1987: Possibilities of computer aided detection of health and estrus in dairy herds

Tachmuradov B.N., 1980: Possibilities of computer monitoring systems and mathematical modeling in the evaluation of circulatory disturbances and therapy of patients after surgery for acquired heart defects 1

Zharov I.N., 1986: Possibilities of computerized subtraction angiography in kidney patients

Schulz E., 1983: Possibilities of computing urine parameters as a means of classification of normals and patients suffering from calcium oxalate lithiasis

Smolan S., 1987: Possibilities of continuous negative pressure therapy at infant wards

Hudon M., 1979: Possibilities of controlling ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae in the ussr and canada by cultivating resistant corn lines

Dimic, N., 1977: Possibilities of controlling the apple leaf miner lithocolletis blancardella

Milchev N., 1985: Possibilities of correcting of non balanced nutrition of pregnant women

Amosov, N. M.; Mintser, O. P.; Palets, B. L., 1977: Possibilities of cybernetics in medicine

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148648

Novikova L.V., 1981: Possibilities of decreasing radiation risk in mammography

Drbokhlavova, D., 1981: Possibilities of decreasing the protein content of forage mixtures for chicks by differential energy protein feeding during the different growth periods 2. effect of forage mixtures containing sunflower seed oil meal

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148651

Seman I., 1983: Possibilities of detection and induction of ha ploids in beta vulgaris l

Wetzel T., 1985: Possibilities of determination the age of larvae of the corn ground beetle zabrus tenebrioides

Mosz, J.; Frontczak, J., 1986: Possibilities of determining maize grain hardness with the vickers' micro durometer

Piruzyan L.A., 1981: Possibilities of diagnosing and predicting the biological activity of isolated frog retina

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148656

Begic Janeva A., 1981: Possibilities of diagnosing hodgkins disease on the basis of a liver biopsy

Hartmann B., 1986: Possibilities of diagnosing spinal column changes in vocational applicants and apprentices for fitness appraisal

Belyanin V.L., 1981: Possibilities of differential diagnosis of cervical and vaginal diseases on the basis of algorithms of histological examinations

Matytsin A.N., 1983: Possibilities of differential diagnosis of isolated lesions of mediastinal lymph nodes

Schwenke, H.; Von-Baehr, R., 1978: Possibilities of differentiated stimulation of bone marrow derived and thymus derived cells

Kozhushko L.F., 1981: Possibilities of differentiation between electro encephalographic changes due to hereditary factors and process factors in schizophrenia

Vishnyakova, V. V., 1976: Possibilities of diminishing the volume of surgical intervention in the radical treatment of breast cancer

Apetroaie, S.; Canarache, A., 1977: Possibilities of diversifying the agro meteorological bulletins on soil moisture status

Walstam, R., 1975: Possibilities of dose distribution in afterloading technique

John, V.; Ewen, K.; Bringewald, B., 1978: Possibilities of dose reduction in extramammographic xero radiography

Dunez J., 1987: Possibilities of early detection of potato spindle tuber viroid pstv

Shcherbakov V.A., 1985: Possibilities of early diagnosis of renal osteodystrophy in patients with chronic renal insufficiency during treatment by systematic hemodialysis

Andreenko, G. V.; Bessolitsyna, L. A.; Sargin, K. E., 1977: Possibilities of early diagnosis of thrombo embolic complications in myo cardial infarction patients by biochemical methods

Alika J.E., 1980: Possibilities of early selection in hevea brasiliensis

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148671

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148672

Kovaleva L.D., 1980: Possibilities of electro roentgenography in the examination of patients in the early periods after thoracic operations

Nikolaev L.I., 1980: Possibilities of electro roentgenography in the examination of the plicate relief and the micro relief of the gastric mucosa

Raska, I., 1977: Possibilities of electron microscopy in the biological field some aspects of analysis of micrographs and of 3 dimensional reconstruction/

Das H.A., 1982: Possibilities of elemental analysis of human serum by neutron activation analysis to short lived radio nuclides with previous removal of sodium and chlorine

Redzepagic H., 1979: Possibilities of eliminating wireworms from the sunflower

Kovacs A., 1980: Possibilities of enhancing the effectiveness of intra arterial chemo therapy

Tishchenko M.S., 1985: Possibilities of enhancing the sensitivity of the coagglutination test

Helm R., 1986: Possibilities of enzyme immunological assay of the antigen of type a hepatitis virus

Wunderlich M., 1980: Possibilities of erroneous interpretation of direct fetal electro cardiogram

Franz R., 1986: Possibilities of error in angular determinations at the upper and of the femur of congenital dislocated hip joints in connection with surgical interventions

Chloupek O., 1986: Possibilities of estimating general combining ability effects from clones and half sib progenies in lucerne medicago sativa l

Boikovski, S.; Solomonov, K.; Stoyanov, A.; Dochevski, D. Ts, 1982: Possibilities of exciting estrus and fertilization in ewes during the anestrus period by regulating the light regimen 2. fattening abilities of lambs of different pre slaughter live weight born by ewes fertilized during the anestrous period

Kuragina G.N., 1980: Possibilities of experimental studies of downstream migration of fish fry

Hetenyi L., 1987: Possibilities of exploitation of correlations between daily gain and feed conversion in pig selection

Tashev T.K., 1986: Possibilities of feeding bulky feeds alone to breeding heifers

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148689

Reinhardt, H., 1975: Possibilities of forecasting size and variation of yield in seed maize cultivation

Takada A., 1982: Possibilities of formation of pyrimidines from 3 4 di bromo 3 4 di hydro coumarins

Mikel'saar R.N., 1980: Possibilities of forming a hydrogen bonded cytosine adenine pair in the structure of transfer rna and at the wobble position of the codon anti codon complex

Nagel M., 1980: Possibilities of further improving biological sterilization tests

Dmitrienkov, B. N.; Vorontsov-Yu, P.; Andronov, S. V.; Meshkov, M. V., 1985: Possibilities of gamma scintigraphy in the diagnosis of meckel's diverticulum in children

Fomichev D.I., 1987: Possibilities of heart defibrillation using intravascular electrodes

De Smedt E., 1982: Possibilities of high resolution computed tomographic scanning in ear and sinus pathology

Loehr E., 1986: Possibilities of high resolution computed tomography in the diagnosis of facial trauma

Milchev N., 1984: Possibilities of hospital supply with cooked and semi cooked dietetic products

Mistinova A., 1981: Possibilities of identification of auto incompatible lucerne plants

Pastushenko N.F., 1983: Possibilities of identification of individual species of arable soils by means of multi zonal aerial photography

Tarlakovskaya A.M., 1984: Possibilities of identification of pea cultivars and forms by means of the legumin electrophoretic spectrum

Lersch C., 1983: Possibilities of immuno therapy or immune prophylaxis of the brown pearce carcinoma in rabbits

Smidt D., 1981: Possibilities of improvement of fertility and decrease of losses during the suckling period in sheep

Yalcin, B. C.; Muftuoglu, S.; Yurtcu, B., 1979: Possibilities of improving important production characteristics of central anatolian merino sheep through selection 2. some environmental factors affecting production characteristics

Yalcin, B. C.; Muftuoglu, S.; Yurtcu, B., 1979: Possibilities of improving important production characteristics of central anatolian merino through selection 3. phenotypic and genetic parameters for production characteristics

Seeck M., 1988: Possibilities of improving raising results as well as the exploitation of farrowing pens by cross fostering of piglets

Elssmann, H., 1969: Possibilities of improving red deer qualities

Nikolaeva D.V., 1980: Possibilities of improving the early diagnosis of malignant ovarian tumors

Nacheva, J., 1981: Possibilities of improving the intra cocoon uneveness of silk thread of bombyx mori 1. results from selection based on the indicator intra cocoon uneveness of silk thread

Nacheva, I., 1981: Possibilities of improving the intra cocoon unevenness of silk thread of bombyx mori 2. results from a study of hybrid yc 1 x yc 2

Evrim, M., 1979: Possibilities of improving the production characteristics of daglic sheep through selection 3. phenotypic and genetic parameters of important production characteristics

Schoen I., 1987: Possibilities of including the effects of origin fat of meat with respect to offer purchase and dressing

Jasiorowski H.A., 1987: Possibilities of increasing animal production in developing countries

Kaymakci M., 1980: Possibilities of increasing reproduction rate and synchronization of lambing in different breeds of sheep

Smirina E.M., 1983: Possibilities of individual and group marking of young of the year rana temporaria

Guettler P., 1982: Possibilities of influencing the healing of bone fractures by electric currents

Koetting, K.; Hofmann, K.; Hoefner, W., 1988: Possibilities of influencing the productivity of maize zea mays l. by growth regulators

Hussen I.M., 1985: Possibilities of influencing the yield and quality of silage maize using irrigation and differentiated stock density

Barsch E., 1988: Possibilities of initiation of estrus in the bitch with an ergoline derivative

Venkateshaiah B.V., 1985: Possibilities of intercropping of grasses in coconut plantations of karnataka india

Bienengraeber V., 1986: Possibilities of intracavitary contact therapy in cervicofacial region by afterloading therapy equipment decatron

Tryapitsyn V.A., 1981: Possibilities of introduction in the ussr of parasitic chalcids hymenoptera chalcidoidea natural enemies of agricultural pests

Effert S., 1987: Possibilities of invasive cardiological diagnostics and therapy in west germany a comparison with other european states and the usa

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148725

Habovstiak J., 1979: Possibilities of lamb and wool production on natural and sown grass swards

Westerhof W., 1985: Possibilities of liposomes as dynamic dosage form in dermatology

Heller M., 1982: Possibilities of locating foreign bodies by computed tomography

Aleksieva Drbokhlavova D., 1984: Possibilities of lowering the protein and amino acid norms for broiler chicks by means of differentiated 4 phase energy protein feeding

Nair, R. V.; Bensam, P.; Marichamy, R., 1974: Possibilities of marine fish culture in the salt pan areas at tuticorin india

Wloczewska H., 1981: Possibilities of maxillo orthopedic treatment in adults

Degtyarev, V. A.; Nekhaev, A. S.; Bednenko, V. S.; Zakharov, V. N.; Koval'chuk, V. D.; Soldatkina, L. V.; Fedorovich-Yu, N.; Shanin, N. I.; Shumskii, V. I., 1978: Possibilities of measuring venous pressure using a new indirect method

Kukushkina L.N., 1983: Possibilities of methods of tissue cultures in detecting potato genotype variability

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148734

Tsenkov, I.; Dzhorbineva, M.; Dimitrov, T., 1980: Possibilities of milking ewes with machines 1. sanitation of milk milked by hand and by machine

Exadaktylos, P.; Graevinghoff, J., 1976: Possibilities of mitigating varicella herpes zoster infections in children with leukoses

Zaslavskii V.A., 1986: Possibilities of modeling the mechanism of quantitative daylength perception in insects

Izdebska Szymona K., 1984: Possibilities of monoclonal antibody application

Slosarek, M.; Konicek, J.; Konickova-Radochova, M., 1975: Possibilities of mutagenesis in mycobacterium bovis

Machula, F.; Mracek, Z., 1975: Possibilities of neuro surgical intervention with hemorrhage into cerebral ventricles

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148741

Luk'yanenok P.I., 1985: Possibilities of nmr tomography in studying the normal anatomotopographic state of the kidneys

Belozerov G.E., 1985: Possibilities of noninvasive techniques in the diagnosis of multiple coronary arterial lesions associated with coronary heart disease

Babanin V.F., 1983: Possibilities of nuclear gamma resonance studies in pedology

Kormann B., 1987: Possibilities of objectifying forefoot deformities

Szlauer B., 1984: Possibilities of obtaining zooplankton from the river plonia poland to feed young fish

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148748

Pawlava A.I., 1984: Possibilities of passive antiorthostatic test in revealing the compensatory abilities of cerebral hemodynamics

Herrmann K., 1988: Possibilities of pelvic examination in obstetrics

Daniel, M.; Cerny, V.; Honzakova, E.; Olejnicek, J., 1977: Possibilities of persistence in new biotopes of ticks imported by birds

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148753

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148754

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148755

Vagin Yu V., 1980: Possibilities of population directed control of mink fecundity

Zadina, J., 1978: Possibilities of potato breeding for relative resistance to potato virus s

Vespalec J., 1982: Possibilities of pre operative evaluation of the left ventricle function

Knapp R., 1983: Possibilities of precise quantification in population analysis of plant associations

Zamyatin O.A., 1980: Possibilities of predicting complications in radiation therapy of patients with malignant tumors

Pushilov, M. G., 1977: Possibilities of predicting results of surgical treatment for cancer of the thoracic esophagus

Astapenko M.M., 1987: Possibilities of predicting the hypotensive effect of the surgical treatment of vasorenal hypertension

Timen L.Ya, 1981: Possibilities of predicting the relapses of 1st diagnosed duodenal ulcer in young subjects

Janouskova I., 1982: Possibilities of preparation of a selective medium for the cultivation of mycobacteria

Matskevich N.V., 1986: Possibilities of preserving the cultures of nematophagous predaceous fungi in collections

Makovetskii V.P., 1982: Possibilities of preventing muscular dystrophy with alpha tocopherono lactone and diludine during e avitaminosis

Deman, J. M., 1978: Possibilities of prevention of light induced quality loss of milk

Sikorowa, A., 1977: Possibilities of protection against excessive eutrophication of the lakes using the method of the removal of hypolimnion waters

Renner E., 1981: Possibilities of protein fortification in fat reduced consumption milk

Spasov, S. A., 1978: Possibilities of radio isotopic study of the functions of the thyroid gland during block by iodine and bromine preparations from studies in the buryat assr ussr

Nonikov V.E., 1980: Possibilities of radio nuclide studies of the lungs

Safarov S.A., 1985: Possibilities of radiosterilization and pasteurization of solutions of some drugs and components of injection solutions

Lederer J.A., 1984: Possibilities of recording and utilization of fertility data in a computer compatible form

Gall N., 1984: Possibilities of reducing generation interval in cattle

Leclerq, B.; Blum, J. C., 1977: Possibilities of reducing protein levels in the diets of guinea fowl broilers using lysine and methionine supplements

Abdel Hadi A.H., 1984: Possibilities of reducing the adverse effects of salinity by iaa

Fuchsberger A., 1984: Possibilities of reducing thermal damage to bone when using drills in osteosynthesis

Hoffmann G., 1981: Possibilities of registration of drug influence by radio cardiographic function analysis

Zehl U C., 1984: Possibilities of registration of visual motions in sports

Kocerginskij, N. M., 1976: Possibilities of regulation of nonenzymatic reactions in membranes by means of photo reactions

Lachnit K S., 1981: Possibilities of rehabilitation in the geriatric hospital

Zharov V.N., 1984: Possibilities of rehabilitation of children with hypoplastic anemia

Catinas E., 1980: Possibilities of rehabilitation of schizophrenic patients depending on clinical forms and symptoms

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148786

Mester A., 1986: Possibilities of rendering valuable the slide and eroded land by crop rotation

Nikitina, R. G.; Naidenov-Yu, P.; Bardychev, M. S.; Petrik, V. D.; Malygina, A. I.; Frolova, E. I.; Vazilo, V. E., 1977: Possibilities of repeated endolymphatic infusions of radioactive preparations

Hammen K., 1983: Possibilities of replacing grain with cassava in swine feed

Kr"steva M., 1987: Possibilities of replacing sunflower meal with urea on feeding cows having a daily milk production above 20 kg

Vukovojac S., 1984: Possibilities of resection dentures retention outside the resection cavity

Glukhov V.I., 1985: Possibilities of respiration control in the postoperative period using electric stimulation of the phrenic nerve

Ermakova I.V., 1987: Possibilities of restoration of disturbed food search in rats by neurotransplantation

Konstantinova N.V., 1980: Possibilities of routine x ray examination in topical diagnosis of aortic coarctation in young children

Cekic-Arambasin, A.; Rosin-Grget, K.; Temmer, K.; Stipetic, M., 1987: Possibilities of salivary secretion measurement

Karepetyan I.R., 1981: Possibilities of saving treatment in traumatic injuries of the dog spleen in the experiment

Shekhter, A. B.; Nestaiko, G. V.; Semenova, N. A.; Krymskii, L. D., 1976: Possibilities of scanning electron microscopic investigation of the 3 dimensional structure of arterial walls

Gambi, D.; Rossini, P.; Stefanini, M. C., 1976: Possibilities of screening in new born infants by means of the evoked responses technique

Breitenstein K G., 1988: Possibilities of selection for a closer ratio of milk fat to milk protein content in black pied dairy cattle

Van-Eijk, J. P.; Eikelboom, W.; Sparnaaij, L. D., 1977: Possibilities of selection for keeping quality in tulip breeding part 2

Hunkler D., 1986: Possibilities of selective screening for inborn errors of metabolism using high resolution proton fourier transform nmr spectrometry

Stefanescu T., 1980: Possibilities of shortening the service period in cows

Kalvelis, A. D., 1978: Possibilities of simplifying the electro cardiograph registration system

Takebe A., 1986: Possibilities of sire evaluation based on field performance testing records of holstein cows in japan

Bernau R., 1987: Possibilities of space closing in the anterior region of dental arch in juvenile and adult patients

Lungol V.N., 1981: Possibilities of sterile marriage diagnosis under ambulatory poly clinical conditions at a large industrial center

Masson, P.; Vallin, P., 1983: Possibilities of study of the human plasma cholin esterase ec variants by affinity electrophoresis

Polyaev Yu A., 1984: Possibilities of studying renal circulation by radioangiography

Chekulaeva, L. N.; Korolev-Yu, N.; Telegin, N. L., 1974: Possibilities of studying whole cells of a halobacterium halobium culture by disturbed complete internal reflection

Stoter I., 1979: Possibilities of substituting animal proteins with vegetable proteins with the addition of vitamin b 12 in balanced animal feed mixtures on the growth and fattening of pigs

Ivanek V., 1985: Possibilities of substituting nitrogenous mineral fertilization for bacteria bound nitrogen on natural meadow settlements with meadow sage salvia pratensis

Paliev Kh, 1979: Possibilities of substituting urea for sunflower oil meal in mixed feeds for fattening lambs

Sokolov E.A., 1980: Possibilities of surgical treatment in lung cancer patients older than 70

Lupescu A., 1980: Possibilities of surgical treatment of hemophiliac arthropathy

Wittekopf G., 1984: Possibilities of the assessment of adaptive processes of the motor system to characterize athletic performance

Katunaric M., 1986: Possibilities of the bitewing method in the secondary caries diagnostic

Liska M., 1981: Possibilities of the chemical control of dwarf bunt tilletia controversa in winter wheat

Boreiko T.A., 1987: Possibilities of the combined usage of the chemosterilizing agent dimatif and developmental inhibitor dimilin to control flies in animal breeding barns

Aleksandrov, N. N., 1977: Possibilities of the complex treatment of breast cancer today

Tachmuradov B.N., 1980: Possibilities of the computer monitoring system and mathematical modeling in the assessment of disturbances of the circulatory system and purposeful therapy of patients after operations for acquired heart defects

Arzumanyan G.A., 1983: Possibilities of the cytologic method in the diagnosis of precancerous states and breast cancer in preventive examinations

Nikora, P. I., 1977: Possibilities of the diagnosis and surgical treatment of malignant lymphomas of the stomach

Danil'chenko T.A., 1982: Possibilities of the diagnosis of congenital heart diseases by doppler echo cardiography

Forro Z., 1986: Possibilities of the early diagnosis of pregnancy by progesterone ria in swine

Belostotskii N.I., 1981: Possibilities of the electrophoretic study of proteases of the rat gastric mucosa

Marius, C.; Antrop, M., 1976: Possibilities of the false color photograph in mapping environmental pollution

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148829

Ichikawa T., 1981: Possibilities of the operation for gastric cancer in the aged

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148831

Kostandov, E. A., 1976: Possibilities of the physiological analysis of the unconscious in the human psyche

Laszlo J., 1987: Possibilities of the prenatal diagnosis of hemophilia a

Vanova M., 1981: Possibilities of the prognostication of infection and the signalization of wheat treatment to control foot rot cercosporella herpotrichoides

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148835

Dudnikova G.N., 1982: Possibilities of the scanning electron microscopy technique in studies of dressing materials

Pshenitsyna L.B., 1984: Possibilities of the studies of the trophic specialization of acridids orthoptera acrididae based on the analysis of their excrements

Yanushkevichus, Z. I.; Vitenshteinas, G. A.; Valuzhene, N. P., 1975: Possibilities of the system of adjusted orthogonal leads in the diagnosis of myo cardial infarction

Kudryavtseva, L. V., 1977: Possibilities of the ultrasound micro manipulator for biological use

Mukharlyamov N.M., 1986: Possibilities of the use of doppler and two dimensional echocardiography for detecting and studying mitral regurgitation in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy and coronary heart disease

Toth J., 1988: Possibilities of the use of manuflex external fixing instrument in the small animal surgery description of the instrument

Toth J., 1988: Possibilities of the use of manuflex external fixing instrument in the small animal surgery own experiences

Bardos L., 1988: Possibilities of the use of minilab photometer series

Bezchinskaya M.Ya, 1983: Possibilities of thermography in diagnosing and characterizing chronic tonsillitis

Teillet, F.; Delbrueck, H.; Bayle-Weisgerber, C.; Asselain, B.; Lelievre, P.; Bernard, J., 1981: Possibilities of treatment reduction in hodgkins disease 3. can poly chemo therapy when combined with radio therapy of localized stages be reduced

Drozdov S.A., 1980: Possibilities of ultrasonic diagnosis in acute occlusion of the main limb arteries

Knuepfer A., 1981: Possibilities of ultrasonic examination of the mammae

Faltyn J., 1987: Possibilities of ultrasonographic diagnosis of gallbladder tumors

Visek V., 1985: Possibilities of ultrasonography in the evaluation of portal hypertension

Mil'shtein R.S., 1979: Possibilities of using a 70 millimeter camera in angio lymphography

Stanek M., 1983: Possibilities of using agrobacterium radiobacter b 6 for the biological control of sugar beet root rot

Smirnova T.M., 1984: Possibilities of using an interactive computer terminal facility for biomedical studies

Nasonov E.L., 1984: Possibilities of using analytical ultracentrifugation for determinating circulating immune complexes in rheumatic diseases

Teedumyae A., 1986: Possibilities of using calcareous rocks of the estonian ssr ussr in agriculture

Yusufov A.G., 1979: Possibilities of using cultures of isolated leaves for the study of plant ontogenesis

Chertov, O. G.; Mel'nitskaya, G. B.; Grigor'eva, S. O.; Ryabinin, B. N., 1977: Possibilities of using factor analysis in soil studies

Smirnov V.N., 1984: Possibilities of using ferromagnetic materials for targeted drug transport

Gliszcynski B., 1981: Possibilities of using frozen krill euphausia superba and krill meal in rainbow trout feeding

Friedrich W., 1984: Possibilities of using heat treated full fat soybeans in carp feeding

Bala-Yu, M.; Minaeva, I. N.; Minakov, E. V.; Streletskaya, G. N., 1978: Possibilities of using integral topography vector cardiography and spectral analysis of the complexogram in the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease

Korneev, G. A.; Karpov, A. A.; Peisakhis, A. L., 1976: Possibilities of using lens weight as an age criterion for the great gerbil rhombomys opimus

Edlich B., 1985: Possibilities of using mathematical methods for interpretation of the residual behavior of plant protecting agents

Gukasyan A.B., 1986: Possibilities of using microbiological indices when assessing the state of forest ecosystems in the area of the kuibyshev automobile and tractor electrical equipment and carburetor plant russian sfsr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148864

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148865

Schweikert E.A., 1980: Possibilities of using simultaneous ion induced nuclear and atomic activation for the characterization of hair

Barlogova S., 1988: Possibilities of using some immunological methods in pneumoconioses

Mamaeva E.M., 1981: Possibilities of using soybean protein in diet therapy of patients with chronic hepatitis

Fedorova R.V., 1983: Possibilities of using spore and pollen analysis in studies conducted in the high latitudes of the arctic regions

Brandy Cherrier M., 1981: Possibilities of using tensiometers for the automation of irrigation

Smirnova L.A., 1984: Possibilities of using the cytological method in the differential diagnosis of lung infiltrative lesions of varying etiology

Fadeev, N. P., 1978: Possibilities of using the pinhole collimator during target scintigraphy of lung tumors

Vratny P., 1980: Possibilities of using the proportions of free amino acids in the leaves and roots of sugar beet as measurable symptoms of ecological conditions

Litvinenko V.I., 1985: Possibilities of using valepotriates to evaluate the quality of raw material and tinctures of valeriana officinalis

Leroux, D.; Gousse, R., 1977: Possibilities of utilization of a mini computer for informatization of nutritional or pure zoo technical trials example of application on growing rat

Kneiflova J., 1985: Possibilities of utilization of chloride disinfectant in combination with synthetic detergents

Kulik T., 1987: Possibilities of utilization of home made chamber driers for drying rice grain

Tuncel, E., 1977: Possibilities of utilization of part lactation records for selection and progeny testing in awassi sheep

Halbhuber, K. J.; Geyer, G., 1977: Possibilities of utilizing amidinated human erythrocytes as agglutinin adsorbents in hem agglutination reactions

Vargas R., 1979: Possibilities of utilizing cassava foliage in the feeding of broiler chickens

Shabanov D., 1979: Possibilities of utilizing tobacco seed as feed of laying hens

Stankova P., 1981: Possibilities of utilizing triticale green mass as a protein source for animal breeding

Richter J., 1979: Possibilities of variation in skip pendulum irradiation

Tann M.V.D., 1983: Possibilities of whole body hyper thermia

Fedorov B.A., 1986: Possibilities of wide angle neutron scattering for the study of proteins and nucleic acids in a solution

Steffens H P., 1985: Possibilities of wireless recording of biosignals by means of digital memories

Esinovskaya G.N., 1982: Possibilities of zonography in the study of cerebral and visceral cranium

Gundermann, K. J.; Lie, T. S., 1978: Possibilities to avoid adsorption of physiological substances during charcoal hemo perfusion

Spies, H., 1975: Possibilities to decrease skin lesion in stationary field x irradiation by altering the actual ph of the skin

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148890

Hodisan V., 1980: Possibilities to prevent some mycoses of stored fruits and vegetables by using essential oil mixtures

Ramires L., 1985: Possibilities to remove the negative effect of high nitrogen rates applied to a cinnamonic forest pseudopodzolic soil

Otto L., 1982: Possibility and purpose of a prognostic assessment of liver cirrhosis

Mladenova, J.; Dankov, T.; Yanev, T.; Jordanov, I., 1978: Possibility for early prediction of heterosis in corn part 1 comparative analysis of self pollinated lines of corn and of their f 1 hybrids

Dietz J.V., 1979: Possibility for error in food and drug administration diffusion assays

Stankova P.G., 1983: Possibility for evaluating the water stress resistance of grain cereal crops by the water holding capacity of the leaves

Reid M.S., 1982: Possibility for fungicidal control of kiwi fruit actinidia chinensis fungal storage rots

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148898

Geiger J., 1981: Possibility for subdividing apparently homogeneous rock sequences by combined use of sedimentological paleontological and mathematical methods

Bes, A., 1976: Possibility for the control of hemp leaf roller grapholitha delineana

Mitsuda H., 1985: Possibility of 2 4 5 triamino 6 hydroxypyrimidine as an intermediate in the pathway of riboflavin biosynthesis

Okunewick, J. P.; Meredith, R. F.; Raikow, R. B.; Buffo, M. J.; Jones, D. L., 1982: Possibility of 3 distinct and separable components to fatal graft vs. host reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148903

Igarashi Y., 1985: Possibility of a morphological approach to the association process of small and large subunits of ribosomes

Polyakoa Krusteva O., 1982: Possibility of a penetration of bulinus truncatus by paramphistomum daubneyi miracidia and of lymnaea truncatula by paramphistomum microbothrium miracidia

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148906

Kunze, M.; Sanabria-De-Isele, T.; Vogt, A., 1977: Possibility of a rapid method for sensitivity testing of mycobacteria by determination of tritiated uracil incorporation

Piskor I., 1984: Possibility of a silage production from a mixture of corn stalk and marrow stem kale

Staak M., 1983: Possibility of action in penetrating and blunt abdominal injury

Sharapov, V. M., 1975: Possibility of adiaspiro mycosis in birds

Fradeani S., 1980: Possibility of an overloaded venous circulation during various types of lymph edema

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148912

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148913

Karwanska J., 1982: Possibility of anholocyclic reproduction of betulaphis helvetica homoptera phyllaphididae

Azzarita F., 1983: Possibility of anticipating proceeding and outcome of psycho therapeutic treatment with psycho diagnostic instruments

Abzianidze G.A., 1979: Possibility of application of arterial hetero grafts treated by proteolytic enzymes in vascular surgery

Itazawa Y., 1983: Possibility of applying anesthesia by carbon di oxide in the transportation of live fish

Novychenko V.M., 1987: Possibility of applying methods for the study of the electric effect to botany

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148919

Krecov M., 1980: Possibility of applying vaccine for stopping acute form of poultry typhus

Tochikubo, K.; Yasuda, Y., 1985: Possibility of association and activation of glucose dehydrogenase ec during germination and outgrowth of bacillus subtilis spores

Fabo J., 1986: Possibility of automatic feeding in non crossing sheep barns

Sokolova T.A., 1983: Possibility of biogenic formation of aluminum hydroxide minerals in soils

Garcea, N.; Caruso, A.; Campo, S.; Milano, L.; Porcelli, F., 1975: Possibility of biosynthesis in vitro of blasto kinin from rabbit endometrium

Torok B., 1987: Possibility of brain recovery after electrically induced cardiac arrest and reanimation in dogs

Baatar D., 1981: Possibility of breeding homo zygous gray karakul sheep

Baklanova E.V., 1982: Possibility of breeding the predatory beetle cryptolaemus montrouzieri coleoptera coccinellidae on angoumois grain moth eggs

Vysokos N.P., 1984: Possibility of calves growth development and natural resistance forecasting during the early postnatal period

Klyukin L.M., 1983: Possibility of cell sorting by magneto liposomes

Sokolova T.A., 1982: Possibility of characterizing soil mineralogical composition using ir spectrophotometry

Bromand B., 1983: Possibility of continuous rearing of meligethes aeneus coleoptera

Aleksic, D.; Marinkovic, N.; Aleksic, Z.; Sutic, D., 1978: Possibility of control of phytophthora capsici parasitic on pepper

Mirkin B.M., 1980: Possibility of coordinating soil and vegetation classifications on an ecological basis using the river floodplains of mongolia as an example

Kresyun V.I., 1984: Possibility of correction with nicotinic acid derivatives of brain bioenergetics during neuroses

Andryushchenko V.K., 1984: Possibility of creating durable tomato forms with an increased beta carotene content in fruits

Kesler, T. G.; Stasishina, G. N.; Kasaeva, G. E.; Sid'ko, F. Ya, 1978: Possibility of cultivating hydrogen bacteria in the presence of carbon mon oxide

Kondrashina N.N., 1987: Possibility of decreasing the anticomplement activity of the preparations of human immunoglobulin by means of their chemical modification

Mircheva D., 1981: Possibility of decreasing the protein content of mixed forages containing fish flour for broiler chicks

Shishkova V.A., 1984: Possibility of detecting anthropogenic effects on the intraoasis sands of fergana valley uzbek ssr ussr on the basis of aerospace photographic materials

Borisova L.A., 1979: Possibility of detecting bacterial pyrogenic substances by a fluorometric method

Ushakova N.A., 1980: Possibility of detecting pyo cyanin in pseudomonas aeruginosa cells

Zuev V.A., 1984: Possibility of detecting the infectiousness of influenza virus at dilutions above normal titer

Yampol'skii A.D., 1979: Possibility of detecting upwellings with the aid of oceanic fouling

Gakanina T.M., 1984: Possibility of determination by common red backed voles of the age of their relatives by the odor signals of the excretory secretions

Komyakov A.K., 1982: Possibility of determining soil moisture by its optical reflection capacity

Usov V.V., 1979: Possibility of determining the direction of transmission of information in the nervous system

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148947

Sharov V.G., 1980: Possibility of determining the type of cell death of cardio myocytes by ultrastructural analysis

Gogoleva E.A., 1981: Possibility of developing pulmonary sarcoidosis in workers at industrial plants

Filippenko L.N., 1981: Possibility of development of brush cells from type ii alveocytes in rats

Mitsuda H., 1984: Possibility of diacetyl and related compounds as the 4 carbon compound necessary for the formation of riboflavin in ashbya gossypii

Giusti C., 1981: Possibility of diagnosing ischemic response to effort test on the basis of the characteristics of ventricular extra systoles

Schlossberg, D.; Brooks, J. B.; Shulman, J. A., 1976: Possibility of diagnosing meningitis by gas chromatography cryptococcal meningitis

Khorevin L.D., 1979: Possibility of differentiating between populations of pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha by the size of their otoliths

Bykov A.E., 1980: Possibility of differentiation between intravitam skull injuries by blunt instrument and post mortem splitting and destruction of skull by burning at high temperatures

Ivanov, B. G., 1978: Possibility of dividing 1 age class of crustaceans into 2 size groups with pandalus borealis crustacea decapoda as an example

Metlyakova A.D., 1984: Possibility of early forecasting of spring wheat productivity after frost effect

Bibikova, M. V.; Laiko, A. V.; Selezneva, T. I.; Kovsharova, I. N., 1975: Possibility of early identification of polyene antibiotic producers

Niijima T., 1987: Possibility of elevated parathyroid function in patients with calcium containing nephrolithiasis as compared with normal controls

Chetverikov A.G., 1985: Possibility of eliminating photosynthesis at the early stages of growth and morphogenesis in cotton seedlings

Dragavtsev, V. A., 1969: Possibility of eliminating the inter individual environmental components of variance for a more correct estimation of the recurrence coefficient in plants poplar d

Timofeeva S.S., 1979: Possibility of employing nitella sp in regulating carcinogenic amine content in water

Tsuchiya, M.; Oshio, C.; Kamisaka, Y.; Fujishiro, Y.; Ohashi, M., 1976: Possibility of endothelial contraction in capillarrhagia induced by the venom of trimeresurus flavoviridis

Mkrtchyan A.T., 1983: Possibility of estimation of winter barley frost hardiness using coleoptile growth under low temperatures

Rappoport I.A., 1982: Possibility of evaluation of radiation injury to skin by changes in functional state

Prisco J.T., 1986: Possibility of exploitation of xerophytic crops for the brazilian semi arid tropics

Eremenko, N. S., 1970: Possibility of exposing the carriers of the genes of total and ocular albinism

Badridze Ya K., 1982: Possibility of functional transformation of the reaction of massage of the mammary gland with paws during sucking based on some representatives of the canidae family

Kovalenko L.A., 1982: Possibility of functioning of cyanide resistant respiration in the roots of wheat and rice after anaerobic action

Wojcik K., 1981: Possibility of genetic coding of amino acid sequences by coherent electronic states in nucleotide chains

Pundir, R. P. S.; Singh, R. B., 1987: Possibility of genetic improvement of pigeonpea cajanus cajan l. millsp. utilizing wild gene sources

Meredith, R. F.; Okunewick, J. P., 1983: Possibility of graft vs. leukemia determinants independent of the major histo compatibility complex in allogeneic marrow transplantation

Awan, M. A.; Cheema, A. A.; Akram, M., 1978: Possibility of growing 2 rice crops in 1 season

Panov E.N., 1980: Possibility of hybridization between lanius isabellinus isabellinus and lanius phoenicuroides

Anon, 1978: Possibility of immuno diagnosis in ovarian cancer

Stanisavljevic B., 1983: Possibility of impedance measurement in the differential diagnosis of conductive deafness

Fal'tsman, A. V., 1977: Possibility of increasing the absolute accuracy of measuring the lifetime of fluorescence by the phase method

Yurkevich A.M., 1979: Possibility of increasing the anti neoplastic action of a folic acid antagonist by methyl cobalamin analogs

Borisenko, N. F.; P'yanzina, V. I., 1977: Possibility of increasing the bodys resistance in ethyl mercury chloride exposure

Daniel P., 1981: Possibility of increasing the crude protein contents in maize silages by admixture of lucerne

Paskevich I.F., 1983: Possibility of indication of radiation lesions according to deoxy nucleoside and deoxy nucleotide content of blood after radiation mechanical affection

Frasch V.N., 1987: Possibility of inducing glandular stomach cancer in rats exposed to asbestos

Gaziev A.I., 1986: Possibility of induction of adaptive response of cells to the effect of ionizing radiation

Section 7, Chapter 6149, Accession 006148985

Daniotti S., 1986: Possibility of interaction among antibiotics and mucolytics in children

Kononenko N.I., 1981: Possibility of interaction between synaptic and pacemaker mechanisms of the electrical activity in the bursting neuron of the edible snail helix pomatia

Mallardi V., 1979: Possibility of introducing a new parameter in the quantitative evaluation of opto kinetic nystagmus in normal subjects spectral density of magnitude

Bietti, G.; Virno, M.; Pecori-Giraldi, J.; Pellegrino, N.; Motolese, E., 1976: Possibility of isoproterenol therapy with soft contact lenses ocular hypotension without systemic effects

Vikhert A.M., 1986: Possibility of leukotriene b 4 biosynthesis during double oxygenation of arachidonate catalyzed by reticulocyte lipoxygenase

Kruglov D.B., 1985: Possibility of long flights of mosquitoes after barrier protective treatment of great gerbil settlements

Kaizer G., 1979: Possibility of long lasting amplification of insulin receptors by a single treatment at new born age

Kolesova N.G., 1980: Possibility of long range predictions of saffron cod eleginus gracilis catches in the sea of japan from solar activity cycles

Bavro G.V., 1982: Possibility of maintaining the temperature and fitness for work in limbs

Suleimanov G.D., 1981: Possibility of malaria transfer by cryo preserved erythrocytes

Maini S., 1985: Possibility of mass trapping cossus cossus lepidoptera cossidae

Berezovskaya, I. V.; Torchinskii, A. M.; Kabankin, A. S.; Leksina, L. A., 1977: Possibility of mathematical determination of median lethal dose of chemical compounds using different routes of introduction into the body

Antsyferov, S. M.; Kos'yan, R. D.; Onishchenko, E. L.; Pykhov, N. V., 1977: Possibility of measuring the concentration of suspended marine matter by collector bathometers

Kusinska E., 1980: Possibility of mechanical de watering of sugar beet wastes

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