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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6150

Chapter 6150 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dorogun B.N., 1983: Possibility of mechanical re canalization of the occluded coronary artery in acute myo cardial infarction

Hsu Y P., 1982: Possibility of military personnel acquiring bancroftian filariasis in endemic area of kinmen quemoy islands republic of china

Sugimoto E., 1979: Possibility of mitochondrial cytosolic cooperation in gluconeogenesis from serine via hydroxy pyruvate

Zherebchenko P.G., 1980: Possibility of modifying the distribution of orally administered sulfur 35 labeled aminopropylaminoethyl thio phosphate by the use of other radioprotective agents

Ignatov Yu D., 1981: Possibility of modulation of morphine induced analgesia under serotonergic and gamma amino butyric acid ergic activation

Sussman, J. L.; Trifonov, E. N., 1978: Possibility of nonkinked packing of dna in chromatin

Buidin, V. V., 1976: Possibility of obtaining barley poly ploids using acenaphthene and its derivatives

Baeva V.S., 1981: Possibility of obtaining low lactose dairy products for feeding infants using beta galactosidase

Vinitskaya, R. S.; Gitis, V. G.; Eramyan, S. G.; Nagornov, V. S.; Sunguryan, N. N.; Turbovich, I. T.; Yurkov, E. F., 1977: Possibility of obtaining quantitative relationships between the assessment of the clinical state and functional indices of respiratory insufficiency using mathematical methods

Stanislavskii E.S., 1980: Possibility of obtaining the toxoid form of escherichia coli entero toxin

Kovalenko, N. V.; Slobodyanyuk, N. N.; Bartolomyeyev-Yu, V., 1977: Possibility of obtaining wild medicinal plants in the chernigov oblast

Nomatov A.T., 1986: Possibility of optimization of respiratory response by bioregulation

Egawa T., 1987: Possibility of overcoming acnu resistance in acnu resistant sublines of rat brain tumors in vitro by a calmodulin inhibitor

Sakamoto Y., 1986: Possibility of overcoming of acnu resistance in an acnu resistant subline of c6 rat glioma

Zuchowska E., 1986: Possibility of parasitological research in zoological gardens

Mantulo P.M., 1984: Possibility of participation of nonimpulse factors in increasing the excitability of partially de afferented moto neurons

Nishioka K., 1984: Possibility of passive transfer of cold urticaria to guinea pigs

Pokazeeva Z.T., 1986: Possibility of pharmacological influence on postischemic myocardial damage

Okulov V.P., 1980: Possibility of phlebotomus papatasi inhabiting newly developed areas of a town a former focus of papatasi fever

Tsvylev, O. P.; Tkachenko, V. N., 1977: Possibility of photo chemi luminescent evaluation of the productive capacity of phyto plankton

Tasei, J. N., 1977: Possibility of population increase in france for the alfalfa pollinator megachile pacifica

Val'ter, S. I.; Martynchik-Yu, F.; Sverdlov, A. G., 1977: Possibility of post irradiation protection of l cells by mexamine

Gorin V.V., 1981: Possibility of predicting fattening and meat fat qualities in pigs by protein metabolism parameters

Gedevanishvili, D. M.; Sanadiradze, G. S., 1977: Possibility of predicting stimulation frequency causing the appearance of regular rhythm of extended action potentials

Rudakova T.A., 1981: Possibility of predicting the state of some chemical elements in natural waters from solubility diagrams

Minsker E.I., 1979: Possibility of predicting the therapeutic efficacy of psychotropic drugs from the analysis of biological parameters

Forestier F., 1986: Possibility of prenatal diagnosis of hereditary triose phosphate isomerase deficiency

Zvereva E.L., 1985: Possibility of preserving a house fly musca domestica culture

David P., 1980: Possibility of prevention of sudden death by aorto coronary bypass

Ozhegov A.M., 1982: Possibility of prognosing idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura in children

Hashida C., 1983: Possibility of promoting action of 3 hydroxy anthranilic acid in induction of urinary bladder cancer

Mishaeva N.P., 1980: Possibility of protecting vertebrates against transmissive infection with tick borne encephalitis virus

Labutskii A.K., 1979: Possibility of quantitative evaluation of cardiac mechanical activity according to seismo cardio signals

Vakhmistrov D.B., 1981: Possibility of quantitatively evaluating symplastic communications by the electrical coupling ratio

Grigor'eva, O. L.; Safarov, S. A.; Sedov, V. V.; Sorokina, G. P.; Kuznetsova, R. M., 1977: Possibility of radiation sterilization of a 20 percent pharmacopeial sodium caffeine benzoate solution

Balmukhanov B.S., 1982: Possibility of rapid evaluation of anti tumor activity of chemical compounds based on knowledge of the critical limits of the stability of ionic homeostasis

Ono H., 1986: Possibility of rat diabetic retinopathy

Kosolapov S.S., 1979: Possibility of recording the delayed receptor potential of isolated external segments of frog retinal rods

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149038

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149039

Ciambellotti E., 1987: Possibility of reducing some toxic effects of adriablastin

Ciambellotti E., 1987: Possibility of reducing some toxic effects of adriblastina

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149043

Hanson, K. P.; Komar, V. E., 1978: Possibility of repair of the structural lesions in the mitochondrial dna from x irradiated mammalian cells/

Kirkova Z.S., 1979: Possibility of repair regulation in eukaryotic cells by biological factors

Molina E., 1984: Possibility of replacement of soy and maize in diets for poultry

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149047

Loseva A.S., 1982: Possibility of root formation in kidney bean phaseolus vulgaris cuttings with absence of calcium in the medium

Hijikuro S., 1984: Possibility of seaweed as pellet binder

Gordon D.S., 1982: Possibility of secondary histamine uptake by rat mast cells

Shirata A., 1982: Possibility of seed transmission of xanthomonas campestris var vitians the pathogen of bacterial spot of lettuce

Shorr V.A., 1980: Possibility of selective action on muscarinic receptors of definite localization

Walsh D.A., 1979: Possibility of shape conformers of the protein inhibitor of the cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Hijikuro S., 1981: Possibility of single cell protein as a pellet binder

Bugatti M., 1980: Possibility of statistical assessment of splenic involvement in hodgkins disease independently of splenectomy

Tsirul'nikov E.M., 1986: Possibility of stimulating auditory nerve fibers by acoustic signals

Vikhert A.M., 1981: Possibility of studying lipid per oxidation in surviving rabbit tissues

Ilieva J., 1981: Possibility of substituting soybean oil meal for fish flour in rations for fattening pigs

Manojlovic B., 1984: Possibility of survival of european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae caterpillars on various host plants

Khudgaryan M.V., 1986: Possibility of the application of the luminescent investigation of lymphocytes in practical medicine

Misasi M., 1987: Possibility of the arthroscopy of the knee under local anesthesia

Ciglar I., 1984: Possibility of the control of venturia inaequalis by systemic fungicides and their side effects

Bekei A., 1987: Possibility of the diagnosis of subclinical mastitis by measuring the electric conductivity of colostrum

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149065

Tekes L., 1986: Possibility of the eradication of bovine leukosis infection in dairy farms with several cow houses

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149067

Maleev K.I., 1986: Possibility of the isolated existence of families in the cenopopulations of picea abies x picea obovata

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149069

Mart'yanov B.M., 1986: Possibility of the radiation sterilization of 40 percent glucose solution in a polymer package

Vining D.R.Jr, 1982: Possibility of the re emergence of a dysgenic trend with respect to intelligence in american fertility differentials

Bienkowski J., 1987: Possibility of the treatment of a herd with enzootic bovine leukosis by isolation with the use of the immunodiffusion test on agar gel

Lee S.K., 1987: Possibility of the two rice cropping in a year in yeongnam region korea

Mironova G.T., 1986: Possibility of the ultrasonographic diagnosis of laryngopharyngeal cancer metastases to cervical lymph nodes

Shephard R.J., 1987: Possibility of training for marathon races after myocardial infarction

Shkhvatsabaya L.V., 1980: Possibility of treating exudative peri carditis in malignant neoplasms

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149077

Dabic Jeftic M., 1984: Possibility of ultrasonic diagnosis in dentistry

Kuryshev A.N., 1980: Possibility of ultrasonic diagnosis in forensic examination of bone injuries

Smirnov V.N., 1986: Possibility of unification of the targeted drug transport liposome transport to a set of target antigens

Luque J., 1984: Possibility of use in the clinical laboratory of an automatic procedure for fractionating bone marrow cells

Aleshin, S. A., 1987: Possibility of using alpha tocopherol and ascorbic acid as potential agents for the protection of the reproductive system of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri rich. from the toxic action of peroxide compounds in their food

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149083

Zatikyan E.P., 1980: Possibility of using apex cardiography in diagnosing pulmonary artery stenosis and in estimating myo cardial function before and after surgery

Smetanich-Ya, S.; Gartshtein, V. P.; Kazanovich-Ya, B., 1978: Possibility of using automat nets in morphogenetic models

Belilovskaya L.V., 1981: Possibility of using automatic computer methods of classification in forensic medicine

Lopatto Yu S., 1987: Possibility of using charcoal cloth in combined dressing

Zherebchenko P.G., 1979: Possibility of using combined radioprotective agents administered orally and through inhalation

Kononova V.P., 1984: Possibility of using concentrated tick borne encephalitis vaccine for the immunization of donors with a view to obtaining specific immunoglobulin

Marchenkov A.N., 1979: Possibility of using cytoplasmic male sterility in fiber flax breeding

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149092

Khrustalev S.A., 1981: Possibility of using dogs for studying bladder carcinogenesis induced by endogenous factors

Pliss G.B., 1979: Possibility of using fish and amphibia to reveal the carcinogenic effect of nitroso morpholine and its chemical precursors

Slavik J., 1984: Possibility of using fixed spacers in children

Toishibekov I.M., 1987: Possibility of using haptoglobin for the genetic marking of commercially valuable characters in sheep

Chertkov I.L., 1983: Possibility of using hemopoietic stem cells depending on their generation age

Solov'ev V.D., 1981: Possibility of using human spleen cells for interferon production

Smirnov S.G., 1982: Possibility of using ir spectroscopy in a quantitative determination of the chemical composition of salmonella typhi preparations

Et Al, 1980: Possibility of using jet injector bi 3 for gamma globulin administration

Filippenko V.E., 1982: Possibility of using laboratory sea ecosystems in water toxicology

Tentsova A.I., 1983: Possibility of using liposomes for oral administration on insulin in diabetes mellitus

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149103

Suris S.V., 1981: Possibility of using mathematical methods for prognosing the results of surgical treatment of patients with vaso renal hypertension

Yagodina O.V., 1987: Possibility of using mitochondrial monoamine oxidase to study drugs

Trunilov A.A., 1981: Possibility of using morpho physiological indices as criteria for assessment of raising conditions of carp in basins supplied with geo thermal water

Tolstoguzov V.B., 1981: Possibility of using nonmacaroni flour for making macaroni articles

Sizov A.P., 1987: Possibility of using numerical classification methods to study chernozems

Galez Vargas R., 1986: Possibility of using purified pyocins for typing pseudomonas aeruginosa purification of pyocins and sensitivity of pseudomonas aeruginosa in different tests

Farashev K., 1986: Possibility of using residual slimes containing phosphorus pentoxide as fertilizers for certain vegetable crops

Emdina, I. A.; Alekseeva, L. P.; Gritsenko, A. N.; Somova, A. G.; Bichul', K. G., 1987: Possibility of using serological methods in the detection of cholera toxin

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149112

Radin Z., 1986: Possibility of using systemic soil insecticides against sugar beet seedling weevils bothynoderes punctiventris

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149114

Yakushin V.M., 1979: Possibility of using the bio plateau for improvement of water quality during blue green algae destruction

Boikovski, S.; Nakev, S.; Stoyanov, A., 1980: Possibility of using the corriedale breed for commercial crossing with fine fleeced sheep 3. performance and basic qualities of wool from f 1 corriedale crosses

Alieva L.M., 1980: Possibility of using the indirect immuno fluorescence method for immuno globulin analysis during certain neuro genetic diseases

Bebyakin V.M., 1986: Possibility of using the nuclear magnetic relaxation for the selection of high quality wheat caryopses in the selection process

Volkov E.I., 1981: Possibility of using the proteolytic enzymes in the therapy of malignant diseases

Erlanger O.A., 1987: Possibility of using the scanning acoustic microscope in paleontology

Mikolishin L.I., 1979: Possibility of using the urea increment index in assessing the anabolic effectiveness of the nitrogenous parenteral alimentation in toxic hepatitis

Piwarski A., 1979: Possibility of utilizing a nickel chromium molybdenum alloy of home production use in dental prosthetics

Srivastava U.S., 1982: Possibility of utilizing urinary nitrogen in growing calves

Bichul' K.G., 1983: Possibility of virulence reversion in cholera vibrios

Kvasnikov E.I., 1981: Possibility of yeast cyto membrane formation on preexisting membranes

Panconesi A., 1985: Possibility offered by injection treatments for the control of corythuca ciliata say and gnomonia platani kleb

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149127

Zaporozhan V.N., 1981: Possibility to enhance the biological effect of low temperatures in treating uterine cervix pathology

Figuerola D., 1986: Possibility to keep an optimal metabolic control in insulin dependent pregnant diabetic women

Samanc H., 1988: Possibility to protect animals under intensive production conditions from rcb agents in the case of emergency

Gechev V., 1987: Possibility to select for earliness in potato seedlings

Pianura C.M., 1984: Possibility to use an amplitude modulated radiofrequency energy method to evaluate possible residual hearing as a prognostic test for cochlear implants

Armuth, V.; Berenblum, I., 1977: Possible 2 stage trans placental liver carcinogenesis in c 57bl 6 mice

Wu T.T., 1981: Possible 3 dimensional backbone folding around antibody combining site of immuno globulin mopc 167

Novozhilov V.I., 1981: Possible 3 dimensional localization of electro encephalographic sources on the basis of an equivalent di pole model

Johnson, M. E., 1976: Possible 3 dimensional models for the poly peptide backbone structure of alamethicin

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149137

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149138

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149139

Saito H., 1987: Possible absence of common polymorphisms in coagulation factor ix gene in japanese subjects

Amiel Tison C., 1980: Possible acceleration of neurological maturation following high risk pregnancy

Newbury T.K., 1979: Possible accumulation of heavy metals around offshore oil production facilities in the beaufort sea

Shakh E.S., 1980: Possible achromobacter cobalamini growth in hydrolysis production waste

Orlov, S. N.; Shevchenko, A. S., 1978: Possible action mechanism of membrane bound calcium on the activity of atpase and erythrocyte permeability for monovalent cations

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149145

Momzikoff A., 1982: Possible action of riboflavin vitamin b 2 as a chemical tele mediator in aquatic ecosystems

Kuznetsov D.A., 1979: Possible activation of hydro magnetic waves in physiological aqueous solution

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149148

Hayama T., 1986: Possible active tubular secretion of sulfamonomethoxine and its metabolites in pigs

Schreck C.B., 1979: Possible adaptive significance of certain enzyme polymorphisms in steelhead trout salmo gairdneri

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149151

Ashen M.D., 1981: Possible adaptive value of water exchanges in flexible shelled eggs of turtles chelydra serpentina

Kaus, P., 1976: Possible adaptive values of the resonant slave in biological clocks

Wilson J., 1981: Possible adjuvant role of bordetella pertussis and pertussis vaccine in causing severe encephalopathic illness 3 case histories

Moser K., 1987: Possible adverse effect of failed adjuvant chemotherapy on the prognosis of women receiving consecutive chemotherapy for recurrent breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149156

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149157

El Alami A., 1985: Possible adverse reactions to an enzyme containing washing powder

Calabrese E.J., 1979: Possible adverse side effects from treatment with laetrile

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149160

Waller G.R., 1980: Possible allelopathic constituents of coffea arabica

Fisher R.F., 1979: Possible allelopathic effects of reindeer moss cladonia on jack pine pinus banksiana and white spruce picea glauca

Oka H I., 1984: Possible allelopathic interaction between oryza perennis and leersia hexandra

Burgat Sacaze V., 1981: Possible allergic accidents due to residues

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149165

Wilson K.R., 1986: Possible allosteric significance of water structures in proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149167

Denoroy L., 1981: Possible alteration of adrenergic neurons in the meso limbic system of psychotics

Morrison D.C., 1982: Possible alteration of normal mechanisms of endo toxin toxicity in vivo by actinomycin d

Bedulli, D., 1977: Possible alterations caused by temperature on exploration rhythms in cyclope neritea gastropoda prosobranchia

Bonora M., 1980: Possible alterations in brain mono amine metabolism during hypoxia induced tachypnea in cats

Bhardwaj R.M., 1985: Possible alterations in erythrocyte metabolism and integrity in post parturient hemoglobinuria

Andersen A.N., 1984: Possible altered dopaminergic modulation of pituitary function in normal menstruating women with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Moulier M C., 1986: Possible aluminum release from activated charcoal filters used in home hemodialysis

Degand P., 1983: Possible amino acid repetitive sequences in the proline rich glyco protein of human parotid saliva

Karchmer, R. K.; Hansen, V. L., 1977: Possible anaphylactic reaction to intra venous cyclo phosphamide report of a case

Chhatri K.K., 1986: Possible annelid trace fossils in the lower proterozoic bijawar group of central india

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149178

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149179

Petrovskii, K. S.; Braun, D. D., 1976: Possible anti blastomogenic effect of some chemical substances on humans under natural conditions

Tagliamonte A., 1982: Possible anti depressant activity of methadone

Kulkarni, Y. D.; Kumar, B., 1983: Possible anti helminthic agents 2. synthesis of phenoselenazine derivatives as biologically active compounds

Kumar, S.; Roy, J.; Seth, M.; Bhaduri, A. P., 1983: Possible anti helminthic agents syntheses of 1 3 di substituted 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro 9h pyrido 3 4 b indoles and 6 8 di substituted 7 8 9 14b tetra hydro 14h quinazolino 3' 4' 1 2 pyrido 3 4 b indoles

Bhaduri A.P., 1981: Possible anti helminthic agents syntheses of various imidazo quinazolinone carbamates

Bhaduri A.P., 1981: Possible anti hypertensive agents syntheses of n aralkyl beta substituted phenethylamines and n alkylacyl 6 7 dimethoxy 1 alpha phenyl beta substituted phenylethyl 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro iso quinolines

De, A. U.; Pal, D., 1977: Possible anti neoplastic agents part 2

De, A. U.; Ghose, A. K., 1978: Possible anti neoplastic agents part 4 synthesis and anti neoplastic potency of n substituted alpha 4 5 di methoxyphthalimido glutarimides and n substituted beta 4 bromophenyl glutarimides

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149188

Horikoshi I., 1983: Possible antidotes in severe intoxication with fenitrothion in rats

Kulkarni, Y. D.; Abdi, S. H. R.; Sharma, V. L.; Mukherjee, S., 1987: Possible antifertility agents part iii. synthesis of 4 substituted aminomethyl 5 6 7 trimethoxyphthalide methiodides and 1 n aminoacetylbenz 1 6 diazocin 5 ones

Baxby, D., 1977: Possible antigenic subdivisions within the variola vaccinia subgroup of poxviruses brief report

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149192

Bhaduri A.P., 1985: Possible antimalarial agents syntheses of 6 methoxy 8 substituted aminoquinolines

Section 7 , Chapter 6150, Accession 006149194

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149195

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149196

Wattiaux-De-Coninck, S.; Wattiaux, R., 1976: Possible appearance of atpase in the membrane of rat liver lysosomes

Belonozhko, A. P.; Kolegaev, M. D., 1976: Possible application of 2 wave method of photometric measurements on 2 beam scanning cyto spectrophotometer muf 5

Shugar Ya, 1983: Possible application of aspiration biopsy in the cyto diagnosis of non hodgkins lymphoma

Takeuchi A., 1985: Possible application of boron neutron capture therapy to canine osteosarcoma

Vasil'ev V.S., 1984: Possible application of cytochemical neutrophil and lymphocyte studies in evaluating the severity of viral hepatitis b and the degree of recovery

Ryndin V.F., 1985: Possible application of exponential regimes of cooling during cryopreservation of biological objects

Ishida R., 1982: Possible application of isozyme as a genetic marker for examination of fish stocking

Osnitskaya, L. K.; Chudina, V. I., 1977: Possible application of light of different wavelengths for growth of chromatium vinosum under heterotrophic conditions

Filippenko V.N., 1981: Possible application of procion dyes in electron microscopic histochemistry

Nikitin Yu S., 1980: Possible application of solid carriers to reinforce poly acrylamide gel during cell immobilization of escherichia coli

Alekseev, V. V., 1975: Possible application of the methods of statistical mechanics to the description of biocenoses

Lyubavina L.L., 1985: Possible application of thiobacillus ferrooxidans for separation of mercury and antimony sulfides on flotation

Chetverikov, A. G.; Richards, G. P.; Puchkov, E. O.; Roshchupkin, D. I.; Peisakhzon, B. I.; Zholkevich, V. N., 1978: Possible application of uv fluorescence for detecting conformational reconstructions of proteins in intact tissues

Meyer U., 1985: Possible applications and actual use of elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay in virus diagnosis in veterinary medicine

Hinsch K., 1981: Possible applications of coherent optical measuring methods in bio indication

Pryce W.I., 1985: Possible applications of digital analysis of ultrasonic images of the placenta

Shtabtsov S.V., 1987: Possible applications of microcomputers in the diagnosis of and choice of therapy for some diseases and traumas of the nervous system

Kozyar, L. A., 1978: Possible applications of some statistical probability methods of study in spore pollen analysis

Merk H., 1986: Possible applications of sonography in orthopedics

Heitz J., 1988: Possible applications of the parascapular flap free flap and island flap

Sokolova S.A., 1987: Possible approaches to monitoring coastal plankton community at the system level

Steinbach G., 1987: Possible approaches to recording of and breeding for defense of farm animals to pathogens

Rothe K., 1985: Possible approaches to stabilization and improvement of reproductive performance of cattle

Montsevichyute Eringene E.V., 1984: Possible approaches to studies on immunological status in cancer patients and healthy people

Sychkov M.A., 1983: Possible approaches to the refinement of the criteria for space flight radiation safety

Lazar M., 1985: Possible artifacts in the recording of gating currents determined using a physical model of the membrane

Yarmolenko V.V., 1981: Possible artifacts when working with ph electrodes on aqueous solutions of calcium ion binding systems

Bernstein, I. L.; Moteff, J., 1976: Possible asbestos hazards in clinical allergy

Svane I., 1982: Possible ascidian counterpart to the vertebrate saccus vasculosus with reference to pyura tessellata and boltenia echinata

Tideman S., 1982: Possible assignment of a dominant retinitis pigmentosa gene to chromosome 1

Bender, K.; Grzeschik, K. H., 1976: Possible assignment of the glyoxalase i gene to chromosome 6 using man mouse somatic cell hybrids

Courtney C.H., 1988: Possible association between dirofilaria tenuis infections in humans and its prevalence in raccoons in florida usa

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149230

Mueller Eckhardt C., 1984: Possible association between hla dr 5 and superficial spreading melanoma

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149232

Jackson P.S., 1981: Possible association between plasma beta carotene levels and conception rate in a group of winter housed dairy cattle

Handler P., 1985: Possible association between the climatic effects of stratospheric aerosols and corn yields in the usa

Sakurai M., 1985: Possible association of a new translocation 7 11 p15 p15 with philadelphia chromosome negative chronic myelogenous leukemia

Srivastava K.M., 1985: Possible association of an ilarvirus with a disease causing chlorotic mottle in gerbera jamesonii

Ham J.M. , 1981: Possible association of angio sarcoma with oral contraceptive agents

Spooner R.L., 1986: Possible association of antibody responses to human serum albumin and poly l tyrosine l glutamic acid poly dl alanine poly l lysine with the bovine major histocompatibility complex

Gupta, O. K.; Banerjee, R. N., 1976: Possible association of disseminated intra vascular coagulation and hyper uricemia with plasmodium vivax malaria

Robinette M., 1983: Possible association of donor blood group a with higher allo antibody responses after renal transplantation

Walker, R. I.; Snyder, S. L.; Sobocinski, P. Z.; Mccarthy, K. F.; Egan, J. E., 1978: Possible association of granulocyte mobilization to the peritoneal cavity with zinc chloride induced protection against endo toxin

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149243

Chukhlovin A.B., 1984: Possible association of membrane and nuclear changes in gamma irradiated rat thymocytes

Goodman H.O., 1987: Possible association of mn locus haplotypes with essential hypertension

Myhal M.L., 1985: Possible association of mucous blanket integrity with postirradiation colonization resistance

Kusmiesz H., 1987: Possible association of mycoplasma and viral respiratory infections with bacterial meningitis

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149248

Holmsen, H.; Setkowsky, C. A.; Day, H. J., 1975: Possible association of newly absorbed serotonin with nonmetabolic granule located adenine nucleotides in human blood platelets

Tsukada Y., 1986: Possible association of platelet derived growth factor with the appearance of reactive astrocytes following brain injury in situ

Gaugas, J. M., 1982: Possible association of radioprotective and chemoprotective amino phosphorothioate drug activity with poly amine oxidase ec susceptibility

Verkleij A.J., 1982: Possible association of segregated lipid domains of mycoplasma gallisepticum membranes with cell resistance to osmotic lysis

Sharma S., 1979: Possible association of the anti viral and anti tumor activities of chick interferon with different protein fractions constituting it

Hollister L.E., 1986: Possible associations among plasma prolactin levels tardive dyskinesia and paranoia in treated male schizophrenics

Kato, S.; Kimura, M.; Takakura, I.; Sakakibara, T.; Inouye, H.; Tsuji, K., 1978: Possible associations between hl a antigens and the immune responsiveness to attenuated rubella vaccine

Abenova U.A., 1984: Possible associations of oncogenic and infectious viruses

Aziz M.A., 1981: Possible atavistic structures in human aneu ploids

Al Khateeb H., 1988: Possible atrioventricular conduction defect in l thyroxine treated patients

Vandeberg, J. L.; Cooper, D. W., 1978: Possible autosomal inheritance of erythrocyte phospho glycerate kinase a in echidnas

Franzreb, K. E., 1976: Possible avian habitat partitioning resulting from within tree location preferences in a mixed coniferous forest

Gupta C.M., 1986: Possible basis for membrane changes in nonparasitized erythrocytes of malaria infected animals

Nelsestuen G.L., 1986: Possible basis for the apparent surface selectivity of the contact activation of human blood coagulation factor xii

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149263

Perrin V.L., 1988: Possible benefit of gr 43175 a novel 5 ht 1 like receptor agonist for the acute treatment of severe migraine

Gustafsson D., 1983: Possible benefit of selective beta 2 blockade in orthostatic hypotension a model study in the cat

Becelli S., 1987: Possible benefits and limitations in a first aid service at athletic events

Goncharova L.M., 1982: Possible benz a pyrene uptake from the soil by potato tubers and grain

Guruswamy M.N., 1987: Possible beta adrenoceptor blocking agents synthesis of 6 3 amino 2 hydroxypropoxy 3 methyl 1 2 benzisoxazoles

Shyam K., 1979: Possible beta adrenoceptor blocking agents synthesis of aryloxy propanolamines and related compounds

Masuda, G.; Tomioka, S., 1977: Possible beta lactamase activities detectable in infective clinical specimens

Ponzoni, R. W.; James, J. W., 1978: Possible biases in heritability estimates from intraclass correlation

Sano S., 1981: Possible binding of epidermolytic toxin to a sub cellular fraction of the epidermis

Ratnikova, L. A.; Chistyakov, V. V., 1978: Possible biochemical mechanism of toxic effects of barbiturates

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149274

Lysek H., 1979: Possible biological control of geo helminthoses

Tandon S.K., 1981: Possible biological indicators of lead poisoning a study in rabbits

Henriksen T., 1984: Possible biological mechanisms that make low density lipo proteins a risk factor in atherogenesis

Long J.P., 1984: Possible biologically active metabolites of 5 hydroxy 6 methyl 2 di n propylamino tetralin

Kalogeropoulos T.E., 1984: Possible biomedical applications of anti proton beams focused radiation transfer

Kaneko T., 1985: Possible biomimetic synthesis of beta lactams

Aleksandrov-Yu, I.; Grinchenko-Yu, V., 1978: Possible biophysical mechanism of the phenomenon of identical activation of adjacent neurons in trigeminal mesencephalic nucleus of the rabbit during an alimentary behavioral act

Allardyce D.B., 1983: Possible biotin deficiency in adults receiving long term total parenteral nutrition

Tilson H.A., 1988: Possible brainstem involvement in the modification of thermoregulatory processes by chlordecone in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149284

Kasai M., 1984: Possible cancerous change of intra ductal papillomas of the breast a 3 dimensional reconstruction study of 25 cases

Kaler V.L., 1987: Possible carbon dioxide concentrating mechanism in chloroplasts of c 3 plants role of carbonic anhydrase

Vlahakis, G., 1977: Possible carcinogenic effect of cedar shavings in bedding of c 3h a vy fb mice

Volfson N.I., 1979: Possible carcinogenic properties of a new chromogen dicarboxydine gamma gamma 3 3 benzidine di oxy di butyric acid tested in rats and mice

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149289

Ishiwatari R., 1987: Possible carotenoid derived structures in fossil kerogens

Anderson C., 1988: Possible case of hyperparathyroidism in a roman period skeleton from the dakhleh oasis egypt diagnosed using bone histomorphometry

Gorbunov, A. P.; Zhukovskii, G. S.; Nebieridze, D. B.; Varlamova, T. A.; Oganov, R. G., 1987: Possible cases of coronary heart disease and mortality in a 40 59 year old male population in the course of 6.5 years of observation

Vaughan J., 1985: Possible cataractogenic effect of radionuclides deposited within the eye from the bloodstream

Paul D.J., 1987: Possible catecholaminergic opioidergic control of blood pressure during muscular contraction

Higgins J.V., 1985: Possible causal heterogeneity in spina bifida cystica

Chow, P. N. P., 1975: Possible cause and stabilization of counting rate for carbon 14 labeled tri chloro acetic acid in toluene triton scintillation solution

Andrews, A. R., 1976: Possible cause of anomalies in the oxidation fermentation test

Gerris, J.; Schoysman, R.; Piessens-Denef, 1986: Possible cause of chlamydia trachomatis in epididymal male sterility

Osyns'kyi, S. P.; Sydorenko, M. V., 1978: Possible cause of the delay of tumor cells at the mitotic g 2 phase after glucose administration

Kasiske B.L., 1987: Possible causes and consequences of hypertension in stable renal transplant patients

Zaprometov M.N., 1980: Possible causes of disturbances in lignification in tea plant camellia sinensis tissue cultures

Shapot V.S., 1983: Possible causes of gluco corticoid induced death of proliferating rat thymocyte sub population in vivo

Gordon D.S., 1986: Possible causes of heterogeneity of the histochemical properties of tissue basophils

Outridge P.M., 1987: Possible causes of high species diversity in tropical australian freshwater macrobenthic communities

Armstrong D.T., 1982: Possible causes of implantation failure in super ovulated immature rats

Hogstedt C., 1987: Possible causes of increased lung cancer incidence among butchers and slaughterhouse workers

Yao Z., 1982: Possible causes of prominent anterior forces

Jensen A., 1983: Possible causes of temporal fluctuations in primary production of the micro phyto benthos in the danish wadden sea

Nasz I., 1983: Possible causes of the loss of specific pbr 322 ad h 1 dna recombinants following transfection

Fantini D.A., 1986: Possible causes of the thin standard of bodily attractiveness for women

Schirrmacher V., 1980: Possible cell surface receptor for friend murine leukemia virus isolated with viral envelope glyco protein complexes

Tos M., 1981: Possible cellular immunity against acoustic neuroma

Waters A., 1987: Possible cellular mechanism for cerebral vasospasm after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in the dog

Pena J., 1980: Possible central anti secretory action of exogenous serotonin in rats

Malor, R.; Jackson, D. M.; Chesher, G. B., 1978: Possible central dopaminergic modulation of the rise in plasma concentration of nonesterified fatty acids produced in the mouse by levo trans delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149318

Westall, F. C., 1978: Possible change of a recognition mechanism for determining encephalitogenicity

Goroshinskaya, I. A.; Bronovitskaya, Z. G., 1976: Possible changes in substrate specificity of mono amine oxidase from rat brain and liver mitochondria during hyperoxia

Kirk R.S., 1982: Possible changes in the detection of cervical carcinoma in patients of dutch general practitioners

Surkov F.A., 1987: Possible changes in the ecological system of the sea of azov russian sfsr ussr caused by the narrowing of the mouth of the gulf of taganrog lower trophic levels

Novotny M., 1984: Possible chemical basis for histocompatibility related mating preference in mice

Hobbs R.J., 1984: Possible chemical interactions among heathland plants

Eke R.A., 1979: Possible chloroquine resistant plasmodium falciparum in nigeria

Gusovsky F., 1983: Possible cholinergic dopaminergic link in memory facilitation induced by oxo tremorine in mice

Molenaar P.C., 1981: Possible cholinergic mechanisms in fertilization of xenopus laevis eggs

Ruiz M., 1984: Possible cholinergic neurotransmission in the cristae ampullares of the chick inner ear

Batum C., 1984: Possible chromosomal location for the killer determinant in torulopsis glabrata/

Yaginuma T., 1981: Possible circadian periodicity of fetal prolactin secretion late in gestation

White E.M., 1981: Possible clay concentration effects on soluble phosphate contents of runoff

Van-Bennekom, A. J.; Van-Der-Gaast, S. J., 1976: Possible clay structures in frustules of living diatoms

Kuroda, P. K., 1977: Possible climatic effect of supernova explosions

Gornitz V., 1984: Possible climatic impacts of land cover transformations with particular emphasis on tropical deforestation

Sinha M.C., 1987: Possible climatic implications of depletion of antarctic ozone

Chu, M. L.; Gradisar, I. A.; Zavodney, L. D., 1978: Possible clinical application of a noninvasive monitoring technique of cartilage damage in pathological knee joints

Kosaka T., 1988: Possible coexistence of amino acid gamma aminobutyric acid amine dopamine and peptide substance p neurons containing immunoreactivities for glutamic acid decarboxylase tyrosine hydroxylase and substance p in the hamster main olfactory bulb

Boldyrev A.I., 1981: Possible combination of schizophrenia with epilepsy

Sagan Z., 1985: Possible common antigenic structures in bacteria and human immunoglobulin allotypes investigation of escherichia coli

Yoshida K., 1988: Possible common biological and immunological properties for detecting encapsulated strains of staphylococcus epidermidis

Gelfand I.M., 1982: Possible common mechanism of morphological and growth related alterations accompanying neoplastic transformation

Rupasov V.V., 1985: Possible common origin of genes of rna polymerases of rna containing viruses from bacteria plants and animals

Fredrick, J. F., 1977: Possible common origin of glucosyl transferases in oscillatoria princeps

Levy, J. A.; Weiss, R. M.; Dirksen, E. R.; Rosen, M. R., 1976: Possible communication between murine macrophages oriented in linear chains in tissue culture

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149345

Shimazu A., 1988: Possible concern of platelets in the bone repair process

Denesyuk A.I., 1982: Possible conformation of interferons a prediction based on amino acid composition and sequence

Zav'yalov V.P., 1981: Possible conformation of major histo compatibility antigens implication of amino acid sequence data

Zhorov B.S., 1982: Possible conformations of nucleic acid fragments containing the guanine uracil base pair

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149350

Venrick, E. L.; Beers, J. R.; Heinbokel, J. F., 1977: Possible consequences of containing micro plankton for physiological rate measurements

Imhof, A. E., 1987: Possible consequences of increasing life expectancy in brazil the perspective of a european historical demographer

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149353

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149354

Marcova V.I., 1983: Possible contribution of oxy hemo globin to iron induced hemolysis simultaneous effect of iron and hemo globin on lipid per oxidation

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149356

O'kelly J.C., 1985: Possible contribution of rumen lipid synthesis to genetic differences in maintenance requirement

Oshima G., 1988: Possible contribution of solid surface for inactivation of thrombin

Young G.J., 1983: Possible contributions of nutritional interactions to copper deficiency in ruminants in south australia

Jackle H., 1980: Possible control for tubulin synthesis during early development of an insect smittia sp

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149361

Guedon I., 1981: Possible control of human cutaneous pigmentation by loci which are not homologous with the classical color loci of mammals

Kremer D.F., 1985: Possible control of maize zea mays leaf sucrose phosphate synthase activity by light modulation

Srivastava A., 1985: Possible control of natural virus infection on vigna radiata and vigna mungo by plant extracts

Dalessandro, G.; Northcote, D. H., 1977: Possible control sites of poly saccharide synthesis during cell growth and wall expansion of pea seedlings pisum sativum

Zaitseva M.G., 1979: Possible controlling mechanisms of glycolate oxidase in relation to the conditions of phosphate nutrition

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149367

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149368

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149369

Viglinskaya I.V., 1987: Possible correlation between ethanol pharmacokinetics and psychophysiology in rats

Sedvall G., 1980: Possible correlation between noradrenergic innervation in the cerebellum and jumping behavior in mice

Moroz A.F., 1983: Possible correlation between results of phage typing of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains and presence of r plasmids

Polivanov, H.; Antunes, F. D. S.; Barroso, J. A., 1987: Possible correlation between the cation exchange capacity and the activity of soils that present a latosolic b horizon

Rasinaru F., 1980: Possible correlation of some biochemical lactic dehydrogenase iso enzymes and immunological markers in certain malignant system diseases

Addarii F., 1981: Possible correlations between kidney movement and hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149377

Kastritsis C.D., 1987: Possible correlations of polypeptides and balbiani rings in the salivary glands of drosophila auraria peng

Singh E.A., 1980: Possible cortico hypothalamic glycinergic tract

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149380

Bachs O., 1988: Possible cyclic amp dependence of the prereplicative surge of cytosolic calmodulin in proliferatively activated rat liver cells

Schwartz, A.; Entman, M. L.; Ezrailson, E. G.; Lehotay, D. C.; Levey, G., 1977: Possible cyclic nucleotide regulation of calcium mediating myo cardial contraction

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149383

Knospe W.H., 1987: Possible cytogenetic marker associated with myelofibrosis in chronic granulocytic leukemia and its prognostic significance

Golubovskaya I.N., 1984: Possible cytogenetic mechanisms of the inheritance of twinning tendency from the fathers side and its consequences a hypothesis

Ohtsuka, K.; Tanabe, K.; Nakamura, H.; Sato, C., 1986: Possible cytoskeletal association of 69000 and 68000 dalton heat shock proteins and structural relations among heat shock proteins in murine mastocytoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149387

Bendvold E., 1988: Possible decrease in semen quality over a 20 year period

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149389

Bababunmi E.A. , 1982: Possible defect in xenobiotic activation before glycine conjugation in protein energy mal nutrition

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149391

Yakhnina D.N., 1980: Possible defense mechanism effect of alpha tocopherol in experimental hypoxia

Eijsackers, H., 1978: Possible deleterious effects of the herbicide 2 4 5 t on the soil fauna

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149395

Eguchi G., 1979: Possible demonstration of multi potential nature of embryonic neural retina by clonal cell culture

Karran P., 1985: Possible depletion of a dna repair enzyme in human lymphoma cells by subversive repair

D'eustachio P., 1986: Possible derivation of the laboratory mouse genome from multiple wild mus species

Sukhorukov, B. I.; Novikov, I. A., 1976: Possible destabilizing action of water on dna spatial structure

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149400

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Kucharska S., 1986: Possible detection of rotavirus diseases in practice comparison of elisa counterimmunoelectrophoresis and latex agglutination methods for detection of the virus and correlation of virus detection rate and rise of antibodies

Ivers J.W., 1984: Possible determinants of social dominance among adolescent girls

Gordadze, G. P.; Keniya, O. T.; Mikhelashvili, T. Ya ; Daneliya, G. I.; Macharashvili, G. R., 1976: Possible determination of macro elements in fodder by a neutron generator

Petrushevskaya M.G., 1987: Possible development of phacoid test in radiolaria sphaerellaria

Nakada T., 1980: Possible development of pulmonary scar cancer in a patient with pulmonary bullet wound

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149407

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149408

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149409

Harper, B.; Hughes, I. E.; Noormohamed, F. H., 1978: Possible differences in alpha adrenoceptors in rabbit ileum and spleen

Helson L., 1985: Possible differential diagnosis of neuroblastoma from rhabdomyosarcoma and ewings sarcoma by using a panel of monoclonal antibodies

Aguilar E., 1987: Possible direct effect of serotonin on pituitary prolactin secretion in vivo and in vitro studies

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149413

Hruska R.E., 1985: Possible dissociation of central dopamine receptor antagonism and cataleptic behavior

Patrick K.E., 1987: Possible dissociation of the phorbol ester induced oxidant response and tumor promotion in the f 1 offspring of ssin x c57bl 6j mice

Tumanishvili G.D., 1980: Possible distortion of auto radiographic results

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149417

Kal'nin A.A., 1984: Possible distributed coded recording of the signals in nonequilibrium cooperative systems structural reflexia

Tumanyan V.G., 1979: Possible dna conformations

Troy F.A., 1984: Possible dna rna tumor virus interaction in human lymphomas expression of retroviral proteins in ramos lymphoma lines is enhanced after conversion with epstein barr virus

Klawans H.L., 1983: Possible dopamine agonist properties of quipazine maleate

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149422

Barry B.W., 1983: Possible dosage regimens for topical steroids assessed by vaso constrictor assays using multiple applications

Trott K.R., 1988: Possible dose rate dependence of recovery kinetics as deduced from a preliminary analysis of the effects of fractionated irradiations at varying dose rates

Rich, P. V.; Gill, E., 1976: Possible dromornithid footprints from pleistocene dune sands of southern victoria australia

Miglani B.D., 1988: Possible drug interactions in hospitalized patients

Maftei I., 1980: Possible drug interactions in the etiology of general accidents in the stomatological office

Koltai, E.; Bajusz, S.; Szell, E.; Zolyomi, G., 1987: Possible drugs labelled with carbon 14 iii. synthesis of carbon 14 d 3 phenylalaninyl l propyl l arginine aldehyde and l tyrosinyl d methionylglycyl l 3 carbon 14 phenylalaninyl l proline amide

Koltai, E.; Bajusz, S.; Szell, E.; Zolyomi, G., 1987: Possible drugs labelled with carbon 14 iv. synthesis of d phenylalaninylprolylarginine aldehyde labelled in the guanidino group

Cleary, P. P.; Johnson, Z., 1977: Possible dual function of m protein resistance to bacterio phage a 25 and resistance to phagocytosis by human leukocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149431

Yoneda K., 1982: Possible dual roles of an allelopathic compound cis dehydro matricaria ester

Bernini L.F., 1980: Possible duplication of the hemo globin alpha chain locus in sheep

Fahraeus, L. E., 1976: Possible early devonian conodontophorid provinces

Dembicki, H. Jr ; Meinschein, W. G.; Hattin, D. E., 1976: Possible ecological and environmental significance of the predominance of even numbered 20 carbon to 30 carbon n alkanes

Lees S., 1987: Possible effect between the molecular packing of collagen and the composition of bony tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149438

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149439

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149440

Wilcox K.R.Jr, 1983: Possible effect of neo natal poly brominated bi phenyl exposure on the developmental abilities of children

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149442

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149443

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149444

Fritz K.J., 1986: Possible effectiveness of and limitations to ultrasound in establishing pregnancy of domestic animals

Barontini F., 1984: Possible effectiveness of plasmapheresis on the neurological complications in a case of acute intermittent porphyria

Kondepudi D.K., 1982: Possible effects of 100 gigahertz radiation on the oxygen affinity of hemo globin

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149448

Hadley W.F., 1982: Possible effects of black spot disease on northern pike esox lucius

Charman, W. N.; Evans, N. C., 1976: Possible effects of changes in lens pigmentation on the color balance of an artists work

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149451

Fletcher I.S., 1982: Possible effects of dispersion on the gas phase chemistry of power plant effluents

Agnoli, G. C.; Cacciari, M.; Cariani, A.; Montini, T., 1976: Possible effects of dopamine on renal function in man

Lhermitte F., 1980: Possible effects of drawing on the language and re education of an aphasic patient

Leeper E., 1986: Possible effects of electric blankets and heated waterbeds on fetal development

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149456

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149457

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149458

Pinto M.R., 1986: Possible effects of hormonal contraceptives on human mitotic chromosomes

Smalley T.L., 1983: Possible effects of intraspecific competition on the population structure of a solitary vermetid mollusk

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149461

Pollack, M. S.; Dubois, D., 1977: Possible effects of non h la nonhistocompatibility antigen antibodies in common typing sera on histo compatibility antigen frequency data in leukemia

Van Praagh J.P., 1980: Possible effects of nontoxic pesticides for bees on pollination behavior of honey bee apis mellifera

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149464

Kaur, C.; Mangat, H. K., 1978: Possible effects of ovocyclin in male reproduction

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149466

Mangat H.K., 1982: Possible effects of prostaglandin e 2 on hypothalamo hypophyseal gonadal axis in male rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Perrins, C. M., 1976: Possible effects of qualitative changes in the insect diet of avian predators

Barber J., 1981: Possible effects of the detachment of stromal lamellae from granal stacks on salt induced changes in spillover a study by sonication of chloroplasts

Mysak L.A., 1986: Possible effects of the sitka eddy on sockeye oncorhynchus nerka and pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha migration off southeast alaska usa

Lewis D.J., 1979: Possible effects of the synthetic amino acid l ethionine on memory in rats

Loya, Y., 1975: Possible effects of water pollution on the community structure of red sea corals

Reid D., 1982: Possible effects of wing flexibility on the aerodynamics of pteranodon

Berry W.L., 1983: Possible effects when 2 deficient essential elements are applied simultaneously

Hachinohe Y., 1986: Possible egg recovery for transfer from pregnant rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149478

Shigei T., 1980: Possible embryogenetical differences of the dog venous system in sensitivity to vasoactive substances

Pajkova H., 1985: Possible embryotropic effect of the electric and magnetic component of the field of industrial frequency

Pettit, G. W.; Elwell, M. R.; Jahrling, P. B., 1977: Possible endo toxemia in rabbits after intra venous injection of staphylococcus aureus entero toxin b

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149482

Enikeev, S. G.; Ushakov, V. Yu ; Kiyamov, A. G., 1976: Possible energy correlation of sucrose synthesis and the activity of the ion pump of the cell cytoplasm in pea leaves

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149484

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149485

Petr T., 1979: Possible environmental impact on inland waters of 2 planned major engineering projects in papua new guinea

Irvin, A. D.; Kanhai, G. K.; Stagg, D. A., 1976: Possible enzyme deficiency in bovine lympho sarcoma cells grown in vitro

Piard, F.; Hillon, P.; Levillain, P.; Boutron, M. C.; Milan, C.; Michiels, R.; Faivre, J., 1986: Possible epidemiologic or prognostic value of ming's classification of gastric carcinoma

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Nishimura M., 1979: Possible errors caused prior to measurement of mercury in natural waters with special reference to sea water

Kalinichenko A.S., 1982: Possible errors in evaluating soil wind resistance

Ariga, S.; Dukelow, W. R.; Emley, G. S.; Hutchinson, R. R., 1978: Possible errors in identification of squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus from different south american points of export

Erez, A., 1973: Possible errors in quantitative determination of phenyl alanine ammonia lyase activity by spectrophotometric methods

Ghetie V., 1988: Possible errors in the calculation of cell binding parameters exemplified by the analysis of the igg fc receptor system

Melman A., 1984: Possible errors in uroflowmetry

Wuppermann T., 1987: Possible errors of conventional doppler measurements of flow in the carotid arteries

Loftus W.F., 1987: Possible establishment of the mayan cichlid cichlasoma urophthalmus guenther pisces cichlidae in everglades national park florida usa

Grebenscikov I., 1980: Possible estimation of f 2 performances per plant for single cross hybrids in maize based on corresponding data for f 1 and mean values for the parents

Ionenko I.F., 1984: Possible estimations of plant cell stability to low temperatures by impulse nmr

Ikeda M., 1986: Possible ethnic difference in toluene metabolism a comparative study among chinese turkish and japanese solvent workers

Benedetti, A.; Carbonin, C.; Colombo, F., 1977: Possible etio pathogenetic correlation between primary empty sella and arachnoid cyst

Et Al, 1984: Possible etiological association of b coxsackieviruses with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

Sorto A.E., 1988: Possible etiological factors in extensive periventricular leukomalacia of preterm infants

Thomas S., 1985: Possible etiology of oral cancer in papua new guinea

Tappan, H., 1976: Possible eukaryotic algae bangiophycidae among early proterozoic micro fossils

Bloeser B. , 1983: Possible eukaryotic algal filaments from the late proterozoic chuar group grand canyon arizona usa

Kogarko I.N., 1984: Possible evaluation of functional activity of human erythrocytes by means of phosphorus 31 nmr

Corner R.G., 1986: Possible evidence for a pre clovis bone tool industry from the central plains usa

Mills P.R., 1982: Possible evidence for a shwartzman reaction in pseudomembranous colitis

Haskill, J. S.; Fett, J. W., 1976: Possible evidence for antibody dependent macrophage mediated cyto toxicity directed against murine adeno carcinoma cells in vivo

Gendron J.F., 1983: Possible evidence for enrichment of trace elements in the hydrous manganese oxide phases of suspended matter from an urbanized embayment

Calisher, C. H.; Sasso, D. R.; Sather, G. E., 1973: Possible evidence for interference with venezuelan equine encephalitis virus vaccination of equines by preexisting antibody to eastern equine encephalitis virus or western equine encephalitis virus or both

Pesano R.L., 1984: Possible evidence for novel metabolism of nitrogen gas by a green alga

Ornoy A., 1979: Possible evidence for secondary degeneration of the central nervous system in the pathogenesis of anencephaly and brain dysraphia a study in young human fetuses

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149516

Seffinga G., 1988: Possible evidence of glacial conditions during the julian substage of the karnian upper triassic

Makela, O.; Koskimies, S.; Karjalainen, K., 1976: Possible evolution of acquired immunity from self recognition structures

Young, A. M., 1978: Possible evolution of mutualism between mechanitis caterpillars and an ant in northeastern costa rica

Senapathy, P., 1988: Possible evolution of splice junction signals in eukaryotic genes from stop codons

Kaufman B.Z., 1985: Possible evolutionary importance of the thermopreference reaction in poikilothermic animals

Smitskaya M.F., 1981: Possible evolutionary relations between operculate discomycetes genera

Jukes T.H., 1982: Possible evolutionary steps in the genetic code

Van Den Berghe H., 1979: Possible excess of mental handicap and congenital malformations in autosomal reciprocal translocations

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149525

Cope F.W., 1981: Possible existence and method of measurement of macroscopic magnetic mono pole wave functions in air around keratin

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149527

Et Al, 1987: Possible existence of a novel amphipathic immunostimulator in the phenol water extracts of mycobacteriaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149529

Hasegawa T., 1984: Possible existence of auto antibodies against immuno globulin allotypes in normal rabbits and their relation with the expression of these allotypes

Segawa T., 1986: Possible existence of high molecular weight precursor proteins for substance p biosynthesis in rabbit spinal ganglia

Nagai, N.; Yoshida, A., 1978: Possible existence of hybrid glycosyl transferase in hetero zygous blood group ab subjects

Monoi H., 1982: Possible existence of ion pairs at the mouths of ion channels

Shit, S. K.; Sen-Gupta, P. K., 1978: Possible existence of physiological races of fusarium oxysporum f sp udum the incitant of the wilt of pigeon pea

Verkhratsky A.N., 1987: Possible existence of transient ttx sensitive chloride current in the membrane of isolated cardiomyocytes

Contreras Rodriguez J.L., 1986: Possible existence of two mechanisms involved in alpha 1 adrenergic action effect of sgd 101 75

Belobrov, P. I.; Kulinskii, V. I., 1976: Possible existing regulatory functions of some cyclic compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149538

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149539

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149540

Baker, H.; Frank, O.; Zetterman, R.; Hutner, S. H., 1977: Possible explanation of potentiation of hepatic steatosis induced by high nicotinic acid choline and ethionine

O'maille, E. R. L.; Richards, T. G., 1977: Possible explanations for the differences in secretory characteristics between conjugated and free bile acids

Gisi U., 1987: Possible explanations of synergism in fungicide mixtures against phytophthora infestans

Yamashita T., 1984: Possible exposure of leucine amino peptidase on the cell surface of rabbit blood neutrophils by digitonin treatment

Sharaby A., 1986: Possible extension of the activity spectrum of bacillus thuringiensis strains through chemical additives

Vinter R.I., 1981: Possible extraepithelial precursors of the merkel cells of sinuous hairs in the cat

Tromp, S. W., 1975: Possible extraterrestrial triggers of interdisciplinary cycles on earth a review

Tsuchiya S., 1987: Possible eye irritant test using polysaccharide coated liposomes as a corneal epithelium model

Sannasi, A., 1969: Possible factor responsible for the specific growth of xylaria nigripes in the fungus gardens of the mounds of the termite odontotermes redemanni

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149550

Shanta, V.; Krishnamurthi, S., 1976: Possible factors in remote metastases in female breast cancer

Sharma P.D., 1981: Possible factors in tardy decomposition of scirpus tuberosus leaves by fungi

Marton L.J., 1984: Possible factors in the potentiation of 1 2 chloroethyl 3 trans 4 methylcyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea cyto toxicity by alpha di fluoromethyl ornithine in 9l rat brain tumor cells

Condie S.J., 1982: Possible factors influencing distribution and prevalence of echinococcus granulosus in utah usa

Inoue T., 1981: Possible factors influencing immuno globulin a concentrations in swine colostrum

Inoue K., 1980: Possible factors influencing the immuno globulin g concentration in swine colostrum

Inoue T., 1981: Possible factors influencing the immuno globulin m concentration in swine colostrum

Bapat, J. P.; Bhatia, H. M.; Baxi, A. J., 1978: Possible factors involved in the met hemo globin reduction test for the glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Salin M.L., 1984: Possible factors of leaf feeding resistance in corn zea mays to the southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella

Enero, M. A.; Saidman, B. Q., 1977: Possible feedback inhibition of noradrenaline release by purine compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149562

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149563

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149564

O'connor G.R., 1979: Possible foreign body granuloma of the retina associated with intra venous cocaine addiction

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149566

Zhdanov V.M., 1981: Possible formation of venezuelan equine encephalitis dna pro virus in a cell culture

Kirber, M. T.; Singer, J. J.; Walsh, J. V-Jr ; Fuller, M. S.; Peura, R. A., 1985: Possible forms for dwell time histograms from single channel current records

Matsumoto P.S., 1985: Possible function of 17 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in preimplantation hamster embryos

Kobinger W., 1985: Possible function of alpha 1 adrenoceptors in the central nervous system in anesthetized and conscious animals

Tanuma, Y.; Ohata, M.; Ito, T.; Yokochi, C., 1976: Possible function of human brown adipose tissue as suggested by observation on peri renal brown fats from necropsy cases of variable age groups

Romanov G.A., 1982: Possible function of rna binding proteins of eukaryotes blocking of rna accessibility for dna interacting regulatory protein

Ariga H., 1987: Possible function of the c myc product promotion of cellular dna replication

Pilon J G., 1987: Possible function of uv rays during coenagrionid emergence zygoptera

Kodama, T.; Hori, S. H., 1982: Possible functional coupling of hexose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec to microsomal electron transport system in rat kidney and liver

Hatchome, N.; Aiba, S.; Kato, T.; Torinuki, W.; Tagami, H., 1987: Possible functional impairment of langerhans' cells in vitiliginous skin reduced ability to elicit dinitrochlorobenzene contact sensitivity reaction and decreased stimulatory effect in the allogeneic mixed skin cell lymphocyte culture reaction

Chauhan S.P.S., 1987: Possible functional role of substance p on the mammalian motor nerve terminals

Iwashima A., 1981: Possible functional roles of carboxyl and histidine residues in a soluble thiamine binding protein of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Nilius B., 1986: Possible functional significance of a novel type of cardiac calcium channel

Kanno, Y.; Muneoka, Y.; Yamami, T., 1977: Possible functioning of active ion transport mechanism in the mucous epithelial cells of newt stomach at low temperature

Karasev, V. A., 1978: Possible functions of biological molecules in conjugated ionic hydrogen bond systems

Slavkin H.C., 1981: Possible functions of mesenchyme cell derived fibronectin during formation of basal lamina

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149583

Ritchison G., 1988: Possible functions of singing by female acadian flycatchers empidonax virescens

Xiao Y., 1983: Possible functions of the inter hemispheric connections between visual cortical areas in the cat

Schreiber, G.; Urban, J.; Edwards, K., 1976: Possible functions of the oligo peptide extension in the albumin precursor

Gogotov I.N., 1987: Possible functions of two ferredoxins in the metabolism of the purple nonsulfur bacterium rhodobacter capsulatus b10

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149588

Paretzke H.G., 1982: Possible future trends of radiation exposure by carbon 14

Pycock, C. J.; Horton, R. W., 1976: Possible gamma amino butyric acid mediated control of dopamine dependent behavioral effects from the nucleus accumbens of the rat

Moore L.G., 1988: Possible gender differences in the effect of exercise on hypoxic ventilatory response

Noto T., 1985: Possible gene conversions and genomic constancy during cell differentiation an additional model consideration

Premack D., 1984: Possible general effects of language training on the chimpanzee

Ishida U., 1980: Possible generation of a potent vaso contracting substance from prostaglandin endo per oxide analogs human platelet mixture

Van Emden H.F., 1981: Possible genetic component in the adaptability of myzus persicae clones homoptera aphididae to synthetic diet

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149596

Downing D.T., 1986: Possible genetic control of the proportions of branched chain fatty acids in human sebaceous wax esters

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149598

Emudianughe T.S., 1988: Possible genetic influence on conjugate formation in salicylic acid metabolism

Miranda, M.; Botti, D.; Di-Cola, M., 1984: Possible geno toxicity of melanin synthesis intermediates tyrosinase ec reaction products interact with dna in vitro

Potvliege, R., 1978: Possible geographic origin of horned grebes podiceps auritus captured in belgium

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149602

Reynolds R.D., 1980: Possible gonadal mosaicism in a family with hemo globin koeln

Crump M.L., 1987: Possible growth and reproductive benefits of cannibalism in the mosquitofish

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149605

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149606

Newsom S.W.B., 1986: Possible hazards from irradiation with the carbon dioxide laser

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149608

Taylor G., 1988: Possible hemodynamic basis to urethane anesthesia induced reductions in renal clearance

Tolman, K. G.; Hammar, S.; Sannella, J. J., 1976: Possible hepato toxicity of doxidan

Spence M.A., 1984: Possible heterogeneity in the phosphoglycolate phosphatase haptoglobin alpha linkage

Spence M.A., 1988: Possible heterogeneity in the segregation pattern of breast cancer in families with bilateral breast cancer

Cook M.A., 1987: Possible heterogeneity of adenosine receptors present on myenteric nerve endings

Vedeckis W.V., 1982: Possible heterogeneity of gluco corticoid receptors studies on liver and heart cytosols

Lyles, G. A.; Greenawalt, J. W., 1978: Possible heterogeneity of type b mono amine oxidase in pig heart mitochondria

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149616

Migliori, E.; Sani, S.; Squartini, F., 1978: Possible histologic markers for early and late stages of breast cancer

Vaidya M.C., 1987: Possible hla influence in governing susceptibility to non cirrhotic portal fibrosis

Torres Gomez A., 1979: Possible hla role in a family with hodgkins disease

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149620

Lapin, B. A.; Asanov, S. S., 1977: Possible horizontal transmission of hemo blastosis in primates

Bangerth F., 1982: Possible hormonal modes of action of 3 apple thinning agents

Woody J.N., 1981: Possible humoral mechanism of 2450 megahertz microwave induced increase in complement receptor positive cells

Keighery G., 1985: Possible hybrids between banksia hookerana and banksia prionotes proteaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149625

Martenson R.E., 1986: Possible hydrophobic region in myelin basic protein consisting of an orthogonally packed beta sheet

Mueller Hill B., 1984: Possible ideal lac operator escherichia coli lac operator like sequences from eukaryotic genomes lack the central guanine cytosine pair

Milner Y., 1983: Possible identity of a membrane bound soluble cyclic amp independent erythrocyte protein kinase that phosphorylates spectrin

Yasui T., 1985: Possible identity of beta xylosidase and beta glucosidase of chaetomium trilaterale

Pelikan, Z., 1978: Possible immediate hyper sensitivity reaction of the nasal mucosa to oral contraceptives

Wright R.E., 1981: Possible immuno protection of the bovine parvovirus in the uterus preliminary communication

Theilen G.H., 1986: Possible immunoenhancement of persistent viremia by feline leukemia virus envelope glycoprotein vaccines in challenge exposure situations where whole inactivated virus vaccines were protective

Barnes A., 1982: Possible immunological synergism among the protective antigens of pasteurella multocida

Shawki, M. M.; Hegazi, A. G.; El-Batrawi, A. M., 1985: Possible immunosuppressive effect of aspergillus fumigatus 2. histopathological changes of bursa fabricius thymus spleen and the immunological state of vaccinated chicks with newcastle disease hitchner b 1 vaccine and infected with aspergillus fumigatus

Mitchell M., 1983: Possible impact of audit on chest x ray requests from surgical wards

Pal'm T., 1985: Possible impact of heavy metals on the restoration of commercial stock of the baltic herring in the off shore region of the baltic sea estonian ssr ussr

Egorov E.N., 1984: Possible impact of ideally polarized metals in physical solution on ionic transport of the cellular membrane

Waser, N. M.; Calder, W. A., 1975: Possible impairment of nest building of hummingbirds by acetate leg tags

Vanderheiden B.S., 1979: Possible implication of an itp metabolic error and glutamic acid decarboxylase in paranoid schizophrenia

Schroeter, R.; Lankisch, P. G.; Lege, L.; Vogt, W., 1972: Possible implication of glutathione reductase in hemolysis by the direct lytic factor of cobra venom naja naja

Parodi S., 1987: Possible implications from results of animal studies in human risk estimations for benzene nonlinear dose response relationship due to saturation of metabolism

Gregoriadis, G.; Siliprandi, N.; Turchetto, E., 1977: Possible implications in the use of exogenous phospho lipids

Creighton, T. E., 1978: Possible implications of many proline residues for the kinetics of protein unfolding and re folding

Nadkarni G.B., 1985: Possible implications of reciprocity between ethylene and aflatoxin biogenesis in aspergillus flavus and aspergillus parasiticus

Wood P.R., 1981: Possible importance of macrophage derived mediators in acute malaria

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149646

Nierenberg N.C.E., 1983: Possible importance of relatedness in the fire ant solenopsis invicta hymenoptera formicidae in the usa

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149648

Fournet, J., 1976: Possible improvement of the control of lettuce septoriose in the west indies by epidemiological studies

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149650

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149651

Yin, F. H., 1977: Possible in vitro repair of viral rna by ligase like enzyme in poliovirus infected cells

Bojan F., 1980: Possible in vivo formation of a carcinogenic substance from di ethyl pyro carbonate and ammonia

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149654

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149655

Kinoshita Y., 1982: Possible inactivation of part of chromosome 13 due to 13qxp translocation associated with retino blastoma

Rasche, B.; Ulmer, W. T., 1972: Possible inactivation of protease activity in sputum by protease inhibitors in obstructive airway diseases

Wolf, A.; Bork, E.; Vahrson, H., 1976: Possible incompatibility of deep irradiation therapy and stoss therapy with large doses of adriamycin or cyclo phosphamide in case of advanced genital malignant tumors of women

Garfinkel, J.; Selvin, S.; Brown, S. M., 1977: Possible increased risk of lung cancer among beauticians

Stenbjerg S., 1979: Possible increased tendency to thrombosis after cerebral angiography

Barrai I., 1980: Possible indication of breast cancer risk through discriminant functions

Filip, V.; Balik, J., 1978: Possible indication of dopaminergic blockade in man by electro retinography

Bruynzeel P.L.B., 1979: Possible indirect binding of immuno globulin e in house dust radio allergo sorbent test

Oikawa K., 1986: Possible induction of disseminated intravascular coagulation in the mouse by group b streptococcal clumping factor

Fiechter A., 1984: Possible induction of the ligninolytic system of phanerochaete chrysosporum

Furuta S., 1987: Possible infectious causes in 651 patients with acute viral hepatitis during a 10 year period 1976 1985

Armstrong B.K., 1983: Possible infectious etiology of 6 cases of ewings sarcoma in western australia

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149669

Flander L., 1986: Possible influence of age on the expression of the heterozygous cerumen phenotype

Smith, T. F.; Herrmann, E. C. Jr, 1971: Possible influence of antibiotic therapy on usefulness of metabolic inhibition test for diagnosis of mycoplasma pneumoniae infections

Pastoni F., 1981: Possible influence of environmental contamination on the spread of drug resistance among coliforms

Jennische E., 1984: Possible influence of glutathione on post ischemic liver injury

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149674

Read G.H.L., 1983: Possible influence of high salinity and low temperature on the distribution of macrobrachium petersi crustaceae caridea along the southeast coast of south africa

Beckman L., 1988: Possible influence of major gene heterozygosity on variation of quantitative traits

Primak Mirolyubov V.N., 1983: Possible influence of natural radiation background on the development of mammals

Kuzin A.M., 1985: Possible influence of natural radioactivity on glycokinase synthesis induction in the liver of developing rats

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149679

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149680

Fricke, H. W., 1974: Possible influence of predators on the behavior of diadema setosum sea urchins

Piccini, D.; Ocampo, J. A.; Bedmar, E. J., 1988: Possible influence of rhizobium on va mycorrhiza metabolic activity in double symbiosis of alfalfa plants medicago sativa l. grown in a pot experiment

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149683

Trinite M., 1980: Possible influence of sulfur di oxide deposition on to a forest on the ground level concentration calculated by short range dispersion models

Harnischfeger, G., 1976: Possible influence of the rate of specimen cooling on the determination of energy distribution in photosynthesis by fluorescence emission at 77 kelvin

Hilge V., 1979: Possible influences of different combined protein and fat levels of the feed on the gonadal growth of young mirror carp cyprinus carpio

Youatt, J.; Montoya, A.; Nester, E. W., 1970: Possible inhibitory effect of teichoic acid on bacillus subtilis transfer rna

Kukovetz W.R., 1986: Possible inhibitory function of endogenous 15 hydroperoxyeicosatetraenoic acid on prostacyclin formation in bovine aortic endothelial cells

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149690

Ishitani, K.; Kondo, A.; Maeguchi, K.; Kure, T.; Akazawa, S.; Urushizaki, I., 1977: Possible inhibitory mechanism of alpha feto protein on phyto hem agglutinin a induced lymphocyte transformation

Furukawa T., 1985: Possible inhibitory role of endogenous gamma aminobutyric acid in the nonnicotinic functions of the dog cardiac sympathetic ganglia

Annunziato F., 1987: Possible inhibitory role of histamine h 2 receptors in the control of basal tsh secretion in male rats studies with dimaprit a selective h 2 receptor agonist

Summers, B. A.; Greisen, H. A.; Appel, M. J. G., 1978: Possible initiation of viral encephalo myelitis in dogs by migrating lymphocytes infected with distemper virus

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149695

Sarjeant W.A.S., 1986: Possible insect eggs in palynological preparations from the aptian middle cretaceous of brazil

Khuratova, B. G.; Maksimova, R. A.; Silaev, A. B., 1975: Possible intensification of trichothecin biosynthesis

Huygens P., 1984: Possible interaction between central cholinergic muscarinic and opioid peptidergic systems during memory consolidation in mice

Luscombe, D. K.; Nicholls, P. J., 1975: Possible interaction between cephacetrile and frusemide in rabbits and rats

Milanes M.V., 1987: Possible interaction between opioid peptides and dopaminergic system in the myenteric plexus of guinea pig ileum

Serov, O. L., 1977: Possible interaction mechanisms of allelic and some nonallelic genes at the translation level

Wakui M., 1986: Possible interaction of cholinergic nerves with two different pre and post sites of the neuromuscular junction in guinea pig vas deferens

Ashurey N., 1986: Possible interaction of education and culture on basic conservation tasks

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149704

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149705

Egbring R., 1987: Possible interaction of platelets and adrenaline in the early phase of myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149707

Calvo J.C., 1987: Possible interaction of the adrenal gonadal systems on brain catecholamines of adult male rats

Kakinuma K., 1987: Possible interaction of thiol groups of proteins with antimutagens containing a conjugated carbonyl structure

Meguri H., 1986: Possible interaction of tritiated glutamate binding sites with anion channels in rat neural tissues

Gordievskaya N.A., 1983: Possible interactions between inspiratory and expiratory neuronal systems

St Pierre S., 1980: Possible interactions between neurotensin and prostaglandins in the isolated rat portal vein

Kamykowski, D., 1976: Possible interactions between plankton and semi diurnal internal tides part 2 deep thermoclines and trophic effects

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149714

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149715

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149716

Anisimov, A. A.; Ganicheva, O. P., 1978: Possible interchangeability between cobalt and zinc in plants

Mancia D., 1979: Possible interference between migrainous and epileptic mechanisms in intercalated attacks case report

Ikuma, H.; Tetley, R. M., 1976: Possible interference by an acid stable enzyme during the extraction of nucleoside di phosphates and nucleoside tri phosphates from higher plant tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149720

Heinze W., 1985: Possible interference of injection with infusion preparations due to mixing prior to application

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149722

Gabba R., 1980: Possible interferences in the determination of urea in feedstuffs

Bruce J.M., 1985: Possible intermediates in the action of adriamycin a pulse radiolysis study

Wagniere G., 1979: Possible interpretation of long wavelength spectral shifts in phytochrome red light absorbing and far red light absorbing forms

Liberatori E., 1985: Possible interrelations of acetylhomocysteinethiolactone in mechanisms of lipofuscinogenesis

Kummel L., 1983: Possible interrelationship between gluconeogenesis and ketogenesis in the liver

Bhattacharya S.K., 1981: Possible interrelationship between the anti nociceptive effect of morphine and brain 5 hydroxy tryptamine in albino rats

Sen P., 1983: Possible interrelationship between the biogenic amines involved in the modulation of foot shock aggression in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149730

Townsel J.G., 1979: Possible interrelationship of multiple alpha bungaro toxin binding components in the brain of the horseshoe crab limulus polyphemus

Fournier, B.; Rogueda, J., 1988: Possible intervention of a cephalic factor in the regeneration of legs in the embryo of the stick insect carausius morosus br. phasmida lonchodidae

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149733

Chiyo, H.; Furuyama, J.; Suehara, N.; Obashi, Y.; Kikkawa, H.; Ikoma, F., 1976: Possible intra chromosomal duplication in a case of trisomy 9p

Fisher, B. M., 1975: Possible intraspecific killing by a great gray owl

Smith, H. M.; Alvarez, T., 1974: Possible intraspecific sympatry in the lizard species sceloporus torquatus and its relationship with sceloporus cyanogenys

Scrimgeour E.M., 1983: Possible introduction of huntingtons chorea into pacific islands by new england usa whalemen

Deshevykh N.D., 1979: Possible introduction of the entomo pathogenic fungus coelomomyces iliensis in southeastern kazakh ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149739

Baba S., 1988: Possible involvement of 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 in proliferation and differentiation of 3t3 l1 cells

Garcia Sainz J.A., 1985: Possible involvement of 2 mechanisms of signal transduction in alpha 1 adrenergic action selective effect of cycloheximide

Naik, S. R.; Amladi, S. R.; Sheth, U. K., 1977: Possible involvement of 5 hydroxy tryptamine and cyclic amp in tolerance to tremorine analgesia in mice

Gopinathan K.P., 1980: Possible involvement of a calcium stimulated atp hydrolyzing activity associated with mycobacterio phage i 3 in the dna injection process

Sanwal B.D., 1984: Possible involvement of a cell surface glyco protein in the differentiation of skeletal myo blasts

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149745

Neumann, P. M., 1971: Possible involvement of a glycero phosphate compound in auxin induced growth

Ui M., 1987: Possible involvement of a gtp binding protein the substrate of islet activating protein in receptor mediated signaling responsible for cell proliferation

Chan T.M., 1986: Possible involvement of a hypothalamic dopaminergic receptor in development of genetic obesity in mice

Colburn N.H., 1986: Possible involvement of a lanthanide sensitive protein kinase c substrate in lanthanide promotion of neoplastic transformation

Bohlool B.B., 1983: Possible involvement of a mega plasmid in nodulation of soybeans by fast growing rhizobia rhizobium japonicum from china

Ogawara H., 1980: Possible involvement of a plasmid in arginine auxotrophic mutation of streptomyces kasugaensis

Gopalakrishnakone P., 1987: Possible involvement of a presynaptic mechanism in the neuromuscular blocking action of the venom of a local sea snake laticauda semifasciata

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149753

Van Le A., 1984: Possible involvement of a sialylated component of the sperm plasma membrane in sperm zona interaction in the mouse

Iwashima A., 1987: Possible involvement of a sodium hydrogen antiporter in the stimulation of hexose transport in swiss 3t3 cells by a phorbol ester and growth factors

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149756

Bartsch H., 1984: Possible involvement of a vicinal non bay region dihyrodiolepoxide in the activation of dibenzo a e fluoranthene into bacterial mutagens

Okuyama H., 1987: Possible involvement of acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase as well as fatty acid synthetase in the temperature controlled synthesis of fatty acids in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Oplatka A., 1984: Possible involvement of actin and myosin in calcium transport through the plasma membrane of chromaffin cells

Okuyama H., 1979: Possible involvement of acyl transferase systems in the formation of pulmonary surfactant lipid in rat

Sakakibara Y., 1981: Possible involvement of adenine nucleotides in sympathetic neuro effector mechanisms of dog basilar artery

Contreras E., 1985: Possible involvement of adenine nucleotides in the neurotransmission of the mouse urinary bladder

Kandlikar R.P., 1986: Possible involvement of adrenergic nervous system in anticonvulsant effect of lithium carbonate in albino rats

Anania M.C., 1984: Possible involvement of amine oxidase inhibition in the sympathetic activation induced by khat catha edulis chewing in humans

Yamashita T., 1985: Possible involvement of aminopeptidase an ecto enzyme in the inactivation of bradykinin by intact neutrophils

Midland S.L., 1982: Possible involvement of an anti fungal diene in the latency of colletotrichum gloeosporioides on unripe avocado fruits persea americana var drymifolia

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149768

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149769

Yamashita T., 1986: Possible involvement of angiotensin i converting enzyme in the inactivation of bradykinin by intact macrophages

Knox Davies P.S., 1986: Possible involvement of apoplast sugar in endopectin trans eliminase synthesis and onion allium cepa bulb rot caused by fusarium oxysporum f sp cepae

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149772

Lohmann, W.; Greulich, W.; Doll, G., 1979: Possible involvement of ascorbic acid and copper proteins in leukemia 2. esr and atomic absorption investigations on erythrocyte ghosts and plasma

Lohmann, W.; Lange, R., 1979: Possible involvement of ascorbic acid and copper proteins in leukemia 3. esr investigations on the interaction between ascorbic acid and some transition metal ions

Lohmann, W.; Schreiber, J.; Greulich, W., 1979: Possible involvement of ascorbic acid and copper proteins in leukemia 4. esr investigations on the interaction between ascorbic acid and some copper proteins

Fein J.E., 1979: Possible involvement of bacterial autolytic enzymes in flagellar morphogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149777

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149778

Nishizuka Y., 1980: Possible involvement of calcium activated phospho lipid dependent protein kinase in platelet activation

Matsuba M., 1984: Possible involvement of calcium ii calmodulin system in cyclic amp action in cholesterol ester hydrolytic response to acth in bovine adreno cortical cells

Eckberg W.R., 1983: Possible involvement of calmodulin in maturation and activation of chaetopterus pergamentaceus eggs

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149783

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149784

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149785

Et Al, 1986: Possible involvement of central atrial natriuretic polypeptide in regulation of hypothalamo pituitary adrenal axis in conscious rats

Poddar M.K., 1988: Possible involvement of central cholinergic serotonergic interaction in natural sleep

Amit, Z.; Levitan, D. E.; Brown, Z. W.; Rogan, F., 1977: Possible involvement of central factors in the mediation of conditioned taste aversion

Geiger, J. G.; Krolak, J. M.; Mills, R. R., 1977: Possible involvement of cockroach hemocytes in the storage and synthesis of cuticle proteins

Takai Y., 1986: Possible involvement of cyclic amp and calcium ion in prostaglandin e 1 induced elevation of c myc messenger rna levels in swiss 3t3 fibroblasts

Tsang, B. K.; Kacew, S.; Singhal, R. L., 1976: Possible involvement of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase in ddt induced changes in hepatic metabolism

Futami, T., 1977: Possible involvement of cyclic amp in inflammation induced by a surfactant

Taniguchi, T.; Fujiwara, M.; Ohsumi, K., 1977: Possible involvement of cyclic amp in the genesis of catecholamine induced tachy cardia in isolated rabbit sino atrial node

Stellwagen R.H., 1983: Possible involvement of cyclic gmp in the control of tyrosine amino transferase degradation in rat hepatocytes

Garcia Sainz J.A., 1984: Possible involvement of cyclooxygenase products in the actions of platelet activating factor and of lipoxygenase products in the vascular effects of epinephrine in perfused rat liver

Eyzaguirre J., 1981: Possible involvement of cysteinyl lysyl and arginyl groups in the active center of pig live phospho mevalonate kinase

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149797

Sakamoto N., 1988: Possible involvement of diacylglycerol activated calcium dependent protein kinase in glucose memory of the rat pancreatic b cell

Shirakawa S., 1988: Possible involvement of direct stimulation of protein kinase c by unsaturated fatty acids in platelet activation

Gaziev A.I., 1980: Possible involvement of dna ligase in the regulation of synthesis and degradation of dna with thermal lesions in permeable cells of bacillus stearothermophilus

Seror Laurent S.J., 1982: Possible involvement of dna linked rna in the initiation of bacillus subtilis chromosome replication

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149802

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149803

Brunelli G., 1986: Possible involvement of eicosanoids in the pharmacological action of bromelain

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149805

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149806

Rapoport S.M., 1985: Possible involvement of endogenous free fatty acids in the selective inactivation of the mitochondrial electron transfer system during hyperthermic incubation of rabbit reticulocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149808

Kryukova I.N., 1981: Possible involvement of endogenous mouse mammary tumor virus in chemical carcinogenesis in murine mammary glands

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149810

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149811

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149812

Section 7, Chapter 6150 , Accession 006149813

Solyakov L.S., 1982: Possible involvement of factors b and d zymogen forms in the alternative pathway activation of human complement system

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149815

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149816

Yoneda, Y.; Takashima, S.; Kuriyama, K., 1976: Possible involvement of gamma amino butyric acid in morphine analgesia

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149818

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149819

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149820

Ishibashi T., 1988: Possible involvement of glutathione s transferases in the cell growth of c6 astroglioma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149822

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149823

Machado A., 1988: Possible involvement of histidine residues in the loss of enzymatic activity of rat liver malic enzyme during aging

Carson D.A., 1985: Possible involvement of human d minigenes in the 1st complementarity determining region of kappa light chains

Pajunen A.E.I., 1983: Possible involvement of humoral regulation in the effects of elevated cerebral 4 amino butyric acid levels on the poly amine metabolism in brain

Baldo B.A., 1981: Possible involvement of immuno globulin e anti salicyloyl antibodies in patients with urticaria

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149828

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149829

Segawa T., 1985: Possible involvement of inhibitory gtp binding regulatory protein in alpha 2 adrenoceptor mediated inhibition of adenylate cyclase activity in cerebral cortical membranes of rats

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149831

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149832

Morisawa S., 1981: Possible involvement of kupffer cell mediated hepato cyto toxicity in the pathogenesis of liver injuries

Kampschmidt, R. F.; Upchurch, H. F., 1977: Possible involvement of leukocytic endogenous mediator in granulopoiesis

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149835

Tani T., 1986: Possible involvement of lipoxygenase in the mechanism of resistance of oats avena sativa to puccinia coronata avenae

Natori S., 1987: Possible involvement of lumichrome in the binding of storage protein to its receptor in sarcophaga peregrina

Taniguchi M., 1987: Possible involvement of ly 1 b cells in the effector phase of igg suppression mediated by suppressor t cell factor

Morisawa S., 1981: Possible involvement of macrophage mediated hepatocyto toxicity in chronic active hepatitis induction of liver cell injury by culture supernatant of macrophage activating factor activated macrophages

Lindner H.R., 1981: Possible involvement of macrophages in embryo maternal relationships during ovum implantation in the rat

Ito T., 1983: Possible involvement of membrane damage in the inactivation by broad band near uv radiation in saccharomyces cerevisiae cells

Setyono B., 1982: Possible involvement of messenger rna associated proteins in protein synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149843

Lotzova, E.; Savary, C. A., 1977: Possible involvement of natural killer cells in bone marrow graft rejection

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149845

Puppo, A.; Dimitrijevic, L.; Rigaud, J., 1982: Possible involvement of nodule super oxide dis mutase ec and catalase ec in leg hemo globin protection

Aihara H., 1985: Possible involvement of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs in vagal mediated gastric acid secretion in rats

Cicero T.J., 1984: Possible involvement of opiate receptors in the pharmacological profiles of antidepressant compounds

Pan X., 1985: Possible involvement of opioid peptides of caudate nucleus in acupuncture analgesia

Brodskii V.Ya, 1984: Possible involvement of ornithine decarboxylase in the control of the circahoralian rhythm of protein synthesis

Racagni G., 1987: Possible involvement of ovarian mechanisms other than estrogen progesterone secretion in the regulation of glutamic acid decarboxylase activity of the rat fallopian tubes

Arglebe C., 1981: Possible involvement of parotid beta adrenergic receptors in the etiology of sial adenosis

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149853

Potokar D.S., 1980: Possible involvement of phospho lipase a 2 in a 23187 induced histamine release from purified rat mast cells

Yamamoto, T.; Tanada, Y., 1977: Possible involvement of phospho lipids in the infectivity of baculoviruses

Terao T., 1986: Possible involvement of phosphorylation of a 36000 dalton protein of rat basophilic leukemia rbl 2h 3 cell membranes in serotonin release

Nishino, T.; Murao, S., 1981: Possible involvement of plasmid in nucleotide pyro phospho kinase ec production and the relationship between this productivity and cellular accumulation of guanosine tetra phosphate in streptomycetes

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149858

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149859

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149860

Yamamoto K., 1986: Possible involvement of prostaglandin endoperoxides in cartilage synovial interactions

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149862

Furukawa T., 1986: Possible involvement of prostaglandins in cataleptic behavior in rats

Ishida Y., 1979: Possible involvement of prostaglandins in the action of atp on guinea pig uterus

Takai Y., 1986: Possible involvement of protein kinase c and calcium ion in growth factor induced expression of c myc oncogene in swiss 3t3 fibroblasts

Fujita T., 1986: Possible involvement of protein kinase c in interleukin 1 production by mouse peritoneal macrophages

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149867

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149868

Iwashima A., 1986: Possible involvement of protein kinase c in the stimulation of amino acid transport by phorbol ester platelet derived growth factor and a 23187 in swiss 3t3 cells

Hertting G., 1987: Possible involvement of protein kinase c pkc in the regulation of electrically evoked serotonin 5 ht release from rabbit hippocampal slices

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149871

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149872

Lau L.C.L., 1988: Possible involvement of receptors in the entry of kunjin virus into vero cells

Hessinger D.A., 1979: Possible involvement of red cell membrane proteins in the hemolytic action of portuguese man of war physalia physalis toxin

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149875

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149876

Kizer J.S., 1984: Possible involvement of serotonergic neurotransmission in neurotensin but not morphine analgesia

Phillips A.G., 1979: Possible involvement of serotonin in extinction

Reiffenstein R.J., 1986: Possible involvement of serotonin receptors in the facilitatory effect of a hallucinogenic phenethylamine on single facial motoneurons

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149880

Matsuo H., 1988: Possible involvement of sodium pump in the relaxation of rat aorta induced by alpha human atrial natriuretic polypeptide

Takayanagi I., 1985: Possible involvement of substance p immunoreactive nerves in the mediation of nicotine induced contractile responses in isolated guinea pig bronchus

Wali F.A., 1985: Possible involvement of substance p in the contraction produced by periarterial nerve stimulation in the rat ileum

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149884

Kojima M., 1986: Possible involvement of surface substances on germinated spores of ceratocystis fimbriata black rot fungus in determination of host parasite specificity

Van Es L.A., 1985: Possible involvement of terminal complement complex in active heymann nephritis

Terada H., 1987: Possible involvement of the 29 kda protein in proton atpase in the action of cationic uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation effect of the o phenanthroline copper ii complex as a cationic uncoupler

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149888

Chu, Y. C.; Burke, G. T.; Chanley, J. D.; Katsoyannis, P. G., 1987: Possible involvement of the a 20 a 21 peptide bond in the expression of the biological activity of insulin 2. 21 asparagine diethylamide a insulin

Chu, Y. C.; Wang, R. Y.; Burke, G. T.; Chanley, J. D.; Katsoyannis, P. G., 1987: Possible involvement of the a 20 a 21 peptide bond in the expression of the biological activity of insulin 3. 21 desasparagine 20 cysteine ethylamide a insulin and 21 desasparagine 20 cysteine 2 2 2 trifluoroethylamide a insulin

Satoh S., 1979: Possible involvement of the alternative respiration system in the ethylene stimulated germination of cocklebur seeds

Besson J.M., 1982: Possible involvement of the amygdaloid complex in morphine analgesia as studied by electrolytic lesions in rats

Kubota K., 1987: Possible involvement of the cck receptor in the benzodiazepine antagonism to cck in the mouse brain

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149894

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149895

Rubin A.L., 1979: Possible involvement of the central nervous system in graft rejection

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149897

Jeanrenaud B., 1981: Possible involvement of the cholinergic system in hormonal secretion by the perfused pancreas from ventromedial hypothalamic lesioned rats

Nowell P.C., 1988: Possible involvement of the chromosome region 10q24 q26 in early stages of melanocytic neoplasia

Badawy, A. A. B., 1981: Possible involvement of the enhanced tryptophan pyrrolase ec activity in the cortico sterone induced and starvation induced increases in concentrations of nadp in rat liver

Poddar M.K., 1988: Possible involvement of the gabaergic system in dopaminergic cholinergic interactions in electroacupuncture induced analgesia

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149902

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Jouvet M., 1986: Possible involvement of the s adenosyl l homocysteine metabolites adenosine and l homocysteine in sleep in rats

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Shaw S., 1983: Possible involvement of the t 4 molecule in t cell recognition of class ii hla antigens evidence from studies of proliferative responses to sb antigens

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Ikawa Y., 1988: Possible involvement of two signaling pathways in induction of neuron associated properties by v ha ras gene in pc12 cells

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Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149916

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Makarec K., 1987: Possible learned detection of exogenous brain frequency electromagnetic fields a case study

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Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149924

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Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149969

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149970

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149971

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149972

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149973

Section 7, Chapter 6150, Accession 006149974

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Markin V.S., 1983: Possible mechanism of membrane fusion

Yamaguchi K., 1979: Possible mechanism of morphine induced straub tail reaction

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