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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6152

Chapter 6152 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dencso, I., 1985: Possible ways of in vitro morphogenesis in tissue cultures of some pinus species i. bud cultures

Densco, I., 1985: Possible ways of in vitro morphogenesis in tissue cultures of some pinus species ii. organogenesis in embryo cultures

Paetzold H.; Zehrt G., 1979: Possible ways of intensifying forage and animal production in west africa

Kostyuk V.A., 1986: Possible ways of lipid peroxide reduction in rat liver and their subcellular localization

Zuev V.A.; Pavlenko R.G.; Mirchink E.P.; Kharitonova A.M.; Belyaev D.L.; Denisov L.A., 1981: Possible ways of modeling latent influenza infection in mice

Sellers, R. F.; Pedgley, D. E.; Tucker, M. R., 1978: Possible wind borne spread of bluetongue to portugal june july 1956

Sellers R.F., 1987: Possible windborne spread of myxomatosis to england uk in 1953

Sellers R.F.; Pedgley D.E., 1985: Possible windborne spread to western turkey of bluetongue virus in 1977 and of akabane virus in 1979

Toriello H.V.; Warren S.T.; Lindstrom J.A., 1980: Possible x linked anencephaly and spina bifida report of a kindred

Hiroshige T.; Honma K I.; Watanabe K., 1982: Possible zeitgebers for external entrainment of the circadian rhythm of plasma cortico sterone in blind infantile rats

Oakley, J. R.; Mcweeny, P. M.; Hayes-Allen, M.; Emery, J. L., 1976: Possibly avoidable deaths in hospital in the age group 1 week to 2 years

Watanabe T.; Miyasaka E., 1979: Possibly electrotonically mediated synaptic transmission time intensity trades in neurons in the superior olivary complex of cat

Faldt R.; Ankerst J., 1980: Possibly specific immune complexes in sera of patients with untreated acute myelogenous leukemia

Bucko, A.; Ginter, E., 1977: Possibly to influence formation of gall stones by diet

Asakawa H.; Mori W., 1983: Possibly unique subunits of human ferritins responsible for tissue specificity

Barnett, J. L.; How, R. A.; Humphreys, W. F., 1977: Possum damage to pine plantations in northeastern new south wales australia

Tabacik C.; Aliau S.; Serrou B.; Crastes De Paulet A., 1981: Post 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis in normal human lymphocytes lanosten 3 beta ol 32 al a natural inhibitor

Hakim-Elahi, E., 1976: Post abortal amenorrhea due to cervical stenosis

Lahteenmaki P.; Tiovonen J.; Lahteenmaki P.L.A., 1983: Post abortal contraception with norethisterone enanthate injections

Ross, J. A.; Kwon, H. Y., 1978: Post abortal immediate intra uterine device insertion further experience and a controlled comparison of 3 devices

Hernandez, I. M.; Perry, G.; Katz, A. R.; Held, B., 1977: Post abortal laparoscopic tubal sterilization results in comparison to interval procedures

Abrams M.; Dibiase V.; Sturgis S., 1979: Post abortion attitudes and patterns of birth control

Lim L.S.; Mccarthy T.G.; Yong Y.M.; Ratnam S.S., 1985: Post abortion insertion of mlcu 250 and mlcu 375 a comparative trial

Alessandrescu D.; Banceanu G.; Stefan V.; Mateescu R.; Mihai M., 1982: Post abortum acute diffuse peritonitis clinical etio pathogenic and surgical features

Van Lith D.A.F.; Du Plessis Alblas M.; Querido L.; Van Schie K.J.; Beejhuizen W., 1981: Post abortum insertion of load intra uterine device

Cramer, D. A.; Miller, L. G., 1976: Post absorptive distribution of carbon 14 labeled fatty acids in sheep

Cerklewski F.L., 1984: Post absorptive effect of increased dietary zinc on toxicity and removal of tissue lead in rats

King B.M.; Phelps G.R.; Frohman L.A., 1981: Post absorptive hyper insulinemia in rats with subdiaphragmatic vagotomy

Niell H.B.; Neely C.L.; Palmieri G.M., 1981: Post absorptive urinary hydroxy proline spot hypro in patients with multiple myeloma

Niell H.B.; Palmieri G.M.; Neely C.L.Jr; Mcdonald M.W., 1981: Post absorptive urinary hydroxy proline test in patients with metastatic bone disease from breast cancer

Whinnery J.E., 1982: Post acceleration chaotic atrial rhythm

Johnston A.N.; Kelly M.G., 1988: Post accident incident counseling some exploratory findings

Jordanov I.; Dilova S.; Petkova R.; Zejnalov Yu, 1979: Post action of high temperature on photosynthetic apparatus formation in etiolated bean phaseolus vulgaris leaves

Zamoskovsii E.M.; Darinskii Yu A.; Merkulova O.S., 1982: Post activation changes in the moto neuron ultrastructure

Dzhavrishvili, T. D., 1977: Post activation changes of evoked potentials in kittens

Vasilenko, D. A.; Kostyukov, A. I., 1976: Post activation inhibitory processes in inter neurons transmitting activity of lateral descending systems

Dagan D.; Pratt H.; Margolin Y., 1983: Post activity effects in mechano receptor afferents of the cockroach periplaneta americana

Summers F., 1981: Post acute functioning of the schizophrenic

Stubbs D.F., 1986: Post acute myocardial infarction symptomatic pericarditis report on a large series and the effect of methylprednisolone therapy

Guzman J.M.; Rocchi A.; Giudice C., 1981: Post adeno myectomy incontinence its management by urethral telescopy

Gardiner S.M.; Bennett T., 1983: Post adrenalectomy hypotension in rats absence of baro reflex resetting or effect of naloxone

Gorski, J.; Puch, U.; Kiczka, K., 1976: Post adrenaline glycogen recovery in the rat skeletal muscle

Rawlings C.A.; Losonsky J.M.; Schaub R.G.; Greene C.E.; Keith J.C.; Mccall J.W., 1983: Post adulticide changes in dirofilaria immitis infected beagles

Predy P.A.; Kokkinidis L., 1981: Post amphetamine depression of self stimulation behavior in rats prophylactic effects of lithium

Kokkinidis L.; Zacharko R.M.; Predy P.A., 1980: Post amphetamine depression of self stimulation responding from the substantia nigra reversal by tri cyclic anti depressants

Bonarelli S.; Vecchi E.; Lelli A., 1986: Post anesthetic neuropathy an inevitable complication of the axillary brachial plexus block

Serra G.C.; Albani G.; Bellorini M.; Chiappa A.; Cozzi D.; Cuffari S.; Mezzetti M.G., 1982: Post anesthetic recovery test

Ekerot, L., 1977: Post anesthetic ulnar neuropathy at the elbow

Rollinson R.D.; Gilligan B.S., 1979: Post anoxic action myo clonus lance adams syndrome responding to valproate

Beretta E.; Regli F.; De Crousaz G.; Steck A.J., 1981: Post anoxic myo clonus treatment of a case with 5 hydroxy tryptophan and a decarboxylase inhibitor

Capasso J.M.; Lemma T.M.; Zimmerman J.A., 1981: Post anoxic recovery of myo cardial performance in senescent mice

Griffin A.R.; Hand F.C., 1979: Post anthesis development of flowers of eucalyptus regnans and the timing of artificial pollination

Pate J.S.; Peoples M.B.; Atkins C.A., 1983: Post anthesis economy of carbon in a cultivar of cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar vita 3

Fischer, R. A.; Aguilar, I.; Laing, D. R., 1977: Post anthesis sink size in a high yielding dwarf wheat yield response to grain number

Fuursted K., 1987: Post antibiotic effect and killing activity of ciprofloxacin against staphylococcus aureus

Siverhus D.J.; Edmiston C.E.Jr; Clausz J.C.; Goheen M.P., 1988: Post antibiotic effect in bacteroides fragilis group

Reina S.; Cavallero A.; Debbia E., 1988: Post antibiotic effect induced by ofloxacin in both gram positive and gram negative bacteria

Fuursted K., 1987: Post antibiotic effect of ciprofloxacin on pseudomonas aeruginosa

Flores Huson R., 1981: Post appendectomy mechanical ileus etiology

Taylor, A. W., 1978: Post application volatilization of pesticides under field conditions

Fernandez M.J.; Davies W.T.; Tyler A.; Owen G.M., 1984: Post arterial reconstruction edema are lymphatic channels to blame?

Babcock D.S.; Ball W.Jr, 1983: Post asphyxial encephalopathy in full term infants ultrasound diagnosis

Boney A.D., 1980: Post attachment responses of mono spores of some endophytic audouinella spp nemaliales florideophyceae

Frye, R. H.; Schmid, J. M.; Lister, C. K.; Buffam, P. E., 1977: Post attack injection of silvisar 510 cacodylic acid in spruce beetle coleoptera scolytidae infested trees

Simha M.; Doctor V.; Dalal S.; Manghani D.K.; Dastur D.K., 1982: Post auricular fetal rhabdo myoma light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Denny, M. R., 1976: Post aversive relief and relaxation and their implications for behavior therapy

Chan, C. K.; Balish, E., 1978: Post bacterial sepsis and disseminated candidiasis

Calandra D.; Susevich M.; Pires Torres C.A., 1985: Post biopsy bleeding in the female lower genital tract its control by means of a new drug cu f 1006 with local action and its stimulating effect on cicatrization

Moreau J F.; Merland J J.; Descamps J M., 1982: Post biopsy false arterial aneurysm of a transplanted kidney treatment by bucrylate trans catheter embolization

Sissom W.D.; Francke O.F., 1983: Post birth development of vaejovis bilineatus scorpiones vaejovidae

Pruett J.H.; Thomas D.B., 1986: Post blood meal analysis of stomoxys calcitrans hemolymph for the presence of bovine immunoglobulin g

Ikegami A.; Okamoto M.; Takahashi H O., 1981: Post blood transfusion liver dys function of patients with head and neck cancer and its prevention

Blanpied G.D., 1980: Post bloom and pre harvest day length effects on the ripening of apples malus domestica cultivar starkrimson delicious

Wolak, R. J.; Couvillon, G. A., 1977: Post bloom applications of thio urea and potassium nitrate fails to alleviate prolonged dormancy in peach trees

Fagan H.J., 1979: Post bloom fruit drop a new disease of citrus associated with a form of colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Yuen E.; Brown R.D.; Gibson J.; Joshua D.E.; Rickard K.A.; Kronenberg H., 1988: Post bone marrow transplant sera and persisting mast cell colonies

Winn K.; Averdieck F R., 1984: Post boreal development of the western baltic comparison of 2 local sediment basins

Gilmer, D. S.; Kirby, R. E.; Ball, I. J.; Riechmann, J. H., 1977: Post breeding activities of mallards and wood ducks in north central minnesota

Knapp A.K., 1984: Post burn differences in solar radiation leaf temperature and water stress influencing production in a lowland tall grass prairie

Hansbrough, J.; Peterson, V.; Zapata-Sirvent, R.; Claman, H. N., 1984: Post burn immuno suppression in an animal model 2. restoration of cell mediated immunity by immuno modulating drugs

Hansbrough J.F.; Peterson V.; Kortz E.; Piacentine J., 1983: Post burn immuno suppression in an animal model monocyte dys function induced by burned tissue

Owens T.E., 1982: Post burn re growth of shrubs related to canopy mortality

Iregbulem L.M., 1987: Post burn squamous cell cancers in nigerians

Butler B.D.; Kurusz M.; Conti V.R., 1986: Post bypass plasma surface tension and its role in bubble filtration

Gursel A.O.; Oosterveld W.J., 1983: Post caloric secondary phase nystagmus

Pleasants A.B.; Barton R.A., 1979: Post calving nutrition of single suckled angus beef cows

Rose D.J.Jr; Jorgenson J.W., 1988: Post capillary fluorescence detection in capillary zone electrophoresis using o phthalaldehyde

O'brasky J.E.; Mauro T.; Crandall E.D., 1979: Post capillary ph dis equilibrium after gas exchange in isolated perfused liver

Syrjanen, K. J., 1978: Post capillary venules of the lymphatic tissues in mice with special reference to the depletion of thymus derived lymphocyte population

De Scheerder I.; Vandekerckhove J.; Robbrecht J.; Algoed L.; De Buyzere M.; De Langhe J.; De Schrijver G.; Clement D., 1985: Post cardiac injury syndrome and an increased humoral immune response against the major contractile proteins actin and myosin

Dubin W.R.; Field H.L.; Gastfriend D.R., 1979: Post cardiotomy delirium a critical review

Manning, A.; Thompson, M. L., 1976: Post castration retention of sexual behavior in the male bdf 1 mouse the role of experience

Kalman K., 1985: Post caustic esophageal stricture and consecutive morbid states bacilliferous pulmonary tuberculosis exotracheal fistula secondary amenorrhea case presentation

Hulskamp P.; Mohaidle A.I.; Canero A., 1980: Post cesarean ileus

Perretti, F., 1986: Post cesarean ogilvie's syndrome a case report

Fanning J.; Cross C.B., 1988: Post cesarean section cecal volvulus

Di Zerega G.S.; Yonedrua M.L.; Ledger W.J., 1982: Post cesarean section endo myometritis significance of trans cervical endometrial cultures in bacteremic patients

Anteby S.O.; Birkenfeld A.; Weinstein D., 1984: Post cesarean section urinary tract infections risk factors and prophylactic antibiotic treatment

Kalis E.G.; Kokotas N.S., 1980: Post cesarean vesico uterine fistula

Hande K.R.; Hixson C.V.; Chabner B.A., 1981: Post chemo therapy purine excretion in lymphoma patients receiving allopurinol

Barr L.C.; Glees J.P.; Mcelwain T.J.; Peckham M.J.; Gazet J C., 1982: Post chemo therapy staging laparotomy in hodgkins disease

Johnson G.G.; Ware S., 1982: Post chestnut castanea dentata forests in the central blue ridge of virginia usa

Tulassay Z.; Papp J.; Kollin E.; Koller O., 1981: Post chole cystectomy syndrome endoscopic and radiological aspects

Pesic R.; Dugalic D.; Knezevic J., 1979: Post cholecystectomic syndrome due to a long stump of the cystic duct

Mueller P.R.; Ferrucci J.T.Jr; Simeone J.F.; Wittenberg J.; Vansonnenberg E.; Polansky A.; Isler R.J., 1981: Post cholecystectomy bile duct dilatation myth or reality

Soreide O.; Kelley C.J.; Czerniak A.; Blumgart L.H., 1986: Post cholecystectomy bile duct injury principles of diagnosis and management

Hutcheon D.F.; Bayless T.M.; Gadacz T.R., 1979: Post cholecystectomy diarrhea

Zhmudikov F.M.; Matuzov L.Z.; Yakimchuk N.V., 1982: Post cholecystectomy syndrome diagnosis treatment

Wiechel K L., 1987: Post cholecystectomy syndrome overlooked hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases

Mall J.C.; Kaiser J.C., 1984: Post chymopapain chemonucleolysis clinical and computed tomography correlation preliminary results

Bissada, N. K.; Morcos, R. R.; El-Senoussi, M., 1986: Post circumcision carcinoma of the penis i. clinical aspects

Bissada, N. K., 1988: Post circumcision carcinoma of the penis ii. surgical management

Ioffe A.Z.; Nekachalov V.V.; Bystrova Z.K., 1981: Post climacteric spondylopathy

Mishra A.; Dogra J.V.V.; Singh J.N.; Jha O.P., 1979: Post coital anti fertility activity of annona squamosa and ipomoea fistulosa

Mclean-Morris, J., 1970: Post coital anti fertility agents and their teratogenic effect

Kanjanapothi D.; Smitasiri Y.; Panthong A.; Taesotikul T.; Rattanapanone V., 1981: Post coital anti fertility effect of mentha arvensis

Piyachaturawat P.; Glinsukon T.; Peugvicha P., 1982: Post coital anti fertility effect of piperine

Al Said M.S.; Al Khamis K.I.; Islam M.W.; Parmar N.S.; Tariq M.; Ageel A.M., 1987: Post coital antifertility activity of the seeds of coriandrum sativum in rats

Marsafy Y.M.; Hafez E.S.E., 1979: Post coital changes in isthmic contractility during oviductal sperm transport in the rabbit

Luerti M.; Tonta A.; Ferla P.; Molla R.; Santini F., 1986: Post coital contraception by estrogen progestagen combination or intrauterine device insertion

Garcia, C. R.; Huggins, G. R.; Rosenfeld, D. L.; Rickels, K., 1977: Post coital contraception medical and social factors of the morning after pill

Smith, R. P.; Ross, A., 1978: Post coital contraception using racemic norgestrel ethynyl estradiol combination

Schindler A.E.; Ladanyi S.; Goeser R.; Keller E., 1980: Post coital contraception with an injectable estrogen preparation org 369 2

Mueller, R. E.; Wotiz, H. H., 1977: Post coital contraceptive activity and estrogen receptor binding affinity of phenolic steroids

Corbin, A.; Beattie, C. W.; Rees, R.; Yardley, J.; Foell, T. J.; Chai, S. Y.; Mcgregor, H.; Garsky, V.; Sarantakis, D.; Et-Al, 1977: Post coital contraceptive effects of agonist analogs of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone

Black T.R.L.; Goldstuck N.D.; Spence A., 1980: Post coital intra uterine device insertion a further evaluation

Apesos J.; Srivastava J.K.; Williams C.; Patton R.J., 1980: Post coital pneumo peritoneum

Hacker N.F.; Charles E.H.; Savage E.W., 1980: Post coital post hysterectomy vaginal vault disruption with hemorrhagic shock

Aref I.; Reda M.; Kandil O.; El Tagi A., 1984: Post coital recovery of sperm in douglas pouch aspirates of infertile patients

Ragni G.; Ruspa M.; Barattini G.; Marzioli S.; Borromeo D., 1983: Post coital test in subfertile men

Moghissi, K. S., 1976: Post coital test physiologic basis technique and interpretation

Friberg J., 1981: Post coital testing in relation to circulating sperm agglutinating antibodies in women

Skaf R.A.; Kemmann E., 1982: Post coital testing in women during menotropin therapy

Friberg J., 1981: Post coital tests and sperm agglutinating antibodies in men

Zatuchni B.; Hahn D.W.; Zaneveld L.J.D., 1981: Post coital vaginal spermicidal potency of formulations macaca arctoides stump tailed macaque as animal model

Miller C.B.; Huntley M.E.; Brooks E.R., 1984: Post collection molting rates of planktonic marine copepods measurement applications problems

Stary P.; Lyon J.P.; Leclant F., 1988: Post colonization host range of lysiphlebus testaceipes in the mediterranean area hymenoptera aphidiidae

Voyksner R.D.; Bursey J.T.; Pellizzari E.D., 1984: Post column addition of buffer for thermo spray liquid chromatography mass spectrometry identification of pesticides/

Hiraga Y.; Kinoshita T., 1981: Post column derivatization by guanidino compounds in high performance liquid chromatography using ninhydrin

Honda S.; Takahashi M.; Araki Y.; Kakehi K., 1983: Post column derivatization of catecholamines with 2 cyano acetamide for fluorometric monitoring in high performance liquid chromatography

Borys H.K.; Karler R., 1981: Post column derivatization procedure for the colorimetric analysis of tissue cannabinoids separated by high performance liquid chromatography

Schlabach T.D., 1984: Post column detection of serum proteins with the biuret and lowry reactions

Priebe S.R.; Howell J.A., 1985: Post column reaction detection system for the determination of organophosphorus compounds by liquid chromatography

Marsh K.C.; Sternson L.A.; Repta A.J., 1984: Post column reaction detector for platinum ii anti neoplastic agents

Moser, M., 1977: Post commotional syndrome in electro nystagmogram of the swing test

Scher J.; Jeng D Y.; Kerenyi T.D., 1980: Post conceptional induction of menses with a single vaginal suppository of 15s 15 methyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha methyl ester

Mckinlay W.W.; Brooks D.N.; Bond M.R., 1983: Post concussional symptoms financial compensation and outcome of severe blunt head injury

Fischer R.P.; Carlson J.; Perry J.F., 1981: Post concussive hospital observation of alert patients in a primary trauma center

Golonka, J. E.; Richardson, J. A., 1970: Post concussive hyper osmolality and deficient thirst

Klein, S. B.; Mikulka, P. J.; Rochelle, F. P.; Blair, V., 1978: Post conditioning conditioned stimulus alone exposure as a source of interference in a taste aversion paradigm

Adams C.D., 1980: Post conditioning devaluation of an instrumental reinforcer has no effect on extinction performance

Farris, H. E.; Breuning, S. E., 1977: Post conditioning habituation and classically conditioned head withdrawal in the red eared turtle chrysemys scripta elegans

Soltysik, S. S., 1975: Post consummatory arousal of drive as a mechanism of incentive motivation

Suzuki, S.; Hutton, R. S., 1976: Post contractile moto neuronal discharge produced by muscle afferent activation

Yamada K.; Tanokura M., 1983: Post contractile phospho creatine splitting in muscle as revealed by time resolved phosphorus 31 nmr

Hutton R.S.; Suzuki S., 1979: Post contraction discharge of motor neurons in spinal animals

Hutton R.S.; Kaiya K.; Suzuki S.; Watanabe S., 1987: Post contraction errors in human force production are reduced by muscle stretch

Inoue Y.; Saiwai S.; Miyamoto T.; Ban S.; Yamamoto T.; Takemoto K.; Taniguchi S.; Sato S.; Namba K.; Ogata M., 1981: Post contrast computed tomography in subarachnoid hemorrhage from ruptured aneurysms

Auque J.; Marchal J.C.; Hepner H.; Auque F.; Roland J.; Picard L.; Lepoire J., 1981: Post contusional obstructions of the internal carotid 46 cases

Krentz A.J., 1988: Post convulsive lactic acidosis in diabetic patients

Agnetti V.; Monaco F.; Mutani R., 1979: Post convulsive spinal epidural hematoma in ankylosing spondylitis

Alcock J.; Forsyth A., 1988: Post copulatory aggression toward their mates by males of the rove beetle leistotrophus versicolor coleoptera staphylinidae

Alcock J., 1982: Post copulatory mate guarding by males of the damselfly hetaerina vulnerata odonata calopterygidae

Williams R.K.T.; Nagle R.E.; Thompson R.A., 1984: Post coronary pain and the post myo cardial infarction syndrome

Shephard R.J., 1980: Post coronary rehabilitation body composition and recurrent infarction an analysis of data from the ontario canada exercise heart collaborative study

Papilian V.V.; Carpen E.; Olinic A.; Murescan D.; Gocan M.E.; Radu Toader M.; Muresan V., 1981: Post cortisone medullary changes in the irradiated and unirradiated male wistar rat

Wei J.Y.; Rowe J.W.; Kestenbaum A.D.; Ben Haim S., 1983: Post cough heart rate response influence of age sex and basal blood pressure

Dagosto M., 1983: Post cranium of adapis parisiensis and leptadapis magnus adapiformes primates adaptational and phylogenetic significance

Spear P.D.; Hickey T.L., 1979: Post critical period reversal of effects of mon ocular deprivation on dorsal lateral geniculate cell size in the cat

Pirola, A.; Zanetti, C. S., 1973: Post cultivation vegetation in the bologna apennines italy

Telahigue T.; Floret C.; Le Floc'h E., 1987: Post cultural successions in arid zone of tunisia

Devoe L.D.; Sholl J.S., 1983: Post dates pregnancy assessment of fetal risk and obstetric management

Shabunova I.; Vyskocil F., 1982: Post de nervation changes of intra cellular potassium and sodium measured by ion selective micro electrodes in rat soleus and extensor digitorum longus muscle fibers

Feng T P.; Wu W Y.; Lu D X., 1981: Post de nervation hypertrophy in chick slow muscle fibers after complete elimination of stretch and tension

Hague, W. H.; Wilson, L. G.; Dudley, D. L.; Cannon, D. S., 1976: Post de toxification drug treatment of anxiety and depression in alcohol addicts

Vetulani J.; Pilc A., 1982: Post decapitation convulsions in the rat measured with an animex motility meter relation to central alpha adrenoceptors

Sheard P.R.; Ledward D.A.; Mitchell J.R., 1987: Post denaturational exothermic transition in soy isolate

Faas, R. W.; Nittrouer, C. A., 1976: Post depositional facies development in the fine grained sediments of the wilkinson basin gulf of maine usa

Winter A., 1982: Post depositional shape modification in red sea coccoliths

Mador Woodruff J.H.; Haskett R.F.; Grunhaus L.; Akil H.; Watson S.J.; Greden J.F., 1987: Post dexamethasone plasma cortisol and beta endorphin levels in depression relationship to severity of illness

Varma S.L.; Lal N.; Trivedi J.K.; Anand M., 1988: Post dexamethasone plasma cortisol levels in depressive patients receiving electro convulsive therapy

Volney W.J.A.; Liebhold A.M., 1985: Post diapause development of sympatric choristoneura occidentalis and choristoneura retiniana lepidoptera tortricidae and their hybrids

Finni, G. R.; Chandler, L., 1977: Post diapause instar discrimination and life history of the capniid stone fly allocapnia granulata insecta plecoptera

Ghoshal, N. G.; Getty, R., 1970: Post diaphragmatic disposition of the pars sympathica and major autonomic ganglia of the sheep ovis aries

Chalmers, A.; Kaprove, R. E.; Reynolds, W. J.; Urowitz, M. B., 1978: Post diarrheal arthropathy of yersinia pseudotuberculosis

Singh B.; Raphael B., 1981: Post disaster morbidity of the bereaved a possible role for preventive psychiatry

Peduzzi M.; Paciencia Vietta E., 1986: Post discharge monitoring of patients

Smith A.P., 1984: Post dispersal parent offspring conflict in plants antecedent and hypothesis from the andes south america

Boyd R.S.; Brum G.D., 1983: Post dispersal reproductive biology of a mojave desert usa population of larrea tridentata zygophyllaceae

Casper B.B., 1988: Post dispersal seed predation may select for wind dispersal but not seed number per dispersal unit in cryptantha flava

Fairbanks, E. S.; Kilgore, D. L-Jr, 1978: Post dive oxygen consumption of restrained and unrestrained muskrats ondatra zibethica/

Ogibalov P.M.; Martynov L.A.; Tambovtsev E.P.; Meshcheryakov V.N., 1982: Post division contact interactions of blastomeres and state equations for native biological membranes

Lussier Y.; Alain M., 1986: Post divorce attribution and emotional experiences

Breuninger J.M.; Schmidt R.E., 1981: Post dormancy growth of bermuda grass cynodon sp as influenced by low temperatures and selected preemergence herbicides

Zdarek J.; Zavadilova J.; Su J.; Fraenkel G., 1984: Post eclosion behavior of flies after emergence from the puparium

Wittenberger C.; Coprean D., 1981: Post eclosional development of phosphorylase activity in chick pectoral muscle

O'donnell M.P.; Webb M.G.T., 1986: Post ect blood pressure rise and its relationship to cognitive and affective change

Mcclintock M.K.; Toner J.P.; Adler N.T.; Anisko J.J., 1982: Post ejaculatory quiescence in female and male rats consequences for sperm transport during group mating

Mondimore F.M.; Damlouji N.; Folstein M.F.; Tune L., 1983: Post electro convulsive therapy confusional states associated with elevated serum anti cholinergic levels

Halgren, E.; Babb, T. L.; Crandall, P. H., 1977: Post electro encephalogram seizure depression of human limbic neurons is not determined by their response to probable hypoxia

Shapiro, S. H., 1978: Post embedding adjuvants in routine microtomy of paraffin processed tissues

Abrahamson D.R., 1986: Post embedding colloidal gold immunolocalization of laminin to the lamina rara interna lamina densa and lamina rara externa and renal glomerular basement membranes

Myers C.R.; Bergtrom G.; Crook S.M.; Boyer D.R.; Collins M.L.P., 1986: Post embedding direct immunogold detection of a protein antigen in insect tissue

Hermanns W.; Liebig K.; Schulz L C., 1981: Post embedding immuno histochemical demonstration of antigen in experimental poly arthritis using plastic embedded whole joints

Craig S.; Goodchild D.J., 1982: Post embedding immuno labeling some effects of tissue preparation on the antigenicity of plant proteins

Dearmond S.J.; Siegel M.W.; Dixon R.G.; Eng L.F., 1981: Post embedding immuno per oxidase staining of glial fibrillary acidic protein for light microscopy and electron microscopy

Ellinger A.; Pavelka M., 1985: Post embedding localization of glycoconjugates by means of lectins on thin sections of tissues embedded in lr white

Suzuki S.; Tsuyama S.; Suganuma T.; Yamamoto N.; Murata F., 1981: Post embedding staining of brunners gland with lectin ferritin conjugates

Takamiya H.; Batsford S.; Vogt A., 1980: Post embedding staining of protein immuno globulin antigen embedded in plastic prerequisites and limitations

Suzuki S.; Tsuyama S.; Murata F., 1982: Post embedding staining of rat gastric mucous cells with lectins

Murata F.; Suzuki S.; Tsuyama S., 1982: Post embedding staining of several rat cells with lectin ferritin conjugates

Gryska P.V.; Raker E.J., 1983: Post embolectomy thrombosis treated with intra arterial strepto kinase

Rosenkrantz H.; Bookstein J.J.; Rosen R.J.; Goff W.B.II.; Healy J.F., 1982: Post embolic colonic infarction

Tomilovskaya N.S., 1982: Post embryonal development and intermediate hosts of dilepidids dichoanotaenia gallinagilis and platyscolex ciliata from birds of the chukot national okrug russian sfsr ussr

Stockmann R., 1979: Post embryonal development and molting cycle in a scorpion of the buthidae bathotus minax occidentalis

Heurtault J., 1980: Post embryonal development in 2 new species of olpiinae pseudoscorpions in venezuela

Blancquaert J P.; Mertens J., 1979: Post embryonal development in megalothorax minimus collembola

Nguyen-Duy-Jacquemin, M., 1979: Post embryonal development of callipus foetidissimus myriapoda diplopoda 2. hatching to the 3rd stage

Bondarenko, S. K., 1978: Post embryonal development of cestodes of the genus aploparaksis hymenolepididae with a cysticercoid of the diplocyst type

Demshin N.I., 1984: Post embryonal development of the cestode aploparaksis crassirostris hymenolepididae

Scala G.; Caputo G.; Corona M.; Colella G., 1983: Post embryonal genesis of the bursal follicles in duck

Mashiko, K.; Yamagishi, H., 1976: Post embryonal growth of an eleotrid goby odontobutis obscurus as related to the development of behavior

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