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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6154

Chapter 6154 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tilson H.A., 1982: Post partum exposure to tri ethyl tin produces long term alterations in responsiveness to apo morphine

Mead P.B., 1981: Post partum femoral neuropathy

Bondurant R.H., 1979: Post partum fertility in beef cattle producing twins

Simon N.G., 1980: Post partum fighting in the rat nipple development and the presence of young

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153005

Galloway W.B., 1982: Post partum hemophilia

Stern, J. M.; Mackinnon, D. A., 1976: Post partum hormonal and nonhormonal induction of maternal behavior in rats effects on t maze retrieval of pups

Yen S.S.C., 1984: Post partum hypo gonadotropinism evidence for increased opioid inhibition

Ulmsten U., 1981: Post partum incontinence

Bouters, R.; Vandeplassche, M., 1977: Post partum infection in cattle diagnosis and preventive and curative treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153011

Macmillan K.L., 1983: Post partum interval to estrus in mono zygous twin cows and possible effects of maternal bonding

Phuapradit P., 1981: Post partum intra cranial cortical venous thrombosis complicated by intra cerebral and subdural hemorrhage

Ron M., 1988: Post partum isolated ovarian abscess in an asplenic host

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153015

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153016

Weintraub B.D., 1980: Post partum lymphocytic thyroiditis in american women a spectrum of thyroid dys function

Crowe R., 1979: Post partum mania

Webster M.J., 1979: Post partum mania in bi polar manic depressive patients withdrawn from lithium carbonate

Akindele M.O., 1985: Post partum mental illness in northern nigeria

Sankale, M.; Sow, A. M.; Bao, O.; Toure, Y. I., 1977: Post partum necrosis of the anterior pituitary in senegal

Vicentini C.A., 1984: Post partum obliteration of the umbilical artery in the rabbit

Remmecke J., 1980: Post partum occlusion of the hepatic artery sonographic computed tomographic and angiographic findings

El-Fouly, M. A.; Kotby, E. A.; El-Sobhy, H. E., 1976: Post partum ovarian activity in suckled and milked buffaloes

King G.J., 1981: Post partum ovarian function of dairy cows in a tropical environment

El Sheikh A.S., 1983: Post partum ovulation in a herd of egyptian buffaloes

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153027

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153028

Warshaw J.B., 1983: Post partum perfusion of the preterm brain relationship to neuro developmental outcome

Jakobsen B.H., 1987: Post partum persisting pudendal varicose veins effect of local excision

El Mougy S.A., 1988: Post partum plasma levels of fsh lh and prolactin in friesian cows

Capito R., 1983: Post partum pneumo peri cardium

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153033

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153034

Pae, T., 1976: Post partum psychosis

Lerer B., 1988: Post partum psychosis in adult gm 2 gangliosidosis a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153037

Kuma K., 1980: Post partum recurrence of hyper thyroidism and changes of thyroid stimulating immuno globulins in graves disease

Edqvist L E., 1982: Post partum release of prostaglandin f 2 alpha and uterine involution in the cow

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153040

Ferris, T. F., 1978: Post partum renal insufficiency

Emery R.S., 1980: Post partum reproductive function of dairy cows as influenced by energy and phosphorus status

Sato M., 1980: Post partum reproductive performance and serum progesterone concentration in early weaned beef cows

Ford J.J., 1979: Post partum reproductive performance of finnsheep cross bred ewes

Singer F.R., 1984: Post partum resolution of hypo calcemia in lactating hypo parathyroid patient

Mayon White R.T., 1983: Post partum rubella immunization a controlled trial of 2 vaccines

Stanek, J., 1978: Post partum smear type in pregnancy and its clinical significance

Jafari, K.; Saleh, I., 1977: Post partum spontaneous rupture of ovarian artery aneurysm

Maze J.M., 1981: Post partum sterilization in cesarean section and noncesarean section deliveries usa 1970 1975

Green W.L., 1980: Post partum thyro toxicosis in a patient with graves disease association with low radioactive iodine uptake

Thompson, C.; Farid, N. R., 1985: Post partum thyroiditis and goitrous hashimoto's thyroiditis are associated with hla dr 4

Silsand T., 1988: Post partum thyroiditis in the county of telemark norway in 1985

Imura H., 1979: Post partum transient thyro toxicosis 2 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153054

Dusitsin, N.; Chalapati, S.; Varakamin, S.; Boonsiri, B.; Ningsanon, P.; Gray, R. H., 1980: Post partum tubal ligation by nurse midwives and doctors in thailand

Harris R.E., 1979: Post partum urinary retention role of anti microbial therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153057

Gross T.S., 1981: Post partum uterine motility measurements in dairy cows retaining their fetal membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153059

Hyman, B. N., 1976: Post partum uveitis

Pewtress R.K., 1986: Post parturition and late lactation urine long term effects of exposure on mouse activity and sniffing behavior

Raizada, B. C.; Agrawal, K. P.; Pandey, M. D., 1978: Post parturitional changes in the fallopian tube cervix vagina and vulva of buffalo cows

Pandey M.D., 1979: Post parturitional changes in the ovary and related endocrine glands in buffalo

Agarwal, K. P.; Raizada, B. C.; Pandey, M. D., 1978: Post parturitional changes in the uterus of buffalo cows

Elwood R.W., 1981: Post parturitional reestablishment of pup cannibalism in female gerbils meriones unguiculatus

Rowell J.B., 1980: Post penetration phenomena in wheat triticum aestivum cultivars with low receptivity to infection by puccinia graminis f sp tritici

Midell, A. I.; Deboer, A.; Bermudez, G., 1976: Post perfusion coronary ostial stenosis incidence and significance

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153068

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153069

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153070

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153071

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153072

Patrick W.J.A., 1982: Post peri natal infant mortality in glasgow scotland uk 1979 1981

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153074

Barrow W.W., 1983: Post phagocytic detection of glyco peptido lipids associated with the superficial l 1 layer of mycobacterium intracellulare

Jacobs H.S., 1981: Post pill amenorrhea a causal study

Lopez J.S., 1981: Post placental manual insertion of the load copper 250 intra uterine device

Jones, J. B., 1977: Post planktonic stages of pinnotheres novaezelandiae brachyura pinnotheridae

Heinic G., 1986: Post pleistocene changes in tooth root and jaw relationships

Stoermer, E. F., 1977: Post pleistocene diatom succession in douglas lake michigan usa

Johnson, K., 1975: Post pleistocene environments and montane butterfly relicts on the western great plains

Roeslin N., 1983: Post pneumonectomy empyema does not improve survival in bronchogenic carcinoma

Karkola, P.; Kairaluoma, M. I.; Larmi, T. K. I., 1976: Post pneumonectomy empyema in pulmonary carcinoma patients treatment with antibiotic irrigation and closed chest drainage

Goldstraw P., 1980: Post pneumonectomy empyema the cloud with a silver lining

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153085

Laros C.D., 1980: Post pneumonectomy esophago pleural fistula

Landtwing D., 1984: Post pneumonectomy pulmonary edema

Battesti J.P., 1988: Post pneumonectomy pyothorax with or without broncho pleural fistula diagnosis and treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153089

Shen Y S., 1981: Post polio myelitis paralytic scoliosis a review of curve patterns and results of surgical treatments in 118 consecutive patients

Schiffer D., 1988: Post poliomyelitic motor neuron disease clinical aspects and its relation to typical motor neuron disease

Dubanova E.A., 1985: Post poliomyelitic progressive amyotrophy

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153093

Rouse J.L., 1984: Post pollination callose development in ovules of rhododendron and ledum ericaceae zygote special wall

Simpson E., 1980: Post pollination events in crosses of hexa ploid wheat with tetra ploid hordeum bulbosum

Gandawidjaja, D.; Arditti, J., 1982: Post pollination phenomena in orchid flowers 11. autogamy in phaius tankervilliae orchidaceae

Strauss, M. S.; Arditti, J., 1984: Post pollination phenomena in orchid flowers 12. effects of pollination emasculation and auxin treatment on flowers of cattleya porcia cultivar cannizaro and the rostellum of phalaenopsis

Arditti, J.; Flick, B. H., 1976: Post pollination phenomena in orchid flowers part 6 excised floral segments of cymbidium

Harrison, C. R.; Arditti, J., 1976: Post pollination phenomena in orchid flowers part 7 phosphate movement among floral segments

Nijalingappa, B. H. M., 1977: Post pollination studies in some cyperaceae

Emas S., 1982: Post prandial acid secretion and serum gastrin response before and after exclusion of the proximal small intestine in cats

Hyde, R. J.; Pangborn, R. M., 1978: Post prandial alteration of gustatory parotid reflex

Crepaldi G., 1986: Post prandial behavior of lipoprotein and apoprotein levels in post menopausal and young fertile females

Evans G.O., 1987: Post prandial changes in canine plasma creatinine

Kirwan, W. O.; Smith, A. N., 1976: Post prandial changes in colonic motility related to serum gastrin levels

Itoh Z., 1982: Post prandial changes in contractile activity and bile concentration in gallbladder of the dog

Carr, D. H.; Titchen, D. A., 1978: Post prandial changes in parotid salivary secretion and plasma osmolality and the effects of intra venous infusions of saline solutions

Kamalu, T. N.; Trenkle, A. H., 1978: Post prandial changes in plasma insulin plasma glucose and plasma free fatty acids of milk fed calves

Fairburn A.J., 1981: Post prandial changes in plasma urea and creatinine concentrations in dog

Campbell, C. B.; Mcguffie, C.; Powell, L. W.; Roberts, R. K.; Stewart, A. W., 1978: Post prandial changes in serum concentrations of individual bile salts in normal subjects and patients with acute viral hepatitis

Rundo, J.; Markun, F.; Sha, J. Y., 1978: Post prandial changes in the exhalation rate of radon produced in vivo

Van Gils L.G.M., 1983: Post prandial changes in the levels of lipids glucose urea and nonprotein nitrogen in the serum of veal calves fed milk replacers containing either skim milk powder or soybean protein concentrate

Sladen G.E., 1983: Post prandial changes of osmolality and electrolyte concentration in the upper jejunum of normal man

Reinhardt, H. W.; Kaczmarczyk, G.; Fahrenhorst, K.; Blendinger, I.; Gatzka, M.; Kuhl, U.; Riedel, J., 1975: Post prandial changes of renal blood flow studies on conscious dogs on a high and low sodium intake

Bergner H., 1983: Post prandial changes of the rate of protein synthesis in liver and small intestine of rats

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153119

Dabrowski K., 1982: Post prandial distribution of free amino acids between plasma and erythrocytes of common carp cyprinus carpio

Golob, P.; O'connor, W. J.; Potts, D. J., 1977: Post prandial drinking by dogs

Miller, L. J.; Malagelada, J. R.; Go, V. L. W., 1978: Post prandial duodenal function in man

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153123

Colin R., 1980: Post prandial esophageal ph in healthy subjects and patients with gastro esophageal reflux diagnostic value of a scoring index of acid reflux

Mao S.J.T., 1981: Post prandial exchange of apo lipo protein c iii between plasma lipo proteins

Curd J.G., 1983: Post prandial exercise induced anaphylaxis

Cavell B., 1983: Post prandial gastric acid secretion in infants

Go V.L.W., 1979: Post prandial gastric function in pancreatic insufficiency

Longstreth, G. F.; Go, V. L. W.; Malagelada, J. R., 1977: Post prandial gastric pancreatic and biliary response to histamine h 2 receptor antagonists in active duodenal ulcer

Kaye, M. D., 1977: Post prandial gastro esophageal reflux in healthy people

Cameron D.P., 1987: Post prandial glucose and insulin responses to different types of spaghetti and bread

Goetz F.C., 1983: Post prandial glucose and insulin responses to meals containing different carbohydrates in normal and diabetic subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153133

Go V.L.W., 1981: Post prandial hormonal inhibition of canine inter digestive gastric motility

Permutt, M. A., 1976: Post prandial hypo glycemia

Zinsmeister A.R., 1983: Post prandial inhibition of canine enteric inter digestive myo electric complex

Sensi S., 1983: Post prandial insulin requirement and composition of the diet study on type i diabetics treated with an infusion system

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153139

Dabrowski K., 1982: Post prandial level of free amino acids in fish brain

Van Gils L.G.M., 1984: Post prandial levels of serum glucose and performance of veal calves fed milk replacers containing skim milk powder or soybean protein concentrate

Aurousseau B., 1981: Post prandial lipids in blood plasma of pre ruminant calves

Dabrowski K., 1983: Post prandial metabolic changes in larval and juvenile carp cyprinus carpio

Crepaldi G., 1985: Post prandial metabolism of triglyceride rich lipoproteins in the female after menopause

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153145

Linnet K., 1983: Post prandial plasma concentrations of glycine and taurine conjugated bile acids in healthy subjects

Crapo, P. A.; Reaven, G.; Olefsky, J., 1977: Post prandial plasma glucose and insulin responses to different complex carbohydrates

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153149

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153150

Berschauer F., 1982: Post prandial plasma zinc changes in pigs

Rowe J.W., 1983: Post prandial reduction in blood pressure in the elderly

Hellemans J., 1981: Post prandial release of motilin in relation to the inter digestive motor complex in man

Laatikainen, T., 1978: Post prandial serum bile acids in cholestasis of pregnancy

Angelin, B.; Bjorkhem, I., 1977: Post prandial serum bile acids in healthy man evidence for differences in absorptive pattern between individual bile acids

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153157

Ewerth S., 1982: Post prandial serum concentration of individual bile acids in man influence of ileal resection

Callingham B.A., 1981: Post prandial thermogenesis in obesity

Noack R., 1982: Post prandial thermogenesis of different diets in rats

Figueroa, H. M.; Collins, R. C.; Kozek, W. J., 1977: Post prandial transportation and maintenance of simulium ochraceum infected with onchocerca volvulus

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153162

Ionescu, D. A., 1969: Post primary flash evoked responses in unanesthetized night and day active monkeys galago crassicaudatus saimiri sciureus cat

Akpoti P., 1988: Post processing microflora and the shelf stability of gari marketed in port harcourt nigeria

Sawyer C.A., 1985: Post processing temperature rise in foods conventional hot air and microwave ovens

Yoshimoto, T.; Fischl, M.; Orlowski, R. C.; Walter, R., 1978: Post proline cleaving enzyme ec 3.4.21. and post proline di peptidylamino peptidase ec 3.4.14. comparison of 2 peptidases with high specificity for proline residues

Yoshimoto, T.; Orlowski, R. C.; Walter, R., 1977: Post proline cleaving enzyme ec 3.4.21. identification as serine protease using active site specific inhibitors

Walter, R.; Yoshimoto, T., 1978: Post proline cleaving enzyme ec 3.4.21. kinetic studies of size and stereospecificity of its active site

Yoshimoto, T.; Simmons, W. H.; Kita, T.; Tsuru, D., 1981: Post proline cleaving enzyme ec from lamb brain

Nagatsu T., 1987: Post proline cleaving enzyme in human cerebrospinal fluid from control patients and parkinsonian patients

Yoshimoto, T.; Nishimura, T.; Kita, T.; Tsuru, D., 1983: Post proline cleaving enzyme prolyl endo peptidase ec from bovine brain

Koida, M.; Walter, R., 1976: Post proline cleaving enzyme purification of this endo peptidase by affinity chromatography

Yoshimoto, T.; Ogita, K.; Walter, R.; Koida, M.; Tsuru, D., 1979: Post proline cleaving enzyme synthesis of a new fluorogenic substrate and distribution of the endo peptidase ec 3.4.21. in rat tissues and body fluids of man

Yoshimoto, T.; Walter, R., 1977: Post proline di peptidylamino peptidase ec di peptidylamino peptidase iv from lamb kidney purification and some enzymatic properties

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153175

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153176

Siroky M.B., 1988: Post prostatectomy continence in the parkinsonian patient the significance of poor voluntary sphincter control

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153178

Fourcade R., 1982: Post prostatectomy infection to treat or not to treat?

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153180

Endicott J., 1981: Post psychotic depressive symptoms in hospitalized schizophrenic patients

Vanhems, E.; Bousquet, J., 1975: Post puberal and senescent evolution of rat ovaries made dysgenesic by the pre natal action of misulban

Entwistle K.W., 1982: Post pubertal changes in gonadal and extragonadal sperm reserves in bos indicus strain bulls

Lentz, R. D.; Bergstein, J.; Steffes, M. W.; Brown, D. R.; Prem, K.; Michael, A. F.; Vernier, R. L., 1977: Post pubertal evaluation of gonadal function following cyclo phosphamide therapy before and during puberty

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153185

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153186

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153187

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153188

Wirth J.B., 1982: Post pyloric regulation of gastric emptying in rhesus monkeys

Tyurina, I. P.; Semenova, O. I., 1978: Post radiation amylasemia in humans

Arbit E., 1985: Post radiation brain necrosis

Grolleau Raoux R., 1987: Post radiation coronary diseases presentation of 7 cases and review of the literature

Kurrasch M., 1983: Post radiation dental extractions a review of the literature and a report of 72 episodes

Orekhov, A. N.; Safraz'yan, N. L.; Chirkov-Yu-Yu ; Tertov, V. V.; Sobolev, A. S., 1978: Post radiation disturbances in the cyclic amp system of lymphoid cells of the mouse spleen and thymus

Khanson K.P., 1981: Post radiation dna repair in mammalian cells under the combined effect of hyper thermia and 8 bromo caffeine and actinomycin d

Zhukova R.A., 1979: Post radiation effect of caffeine on streptoverticillium mycoheptinicum producing mycoheptin

Morel S., 1980: Post radiation injury of the ileal small bowel clinical and pathological report of 12 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153198

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153199

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153200

Dowdle, J. A. Jr ; Winter, R. B.; Dehner, L. P., 1977: Post radiation osteo sarcoma of the cervical spine in childhood a case report

Kabakova, N. M.; Petin, V. G., 1976: Post radiation recovery and the ploidy factor

Gruzdev G.P., 1981: Post radiation recovery of human bone marrow and morphodynamics of the pool of undifferentiated cells

Ivins J.C., 1981: Post radiation sarcoma of bone review of 78 mayo clinic rochester minnesota usa cases

Tiflova O.A., 1982: Post radiation stimulation of lipid synthesis in anacystis nidulans cells

Silberman E.L., 1981: Post radiation treated hem angioma of the liver seen on a computed tomogram scan

Zaitsev A.V., 1981: Post radiation uro genital fistulas in females

Murat M., 1980: Post radiative sterility and life span in males and females of drosophila melanogaster

Pana I., 1980: Post radio therapeutic recto sigmoid alterations

Grosgogeat Y., 1980: Post radio therapy coronary stenosis surgical treatment

Liberti J.P., 1985: Post receptor actions of somatomedin on chondrocyte collagen biosynthesis

Ostman J., 1981: Post receptor activation of lipolysis in starvation diabetes mellitus and hyper thyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153213

Cohen H., 1983: Post receptorial refractoriness of prolactin release mechanisms

Freedman, M. H.; Gelfand, E. W., 1976: Post recognition ion dependent events in mitogen induced lymphocyte proliferation and in cyto toxic effector cell responses

Hoofwijk A.G.M., 1987: Post reconstruction intra operative angiography in femoro distal bypass

Lou R.Y., 1979: Post reconstruction method for beam hardening in computerized tomography

Stulberg S.D., 1980: Post reduction avascular necrosis in congenital dislocation of the hip

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153219

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153220

Laursen, A. M., 1972: Post reinforcement pauses and response rate of monkeys on a 2 hand fixed ratio schedule

O'regan, S.; Garel, L.; Robitaille, P.; Yazbeck, S., 1988: Post rejection ureteral obstruction owing to ureteral adherence to graft inferior pole

Davis M.H., 1983: Post release movements of introduced marten martes americana

Arnason A.N., 1988: Post release stratification in band recovery models

Bennett W.M., 1983: Post renal transplant erythrocytosis a review of 53 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153226

Schwartz H.S., 1980: Post repair dna damage in x irradiated cultured human tumor cells

Gichner T., 1980: Post replication dna repair in barley embryos treated with n methyl n nitroso urea

Pinto, R. I.; Vikhanskaya, F. L.; Olennikova, L. V.; Tomilin, N. V.; Zhestyanikov, V. D., 1977: Post replication dna repair in hela zh 63 cells after exposure to uv light gamma radiation 7 bromomethyl benz a anthracene and 2 amino fluorene

Inoue T., 1988: Post replication repair and recombination in uvra umuc strains of escherichia coli are enhanced by vanillin an antimutagenic compound

Huberman E., 1980: Post replication repair and the susceptibility of chinese hamster cells to cyto toxic and mutagenic effects of alkylating agents

Boyd J.B., 1981: Post replication repair defective mutants of drosophila melanogaster fall into 2 classes

Shaw K.E.S., 1982: Post replication repair defects in mutants of drosophila melanogaster

Setlow R.B., 1980: Post replication repair in 3 murine melanomas a mammary carcinoma and a normal mouse lung fibroblast line

Germanier M., 1982: Post replication repair in an excision defective strain of escherichia coli following treatment with cis di chloro di ammine platinum ii

Howard Flanders P., 1982: Post replication repair in escherichia coli strand exchange reactions of gapped dna by rec a protein

Choe S.Y., 1984: Post replication repair in excision repair defective or proficient mammalian cells treated with uv light and methyl methanesulfonate

Lavin, M. F., 1978: Post replication repair in mammalian cells after uv irradiation a model

Schroeder A.L., 1982: Post replication repair in neurospora crassa

Cox B., 1981: Post replication repair in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Smith K.C., 1982: Post replication repair in uvr a and uvr b strains of escherichia coli k 12 is inhibited by rich growth medium

Hadden C.T., 1980: Post replication repair of dna and daughter strand exchange in uvr minus mutants of bacillus subtilis

Zhestyanikov, V. D.; Khanbekyan, L. M.; Savel'eva, G. E.; Korol'ko, O. F., 1982: Post replication repair of dna in escherichia coli cells 1. defect of inducible repair in the thermo sensitive mutant ax 727 dna z ts at nonpermissive temperature

Zhestyanikov, V. D.; Khanbekyan, L. M.; Savel'ev, G. E.; Korol'ko, O. F., 1983: Post replication repair of dna in escherichia coli cells 2. the necessity of primase for constitutive repair

Waters, R.; Yagi, H.; Jerina, D. M.; Regan, J. D., 1978: Post replication repair of dna in human fibroblasts after uv irradiation or treatment with metabolites of benzo a pyrene

Bowden, G. T.; Giesselbach, B.; Fusenig, N. E., 1978: Post replication repair of dna in uv light irradiated normal and malignantly transformed mouse epidermal cell cultures

Zhestyanikov V.D., 1980: Post replication repair of dna in uv sensitive clones of chinese hamster cells

Kadota H., 1984: Post replication repair of the heat induced dna injury in deinococcus radiodurans

Leclerc, J. E.; Setlow, J. K., 1972: Post replication repair of uv damage in haemophilus influenzae

Hadden C.T., 1981: Post replication repair of uv irradiated transforming dna in bacillus subtilis

Cleaver J.E., 1979: Post replication repair questions of its definition and possible alteration in xeroderma pigmentosum cell strains

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153252

Miller O.L.Jr, 1979: Post replicative nonribosomal transcription units in drosophila melanogaster embryos

Waser, P. M., 1978: Post reproductive survival and behavior in a free ranging female mangabey

Shields, T. W.; Keehn, R. J., 1977: Post resection stage grouping in carcinoma of the lung

Shellito, P. C.; Dahl, E. P.; Terpstra, O. T.; Malt, R. A., 1978: Post resectional hyperplasia of the small intestine without bile and pancreatic juice

Iskander M.F., 1982: Post resonance electro magnetic absorption by man and animals

Shea C.H., 1984: Post response knowledge of results in anticipation tasks

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153259

Gurvich A.M., 1981: Post resuscitation dynamics of the cerebral circulation

Lucas C.E., 1980: Post resuscitative hypertension a reappraisal

Berg R., 1979: Post retention analysis of treatment problems and failures in 264 consecutively treated cases

Arndt K.A., 1981: Post rhino plasty red nose differential diagnosis and treatment by laser

Cohen A., 1988: Post rhinoplasty epistaxis role of vitamin e

Van Der Steen J., 1980: Post rotatory nystagmus and opto kinetic after nystagmus in the rabbit linear rather than exponential decay

Urrutia J.G., 1983: Post rotatory nystagmus in the full term and premature infant

Bradley N.W., 1980: Post ruminal lysine and methionine infusion in steers fed a urea supplemented diet adequate in sulfur

Stock R.J., 1982: Post salpingectomy endometriosis a reassessment

Yu G.V., 1987: Post saphenous phlebectomy donor leg cellulitis

Jackson, R., 1977: Post school adjustment of the mentally retarded a critical note on the nebraskan longitudinal survey of baller charles and miller

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153271

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153272

Sanchez, A.; Nebreda, A. R.; Villanueva, J. R.; Villa, T. G., 1983: Post secretional modification of exo 1 3 beta d glucanases ec from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bidey, S. P.; Anderson, J.; Marsden, P.; Mckerron, C. G., 1976: Post secretory deiodination of iodo thyronines released from normal human thyroid cells in vitro

Zhu W Y., 1982: Post secretory processing of heptadeca peptide gastrin conversion to carboxy terminal immuno reactive fragments in the circulation of the dog

Nica Udangiu L., 1981: Post seismic conscience disturbances aspects of shock reactions after the earthquake of march 4 1977

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153277

Mucha, R. F.; Pinel, J. P. J., 1977: Post seizure inhibition of kindled seizures

Handforth A., 1982: Post seizure inhibition of kindled seizures by electro convulsive shock

Varshavsky A., 1986: Post separation detection of nucleic acids and proteins by neutron activation

Patterson G., 1984: Post sepsis prophylaxis in cancer patients

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153282

Choate J.R., 1987: Post settlement history of mammals in western kansas usa

Mallet A.L., 1983: Post settlement viability in the american oyster crassostrea virginica an over dominant phenotype

Williams R., 1983: Post shocking movements and re capture of hatchery reared trout released into flowing water effect of prior acclimation to flow

Strauchen J.A., 1981: Post shunt hemo chromatosis with cardio myopathy

Haddad R.J.Jr, 1985: Post sintering heat treatments for porous coated ti 6a 1 4v alloy

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153288

Zapletal H., 1980: Post slaughter recovery of fertilized ova from culled dairy cows and ova preservation at 4 10 celsius determined by the vital staining technique

Ivankov, V. N.; Padetskii, S. N.; Chikina, V. S., 1977: Post spawning data on neotenic male salmon oncorhynchus masu

Swenson W.A., 1981: Post spawning mortality of rainbow smelt osmerus mordax in western lake superior usa

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153292

Anosa, V. O., 1976: Post splenectomy blood values marrow cytology erythrocyte life span and sequestration in mice

Wasserman N.F., 1982: Post splenectomy gastric deformity

Griscelli C., 1982: Post splenectomy infections and pneumococcal vaccination in pediatric surgery

Pedersen F.K., 1983: Post splenectomy infections in danish children splenectomized 1969 1978

Haque, A. U.; Min, K. W.; From, P.; Song, J., 1980: Post splenectomy pneumococcemia in adults

Christensen J.B., 1980: Post splenectomy sepsis and meningitis following traumatic rupture of the spleen

Offord K.P., 1982: Post splenectomy sepsis and mortality in adults

Wiznitzer T., 1981: Post splenectomy splenic activity

Krizsa, F.; Varga, G. Y.; Arokszallasi, E.; Cserhati, I., 1976: Post splenectomy thrombocytosis in the mouse changes in the size of thrombocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153302

Dawes J.D.K., 1982: Post stapedectomy conductive deafness and results of revision surgery

Ylikoski J., 1981: Post stapedectomy dizziness a histo pathologic report

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Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153777

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Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153793

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Section 7, Chapter 6154, Accession 006153828

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