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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6155

Chapter 6155 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sandhu R., 1986: Postembryonic development of the central nervous system in udumbaria nainiensis grover cecidomyidae diptera

Demshin N.I., 1985: Postembryonic development of the cestode gangesia parasiluri proteocephalata proteocephalidae a parasite of the amur catfish parasilurus asotus

Demshin N.I., 1985: Postembryonic development of the cestode nippotaenia mogurndae nippotaeniidea nippotaeniidae

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Prokhorchik G.A., 1986: Postembryonic development of the european eel anguilla anguilla under experimental conditions

Dittrich B., 1987: Postembryonic development of the parasitic amphipod hyperia galba

Truckenbrodt, W.; Amelung, U., 1986: Postembryonic development of the queen's ovary of odontotermes stercorivorus isoptera termitidae

Sandhu R., 1985: Postembryonic development of the salivary glands of udumbaria nainiensis cecidomyidae diptera

Nassel D.R.; Ohlsson L.; Silvasubramanian P., 1987: Postembryonic differentiation of serotonin immunoreactive neurons in fleshfly optic lobes developing in situ or cultured in vivo without eye discs

Rospars, J. P.; Chambille, I., 1986: Postembryonic growth of the antennal lobes and their identified glomeruli in the cockroach blaberus craniifer burm. dictyoptera blaberidae a morphometric study

Booker, R.; Truman, J. W., 1987: Postembryonic neurogenesis in the cns of the tobacco hornworm manduca sexta i. neuroblast arrays and the fate of their progeny during metamorphosis

Booker, R.; Truman, J. W., 1987: Postembryonic neurogenesis in the cns of the tobacco hornworm manduca sexta ii. hormonal control of imaginal nest cell degeneration and differentiation during metamorphosis

Tomescu N.; Craciun C., 1987: Postembryonic ontogenetic development in porcellio scaber crustacea isopoda

Fixen P.E.; Gelderman R.H.; Gerwing J.R., 1984: Postemergence application of urea ammonium nitrate to barley

Warmund M.R., 1987: Postemergence control of an oat cover crop and broadleaf weeds in direct seeded nursery beds

Boydston R.A.; Slife F.W., 1987: Postemergence control of giant foxtail setaria faberi in corn zea mays with tridiphane and triazine combinations

Gilliam C.H.; Wehtje G.; Fare D.C., 1986: Postemergence control of goosegrass and large crabgrass in container grown ornamentals

Barrentine W.L.; Street J.E.; Kurtz M.E., 1984: Postemergence control of red rice oryza sativa

Frank J.R.; Beste C.E., 1986: Postemergence control of weeds in azaleas with sethoxydim and fluazifop

Gilreath J.P., 1985: Postemergence grass control in achimenes achimenes grandiflora cultivar cascade violet night and bedding plants

Grichar W.J.; Boswell T.E., 1986: Postemergence grass control in peanut arachis hypogaea

Eriksson S., 1988: Postemergence herbicides in swedish willow stands

Gabel C.A.; Foster S.A., 1987: Postendocytic maturation of acid hydrolases evidence of prelysosomal processing

Roszler M.H.; Campbell W.L., 1985: Postendoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography pancreatitis association with urographic visualization during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Peck J.J.; Berne T.V., 1981: Posterior abdominal stab wounds

Carpel, E. F.; Sigelman, R. J.; Doughman, D. J., 1977: Posterior amorphous corneal dystrophy

Kasper W.; Meinertz T.; Kersting F.; Heppert V.; Marcus D.; Just H., 1981: Posterior aortic wall motion and left atrial volume changes

Kasper W.; Meinertz T.; Heppert V.; Kersting F.; Just H., 1981: Posterior aortic wall motion in mitral valve disease

Todt W.L.; Fallon J.F., 1987: Posterior apical ectodermal ridge removal in the chick wing bud triggers a series of events resulting in defective anterior pattern formation

Patiala H.; Lehto K.; Rokkanen P.; Paavolainen P., 1984: Posterior approach for total hip arthro plasty a study of post operative course early results and early complications in 131 cases

Casotto A.; Buoncristiani P., 1981: Posterior approach in cervical spondylotic myelo radiculopathy

Richard C.A.; Clot P.; Cohen Solal J.L., 1980: Posterior approach of the rectum

Boyd, M. G.; Thomas, R. K., 1977: Posterior association cortex lesions in rats mazes pattern discrimination and reversal learning

Redlund Johnell I., 1984: Posterior atlanto axial dislocation in rheumatoid arthritis

Roosen K.; Trauschel A.; Grote W., 1982: Posterior atlanto axial fusion a new compression clamp for laminar osteo synthesis

Frigaard, E., 1978: Posterior atlanto axial sub luxation in rheumatoid arthritis

Santavirta S.; Sandelin J.; Slatis P., 1985: Posterior atlanto axial subluxation in rheumatoid arthritis

Eismont, F. J.; Bohlman, H. H., 1978: Posterior atlanto occipital dislocation with fractures of the atlas and odontoid process

El-Khoury, G. Y.; Clark, C. R.; Dietz, F. R.; Harre, R. G.; Tozzi, J. E.; Kathol, M. H., 1986: Posterior atlantooccipital subluxation in down's syndrome

Olesen K.P.; Walter S., 1980: Posterior bladder suspension defects in the female a radiological classification with urodynamic and clinical evaluation

Damasio A.R.; Chui H.C.; Corbett J.; Kassel N., 1980: Posterior callosal section in a nonepileptic patients

Sanna M.; Gamoletti R.; Bortesi G.; Jemmi G.; Zini C., 1986: Posterior canal wall atrophy after intact canal wall tympanoplasty

Frezzotti R.; Caporossi A.; Menicacci F., 1987: Posterior capsular opacification after iol treated with neodymium yag laser

O'donnell F.E.Jr; Santos B., 1985: Posterior capsular zonular disruption in planned extracapsular surgery

Mcdonnell P.J.; Rowen S.L.; Glaser B.M.; Sato M., 1985: Posterior capsule opacification an in vitro model

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Wilhelmus, K. R.; Emery, J. M., 1980: Posterior capsule opacification following phaco emulsification

Kohara M.; Shimizu K., 1987: Posterior capsule rupture in kpe and planned ecce

Karayanni C.; Halazonetis T.; Vedrenne D., 1986: Posterior capsulitis in a 9 year old girl

Or S.; Yucetas S., 1986: Posterior capsulitis of the temporomandibular joint

Seward H.C.; Doran R.M.L., 1984: Posterior capsulotomy and retinal detachment following extracapsular lens surgery

Heydarian K.; Akbarnia B.A.; Jabalameli M.; Tabador K., 1984: Posterior capsulotomy for the treatment of severe flexion contractures of the knee

Yokogawa H.; Tagami Y.; Kitagaki K.; Goto H.; Okuda T.; Kawakami J., 1988: Posterior capsulotomy neodymium yag laser

Jose J.G., 1986: Posterior cataract induction by uv b radiation in albino mice

Goto K.; Tagawa K.; Uemura K.; Ishii K.; Takahashi S., 1979: Posterior cerebral artery occlusion clinical computed tomographic and angiographic correlation

Pessin M.S.; Kwan E.S.; Dewitt D.; Hedges T.R.IIi; Gale D.; Caplan L.R., 1987: Posterior cerebral artery stenosis

Mcwhorter, J. M.; Alexander, E. Jr ; Davis, C. H-Jr ; Kelly, D. L-Jr, 1976: Posterior cervical fusion in children

Zigler J.; Rockowitz N.; Capen D.; Nelson R.; Waters R., 1987: Posterior cervical fusion with local anesthesia the awake patient as the ultimate spinal cord monitor

Whitehill R.; Stowers S.F.; Fechner R.E.; Ruch W.W.; Drucker S.; Gibson L.R.; Mckernan D.J.; Widmeyer J.H., 1987: Posterior cervical fusions using cerclage wires methylmethacrylate cement and autogenous bone graft an experimental study of a canine model

Swerdlow B.; Dieter J.N., 1987: Posterior cervical thoracic thermograms pattern persistence and correlation with chronic headache syndromes

Fagadau W.R.; Maumenee A.E.; Stark W.J.Jr; Datiles M., 1984: Posterior chamber intra ocular lenses at the wilmer institute baltimore maryland usa a comparative analysis of complications and visual results

Guerra R.; Casu L.; Cavallini G.M.; Deiana A.; Demartis M.; Pilia A.R., 1985: Posterior chamber intraocular lens binocular vision and stereopsis

Bates R., 1986: Posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation a new forceps to simplify capsular bag fixation

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Cupak K., 1986: Posterior chamber lens implantation after extracapsular cataract extraction

Skorpik C.; Binder S.; Paroussis P., 1985: Posterior chamber lens implantation after removal of an intralental foreign body

Bleckmann H., 1985: Posterior chamber lenses and glaucoma

Gabriel M.; Sparenborg S., 1987: Posterior cingulate cortical lesions eliminate learning related unit activity in the anterior cingulate cortex

Macfarlane M.R.; Mcallister V.L.; Whitby D.J.; Sengupta R.R., 1983: Posterior circulation aneurysms results of direct operations

Waring G.O.IIi, 1982: Posterior collagenous layer of the cornea ultrastructural classification of abnormal collagenous tissue posterior to descemets membrane in 30 cases

Massoudnia, N., 1977: Posterior colpotomy for diagnosis and treatment of ectopic pregnancy

Anouchi Y.S.; Parker R.D.; Seitz W.H.Jr, 1987: Posterior compartment syndrome of the calf resulting from misdiagnosis of a rupture of the medial head of the gastrocnemius

Zimmerman, J. E.; Afshar, F.; Friedman, W.; Miller, C. A., 1977: Posterior compartment syndrome of the thigh with a sciatic palsy case report

Donly K.J.; Jensen M.E.; Reinhardt J.; Walker J.D., 1987: Posterior composite polymerization shrinkage in primary teeth an in vivo comparison of three restorative techniques

Rodrigues M.M.; Krachmer J.H.; Miller S.D.; Newsome D.A., 1979: Posterior corneal crystalline deposits in benign mono clonal gammopathy a clinico pathologic case report

Snip R.C.; Green R.; Kreutzer E.W.; Hirst L.W.; Kenyon K.R., 1981: Posterior corneal pigmentation and fibrous proliferation by iris melanocytes

Hamilton R.F.; Weiss J.S.; Gelender H., 1983: Posterior corneal pigmentation in melanosis oculi

Pardos G.J.; Krachmer J.H.; Mannis M.J., 1981: Posterior corneal vesicles

Benson D.F.; Davis R.J.; Snyder B.D., 1988: Posterior cortical atrophy

Treichler F.R.; Conley E.J., 1982: Posterior cortical lesion influences on successive discrimination reversal performance by rats

Yeterian, E. H.; Waters, R. S.; Wilson, W. A. Jr, 1976: Posterior cortical lesions and specific cross modal transfer in the rat

Kosch P.C.; Hutchison A.A.; Wozniak J.A.; Carlo W.A.; Stark A.R., 1988: Posterior cricoarytenoid and diaphragm activities during tidal breathing in neonates

Stanish W.D.; Rubinovich M.; Armason T.; Lapenskie G., 1986: Posterior cruciate ligament tears in wrestlers

Ogata K., 1983: Posterior cruciate reconstruction using ilio tibial band preliminary report of a new procedure

Vastamaki M.; Solonen K.A., 1980: Posterior dislocation and fracture dislocation of the shoulder

Chowdhury, A. M.; Bras, J. F., 1977: Posterior dislocation of an intra ocular lens implant and its removal

Louw J.A.; Louw J.A., 1987: Posterior dislocation of the sternoclavicular joint associated with major spinal injury a case report

Cope R.; Riddervold H.O., 1988: Posterior dislocation of the sternoclavicular joint report of two cases with emphasis on radiologic management and early diagnosis

Blankestijn J.; Boering G., 1985: Posterior dislocation of the temporomandibular disc

Bastos E.S.; Murad H.; Haddad R.; Brito J.D.; Jazbik A.D., 1980: Posterior drainage of the mediastinum in heart surgery

Bendahan J.; Cozacov C.; Freund U., 1987: Posterior duodenal ulcer acute free perforation into the lesser sac

Sekeles E., 1985: Posterior duplication cephalothoracopagus syncephalus in the cat case review and embryogenesis

Spratley M.H., 1988: Posterior edentulousness and the prescription of partial dentures

Pugliese, P.; Bernabei, M.; Santi, C.; Pasque, A.; Eufrate, S., 1984: Posterior enlargement of the small annulus during aortic valve replacement vs. implantation of a small prosthesis

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Grant S.; Boswell F.II, 1985: Posterior fluorescein streaming

Harner S.G.; Laws E.R.Jr, 1981: Posterior fossa approach for removal of acoustic neurinomas recent experience

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Perry C.R.; Rice S.; Rao A.; Burdge R., 1983: Posterior fracture dislocation of the distal part of the fibula mechanism and staging of injury

Larsson S E.; Toolanen G., 1986: Posterior fusion for atlanto axial subluxation in rheumatoid arthritis

Tunturi T.; Kataja M.; Keski Nisula L.; Lapinsuo M.; Lepisto P.; Paakkala T.; Patiala H.; Rokkanen P., 1979: Posterior fusion of the lumbo sacral spine evaluation of the operative results and the factors influencing them

Almanza J.M.; Zuccollo S., 1988: Posterior gastropexy with the hill technique for the surgical repair of hiatal hernias

Sato F.; Et Al, 1986: Posterior glottic adhesion

Benjamin B., 1986: Posterior glottic pathology

Galmiche J P.; Teniere P.; Ducrotte P.; Denis P.; Colin R.; Testart J., 1983: Posterior hemi fundo plication in the treatment of acid gastro esophageal reflux clinical and esophageal ph results

Rubinstein, K., 1980: Posterior hyperplastic primary vitreous

Netto C.A.; Izquierdo I., 1985: Posterior hypothalamic deafferentation abolishes the amnestic effect of electroconvulsive shock in rats

Terasawa E.; Noonan J.J.; Nass T.E.; Loose M.D., 1984: Posterior hypothalamic lesions advance the onset of puberty in the female rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Schultz N.J.; Terasawa E., 1988: Posterior hypothalamic lesions advance the time of the pubertal changes in luteinizing hormone release in ovariectomized female rhesus monkeys

Leyder P.; Mercier C.; Devauchelle D.; Molhant G., 1985: Posterior iliac bone donor site should it be used more often

Lindseth, R. E., 1978: Posterior iliac osteotomy for fixed pelvic obliquity

Jackson R.D.; Padgett T.S.; Donovan M.M., 1979: Posterior iliopsoas muscle transfer in myelo dysplasia

Waga S.; Itoh H.; Kojima T., 1985: Posterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysm associated with arteriovenous malformation fed by the same artery

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Lincoff H.; Kreissig I., 1981: Posterior lip traction caused by intra vitreal gas

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Tessaro S.V.; Doige C.E.; Rhodes C.S., 1983: Posterior paralysis due to fibro cartilaginous embolism in 2 weaner pigs

Seltzer B.; Pandya D.N., 1986: Posterior parietal projections to the intraparietal sulcus of the rhesus monkey

Fraioli, B.; Guidetti, B., 1977: Posterior partial rootlet section in the treatment of spasticity

Charteris D.G., 1988: Posterior penetrating injury of the orbit with retained foreign body

Carels C.; Van Steenberghe D., 1986: Posterior periodontal loading plays a key role in the suppression of a short latency excitatory reflex in the masseter muscle in children being treated with the bionator

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Foulley, J. L.; Elsen, J. M., 1988: Posterior probability of the sire's genotype at a major locus based on progeny test results for discrete characters

Ghenadenic E., 1982: Posterior proctotomy bevans technique and its complications

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Blankenship G.W., 1983: Posterior retinal holes secondary to diabetic retinopathy

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Jorge E.; Ballatine T.V.N.; Joehl R.J., 1987: Posterior sagittal anorectoplasty for adults a sphincter saving operation

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Curtin B.J., 1982: Posterior staphyloma development in pathologic myopia

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Greiner J.V.; Chylack L.T.Jr, 1979: Posterior subcapsular cataracts histo pathologic study of steroid associated cataracts

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Mikuni I., 1980: Posterior subcapsular cortical cataract by inhibitor of dna replication

Beaudet F.; Dixon A.St J., 1981: Posterior subtalar joint synoviography and cortico steroid injection in rheumatoid arthritis

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Hara T.; Hara T., 1987: Postoperative change in the corneal thickness of the pseudophakic eye amplified diurnal variation and consensual increase

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Koole R.; Egyedi P., 1987: Postoperative contamination of mandibular osteotomy sites with saliva

Pagani L.; Locatelli A.; Maurelli M.; Chiaudani G.; Mazza M.P.; Pagnin A., 1985: Postoperative continuous positive airway pressure in cardiosurgical patients operated with flunitrazepam fentanyl anesthesia

Cairncross J.G.; Pexman J.H.W.; Rathbone M.P.; Delmaestro R.F., 1985: Postoperative contrast enhancement in patients with brain tumor

Jacobsen M.B.; Sorensen B.; Melsom M.; Aspestrand F.; Andersen J., 1985: Postoperative control of patients with cancer coli

Oeckler R.; Fink U., 1987: Postoperative controls in surgically treated hormone active pituitary adenomas by use of magnetic resonance imaging

Gutman H.; Reiss R., 1985: Postoperative course and rehabilitation achievements of colostomates

Watanabe A.; Ishii R.; Tanaka R., 1985: Postoperative course of involved cranial nerves due to intracranial aneurysms especially oculomotor nerve palsy

Benoni G.; Johnell O.; Roseberg B., 1984: Postoperative course of serum aminotransferases after total hip arthroplasty

Calamy G.; Mille C., 1984: Postoperative cytomegalovirus infection and blood transfusion nonimmunodepressed patients

Narumi J.; Suma K.; Kaneko H.; Takeuchi Y.; Inoue K.; Shiroma K.; Koyama Y., 1987: Postoperative deep body temperature rhythm

Brunkwall J.; Bergqvist D.; Bergentz S E.; Bornmyr S.; Huseberg B., 1987: Postoperative deep venous thrombosis after renal transplantation effects of cyclosporine

Rainin E.A.; Carlson B.M., 1985: Postoperative diplopia and ptosis a clinical hypothesis based on the myotoxicity of local anesthetics

Iwata Y.; Nakamura T.; Hayakawa T.; Mogami H.; Mitomo M.; Kawai R., 1985: Postoperative distribution of blood flow via the superficial temporal artery middle cerebral artery anastomosis single anastomosis or double

Vanstrum G.S.; Bjornson K.M.; Ilko R., 1988: Postoperative effects of intrathecal morphine in coronary artery bypass surgery

Blakowski S.A.; Zacharski L.R.; Beck J.R., 1986: Postoperative elevation of human peripheral blood monocyte tissue factor coagulant activity

Matsuda K.; Ogawa M.; Shibata T.; Nishibe S.; Miyauchi K.; Matsuda Y.; Mori T., 1985: Postoperative elevation of serum pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor

Moss G.; Braunstein F.M.; Newkirk R.E., 1987: Postoperative enteral hyperalimentation for cryptosporidial acute cholecystitis associated with aids and enteritis

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Hayashida K.; Nishimura T.; Uehara T.; Shimonagata T.; Naito H.; Ohta M.; Takamiya M.; Nakajima N., 1986: Postoperative evaluation of extra anatomic bypass for aneurysmal surgery by radionuclide angiography

Alejandro Galeano Ricano H.; Romero Cardenas A.; Soto De La Torre J.L., 1986: Postoperative evaluation of patients with chronic aortic failure by means of echocardiography

Sasaki T.; Fukuhara H.; IIsaka H.; Monji J.; Kanno Y.; Yasuda K., 1985: Postoperative evaluation of quadriceps contracture in children comparison of three different procedures

Honjo S.; Nara T.; Minato S.; Suzuki H.; Nakano M., 1986: Postoperative evaluation of the minimal cleft lip

Inoue T.; Chihara T.; Morita K., 1986: Postoperative extended field irradiation in patients with pelvic and or common iliac node metastases from cervical carcinoma stages ib to iib

Ampil F.L., 1985: Postoperative external irradiation in thyroid carcinoma a clinical experience of 20 treated patients and literature radiotherapy review

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