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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6156

Chapter 6156 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Teucher G.; Schindler A.E., 1987: Postoperative fever and prognosis of breast cancer

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Watanabe K.; Yamana T.; Inomata H., 1985: Postoperative fungal endophthalmitis caused by paecilomyces lilacinus

Robles Campos R.; Parrilla Paricio P.; Sanchez Bueno F.; Ponce Marco J.L.; Molina Martinez J.; Lujan Mompean J.; Candel Arenas M.F.; Canteras Jordana M., 1987: Postoperative gastritis due to alkaline reflux gpra correlation between the amount of duodenogastric reflux rdg and clinical endoscopic and histologic findings

Laganowski H.C.; Kerr Muir M.G.; Sherrard E.S., 1987: Postoperative grey white lines of the posterior cornea and endothelial cell damage

Ishizawa E.; Horiuchi T., 1986: Postoperative growth of the left subclavian artery in a case after a modified blalock park procedure

Baba A.I.; Rotaru O.; Cristea I.; Elefterescu H., 1985: Postoperative histopathological diagnosis of mammary tumors in the bitch

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Khmelevskii Ya M.; Shakhtarin V.V.; Sloventantor V.Yu, 1985: Postoperative hormonal response and direct results of surgery in laryngeal cancer patients

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Mcguirt W.F.; May J.S., 1987: Postoperative hypertension associated with radical neck dissection

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Chung H M.; Kluge R.; Schrier R.W.; Anderson R.J., 1986: Postoperative hyponatremia a prospective study

Delalande J.P.; Le Page J.L.; Le Bos Monnot M.; Perramant M.; Egreteau J.P., 1984: Postoperative hypophosphatemia after visceral surgery influence of parenteral diet

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Schwimmer M.; Heiken J.P.; Mcclennan B.L.; Friedrich E.R.F., 1985: Postoperative hysterosalpingogram radiographic surgical correlation

Yamamura M.; Hamada Y.; Kogata M.; Kiba M.; Uetsuji S.; Yamamoto M.; Adachi M., 1985: Postoperative immunization with peanut agglutinin binding glycoprotein from lewis lung carcinoma in mice

De Scheerder I.; De Buyzere M.; Robbrecht J.; De Lange M.; Delanghe J.; Bogaert A.M.; Clement D., 1986: Postoperative immunological response against contractile proteins after coronary bypass surgery

Hoshi E., 1984: Postoperative improvement of left ventricular function and exercise tolerance in patients with aortic regurgitation

Freney J.; Hansen W.; Etienne J.; Vandenesch F.; Fleurette J., 1988: Postoperative infant septicemia caused by pseudomonas luteola cdc group ve 1 and pseudomonas oryzihabitans cdc group ve 2

Bravo Neto G.P.; Vieira O.M., 1984: Postoperative infection 1 year in the university hospital of the federal university of rio de janeiro brazil

Angelescu N.; Constantinescu N.M.; Busu G.; Mircea N.; Midan F.; Burcos T.; Jitea N., 1986: Postoperative infection of the abdominal wall with anaerobic germs

Parmeggiani A.; Germiniani R.; Maggi U.; Fumagalli G.; Gipponi G., 1985: Postoperative infections a study on 404 cases of general surgery

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Gasparovic S.; Arko V.; Oremus A., 1985: Postoperative inflammatory complications in head and neck cancer surgery

Johnsson K E.; Willner S.; Johnsson K., 1986: Postoperative instability after decompression for lumbar spinal stenosis

Puranen J.; Makela J.; Lahde S., 1984: Postoperative intervertebral discitis

Mourot N.; De Rubiana J.P.O.; Ghesquiere F.; Pigot B.; Lienhart A.; Langlois P.; Chigot J.P., 1984: Postoperative intracerebral hematoma 4 cases

Miyamoto Y.; Nakasu S.; Nakasu Y.; Handa J., 1985: Postoperative intracerebral hematoma remote from the site of craniotomy

Fukamachi A.; Koizumi H.; Nukui H., 1985: Postoperative intracerebral hemorrhages a survey of computed tomographic findings after 1074 intracranial operations

Arnaudova V., 1987: Postoperative intracranial hematomas

Okutani F.; Saito H.; Ueno H.; Kishi S.; Sonobe H.; Hamada E.; Tanaka S.; Yagi N., 1988: Postoperative intraorbital cyst after sinus operation a case report

Hanaue H.; Ogoshi K.; Makuuchi H.; Mitomi T.; Kurosawa T.; Nemoto A.; Kitano Y.; Miyakawa S.; Yamoto H.; Et Al, 1987: Postoperative intravenous administration of lysine acetylsalicylate effect on pain relief and platelet function

Hunter J.G.; Schwartz M.E.; Kim U.S., 1986: Postoperative intussusception after vaginal vault suspension

Pilepich M.V.; Walz B.J.; Baglan R.J., 1984: Postoperative irradiation in carcinoma of the prostate

Flutere V.; Onisei O.; Martin A.; Pintea M.; Grosu M., 1985: Postoperative jaundice

Bohmer T.; Elgjo K.; Hovig T.; Jacobsen C.D.; Bakken A.; Skagseth E.; Skrede S., 1987: Postoperative jaundice in patients undergoing cardiac surgery an incomplete cholestatic syndrome of multifactorial etiology

Wakaki N.; Shinohara T.; Oku H.; Yokoyama T.; Shirotani H.; Mori A., 1986: Postoperative late results of double outlet left ventricle a case report and a review

Sink J.D.; Anderson P.A.W.; Wechsler A.S., 1985: Postoperative left ventricular contractility in the cardiac surgical patient an evaluation of the force interval relationship

Kazama S.; Nishiguchi K.; Sonoda K.; Nakajima H.; Kawai Y.; Imai H.; Asari H.; Ishihara A., 1986: Postoperative left ventricular function in patients with mitral stenosis the effect of commissurotomy and valve replacement on left ventricular systolic function

Wong C.S.; Harwood A.R.; Cummings B.J.; Keane T.J.; Thomas G.M.; Rider W.D., 1985: Postoperative local abdominal irradiation for cancer of the colon above the peritoneal reflection

Brost F.; Tzanova I., 1987: Postoperative long term analgosedation

Korablev S.A., 1987: Postoperative lower limb deep vein thrombosis in urologic patients

D'andrea F.; Maiuri F.; Corriero G.; Gambardella A.; La Tessa G.; Gangemi M., 1985: Postoperative lumbar arachnoidal diverticula

Nielsen N.A., 1987: Postoperative lumbar discitis after surgical treatment of disc prolapse

Jakobsen B.W.; Pedersen J.; Egeberg B.B., 1986: Postoperative lymphocytopenia and leukocytosis after epidural and general anesthesia

Atsumi N.; Mizuhara A.; Sakai A.; Tsutsui T.; Okamura K.; Maeta H.; Ijima H.; Mitsui T.; Hori M., 1987: Postoperative management of a case of sle and mitral stenosis combined with severe pulmonary hypertension effect of prostaglandin e 1

Watts N.B.; Gebhart S.S.P.; Clark R.V.; Phillips L.S., 1987: Postoperative management of diabetes mellitus steady state glucose control with bedside algorithm for insulin adjustment

Tenner A.; Keck B., 1987: Postoperative management with timoptol following argon laser trabeculoplasty

Nakamura M.; Et Al, 1988: Postoperative mastoid cyst report of a case

Bruch H P.; Lanz U.; Dietz P.; Broll R.; Henrich H., 1985: Postoperative measurements of blood flow in replanted fingers

Matsumata T.; Kanematsu T.; Okudaira Y.; Sugimachi K.; Zaitsu A.; Hirabayashi M., 1987: Postoperative mechanical ventilation preventing the occurrence of pleural effusion after hepatectomy

Fink S.; Abraham E.; Ehrlich H., 1988: Postoperative monitoring of conjunctival oxygen tension and temperature

Grundmann R.; Hornung M., 1988: Postoperative monitoring of septic patients in the intensive care unit using sepsis score endotoxin and at iii measurement

Savel'ev, E. N., 1987: Postoperative monochorditis

Koren G.; Butt W.; Chinyanga H.; Soldin S.; Tan Y K.; Pape K., 1985: Postoperative morphine infusion in newborn infants assessment of disposition characteristics and safety

Pirogov A.I.; Sviridova S.P.; Laktionov K.P.; Mar'in N.D.; Gromova E.G., 1985: Postoperative mortality in lung cancer patients and ways of reducing it

Turowski K., 1983: Postoperative mortality in supratentorial gliomas

Bruning P.F.; Halling A.; Hilgers F.J.M.; Kappner G.; Poelhuis E.K.; Kobashi Schoot A.M.; Schouwenburg P.F., 1988: Postoperative nasogastric tube feeding in patients with head and neck cancer a prospective assessment of nutritional status and well being

Nair U.R.; Griffiths G.; Lawson R.A.M., 1988: Postoperative neuralgia in the leg after saphenous vein coronary artery bypass graft a prospective study

Patel P.; Bristow G., 1987: Postoperative neuroleptic malignant syndrome a case report

Wilber R.G.; Thompson G.H.; Shaffer J.W.; Brown R.H.; Nash C.L.Jr, 1984: Postoperative neurological deficits in segmental spinal instrumentation a study using spinal cord monitoring

Lesser R.P.; Raudzens P.; Luders H.; Nuwer M.R.; Goldie W.D.; Morris H.H.IIi; Dinner D.S.; Klem G.; Hahn J.F.; Et Al, 1986: Postoperative neurological deficits may occur despite unchanged intraoperative somatosensory evoked potentials

Masuda H.; Ogata T.; Kikuchi K.; Takagi K.; Kase K.; Kawai T.; Nakanishi K.; Suzuki K.; Tsunemoto H.; Morita S., 1987: Postoperative neutron irradiation in the patients with primary lung cancer

Yagi T.; Aoki H.; Baba S.; Kobayashi Y.; Yamaguchi J., 1986: Postoperative observations following tympanoplasty

Yazaki T.; Nemoto S.; Umeyama T.; Ishikawa S.; Ishikawa H.; Kanoh S.; Koiso K., 1985: Postoperative observations of patients who had undergone ureterosigmoidostomy

Mcquay H.J.; Carroll D.; Moore R.A., 1988: Postoperative orthopedic pain the effect of opiate premedication and local anesthetic blocks

Chapman P.J., 1987: Postoperative pain control for outpatient oral surgery

Tuominen M.; Pitkanen M.; Rosenberg P.H., 1987: Postoperative pain relief and bupivacaine plasma levels during continuous interscalene brachial plexus block

Gundersen R.Y.; Andersen R.; Narverud G., 1986: Postoperative pain relief with high dose epidural buprenorphine a double blind study

Petti A., 1985: Postoperative pain relief with pentazocine and acetaminophen comparison with other analgesic combinations and placebo

Larsen V.H.; Iversen A.D.; Histensen P.C.; Andersen P.K., 1985: Postoperative pain treatment after upper abdominal surgery with epidural morphine at thoracic or lumbar level

Angelescu N.; Constantinescu N.M.; Bucos T.; Jitea N., 1987: Postoperative pancreatic fistula surgical resolution

Boiko Yu G.; Prokopchik N.I., 1986: Postoperative pancreatitis

Willems D.; Hooghe L.; Kennaert P.; Van Geertruyden J., 1988: Postoperative pancreatitis hyperamylasemia and amylase isoenzymes after parathyroidectomy for primary hyperparathyroidism

Reading C.C.; Charboneau J.W.; James E.M.; Karsell P.R.; Grant C.S.; Van Heerden J.A.; Purnell D.C., 1985: Postoperative parathyroid high frequency sonography evaluation of persistent or recurrent hyperparathyroidism

Conacher I.D.; Kokri M., 1987: Postoperative paravertebral blocks for thoracic surgery a radiological appraisal

Kirvela O.; Takala J., 1986: Postoperative parenteral nutrition with high supply of branched chain amino acids effects on nitrogen balance and liver protein synthesis

Klingelhoefer J.; Conrad B.; Benecke R.; Burchardi H., 1987: Postoperative paresis of the anterior serratus muscle as an expert appraisal problem

Lehmann K.A.; Mehler O., 1987: Postoperative patient controlled analgesia with fentanyl by means of the codic programmable infusion system preliminary results

Seicaru T.; Gradinaru V.; Andronescu P., 1985: Postoperative peptic ulcers particularities of diagnosis and surgical attitude

Wujciak D.; Langrock K.; Pfeiffer J.; Standke E.; Gottschild D., 1984: Postoperative percutaneous radiation of thyroid carcinoma therapeutic results in 179 patients with special regard to rehabilitation

Beck D.E.; Fazio V.W.; Jagelman D.G.; Lavery I.C.; Mcgonagle B.A., 1987: Postoperative perineal hernia

Markand O.N.; Moorthy S.S.; Mahomed Y.; King R.D.; Brown J.W., 1985: Postoperative phrenic nerve palsy in patients with open heart surgery

Karashima T.; Kato K.; Nawata H.; Ikuyama S.; Ibayashi H.; Nakagaki H.; Kitamura K., 1986: Postoperative plasma growth hormone levels and restoration of growth hormone dynamics in acromegalic patients surgically treated by the transsphenoidal approach

Salvanet Bouccara A.; Dubayle P.; Forestier F.; Dublanchet A.; Antiphon P.; Lafaix C., 1984: Postoperative pneumococcal endophthalmitis

Komatsu H.; Et Al, 1986: Postoperative prognosis of pulmonary carcinoma of three centimeter in diameter or less

Campbell D.R.; Bartlett F.F., 1987: Postoperative pseudomonas urinary tract infections as a source of bacterial contamination of an autogenous vein graft

Jayr C.; Mollie A.; Bourgain J.L.; Alarcon J.; Masselot J.; Lasser P.; Denjean A.; Truffa Bachi J.; Henry Amar M., 1988: Postoperative pulmonary complications general anesthesia with postoperative parenteral morphine compared with epidural analgesia

Hu C K.; Chen C Y.; Chen C L.; Wang P Y., 1987: Postoperative pulmonary embolism an analysis of eight cases

Kokal W.A.; Neifeld J.P.; Eisert D.; Lipsett J.A.; Lawrence W.Jr; Beatty J.D.; Parker G.A.; Pezner R.D.; Riihimaki D.U.; Terz J.J.; Et Al, 1988: Postoperative radiation as adjuvant treatment for carcinoma of the oral cavity larynx and pharynx preliminary report of a prospective randomized trial

Wan D.; Et Al, 1985: Postoperative radiation in stage ii breast cancer treated by radical mastectomy

Klefstrom P.; Nuortio L.; Taskinen E., 1986: Postoperative radiation therapy and adjuvant chemoimmunotherapy in breast cancer aspects of timing and immune competence

Loeffler R.K., 1984: Postoperative radiation therapy for adenocarcinoma of the cecum using 2 fractions per day

Martinez A.; Schray M.F.; Howes A.E.; Bagshaw M.A., 1985: Postoperative radiation therapy for epithelial ovarian cancer the curative role based on a 24 year experience

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Tepper J.E.; Cohen A.M.; Wood W.C.; Orlow E.L.; Hedberg S.E., 1987: Postoperative radiation therapy of rectal cancer

Maurer P.K.; Ekholm S.E.; Mcdonald J.V.; Sands M.; Kido D.K., 1986: Postoperative radiographic appearance of intracranial hemostatic gelatin sponge

Larrea L.; Medina R.; Ferrer E.; Algas R.; Sancho R., 1987: Postoperative radiotherapy following supraglottic hemilaryngectomy the importance of the sowed lower surgical border

Anscher M.S.; Prosnitz L.R., 1987: Postoperative radiotherapy for patients with carcinoma of the prostate undergoing radical prostatectomy with positive surgical margins seminal vesicle involvement and or penetration through the capsule

Host H.; Brennhovd I.O.; Loeb M., 1986: Postoperative radiotherapy in breast cancer long term results from the oslo study

Balslev, I.; Pedersen, M.; Teglbjaerg, P. S.; Hanberg-Soerensen, F.; Bone, J.; Jacobsen, N. O.; Overgaard, J.; Sell, A.; Bertelsen, K.; Et-Al, 1986: Postoperative radiotherapy in dukes' b and c carcinoma of the rectum and rectosigmoid a randomized multicenter study

Kjaer M.; Frederiksen P.L.; Engelholm S.A., 1987: Postoperative radiotherapy in stage ii and iii renal adenocarcinoma a randomized trial by the copenhagen renal cancer study group

Ciarniello V.; Bianchi P.; Guaraldi M.; Smaniotto D.; Ausili Cefaro G.P., 1986: Postoperative radiotherapy in the management of male breast carcinoma

Zaghloul M.S.; Awwad H.K.; Soliman O.; Omar S.; El Badawy S.; Barosum M.; Mocktar N.; Amer F., 1986: Postoperative radiotherapy of carcinoma in bilharzial bladder using a three fractions per day regimen

Shaw E.G.; Evans R.G.; Scheithauer B.W.; Ilstrup D.M.; Earle J.D., 1987: Postoperative radiotherapy of intracranial ependymoma in pediatric and adult patients

Wendt T.G.; Bacherler B.; Baumer K.; Rohloff R.; Willich N., 1986: Postoperative radiotherapy of supratentorial anaplastic gliomas

Hatfield M.K.; Macmahon H.; Ryan J.W.; Little A.G.; Hoffman P.C.; Ferguson M.; Demeester T.R.; Golomb H.M., 1986: Postoperative recurrence of lung cancer detection by whole body gallium scintigraphy

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Staxrud L.E.; Nord T.; Ronglan E., 1985: Postoperative recurrence of sciatic pain results of reoperative treatment

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Kroell W.; List W.F., 1987: Postoperative renal complications do perioperative creatinine levels in high risk patients have any prognostic value

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Anderson P.R.; Puno M.R.; Lovell S.L.; Swayze C.R., 1985: Postoperative respiratory complications in nonidiopathic scoliosis

Turoff, R. D.; Gomez, G. A.; Berjian, R.; Park, J. J.; Priore, R. L.; Lawrence, D. D.; Panahon, A.; Douglass, H. A. Jr, 1985: Postoperative respiratory complications in patients with hodgkin's disease relationship to the size of the mediastinal tumor

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Kelly C.M.; Freehafer A.A.; Peckham H.; Stroh K., 1985: Postoperative results of opponensplasty and flexor tendon transfer in patients with spinal cord injuries

Freye E.; Fournell A., 1988: Postoperative reversal of midazolam induced depression of vigilance with the specific antagonist flumazenil ro 15 1788 a double blind study using eeg power spectra for the evaluation of vigilance

Chatterjee B.D.; Chakraborti C.K., 1986: Postoperative sepsis in obstetric and gynecological practice

Yano H.; Miyazaki Y.; Kouno M.; Ohyama M., 1987: Postoperative sinus infection with pseudomonas aeruginosa

Hubens A.; Creve U.; Van Rooy F., 1984: Postoperative small bowel transit time evaluated by breath hydrogen measurement

Clement P.B., 1988: Postoperative spindle cell nodule of the endometrium

Lockerman Z.S.; Rose D.M.; Cunningham J.N.Jr; Lichstein E., 1986: Postoperative st segment elevation in coronary artery bypass surgery

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Thomas P.A.; Piantadosi S., 1987: Postoperative t1 n non small cell lung cancer squamous versus nonsquamous recurrences

Glinski B.; Reinfuss M., 1986: Postoperative telecobaltotherapy of glioblastoma

Wille Jorgensen P.; Kjaergaard J.; Jorgensen T.; Thorup J.; Fogh J., 1985: Postoperative thromboembolic complications despite heparin prophylaxis in major abdominal surgery

Ahn S.S.; Kalunian K.; Rosove M.; Moore W.S., 1988: Postoperative thrombotic complications in patients with the lupus anticoagulant increased risk after vascular procedures

Okuno M.; Nagayama M.; Takai T.; Rai A.; Nakao S.; Kamino K.; Umeyama K., 1985: Postoperative total parenteral nutrition in patients with liver disorders

Smith P.A.; Hankin F.M.; Louis D.S., 1986: Postoperative toxic shock syndrome after reconstructive surgery of the hand

Orita H.; Irisawa T.; Kobayashi M.; Imai K.; Washio M.; Kato Y., 1984: Postoperative treatment of lung cancer associated with severe respiratory dysfunction weaning from ventilator by high frequency jet ventilation

Valenti S.; Segatto A.; De Bianchi E., 1985: Postoperative treatment with epidural narcotics of preeclamptic patients after cesarean section

Juvara I.; Radu C.; Patrascu T., 1984: Postoperative ulcers

Alvine F.G.; Schurrer M.E., 1987: Postoperative ulnar nerve palsy are there predisposing factors?

Cortellini P.; Sacchini P.; Santini R.; Simonazzi M., 1985: Postoperative uretero vaginal fistula in pyeloureteral duplicity

Tammela, T.; Kontturi, M.; Lukkarinen, O., 1986: Postoperative urinary retention i. incidence and predisposing factors

Tammela, T.; Kontturi, M.; Lukkarinen, O., 1986: Postoperative urinary retention ii. micturition problems after the first catheterization

Bussani F.; Patriti A.; Bosco A.; Properzi A., 1984: Postoperative urological complications of transvesical prostatic adenomectomy critical revision of 469 interventions

Glenski J.A.; Warner M.A.; Dawson B.; Kaufman B., 1984: Postoperative use of epidurally administered morphine in children and adolescents

Tariel D.; Body G.; Fetissof F.; Menard F.; Lansac J., 1986: Postoperative vaginal pseudosarcoma a case history

Mandell L.; Nori D.; Anderson L.; Hilaris B., 1985: Postoperative vaginal radiation in endometrial cancer using a remote afterloading technique

Hofmann U.; Mantel K., 1987: Postoperative ventilation after large surgical interventions in childhood

Joachimsson P O.; Nystrom S O.; Tyden H., 1987: Postoperative ventilatory and circulatory effects of heating after aortocoronary bypass surgery extended rewarming during cardiopulmonary bypass and postoperative radiant heat supply

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Stillstrom A.; Persson E.; Vinnars E., 1987: Postoperative water and electrolyte changes in skeletal muscle a clinical study with three different intravenous infusions

Zaharia M.; Caceres E.; Valdivia S.; Moran M.; Tejada F., 1986: Postoperative whole lung irradiation with or without adriamycin in osteogenic sarcoma

Ahsan N.; Conter R.L.; Appelbaum P.C., 1988: Postoperative wound infection associated with vibrio parahaemolyticus in a patient without exposure to seawater

Ross H., 1985: Postoperative wound infection with methicillin resistant staphylococci in general surgical patients

De Silva M.I.; Rissing J.P., 1984: Postoperative wound infections following cardiac surgery significance of contaminated cases performed in the preceding 48 hours

Fischthal, J. H.; Martin, R. L., 1978: Postorchigenes paraguayensis new species trematoda pleurogenidae a digenetic trematode from the large fishing bat noctilio leporinus rufescens from paraguay

Binkley, T. K.; Showfety, K. K.; Tilghman, D. M.; Wintermans, T. A., 1987: Postorthodontic presurgical occlusal equilibration for orthognathic surgery cases

Docke F.; Rohde W.; Stahl F.; Chaoui R.; Dorner G., 1985: Postovulatory sensitization to the negative estrogen feedback in female rats is probably induced by the preceding decline of the estrogen concentration in the medial preoptic area

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Pan Q., 1987: Postpancreatitis pancreatic abscess

Martinovic N.; Selea J.; Jeftic T., 1984: Postpartal loss of hair

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Jansson R.; Karlsson F.A.; Linde A.; Sjoberg O., 1987: Postpartum activation of autoimmunity transient increase of total igg levels in normal women and in women with autoimmune thyroiditis

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Nakano T.; Scott P.G., 1987: Postpartum changes and certain properties of the proteolytic activity from involuting rat uterus that degrades the c telopeptide of type i collagen

Osa T.; Maruta K., 1988: Postpartum changes in the mechanical responses of the circular muscle of rat uterus

Ahmed A.G.; Jandial V.; Klopper A., 1985: Postpartum decline in serum concentration of placental proteins in an abdominal pregnancy

Murray J.B.; Gallahue L., 1987: Postpartum depression

Eizirik L.S., 1984: Postpartum depression effects of newborns prematurity and life risk on the postpartum mothers emotional state

Reyes F.I.; Winter J.S.D.; Faiman C., 1985: Postpartum disappearance of chorionic gonadotropin from the maternal and neonatal circulations

Lopez Llera M.M., 1985: Postpartum eclampsia

Saleh A.K.; Moussa M.A.; Hathout H., 1988: Postpartum glycated hemoglobin a 1c and glucose tolerance test in mothers of large babies

Gilbert L.; Porter W.; Brown V.A., 1987: Postpartum hemorrhage a continuing problem

Lee H.K.; Skarzynski J.; De Regt R.H.; Mcclymont F., 1988: Postpartum hepatic hemorrhage in the syndrome of hemolysis elevated liver enzymes and low platelets diagnosis by radiocolloid scanning

Yuilin L.; Et Al, 1986: Postpartum horizontal transmission of hepatitis b virus carrier mothers

Insel T.R., 1986: Postpartum increases in brain oxytocin binding

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