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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6157

Chapter 6157 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Keifer D.W.; Lucas W.J., 1982:
Potassium channels in chara corallina control and interaction with the electrogenic proton pump

Marty, A.; Neher, E., 1985:
Potassium channels in cultured bovine adrenal chromaffin cells

Wada A.; Kobayashi H.; Arita M.; Yanagihara N.; Izumi F., 1987:
Potassium channels in cultured bovine adrenal medullary cells effects of high k veratridine and carbachol on rubidium 86 efflux

Koehler, K.; Stegner, W.; Kolbowski, J.; Hansen, U.P.; Simonis, W.; Urbach, W., 1986:
Potassium channels in eremosphaera viridis ii. current clamp and voltage clamp experiments

Sidell N.; Schlichter L.C.; Wright S.C.; Hagiwara S.; Golub S.H., 1986:
Potassium channels in human natural killer cells are involved in discrete stages of the killing process

Bartschat, D.K.; Blaustein, M.P., 1985:
Potassium channels in isolated presynaptic nerve terminals from rat brain

Hille, B., 1973:
Potassium channels in myelinated nerve. Selective permeability to small cations

Kawahara, K.; Hunter, M.; Giebisch, G., 1987:
Potassium channels in Necturus proximal tubule

Sokolik A.I.; Yurin V.M., 1986:
Potassium channels in plasmalemma of nitella flexilis cells at rest

Gögelein, H.; Greger, R.; Schlatter, E., 1987:
Potassium channels in the basolateral membrane of the rectal gland of Squalus acanthias. Regulation and inhibitors

Findlay G.P.; Coleman H.A., 1983:
Potassium channels in the membrane of hydrodictyon africanum

Binah O.; Palti Y., 1981:
Potassium channels in the nodal membrane of rat myelinated fibers

Kakuta, Y.; Okayama, H.; Aikawa, T.; Kanno, T.; Ohyama, T.; Sasaki, H.; Kato, T.; Takishima, T., 1988:
Potassium channels of human alveolar macrophages

Sterkers O.; Saumon G.; Huy P.T.B.; Amiel C., 1982:
Potassium chloride and water entry in endolymph perilymph and cerebro spinal fluid of the rat

Schnabl H.; Raschke K., 1980:
Potassium chloride as stomatal osmoticum in allium cepa cultivar stuttgarter a species devoid of starch in guard cells

Corcia A.; Armstrong W.M., 1983:
Potassium chloride co transport a mechanism for baso lateral chloride exit in necturus gallbladder

Sasaki S.; Ishibashi K.; Yoshiyama N.; Shiigai T., 1988:
Potassium chloride co transport across the basolateral membrane of rabbit renal proximal straight tubules

Gillman G.P.; Sumpter E.A., 1985:
Potassium chloride extractable aluminum in highly weathered soils is its exchangeable

Rotmans J.P.; Mooij G.W., 1982:
Potassium chloride extractable surface antigens of schistosoma mansoni immunological characterization and applicability in immuno diagnosis

Pinedo R.; Pilkington D.; Foegeding P.M., 1987:
Potassium chloride in dry cured hams effect on trichinae devitalization and chemical and physical properties

Altiere R.J.; Douglas J.S.; Gillis C.N., 1983:
Potassium chloride induced and norepinephrine induced contractile responses in rabbit pulmonary blood vessels

Okuma Y.; Osumi Y., 1986:
Potassium chloride induced calcium independent release of endogenous dopamine from rat brain slices

Blatt M.R.; Slayman C.L., 1983:
Potassium chloride leakage from micro electrodes and its impact on the membrane parameters of a nonexcitable cell

Thornhill W.B.; Laris P.C., 1984:
Potassium chloride loss and cell shrinkage in the ehrlich ascites tumor cell induced by hypotonic media 2 deoxy glucose and propranolol

Walz W.; Mukerji S., 1988:
Potassium chloride movements during potassium induced cytotoxic swelling of cultured astrocytes

Hanrahan, J.W.; Phillips, J.E., 1984:
Potassium chloride transport across an insect epithelium 2. electrochemical potentials and electro physiology

Hanrahan J.W.; Phillips J.E., 1984:
Potassium chloride transport across an insect epithelium characterization of potassium stimulated chloride absorption and active potassium transport

Hanrahan, J.W.; Phillips, J.E., 1984:
Potassium chloride transport across an insect schistocerca gregaria epithelium 1. tracer fluxes and the effects of ion substitutions

Morad, M.; Reeck, S.; Rao, M., 1981:
Potassium chloride vs. voltage clamp contractures in ventricular muscle

Eveloff J.; Warnock D.G., 1987:
Potassium chlorine transport systems in rabbit renal basolateral membrane vesicles

L.Velle J.M., 1986:
Potassium chromate potentiates frameshift mutagenesis in escherichia coli and salmonella typhimurium

Lewis, D.V.; Mutsuga, N.; Schuette, W.H.; Van Buren, J., 1977:
Potassium clearance and reactive gliosis in the alumina gel lesion

Van Bel A.J.E.; Van Erven A.J., 1979:
Potassium co transport and antiport during the uptake of sucrose and glutamic acid from the xylem vessels

Muylle, E.; Van den Hende, C.; Nuytten, J.; Deprez, P.; Vlaminck, K.; Oyaert, W., 1984:
Potassium concentration in equine red blood cells: normal values and correlation with potassium levels in plasma

Rao N.R.; Sekhon G.S., 1987:
Potassium concentration in wheat at some growth stages as an indicator for the potassium status of plants

Helbig H.; Korbmacher C.; Wiederholt M., 1987:
Potassium conductance and electrogenic sodium potassium transport of cultured bovine pigmented ciliary epithelium

Almers, W., 1972:
Potassium conductance changes in skeletal muscle and the potassium concentration in the transverse tubules

North R.A.; Williams J.T., 1985:
Potassium conductance increased by opioids in rat locus ceruleus neurons

Bretag, A.H.; Hurst, C.A.; Kerr, D.I.B., 1978:
Potassium conductance models related to an interactive subunit membrane part 2 monte carlo analysis and subunit migration

Kolesnikov S.S.; Lyubarskii A.L., 1984:
Potassium conductance of plasma membrane of frog photoreceptor cells

Macrobbie E.A.C.; Lettau J., 1980:
Potassium content and aperture in intact stomatal and epidermal cells of commelina communis

Gribakin, F.G.; Pogorelov, A.F.; Burovina, I.V., 1976:
Potassium content and distribution in photo receptors of the cricket compound eye as revealed by x ray micro probe analysis

Herzberger U.; Klein Wisenberg A.V.; Kluthe R., 1982:
Potassium content and sodium content of hospital diets comparison of calculated and estimated values

Eisenstadt, E., 1972:
Potassium content during growth and sporulation in Bacillus subtilis

Volkovskii P.A.; Zaurembekov A.A.; Tel'tsov A.P., 1986:
Potassium content in reclaimed humus peaty gley soil in various irrigation regimes

Tsvetanov, V.; Dragnev, D.; Vladov, K.; Dragnev, K., 1982:
Potassium content in sheep blood 2. relation between potassium content in the blood and some production characters as well as survival of sheep from the east friesian milk breed

Butorac, A.; Vasilj, D., 1978:
Potassium content in stem and leaf of alfalfa grown on hypo gley soils of central drava valley yugoslavia depending on the increasing doses of potassium and the depth of their application

Dragnev, D.; Tsvetanov, V., 1981:
Potassium content in the blood of ewes 1. breed differences regarding potassium content in erythrocytes of ewes

Profirov Y.; Aleksandrov S.; Stoyanov A., 1981:
Potassium content in the erythrocyte of some sheep breeds in bulgaria 1

Nakada, I.; Sekimoto, H.; Nakamura, K.; Shimada, O.; Nakano, T.; Horibe, N., 1983:
Potassium content in various tissues in the elderly

Hinnant R.T.; Kothmann M.M., 1982:
Potassium content of 3 grass species during winter

Tsitsilavshili, O.K., 1976:
Potassium content of grapes during development under various mineral nutrition

Nikitina E.I., 1987:
Potassium contraction of the isolated smooth muscles of the coronary artery

Hayatsu Y.; Kosaka I.; Nagai T.; Tsutsu Ura M., 1981:
Potassium contracture in the tonic bundle isolated from the enlarged flexor carpi radialis muscle of the frog rana japonica

Sekiguchi, S.; Chujyo, N., 1978:
Potassium contracture of smooth muscle in the presence of dextran

Lorković, H., 1983:
Potassium contractures in mouse limb muscles

Lorkovic H., 1980:
Potassium contractures of mouse muscles at low temperature

Sah, P.; Gibb, A.J.; Gage, P.W., 1988:
Potassium current activated by depolarization of dissociated neurons from adult guinea pig hippocampus

Schwarz W.; Neumcke B.; Palade P.T., 1981:
Potassium current fluctuations in inward rectifying channels of frog rana esculenta skeletal muscle

DeCoursey, T.E.; Hutter, O.F., 1984:
Potassium current noise induced by barium ions in frog skeletal muscle

W.C.F.; Ganetzky B.; Haugland F.N.; Liu A X., 1983:
Potassium currents in drosophila different components affected by mutations of 2 genes

Cleemann L.; Morad M., 1979:
Potassium currents in frog ventricular muscle evidence from voltage clamp currents and extracellular potassium accumulation

Bossu J L.; Dupont J L.; Feltz A., 1988:
Potassium currents in rat cerebellar purkinje neurons maintained in culture in l 15 leibovitz medium

DeCoursey, T.E.; Jacobs, E.R.; Silver, M.R., 1988:
Potassium currents in rat type II alveolar epithelial cells

Quinta-Ferreira, M.E.; Rojas, E.; Arispe, N., 1982:
Potassium currents in the giant axon of the crab Carcinus maenas

E.S.enawy H.A.; Schuerch C., 1985:
Potassium cyanide as catalyst for deesterification of acid sensitive and base sensitive d galactopyranosides

Baricos W.H.; Wizer B.; Muhiudeen I.A.; Steele R.H., 1982:
Potassium cyanide induced urinary chemi luminescence inhibition by ascorbic acid

Anning E.N.; O'donnell S.R.; Wanstall J.C., 1980:
Potassium de polarization an alternative method of inhibiting extraneuronal uptake on isolated tissue preparations

Whall C.W.Jr; Havlik R.J.; Halpern W.; Bohr D.F., 1983:
Potassium de polarization of adrenergic varicosities in resistance arteries from spontaneously hypertensive and normotensive wistar kyoto rats

De-Strihou, C.V.Y.; Dieu, J.P., 1977:
Potassium deficiency acidosis in the dog effect of sodium and potassium balance on renal response to chronic acid load

Shishiba Y.; Ozawa Y.; Takaishi M.; Eguchi N.; Shimizu T., 1980:
Potassium deficiency enhances the effect of thyroid hormone on sodium potassium atpase in liver and kidney

Verma, V.; Pant, R.C., 1978:
Potassium deficiency in pigeon pea cajanus cajan type 21 plants part 1 effect on growth total activity and molecular forms of rnase

Reznik V.M.; Harwood I.R.; Mendoza S.A., 1986:
Potassium dependence of the sodium potassium pump is abnormal in erythrocytes from patients with cystic fibrosis and obligate heterozygotes

Norgaard A.; Kjeldsen K.; Hansen O., 1985:
Potassium dependent 3 o methylfluorescein phosphatase activity in crude homogenate of rodent heart ventricle effect of potassium depletion and changes in thyroid status

Blatt M.R., 1988:
Potassium dependent bipolar gating of potassium channels in guard cells

Ando M., 1983:
Potassium dependent chloride and water transport across the sea water eel anguilla japonica intestine

Goida E.A.; Sanagurskii D.I.; Stel'makh N.S.; Medyna I.R., 1986:
Potassium dependent effect of insulin on membrane polarization of loach embryos

Deitrich, J.W.; Stelter, W., 1973:
Potassium dependent net sodium efflux in roots of barley plants

Chowdhury M.; Fillenz M., 1988:
Potassium dependent stimulation of dopamine synthesis in striatal synaptosomes is mediated by protein kinase c

Reed, N.; Fain, J.N., 1968:
Potassium dependent stimulation of respiration in brown fat cells by fatty acids and lipolytic agents rat valinomycin metab nigericin metab theophylline metab

Kaletha, K., 1976:
Potassium dependent thermal sensibility of amp deaminase ec from rabbit skeletal muscle

Roth, R.; Werner, D., 1978:
Potassium dependent uptake of silicic acid in the dark in cyclotella cryptica

Toktamysova Z.S., 1979:
Potassium depleted ascites tumor cells as a model for the study of active transport

Linas, S.L.; Marzec-Calvert, R., 1986:
Potassium depletion ameliorates hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Peterson, L.N.; Carpenter, B.; Guttierrez, G.A.; Fajardo, C.; Levine, D.Z., 1987:
Potassium depletion enhances renal compensatory hypertrophy in the nephrectomized rat

Dow, S.W.; LeCouteur, R.A.; Fettman, M.J.; Spurgeon, T.L., 1987:
Potassium depletion in cats: hypokalemic polymyopathy

Dow, S.W.; Fettman, M.J.; LeCouteur, R.A.; Hamar, D.W., 1987:
Potassium depletion in cats: renal and dietary influences

Toyoshima, H., 1986:
Potassium depletion nephropathy in the rat. Ultrastructural and morphometric studies on the structural alterations of the renal medulla

Kobayashi S.; Kanaide H.; Nakamura M., 1985:
Potassium depolarization induces a direct release of calcium from intracellular storage sites in cultured vascular smooth muscle cells from rat aorta

Baird J.G.; Nahorski S.R., 1986:
Potassium depolarization markedly enhances muscarinic receptor stimulated inositol tetrakisphosphate accumulation in rat cerebral cortical slices

Sahrawat K.L., 1984:
Potassium determination in grain samples using the nondigestion dilute hydro chloric acid extraction method

Tsuda, H.; Kato, K., 1976:
Potassium di chromate induced chromosome aberrations and its control with sodium sulfite in hamster embryonic cells in vitro

Sharma R.C.; Sud K.C., 1981:
Potassium di chromate oxidizable soil nitrogen as a chemical index of availability for potato

Del Rey Perez Pena E.; Martinez Guerra M.L.; Fernandez Bonetti P., 1986:
Potassium diclofenac in acute nonbacterial pharyngotonsillitis

Fernandez Bonetti P.; Martinez Guerra M.L., 1986:
Potassium diclofenac in acute pharyngotonsillitis treated with antibiotics comparative study with placebo

Schlue W.R.; Deitmer J.W., 1984:
Potassium distribution and membrane potential of sensory neurons in the leech hirudo medicinalis nervous system

Claassen N.; Jungk A., 1982:
Potassium dynamics at the soil root interface in relation to the uptake of potassium by maize plants

Jensen J.R., 1984:
Potassium dynamics in soil during steady flow

Orr, C.W.; Yoshikawa-Fukada, M.; Ebert, J.D., 1972:
Potassium effect on dna synthesis and multiplication of baby hamster kidney cells

Touraine B.; Grignon C., 1982:
Potassium effect on nitrate secretion into the xylem of corn zea mays roots

Mengel K.; Secer M.; Koch K., 1981:
Potassium effect on protein formation and amino acid turnover in developing wheat grain triticum aestivum cultivar kolibri

Moonen, G.; Franck, G., 1977:
Potassium effect on sodium ion potassium ion atpase activity of cultured new born rat astro blasts during differentiation

Monticelli G., 1979:
Potassium effect on the electro physiological properties of the giant nerve cell bodies of arion subfuscus gastropoda pulmonata

Bonilla I.; Cadahia C.; Pinero M.T.; Hernando V., 1980:
Potassium effect on yield and quality of sugar beet

Krieger N.S.; Stern P.H., 1983:
Potassium effects on bone comparison of 2 model systems

Lynd J.Q.; Hanlon E.A.Jr; Odell G.V.Jr, 1981:
Potassium effects on improved growth nodulation and nitrogen fixation of hairy vetch vicia villosa cultivar madison

Kline, R.; Morad, M., 1976:
Potassium efflux and accumulation in heart muscle evidence from potassium ion electrode experiments

Crake, T.; Kirby, M.S.; Poole-Wilson, P.A., 1987:
Potassium efflux from the myocardium during hypoxia: role of lactate ions

Kline, R.P.; Morad, M., 1978:
Potassium efflux in heart muscle during activity: extracellular accumulation and its implications

Lubin M., 1988:
Potassium efflux in nih mouse 3t3 cells and transformed derivatives dependence on extracellular calcium and phorbol esters

Vereecke J.; Isenberg G.; Carmeliet E., 1980:
Potassium efflux through inward rectifying potassium channels in voltage clamped purkinje fibers

Thangnipon W.; Storm Mathisen J., 1981:
Potassium evoked calcium dependent release of tritium labeled d aspartate from terminals of the cortico pontine pathway

Thoa, N.B.; Davidson, R.K., 1982:
Potassium evoked catecholamine release from the nucleus tractus solitarius in vitro

Osborne H.; Herz A., 1980:
Potassium evoked release of methionine enkephalin from rat striatum in vitro effect of putative neuro transmitters and morphine

Mounsey I.; Brady K.A.; Carroll J.; Fisher R.; Middlemiss D.N., 1982:
Potassium evoked tritium labeled 5 hydroxy tryptamine release from rat frontal cortex slices the effect of 5 hydroxy tryptamine agonists and antagonists

Ross G.J.; Cline R.A., 1984:
Potassium exchange characteristics in relation to mineralogical properties and potassium uptake by grapes of selected soils in the niagara peninsula of southern ontario usa

Shaviv A.; Mattigod S.V.; Pratt P.F.; Joseph H., 1985:
Potassium exchange in five southern california usa soils with high potassium fixation capacity

Sokolova T.A.; Kuibysheva I.P.; Amel'kina L.N., 1985:
Potassium exchange in gray forest soils

Webb S.C.; Poole Wilson P.A., 1986:
Potassium exchange in the human heart during atrial pacing and myocardial ischemia

Frank, M.; Horowitz, S.B., 1980:
Potassium exchange in the whole cell, cytoplasm, and nucleus of amphibian oocytes

Jeffers D.L.; Schmitthenner A.F.; Kroetz M.E., 1982:
Potassium fertilization effects on phomopsis seed infection seed quality and yield of soybeans glycine max

Silva N.M.D.; Fuzatto M.G.; Chiavegato E.J.; Ferraz C.A.M.; Hiroce R., 1985:
Potassium fertilization in cotton time and mode of application and kind of fertilizer

Barbarick K.A., 1985:
Potassium fertilization of alfalfa medicago sativa grown on a soil high in potassium

Uriu K.; Carlson R.M.; Henderson D.W.; Schulbach H.; Aldrich T.M., 1980:
Potassium fertilization of prune prunus domestica cultivar agen trees under drip irrigation

Kuhlmann H.; Wehrmann J., 1984:
Potassium fertilization recommendation on the foundation of 81 experiments with small grains and sugar beets on loess soils in the southern part of lower saxony west germany

Gutteridge, R.C.; Whiteman, P.C., 1978:
Potassium fertilizer studies on brachiaria mutica centrosema pubescens pastures grown on soils derived from coral limestone malaita solomon islands part 1 effect of rates of potassium on yield and botanical composition

Gutteridge, R.C., 1978:
Potassium fertilizer studies on brachiaria mutica centrosema pubescens pastures growth on soils derived from coral limestone malaita solomon islands part 2 the fate of applied fertilizer potassium

Abasov N.A.; Kreier K.G., 1981:
Potassium fixation ability of soils of the plains of the dagestan assr russian sfsr ussr

Brar, M.S.; Sekhon, G.S., 1976:
Potassium fixation and response of wheat to applied potassium in punjab india soils

Ruiz S.R.; Sadzawka R.A., 1986:
Potassium fixation by aconcagua valley chile soils

Shaviv A.; Mohsin M.; Pratt P.F.; Mattigod S.V., 1985:
Potassium fixation characteristics of five southern california usa soils

Lodha, B.K.; Nigam, R.; Seth, S.P., 1975:
Potassium fixation in soils of rajasthan

Barber R.G., 1979:
Potassium fixation in some kenyan soils

Emsley J.; Jones D.J.; Osborn R.S.; Overill R.E., 1982:
Potassium fluoride succinic acid adduct a fully refined x ray crystal structure determination ab initio calculations of a model system and the ir spectrum of a very strong hydrogen bonded system

Begenisich T.; P., 1980:
Potassium flux ratio in voltage clamped squid loligo pealei giant axons

Aramrattana P.; Scott B.I.H., 1987:
Potassium flux studies in intact portions of the roots of oryza sativa

Kenyon C.J.; Young J.; Fraser R., 1985:
Potassium fluxes in bovine adrenal cells during acth stimulation

Mullins, L.J.; Brinley, F.J., 1969:
Potassium fluxes in dialyzed squid axons

Behl R.; Jeschke W.D., 1982:
Potassium fluxes in excised barley hordeum distichon cultivar kocherperle roots

Volle, R.L., 1970:
Potassium fluxes in frog sartorius muscle treated with tetra alkyl ammonium ions

Kroll R.G.; Anagnostopoulos G.D., 1981:
Potassium fluxes on hyper osmotic shock and the effect of phenol and bronopol 2 bromo 2 nitro propane 1 3 diol on deplasmolysis of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Tolstova L.N., 1983:
Potassium forms in soils of the western tien shan ussr

Ibrahim A.E.M.; M.E., 1982 :
Potassium forms in the soil fractions of calcareous soils

Perez, G.O.; Lespier, L.; Knowles, R.; Oster, J.R.; Vaamonde, C.A., 1977:
Potassium homeostasis in chronic diabetes mellitus

Lindheimer, M.D.; Richardson, D.A.; Ehrlich, E.N.; Katz, A.I., 1987:
Potassium homeostasis in pregnancy

Pichon, Y.; Abbott, N.J.; Lieberman, E.M.; Larmet, Y., 1987:
Potassium homeostasis in the nervous system of cephalopods and crustacea

Scherer G.G.F.E.; Martiny Baron G., 1985:
Potassium hydrogen exchange transport in plant membrane vesicles is evidence for potassium transport

Otani S., 1980:
Potassium in red blood cell and myo cardium in open heart surgery in relation to post operative arrhythmias

Khuri, R.N.; Agulian, S.K.; Wise, W.M., 1971:
Potassium in the rat kidney proximal tubules in situ determination by potassium selective liquid ion exchange micro electrodes

Ericsson, F.; Carlmark, B., 1983:
Potassium in whole body, skeletal muscle and erythrocytes in chronic renal failure

Ruiz-Manresa, F.; Ruarte, A.C.; Schwartz, T.L.; Grundfest, H., 1970:
Potassium inactivation and impedance changes during spike electrogenesis in eel electroplaques

Forgac M.; Chin G., 1981:
Potassium independent active transport of sodium by sodium potassium atpase

Murlas C.; Ehring G.; Suszkiw J.; Sperelakis N., 1986:
Potassium induced alterations in airway muscle responsiveness to electrical field stimulation

Fry D.W.; Cybulski R.L.; Goldman I.D., 1980:
Potassium induced alterations of energetics and exchange diffusion in the carrier mediated transport of the folic acid analog methotrexate in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Leonards K.S.; Haug A., 1981:
Potassium induced and calcium induced alterations in lipid interactions of isolated plasma membranes from blastocladiella emersonii evidence for an atp requirement

Scheele G.; Haymovits A., 1980:
Potassium induced and ionophore a 23187 induced discharge of secretory protein in guinea pig pancreatic lobules role of extracellular calcium

Hobbs, A.S.; Albers, R.W.; Froehlich, J.P., 1980:
Potassium induced changes in phosphorylation and dephosphorylation of sodium potassium atpase observed in the transient state

Luxoro M.; Nassar Gentina V., 1984:
Potassium induced de polarizations and generation of tension in barnacle megabalanus psittacus muscle fibers effects of external calcium strontium and barium

Ritchie T.; Packey D.J.; Trachtenberg M.C.; Haber B., 1981:
Potassium induced ion and water movements in the frog spinal cord and filum terminale

Iga, T., 1977:
Potassium induced melanosome dispersion in melanophores of oryzias latipes is independent of adrenergic mechanisms

Zenner, H.P., 1986:
Potassium induced motility and depolarization of cochlear hair cells direct evidence for a new pathophysiological mechanism in meniere's disease

Ishii T.; Shimo Y., 1979:
Potassium induced relaxations of the guinea pig tenia coli

Vargas, O.; De-Lorenzo, M.D.C.D.; Saldate, M.C.; Orrego, F., 1977:
Potassium induced release of tritiated gamma amino butyric acid and of tritiated noradrenaline from normal and reserpinized rat brain cortex slices differences in calcium dependency and in sensitivity to potassium ions

Dembiec D.; Cohen G., 1981:
Potassium induced release of tritium labeled catecholamine from brain effects of pre exposure to catecholamine uptake inhibitors

Tomiko S.A.; Taraskevich P.S.; Douglas W.W., 1981:
Potassium induced secretion of msh from isolated pars intermedia cells signals participation of voltage dependent calcium channels in stimulus secretion coupling

Tapia Arancibia L.; Arancibia S.; Astier H., 1984:
Potassium induced thyrotropin releasing hormone release from superfused mediobasal hypothalami in rats inhibition by somatostatin

Webb R.C.; Cohen D.M.; Bohr D.F., 1983:
Potassium induced vascular relaxation in 2 kidney 1 clip renal hypertensive rats

Balanski R., 1986:
Potassium influence on hepatocarcinogenic action of den in rats

Zsoldos, F.; Haunold, E., 1978:
Potassium influx and efflux of 2 4 d treated and 4 chloro 2 methylphenoxy acetic acid treated rice plants

Claassen, N.; Barber, S.A., 1977:
Potassium influx characteristics of corn roots and interaction with nitrogen phosphorus calcium and magnesium influx

Vale, F.R.; Jackson, W.A.; Volk, R.J., 1987:
Potassium influx into maize root systems : influence of root potassium concentration and ambient ammonium

Willmer C.M.; Rutter J.C.; Meidner H., 1983:
Potassium involvement in stomatal movements of paphiopedilum

Outlaw W.H.Jr; Manchester J.; Zenger V.E., 1982:
Potassium involvement not demonstrated in stomatal movements of paphiopedilum qualified confirmation of the nelson mayo report

Grufferty M.B.; Fox P.F., 1986:
Potassium iodate induced proteolysis in ultra heat treated milk during storage the role of beta lactoglobulin and plasmin

Horio, T.; Imamura, S.; Danno, K.; Ofuji, S., 1981:
Potassium iodide in the treatment of erythema nodosum and nodular vasculitis

Carrapico F.; Pais M.S., 1981:
Potassium iodide osmium tetr oxide an impregnation mixture for electron microscopy

Gonzalez C.H.E.; Trheebilcok P.E.; Montano A.J.; Leon V.J., 1979:
Potassium iodine as treatment for sub cutaneous equine phyco mycosis

Adelman, W.J.J. ; Palti, Y.; Senft, J.P., 1973:
Potassium ion accumulation in a peri axonal space and its effect on the measurement of membrane potassium ion conductance

Clay J.R., 1986:
Potassium ion accumulation slows the closing rate of potassium channels in squid loligo pealei axons

Zhuchikhina A.A.; Skul'skii I.A., 1979:
Potassium ion activation of muscle pyruvate kinase in mollusks inhabiting waters of varying salinity

Zlotnikova I.F.; Vakhmistrov D.B., 1982:
Potassium ion activity in the cytoplasm and the vacuole of root hairs of trianea bogotensis

Ilyinsky, O.B.; Akoev, G.N.; Krasnikova, T.L.; Elman, S.I., 1976:
Potassium ion and sodium ion content in the pacinian corpuscle fluid and its role in the activity of receptors

Douglas, J.G., 1980:
Potassium ion as a regulator of adrenal angiotensin II receptors

Wanke E.; Carbone E.; Testa P.L., 1979:
Potassium ion conductance modified by a titratable group accessible to protons from the intra cellular side of the squid axon membrane

Fishman, H.M.; Poussart, D.J.M.; Moore, L.E.; Siebenga, E., 1977:
Potassium ion conduction description from the low frequency impedance and admittance of squid axon

Grisell R.D.; Fishman H.M., 1979:
Potassium ion conduction phenomena applicable to the low frequency impedance of squid axon

Young S.H.; Moore J.W., 1981:
Potassium ion currents in the crayfish procambarus clarkii giant axon dynamic characteristics

Thompson, J.; Costerton, J.W.; Macleod, R.A., 1970:
Potassium ion dependent de plasmolysis of a marine pseudomonad plasmolyzed in a hypo tonic solution

Polivoda B.I.; Konev V.V.; Kruglikov A.P., 1981:
Potassium ion dependent swelling of ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells in the presence of linoleic acid hydro per oxides and iron ii

Hulter H.N.; Licht J.H.; Sebastian A., 1979:
Potassium ion deprivation potentiates the renal acid excretory effect of mineralo corticoid obliteration by amiloride

Hulter, H.N.; Sigala, J.F.; Sebastian, A., 1978:
Potassium ion deprivation potentiates the renal alkalosis producing effect of mineralo corticoid

Kanunnikova N.A.; Kovrigo V.P.; Dzyuin G.P., 1980:
Potassium ion exchange equilibrium in soddy podzolic soils of the udmurt assr russian sfsr ussr

Sick T.J.; Chasnoff E.P.; Rosenthal M., 1985:
Potassium ion homeostasis and mitochondrial redox status of turtle pseudemys scripta elegans brain during and after ischemia

Sick, T.J.; Kreisman, N.R., 1981:
Potassium ion homeostasis in amphibian brain: contribution of active transport and oxidative metabolism

Kovaru, H.; Lisy, V.; Lodin, Z., 1978:
Potassium ion induced changes of oxygen uptake by neuronal enriched and glial enriched fractions from mouse brain cortex

Mrsny R.J.; Meizel S., 1981:
Potassium ion influx and sodium potassium atpase activity are required for the hamster sperm acrosome reaction

Bakker Grunwald T.; Andrew J.S.; Nevile M.C., 1980:
Potassium ion influx components in ascites cells the effects of agents interacting with the sodium potassium pump

Kassel D.B.; Allison J., 1988:
Potassium ion ionization of desorbed species potassium ids a rapid method for the screening of urine for organic acidemias

Hansen, A.J.; Lund-Andersen, H.; Crone, C., 1977:
Potassium ion permeability of the blood brain barrier investigated by aid of a potassium ion sensitive micro electrode

Nagel, W.; Hirschmann, W., 1980:
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Potato spindle tuber viroid and citrus exocortis viroid undergo no major sequence changes during replication in 2 different hosts

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Potato starch granules

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Potent bile salt and organic anion inhibition of methotrexate uptake and accumulation in the freshly isolated rat hepatocyte

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Potent dipsogenic effect of physalemin in the pigeon

Martin G.E.; Williams M.; Clineschmidt B.V.; Yarbrough G.G.; Jones J.H.; Haubrich D.R., 1982:
Potent dopamine agonist activity of a novel ergoline 6 ethyl 9 oxa ergoline

Thompson, K.A.; Iansmith, D.H.; Siddoway, L.A.; Woosley, R.L.; Roden, D.M., 1988:
Potent electrophysiologic effects of the major metabolites of propafenone in canine Purkinje fibers

Lee H.R.; Jaros J.A.; Roeske W.R.; Wiech N.L.; Ursillo R.; Yamamura H.I., 1985:
Potent enhancement of tritiated nitrendipine binding in rat cerebral cortical and cardiac homogenates a putative mechanism for the action of mdl 12330a n cis 2 phenylcyclopentylazacyclotridecan 2 imine hydrochloride

Tatsumi M.; Kajiwara A.; Yasumoto T.; Ohizumi Y., 1985:
Potent excitatory effect of scaritoxin on the guinea pig vas deferens tenia ceci and ileum

Garg, S.K.; Dhar, V.J.; Narendranath, K.A.N., 1976:
Potent female anti fertility agents

Murphy, W.A.; Meyers, C.A.; Coy, D.H., 1981:
Potent, highly selective inhibition of growth hormone secretion by position 4 somatostatin analogs

Keana J.F.W.; Guzikowski A.P.; Ward D.D.; Morat C.; Van Nice F.L., 1983:
Potent hydrophilic dienophiles synthesis and aqueous stability of several 4 aryl 1 2 4 triazoline 3 5 diones and sulfonated 4 aryl 1 2 4 triazoline 3 5 diones and their immobilization on silica gel

Humphries G.M.K.; Mcconnell H.M., 1979:
Potent immuno suppression by oxidized cholesterol

Bambra C.S., 1984:
Potent immunosuppressive activity of guinea pig chorionic gonadotropin

Falaschi, P.; D'Urso, R.; Negri, L.; Rocco, A.; Montecucchi, P.C.; Henschen, A.; Melchiorri, P.; Erspamer, V., 1982:
Potent in vivo and in vitro prolactin inhibiting activity of sauvagine, a frog skin peptide

Okuda M.; Arakawa K., 1985:
Potent inhibition of angiotensin converting enzyme by des 3 proline bradykinin or converstatin in comparison with captopril

Gibbons, I.R.; Cosson, M.P.; Evans, J.A.; Gibbons, B.H.; Houck, B.; Martinson, K.H.; Sale, W.S.; Tang, W.J.Y., 1978:
Potent inhibition of dynein atpase and of the motility of cilia and sperm flagella by vanadate

Shirazi, S.P.; Beechey, R.B.; Butterworth, P.J., 1981:
Potent inhibition of membrane bound rat intestinal alkaline phosphatase ec by a new series of phosphate analogs

Agarwal, R.P.; Parks, R.E.J., 1977:
Potent inhibition of muscle amp deaminase ec by the nucleoside antibiotics coformycin and deoxy coformycin

Morton B.E.; Fraser C.F.; Thenawidjaja M.; Albagli L.; Rayner M.D., 1982:
Potent inhibition of sperm motility by paly toxin

Kumar, S.; Jethi, R.K., 1975:
Potent inhibitors of calcification from human urine

Auclair, C.; Kelly, P.A.; Coy, D.H.; Schally, A.V.; Labrie, F., 1977:
Potent inhibitory activity of 6 d leucine 10 deglycinamide luteinizing hormone releasing hormone ethyl amide on luteinizing hormone human chorionic gonadotropin and prolactin testicular receptor levels in the rat

Kelly, P.A.; Asselin, J.; Caron, M.G.; Labrie, F.; Raynaud, J.P., 1977:
Potent inhibitory effect of a new anti estrogen 11 methoxyethynyl estradiol ru 16117 on the growth of 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene induced rat mammary tumors

Ronai A.Z.; Kardos J.; Simonyi M., 1987:
Potent inhibitory gaba b receptors in stimulated guinea pig tenia coli

Leung F.C.; Taylor J.E.; Ball C.A., 1985:
Potent interaction between trh and human pancreatic growth hormone releasing factor in stimulating chicken growth hormone in vivo hypothalamic noradrenergic mediation in trh stimulation of chicken growth hormone release

Sehnal, F.; Romanuk, M.; Streinz, L., 1976:
Potent juvenoids with cyclo hexane moiety in the molecule

Nestor, J.J.Jr ; Tahilramani, R.; Ho, T.L.; Mcrae, G.I.; Vickery, B.H., 1988:
Potent long acting lhrh antagonists containing new synthetic amino acids n n' dialkyl d homoarginines

Nomura T., 1979:
Potent mutagenicity of urethane ethyl carbamate gas in drosophila melanogaster

Ashby J.; Paton D.; Callander R.D., 1988:
Potent mutagenicity to salmonella of equimolar mixture of 52 chemicals used in five collaborative studies

Imaki K.; Sakuyama S.; Okada T.; Toda M.; Hayashi M.; Miyamoto T.; Kawasaki A.; Okegawa T., 1981:
Potent orally active inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme

Kohama Y.; Iwabuchi K.; Okabe M.; Mimura T., 1986:
Potent platelet antiaggregant action of an antiarrhythmic peptide

Hanahan D.J.; Munder P.G.; Satouchi K.; Mcmanus L.; Pinckard R.N., 1981:
Potent platelet stimulating activity of enantiomers of acetylglyceryl ether phosphoryl choline and its methoxy analog

Kluge, A.F.; Kertesz, D.J.; O-Yang, C.; Wu, H.Y., 1987:
Potent prostacyclin analogues based on the bicyclo 4.2.0 octane ring system

Chen, W.S.; Cocolas, G.H.; Cavallito, C.J.; Chai, K.J., 1977:
Potent reversible anti cholin esterase agents bis n substituted benzo quinolinium halides and mono n substituted benzo quinolinium halides

Coles, S.J.; Neill, K.H.; Reid, L.M., 1984:
Potent stimulation of glycoprotein secretion in canine trachea by substance P

Eppstein D.A.; Marsh Y.V., 1984:
Potent synergistic inhibition of herpes simplex virus type 2 by 9 1 3 di hydroxy 2 propoxymethyl guanine in combination with recombinant interferons

Chipkin R.E.; Morris D.H.; English M.G.; Rosamond J.D.; Stammer C.H.; York E.J.; Stewart J.M., 1981:
Potent tetra peptide enkephalins

Gupta, O.P.; Sharma, M.L.; Ghatak, B.J.; Atal, C.K., 1977:
Potent uterine activity of alkaloid vasicine

Sawyer W.H.; Bankowski K.; Misicka A.; Nawrocka E.; Kruszynski M.; Stoev S.; Klis W.A.; Przybylski J.P.; Manning M., 1988:
Potent v 2 vasopressin antagonists with structural changes at their carboxyl terminals

Rosenthal A.; Pace Asciak C.R., 1983:
Potent vaso constriction of the isolated perfused rat kidney by leukotriene c 4 and leukotriene d 4

Ali F.E F.; Chang H L.; Huffman W.F.; Heckman G.; Kinter L.B.; Weidley E.F.; Edwards R.; Schmidt D.; Ashton Shue D.; Stassen F.L., 1987:
Potent vasopressin antagonists modified at the carboxyl terminal tripeptide tail

Etschberger, K., 1975:
Potential ability and regulatory behavior of humans in tracking random signals

Muranishi, S.; Tokunaga, Y.; Taniguchi, K.; Sezaki, H., 1977:
Potential absorption of heparin from the small intestine and the large intestine in the presence of mono olein mixed micelles

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Potential acetyl cholin esterase reactivators pyridine oxime derivatives part 1

Fedotcheva, N.I.; Pronevich, L.A.; Mironova, G.D., 1985:
Potential activity of the external pathway of NADH oxidation in mitochondria

Morrison, A.B.; Maykut, M.O., 1979:
Potential adverse effects of maternal alcohol ingestion on the developing fetus and their sequelae in the infant and child

Ramjeesingh, M.; Kahlenberg, A., 1977:
Potential affinity and photo affinity reagents for the membrane protein of human erythrocytes involved in glucose transport synthesis of 6 amino 6 deoxy derivatives of d glucose

Zerfiridis, G.K., 1985:
Potential aflatoxin hazards to human health from direct mold growth on Teleme cheese

Tombesi L.; Favola G.; Moretti R.; Pirillo M.; Francaviglia R.; Costantini A., 1980:
Potential agricultural productivity and previsional mathematical models

Ermak D.L.; Nyholm R.A.; Gudiksen P.H., 1980:
Potential air quality impacts of large scale geo thermal energy development in the imperial valley california usa

Graue Wiechers B.; Rovalo Merino M., 1982:
Potential allelopathy and microbicidal activity of helietta parvifolia

Raffa, K.F., 1977:
Potential alternate hosts of the gypsy moth parasite apanteles porthetriae

Burkartsmaier, A.; Mutschler, E., 1976:
Potential analgesic agents part 4 n aryl derivatives of 3 substituted anthranilic acids

Mann, N.; Mutschler, E., 1976:
Potential analgesic agents part 7 on the analgesic activity of some reduced bi phenyl mannich bases

Burkartsmaier, A.; Mutschler, E., 1978:
Potential analgesics part 8 synthesis and pharmacological test of 3 4 and 5 substituted n aryl anthranilic acids

Burkartsmaier, A.; Mutschler, E., 1978:
Potential analgesics part 9 synthesis and pharmacological test of derivatives of n piperidin 4 yl anthranilic acid

Pyl'nev V.V., 1987:
Potential and actual ear productivity in winter wheat cultivars of various cultivar change periods

Beamish F.W.H.; Thomas E.J., 1983:
Potential and actual fecundity of the paired lampreys ichthyomyzon gagei and ichthyomyzon castaneus

Vander-Kloet, S.P., 1977:
Potential and actual gene exchange among 3 sympatric species of vaccinium cyanococcus in highlands county florida usa

Herbauts J., 1983:
Potential and actual nitrogen availability of humic layers in several forest associations of southeastern belgium

Zakhvatkin Y.A.; Popov S.Ya; Kalabekov A.L., 1981:
Potential and ecological fertility of the weevil anthonomus rubi coleoptera curculionidae

Novikova V.P., 1981:
Potential and limitations of methods for examining the h reflex in the diagnosis of nervous system diseases

Pickup, G., 1977:
Potential and limitations of rainfall runoff models for prediction on ungauged catchments a case study from the papua new guinea highlands

Heinz F.X.; Kunz C., 1982:
Potential and pitfalls in the use of immunoassays for the quantification of live and inactivated virus using tick borne encephalitis virus as a model

Bergman, M.; Ginstrup, O.; Nilner, K., 1978:
Potential and polarization measurements in vivo of oral galvanism

Godt R.E.; Baumgarten C.M., 1984:
Potential and potassium activity in skinned muscle fibers evidence against a simple donnan equilibrium

Kuperman F.M.; Turkova E.V., 1980:
Potential and real productivity of various winter rye cultivars with different dates of sowing and different heights of snow cover

Vogt W.G.; Walker J.M., 1987:
Potential and realized fecundity in the bush fly musca vetustissima under favorable and unfavorable protein feeding regimes

Wurm, G.; Geres, U., 1977:
Potential anti anaphylactics 5 carboxy flavone and 6 carboxy flavone derivatives

Hanifin J.W.; Johnson B.D.; Menschik J.; Ridge D.N.; Sloboda A.E., 1979 :
Potential anti arthritic agents part 1 benzoyl acetonitriles

Albright, J.D.; De-Vries, V.G.; Largis, E.E.; Miner, T.G.; Reich, M.F.; Schaffer, S.A.; Shepherd, R.G.; Upeslacis, J., 1983:
Potential anti athero sclerotic agents 2. aralkylamino benzoic acid and alkylamino benzoic acid analogs of cetaben

Albright, J.D.; Devries, V.G.; Du, M.T.; Largis, E.E.; Miner, T.G.; Reich, M.F.; Shepherd, R.G., 1983:
Potential anti athero sclerotic agents 3. substituted benzoic acid and nonbenzoic acid analogs of cetaben

Devries, V.G.; Largis, E.E.; Miner, T.G.; Shepherd, R.G.; Upeslacis, J., 1983:
Potential anti athero sclerotic agents 4. functionalized alkylamino benzoic acid analogs of cetaben

Lotter, H.; Saleh, A.A.; Cordell, G.A.; Farnsworth, N.R.; Wagner, H., 1979:
Potential anti cancer agents 11. x ray structure determination of acantholide

Saleh, A.A.; Cordell, G.A.; Farnworth, N.R., 1980:
Potential anti cancer agents 13. cyto toxic constituents of acanthospermum glabratum asteraceae

Gunasekera, S.P.; Cordell, G.A.; Farnsworth, N.R., 1979:
Potential anti cancer agents 14. isolation of spruceanol and montanin from cunuria spruceana euphorbiaceae

Niculescu-Duvaz, I.; Toma, A.; Rotaru, M.; Ionescu, D.; Baracu, I.; Botez, G.; Tarnauceanu, E.; Dobre, V., 1979:
Potential anti cancer agents 15. new aromatic nitrogen mustards able to be coupled with proteins

Mahmoud, I.I.; Kinghorn, A.D.; Cordell, G.A.; Farnsworth, N.R., 1980:
Potential anti cancer agents 16. isolation of bi cyclo farnesane sesqui terpenoids from capsicodendron dinisii

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