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Potassium ion sodium ion exchange and selectivity in barley root cells effects of potassium ion rubidium ion cesium ion and lithium ion on the sodium ion fluxes

Potassium ion sodium ion exchange and selectivity in barley root cells effects of potassium ion rubidium ion cesium ion and lithium ion on the sodium ion fluxes

Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenphysiologie 84(3): 247-264

The effect of Li+, K+, Rb+ and Cs+ on the plasmalemma Na+ efflux in cortical cells of Na+ -loaded barley [Hordeum vulgare] roots was studied K+ and Rb+ effectively stimulated and subsequently inhibited the trans-root Na+ transport. Cs+ had a similar but smaller, Li+ almost no effect on As a function of [K+]o, [Rb+]o and [Cs+]o the cation-dependent part of followed Michaelis-Menten kinetics within the experimental error. The apparent Km corresponded to the Km of the influx (initial net uptake) of the stimulating ions indicating a linkage between part of cation influx and the cation-dependent Na+ efflux or a K+-Na+ exchange system with a certain affinity to alkali cations other than K+. From the Km the selectivity sequence K+ > Rb+ > Cs+ .mchgt. Li+ of the external site of the exchange system was derived. This sequence corresponds qualitatively to that of isolated plant membrane ATPases. The significance of the analogy is discussed. It does not yet definitely prove the involvement of an ATPase similar to the isolated plant enzymes in K+-Na+ exchange and in K+-Na+-selectivity of barley roots. Measurements of the effect of [K+]o on the steady state Na+ fluxes and contents showed the plasmalemma efflux and the vacuolar content of Na+ to be less decreased in the continuous presence of external K+ than other fluxes and the cytoplasmic content. This indicates a continuous operation of K+-Na+ exchange in the presence of external K+ and Na+ and the involvement of other mechanism(s) besides the plasmalemmal K+-Na+ exchange in selective accumulation of K+ and Na+ by barley roots.

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