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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6160

Chapter 6160 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lefevre P., 1984: Potentiometric assay of amino acids with copper on pharmaceutical forms

Rechnitz G.A., 1987: Potentiometric biosensor for riboflavin based on the use of aporiboflavin binding protein

Lepnev G.P., 1982: Potentiometric carbon di oxide meters for measuring respiratory and photosynthetic gas exchange in atmospheric and water environment

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159003

Brambl R., 1987: Potentiometric cyanine dyes are sensitive probes for mitochondria in intact plant cells kinetin enhances mitochondrial fluorescence

Holler F.J., 1982: Potentiometric detection system for flow injection titrimetry

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159006

Puxbaum, H.; Simeonov, V.; Rendl, J., 1977: Potentiometric determination of chloride and bromide in airborne dust

Naidu G.R., 1987: Potentiometric determination of chromium vi in water

Wallace, T. C.; Coughlin, R. W., 1978: Potentiometric determination of coenzyme dependent oxido reductase enzymes with re cycling of the coenzyme

Swallow, K. C.; Westall, J. C.; Mcknight, D. M.; Morel, N. M. L.; Morel, F. M. M., 1978: Potentiometric determination of copper complexation by phyto plankton exudates

Van Wyk C.W., 1980: Potentiometric determination of d levo glucose d dextro mannose or d levo fructose in a mixture of hexoses and pentoses by using streptococcus mutans fermentation

Bugay D.E., 1983: Potentiometric determination of equivalent weight of o substituted benzonitriles

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159013

Boitieux, J. L.; Desmet, G.; Thomas, D., 1978: Potentiometric determination of hepatitis b surface antigen in biological fluids

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159015

El Kheir A.A., 1980: Potentiometric determination of iron iii using ferro cyanide

Naidu G.R.K., 1988: Potentiometric determination of lead in water

Sekerka, I.; Lechner, J. F., 1976: Potentiometric determination of low levels of simple and total cyanides

Spintse, B. A.; Podgornova, N. N.; Veveris, A. Ya, 1987: Potentiometric determination of n acetylglucosaminyl n' acetylmuramyl l alanine d isoglutamine and of the initial and intermediate products of its synthesis

Hassan, S. S. M.; Rechnltz, G. A., 1982: Potentiometric determination of nadp and glutathione reductase ec

Krasnoshchekov V.V., 1981: Potentiometric determination of nitrate content in fresh vegetables

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159022

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159023

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159024

Zegel'man A.B., 1985: Potentiometric determination of the acid number of sea buckthorn oil

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159026

Billabert, A.; Hamon, M., 1977: Potentiometric determinations using mercuric salts part 2 complexometry of some sulfur derivatives thiols thio ureas thio semi carbazide in anhydrous acetic acid

Boleta L., 1980: Potentiometric differential titration of drug binary mixtures in nonaqueous medium 2

Veveris, A. Ya ; Spintse, B. A., 1984: Potentiometric differential titration of the components of nucleic acids and their derivatives 5. alkalimetric determination of 7 benzylpurine derivatives in dimethylsulfoxide medium

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159030

Kamo N., 1979: Potentiometric enzyme electrode for lactate

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159032

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159033

Trojanowicz M., 1985: Potentiometric flow injection determination of sugars using a metallic copper electrode

Chruscinski L., 1984: Potentiometric investigation of mixed ligand complexes of nickel ii with d l methionine and d l ethionine in aqueous solution/

Williams D.R., 1982: Potentiometric investigation of sparingly soluble metal ligand systems using metal ion buffers

Yamamoto, N.; Nagasawa, Y.; Sawai, M.; Sudo, T.; Tsubomura, H., 1978: Potentiometric investigations of antigen antibody and enzyme enzyme inhibitor reactions using chemically modified metal electrodes

Voye A., 1987: Potentiometric investigations of the equilibria between caffeic acid and copper ii zinc ii iron ii and hydrogen ions in aqueous solution

Liu, C. C.; Weaver, J. P.; Chen, A. K., 1981: Potentiometric measurement of glucose concentration using a gel immobilized glucose dehydrogenase ec electrode

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159040

Erskine D.J.C., 1983: Potentiometric measurements of carbon di oxide flux of submerged aquatic macrophytes in ph statted natural waters

Kvetny J., 1985: Potentiometric measurements of ionized calcium in anaerobic whole blood plasma and serum evaluated

Smith, G. L.; Miller, D. J., 1985: Potentiometric measurements of stoichiometric and apparent affinity constants of ethylene glycol bis beta aminoethylether n n n' n' tetracetic acid for protons and divalent ions including calcium

Schiller J.G., 1979: Potentiometric method for substrate analysis using immobilized nad dependent oxido reductase enzymes

Hussein W.R., 1987: Potentiometric method for the assay of l aspartase enzyme activity

Hawkes D.L., 1983: Potentiometric method for the determination of carbon di oxide in bio gas

Mella C., 1986: Potentiometric method for the determination of esterase activity in liver homogenates

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159048

Rachvelishvili, B. Kh ; Makhatadze, I. L.; Chlaidze, E. N., 1976: Potentiometric method of determining active concentration of sodium and chloride ions in gastric juice

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159050

Mohamed M.E., 1981: Potentiometric nonaqueous determination of glaphenine hydro chloride and its pharmaceutical formulations

Chen A.K., 1982: Potentiometric quantitation of biological substrates using gel immobilized oxido reductases

Chen, A. K.; Starzmann, J. A.; Liu, C. C., 1982: Potentiometric quantitation of glycerol using immobilized glycerol dehydrogenase ec

Josefson M., 1982: Potentiometric stripping analysis in flow cells

Graneli A., 1983: Potentiometric stripping with matrix exchange techniques in flow injection analysis of heavy metals in ground waters

Jawaid, M., 1978: Potentiometric studies of complex formation between methyl mercury ii and edta

Nizhinkovskaya T.N., 1980: Potentiometric studies of ionogenic groups of immuno globulin g characteristic of malignant growth

Massey V., 1985: Potentiometric studies of native and flavin substituted old yellow enzyme

Rinaudo M., 1979: Potentiometric studies on interactions of alpha l glutamic acid oligomers with copper ii in aqueous solutions

Sindhwani S.K., 1988: Potentiometric studies on some bivalent metal complexes of 2 hydroxy 1 naphthaldehyde monosemicarbazone hnas

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159061

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159062

Palmer G., 1983: Potentiometric studies on yeast complex iii

Yamaoka, H.; Oshima, T., 1977: Potentiometric study by amalgam electrodes of the interaction between escherichia coli transfer rna and divalent copper zinc or cadmium ion in an aqueous neutral buffer solution

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159065

Berthon G., 1979: Potentiometric study of imidazole complexation with proton cobalt ii nickel ii copper ii zinc ii and cadmium ii ions under physiological conditions

Stom, D. I., 1976: Potentiometric study of natural phenol quinones radio toxin analogs

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159068

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159069

Leporati E., 1985: Potentiometric study of the complex formation equilibria of manganese ii cobalt ii nickel ii copper ii and zinc ii with ethylenediamine n acetic acid

Balmukhanov B.S., 1981: Potentiometric study of the exchange of reducing equivalents between yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells and the incubation medium

Sakharova I.S., 1981: Potentiometric study of the time course of the glycogen synthetase reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159073

Leporati E., 1988: Potentiometric study on the complex formation equilibria between 2 amino n hydroxyhexanamide and alpha amino 1h indole 3 n hydroxypropanamide and cobalt ii nickel ii copper ii and hydrogen ions in aqueous solution

Rechnitz G.A., 1985: Potentiometric system for selective formate measurement and improvement of response characteristics by permeation of cells

Kokufuta, E.; Terada, T.; Suzuki, S.; Harada, K., 1978: Potentiometric titration behavior of a co polymer of glutamic acid and alanine prepared by thermal poly condensation

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159077

Harada K., 1979: Potentiometric titration behavior of poly lysine and co polymer of lysine with alanine prepared by thermal poly condensation

Martin C.J., 1980: Potentiometric titration curves of oxidized and reduced horse heart cytochrome c

Uddin M., 1987: Potentiometric titration method for the determination of uronic acid anhydride content of acidic polysaccharides

Feuge R.O., 1981: Potentiometric titration of cyclo propene esters

Sinha M.K., 1986: Potentiometric titration of fulvic acids of forest and cultivated soils of northeastern himalayan region asia

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159083

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159084

Sauer K., 1983: Potentiometric titration of photosystem ii fluorescence decay kinetics in spinach chloroplasts

Nicolas A., 1985: Potentiometric titration of quaternary ammonium salts by use of a perchlorate ion selective electrode

Tateda R., 1981: Potentiometric titration of some amino acids in aqueous acetone solvent with per chloric acid

Hongve, D.; Skogheim, O. D., 1978: Potentiometric titration of sulfate in fresh water

Yoch, D. C.; Carithers, R. P., 1978: Potentiometric titration of the high and low potential 4 iron 4 sulfur centers of azotobacter vinelandii ferredoxin i

Su J C., 1988: Potentiometric titration of tin complexes of bamboo shoot detinning substances

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159091

Huber C.O., 1979: Potentiometric titration of water hardness calcium and magnesium

Sawyer D.T., 1979: Potentiometric titrations and oxidation reduction potentials of manganese and copper zinc super oxide dis mutases

Asada K., 1983: Potentiometric titrations and oxidation reduction potentials of several iron super oxide dis mutases

Raman K.V., 1986: Potentiometric titrations of humic and fulvic acids extracted from cultivated and forested soils of northern india

Simon W., 1983: Potentiometry of sodium in undiluted serum and urine with use of an improved neutral carrier based solvent polymeric membrane electrode

Lindel H., 1985: Potentiostatic electroreductive cleavage of sulfur sulfur bridges and fluorescence marking of insulin beef

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159098

Larsen K., 1987: Potiskum virus enhancement of replication in a macrophage like cell line

Johnston P.G., 1980: Potorous longipes new species marsupialia macropodidae from eastern victoria australia

Seebeck J.H., 1981: Potorous tridactylus marsupialia macropodidae its distribution status and habitat preferences in victoria australia

Pupier R., 1979: Potosia cuprea metallica and potosia cuprea olivacea coleoptera cetoniidae

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159103

Pochinok Kh N., 1981: Pots for outdoor vegetation experiments

Doll, R., 1975: Pott and the path to prevention

Sturdza, V. R.; Sturdza, M., 1986: Pott's disease in children

Adendorff, J. J.; Boeke, E. J.; Lazarus, C., 1987: Pott's paraplegia

Pattisson, P. R. M., 1986: Pott's paraplegia an account of the treatment of 89 consecutive patients

Hsu, L. C. S.; Cheng, C. L.; Leong, J. C. Y., 1988: Pott's paraplegia of late onset the cause of compression and results after anterior decompression

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159110

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159111

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159112

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159113

Hanic, L. A.; Pringle, J. D., 1978: Pottery a substrate for algal culture

Arts, T., 1987: Pottia bryoides dicks. mitt. pottia lanceolata hedw. c. mull. and pottia truncata hedw. b. and s. with rhizoidal tubers

Pawuk W.H., 1981: Potting media affect growth and disease development of container grown southern usa pines

Tondeur G., 1982: Potts disease concerning 2 recent observations

Quindlen E.A., 1981: Potts disease following bcg therapy of melanoma

Grieco M.H., 1979: Potts disease in heroin addicts

Wong J., 1982: Potts paraplegia in a tuberculous rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Rhoads R.E., 1987: Potyviral proteins share amino acid sequence homology with picorna como and caulimoviral proteins

Ko N.J., 1984: Potyvirus cylindrical inclusions subdivision iv

Hamelman H., 1987: Pouch and roux en y reconstruction after gastrectomy

Hamelmann H., 1985: Pouch and roux en y reconstruction following gastrectomy a time sparing gastric replacement technique with the systematic application of the stapler technique

Kaplinsky E., 1987: Pouch of the tricuspid valve in atrioventricular canal defect

Maul U., 1987: Pouch versus esophagojejunostomy after total gastrectomy a randomized clinical trial

Pedersen B.H., 1984: Pouch volume stoma diameter and clinical outcome after gastroplasty for morbid obesity a prospective study

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159128

Paterson G.M., 1988: Poultry borne salmonellosis in scotland uk

Dutta B.R., 1979: Poultry droppings its manurial potentiality in aquaculture

Charles, D. R., 1970: Poultry environment in the united kingdom a review of progress

Carter, T. A.; Carr, L. E., 1976: Poultry hatchery effluent quality

Zohari, M., 1970: Poultry in iran

Leon I., 1987: Poultry litter and fish meal relationships as a supplement for calves fed forage

Viana, J. A. C.; Mendes, M.; Moreira, H. A.; Mello, R. P., 1977: Poultry litter as a source of nitrogen for steers in a dry season feedlot

Mccampbell H.C., 1987: Poultry offal ensiled with lactobacillus acidophilus for growing and finishing swine diets

Valdivie, M., 1978: Poultry production based on various feed products and byproducts available in tropical climate countries

Saadat-Noori, M., 1970: Poultry research development in iran

Danihel M., 1980: Poultry testing for susceptibility to the sarcoma virus of subgroup c

Mcmurtry M.J., 1987: Poultry waste associated type c botulism in cattle

Odhuba, E. K.; Magadi, J. P.; Sanda, I. A., 1986: Poultry waste in cattle rations i. utilization of broiler litter as a source of nitrogen in semi intensive feedlot rations

Protas J.F., 1984: Poultry waste in isonitrogenous and isoenergetic diets for finishing swine

Marion J.E., 1986: Poultry waste lagoon sediment as a source of calcium for laying hens

Steffens W., 1985: Poultry waste meal as protein source in the feed of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Kerns, C. L.; Roelofs, E. W., 1977: Poultry wastes in the diet of israeli carp

Gunasekera S.P., 1988: Pouosides a e novel triterpene galactosides from a marine sponge asteropus sp

Andrade J.C.D., 1984: Pouteria psammophila var xestophylla sapotaceae selection of the lectotype

Yone Y., 1987: Pov tba and vbn values and proximate amino acid and fatty acid compositions of scrap meals fermented with fungi

Camacho T., 1987: Poverty and health prospective evidence from the alameda county california usa study

Holden K.C., 1988: Poverty and living arrangements among older women are changes in economic well being underestimated

Mussman M., 1988: Poverty race and hospitalization for childhood asthma

Pritchard G.H., 1987: Poverty weed iva axillaris pursh its distribution and control

Mulliken, J. B.; Healey, N. A.; Glowacki, J., 1980: Povidone iodine and tensile strength of wounds in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159159

Brookes J.C., 1985: Povidone iodine bowel irrigation before resection of colorectal carcinoma

Simmons R.L., 1979: Povidone iodine in peritonitis part 1 adverse effects of local instillation in experimental escherichia coli peritonitis

Kuglar M.A., 1986: Povidone iodine in polyethylene oxide hydrogel dressing effect on multiplication of staphylococcus aureus in partial thickness wounds

Van Vroonhoven T.J., 1982: Povidone iodine irrigation of the sub cutaneous tissue to prevent surgical wound infections

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159164

O'leary J.P., 1983: Povidone iodine wound irrigation and wound sepsis

Downs W.G., 1979: Powassan virus in ixodes cookei and mustelidae in new england usa

Sutter S.L., 1983: Powder aerosols generated by accidents pressurized release experiments

Yonetani T., 1985: Powder and single crystal epr studies of yeast cytochrome c peroxidase and its peroxide compound compound es

Laing M., 1982: Powder diffraction analysis of urinary calculi the advantages of using a cobalt x ray tube

Babcock G.T., 1986: Powder electron nuclear double resonance spectra of p benzoquinone anion radical principal hyperfine tensor components for ring protons and for hydrogen bonded protons

Chowhan, Z. T.; Amaro, A. A., 1977: Powder inhalation aerosol studies part 1 selection of a suitable drug entity for bronchial delivery of new drugs

Linn E.E., 1979: Powder inhalation aerosol studies part 2 in vitro rat lung model and its comparisons with the air sampler

Ghosh G., 1985: Powder microscopy and chemical evaluation of colchicum luteum corm

Torp J., 1984: Powder mildew resistance in 268 entries of hordeum vulgare

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159176

Benedict A.H., 1979: Powdered activated carbon in contact stabilization of activated sludge

Grieves, C. G.; Crame, L. W.; Venardos, D. G.; Ying, W. C., 1980: Powdered vs. granular carbon for oil refinery waste water treatment

Holcomb, G. E., 1976: Powdery mildew a new disease of ligustrum japonicum

Price, T. V., 1977: Powdery mildew a new disease of the winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus in papua new guinea

Gill D.L., 1979: Powdery mildew and cylindrocladium avesiculatum attack leucothoe axillaris

Magnus H.A., 1988: Powdery mildew and yield in barley

Riordain F.O., 1979: Powdery mildew caused by oidium begoniae of elatior begonia fungicide control and cultivar reaction

De Vaulx R.D., 1979: Powdery mildew cucumber mosaic virus and watermelon mosaic virus resistance in the genus cucurbita

Titov I.A., 1983: Powdery mildew damage to apple trees as a function of fertilization form of the crown and tree age

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159188

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159189

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159190

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159191

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159192

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159193

Grigalyunaite B.I., 1985: Powdery mildew fungi found in the lithuanian ssr ussr in 1983

Van Jaarsveld A.B., 1984: Powdery mildew fungi in south africa

Akhundov T.M., 1980: Powdery mildew fungi in the northeast azerbaijan ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159197

Takamatsu, S., 1977: Powdery mildew fungi parasitic on nelumbo nucifera and viburnum plicatum var glabrum

Grigalyunaite, B. I.; Shpokauskene, O. Yu, 1981: Powdery mildew fungi parasitizing decorative plants in the lithuanian ssr ussr 5. oidium spp

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159200

Buchanan B.B., 1988: Powdery mildew infection alters fructose 2 6 bisphosphate content and sucrose to starch ratio in leaves of wheat plants actively forming grain

Ramirez Legarreta M.R., 1985: Powdery mildew infection of apple trees in the sierra of chihuahua mexico its development and control

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159203

Alcorn S.M., 1984: Powdery mildew leveillula taurica on native and cultivated plants in arizona usa

Lim S.M., 1980: Powdery mildew microsphaera diffusa development on soybeans glycine max with adult plant resistance

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159206

Abercrombie, K.; Finch, H. C., 1976: Powdery mildew of carrot in california

Occhiena E.M., 1985: Powdery mildew of melon cucumis melo caused by sphaerotheca fuliginea in brazil

Gill, H. S., 1977: Powdery mildew of ocotillo fouquieria splendens in california usa

Eliade E., 1985: Powdery mildew of platanus caused by microsphaera platani in romania

Mesturino L., 1985: Powdery mildew of roses by sphaerotheca pannosa var rosae biological aspects in tuscany italy

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159213

Geng S., 1980: Powdery mildew of sugar beet beta vulgaris disease and crop loss assessment

Elliott V.J., 1988: Powdery mildew of tomato the effect of planting date and triadimefon on disease onset progress incidence and severity

Pearson R.C., 1984: Powdery mildew of vitis papillae wall appositions as a host response to infection

Sokhi, S. S.; Sohi, H. S., 1975: Powdery mildew on okra in karnataka state and its control

Carroll R.B., 1982: Powdery mildew on soybean glycine max in delaware usa

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159220

Kontaxis, D. G.; Van-Maren, A. F., 1978: Powdery mildew on tomato a new disease in the usa

Sanabria De Albarracin N., 1987: Powdery mildew on vegetables in central venezuela

Akram M., 1987: Powdery mildew on vernonia cinerea schreb a new host from india

Kontaxis, D. G., 1977: Powdery mildew on watermelon fruit in imperial valley california

Zadoks J.C., 1984: Powdery mildew on winter wheat in bulgaria 1980 relations between disease incidence disease severity and yield

Gessler C., 1986: Powdery mildew pustules supporting fusarium culmorum infection of wheat leaves

Torp, J.; Jensen, H. P.; Jorgensen, J. H., 1978: Powdery mildew resistance genes in 106 northwest european spring barley cultivars

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159230

Alam M., 1985: Powdery mildew resistance of some oak species and possibilities for its assessment

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159233

Molot, P. M.; Lecoq, H., 1986: Powdery mildews of cucurbits i. bibliographical review and preliminary experimental results

Molot, P. M.; Leroux, J. P.; Ferriere, H., 1987: Powdery mildews of cucurbits ii. a method for preserving isolates in axenic culture

Stanisic M., 1988: Powdery mildews on cucumbers in croatia yugoslavia

Lyman V.E., 1981: Powdery mildews on medicinal crops

Nagy, G. S., 1975: Powdery mildews on ornamentals in hungary

Purnachandra Reddi A., 1980: Powdery mildews on plants of capparidaceae and euphorbiaceae

Bhardwaj L.N., 1987: Powdery mildews on prinsepia utilis royle from india

Nagy, G. S.; Albert, K. G., 1977: Powdery mildews on verbena x hybrida

Lauridson T.C., 1985: Powell amaranth amaranthus powellii interference in sugar beet beta vulgaris mono hy a 4

De Boer E., 1983: Power amplification in an active model of the cochlea shortwave case

Strube M.J., 1985: Power analysis for combining significance levels

Ng S.H., 1982: Power and appeasement in inter group discrimination

Carbonari J.P., 1986: Power and bias in the z score a comparison of sequential analytic indices of contingency

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159247

Israelsson, S.; Oluwafemi, C., 1975: Power and cross power spectral studies of electric parameters under fair weather conditions in the atmospheric surface layer

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159250

Brooks Wallace M., 1981: Power and heat measurement by direct calorimetry of individual insect response to allelo compounds and toxic compounds

Bennett J.B., 1988: Power and influence as distinct personality traits development and validation of a psychometric measure

Gorshkov V.G., 1983: Power and speed of loco motion in various sized animals

Hui C.A., 1987: Power and speed of swimming dolphins

Cains G., 1982: Power and time factors in electro cautery and dia thermy

Miettinen O.S., 1986: Power calculation in matched case referent studies application and accuracy of the asymptotic power function

Brackenbury J.H., 1979: Power capabilities of the avian sound producing system

Breslow N.E., 1981: Power considerations in epidemiologic studies of vinyl chloride workers

Shahani K.M., 1987: Power consumption of a whey corn mash as compared to a full corn mash during liquefaction

Durney C.H., 1983: Power deposition patterns in magnetically induced hyper thermia a 2 dimensional low frequency numerical analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159261

Schoffeniels, E.; Margineanu, D., 1978: Power dissipation in bio electrogenesis a molecular approach

Abrams, P. H.; Leonard, R. T.; Wright, B., 1977: Power driven catheter withdrawal machine for use in urethral pressure profile measurement

Kubota H., 1986: Power economy characteristics of an activated sludge aeration tank

Swan, H. J. C.; Forrester, J. S.; Danzig, R.; Allen, H. N., 1970: Power failure in acute myo cardial infarction

Donaldson, P. E. K., 1987: Power for neurological prostheses a simple inductive r.f. link with improved performance

Kaune W.T., 1981: Power frequency electric fields averaged over the body surfaces of grounded humans and animals

Komenda, S.; Lenhart, K.; Tesarikova, E., 1976: Power function of the statistical test as a method of the design and analysis of a biological experiment

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Siu S., 1982: Power functions in physiology and pharmacology

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Zimmerman D.W., 1985: Power functions of the t test and mann whitney u test under violation of parametric assumptions

Chaffin D.B., 1987: Power hand tool vibration effects on grip exertions

Saito M., 1986: Power imbalance its legitimacy and aggression

Kossen N.W.F., 1981: Power input measurements in a production scale bio reactor

Savageau, M. A.; Voit, E. O., 1982: Power law approach to modeling biological systems 1. theory

Voit, E. O.; Savageau, M. A., 1982: Power law approach to modeling biological systems 2. application to ethanol production

Voit, E. O.; Savageau, M. A., 1982: Power law approach to modeling biological systems 3. methods of analysis

Kholodenko B.N., 1983: Power law approximation and similarity properties of metabolic regulatory characteristics

Eppel' M.S., 1979: Power law rubners law biological mechanism

Marcus, A. H.; Becker, A., 1977: Power laws in compartmental analysis part 2 numerical evaluation of semi markov models

Cumberland D., 1988: Power meter for laser thermal angioplasty

Chakraborty, R., 1975: Power of assaying inbreeding through sampling of phenotypes and mating types

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159284

Vinh Hung V., 1986: Power of test comparing independent proportions

Sakuma A., 1984: Power of test in bio equivalence analysis the comparison of tests in beagle dogs and humans

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159287

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159288

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159289

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159290

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159291

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159292

Zeitoun, I. H.; Reynolds, J. Z., 1978: Power plant chlorination/

Hergott, S. J.; Jenkins, D.; Thomas, J. F., 1978: Power plant cooling water chlorination in northern california

Cember H., 1985: Power plant emissions and cancer mortality rates

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Kelly J.M., 1984: Power plant influences on bulk precipitation throughfall and stem flow nutrient inputs

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Enright, J. T., 1977: Power plants and plankton

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Zarrugh M.Y., 1981: Power requirements and mechanical efficiency of treadmill walking

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Boutry J L., 1980: Power selectivity and rapidity of reaction of the marine diatom chaetoceros calcitrans confronted with a labeled hydro carbon carbon 14 labeled dotriacontane

Saddler J.N., 1982: Power solvent production by klebsiella pneumoniae grown on sugars present in wood hemi cellulose

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Frecker R.C., 1985: Power spectra for ocular drift and tremor

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Miyashita Y., 1981: Power spectral analysis of auditory brain stem responses

Miyashita Y., 1982: Power spectral analysis of auditory brain stem responses to pure tone stimuli

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159321

Chew G.L., 1986: Power spectral analysis of electroencephalographic activity in kindled rats

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159558

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Mellins R.B., 1980: Practical implementation of the barometric method for measurement of tidal volume

Yonezawa K., 1983: Practical implication of improving the precision of genotype assessment in selection a theory

Dhamija N.K., 1982: Practical implication of milk intolerance in diarrhea

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159599

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159600

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159601

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Van-Rooyen, R., 1977: Practical management of a diabetic

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159638

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159639

Klinke D., 1988: Practical possibilities and the place value of conductance analyses of the sweat for mucoviscidosis diagnosis

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159641

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159642

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Weir E.K., 1985: Practical problems in assessing risk for coronary artery bypass grafting

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159645

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159646

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159647

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Szieberth, I.; Hegedus, M., 1987: Practical problems of the utilization of animal carcasses residues and byproducts of animal origin for livestock feeding ii. practice of gathering processing and utilization from the point of the view of animal health

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159671

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Von-Graevenitz, A., 1971: Practical substitution for the indole methyl red voges proskauer citrate system

Nishikawa T., 1981: Practical syntheses of r 1 alkylamino 3 aryloxy 2 propanols and s 1 alkylamino 3 aryloxy 2 propanols from a single carbohydrate precursor

Whitesides G.M., 1983: Practical synthesis of 5 phospho d ribosyl alpha 1 pyro phosphate enzymatic routes from ribose 5 phosphate or ribose

Haider H.M., 1982: Practical synthesis of 9 chloro 7 o fluorophenyl 5h di benz c e azepine

Veber D.F., 1979: Practical synthesis of cyclic peptides with an example of dependence of cyclization yield upon linear sequence

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159678

Kanemitsu K., 1988: Practical synthesis of nojirimycin

Randall J.L., 1984: Practical synthesis of oligo saccharides partial synthesis of avermectin b 1a

Collet A., 1987: Practical synthesis of optically active alpha hydrazino acids from alpha amino acids

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159682

Krook M.A., 1983: Practical synthetic approaches to intermediates for the preparation of the novel o sulfonated n hydroxy 2 azetidinone antibiotics

Edlich R.F., 1979: Practical technique for quantitating anaerobic bacteria in tissue specimens

Diaper, M. P., 1986: Practical techniques for cooling biological samples at 0.3 100 celsius per minute

Kirks D.R., 1983: Practical techniques for pediatric chest computed tomography

Ollman B.G., 1983: Practical test kits for quantitatively evaluating the sense of smell

Paltineanu C., 1987: Practical testing of the isotropy of swelling and shrinking phenomena in heavy soils

Obel A.O.K., 1984: Practical therapeutics approach to the therapy of diarrheal diseases

Obel A.O.K., 1984: Practical therapeutics first aid and therapy of poisoning from agricultural insecticides and herbicides

Muriuki G., 1984: Practical therapeutics some investigations of the toxic effects of the alkaloids extracted from strychnos henningsii muteta

Obel A.O.K., 1984: Practical therapeutics the use of histamine receptor antagonists in contemporary times

Obei A.O.K., 1984: Practical therapeutics therapeutics in essential hypertension

Sandhu T.S., 1985: Practical thermal dosimetry

Hathaway J., 1985: Practical total synthesis of racemic strigol

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Read J.A., 1983: Practical use and efficiency of amniotic fluid optical density 650 as a predictor of fetal pulmonary maturity

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159699

Buenemann, H.; Gauwerky, F.; Langheim, F.; Schirrmeister, D., 1976: Practical use of computers for the planning of radio therapy

Mirande Ducret D., 1980: Practical use of cryo surgery in the animal

Mevel S., 1987: Practical use of elisa to detect cauliflower mosaic virus in cauliflower

Ikeda Y., 1984: Practical use of hemochemical assessment in cultured yellowtail seriola quinqueradiata

Stikhin V.A., 1979: Practical use of pre gamma irradiation of dioscorea deltoidea rootstocks

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159707

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159708

Taubert G., 1985: Practical use of the logistic law in experimental tumor growth

Hejda V., 1979: Practical use of the modified alcian blue stain in gynecological histology

Iwanaga T., 1988: Practical usefulness of lymphatic and connective tissue clearance for the carcinoma of the pancreas head

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159712

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159713

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159715

Torres J.M.M., 1986: Practical ways of assessing physical labor capacity

Goetz J., 1979: Practical working with the texture analyzing system illustrated by the morphometry of the placenta

Yost R.L., 1981: Practicality of a lithium dosing guide

Hendee W.R., 1984: Practicality of national electrical manufacturers association performance specification measurements for user based acceptance testing and routine quality assurance

Gutgesell, M., 1978: Practicality of screening urinalyses in asymptomatic children in a primary care setting

Herrfurth D., 1985: Practically applicable and social knowledge of former pupils of an auxiliary school

Byrd R., 1981: Practically perfect pitch

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Inst-Agric-Sci-Res-Group-Kaoliang-Rice-Hybrid-Hupei-China, 1976: Practice and understanding of selection and breeding on kaoliang rice hybrid type a

Rich J., 1982: Practice does not facilitate acquisition of mccollough effects evidence against a learning model

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Di Lollo V., 1984: Practice reduces suppression in meta contrast and in apparent motion

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Elze K., 1987: Practice related studies into potency and dynamics of ovulation of biotechnologically treated gilts and adult sows

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159765

Nelson Wernick E., 1983: Practices in the recruitment and hiring of faculty for psychology departments in canadian universities

Wilkinson J.B., 1985: Practicing counselors awareness of gifted students characteristics

Barbour K., 1987: Practitioner assessable bioassay for detection of dicofol resistance in spider mites acari tetranychidae

Saetre T., 1985: Practitioners and acute poisoning available equipment and actual treatment

Channon L.D., 1985: Practitioners and hypnosis a survey of australian society of hypnosis members

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159771

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159772

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159773

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159774

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159775

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159776

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159777

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159778

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159779

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159780

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159781

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159782

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159783

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159784

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159785

Section 7, Chapter 6160 , Accession 006159786

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159787

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159788

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159789

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159790

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159791

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159792

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159793

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159794

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Maisano G., 1981: Prajmalium bi tartrate in the management of the hyper kinetic ventricular arrhythmias during rehabilitation of the patients with recent myo cardial infarction

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159828

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159837

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Hambarsoomian B., 1988: Prayer nodules fine needle aspiration cytologic findings

Millet M.S., 1986: Prayer nodules in moslem men

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159862

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159863

Rajaraman, K.; Seshadri, V.; Rangaswami, S., 1976: Prazerigenin a 3 o beta d gluco pyranoside and prazerigenin a 3 o alpha l rhamnopyranosyl 1 6 beta d gluco pyranoside 2 new glycosides from dioscorea prazeri and diosgenin 3 o beta d glucopyranosyl 1 3 o beta d glucopyranosyl 1 4 beta d gluco pyranoside a new saponin from dioscorea deltoidea

Banerji A., 1988: Prazerol a new 9 10 dihydrophenanthrene derivative isolated from dioscorea prazeri

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159866

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159867

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159868

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159869

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159870

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159871

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159872

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159875

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159876

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159877

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159878

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159879

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159880

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159881

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159882

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159883

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159884

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159885

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159886

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159887

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159888

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159889

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159890

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159891

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159892

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159893

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159894

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159895

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159896

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159897

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159898

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159899

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159900

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159901

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159902

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159903

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159904

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159905

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159906

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159907

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159908

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159909

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159910

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159911

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159912

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159913

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159914

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159915

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159916

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159917

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159918

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159919

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159920

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159921

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159922

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159923

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159924

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159925

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159926

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159927

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159928

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159929

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159930

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159931

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159932

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159933

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159934

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159935

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159936

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159937

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159938

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159939

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159940

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159945

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Gapasin R.M., 1986: Pre and post infectional resistance of sweet potato to meloidogyne incognita and meloidogyne javanica

Ross S.D., 1988: Pre and post pollination polyhouse environment effects on pollen and seed development in potted picea engelmanni grafts

Komatsu S., 1986: Pre and postoperative comparative studies of mitral stenosis between the group of open mitral commissurotomy and mitral valve replacement the assessment of quality of cardiac and valve function by dynamic exercise

Laitinen L.V., 1986: Pre and postoperative quantitative measurements of facial sensibility in trigeminal neuralgia

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159968

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159969

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Charest J., 1981: Pre anesthetic medication in pediatric day care surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159972

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Mamedov D.T., 1982: Pre asthma and its features in baku azerbaijan ssr ussr

Et Al, 1981: Pre asthma signs which indicate the risk of developing bronchial asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159978

Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159979

Motegi K., 1987: Pre auricular tragus skin incision in fracture of the malar arch

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Section 7, Chapter 6160, Accession 006159997

Pelton M.R., 1980: Pre baiting and snaring techniques for black bears ursus americanus

Chohan, G. S.; Kumar, H., 1986: Pre bearing performance of marsh seedless grapefruit citrus paradisi macf. as influenced by different rootstocks

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