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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6161

Chapter 6161 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mayor P.; Calle C., 1987:
Pre binding binding and post binding events of insulin in isolated adipocytes from streptozotocin diabetic rats

Burgess A.W., 1982:
Pre biotic evolution conformational perspectives

Heinicke C.M.; Diskin S.D.; Given K.; Ramsey Klee D.M., 1983:
Pre birth parent characteristics and family development in the 1st year of life

Gassner, G.; Sears, S., 1976:
Pre blastoderm nuclear division in the embryo of the large milkweed bug oncopeltus fasciatus

Bostanian N.J.; Vincent C., 1985:
Pre bloom pesticide treatments for phytophagous mite control in apple orchards

Vogler, L.B.; Crist, W.M.; Bockman, D.E.; Pearl, E.R.; Lawton, A.R.; Cooper, M.D., 1978:
Pre bone marrow derived cell leukemia a new phenotype of childhood lympho blastic leukemia

Paolucci P.; Hayward A.R.; Rapson N.T., 1979:
Pre bone marrow derived cells and bone marrow derived cells in children on leukemia remission maintenance treatment

Hayward, A.R.; Simons, M.A.; Lawton, A.R.; Mage, R.G.; Cooper, M.D., 1978:
Pre bone marrow derived cells and bone marrow derived cells in rabbits ontogeny and allelic exclusion of kappa light chain genes

Burrows, P.D.; Kearney, J.F.; Lawton, A.R.; Cooper, M.D., 1978:
Pre bone marrow derived cells bone marrow persistence in anti mu suppressed mice conversion to bone marrow derived lymphocytes and recovery after destruction by cyclo phosphamide

Pleasants A.B.; Barton R.A., 1985:
Pre calving nutrition of angus beef breeding cows

Duris I.; Koska M.; Zaviacic M.; Mikulecky M.; Holly D., 1981:
Pre cancer and cancer of the stomach

Kneale, G.W.; Stewart, A.M., 1978:
Pre cancer and liability to other diseases

Dikshtein, E.A.; Vasilenko, I.V., 1978:
Pre cancerous changes and histogenesis of gastric cancer

Shimada, K.; Umezawa, Y.; Yoshida, K.; Yamazaki, Y.; Kobayashi, H., 1975:
Pre cancerous lesions of the tongue and larynx

Belitskii, G.A.; Khovanova, E.M.; Logvinenko, E.G., 1977:
Pre carcinogenic compounds the problem of activation in rapid testing

Vinogradov A.V.; Arutyunov G.P.; Glazunov A.S., 1981:
Pre cardial mapping in evaluation of acute myo cardial infarction severity

Szabo L.G.; Rubinet K., 1987:
Pre check examination of breast cancer performed by a specialized health worker

Drake, B.; Raschke, K., 1974:
Pre chilling of xanthium strumarium reduces net photosynthesis and independently stomatal conductance while sensitizing the stomata to carbon di oxide

Voss K.; Votapka T.; Bricker C., 1980:
Pre chlorination treatment of water to reduce chloroform levels

Schwedt G.; Schneider P., 1986:
Pre chromatographic and post chromatographic derivatization by water soluble dithiocarbamates for high performance liquid chromatographic analysis of metal ions

Chou T Y.; Colgan S.T.; Kao D.M.; Krull I.S.; Dorschel C.; Bidlingmeyer B., 1986:
Pre chromatographic derivatization of primary and secondary amines with a polymeric anhydride for improved high performance liquid chromatographic detection

Morinaga, K.; Morioka, S.; Ito, A.; Asai, Y.; Hachino, M., 1986:
Pre clinical investigation on various root canal irrigators part 1. cleaning effects of endo mate v

Jorgensen, K.D.; Wolffbrandt, K.H.; Weis, J.U., 1983:
Pre clinical studies on human insulin 2. general pharmacological studies

Gandhi M.; Sankaranarayanan A.; Lal R.; Bhushnurmath S.R.; Mohanty D.; Mathur V.S., 1985:
Pre clinical toxicity study on banjauri vicoa indica

Kumakura M.; Kaetsu I., 1983:
Pre coating of microbial cells by hydrophobic reagents on immobilization

Beattie, C.W.; Corbin, A., 1977:
Pre coital and post coital contraceptive activity of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in the rat

Watson D.H., 1980:
Pre colicin e 1 the major gene product of plasmid cole 1 dna in vitro

Ben Ishay Z.; Prindull G.; Sharon S.; Borenstein A., 1986:
Pre colony forming units fibroblastoid young type stromal stem cells in murine bone marrow following administration of dna inhibitors

Siemens A.H., 1982:
Pre columbian agricultural use of the wetlands of northern veracruz mexico

Barends D.M.; Blauw J.S.; Mijnsbergen C.W.; Govers C.J.L.R.; Hulshoff A., 1985:
Pre column derivatization aminoglycosides with 1 fluoro 2 4 dinitrobenzene

Clark, C.R.; Wells, M.M., 1978:
Pre column derivatization of amines for enhanced detectability in liquid chromatography

Mell, L.D.J. ; Dasler, A.R.; Gustafson, A.B., 1978:
Pre column fluorescent derivatization for high pressure liquid chromatography with o phthalaldehyde separation of urinary catecholamines

Goewie C.E.; Kwakman P.; Frei R.W.; Brinkman U.A.T.; Maasfeld W.; Seshadri T.; Kettrup A., 1984:
Pre column technology in high performance liquid chromatography for the determination of phenyl urea herbicides in water in the presence of their anilines

Lamson N.I., 1983:
Pre commercial thinning increases diameter growth of appalachian usa hardwood stump sprouts

Braman, R.S.; Ammons, J.M.; Bricker, J.L., 1978:
Pre concentration and determination of hydrogen sulfide in air by flame photometric detection

Baiocchi C.; Campi E.; Gennaro M.C.; Mentasti E.; Sarzanini C., 1983:
Pre concentration and high performance liquid chromatographic separation of carboxylic acids as phenacyl esters/

Raymer J.; Holland M.L.; Wiesler D.P.; Novotny M., 1984:
Pre concentration and multi component chromatographic determination of biological carbonyl compounds

Favretto L.; Stancher B.; Tunis F., 1981:
Pre concentration and rapid spectrophotometric determination of poly oxy ethylene nonionic surfactants in waters as potassium picrate active substances

Sheu M.J.; Wiley R.C., 1983:
Pre concentration of apple juice by reverse osmosis

Cheng H Y.; Falat L.; L.R.L., 1982:
Pre concentration of phenanthrene quinone like compounds for electrochemical determination at a carbon paste electrode via spontaneous adsorption

Dogan, S.; Haerdi, W., 1978:
Pre concentration on silver wool of volatile organo mercury compounds in natural waters and air and the determination of mercury by flameless atomic absorption spectrometry

Mok W.M.; Wai C.M., 1984:
Pre concentration with di thio carbamate extraction for determination of molybdenum in sea water by neutron activation analysis

Zavos P.M., 1983:
Pre conception sex determination via intra vaginal administration of h y anti sera in rabbits

Papa F.; Henrion R.; Breart G., 1983:
Pre conceptional selection of fetal sex using an ionic method a dietary regime results of a prospective clinical study over 2 years

Randich A.; Lolordo V.M., 1979:
Pre conditioning exposure to the unconditioned stimulus affects the acquisition of a conditioned emotional response

Schauer, I.; Koehler, H.; Guenter, K.; Lyusov, V.A.; Gorbachenkov, A.A.; Shcherbatkin, D.D., 1977:
Pre conditions for physical training of myo cardial infarction convalescents substantiation functional diagnosis indications and contraindications

Verni, F.; Rosati, G.; Luporini, P., 1978:
Pre conjugant cell cell interaction in the ciliate euplotes crassus a possible role of the ciliary ampules

Dini F.; Miyake A., 1982:
Pre conjugant cell interaction in euplotes crassus an analysis by temporary cyclo heximide treatments

Solomatin A.O., 1981:
Pre connubial biological stages in the european red deer cervus elaphus

Horton, R.W.; Meldrum, B.S., 1976:
Pre convulsive changes in brain glucose metabolism following drugs inhibiting glutamate decarboxylase

Seideman S.C.; Durland P.R.; Quenzer N.M.; Michels J.D., 1982:
Pre cooking and flake size effects on spent fowl restructured steaks

Hayakawa A.; Suzuki T.; IIno K.; Ozawa Y.; Kawano S.; Iwamoto M., 1982:
Pre cooling and long distance transport test of sweet corn

Kawada K.; Kitagawa H., 1987:
Pre cooling and packaging of muscat bailey a and long term storage of hiro humburgh grapes

Magniez, G., 1978:
Pre copulation and underground life in some peracarid crustaceans malacostraca

Bekoff, M.; Diamond, J., 1976:
Pre copulatory and copulatory behavior in coyotes

Burley R.A., 1980:
Pre copulatory and copulatory behavior in relation to stages of the estrous cycle in the female mongolian gerbil

Holman, S.D.; Hutchison, J.B., 1982:
Pre copulatory behavior in the male mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus 1. differences in dependence on androgen of component patterns

Holman, S.D.; Hutchison, J.B.; Snelson, D., 1982:
Pre copulatory behavior in the male mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus 2. effects of post castration sexual and aggressive interactions on responsiveness to androgen

Kozlov M.V., 1985:
Pre copulatory behavior of primitive lepidoptera

Poduschka, W., 1977:
Pre copulatory behavior of the east european hedgehog erinaceus europaeus roumanicus with a theoretical speculation in the problem of male pheromones

Kolmes S.A., 1983:
Pre copulatory behavior of the whirligig beetle dineutes discolor coleoptera gyrinidae

Wilson, H.H., 1977:
Pre cretaceous rocks of northwestern honduras basement terrane in sierra de omoa discussion

Chen S.; Blanck G.; Pollack R.E., 1983:
Pre crisis mouse cells show strain specific covariation in the amount of 54 kilodalton phospho protein and in susceptibility to transformation by sv 40/

Ivanova R., 1986:
Pre crop effect on the productivity quality and economic effectiveness of peanuts

Siegel J.H., 1980:
Pre cut papillotomy a method to improve success of endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography and papillotomy

Eva A.N., 1980 :
Pre cyclical chamber arrangement in the foraminiferal genus polylepidina

Fossa S.D.; Dingsor E.; Johannessen N.B.; Kvarstein B.; Stenwig A.E.; Urnes T.; Waehre H.; Ogreid P., 1987:
Pre cystectomy chemotherapy in patients with muscle infiltrating bladder carcinoma a multicenter feasibility study

Amar A.D.; Das S., 1984:
Pre cystoscopic diagnosis of bladder tumor by modified intravenous urography

Versteeg D.H.G.; Van Heuven Nolsen D.; D.W.ed D., 1984:
Pre decapitation state of arousal of rats pre determines the effect of destyrosine 1 gamma endorphin on dopamine release from nucleus accumbens slices in vitro

Galvez Hernandez E.; Jimeno Garcia J.M.; Novo Dominguez A., 1980:
Pre delivery fetal condition in hypertension induced by pregnancy in a group of pregnant women supervised using a protocol of handling high risk pregnancies

Visser, T.; De-Vries, D.P.; Verhaegh, J.J., 1969:
Pre determination of survival rate of apple d and pear d scions after x ray treatment

Roy A.; Gold P.; Pickar D.; Wolkowitz O.M.; Chrousos G.; Paul S.M., 1986:
Pre dexamethasone and post dexamethasone plasma acth levels in depressed patients and normal controls

Copolov D.L.; Rubin R.T.; Mander A.J.; Sashidharan S.P.; Whitehouse A.M.; Blackburn I.M.; Freeman C.P.; Blackwood D.H.R.; Lane L.A.; Poland R.E., 1985:
Pre dexamethasone and post dexamethasone salivary cortisol concentrations in major depression

Dean B.M.; Walker R.; Bone A.J.; Baird J.D.; Cooke A., 1985:
Pre diabetes in the spontaneously diabetic bb e rat lymphocyte subpopulations in the pancreatic infiltrate and expression of rat major histocompatibility complex class ii molecules in endocrine cells

Efimov, A.S., 1978:
Pre diabetes pathogenetic nature and diagnosis

Maddison, S., 1978:
Pre digestion and suppression of food intake by gastric loads

Lopot F.; Valek A., 1979:
Pre dilutional vs post dilutional hemo filtration

Boyd R.S.; Brum G.D., 1983:
Pre dispersal reproductive attrition in a mojave desert usa population of larrea tridentata zygophyllaceae

Zammit C.; Westoby M., 1988:
Pre dispersal seed losses and the survival of seeds and seedlings of two serotinous banksia shrubs in burnt and unburnt heath

Moppert J.; Degen P.H.; Racine Poon A., 1985:
Pre dosing plasma concentrations and beta adrenoceptor blocking effects during repeated once daily dosing with 160 milligram sustained release propranolol inderal la and 16 260 oxprenolol oros to healthy volunteers

Berk A.J.; Lee F.; Harrison T.; Williams J.; Sharp P.A., 1979:
Pre early adenovirus 5 gene product regulates synthesis of early viral messenger rna

Mccorquodale, D.J.; Shaw, A.R.; Shaw, P.K.; Chinnadurai, G., 1977:
Pre early poly peptides of bacterio phage t 5 and bacterio phage bf 23

Nair, R.R.; Murty, J.S.; Rao, M.N.; Seetha, T., 1978:
Pre eclampsia neo natal asphyxia and abo blood group incompatibility

Wardle, E.N., 1978:
Pre eclamptic toxemia a reappraisal

Newlin D.B.; Levenson R.W., 1979:
Pre ejection period measuring beta adrenergic influences upon the heart

Bradamante, Z.; Svajger, A., 1977:
Pre elastic oxytalan fibers in the developing elastic cartilage of the external ear of the rat

Cherkashina N.Ya; Karnaushenko I.V., 1982:
Pre embryonic diapause in the crayfish astacus leptodactylus cubanicus

Smith E.M.; Treaster S.A., 1987:
Pre emergence herbicides for canna

Fuchs M.G.; Borden J.H., 1985:
Pre emergence insecticide applications for control of the mountain pine beetle dendroctonus ponderosae coleoptera scolytidae

Orford, R.R.; Carter, E.T., 1976:
Pre employment and periodic physical examination of airline pilots at the mayo clinic minnesota usa 1939 1974

Tolleria Modeano H.; Gavilondo Gonzalez J.; Carrasco Amaro C., 1986:
Pre employment medical examination in workers exposed to ionizing radiations

Chaffin, D.B.; Herrin, G.D.; Keyserling, W.M., 1978:
Pre employment strength testing an updated position

Abbott, P.L.; Minch, J.A.; Peterson, G.L., 1976:
Pre eocene paleosol south of tijuana baja california mexico

Phillips C.; Smith G.A.; Brewer N.; Ryan G.M., 1984:
Pre error and post error responding in serial choice tasks evidence for trial by trial tracking

Ashrafi M.H.; Spector P.C.; Curzon M.E.J., 1980:
Pre eruptive and post eruptive effects of low doses of strontium on dental caries in the rat

Meyerowitz C.; Spector P.C.; Curzon M.E.J., 1979:
Pre eruptive or post eruptive effects of strontium alone or in combination with fluoride on dental caries in the rat

Aponte Merced L.; Navia J.M., 1980:
Pre eruptive protein energy mal nutrition and acid solubility of rat molar enamel surfaces

Loeb R.E., 1987:
Pre european settlement forest composition in east new jersey and southeastern new york usa

Gerlis L.M.; Davies M.J.; Boyle R.; Williams G.; Scott H., 1985:
Pre excitation due to accessory sinoventricular connections associated with coronary sinus aneurysms a report of 2 cases

Durrer, D.; Schuilenburg, R.M.; Wellens, H.J.J., 1970:
Pre excitation revisited

Di-Biase, M.; Calabrese, P.; Ciociola, G.; Rizzon, P., 1976:
Pre excitation syndrome and ventricular fibrillation

Switzman L.; Fishman B.; Amit Z., 1981:
Pre exposure effects of morphine diazepam and delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol on formation of conditioned taste aversions

Maung-Maung-Mya ; Myint-To ; Mon-Tin-Win, 1980:
Pre exposure prophylaxis of humans against rabies 1. studies on personnel at the burma pharmaceutical industry

Kark J.D., 1983:
Pre exposure prophylaxis of viral hepatitis with immune serum globulin in a endemic area a trial in field units of the israel defense forces

Kiefer, S.W.; Phillips, J.A.; Braun, J.J., 1977:
Pre exposure to conditioned and unconditioned stimuli in taste aversion learning

Fischer G.J.; Vail B.J., 1980:
Pre exposure to delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol induced conditioned taste aversion in rats

Prokasy, W.F.; Spurr, C.W.; Goodell, N.A., 1978:
Pre exposure to explicitly unpaired conditioned and unconditioned stimuli retards conditioned response emergence

Dieter, S.E., 1977:
Pre exposure to situational cues and shock intensity in 2 way avoidance learning

Rouleau J.; Ladouceur R.; Dufour L., 1981:
Pre exposure to the 1st dental treatment

Baker A.G.; Mackintosh N.J., 1979:
Pre exposure to the conditioned stimulus alone unconditioned stimulus alone or conditioned stimulus and unconditioned stimulus uncorrelated latent inhibition blocking by context or learned irrelevance

Escueta, E.E.; Banzon, J., 1977:
Pre extraction boiling of soybeans as a pre treatment in soy milk preparation

Lammers G.J.; D.L.nge A., 1986:
Pre farrowing and post farrowing behavior in primiparous domesticated pigs

Dedicatoria R.F.; Aspiras R.B.; Sanchez P.C., 1981:
Pre fermentation inoculation with lactic acid bacteria to increase the nutritive value of sauerkraut

Cordonnier R.; Bayonove C., 1981:
Pre fermentation phase of vinification extraction and formation of certain components of aroma terpenols aldehydes and 6 carbon alcohols

Bates R.P.; Mills D.; Mortensen J.A.; Cornell J.A., 1980:
Pre fermentation treatments affecting the quality of muscadine vitis rotundifolia grape wines

Erdelska, O., 1975:
Pre fertilization development of ovule of jasione montana

Schulz P.; Jensen W.A., 1981:
Pre fertilization ovule development in capsella bursa pastoris ultrastructure and ultra cytochemical localization of acid phosphatase in the meiocyte

Lee, D.N.; Merson, R.L., 1976:
Pre filtration of cottage cheese whey to reduce fouling of ultra filtration membranes

Tashpulatov R.Yu; Nikolaeva T.N.; Guseva E.V., 1980:
Pre flight study of the features of staphylococcus aureus carriage in cosmonauts

Bardner, R.; Fletcher, K.E.; Stevenson, J.H., 1978:
Pre flowering and post flowering insecticide applications to control aphis fabae on field beans their biological and economic effectiveness

Dunlap, J.R.; Hanks, A.H.; Morgan, P.W., 1981:
Pre flowering levels of phyto hormones in sorghum sorghum bicolor 1. analytical procedure

Dunlap, J.R.; Morgan, P.W., 1981:
Pre flowering levels of phyto hormones in sorghum sorghum bicolor 2. quantitation of pre flowering internal levels

Dunlap, J.R.; Morgan, P.W., 1981 :
Pre flowering levels of phyto hormones in sorghum sorghum bicolor 3. photo control

Hoppes W.G., 1987:
Pre foraging and post foraging movements of frugivorous birds in an eastern deciduous forest woodland usa

Liszka K.; Schrett J.; Gergely J., 1979:
Pre formed post ribosomal pool of fc receptors on human peripheral mononuclear blood cells

Bhalla, H.L., 1982:
Pre formulation studies 2. vasicinone a broncho dilatory alkaloid stability study

Bhalla, H.L.; Nimbkar, A.Y., 1982:
Pre formulation studies 3. vasicinone broncho dilatory alkaloid from adhatoda vasica absorption potency and toxicity studies

Akers, M.J., 1976:
Pre formulation testing of solid oral dosage form drugs methodology management and evaluation

Clough M.S.; Bale J.S.; Harrington R., 1987:
Pre freeze exotherms and mortality in the peach potato aphid myzus persicae

Kraly F.S., 1981:
Pre gastric stimulation and cholecystokinin are not sufficient for the meal size inter meal interval correlation in the rat

El-Dash, A.A.; Tosello, A.; Roa, G., 1978:
Pre gelatinized cara water yam flour effect on dough and bread quality

Mcdonough, W.T.; Chadwick, D.L., 1970:
Pre germinative leaching losses from seeds

Medeiros D.M.; Lin K N.; Liu C C.F.; Thorne B.M., 1984 :
Pre gestation dietary copper restriction and blood pressure in the long evans rat

Friedler, G., 1978:
Pre gestational administration of morphine sulfate to female mice long term effects on the development of subsequent progeny

Saraste J.; Kuismanen E., 1984:
Pre golgi and post golgi vacuoles operate in the transport of semliki forest virus membrane glycoproteins to the cell surface

Romani R.; Labavitch J.; Yamashita T.; Hess B.; Rae H., 1983:
Pre harvest aminoethoxyvinyl glycine treatment of cultivar bartlett pear fruits effects on ripening color change and volatiles

Clore, W.J.; Carter, G.H.; Drake, S.R., 1976:
Pre harvest and post harvest factors affecting textural quality of fresh asparagus

E.T.bshy Z.M.; E.S.yed E.I.; E.S.ttar M.A.A.; Baraka M.A., 1982:
Pre harvest and post harvest fungicide treatments for control of onion rots during storage

Rao, M.M.; Pandey, R.M.; Singh, R.N., 1975:
Pre harvest and post harvest respiration pattern of pusa seedless grape

Lahman L.K.; Harrison M.D.; Workman M., 1981:
Pre harvest burning for control of tuber infection by alternaria solani

Glennie, C.W., 1981:
Pre harvest changes in poly phenols peroxidase ec and poly phenol oxidase ec in sorghum sorghum bicolor grain

Poapst P.A.; Anderson M.G., 1983:
Pre harvest defoliation of rutabaga brassica napobrassica cultivar dourentian with ammonium per oxy di sulfate and ethephon

Eastin E.F., 1980:
Pre harvest desiccants for rice oryza sativa

Tetlow, R.M., 1983:
Pre harvest desiccation of crops for conservation 2. effect of level of formic acid applied and the volume of solution used on the moisture concentration and chemical composition of a perennial rye grass lolium perenne sward

Tetlow, R.M.; Fenlon, J.S., 1978:
Pre harvest desiccation of crops for conservation part 1 effect of steam and formic acid on the moisture concentration of lucerne rye grass and tall fescue before and after cutting

Gubbels G.H., 1982:
Pre harvest desiccation of green seeded field peas pisum sativum with diquat

Eastin, E.F., 1978:
Pre harvest desiccation of rice with paraquat

Andreoli C.; Ebeltoft D.C., 1979:
Pre harvest desiccation on yield and seed quality of soybeans glycine max

Zuber, M.S.; Calvert, O.H.; Lillehoj, E.B.; Kwolek, W.F., 1976:
Pre harvest development of afla toxin b 1 in corn in the usa

Azlin W.R.; Mcwhorter C.G., 1981:
Pre harvest effects of applying glyphosate to soybeans glycine max

Barmore, C.R.; Brown, G.E., 1978:
Pre harvest ethephon application reduces anthracnose on robinson tangerines

Yamaguchi, M.; Hughes, D.L.; Tyler, K.B.; Johnson, H.; May, D., 1977:
Pre harvest ethephon application reduces muskmelon quality

Padfield, C.A.S., 1977:
Pre harvest ethephon treatment a possible control of apple scald

Quevedo M.A.; Bautista O.K., 1983:
Pre harvest factors affecting vascular streaking and quality of cassava manihot esculenta tubers

Bubl C.E.; Richardson D.G.; Mansour N.S., 1979:
Pre harvest foliar desiccation and onion allium cepa storage quality

Singh B.H.; Bapat S.R., 1988:
Pre harvest forecast models for prediction of sugarcane yield

Singh D.; Singh H.P.; Singh P.; Jha M.P., 1979:
Pre harvest forecasting of jute yield

Singh, D.; Singh, H.P.; Singh, P., 1976:
Pre harvest forecasting of wheat yield

Seitz L.M.; Mohr H.E.; Burroughs R.; Glueck J.A., 1983:
Pre harvest fungal invasion of sorghum grain

Aharoni Y.; Barkai Golan R., 1987:
Pre harvest fungicide sprays and polyvinyl wraps to control botrytis rot and prolong the post harvest storage life of strawberries

Done, A.A.; Whittington, W.J., 1978:
Pre harvest germination in male sterile wheats

Loftis, D.L., 1978:
Pre harvest herbicide control of undesirable vegetation in southern appalachian usa hardwoods

Agrawal, R.K.; Bhardwaj, A.K.; Srivastava, P.K.; Singh, K.N., 1977:
Pre harvest infestation of wheat by grain moth and rice weevil

Venkateswarlu B.; Rao S.P.; Gajbhiye V.T.; Agnihotri N., 1986:
Pre harvest paraquat spray for grain drying in rice

Moreno Rivera M.A.; Alvarado Y.Sosa L.; Lakshminarayana S., 1979:
Pre harvest respiratory trend of the fruit of prickly pear opuntia amyclaea

Fraser T.W.; Courtney A.D.; Harvey B.M.R., 1982:
Pre harvest retting of flax a light microscope study of the effects of glyphosate treatment on the maturation of stem tissues

Harvey B.M.R.; Crothers S.H., 1988:
Pre harvest retting of flax effects of water stress on uptake and efficacy of glyphosate

Harvey B.M.R.; Spence L.; Crothers S.H., 1985:
Pre harvest retting of flax linum usitatissimum cultivar hera with glyphosate effect of growth stage at application on uptake translocation and efficacy of glyphosate

Harvey B.M.R.; Crothers S.H.; Courtney A.D., 1985:
Pre harvest retting of flax uptake translocation and efficacy of glyphosate applied to flax in a dry year

Mccrate A.J.; Nielsen M.T.; Paulsen G.M.; Heyne E.G., 1981:
Pre harvest sprouting and alpha amylase activity in hard red and hard white winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivars

Doig, R.I.; Done, A.A.; Rogers, D.F., 1975:
Pre harvest sprouting in bread wheat triticum aestivum as influenced by cytoplasmic male sterility derived from triticum timopheevi

Bhatt G.M.; Paulsen G.M.; Kulp K.; Heyne E.G., 1981:
Pre harvest sprouting in hard winter wheats triticum aestivum assessment of methods to detect genotypic and nitrogen effects and interactions

Kulp, K.; Roewe-Smith, P.; Lorenz, K., 1983:
Pre harvest sprouting of winter wheat 1. rheological properties of flours and physicochemical characteristics of starches

Lorenz, K.; Roewe-Smith, P.; Kulp, K.; Bates, L., 1983:
Pre harvesting sprouting of winter wheat 2. amino acid composition and functionality of flour and flour fractions

Zweifel, J.R.; Lasker, R., 1976:
Pre hatch and post hatch growth of fishes a general model

Tuculescu R.A.; Griswold J.G., 1983:
Pre hatching interactions in domestic chickens

Cutler H.G.; Crumley F.G.; Cox R.H.; Davis E.E.; Harper J.L.; Cole R.J.; Sumner D.R., 1982:
Pre helminthosporol and pre helminthosporol acetate plant growth regulating properties

Tornqvist H.; Jeppsson J O.; Nilsson I.O., 1983:
Pre hemo globin a 1c in children with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Barash, D.P., 1976:
Pre hibernation behavior of free living hoary marmots marmota caligata

Banshchikov G.T.; Gudkov G.Ya; Zinovenko T.N.; Mazur N.A., 1983:
Pre hospital and early hospital prevention of fibrillation by lidocaine in acute myo cardial infarction

Khusenskii I.A., 1981:
Pre hospital computer diagnosis of acute bronchial obstruction forms in children

Sire S., 1981:
Pre hospital delay in patients with suspected acute myo cardial infarction

Wolfer J.A.; Visintainer M.A., 1979:
Pre hospital psychological preparation for tonsillectomy patients effects on childrens and parents adjustment

Rissanen, V.; Romo, M.; Siltanen, P., 1978:
Pre hospital sudden death from ischemic heart disease a post mortem study

Rimel R.; Winn R.; Rice P.; Butler A.; Edlich R.F.; Buck R.; Jane J., 1981:
Pre hospital treatment of the spinal cord patient

Pasewark, R.A.; Durbin, J.R., 1978:
Pre hospitalization and post hospitalization alcoholic arrests in a rural state

Gadagkar R.; Vinutha C.; Shanubhogue A.; Gore A.P., 1988:
Pre imaginal biasing of caste in a primitively eusocial insect

Kochetova, N.I.; Gur'yanova, T.M., 1976:
Pre imaginal development of exenterus abruptorius hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Nikolaeva N.V., 1979:
Pre imaginal mortality in northern populations of mosquitoes of the genus aedes

Davletklychev A.A., 1979:
Pre imaginal phases of horse fly haematopota pallens development in the turkmen ssr ussr

Lizarralde D.Grosso M., 1980:
Pre imaginal stages of argentine ephydridae diptera with a key for larvae

Nadvornaya L.S., 1984:
Pre imaginal stages of the nocturnal ground beetle melanimon tibialis coleoptera tenebrionidae

Ray, P.K.; Poduval, T.B., 1978:
Pre immunization with bcg vaccine prolongs survival of tumor infected host

Dyban A.P.; Sekirina G.G., 1981:
Pre implantation development of mono zygotic twins experiments with mouse embryos

Hudgins L.; Mukerjee S.; Dey S.K., 1982:
Pre implantation embryo development in the mouse role of histidine decarboxylase

Eppig J.J., 1981:
Pre implantation embryonic development of spontaneous mouse parthenotes after oocyte meiotic maturation in vitro

Binkert, F.; Schmid, W., 1977:
Pre implantation embryos of chinese hamster part 1 incidence of karyotype anomalies in 226 control embryos

Binkert, F.; Schmid, W., 1977:
Pre implantation embryos of chinese hamster part 2 incidence and type of karyotype anomalies after treatment of the paternal post meiotic germ cells with an alkylating mutagen

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Pre implantation loss in inbred strains of rats

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Pre implantation losses of zygotes in super ovulated immature rats

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Pre implantation mouse embryos synthesize membrane sterols

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Pre implantation rhesus monkey blastocyst secretion of substance capable of stimulating progesterone secretion by granulosa cell cultures

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Pre impoundment as a eutrophication management option a simulation study at hartbeespoort dam south africa

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Pre impoundment distribution of mosquitoes within the richard b. russel dam and lake area of south carolina and georgia usa

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Pre incubation dipping of turkey hatching eggs part 1 effect of shell treatment on amount and variability of fluid intake

Ekperigin, H.E.; Mccapes, R.H., 1978:
Pre incubation dipping of turkey hatching eggs part 2 effect of shell treatment on hatchability/

Martin, P.J.; Hansen, J.A.; Thomas, E.D., 1984:
Pre incubation of donor bone marrow cells with a combination of murine mono clonal anti t cell antibodies without complement does not prevent graft vs. host disease after allogeneic marrow transplantation

Garber, C.C.; Feldbruegge, D.H.; Hoessel, M., 1981:
Pre incubation of serum aspartate amino transferase ec with pyridoxal 5' phosphate in the smac comparison with revised dupont aca method and recommended international federation of clinical chemistry method

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Pre incubation stimulates fatty acid synthesis by liver slices and isolated hepatocytes from fasted and diabetic rats

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Pre incubation storage effects on guinea fowl eggs at tropical temperatures

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Pre incubation storage effects on hatchability and hatching time of lines selected for fast and slow hatching

Phillips J.D.; Griffiths M.W.; Muir D.D., 1984:
Pre incubation test to rapidly identify post pasteurization contamination in milk and single cream

Kulikov L.V.; Enin V.M., 1980:
Pre incubative development of hen eggs blastoderm under hot climate influence and results of incubation

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Pre industrial intensive rearing of gilthead sea bream fry sparus aurata by artificial reproduction 1. artificial reproduction and larvae rearing

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Pre infarction angina pectoris and acute myo cardial infarction from the standpoint of modern coronary surgery

Gemma J.N.; Koske R.E., 1988:
Pre infection interactions between roots and mycorrhizal fungus gigaspora gigantea chemotropism of germ tubes and root growth response

Hau F.C.; Rush M.C., 1982:
Pre infectional interactions between helminthosporium oryzae and resistant and susceptible rice oryza sativa plants

Manguiat I.J.; Torres F.G.; Tilo S.N., 1981:
Pre inoculation of field legume seeds with rhizobia

Bagyaraj D.J.; Sreeramulu K.R., 1982:
Pre inoculation with vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza improves growth and yield of chili capsicum annuum cultivar jwala transplanted in the field and saves phosphatic fertilizer

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Pre invasion and post invasion anxiety in lebanon

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Pre irradiation and post irradiation treatments with acridine orange monitoring uv killing in the blue green alga anabaena variabilis

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Pre irradiation and surgical intervention in patients with squamous cell carcinomas of the oral cavity and the oropharynx results of a study conducted from 1973 to 1984

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Pre irradiation treatment with colchicine and hydroxylamine to induce mutation in jute corchorus olitorius

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Pre irradiation with gamma rays of seeds of hothouse cucumbers as a method of increasing the productivity of plants

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Pre junctional and post junctional actions of procaterol a beta 2 adrenoceptor stimulant on dog tracheal tissue

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Pre junctional and post junctional actions of prostaglandin i 2 carbocyclic thromboxane a 2 and leukotriene c 4 in dog tracheal tissue

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Pre junctional and post junctional effects of 1 fluoro 2 4 dinitro benzene at the frog neuro muscular junction

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Pre junctional and post junctional effects of atp on noradrenergic transmission in the rabbit ear artery

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Pre junctional and postjunctional adreno receptor and muscarinic receptor functions in the isolated human corpus spongiosum urethrae

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Pre junctional beta adrenoceptors in human digital arteries

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Pre jurassic origins of belemnitids and evolutionary changes of belemnoids at the boundary of the triassic and jurassic

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Pre kallikrein activator and kallikrein in acetone activated and kaolin activated rat plasma

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Pre kallikrein behavior in chronic active hepatitis and in cirrhotic patients

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Pre kallikrein high molecular weight kininogen and factor xii in various disease states

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Pre kallikrein of bovine plasma 2. activation of pre kallikrein with proteinases and properties of kallikrein ec activated by bovine hageman factor

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Pre keratin like filaments used as a marker of differentiation of endodermal cells in the mouse terato carcinoma system

Mcarthur I.D., 1980:
Pre lambing supplementation of gadic ewes in western afghanistan

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Pre larvae of mites clarification and latest data

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Pre larvae of ptyctimid oribatids 2. phthiracarus clemens clemens acarida oribatida

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Pre late weichselian glacimarine sediments at arnoy north norway

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Pre laying behavior in battery cages

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Pre laying behavior of hens kept in single or multiple hen cages

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Pre leptotene chromosome condensation stage in human fetal and neo natal testes

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Pre leptotene chromosome contraction in lilium longiflorum croft

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Pre leukemia and reticulocytosis a case report with in vitro evidence for abnormal reticulocyte maturation

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Pre leukemia hemopoietic dysplasia developing in a patient with psoriasis treated with 8 methoxy psoralen and uv light

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Pre leukemic granulocytic sarcomas of the gastro intestinal tract report of 2 cases

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Pre leukemic syndrome in a child with acute lympho blastic leukemia

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Pre leukemic syndrome simulating systemic lupus erythematosus a case

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Pre lipofuscin the concept and influence of centrophenoxine

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Pre load induced alterations in capacitance free diastolic pressure flow relationships

Hamby R.I.; Aintablian A., 1980:
Pre load reduction with right ventricular pacing effects on left ventricular hemodynamics and contractile pattern

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Pre malignancy of immuno globulin producing cells and mono clonality of immuno globulin in angio immuno blastic lymph adenopathy

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Pre malignant and malignant lesions of cervix

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Pre malignant and malignant lesions of the cervix uteri its cyto histological correlation

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Pre malignant and neoplastic skin lesions associated with occupational exposure to tarry byproducts during manufacture of 4 4' bi pyridyl

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Pre malignant fibro epithelial tumors of pinkus and previous irradiation a survey of 20 patients

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Pre malignant lesions of the peri ampullary region 2 cases

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Pre marital rubella screening in rhode island usa

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Pre mating behavior and pairing processes in 2 types of total conjugation in pseudourostyla levis ciliophora/

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Pre mating body weight changes and reproductive performance in female mink

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Pre mating injection of an analog of gonadotropin releasing hormone and pregnancy rates to 1st insemination

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Pre mating isolating mechanisms among 3 species of the rana pipiens complex in texas and southern oklahoma usa

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Pre mating sexual activity of gypsy moth males in small plot field tests lymantria dispar equals porthetria dispar lymantriidae

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Pre maturity gradients in shoot size and in number and size of florets for spring barley treated with mepiquat chloride

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Pre med the bibliographic retrieval service current clinical medicine data base

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Pre medication for colonoscopy randomized double blind study of hyoscine n butyl bromide pentazocine plus atropine and a placebo

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Pre medication for fiber optic bronchoscopy

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Pre medication with flunitrazepam lormetazepam or pethidine promethazine psychometric study of subjective condition

Walters M.S., 1980:
Pre meiosis and meiosis in lilium cultivar enchantment

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Pre melting and melting transitions in the dodeca nucleotide deoxy cgcgaattcgcg self complementary duplex in solution

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Pre menopausal and post menopausal breast cancer

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Pre menstrual complaints 2. influence of oral contraceptives

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Pre menstrual syndrome and coagulation factors interpretative enquiry of a symptom

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Pre menstrual syndromes a new instrument for their assessment

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Pre menstrual tension and functional infertility etiology and treatment

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Pre mero myosin an initial product of trypsin proteolysis in isolated myo fibrils

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Pre messenger rna from erythroid enriched bone marrow cells of the rabbit 4. detection and size distribution of globin sequences in different fractions of temperature extracted rna

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Pre messenger rna from erythroid enriched bone marrow cells of the rabbit part 2 characterization of pre messenger rna isolated by phenol extraction and poly uridylic acid sepharose chromatography

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Pre messenger rna from erythroid enriched bone marrow cells of the rabbit part 3 poly adenylic acid oligo uridylic acid and double stranded sequences

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Pre messenger rna splicing and the nuclear matrix

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Pre messenger rna splicing in vitro requires intact u 4 u 6 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein

Romero R.C.; Kuroki H.B., 1986:
Pre metamorphosis stages of two pennellids copepoda siphonostomatoida from their definitive hosts

Kilpi M.; Saurola P., 1983:
Pre migration movements of coastal finnish herring gulls larus argentatus in autumn

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Pre migratory fattening in 3 races of the red billed quelea quelea quelea aves ploceidae an intra tropical migrant

Chandola A.; Pathak V., 1980:
Pre migratory increase in circulating tri iodo thyronine to thyroxine ratio in the red headed bunting emberiza bruniceps

Phillips, D.S.M., 1984:
Pre milking preparation 2. the effect of delay between pre milking stimulus and milking

Chichester, F.W., 1981:
Pre mining evaluation of forage grass growth on mine soil materials from an east central texas usa lignite site 1. overburden strata

Chichester, F.W., 1983:
Pre mining evaluation of forage grass growth on mine soil materials from an east central texas usa lignite site 2. soil profile horizons

Schnepf E., 1984:
Pre mitotic and post mitotic re orientation of micro tubule arrays in young sphagnum palustre leaflets transitional stages and initiation sites

Graf F.; Meyran J C., 1983:
Pre molt calcium secretion in mid gut posterior ceca of the crustacean orchestia cavimana ultrastructure of the epithelium

Roccatagliata G.; Santoloci D.; Farinini D.; Bacigalupo F., 1985:
Pre morbid adaptation and intellectual level in patients affected by disorganized chronic schizophrenia

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Pre morbid factors in hodgkins disease part 1 birth weight and growth pattern from 8 to 14 years of age

Dattore P.J.; Shontz F.C.; Coyne L., 1980:
Pre morbid personality differentiation of cancer and noncancer groups a test of the hypothesis of cancer proneness

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Pre morbid personality traits and responsiveness to flooding in obsessive compulsive patients

Schneider H.G.; Kaeding Smitmanns M.; Vogel H., 1981:
Pre mortal candida septicemia associated with lyells syndrome

Konermann, G., 1980:
Pre myelin synthesis and myelination of the brain in mice after fractionated x ray treatment in the pre natal state

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Pre natal alcohol consumption and open field behavior in rats effects of age at time of testing

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Pre natal alcohol exposure changes in behavior and activity of some brain enzymes

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Pre natal alcohol exposure in rodents a review of its effects on offspring activity and learning ability

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Pre natal and early post natal ontogenesis of the human motor cortex a golgi study part 1 the sequential development of the cortical layers

Marin-Padilla, M., 1970:
Pre natal and early post natal ontogenesis of the human motor cortex a golgi study part 2 the basket pyramidal system

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Pre natal and galactogenic infections with toxocara canis anisakidae in the mouse

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Pre natal and intra partum high risk screening 2. risk factors reassessed

Berger, H., 1978:
Pre natal and peri natal infections

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Pre natal and peri natal oxygen transport in mammals the embryonic hemo globins of the pig sus scrofa domestica

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Pre natal and post natal development and drug induced alterations of free and bound acetyl choline in rat brain

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Pre natal and post natal development in rats exposed to 60 hertz electric fields

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Pre natal and post natal development of catecholamine containing and cholin esterase positive nerves of the rat cornea and iris

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Pre natal and post natal development of gamma amino butyric acid accumulating cells in the occipital neo cortex of rat

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Pre natal and post natal development of gluconeogenic enzymes in the kidneys of pigs

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Pre natal and post natal development of granulocytic stem cells in the rat

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Pre natal and post natal development of lipo protein lipase and hepatic tri glyceride hydrolase activity in rat tissues

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Pre natal and post natal development of mouse embryos after storage for different periods at cryogenic temperatures

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Pre natal and post natal development of rats following concomitant intra uterine exposure to propoxyphene and chlordiazepoxide

Bertolini R., 1981:
Pre natal and post natal development of the dorsal abdominal wall in man

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Pre natal and post natal developmental changes in hypothalamic and pituitary content of alpha msh and somatostatin in the rat

Concannon J.T.; Braughler J.M.; Schechter M.D., 1983:
Pre natal and post natal effects of caffeine on brain biogenic amines cyclic nucleotides and behavior in developing rats

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Pre natal and post natal exposure to dieldrin persistent stimulatory and behavioral effects

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Pre natal and post natal growth and protein turnover in 4 muscles of the rat

Lewis S.E.M.; Kelly F.J.; Goldspink D.F., 1984:
Pre natal and post natal growth and protein turnover in smooth muscle heart and slow twitch and fast twitch skeletal muscles of the rat

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Pre natal and post natal growth phenomena of burchells zebra equus burchelli antiquorum

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Pre natal and post natal growth retardation with severe mental retardation acral limb deficiencies and ocular anomalies a new syndrome of inherited intra uterine dwarfism

Doehler K D.; Coquelin A.; Davis F.; Hines M.; Shryne J.E.; Gorski R.A., 1984:
Pre natal and post natal influence of testosterone propionate and di ethyl stilbestrol on differentiation of the sexually dimorphic nucleus of the preoptic area in male and female rats

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Pre natal and post natal influences on testicular growth and development in boars

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Pre natal and post natal litter size of mice selected for high weight gains at different levels of feeding

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Pre natal and post natal maternal influences on growth in mice selected for body weight

Puymirat J.; Faivre Bauman A.; Bizzini B.; Tixier Vidal A., 1982:
Pre natal and post natal ontogenesis of neuro transmitter synthesizing enzymes and iodine 125 labeled tetanus toxin binding capacity in the mouse hypothalamus

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Pre natal and post natal ontogeny and characterization of dopaminergic d 2 serotonergic s 2 and spiro decanone binding sites in rat fore brain

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Pre natal and post natal protein mal nutrition in pigs effects on growth rate serum protein and albumin

Simons, S.D.; Johnston, P.V., 1976:
Pre natal and post natal protein restriction in the rat effect on some parameters related to brain development and prospects for rehabilitation

Broad, T.E.; Davies, A.S., 1980:
Pre natal and post natal study of the carcass growth of sheep 1. growth of dissectable fat and its chemical components

Broad, T.E.; Davies, A.S.; Tan, G.Y., 1980:
Pre natal and post natal study of the carcass growth of sheep 2. the cellular growth of adipose tissues

Broad, T.E.; Davies, A.S., 1981:
Pre natal and post natal study of the carcass growth of sheep 3. growth of dissectable and chemical components of muscle and changes in the muscle bone ratio

Lin C C.; River P.; Moawad A.H.; Lowensohn R.I.; Blix P.M.; Abraham M.; Rubenstein A.H., 1981:
Pre natal assessment of fetal outcome by amniotic fluid pro insulin connecting peptide levels in pregnant diabetic women

Zeller W.J., 1980:
Pre natal carcinogenic action of 5 3 3 di methyl 1 triazeno imidazole 4 carboxamide in the offspring of bd ix rats

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Pre natal care and pregnancy outcome in a health maintenance organization and general population a multi variate cohort analysis

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Pre natal care guidance and actual behavior 1

Minakami A.; Sakaki R.; Teraoka M.; Watanabe Y.; Narita E., 1981:
Pre natal care guidance and actual behavior 2

Vlk, J., 1977:
Pre natal changes of heart pacemaker activity and its sensitivity to acetyl choline in guinea pigs

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Pre natal changes of lactate dehydrogenase ec iso enzyme patterns and activity in bovine tissues

Sokal D.C.; Byrd J.R.; Chen A.T.L.; Goldberg M.F.; Oakley G.P.Jr, 1980:
Pre natal chromosomal diagnosis racial and geographic variation for older women in georgia usa

Amato M.; Vecchio L., 1980 :
Pre natal control of hemolytic disease of the new born

Aitken, D.A.; Kleijer, W.J.; Niermeijer, M.F.; Herbschleb-Voogt, E.; Galjaard, H., 1980:
Pre natal detection of a probable hetero zygote for adenosine deaminase ec deficiency and severe combined immuno deficiency disease using a micro radioassay

Najafzadeh T.M.; Cahill T.C.; Dumars K.W., 1982:
Pre natal detection of chromosomal mosaicism

Gadow, E.C.; Paz, J.E.; Castilla, E.E.; Rothe, D.J.; Cederqvist, L.L., 1976:
Pre natal detection of chromosome aberrations after intercontinental transport of amniotic fluid

Milunsky, A., 1980:
Pre natal detection of neural tube defects 6. experience with 20000 pregnancies

Grace H.J.; Gray R.; Conradie J.D., 1981:
Pre natal detection of neural tube defects by maternal serum alpha feto protein assay a pilot study using enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Morin, P.R.; Potier, M.; Dallaire, L.; Melancon, S.B.; Boisvert, J., 1981:
Pre natal detection of the autosomal recessive type of poly cystic kidney disease by trehalase ec assay in amniotic fluid

Auerbach A.D.; Warburton D.; Bloom A.D.; Chaganti R.S.K., 1979:
Pre natal detection of the fanconi anemia gene by cyto genetic methods

Firgaira F.A.; Cotton R.G.H.; Danks D.M.; Fowler K.; Lipson A.; Y.J.S., 1983:
Pre natal determination of di hydro pteridine reductase in a normal fetus at risk for malignant hyper phenyl alaninemia

Walker M.T.; Rose R., 1981:
Pre natal development after diapause in the marsupial macropus rufogriseus

Del-Cerro, M.; Swarz, J.R., 1976:
Pre natal development of bergmann glial fibers in rodent cerebellum

Sterba, O., 1977:
Pre natal development of central european insectivores

Sterba O.; Misek I., 1982:
Pre natal development of dentition in clethrionomys glareolus and pitymys subterraneus

Sterba O., 1981:
Pre natal development of dentition in microtus arvalis

Gruen E.; Brenner K V.; Pfueller K., 1982:
Pre natal development of enzymes regulating pyruvate metabolism in pig liver

Med M., 1982:
Pre natal development of lumbar inter vertebral articulation

Sterba, O., 1976:
Pre natal development of microtine rodents

Sterba, O., 1977:
Pre natal development of selected altricial and precocial rodents

Wadhwa S.; Bijlani V., 1983:
Pre natal development of the autonomic innervation of the human urinary bladder

Panchamukhi, B.G.; Mudholkar, D.R.; Srivastava, H.C., 1977:
Pre natal development of the buffalo bubalus bubalis stomach gross measurements

Panchamukhi, B.G.; Mudholkar, D.R.; Srivastava, H.C., 1975:
Pre natal development of the buffalo bubalus bubalis stomach part 1 organogenesis of the stomach

Panchamukhi, B.G.; Mudholkar, D.R.; Srivastava, H.C., 1975:
Pre natal development of the buffalo bubalus bubalis stomach part 2 later morphogenesis

Panchamukhi, B.G.; Mudholkar, D.R.; Srivastava, H.C., 1977:
Pre natal development of the buffalo bubalus bubalis stomach part 3 early histogenesis

Altman, J.; Bayer, S.A., 1978:
Pre natal development of the cerebellar system in the rat part 1 cytogenesis and histogenesis of the deep nuclei and the cortex of the cerebellum

Altman, J.; Bayer, S.A., 1978:
Pre natal development of the cerebellar system in the rat part 2 cytogenesis and histogenesis of the inferior olive pontine gray and the precerebellar reticular nuclei

Fresco, N.; Silvestre, D.; Boue, J., 1978:
Pre natal diagnosis a psychological study part 1 the intervention of doctors in pregnancy

Silvestre, D.; Fresco, N.; Boue, J., 1978:
Pre natal diagnosis a psychological study part 2 pregnancy after the age of 40

Evers Kiebooms G.; Fryns J.P.; Van Den Berghe H., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis and genetic counseling in 21 trisomy its impact on family planning

Stoll C.; Flori E.; Macler J.; Renaud R., 1979:
Pre natal diagnosis and post natal follow up of an abnormal child with 2 de novo apparently balanced translocations

Edgell, C.J.S.; Kirkman, H.N.; Clemons, E.; Buchanan, P.D.; Miller, C.H., 1978:
Pre natal diagnosis by linkage hemophilia a and polymorphic glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase

Lippman Hand A.; Piper M., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis for the detection of downs syndrome why are so few eligible women tested?

Bucholz, R.; Mauldin, D., 1978:
Pre natal diagnosis in intra uterine fetal fracture a case report

Holmgren G.; Sigurd J., 1984:
Pre natal diagnosis of 2 cases of gastroschisis following alpha feto protein screening

Linch D.C.; Levinsky R.J.; Rodeck C.H.; Maclennan K.A.; Simmonds H.A., 1984:
Pre natal diagnosis of 3 cases of severe combined immuno deficiency severe t cell deficiency during the 1st half of gestation in fetuses with adenosine deaminase deficiency

David, K.; Kaffe, S.; Strauss, L.; Hsu, L.Y.F.; Serotkin, A.; Hirschhorn, K., 1978:
Pre natal diagnosis of 5p minus

Soudek D., 1979:
Pre natal diagnosis of a 13p plus karyotype

Dantoine G.; L.G.ern H.; Boog G.; Bellet M.; Castel Y., 1980:
Pre natal diagnosis of a complex renal anomaly by ultrasonography a case

Roth S.L.; Havemann K.; Martini G.A.; Benkmann H G.; Goedde H.W.; Gramse M.; Hillig J.; Hug G.; Keitzer R.; E.A., 1980:
Pre natal diagnosis of alpha 1 anti trypsin phenotype case record and prognosis in severe anti trypsin deficiency phenotype pi z

Jeppsson J O.; Gustavii B.; Lofberg L.; Franzen B.; Stromberg P.; Sveger T.; Cordesius E., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of alpha anti trypsin deficiency by analysis of fetal blood obtained at fetoscopy

Gustavson, K.H.; Kjessler, B.; Thoren, S., 1978:
Pre natal diagnosis of an xxy fetal karyotype in a woman with a previous 21 trisomic child

Dhondt, J.L.; Farriaux, J.P.; Pollitt, R.J.; Vamos, E.; Richard, P.; Blanckaert, D.; Delecour, M.; Monnier, J.C.; Fontaine, G., 1976:
Pre natal diagnosis of arginino succinic aciduria

Kan, Y.W.; Golbus, M.S.; Trecartin, R.F.; Filly, R.A.; Valenti, C.; Furbetta, M.; Cao, A., 1977:
Pre natal diagnosis of beta thalassemia and sickle cell anemia experience with 24 cases

Furbetta M.; Valenti C.; Ximenes A.; Angius A.; Tuveri T.; Fioretti P.; Cao A., 1979:
Pre natal diagnosis of beta thalassemia by fetal red cell concentration with anti ab serum

Furbetta M.; Angius A.; Ximenes A.; Tuveri T.; Rosatelli C.; Scalas M.T.; Fais R.; Cao A.; Angioni G.; Caminiti F., 1980:
Pre natal diagnosis of beta thalassemia by fetal red cell enrichment with ammonium chloride ammonium bi carbonate differential lysis of maternal cells

Fryns J.P.; Van Den Berghe K.; Van Assche A.; Van Den Berghe H., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of campomelic dwarfism

Wisniewski L.; Jezuita J.; Lukasiewicz H.; Wrede A.; Borucka Mankiewicz M.; Sliwinska J.; Dipont E.; Krajewska Walasek M., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of central nervous system malformations performed in childs health center in warsaw poland

Akagi, T., 1977:
Pre natal diagnosis of chromosome abnormalities with cultivated amniotic fluid cells

Kleijer W.J.; Blom W.; Huijmans J.G.M.; Mooyman M.C.T.; Berger R.; Niermeijer M.F., 1984:
Pre natal diagnosis of citrullinemia elevated levels of citrulline in the amniotic fluid in the 3 affected pregnancies

Sugita T.; Ikenaga M.; Suehara N.; Kozuka T.; Furuyama J I.; Yabuuchi H., 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of cockayne syndrome using assay of colony forming ability in uv light irradiated cells

Couillin P.; Boue J.; Nicolas H.; Cheruy C.; Boue A., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia 21 hydroxylase deficiency type by hla typing

Forest M.G.; Betuel H.; Couillin P.; Boue A., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21 hydroxylase deficiency by steroid analysis in the amniotic fluid of mid pregnancy comparison with hla typing in 17 pregnancies at risk for congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Jirous J.; Chalupa M.; Finkova A.; Pivonkova H., 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of congenital defects by the ultrasonic gray scale method

Junien, C.; Leroux, A.; Lostanlen, D.; Reghis, A.; Boue, J.; Nicolas, H.; Boue, A.; Kaplan, J.C., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of congenital enzymopenic met hemo globinemia with mental retardation due to generalized cytochrome b 5 reductase ec deficiency 1st report of 2 cases

Leschot N.J.; Treffers P.E.; Verjaal M.; Der Weduwen J.J.; Bennebroek Gravenhorst J.; Coelingh Bennink H.J.T., 1979:
Pre natal diagnosis of congenital malformations in 500 pregnancies

Green J.R.; Lentze M.J.; Rossi E.; Sidiropoulos D.; Schubiger G., 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of cystic fibrosis false negative result with the 4 methylumbelliferyl p guanidino benzoate assay for proteases in amniotic fluid

Hockey A., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of dermatological conditions

Wassner S.J.; L.J.B.; Ladda R.L.; Lorenz R.P.; Emery A.E.H., 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of duchenne muscular dystrophy failure of amniotic fluid and maternal serum n tau methyl histidine analyses to defect affected fetuses

Rodeck C.H.; Eady R.A.J.; Gosden C.M., 1980:
Pre natal diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa lethalis

Mitsutake K.; Abe T.; Masumoto R.; Kato T.; Yano H., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of fetal abdominal masses by real time ultrasound

Lee C.Y.; Madrazo B.L.; Van Dyke D.L.; Smith J., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of fetal cystic hygromas associated with generalized lymph angi ectasis

Wong P.Y.; Doran T.A.; Falk M.; Taylor G.W.; Mee A.V., 1980:
Pre natal diagnosis of fetal sex by amniotic fluid testosterone and follicle stimulating hormone and their potential use in detecting sex linked disorders

Shin, Y.S.; Endres, W.; Rieth, M.; Schaub, J., 1983:
Pre natal diagnosis of galactosemia and properties of galactose 1 phosphate uridyl transferase ec in erythrocytes of galactosemic variants as well as in human fetal and adult organs

Benson, P.F.; Brandt, N.J.; Christensen, E.; Fensom, A.H., 1979:
Pre natal diagnosis of galactosemia in 6 pregnancies possible complications with rare alleles of the galactose 1 phosphate uridyl transferase ec locus

Vennerholm L.; Hakansson G.; Lindsten J.; Wahlstrom J.; Dreborg S., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of gauchers disease assay of beta glucosidase activity in amniotic fluid cells cultivated in 2 laboratories with different cultivation conditions

Anton Lamprecht I., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of genetic disorders of the skin by means of electron microscopy

Davidson, R.G.; Rattazzi, M.C., 1972:
Pre natal diagnosis of genetic disorders trials and tribulations

Harzer, K., 1977:
Pre natal diagnosis of globoid cell leuko dystrophy krabbes disease 3rd documented case

Den Tandt W.R.; Leroy J.G.; Buytaert F., 1979:
Pre natal diagnosis of glycogenosis type ii

Alter B.P., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of hemo globinopathies a status report

Alter B.P., 1979:
Pre natal diagnosis of hemo globinopathies and other hematologic diseases

Alter, B.P.; Nathan, D.G.; Modell, C.B.; Fairweather, D.; Mahoney, M.J.; Hobbins, J.C., 1977:
Pre natal diagnosis of hemo globinopathies detection of alpha thalassemia trait and of sickle cell disease in utero

Gagne R.; Lescault A.; Grenier A.; Laberge C.; Melancon S.B.; Dallaire L., 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of hereditary tyrosinemia measurement of succinyl acetone in amniotic fluid

Chan V.; Ghosh A.; Chan T.K.; Wong V.; Todd D., 1984:
Pre natal diagnosis of homo zygous alpha thalassemia by direct dna analysis of uncultured amniotic fluid cells

Xianting, Z.; Tang, H.; Li, J.; Cui, M.; Wang, Y.; Sun, N.; Wang, F.; Wu, N.; Wu, Y.; Et-Al, 1980:
Pre natal diagnosis of human genetic diseases 1. report on results of diagnosis of 100 pregnancies amniotic fluid culture

Legge M.; Rippon P., 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of intestinal obstruction in the 3rd trimester using amniotic fluid bile acid analysis

Shing-Buehring, Y.S.; Osang, M.; Wirtz, A.; Haas, B.; Rahm, P.; Schaub, J., 1980:
Pre natal diagnosis of lesch nyhan syndrome and some characteristics of hypo xanthine guanine phospho ribosyl transferase ec and adenine phospho ribosyl transferase in human tissues and cultivated cells

Shapiro J.E.; Phillips J.A.IIi; Byers P.H.; Sanders R.; Holbrook K.A.; Levin L.S.; Dorst J.; Barsh G.S.; Peterson K.E.; E.A., 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of lethal peri natal osteogenesis imperfecta type ii

Schmidt W.; Holst T.V.; Schroeder T.; Kubli F., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of meckel grubers syndrome by ultrasound

Kihara, H.; Ho, C.K.; Fluharty, A.L.; Tsay, K.K.; Hartlage, P.L., 1980:
Pre natal diagnosis of meta chromatic leuko dystrophy in a family with pseudo aryl sulfatase a ec deficiency by the cerebroside sulfate loading test

Ven Figura K.; Van J.J.; Niermeijer M.F., 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of morquios disease type a n acetyl galactosamine 6 sulfate sulfatase deficiency

Mossman J.; Patrick A.D., 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of muco poly saccharidosis by 2 dimensional electrophoresis of amniotic fluid glycosamino glycans

Milunsky, A.; Alpert, E.; Neff, R.K.; Frigoletto, F.D.J., 1980:
Pre natal diagnosis of neural tube defects 4. maternal serum alpha feto protein screening

Milunsky, A.; Alpert, E.; Kitzmiller, J.L.; Younger, M.D.; Neff, R.K., 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of neural tube defects 8. the importance of serum alpha feto protein screening in diabetic pregnant women

Milunsky, A.; Alpert, E., 1976:
Pre natal diagnosis of neural tube defects part 1 problems and pitfalls analysis of 2495 cases using the alpha feto protein assay

Milunsky, A.; Alpert, E., 1976:
Pre natal diagnosis of neural tube defects part 2 analysis of false positive and false negative alpha feto protein results

Kimball, M.E.; Milunsky, A.; Alpert, E., 1977:
Pre natal diagnosis of neural tube defects part 3 a reevaluation of the alpha feto protein assay

Hesseldahl H.; Als O.; Dorph S.; Kjer J.J.; Strom K.V., 1980:
Pre natal diagnosis of omphalocele by ultrasound and amniography

Holzgreve, W.; Golbus, M.S., 1984:
Pre natal diagnosis of ornithine trans carbamylase ec deficiency utilizing fetal liver biopsy

Kihara H.; Fluharty A.L.; Tsay K.K.; Bachman R.P.; Stephens J.D.; N.W.G., 1983:
Pre natal diagnosis of pseudo aryl sulfatase a deficiency

Alter, B.P.; Friedman, S.; Hobbins, J.C.; Mahoney, M.J.; Sherman, A.S.; Mcsweeney, J.F.; Schwartz, E.; Nathan, D.G., 1976:
Pre natal diagnosis of sickle cell anemia and alpha g philadelphia study of a fetus also at risk for hemo globin s beta plus thalassemia

Philips J.A.IIi; Panny S.R.; Kazazian H.H.Jr; Boehm C.D.; Scott A.F.; Smith K.D., 1980:
Pre natal diagnosis of sickle cell anemia by restriction endo nuclease analysis hin d iii polymorphisms in gamma globin genes extend test applicability

Goossens M.; Dumez Y.; Kaplan L.; Lupker M.; Chabret C.; Henrion R.; Rosa J., 1983:
Pre natal diagnosis of sickle cell anemia in the 1st trimester of pregnancy

Dash S.; Panourgias J.; Karababa P.; Loukopoulos D., 1984:
Pre natal diagnosis of thalassemia by hemo globin chromatography on biorex an evaluation of the method

Bibbins P.E.Jr; Anderson R.L.; Rary J.M.; Jones H.W.Jr, 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of the 48 xxyy syndrome

Zolotukhina T.V.; Butomo I.V.; Rozovskii I.S.; Grinberg K.N., 1981:
Pre natal diagnosis of the cri du chat syndrome in the mother with 5p minus 18 plus balanced translocation

Grass F.S.; Hisley J.C.; Parke J.C.Jr; Bunn D., 1982:
Pre natal diagnosis of trisomy 18 mosaicism

Gimelli, G.; Cuoco, C.; Santi, F.; Porro, E., 1977:
Pre natal diagnosis the experience of the genetic counseling at the g gaslini institute

Imai K.; IIjima K., 1981:
Pre natal differentiation of mono amine containing neurons in the locus ceruleus of the rabbit a histo fluorescence study

Demers, M.; Kirouac, G., 1978:
Pre natal effects of ethanol on the behavioral development of the rat

Hood, R.D.; Thacker, G.T.; Patterson, B.L.; Szczech, G.M., 1978:
Pre natal effects of oral vs intra peritoneal sodium arsenate in mice

Thadani, P.V., 1983:
Pre natal ethanol exposure alters development of heart ornithine decarboxylase response to insulin in rat 2. daily dose

Deybach J.C.; Grandchamp B.; Grelier M.; Nordmann Y.; Boue J.; Boue A.; D.B.rranger P., 1980:
Pre natal exclusion of congenital erythropoietic porphyria guenthers disease in a fetus at risk

Fensom A.H.; Benson P.F.; Crees M.J.; Ellis M.; Rodeck C.H.; Vaughan R.W., 1983:
Pre natal exclusion of homo cystinuria cystathionine beta synthase deficiency by assay of phyto hem agglutinin stimulated fetal lymphocytes

Munoz, N., 1976:
Pre natal exposure and carcinogenesis

Jacobson J.L.; Jacobson S.W.; Schwartz P.M.; Fein G.G.; Dowler J.K., 1984:
Pre natal exposure to an environmental toxin a test of the multiple effects model

Vom Saal F.S., 1979:
Pre natal exposure to androgen influences morphology and aggressive behavior of male and female mice

Abel E.L., 1981:
Pre natal exposure to beer wine whiskey and ethanol effects on post natal growth and food and water consumption

Hines M.; Shipley C., 1984:
Pre natal exposure to di ethyl stilbestrol and the development of sexually dimorphic cognitive abilities and cerebral lateralization

Gallagher D.W.; Wakeman E.A., 1982:
Pre natal exposure to electro convulsive seizures and phenytoin development of benzodiazepin binding sites reflex behaviors and seizure thresholds in exposed offspring

Ehrhardt, A.A.; Grisanti, G.C.; Meyer-Bahlburg, H.F.L., 1977:
Pre natal exposure to medroxy progesterone acetate in girls

Ford D.H.; Rhines R.K., 1979:
Pre natal exposure to methadone hydro chloride in relationship to body and brain growth in the rat

Reinisch, J.M.; Karow, W.G., 1977:
Pre natal exposure to synthetic progestins and estrogens effects on human development

Money J.; Mathews D., 1982:
Pre natal exposure to virilizing progestins an adult follow up study of 12 women

Romagoli C.; Zuppa A.A., 1979:
Pre natal factors and neo natal jaundice

Swerdlow A.J.; Stiller C.A.; Wilson L.M.K., 1982:
Pre natal factors in the etiology of testicular cancer an epidemiological study of childhood testicular cancer deaths in great britain uk 1953 1973

Birch J.; Marsden H.B.; Swindell R., 1982:
Pre natal factors in the origin of germ cell tumors of childhood

Kester P.; Green R.; Finch S.J.; Williams K., 1980:
Pre natal female hormone administration and psycho sexual development in human males

Sterba, O., 1978:
Pre natal growth and development of oryctolagus cuniculus and felis catus

Sterba O., 1979:
Pre natal growth of certain artiodactyls

Tiedemann, K.; Van-Ooyen, B., 1978:
Pre natal hematopoiesis and blood characteristics of the cat

Chabas, A.; Briones, P.; Sabater, J., 1979:
Pre natal human brain development 1. catalytic and electrophoretic studies on lactate dehydrogenase

Chabas, A.; Briones, P.; Sabater, J., 1980:
Pre natal human brain development 2. studies on malate dehydrogenase ec

Yokoyama M.M.; Gupta M.L.; Vidyasagar D.; Zariff M.A., 1980:
Pre natal hydrocortisone administration and lymphocyte response in the neo natal rabbits

Mooney M.P.; Hoyenga K.T.; Hoyenga K.B.; Morton J.R.C., 1981:
Pre natal hyper vitaminosis a and post natal behavioral development in the rat

Gota F.; Dallavalle F.M., 1980:
Pre natal immunological investigation of erythro blastosis fetalis

Bannasch P.; Mayer D.; Venske G., 1979:
Pre natal induction of hepato cellular glycogen storage areas and tumors in mice by ethylnitroso urea

Mengeling W.L., 1979:
Pre natal infection following maternal exposure to porcine parvovirus on either the 7th or 14th day of gestation

Foix J.; Taranchon P., 1981:
Pre natal infection of calves with fasciola hepatica

Gates, C.C.; Samuel, W.M., 1977:
Pre natal infection of the rocky mountain bighorn sheep ovis canadensis canadensis of alberta canada with the lungworm protostrongylus spp

Dygalo N.N., 1982:
Pre natal influence of hydrocortisone on emotional reactivity of adult male albino rats

File, S.E.; Goodall, E.M., 1976:
Pre natal influences on the responsivity of neo nate rats

Nelson B.K.; Brightwell W.S.; Setzer J.V.; O'donohue T.L., 1982:
Pre natal interactions between ethanol and the industrial solvent 2 ethoxy ethanol in rats neurochemical effects in the offspring

Lichtblau L.; Sparber S.B., 1983:
Pre natal levo alpha acetyl methadol and or naloxone effects on brain chemistry and post weanling behavior

Huehn U.; Koenig I., 1980:
Pre natal loss of swine dimensions relevance and possibilities for control

Middaugh L.D.; Simpson L.W., 1980:
Pre natal maternal methadone effects on pregnant c 57bl 6 mice and their offspring

Middaugh L.D.; Boggan W.O.; Wilson Burrows C.; Zemp J.W., 1979:
Pre natal maternal pheno barbital alters plasma concentrations of cortico sterone in developing offspring

Eccles, C.U.; Annau, Z., 1982:
Pre natal methyl mercury exposure 2. alterations in learning and psychotropic drug sensitivity in adult offspring

Amin Zaki L.; Majeed M.A.; Elhassani S.B.; Clarkson T.W.; Greenwood M.R.; Doherty R.A., 1979:
Pre natal methyl mercury poisoning clinical observations over 5 years

Christomanou H.; Cap C., 1981:
Pre natal monitoring for wolmans disease in a pregnancy at risk 1st case in west germany

Frieder B.; Grimm V.E., 1984:
Pre natal mono sodium glutamate treatment given through the mothers diet causes behavioral deficits in rat offspring

Rehder H.; Labbe F., 1981:
Pre natal morphology in meckels syndrome with special reference to poly cystic kidneys and double encephalocele

Wiesmann, U.N.; Spycher, M.A.; Meier, C.; Liebaers, I.; Herschkowitz, N., 1980:
Pre natal muco poly saccharidosis ii a pathogenetic study

Fuentes A.; Gonzalez Rovira O.; Caimi M.; Boutureira M., 1978:
Pre natal muscular arteries their histological structure in the oral cavity and adjacent zones

Hilgers, R.D., 1977:
Pre natal oncogenesis and the development of malignant tumors in the infant and adolescent vagina a review and hypothesis

Garn, S.M.; Babler, W.J.; Burdi, A.R., 1976:
Pre natal origins of brachy mesophalangia 5

Dallapiccola B.; Novelli G.; Micara G.; Ferranti G.; Pachi A.; Magnani M., 1983:
Pre natal prediction of duplication 10q24 qter by gene dosage of glutamic oxal acetic trans aminase 1 on uncultured amniotic cells

Guirao-Perez, M.; Garcia-Garcia, J.D.; Martinez-Tormo, F., 1977:
Pre natal presence of the juxtaventricular germinal plate true significance of the colliculus ganglionaris

Garel, M.; Kaminski, M.; Franc, M., 1978:
Pre natal prevention and female behavior

Illsley, N.P.; Lamartiniere, C.A., 1979:
Pre natal programming of hepatic mono amine oxidase ec by 5 5 di phenyl hydantoin

Mercuri O.; D.T.mas M.E.; Itarte H., 1979:
Pre natal protein depletion and delta 9 desaturase delta 6 desaturase and delta 5 desaturase in the rat

Pfister H.P.; Ivinskis A., 1983:
Pre natal psychological stress effects on offspring behavior in rats

Pfister H.P.; Golus P.; Mcgee R., 1981:
Pre natal psychological stress effects on taste neophobia

Burdi, A.R.; Garn, S.M.; Babler, W., 1976:
Pre natal rotational field involving deciduous lateral incisors

Doerner G.; Geier T.; Ahrens L.; Krell L.; Sieler H.; Kittner E.; Mueller H.; Muenx G., 1980:
Pre natal stress as possible etio genetic factor of homo sexuality in human males

Dunlap, J.L.; Gougis, G.; Zadina, J.E., 1978:
Pre natal stress interacts with pre puberal social isolation to reduce male copulatory behavior

Politch J.A.; Herrenkohl L.R., 1979:
Pre natal stress reduces maternal aggression by mice offspring

Miley W.M., 1983:
Pre natal stress suppresses hunger induced rat pup killing in long evans rats

Harbison, R.D.; Mantilla-Plata, B., 1972:
Pre natal toxicity maternal distribution and placental transfer of tetra hydro cannabinol

Betancourt, E.A., 1978:
Pre natal transmission of bovine trypanosoma vivax in colombia

Packman S.; Cowan M.J.; Golbus M.S.; Caswell N.M.; Sweetmen L.; Burri B.J.; Nyhan S.L.; Baker H., 1982:
Pre natal treatment of biotin responsive multiple carboxylase deficiency

File S.E.; Tucker J.C., 1984:
Pre natal treatment with clomipramine effects on the behavior of male and female adolescent rats

Goksin E.; Ayhan A.; Gurgan T., 1981:
Pre natal ultrasonic diagnosis of anencephaly

Stewart P.A.; Wladimiorff J.W.; Essed C.E., 1983:
Pre natal ultrasound diagnosis of congenital heart disease associated with intra uterine growth retardation 2 cases

Huffman L.; Hendricks S.E., 1981:
Pre natally injected testosterone propionate and sexual behavior of female rats

Jansen H.H.; Mueller C., 1981:
Pre neoplasms

Mueller K M., 1981:
Pre neoplasms in the bronchial system

Lin, J.C.; Hiasa, Y.; Farber, E., 1977:
Pre neoplastic antigen as a marker for endoplasmic reticulum of putative pre malignant hepatocytes during liver carcinogenesis

Callaham, D.; Torrey, J.G., 1977:
Pre nodule formation and primary nodule development in roots of comptonia myricaceae

Innes Smith J., 1987:
Pre oedipal identification and the cathexis of autistic objects in the etiology of adult psychopathology

Mitchell N.J.; Evans D.S.; Pollock D., 1980:
Pre operation single dose cefuroxime anti microbial prophylaxis with and without metronidazole in elective gastro intestinal surgery

Savchenko A.N.; Skornyakov V.I.; Kisel' E.M.; Petrov Y.P.; Shtamer M.I., 1982:
Pre operational diagnosis of right atrial myxoma

Amaral E.C.S.; Azevedo H.L.P.; Mendonca A.H., 1985:
Pre operational environmental survey at the uranium mine and mill site poco de caldas minas gerais brazil

Fenzi A., 1986:
Pre operational survey of a uranium mine near val vedello italy

Heinzl S.; Andor J., 1981:
Pre operative administration of prostaglandin to avoid dilatation induced damage in 1st trimester pregnancy termination

Georgi P.; Strauss L.; Sturm V.; Ostertag H.; Sinn H.; Rommel T., 1980:
Pre operative and intra operative volume determination of cranio pharyngioma cysts

Magnusson A.; Hagberg H.; Hemmingsson A.; Lindgren P.G., 1982:
Pre operative and post operative abdominal examinations in testicular carcinoma

Sprotte G., 1981:
Pre operative and post operative analgesia by lumbar plexus anesthesia 3 in 1 block in orthopedics and traumatology

Ala Ketola L.; Kauppila A.; Jouppila P.; Ylikorkala O., 1981:
Pre operative and post operative bead chain urethro cystography in female stress urinary incontinence

Portnoy, H.D.; Croissant, P.D., 1978:
Pre operative and post operative cerebro spinal fluid absorption studies in patients with myelo meningocele shunted for hydrocephalus

Velangi S.V.; Taskar S.P., 1981:
Pre operative and post operative changes in immuno globulin levels in open heart surgery

Seeldrayers P.A.; Hoyle N.R.; Thomas D.G.T., 1984:
Pre operative and post operative changes in serum immuno globulin level in neuro surgical patients

Ikeda K.; Kimura N.; Suita S.; Hayashida Y.; Nakagawara A.; Kawaoi A., 1981:
Pre operative and post operative changes of alpha feto protein and human chorionic gonadotropin in hepatoma of children

Papaioannou A.; Lissaios B.; Vasilaros S.; Miligos S.; Papadimitriou G.; Kondilis D.; Polychronis A.; Kozonis J.; Papageorgiou G.; E.A., 1983:
Pre operative and post operative chemo endocrine treatment with or without post operative radio therapy for locally advanced breast cancer

Mester U.; Voelker B., 1982:
Pre operative and post operative choroidal detachment in retinal surgery

Appel, M.F., 1976:
Pre operative and post operative colonoscopy for colo rectal carcinoma

Lindhagen T.; Ekelund G.; Leandoer L.; Hildell J.; Lindstrom C.; Wenckert A., 1984:
Pre operative and post operative complications in crohns disease with special reference to duration of pre operative disease history

Kawamura J.; Itoh H.; Okada Y.; Higashi Y.; Yoshida O.; Fujita T.; Torizuka K., 1983:
Pre operative and post operative cortical function of the kidney with staghorn calculi assessed by technetium 99m di mercapto succinic acid renal scintigraphy

Perry, J.; Hoffer, M.M., 1977:
Pre operative and post operative dynamic electro myography as an aid in planning tendon transfer in children with cerebral palsy

Yamaguchi S.; Aida H.; Sakamoto S.; Nakajima M.; Iwanami H., 1980:
Pre operative and post operative echo cardiographic evaluation of left ventricular function for mitral valve disease in aged patients

Chandraratna, P.A.N.; Cohen, L.S., 1976 :
Pre operative and post operative echo cardiographic features of discrete subaortic stenosis

Yokoyama M.; Wada J.; Kawamura T.; Nagara H.; Itaoka T.; Kasagi Y.; Kaizuka H.; Haku R.; Otaki M.; E.A., 1982:
Pre operative and post operative electro cardiograms in patients with pectus excavatum p terminal forces in lead v 1

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