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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6162

Chapter 6162 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Grace, D. M.; Henderson, A. R., 1978: Pre operative and post operative enzyme changes in patients with gall stones

Clar H.E., 1979: Pre operative and post operative evaluation of hypothalamo pituitary function in children with cranio pharyngiomas

Yasuno K I., 1982: Pre operative and post operative evaluation of mitral stenosis by echo cardiography with special reference to the left ventricular performance

Lewis S., 1981: Pre operative and post operative evaluation of renal function in patients with staghorn calculi utilizing quantitative renal scanning

Proesmans W., 1980: Pre operative and post operative evaluation of the rectal bladder children heitz boyer hovelacque electro manometry continence

Hess, O. M.; Turina, M.; Senning, A.; Goebel, N. H.; Scholer, Y.; Krayenbuehl, H. P., 1978: Pre operative and post operative findings in patients with endo myo cardial fibrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161006

Degeorges M., 1979: Pre operative and post operative hemodynamic and cine angio cardiographic assessment of left ventricular function in patients with aortic regurgitation

Horiuchi T., 1982: Pre operative and post operative hemodynamic studies in the patients with constrictive peri carditis

Matsumoto K., 1980: Pre operative and post operative hemodynamics in surgical diseases by the use of flow directed catheter swan ganz catheter

Gibbons, G. W.; Blackburn, G. L.; Harken, D. E.; Valdes, P. J.; Moorehead, D.; Bistrian, B. R., 1976: Pre operative and post operative hyper alimentation in the treatment of cardiac cachexia

Zubel M., 1979: Pre operative and post operative immunologic reactivity of patients with the ischemic disease of lower limbs the immuno stimulating effect of the thymus extract tfx polfa

Aufses A.H.Jr, 1980: Pre operative and post operative immunological evaluation of patients with colo rectal cancer

Murata Y., 1984: Pre operative and post operative irradiation for thoracic esophageal cancer

Turesson I., 1983: Pre operative and post operative irradiation of mammary carcinoma

Taguchi K., 1980: Pre operative and post operative left ventricular bypass support in patients with myo cardial infarction

Senning A., 1979: Pre operative and post operative left ventricular contractile function in patients with aortic valve disease

Hugenholtz P.G., 1980: Pre operative and post operative left ventricular performance in patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery

Tengborn L., 1983: Pre operative and post operative levels of anti thrombin iii with special reference to thrombo embolism after total hip replacement

Halkier E., 1982: Pre operative and post operative lung function after pulmonary resection

Nishi T., 1979: Pre operative and post operative metabolic changes in diabetes mellitus and their management

Preger, R.; Driesen, W., 1974: Pre operative and post operative occlusion of cerebral arteries in a case of sphenoidal meningioma with angiographically demonstrated choroideal anastomosis through the choroideal posterior artery

Koike T., 1983: Pre operative and post operative pulmonary circulation and gas exchange in patients with pneumonectomy lobectomy and thoracotomy

Braun, S. R.; Birnbaum, M. L.; Chopra, P. S., 1978: Pre operative and post operative pulmonary function abnormalities in coronary artery re vascularization surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161024

Anderson G.H.Jr, 1982: Pre operative and post operative renin levels in coarctation of the aorta

Greve, E. L.; Dake, C. L.; Verduin, W. M., 1977: Pre operative and post operative results of static perimetry in patients with glaucoma simplex

Krahenbuhl B., 1980: Pre operative and post operative stasis as thrombotic factor

Bech-Nielsen, S.; Reif, J. S.; Brodey, R. S., 1978: Pre operative and post operative studies of in vitro cell mediated reactivity in canine osteo sarcoma

Sizemore G.W., 1979: Pre operative and post operative studies of plasma calcitonin in primary hyper parathyroidism

Peshin P.K., 1987: Pre operative and post operative systemic changes in bovine diaphragmatic hernia

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161031

Daum R., 1981: Pre operative and post operative ultrasonography of portal circulation in portal hypertension in childhood

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161033

Mundeleer P., 1981: Pre operative and post operative use of lormetazepam

Nakazawa, M.; Jarmakani, J. M.; Gyepes, M. T.; Prochazka, J. V.; Yabek, S. M.; Marks, R. A., 1977: Pre operative and post operative ventricular function in infants and children with right ventricular volume overload

Haveland H., 1982: Pre operative and post operative volumetry of the prostate by trans abdominal ultrasonography

Agarwal K.C., 1985: Pre operative and postoperative electrophysiologic assessment of children with secundum atrial septal defect

Orszulak T.A., 1982: Pre operative angiographic diagnosis of primary sarcoma of the pulmonary artery

Stothert, J. C. Jr ; Riaz, M. A.; Joyce, P. F.; Kaminski, D. L., 1978: Pre operative angiographic diagnosis of small bowel leio myomas

Johnell O., 1982: Pre operative angiography in patients with bone metastases

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161041

Douglas A.S., 1983: Pre operative anti thrombin iii activities and lipo protein concentrations as predictors of venous thrombosis in patients with fracture of neck of femur

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161043

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161044

Eisenwort B., 1984: Pre operative appraisal of cochlear implant results by means of electrical promontory stimulation

Bianchi G., 1981: Pre operative arterial occlusion in renal tumors 3 years experience

Hems G., 1981: Pre operative assessment for out patient anesthesia

Henderson, R. D.; Pearson, F. G., 1976: Pre operative assessment of esophageal pathology

Mori, S.; Kasai, M.; Watanabe, T.; Shibuya, I., 1979: Pre operative assessment of resectability for carcinoma of the thoracic esophagus 1. esophagogram and azygogram

Sager P., 1981: Pre operative assessment of runoff in patients with multiple arterial obstructions recommendations for partial reconstructive surgery

Pribram H.F., 1982: Pre operative balloon occlusion the intra vascular ligature

Murray R.S., 1981: Pre operative biliary drainage in patients with obstructive jaundice a comparison of the per cutaneous trans hepatic and endoscopic trans papillary routes

Thomas M.D., 1982: Pre operative bilirubin alkaline phosphatase and amylase levels as predictors of common duct stones

Canetti R., 1981: Pre operative bladder irrigation with povidone iodine

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161055

Dhall D.P., 1982: Pre operative blood tests in prediction of post operative deep vein thrombosis

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161057

Cable H.R., 1981: Pre operative bone conduction curves in stapedectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161059

Freiha, F. S., 1977: Pre operative bowel preparation in urologic surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161061

Kawczynska M., 1981: Pre operative brachy radio therapy in the treatment of stage i uterine cervix cancer evaluation of early results

Miller A.L., 1980: Pre operative carcino embryonic antigen and survival after resection of lung cancer

Pheils M.T., 1980: Pre operative carcino embryonic antigen level and prognosis in colo rectal cancer

Wanebo, H. J.; Rao, B.; Pinsky, C. M.; Hoffman, R. G.; Stearns, M.; Schwartz, M. K.; Oettgen, H. F., 1978: Pre operative carcino embryonic antigen level as a prognostic indicator in colo rectal cancer

Jeyasingham K., 1980: Pre operative carcino embryonic antigen levels correlated with post operative pathological staging in bronchial carcinoma

Aufses A.H.Jr, 1979: Pre operative carcino embryonic antigen levels in colo rectal carcinoma

Orita, K.; Miwa, H.; Fukuda, H.; Yumura, M.; Uchida, Y.; Mamnami, T.; Konaga, E.; Tanaka, S., 1976: Pre operative cell mediated immune status of gastric cancer patients

Van-Den-Bergh, A. S.; Szabo, E.; Szontagh, F. E., 1976: Pre operative cervical dilatation by oral prostaglandin e 2

Andriesse, R.; Hart-H't ; Haspels, A. A., 1976: Pre operative cervical dilatation by small doses of prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Elder M.G., 1983: Pre operative cervical dilatation by vaginal pessaries containing prostaglandin e 1 analog

Davidson A.C., 1987: Pre operative cervical dilatation in non pregnant women using vaginal meteneprost

Ma H.K., 1983: Pre operative cervical dilatation in termination of 1st trimester pregnancies using 16 16 di methyl trans delta 2 prostaglandin e 1 methyl ester

Milokovich D., 1983: Pre operative cervical dilatation with a single long acting prostaglandin analog suppository an alternative to traumatic mechanical dilatation before surgical evacuation

Moberg, P. J.; Eneroth, P.; Harlin, J.; Ljung, A.; Nord, C. E., 1978: Pre operative cervical microbial flora and post abortion infection

Cortes E.P., 1981: Pre operative chemo radio therapy for carcinoma of the vulva

Dibella N.J., 1982: Pre operative chemo radio therapy in advanced head and neck cancer

Shell J., 1984: Pre operative chemo therapy and radiation therapy for patients with cancer of the esophagus a potentially curative approach

Stearns M.W., 1983: Pre operative chemo therapy and radiation therapy in the management of anal epidermoid carcinoma

Senter K.L., 1983: Pre operative chemo therapy followed by mastectomy for locally advanced breast cancer

Cortes E.P., 1982: Pre operative chemo therapy for giant cell carcinoma of the thyroid

Takabayashi K., 1979: Pre operative chemo therapy for initially unresectable hepato blastoma in children survival in 2 cases

Urban C., 1982: Pre operative chemo therapy for osteogenic sarcoma selection of post operative adjuvant chemo therapy based on the response of the primary tumor to pre operative chemo therapy

Weitzman J.J., 1982: Pre operative chemo therapy for unresectable primary hepatic malignancies in children

Guarda L., 1982: Pre operative chemo therapy for wilms tumor

Lokich J.J., 1979: Pre operative chemo therapy in soft tissue sarcoma

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161087

Et Al, 1979: Pre operative chest radiology

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161089

Rohde U., 1982: Pre operative classification of ovarian tumors by computed tomography

Beeger R., 1980: Pre operative clinical radiological and nuclear medical diagnostic and intra operative findings in fronto basal cerebro spinal fluid fistula

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161092

Korobkin M., 1982: Pre operative computed tomographic evaluation of adrenal glands in non small cell bronchogenic carcinoma

Mason A.Y., 1981: Pre operative computed tomography of carcinoma of the rectum

Baisogolov, G. D.; Goldobenko, G. V.; Firsova, P. P.; Maklakov, N. I.; Medvedev, V. N.; Malik, S. S., 1978: Pre operative concentrated radio therapy for lung cancer using high energy radiation

Mehta, J.; Hamby, R. I.; Aintablian, A.; Hoffman, I.; Hartstein, M. L.; Wisoff, B. G.; Smedresman, P., 1975: Pre operative coronary angiographic prediction of bypass flow and short term patency

Korsell E., 1982: Pre operative cotrel traction in idiopathic scoliosis

Starr A., 1981: Pre operative criteria predictive of late survival following valve replacement for severe aortic regurgitation

Ward, P. A.; Raju, S.; Suzuki, H., 1977: Pre operative demonstration of pancreatic fistula by endoscopic pancreatography in a patient with pancreatic ascites

Van Heertum R.L., 1980: Pre operative detection of gallbladder perforation

Sato, T.; Saitoh, Y.; Koyama, K.; Watanabe, K., 1968: Pre operative determination of operability in neopl carcinoma of the pancreas and neopl carcinoma of the peri ampullary region human

Weigel J., 1979: Pre operative determination of the abdominal extent of renal cell carcinoma by computed tomography

Gill J.R.Jr, 1979: Pre operative diagnosis and localization of aldo steronomas by measurement of cortico steroids in adrenal venous blood

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161104

Et Al, 1988: Pre operative diagnosis and treatment of expansive hemangioma in the paranasal sinuses and the nasal cavity

Kawahara T., 1983: Pre operative diagnosis for liver metastases of colo rectal cancer

Heath, H. Iii ; Sizemore, G. W.; Carney, J. A., 1976: Pre operative diagnosis in occult parathyroid hyperplasia by calcium infusion in patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 a

Neugebauer G., 1981: Pre operative diagnosis of a meckels diverticulum

Neufeld H.N., 1982: Pre operative diagnosis of a peri cardial tumor with echo cardiographic features simulating peri cardial effusion

Amendola, M. A.; Garfinkle, W. B.; Ostrum, B. J.; Katz, M. R.; Katz, R. I., 1978: Pre operative diagnosis of a ruptured intra cranial dermoid cyst by computerized tomography case report

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161111

Messina, A. V.; Guido, L. J.; Liebeskind, A. L., 1977: Pre operative diagnosis of brain stem abscess by computerized tomography with survival case report

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161113

Goldman, M. L.; Naib, Z. M.; Galambos, J. T.; Rude, J. C. Iii ; Oen, K. T.; Bradley, E. L-Iii ; Salam, A.; Gonzalez, A. C., 1977: Pre operative diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma by per cutaneous aspiration biopsy

Montanari G.D., 1981: Pre operative diagnosis of pelvic congestion by xenon 133 injected into the cervical myometrium

Metzger J., 1979: Pre operative diagnosis of posterior fossa tumors

Chang, C. H. J.; Sibala, J. L.; Lin, F.; Jewell, W. R.; Templeton, A. W., 1978: Pre operative diagnosis of potentially pre cancerous breast lesions by computed tomography breast scanner preliminary study

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161118

Baron, M.; Leiter, E.; Brendler, H., 1977: Pre operative diagnosis of renal angio myo lipoma

Gironella J., 1980: Pre operative diagnosis of renal xantho granulomatosis by serial urinary cytology preliminary report

Granerus G., 1984: Pre operative diagnosis of reno vascular hypertension the use of acute stimulation of renin secretion

Yasue M., 1982: Pre operative diagnosis of secondary hyper parathyroidism using computed tomography

Et Al, 1980: Pre operative diagnosis of the localization of primary aldo steronoma

Blumgart L.H., 1982: Pre operative differentiation between carcinoma of the pancreas and chronic pancreatitis the contribution of cytology

Nicolaides K., 1984: Pre operative dilatation of the 1st trimester cervix a comparison between lamicel and 16 16 di methyl trans delta 2 prostaglandin e 1 methyl ester pessaries

Ganguli, A. C.; Green, K.; Bygdeman, M., 1977: Pre operative dilatation of the cervix by single vaginal administration of 15 methyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha methyl ester

Duignan, N. M.; Lowe, P. A., 1975: Pre operative disinfection of the vagina

Crawford E.S., 1983: Pre operative disseminated intra vascular coagulation associated with aortic aneurysms a prospective study of 76 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161129

Horne J.M., 1979: Pre operative electro cardiography its cost effectiveness in detecting abnormalities when a previous tracing exists

Umeda R., 1987: Pre operative embolization of nasopharyngeal angiofibroma a case report

Mathieu J., 1980: Pre operative embolization of renal tumors comparison of different methods

Nilsson J., 1981: Pre operative embolization of renal tumors using balloon catheters

Cradock T.V., 1979: Pre operative embolization of wilms tumors

Dubernet J., 1981: Pre operative estimation of risk in cardiac surgery

Noer, I.; Tonnesen, K. H.; Sager, P., 1978: Pre operative estimation of runoff in patients with multiple level arterial obstructions as a guide to partial reconstructive surgery

Fryjordet A., 1982: Pre operative estimation of the size of prostatic adenomas

Choyke P.L., 1987: Pre operative evaluation of abdominal aortic aneurysms ultrasound or computed tomography?

Pearlman, A. W., 1977: Pre operative evaluation of lipo sarcoma by nuclear imaging

Tisi G.M., 1979: Pre operative evaluation of pulmonary function validity indications and benefits

Rous, J.; Rusnakova, H., 1975: Pre operative evaluation of respiration of patients with carcinoma of the larynx with the help of blood gas analysis

Moffitt, E. A., 1978: Pre operative evaluation of the patient with myo cardial disease clinical review

Tazaki H., 1987: Pre operative evaluation of the prognosis of hypertension in primary aldosteronism owing to adenoma

Bismuth H., 1980: Pre operative evaluation of the risk of common bile duct stones

Epstein S.E., 1980: Pre operative exercise capacity in symptomatic patients with aortic regurgitation as a predictor of post operative left ventricular function and long term prognosis

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161146

Marks I.N., 1982: Pre operative external biliary drainage in obstructive jaundice a prospective controlled clinical trial

Eneroth, C. M.; Andreasson, L.; Beran, M.; Biorkund, A.; Carlsoo, B.; Modalsli, B.; Olofsson, J.; Paavolainen, M.; Toll, B., 1977: Pre operative facial paralysis in malignant parotid tumors

Axelsson, C. K.; Francis, D., 1978: Pre operative fine needle aspiration biopsy an aid to differential diagnosis between diverticular disease and colonic cancer a preliminary report

Jansen, E. C., 1977: Pre operative force measurement a transducer device for force measurement in the surgical wound

Ryan J., 1981: Pre operative gentling does not attenuate septal lesion induced hyper reactivity

Wilcott R.C., 1983: Pre operative habituation and effects of prefrontal lesions on an autonomic response of the rat

Clark G.M., 1983: Pre operative hearing aid evaluations for cochlear implant patients a preliminary report using a minimal auditory capabilities battery

Dormandy J.A., 1979: Pre operative hemo globin as predictor of outcome of diabetic amputations

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161155

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161156

Davies J.A., 1986: Pre operative identification of patients at high risk of deep venous thrombosis after elective major abdominal surgery

Klein, E.; Uretzky, G.; Davidson, J. T.; Borman, J. B., 1977: Pre operative intermittent positive pressure respiration as preparation for emergency valvular surgery for pulmonary edema

Cooper, G. N-Jr ; Singh, A. K.; Christian, F. C.; Cashman, C.; Vargas, L.; Karlson, K. E., 1977: Pre operative intra aortic balloon support in surgery for left main coronary stenosis

Saeger H D., 1983: Pre operative intra arterial digital subtraction angiography of aorto iliac occlusive disease

Lee, Y. T. N., 1977: Pre operative intra lesional bcg for mammary adeno carcinoma in rats

Pitanguy I., 1988: Pre operative intra operative and post operative care in facial dermabrasion prevention of complications

Simpson C.J., 1987: Pre operative intravenous cholangiography as an alternative to routine operative cholangiography in elective cholecystectomy

Popp R.L., 1983: Pre operative invasive testing in mitral stenosis indications based on assessment of diagnostic yield

Perez, C. A.; Olson, J., 1969: Pre operative irradiation and chemo therapy in the prevention of surgical failures experimental observations on an animal tumor model

Whitmore W.F.Jr, 1982: Pre operative irradiation and cystectomy for bladder cancer

Ravasi G., 1980: Pre operative irradiation and surgery for esophageal cancer causes of failure

Pappas A., 1979: Pre operative irradiation and tumor specific immune response in hyper nephroid renal carcinoma

Tak, W. K.; Marchant, D. J.; Munzenrider, J. E.; Anderson, B., 1977: Pre operative irradiation for carcinoma of the endometrium indications and results

Lawrence W.Jr, 1981: Pre operative irradiation for head and neck cancer results of a prospective study

Cohen A., 1983: Pre operative irradiation for unresectable rectal and recto sigmoid carcinomas

Miller H.H., 1980: Pre operative irradiation in carcinoma of the pancreas

Kjorstad, K. E.; Welander, C.; Kolstad, P., 1977: Pre operative irradiation in stage iii carcinoma of the ovary

Prout G.R.Jr, 1980: Pre operative irradiation lymph adenectomy and iodine 125 implant for patients with localized prostatic carcinoma a correlation of implant dosimetry with clinical results

Amamoto Y., 1981: Pre operative irradiation of an extracerebral cavernous hem angioma in the middle fossa follow up study with computed tomography

Papadopoulos I., 1983: Pre operative irradiation of hyper nephroma

Pilepich, M. V.; Munzenrider, J. E.; Tak, W. K.; Miller, H. H., 1978: Pre operative irradiation of primarily unresectable colo rectal carcinoma

Paces, V.; Doleckova, V.; Zamecnik, J., 1978: Pre operative irradiation of renal carcinoma in adults controlled clinical trial

Newland R., 1987: Pre operative isotope liver scanning in clinicopathological staging of patients with large bowel cancer

Chambers R.F., 1979: Pre operative localization of a parathyroid adenoma using computed tomography and thyroid scanning

Freitas, J. E.; Herwig, K. R.; Cerny, J. C.; Beierwaltes, W. H., 1977: Pre operative localization of adrenal remnants

Low H., 1980: Pre operative localization of aldo sterone producing adenomas an analysis of the efficiency of different diagnostic procedures made from 11 cases and a review of the literature

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161183

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161184

Leinonen A., 1984: Pre operative localization of enlarged parathyroid glands

In-Der-Maur, G. A. P.; Duursma, S. A.; Hackeng, W. H. L.; Klinkhamer, A. C., 1976: Pre operative localization of enlarged parathyroid glands indication for and criteria in the evaluation of venous sampling

Petsko A.R., 1982: Pre operative localization of insulinomas

Frank, H. A.; Hall, F. M.; Steer, M. L., 1976: Pre operative localization of nonpalpable breast lesions demonstrated by mammography

Cooperman, A. M.; Cook, S. A.; Hermann, R. E.; Esselstyn, C. B. Jr, 1976: Pre operative localization of occult lesions of the breast

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161190

Mueller P.R., 1982: Pre operative localization of radiopaque foreign bodies

Smith P.A., 1982: Pre operative localization of space occupying lesions by isotope scanning

Weiland, A. J.; Bookstein, J. J.; Cleary, R. E.; Judd, H. L., 1978: Pre operative localization of virilizing tumors by selective venous sampling

Mcgoon D.C., 1980: Pre operative m mode echo cardiography as a predictor of surgical results in chronic aortic insufficiency

Symonds E.M., 1986: Pre operative magnetic resonance imaging of stage 1 endometrial adenocarcinoma

Morris D.M., 1982: Pre operative management of patients with evisceration

Perrenoud J.J., 1981: Pre operative mechanical hemolysis in triple rheumatic valvulopathy

Stirling G.R., 1980: Pre operative mediastinoscopy in lung carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161199

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161200

Rossier A.B., 1981: Pre operative neurological status in predicting surgical outcome of spinal epidural hematomas

Rossi N.P., 1980: Pre operative noninvasive mediastinal staging in bronchogenic carcinoma

Guyot J.F., 1979: Pre operative nonshaving for neuro surgical operations

Clark W.H.Jr, 1984: Pre operative nuclear scans in patients with melanoma

Maillet P., 1981: Pre operative nutritional state in 40 patients with a digestive tract carcinoma effects of surgery and 2 protocols for parenteral alimentation

Shermeta, D. W.; Golladay, E. S.; White, R. I. Jr, 1978: Pre operative occlusion of the hepatic artery with isobutyl 2 cyano acrylate for resection of the unresectable hepatic tumor

Heatley, R. V.; Hughes, L. E.; Morgan, A.; Okwonga, W., 1976: Pre operative or post operative deep vein thrombosis

Fletcher G., 1983: Pre operative or post operative irradiation as adjunctive treatment with radical mastectomy in breast cancer

Clarke, J. S.; Condon, R. E.; Bartlett, J. G.; Gorbach, S. L.; Nichols, R. L.; Ochi, S.; Cross, G. H.; Gordon, H. E.; Greenlee, H.; Et-Al, 1977: Pre operative oral antibiotics reduce septic complications of colon operations results of prospective randomized double blind clinical study

Ward J.P., 1980: Pre operative over training protects against form learning deficits after lateral occipital lesions in galago senegalensis

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161211

Rueckert, K.; Guenther, R.; Kuemmerle, F., 1980: Pre operative per cutaneous trans hepatic drainage of the biliary system in malignant obstructive jaundice

Levin D.B., 1981: Pre operative personality characteristics as predictors of post operative physical and psychological patterns in scoliosis

Tsuji H., 1981: Pre operative physical training for cardiac patients requiring noncardiac surgery

Pallikaris, I., 1980: Pre operative placido photography in keratoconus and its meaning in conjunction with post operative astigmatism

Boerner P., 1981: Pre operative planning of reduction mamma plasty

Svyatukhina O.V., 1980: Pre operative poly chemo therapy in the complex treatment of locally spread cancer of the human mammary gland immediate results

Campani M., 1982: Pre operative prediction and quantification of septic risk caused by mal nutrition

Bargeron L.M.Jr, 1979: Pre operative prediction from cine angiograms of post repair right ventricular pressure in tetralogy of fallot

Beton D.C., 1982: Pre operative prediction of significant coronary artery disease in patients with valvular heart disease

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161221

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161222

Thalacker J.A., 1984: Pre operative prism adaptation in acquired esotropia

Karwan Plonska A., 1981: Pre operative procedures for surgical and anesthesiological pre medication in a woman with congenital vaso motor edema

Way S.A., 1981: Pre operative prognosis for cancer of the vulva

Blankenship G.W., 1982: Pre operative prognostic factors in diabetic pars plana vitrectomy

Stelzner F., 1980: Pre operative prophylactic antibiotics reduce septic complications of colo rectal operations

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161228

Ramsey Stewart G., 1986: Pre operative psychiatric assessment of patients presenting for gastric bariatric surgery surgical control of morbid obesity

Adaniya R., 1979: Pre operative pulmonary function and complications after cardio vascular surgery

Didier E.P., 1979: Pre operative pulmonary preparation of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Marks, R. D. Jr ; Scruggs, H. J.; Wallace, K. M., 1976: Pre operative radiation therapy for carcinoma of the esophagus

Andre J., 1988: Pre operative radiation therapy for carcinoma of the rectum 100 patients

Fry R.D., 1982: Pre operative radiation therapy for rectal carcinoma

Wood W.C., 1981: Pre operative radiation therapy for sarcoma of soft tissue

Yurchenko N.I., 1979: Pre operative radiation therapy in combined treatment of locally spread forms of rectal cancer

Poppe E., 1982: Pre operative radiation therapy in squamous cell carcinoma of the anterior two thirds of the tongue at the norwegian radium hospital oslo norway

Weigensberg, I. J., 1984: Pre operative radiation therapy in stage i endometrial adeno carcinoma 2. final report of a clinical trial

Haggith J.W., 1981: Pre operative radio nuclide scanning in bronchogenic carcinoma

Levison V., 1980: Pre operative radio therapy and surgery in the treatment of oat cell carcinoma of the bronchus

Stevens, K. R-Jr ; Allen, C. V.; Fletcher, W. S., 1976: Pre operative radio therapy for adeno carcinoma of the recto sigmoid

Kerbaol M., 1981: Pre operative radio therapy for carcinoma of the esophagus

Terz, J. J.; Romero, C. A.; Kay, S.; Brown, P. W.; Wassum, J.; King, E. R.; Lawrence, W. Jr, 1978: Pre operative radio therapy for stage 3 carcinoma of the breast

Kempf P., 1984: Pre operative radio therapy in carcinoma of the rectum

Wallgren, A.; Arner, O.; Bergstrom, J.; Blomstedt, B.; Granberg, P. O.; Karnstrom, L.; Raf, L.; Silfversward, C., 1978: Pre operative radio therapy in operable breast cancer results in the stockholm sweden breast cancer trial

Carrea, R.; Polak, M., 1977: Pre operative radio therapy in the management of posterior fossa choroid plexus papillomas

Salmo, M.; Paavolainen, M.; Rissanen, P. M., 1977: Pre operative radio therapy of cancer of the larynx

Wannenmacher W., 1980: Pre operative radio therapy of hyper nephroma

Peartree R.J., 1981: Pre operative radiographic evaluation of hyper nephroma

Seerup A., 1984: Pre operative radiographically guided wire marking of nonpalpable breast lesions

Stanciu C., 1981: Pre operative radiological diagnosis in obstructive jaundice

Arosenius, K. E.; Grevsten, S., 1976: Pre operative recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis in patients subjected to thyroid surgery

James A.D., 1983: Pre operative reductive chemo therapy for locally advanced carcinoma of the oral cavity oro pharynx and hypo pharynx

Balch C.M., 1984: Pre operative regional chemo therapy and rapid fraction irradiation for sarcomas of the soft tissue and bone

Mendez R., 1979: Pre operative renal embolization as adjunct to radical nephrectomy

Blumlein, S. L.; Anderson, A. J.; Barboriak, J. J.; Rimm, A. A.; Walker, J.; Flemma, R., 1976: Pre operative risk factors and aorta coronary bypass graft patency

Hoermann K., 1982: Pre operative roentgen diagnostic of the naso maxillary sinuses and operative findings

Lorinc P., 1981: Pre operative roentgen examination in ear surgery

Kopans D.B., 1982: Pre operative roentgenographically guided per cutaneous localization of occult breast lesions 3 year experience with 180 patients and description of a method

Montefusco C., 1979: Pre operative saphenous venography in arterial reconstructive surgery of the lower extremity

Kugler J.D., 1982: Pre operative secundum atrial septal defect with coexisting sinus node and atrio ventricular node dys function

Ryan, D. W., 1977: Pre operative serum cholin esterase concentration in chronic renal failure clinical experience of suxamethonium in 181 patients undergoing renal transplant

Visioli O., 1985: Pre operative sinus node function in adult patients with atrial septal defect ostium secundum type

Patel J.C., 1987: Pre operative skin preparation a prospective study comparing a depilatory agent and shaving

Schulkin J., 1980: Pre operative sodium appetite experience and hypothalamic lesions in rats

Wicks J.D., 1981: Pre operative sonography of malignant ovarian neoplasms

Delphendahl A., 1981: Pre operative staging of bronchial carcinomas a comparison of computed tomography and conventional radiography

Goldstraw, P.; Kurzer, M.; Edwards, D., 1983: Pre operative staging of lung cancer accuracy of computed tomography vs. mediastinoscopy

Van Waes P.F.G.M., 1984: Pre operative staging of rectal cancer with computerized tomography accuracy efficacy and effect on patient management

Andersen M., 1982: Pre operative starvation and blood glucose concentrations in children undergoing in patient and out patient anesthesia

Graham I.F.M., 1979: Pre operative starvation and plasma glucose concentrations in children undergoing out patient anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161272

Schaetzle P., 1984: Pre operative stress investigation of psychological and physiological stress parameters in unpremedicated patients

Robin J.L., 1980: Pre operative talks in diminution corrective rhino plasty

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161275

Nilsson I.M., 1980: Pre operative test of bleeding time in ear surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161277

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161278

Simini G., 1980: Pre operative treatment of electrical myo cardial ischemia a controlled personal study

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161280

Kawamura S., 1979: Pre operative tumor localization by adrenal venography in patients with primary aldo steronism

Reid B.S., 1984: Pre operative ultrasound and gallium 67 evaluation of abdominal non hodgkins lymphoma

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161283

Mcpherson S.D.Jr, 1983: Pre operative use of the honan intra ocular pressure reducer

Lemerle, J.; Voute, P. A.; Tournade, M. F.; Delemarre, J. F. M.; Jereb, B.; Ahstrom, L.; Flamant, R.; Gerard-Marchant, R., 1976: Pre operative vs post operative radio therapy single vs multiple courses of actinomycin d in the treatment of wilms tumor preliminary results of a controlled clinical trial conducted by the international society of pediatric oncology

Sanford F.G., 1981: Pre operative whole pelvic external irradiation in stage 1 endometrial cancer

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161310

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161311

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161313

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161314

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161330

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161331

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161352

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161353

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161354

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161355

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161362

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161363

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161447

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161448

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161462

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161495

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Fritts R.Jr, 1983: Pre storage and post storage starch levels in chemically and hand defoliated cultivar delicious apple malus domestica nursery stock

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161514

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161516

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161520

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161531

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161538

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Goldstein A.L., 1981: Pre t cell lineage of hand mirror cells in acute lympho blastic leukemia

Folds J.D., 1981: Pre t chronic lymphocytic leukemia with common acute lympho blastic leukemia antigen a new immunologic variant

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161552

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161553

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Reddemann, H.; Griefahn, B.; Heidecke, G., 1976: Pre terminal clinical findings and results of autopsies on 82 children with acute lymphatic leukosis on different therapeutic regimens

Izquierdo I., 1987: Pre test administration of beta endorphin or of electroconvulsive shock reverses the memory disruptive effect of posttraining electroconvulsive shock

Carr M., 1982: Pre test epinephrine injections reverse di ethyl di thio carbamate induced retrograde amnesia

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161558

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Feinstein A.R., 1979: Pre therapeutic morbidity in the prognostic staging of acute leukemia

Nissen E., 1982: Pre therapeutic testing of anti neoplastic drugs in vitro

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Adloff M., 1980: Pre thoracic omentopexy in rats with experimentally induced portal hypertension

Carrillo J.M., 1980: Pre thrombosis in childhood mal nutrition

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Furuichi, Y., 1978: Pre transcriptional capping in the biosynthesis of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus messenger rna

Heisto H., 1979: Pre transfusion blood group serology limited value of the anti globulin phase of the cross match when a careful screening test for unexpected antibodies is performed

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161570

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161587

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161588

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161616

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161618

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161619

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161638

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161639

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161642

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161643

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161645

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161646

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161647

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161648

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161654

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161658

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161689

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161690

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161808

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161809

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161810

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Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161851

Section 7, Chapter 6162, Accession 006161852

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