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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6163

Chapter 6163 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Meister C., 1985: Precise details on the carixian domerian limit in the causses france

Genant H.K., 1988: Precise determination of paraspinous musculature by quantitative ct

Sedat J.W., 1988: Precise determination of the molecular limits of a polytene chromosome band regulatory sequences for the notch gene are in the interband

Beychok, I. A., 1978: Precise diagnosis in severe hematochezia

Porter J.M., 1981: Precise diagnosis of aortic anastomotic aneurysm by computed tomographic scan

Osbrink W.L., 1987: Precise dosage delivery method for sulfuryl fluoride in small chamber fumigations

Crane Robinson C., 1982: Precise elimination of the n terminal domain of histone h 1

Jenkins J.R., 1985: Precise epitope mapping of the murine transformation associated protein p 53

Morales A., 1982: Precise estimation of the numbers of chronic carriers of salmonella typhi in santiago chile an endemic area

Janulaitis A.A., 1988: Precise excision of bacterial transposon tn 5 in yeast

Abelson J., 1983: Precise excision of intervening sequences from precursor transfer rna by a membrane associated yeast endo nuclease

Kilburn D.G., 1988: Precise excision of the cellulose binding domains from two cellulomonas fimi cellulases by a homologous protease and the effect of catalysis

Woolf N.K., 1981: Precise extracellular marking in the auditory nerve with high impedance micro pipettes

Felluga, B., 1976: Precise guiding pattern for 3 dimensional analysis of single cells by transmission electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162014

Boothroyd J.C., 1987: Precise identification of cleavage sites involved in the unusual processing of trypanosome ribosomal rna

Clayton D.A., 1984: Precise identification of individual promoters for transcription of each strand of human mitochondrial dna

Roy P.H., 1987: Precise insertion of antibiotic resistance determinants into transposon 21 like transposons nucleotide sequence of the oxa 1 beta lactamase gene

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162018

Clayton D.A., 1980: Precise localization and nucleotide sequence of the 2 mouse mitochondrial ribosomal rna genes and 3 immediately adjacent novel transfer rna genes

Pages J M., 1987: Precise localization of an overproduced periplasmic protein in escherichia coli use of double immuno gold labelling

Simar L., 1984: Precise localization of antigens on follicular dendritic cells

Michael N., 1985: Precise localization of genes on large animal virus genomes use of lambda gt 11 and monoclonal antibodies to map the gene for a cytomegalovirus protein family

Housman D., 1979: Precise localization of human beta globin gene complex on chromosome 11

Beemon K., 1985: Precise localization of n 6 methyladenosine in rous sarcoma virus rna reveals clustering of methylation sites implications for rna processing

Carbon P., 1983: Precise localization of several covalent rna rna cross link in escherichia coli 16s rna

Walsh P.C., 1985: Precise localization of the autonomic nerves from the pelvic plexus to the corpora cavernosa a detailed anatomical study of the adult male pelvis

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162027

Ojala, D.; Attardi, G., 1978: Precise localization of the origin of replication in a physical map of hela cell mitochondrial dna and isolation of a small fragment that contains it

Et Al, 1982: Precise localization of the site of block in patients with complete atrio ventricular block a study with his bundle recordings in 33 cases

Brimacombe R., 1980: Precise localization of the site of cross linking between protein l 4 and 23s rna induced by mild uv irradiation of escherichia coli 50s ribosomal subunits

Perlmutter A.P., 1982: Precise location of 2 promoters for the beta lactamase gene of pbr 322 s 1 mapping of rna isolated from escherichia coli or synthesized in vitro

Alsheikh S.N., 1986: Precise location of breakpoints in a frequent reciprocal translocation between chromosomes 11 and 22

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162033

Kennard, J.; Meruelo, D., 1982: Precise mapping of the gene for ly 21.2 on the 7th chromosome

Shakulov R.S., 1986: Precise mapping of the gpp gene involved in guanosine tetraphosphate synthesis and deletion of the ilvc gpp region of escherichia coli chromosome

Strathern J.N., 1980: Precise mapping of the homo thallism genes hml and hmr in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Winocour P.H., 1986: Precise measurement of glycated serum albumin by column affinity chromatography and immunoturbidimetry

Fiandt, M.; Honigman, A.; Rosenvold, E. C.; Szybalski, W., 1977: Precise measurement of the b 2 deletion in coli phage lambda

Cann, C. E.; Genant, H. K., 1980: Precise measurement of vertebral mineral content using computed tomography

Allan J., 1988: Precise nucleosome positioning in the promoter of the chicken beta a globin gene

Tapper, D. P.; Clayton, D. A., 1982: Precise nucleotide location of the 5' ends of rna primed nascent light strands of mouse mitochondrial dna

Perlman D., 1987: Precise nucleotide sequence modifications with bidirectionally cleaving class iis excision linkers

Peters, R. W.; Rubinstein, M.; Scheinman, M. M., 1976: Precise on line measurement of intra cardiac electrograms

Putzien J., 1988: Precise ph measurement in drinking water

Konno, R.; Fujita, H.; Horiguchi, T.; Yamaguchi, S., 1976: Precise position of the nml locus on the genetic map of salmonella

Suit H.D., 1982: Precise positioning of patients for radiation therapy

White D.S., 1984: Precise radiotracer measurement of the rate of sediment reworking by stylodrilus heringianus and the effects of variable dissolved oxygen concentrations

Bos J.E., 1988: Precise recording of eye movement the iris technique part 1

Collewijn, H.; Van-Der-Mark, F.; Jansen, T. C., 1975: Precise recording of human eye movements

Seufert W.D., 1985: Precise reproduction of electrocardiograms by spline interpolation

Minton, J. P., 1976: Precise selection of breast cancer patients with bone metastasis for endocrine ablation

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162052

Gningue I., 1988: Precise shipboard determination of dissolved oxygen winkler procedure for productivity studies with a commercial system

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162054

Carey P.R., 1982: Precise structural information for transient enzyme substrate complexes by a combined x ray crystallographic resonance raman spectroscopic approach

Spector T., 1979: Precise temperature control of the gilford spectrophotometer a simple and inexpensive modification

Millero F.J., 1986: Precise thermodynamic properties for natural waters covering only the limnological range

Wasserburg G.J., 1987: Precise timing of the last interglacial period from mass spectrometric determination of thorium 230 in corals

Leider S.A., 1985: Precise timing of upstream migrations by repeat steelhead salmo gairdneri spawners

Shimizu M., 1987: Precise uv absorbance study of the interactions of amino acids and mononucleosides in aqueous solution

Nakayama K., 1986: Precise velocity discrimination despite random variations in temporal frequency and contrast

Davis W.E., 1984: Precise visual target information and throwing accuracy in adults

Erdos, G., 1980: Precise vs. general feedback in reducing field dependence

Huggins, G.; Lewis, R. W., 1978: Precisely controlled temperature variations effect on hematocrit values of broiler and laying stock

Lippold H., 1984: Precision analysis of nitrogen 15 labeled samples with the emission spectrometer noi 5 for nitrogen balance in field trials

Trueba F.J., 1982: Precision and accuracy achieved by escherichia coli cells at fission about their middle

Watts J.M., 1981: Precision and accuracy in the measurement of the cholesterol saturation index of duodenal bile lack of variation due to the menstrual cycle

De-Ferrari, F.; Gambaro, V.; Lodi, F.; Marozzi, E.; Saligari, E., 1982: Precision and accuracy of a radio immunoassay vs. gas liquid chromatography procedure for quantitative determination of morphine compounds in biological materials

Dzubay T.G., 1982: Precision and accuracy of beta gauge for aerosol mass determination

Rasmussen K., 1987: Precision and accuracy of doppler flow measurements in vitro and in vivo study of the applicability of the method in human fetuses

Tossavainen, A.; Kokko, A., 1976: Precision and accuracy of foundry dust exposure estimates from air sampling data

Dunberg A., 1982: Precision and accuracy of iaa analyses performed with the 2 methylindolo alpha pyrone fluorescence assay and with a high performance liquid chromatography technique with spectro fluorometric detection exemplified on pine tissue pinus sylvestris

Barbeito R., 1985: Precision and accuracy of oculocentric direction for targets of different luminances

Alm P., 1985: Precision and accuracy of radioimmunoassay in the analysis of endogenous iaa from needles of scotch pine pinus sylvestris

Golterman H.L., 1985: Precision and accuracy of the determination of the ionic product of hydroxyapatite

Douglas W.A., 1981: Precision and accuracy of visual census technique for fish assemblages on coral patch reefs

Samuelson J.M., 1987: Precision and bias of a summer aerial transect census of pronghorn antelope

Rouse D.I., 1987: Precision and bias of three quantitative soil assays for verticillium dahliae

Hamet P., 1984: Precision and costs of techniques for self monitoring of serum glucose levels

Hainsworth F.R., 1987: Precision and dynamics of positioning by canada geese flying in formation

Streel M., 1984: Precision and practicability on the definition of the devonian carboniferous boundary

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162082

Shumilova E.A., 1983: Precision and replication of the soil filtration coefficient determination

White D.C., 1985: Precision and sensitivity of the measurement of nitrogen 15 enrichment in d alanine from bacterial cell walls using positive negative ion mass spectrometry

Lloyd, F. T.; Hafley, W. L., 1977: Precision and the probability of mis classification in site index estimation

Giese R.W., 1982: Precision at the low picogram level in the analysis of derivatized iodo thyronine standards by capillary gas chromatography with electron capture detection

Cousin, A. J., 1978: Precision biological rate calibrator

Tommerup N., 1982: Precision bored micro capillaries for micro injection of nanoliter quantities without pre calibration

Buchsbaum, W. H., 1977: Precision calibration of patient care equipment as failure predictor

Taylor, K. D., 1977: Precision cardio tachometer calibrator

Pearson F.G., 1986: Precision cautery excision of pulmonary lesions

Estrada R., 1984: Precision cell location and relocation techniques an application for cell image analysis

Slavin W., 1985: Precision considerations in the determination of manganese in mouse brains by furnace atomic absorption with zeeman background correction

Lutze, G., 1977: Precision control in the 1 stage determination of the clotting factor viii in plasma

Wyttenbach, C. R.; Thompson, S. C.; Garrison, J. C.; Kitos, P. A., 1981: Precision delivery of small volumes of liquids to very young avian embryos 1. locating and positioning the embryo in ovo

Kitos, P. A.; Wyttenbach, C. R.; Olson, K.; Uyek, E. M., 1981: Precision delivery of small volumes of liquids to very young avian embryos 2. description of the injection system

Heath, M. C.; Hebblethwaite, P. D., 1987: Precision drilling combining peas pisum sativum l. of contrasting leaf types at varying densities

Vogel J.M., 1988: Precision error in dual photon absorptiometry related to source age

Suggs J.C., 1979: Precision estimates for environmental protection agency test method 8 sulfur di oxide and sulfuric acid emissions from sulfuric acid plants

Saunders, W. M.; Chen, G. T. Y.; Austin-Seymour, M.; Castro, J. R.; Collier, J. M.; Gauger, G.; Gutin, P.; Phillips, T. L.; Pitluck, S.; Et-Al, 1985: Precision high dose radiotherapy 2. helium ion treatment of tumors adjacent to critical central nervous system structures

Et Al, 1985: Precision high dose radiotherapy helium ion treatment of uveal melanoma

De Graaf C.N., 1988: Precision in calculated rho t 1 and t 2 images as a function of data analysis method

Gilbo D., 1982: Precision in estrogen and progesterone receptor assays results of the 1st college of american pathologists pilot survey

Little J.N., 1986: Precision in laboratory robotic high performance liquid chromatography systems

Black H.L., 1979: Precision in prey selection by the trident nosed bat cloeotis percivali

Gillquist J., 1987: Precision in reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament a new positioning device compared with hand drilling

Ichikawa H., 1983: Precision in the 1st stage of the gastric carcinoma mass survey

Seligson D., 1979: Precision in the diagnosis of meniscal lesions a comparison of clinical evaluation arthrography and arthroscopy

Macfie H.J.H., 1980: Precision in the measurement of meat texture

Lanshammar H., 1982: Precision limits for derivatives numerically calculated from noisy data

Bahner, L. H.; Nimmo, D. R., 1976: Precision live feeder for flow through larval culture or food chain bioassays

Danielsen C.C., 1982: Precision method to determine denaturation temperature of collagen using uv difference spectroscopy

Evans D.O., 1987: Precision micrometer measurement of mouth gape of larval fish

Sano T., 1985: Precision of a plaque assay eel virus european and infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus rtg 2 cell systems

Nilsson L., 1980: Precision of a ring shear cell in determining flow properties of pharmaceutical powders

Mackenzie I.G., 1988: Precision of acoustic fish stock estimates

Combs J.T., 1988: Precision of acoustic reflectometry with recorder in acute otitis media

Van Der Wal S., 1981: Precision of assays based on liquid chromatography with prior solvent extraction of the sample

Perris E.E., 1987: Precision of auditory localization in human infants

Mccleave J.D., 1987: Precision of behavior of migrating juvenile american eels anguilla rostrata utilizing selective tidal stream transport

Noble M.J., 1985: Precision of cell density estimates and endothelial cell loss with age

Dement W.C., 1986: Precision of circadian wake and activity onset timing in the mouse

Wick B.J., 1982: Precision of correlation of radiolarian datum levels in the middle miocene equatorial pacific

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162126

Dawson Hughes B., 1988: Precision of dual photon absorptiometry

Jhingran S.G., 1986: Precision of dual photon absorptiometry measurements

Palm R., 1983: Precision of estimated values by tree volume tables

Henssge C., 1979: Precision of estimating the time of death by mathematical expression of rectal body cooling

Miller, J.; Landes, D. R., 1976: Precision of extraction fractionation and fatty acid analysis of rat liver lipids and stability of fatty acids during storage

Arratoon C., 1987: Precision of glucose measurements in control sera by isotope dilution mass spectrometry proposed definitive method compared with a reference method

Snyder L.R., 1981: Precision of high performance liquid chromatographic assays with sample pre treatment error analysis for the technicon fast lc system

Keiding N., 1980: Precision of histological grading of malignancy sources of variation in a histological scoring system for grading cancer of the larynx

Smith D.A.S., 1986: Precision of measurement of bone density with a special purpose computed tomography scanner

Marcus M.L., 1986: Precision of measurements of right and left ventricular volume by cine computed tomography

Olsson S.B., 1987: Precision of preoperative electrophysiological study in predicting the intraoperatively defined location of single left sided accessory pathways

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162138

Et Al, 1985: Precision of routine examination in the gastric carcinoma mass survey

Linnet K., 1985: Precision of sensitivity estimations in diagnostic test evaluations power functions for comparisons of sensitivities of 2 tests

Dean D.A., 1983: Precision of several sampling techniques for foraging red imported fire ant solenopsis invicta hymenoptera formicidae workers in cotton fields

Smith, P. E., 1978: Precision of sonar mapping for pelagic fish assessment in the california usa current

Hale M.D., 1981: Precision of the all glass impinger and the andersen microbial impactor for air sampling in solid waste handling facilities

Pollock K.H., 1986: Precision of the change in ratio technique for deer odocoileus spp population management

Dreborg S., 1984: Precision of the conjunctival provocation test

Van Luin F.J.P., 1983: Precision of the determination of the freezing point of milk by the thermistor cryoscope method

Taylor P.B., 1987: Precision of the doubly labelled water method using the two point calculation

Gvozdev V.A., 1987: Precision of the insertion of the mobile element mobile dispersed gene 1 of drosophila melanogaster at the site of the cytologically determined hot spot of its localization

Henry C., 1982: Precision of the plaque count

Mellema J., 1980: Precision of the pro milk method in routine determination of protein in dairy testing laboratories

Hensen A.C., 1981: Precision of the swift stability test

Bowker R.G., 1984: Precision of thermo regulation of some african lizards

Garner R., 1984: Precision of ventilatory and gas exchange alterations as a predictor of the anaerobic threshold

Sture S., 1987: Precision of volume and volume increment estimates

Suntharalingam N., 1980: Precision radio therapy for cancer of the pancreas technique and results

Berson, A. S.; Wojick, J. M.; Pipberger, H. V., 1977: Precision requirements for electro cardiographic measurements computed automatically

Alker G.J.Jr, 1983: Precision resection of intra axial central nervous system lesions by computed tomography based stereotactic craniotomy and computer monitored carbon di oxide laser

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162159

Fukamauchi, H.; Ideno, R.; Sanbongi, N., 1971: Precision spectrophotometric determination of opium alkaloids part 1

Jones, G. B.; Wahlsten, D.; Blom, G., 1977: Precision stereotaxic procedure for the mouse mus musculus method and instrumentation

Scharfe, G. P., 1977: Precision stratigraphic conodont studies in the upper devonian and lower carboniferous of druzetic in northwestern serbia preliminary report

Malysheva A.G., 1982: Precision study of micro contaminants secreted by the human body

Kreuzer H., 1987: Precision velocimetry with digital cross correlation for flow measurements during thrombus growth

Edwards W.R.N., 1986: Precision weighing lysimetry for trees using a simplified tared balance design

Vazquez R., 1983: Precisions of normal surface of human corneal epithelium a scanning electron microscopic study

Chauvin R., 1985: Precisions on the action of the survivone constituents in the honey bee

Morat, P.; Mackee, H. S., 1977: Precisions on trimenia neocaledonica and the family trimeniaceae in new caledonia

Hammond N., 1981: Preclassic lowland maize zea mays from cuello belize

Piomelli S., 1982: Preclinical abnormal segmental cardiac manifestations of thalassemia major in children on transfusion chelation therapy echographic alterations of left ventricular posterior wall contraction and relaxation patterns

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162171

Pogatsa G., 1983: Preclinical abnormality of left ventricular performance in patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Klimek M., 1988: Preclinical abortions and endometriosis

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162174

Cesarini J P., 1983: Preclinical and clinical evaluation of topical acid products for skin tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162176

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162177

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162178

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162179

Zaharko D., 1987: Preclinical antitumor activity and pharmacological properties of deoxyspergualin

Phillips H., 1987: Preclinical approaches to the treatment of metastatic disease therapeutic properties of recombinant human tnf recombinant murine ifn gamma and recombinant human il 2

Reid W.H., 1986: Preclinical assessment of burn wound dressings

Castro Malaspina H., 1987: Preclinical assessment of purging with vp 16 213 key role for long term marrow cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162184

Ostor A.G., 1985: Preclinical cancer of the cervix diagnostic pitfalls

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162186

Moretz R.C., 1984: Preclinical changes in weight of scrapie infected mice as a function of scrapie agent mouse strain combination

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162188

Geisse, L. J.; Tweeddale, D. N., 1978: Preclinical cytological diagnosis of bladder cancer

Freestone, D. S.; Knight, P. A., 1976: Preclinical data supporting 1st clinical trials of new inactivated vaccines

Torok K., 1980: Preclinical diagnosis and carrier detection in ataxia associated with abnormalities of lipo amide dehydrogenase

Borodaev Yu I., 1988: Preclinical diagnosis of esophageal gastric and duodenal diseases using esophagogastroduodenoscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162193

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162194

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162195

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162196

Ozols R.F., 1986: Preclinical evaluation of aclacinomycin a for the intraperitoneal treatment of human ovarian carcinoma

Iorio L.C., 1986: Preclinical evaluation of behavioral deficits following hypnotic drug treatment

Ridgway H., 1983: Preclinical evaluation of bis pyruvato 1 2 di amino cyclo hexane platinum ii as a potential anti tumor agent

Schmaehl D., 1986: Preclinical evaluation of dichlorobis 1 phenylbutane 1 3 dionatotitanium iv and budotitane two representatives of the new class of antitumor active bis beta diketonato metal complexes

Klinkmann H., 1986: Preclinical evaluation of hemosorbents

Taetle R., 1987: Preclinical evaluation of illudins as anticancer agents

Hudson, R.; Hemphill, P.; Tillson, S. A., 1978: Preclinical evaluation of intra uterine progesterone as a contraceptive agent part 1 local contraceptive effects and their reversal

Tillson, S. A.; Hudson, R.; Swisher, D.; Leong, P., 1978: Preclinical evaluation of intra uterine progesterone as a contraceptive agent part 2 possible mechanisms of action

Hudson, R.; Pharriss, B. B.; Tillson, S. A.; Reno, F., 1978: Preclinical evaluation of intra uterine progesterone as a contraceptive agent part 3 embryology and toxicology

Mccomsey D.F., 1987: Preclinical evaluation of mcn 5707 as a potential antidepressant

Artigas P., 1987: Preclinical evaluation of the gastric tolerance of a ferric natural protein compared with ferrous sulfate anatomo pathological study and toxicological considerations

Egawa S., 1986: Preclinical experiments of interstitial hyperthermia with an agar phantom and a dog

Olsson, K. S.; Heedman, P. A.; Staugard, F., 1978: Preclinical hemo chromatosis in a population on a high iron fortified diet

Girard J., 1983: Preclinical hyper thyroidism a graded condition

Gemsenjager, E.; Staub, J. J.; Girard, J.; Heitz, P., 1976: Preclinical hyper thyroidism in multi nodular goiter

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162212

Usadel K.H., 1987: Preclinical hyperthyroidism and its correlation with clinical and psychological symptoms

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162214

Masters, C. L.; Kakulas, B. A.; Alpers, M. P.; Gajdusek, D. C.; Gibbs, C. J-Jr, 1976: Preclinical lesions and their progression in the experimental spongiform encephalopathies kuru and creutzfeldt jakob disease in primates

Priborsky J., 1987: Preclinical modeling of changes in drug kinetics caused by acute renal failure in rats

Twentyman P.R., 1984: Preclinical pharmacokinetics of benznidazole

Gieldanowski, J.; Wieczorek, Z.; Kowalczyk-Bronisz, S. H.; Kowalewska, D.; Blaszczyk, B.; Skibinski, G.; Zimecke, M., 1980: Preclinical pharmacologic investigations on a new group of acridine derivatives with oncostatic activity 1. acute and subchronic action

Gieldanowski, J.; Wieczorek, Z.; Kowalczyk-Bronisz, S. H.; Kowalewska, D.; Blaszczyk, B.; Skibinski, G.; Simecki, M., 1980: Preclinical pharmacologic investigations on a new group of acridine derivatives with oncostatic activity 2. chronic action

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162221

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162222

Toomey R.E., 1988: Preclinical pharmacology of a new serotonergic receptor antagonist ly 281067

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162224

Fritz Niggli H., 1979: Preclinical radiobiology with pions relative biological effectiveness values for mouse skin damage as a function of single doses of pions

Howell S.B., 1983: Preclinical reevaluation of benzaldehyde as a chemo therapeutic agent

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162227

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162228

Keysser, C. H., 1976: Preclinical safety testing of new drugs

Hill B.T., 1983: Preclinical screening for drugs effective against 5 fluoro uracil uracil resistant cells with a murine l 5178y cell line in vitro

Peters A., 1987: Preclinical studies of a panel of 12 monoclonal antibodies in view of bone marrow purging in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Heller P., 1980: Preclinical studies of dynamic treatment modes in pion therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162233

Poon M.N., 1979: Preclinical studies of the negative pi meson beam at triumf

Burzynski S.R., 1986: Preclinical studies on antineoplaston a 10 injections

Lee S.S., 1986: Preclinical studies on antineoplaston as 2 1 and antineoplaston as 2 5

Gamst-Andersen, H.; Hjortkjaer, R. K.; Lorenzen, F. H.; Ashby, R., 1983: Preclinical studies on human insulin 1. acute and subacute toxicity studies

Dimitrov K., 1985: Preclinical studies on ronidazole pharmachim

Hanna M.G.Jr, 1988: Preclinical studies on the pharmacokinetic properties of human monoclonal antibodies to colorectal cancer and their use for detection of tumors

Fliedner T.M., 1979: Preclinical studies on the reaction of the blood granulopoietic progenitor cells c concentration to a single injection of cyclo phosphamide

Odermatt R., 1983: Preclinical studies on the use of pulsatile paracorporeal assist devices

Rhyner K., 1985: Preclinical studies on the use of selective antibody ricin conjugates in autologous bone marrow transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162243

Brodsky I., 1985: Preclinical studies with ampligen mismatched double stranded rna

Nonaka H., 1985: Preclinical study of endoscopic laser coagulation for human ovaries

Vogl, S. E.; Lumb, G.; Bekesi, J. G.; Holland, J. F., 1977: Preclinical study of intra venous administration of the methanol extraction residue of bcg

Kuznetsov Yu B., 1983: Preclinical study of the new soviet tranquilizer gindarin

Matveeva I.A., 1985: Preclinical study of the safety of the antihistaminic drug dimebone

Butakova L.Yu, 1981: Preclinical study of the safety of vaccine preparations determination of the toxicity of therapeutic vaccines in chronic experiments

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162250

De La Iglesia F.A., 1986: Preclinical toxicity of the new antineoplastic agent ametantrone acetate in mice and dogs

Henry, M. C.; Port, C. D.; Levine, B. S., 1980: Preclinical toxicologic evaluation of 4' 9 acridinylamino methanesulfon m anisidide in mice dogs and monkeys

Rosen E., 1980: Preclinical toxicologic evaluation of icrf 187 dextro razoxane in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162254

Shepelevtseva N.G., 1987: Preclinical toxicological study of the new antibiotic eremomycin acute toxicity in laboratory animals

Stepanova E.S., 1988: Preclinical toxicological study of the novel antibiotic eremomycin chronic toxicity and effect on intrauterine development in rats

Schein, P. S., 1977: Preclinical toxicology of anti cancer agents

De La Iglesia F.A., 1988: Preclinical toxicology of pirmenol hydrochloride

Van Velzen D., 1987: Preclinical toxicology of platinum analogues in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162260

De La Iglesia F.A., 1980: Preclinical toxicology studies with a new anti arrhythmic agent pirmenol hydro chloride ci 845

De La Iglesia F.A., 1986: Preclinical toxicology studies with the lipid regulating agent gemcadiol

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162263

Shuster J.J., 1988: Preclinical training in bronchoscopic diagnosis of cancer

Dennis W., 1983: Preclinical trial of a radiant heat device for whole body hyper thermia using a porcine model

Sharov P.A., 1979: Preclinical trials of the safety of the new tranquilizer phenazepam

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162267

Mirejovsky P., 1987: Preclinical verification of possible extracorporeal lithotripsy of gallstones in experimental animals

Lee B.L., 1986: Precluding coccidiosis with an anti coprophagia drug

Moore, B. P.; Brown, W. V., 1978: Precoccinelline and related alkaloids in the australian soldier beetle chauliognathus pulchellus coleoptera cantharidae

Khalil, G. M.; Gaber, S. H. A.; Sonenshine, D. E.; Gad, S. M., 1983: Precocene 2 effects on the camel tick hyalomma dromedarii acari ixodidae 2. larval and nymphal responses

Triseleva T.A., 1987: Precocene 2 induced ontogenetic changes in the development of the corpora allata of eurygaster integriceps puton insecta heteroptera

Polivanova E.N., 1984: Precocene 2 induced premature metamorphosis in the ontogeny of eurygaster integriceps

Happ G.M., 1983: Precocene i and ii inhibition of vitellogenic oocyte development in drosophila melanogaster

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162279

Tan M.L., 1980: Precocene ii induced effects on the ovary and fat body of female oxya japonica orthoptera acrididae

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162281

Tsai L.W., 1980: Precocene ii metabolism comparative in vivo studies among several species of insects and structure elucidation of 2 major metabolites

Bowers W.S., 1980: Precocene ii metabolism in insects synthesis of potential metabolites and identification of initial in vitro bio transformation products

Hsia M.T.S., 1982: Precocene ii nephro toxicity in the rat

Unnithan, G. C.; Nair, K. K.; Bowers, W. S., 1977: Precocene induced degeneration of the corpus allatum of adult females of the bug oncopeltus fasciatus

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162287

Varghese A., 1986: Precocene induced light and electron microscopic changes in the pars intercerebralis neurosecretory cells of the semilooper caterpillar achoea janata linn

Schooneveld H., 1979: Precocene induced necrosis and hemocyte mediated breakdown of corpora allata in nymphs of the locust locusta migratoria

Kelly, T. J.; Fuchs, M. S., 1978: Precocene is not a specific anti gonadotropic agent in adult female aedes aegypti

Chaudhury M.F.B., 1981: Precocene treatment of the female tsetse fly glossina morsitans morsitans sterilizes her female offspring

Tobe S.S., 1981: Precocenes as pro allatocidins in adult female diploptera punctata a functional and ultrastructural study

Topoff, H.; Mirenda, J., 1978: Precocial behavior of callow workers of the army ant neivamyrmex nigrescens importance of stimulation by adults during mass recruitment

Buckland B.M.L., 1985: Precocial breeding in a southern ontario canada muskrat ondatra zibethicus population

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162297

Nemec, V.; Chen, T. T.; Wyatt, G. R., 1978: Precocious adult locust locusta migratoria migratorioides induced by precocene

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162299

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162300

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162301

Chessells J.M., 1987: Precocious and premature puberty associated with treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162322

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Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162377

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Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162379

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Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162535

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Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162901

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162902

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Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162933

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Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162935

Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162936

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Section 7, Chapter 6163, Accession 006162977

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