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Predicting the incidence of fusiform rust in 5 year old to 10 year old slash pine pinus elliottii and loblolly pine pinus taeda plantations

Schmidt, R.A.; Squillace, A.E.; Swindel, B.F.

Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 3(4): 138-140


Accession: 006163776

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Fusiform rust (caused by Cronartium fusiforme Hedgc. and Hunt ex Cumm.) is a major problem, in some instances the limiting factor, in the intensive management of slash (P. elliotti Engelm.) and loblolly (P. taeda L.) pine throughout much of their natural and planted range. Optimum management requires knowledge of present and future rust incidence for plantations early in their rotation. A set of disease progress curves is presented which enable the manager to predict future rust incidence and to adjust present rust incidence to a common age to facilitate comparisons among plantations.

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