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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6165

Chapter 6165 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ingram R.M.; Walker C.; Wilson J.M.; Arnold P.E.; Dally S., 1986:
Prediction of amblyopia and squint by refraction at age 1 year

Gel'fand I.M.; Guberman S.A.; Kotov Y.B.; Novakovskaya L.A.; Petukhova N.V.; Pecherskaya M.B.; Syrkin A.L.; Khoroshkin S.M., 1982:
Prediction of an uncomplicated course of myo cardial infarction

Ryan P.M., 1986:
Prediction of angler success in an atlantic salmon salmo salar fishery tow fishing seasons in advance

Guerrero J.N.; Conrad B.E.; Holt E.C.; W.H., 1984:
Prediction of animal performance on bermuda grass cynodon dactylon pasture from available forage

Van Kammen D.P.; Murphy D.L., 1979:
Prediction of anti depressant response to lithium carbonate by a 1 day administration of dextro amphetamine in uni polar depressed women

Klemm P.; Mikkelsen L., 1982:
Prediction of antigenic determinants and secondary structures of the k 88 and colonization factor antigen 1 fimbrial proteins from entero pathogenic escherichia coli

Krystek S.R.Jr; Dias J.A.; Reichert L.E.Jr; Andersen T.T., 1985:
Prediction of antigenic sites in fsh difference profiles enhance antigenicity prediction methods

Ritschel, W.A.; Kaul, S., 1986:
Prediction of apparent volume of distribution in obesity

Stokes C.D.; Blevins S.; Siegel J.H.; Stoklosa J.C.; Cotter K.; Goh K.C.; Goodarzi S.; Belzberg H.; Chiarla C., 1987:
Prediction of arterial blood gases by transcutaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide in critically ill hyperdynamic trauma patients

Wareham, J.A.; Haugh, L.D.; Yeager, S.B.; Horbar, J.D., 1987:
Prediction of arterial blood pressure in the premature neonate using the oscillometric method

Kurihara N.; Fujimoto S.; Terakawa K.; Yamamoto M.; Takeda T., 1987:
Prediction of arterial oxygen partial pressure during treadmill walking in patients with copd

Villota, R.; Karel, M., 1980:
Prediction of ascorbic acid retention during drying 1. moisture and temperature distribution in a model system

Villota, R.; Karel, M., 1980:
Prediction of ascorbic acid retention during drying 2. simulation of retention in a model system

Pandian T.J.; Marian M.P., 1987:
Prediction of assimilation efficiency of lepidopterans

Sonstroem, R.J.; Kampper, K.P., 1980:
Prediction of athletic participation in middle school males

Prosser, S.; Arslan, E., 1987:
Prediction of auditory brainstem wave V latency as a diagnostic tool of sensorineural hearing loss

Tsappis, A., 1977:
Prediction of auditory sensitivity. Small sample confirmation using acoustic reflex thresholds

Kouchiwa, S.; Nemoto, M.; Itai, S.; Murayama, H.; Nagai, T., 1985 :
Prediction of available surface area of powdered particles of flufenamic acid in tablets

Rappaport B.D.; Martens D.C.; Simpson T.W.; Reneau R.B.Jr, 1986:
Prediction of available zinc in sewage sludge amended soils

Johnson E.R.; Vidyadaran M.K., 1984:
Prediction of beef carcass composition from organs and tissues of the noncarcass parts

Garcia-De-Siles, J.L.; Ziegler, J.H.; Wilson, L.L., 1977:
Prediction of beef quality by 3 grading systems

Patton J.A.; Sandler M.P.; Partain C.L., 1985:
Prediction of benignancy of the solitary cold thyroid needle by fluorescent scanning

Jeanmougin, M.; Civatte, J., 1988:
Prediction of benzoyl peroxide phototoxicity by photoepidermotests after repeated applications. Preventive value of a UVB filter

Burdick D.; Barton F.E.; Nelson B.D., 1981:
Prediction of bermuda grass cynodon dactylon composition and digestibility with a near ir multiple filter spectrophotometer

Saguy I.; Goldman M.; Karel M., 1985:
Prediction of beta carotene decolorization in model system under static and dynamic conditions of reduced oxygen environment

Wu, T.T.; Szu, S.C.; Jernigan, R.L.; Bilofsky, H.; Kabat, E.A., 1978:
Prediction of beta sheets in immuno globulin chains comparison of various methods and an expanded 20 x 20 table for evaluation of the effects of nearest neighbors on conformations of middle amino acids in proteins/

Muthukrishnan J.; Pandian T.J., 1983:
Prediction of bio energetics components of lepidopterous larva

Hawker D.W.; Connell D.W., 1985:
Prediction of bioconcentration factors under non equilibrium conditions

Ghosh S.N.; Seshadri R.; Banerji A.P.; Sampat M.B., 1985:
Prediction of biological behavior of human breast cancer using multiple parameters a preliminary study

Kanazawa J., 1980:
Prediction of biological concentration potential of pesticides in aquatic organisms

Chiavazza F.; Fiaschetti D.; D.V.ta V.; Bacchi Modena A.; Vadora E.; Trentadue R.; Montagna S., 1985:
Prediction of biometry in the first trimester of pregnancy compared to the weight at birth

Johnson, J.D.; Lamm, D.L., 1980:
Prediction of bladder tumor invasion with the mixed cell agglutination test

Watari, N.; Kaneniwa, N., 1984:
Prediction of blood levels following oral administration of weakly acidic drug particles such as sulfa drugs in rabbits from the in vitro dissolution behavior

Herold, G.; Hasselkus, E.R., 1978:
Prediction of bloom in woody plants

Hassager, C.; Gotfredsen, A.; Jensen, J.; Christiansen, C., 1986:
Prediction of body composition by age, height, weight, and skinfold thickness in normal adults

Ohnaka T.; Tochihara Y.; Yamazaki S.; Tanaka M.; Yoshida K., 1985:
Prediction of body composition of japanese young women for any levels of habitual physical activity

Kempster A.J.; Cuthbertson A.; Jones D.W.; Owen M.G., 1981:
Prediction of body composition of live cattle using 2 ultrasonic machines of differing complexity 4 separate trials

Ohnaka T., 1986:
Prediction of body composition of young and middle aged japanese men

Belyavin, A.J.; Gibson, T.M.; Anton, D.J.; Truswell, P., 1979:
Prediction of body temperatures during exercise in flying clothing

Pagels J.F.; Blem C.R., 1984:
Prediction of body weights of small mammals from skull measurements

Wallach D.; Kletter E., 1981:
Prediction of boll opening in a cotton gossypium hirsutum crop

Hodge R.W.; Oddie N., 1984:
Prediction of bone in retail cuts and edible meat of cross bred lamb carcasses

Witte, D.L.; Kraemer, D.F.; Johnson, G.F.; Dick, F.R.; Hamilton, H., 1986:
Prediction of bone marrow iron findings from tests performed on peripheral blood

Bernard C.; Valet J.P.; Beland R.; Lambert R.D., 1983:
Prediction of bovine ovulation by a rapid radio immunoassay for plasma luteinizing hormone

Arnason T., 1982:
Prediction of breeding values for multiple traits in small nonrandom mating horse populations

Distl O.; Averdunk G.; Kraeusslich H., 1988:
Prediction of breeding values in fertility traits for ai bulls and sires in bavaria west germany

Thomson A.J.; Moncrieff S.M., 1982:
Prediction of bud burst in douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii by degree day accumulation

Pokorny F.A.; Gibson P.G.; Dunavent M.G., 1986:
Prediction of bulk density of pine bark and or sand potting media from laboratory analyses of individual components

Tobiasen, J.; Hiebert, J.H.; Edlich, R.F., 1982:
Prediction of burn mortality

Pawlega J.; Plesko I.; Dimitrova E., 1982:
Prediction of cancer incidence in krakow poland and bratislava czechoslovakia

Famularo J.; Mueller J.A.; Pannu A.S., 1980:
Prediction of carbon column performance from pure solute data

Ringberg T.M.; White R.G.; Holleman D.F.; Luick J.R., 1981:
Prediction of carcass composition in rein deer rangifer tarandus tarandus by use of selected indicator bones and muscles

Clements B.W.; Thompson J.M.; Harris D.C.; Lane J.G., 1981:
Prediction of carcass fat depth in live lambs a comparison of techniques

Jardim P.O.D.C.; Ziegler J.C.D.S.; Osorio J.C.D.S., 1985:
Prediction of carcass main cuts in steers

Henriksson, P.; Johansson, S.E., 1987:
Prediction of cardiovascular complications in patients with prostatic cancer treated with estrogen

Strongin G.L.; Turetskaya A.S.; Gel'man B.L.; Rodionov O.N., 1987:
Prediction of cardiovascular complications in the flying personnel

Aronin P.A.; Mahaley M.S.Jr; Rudnick S.A.; Dudka L.; Donohue J.F.; Selker R.G.; Moore P., 1980:
Prediction of carmustine pulmonary toxicity in patients with malignant gliomas an assessment of risk factors

Gruemer, H.D.; Miller, W.G.; Chinchilli, V.M.; Leshner, R.T.; Blasco, P.A.; Hassler, C.R.; Nance, W.E., 1985:
Prediction of carrier status in Duchenne dystrophy by creatine kinase measurement

Peterson, L.R.; Gerding, D.N., 1978:
Prediction of cefazolin penetration into high protein and low protein containing extravascular fluid new method for performing simultaneous studies

D.R.iter J.M.; Burns J.C.; Mcclure W.F.; Timothy D.H., 1988:
Prediction of cell wall carbohydrates and quality in panicum species by near ir reflectance spectroscopy

Berglund, M.; Leijonquist, H., 1978:
Prediction of cerebral dys functions in alcoholics a study of health insurance records

Guggiari M.; Dagreou F.; Rivierez M.; Mottet P.; Gallais S.; Philippon J.; Viars P., 1984:
Prediction of cerebral vasospasm value of fibrinogen degradation products in the cerebrospinal fluid for prediction of vasospasm following subarachnoid hemorrhage due to a ruptured aneurysm

Wheeler, N.; Suffin, S.C.; Hall, T.L.; Rosenthal, D.L., 1987:
Prediction of cervical neoplasia diagnosis groups. Discriminant analysis on digitized cell images

Reks, L.M.; Yakirevich, A.M., 1978:
Prediction of changes in mineralization of a soil solution during washes on the basis of mathematical modeling

Nuriev S.Sh; Meshchanov V.N.; Galyautdinov F.R., 1982:
Prediction of changes of agrochemical indices of the soil using the volga vyatka river region russian sfsr ussr as an example

Amari, M.; Abe, A.; Tano, R.; Masaki, S.; Serizawa, S.; Koga, T., 1987:
Prediction of chemical composition and nutritive value of forages by near ir reflectance spectroscopy 1. prediction of chemical composition

Robelin, J.; Geay, Y.; Beranger, C., 1975:
Prediction of chemical composition of young bull carcasses from the percentage of fat deposits of the 11th rib joint

Blahova E.; Andrysek O.; Mandys J.; Kostrouch J.; Bechyne M.; Krafft W.; Behling O., 1988:
Prediction of chemosensitivity of malignant tumors in vitro

Rosenberg, N.M.; Meyers, S.; Shackleton, N., 1982:
Prediction of child abuse in an ambulatory setting

Canfield D.E.Jr; Shireman J.V.; Colle D.E.; Haller W.T.; Watkins C.E.II.; Maceina M.J., 1984:
Prediction of chlorophyll a concentrations in florida usa lakes importance of aquatic macrophytes

Pridmore R.D.; Mcbride G.B., 1984:
Prediction of chlorophyll a concentrations in impoundments of short hydraulic retention time

Murphy, K.A.; Cornish, R.D., 1984:
Prediction of chronicity in acute low back pain

Ritschel, W.A., 1983:
Prediction of cimetidine disposition in the aged

Marchesini G.; Bua V.; Cassarani S.; D'amario C.; Landi P.; Nigro F.; Zoli M.; Pisi E., 1985:
Prediction of cirrhosis by means of routine biochemistry functional evaluation of liver cell mass and endoscopy in patients with chronic liver disease

Severin B.F.; Poduska R.A., 1985 :
Prediction of clarifier sludge blanket failure

Retuerto, R.; Ucieda, F.; Carballeira, A., 1983:
Prediction of climatic parameters with ecological interest in galicia spain 3. potential evapotranspiration and water balance

Kauppila, A.J.; Isotalo, H.E.; Kivinen, S.T.; Vihko, R.K., 1986:
Prediction of clinical outcome with estrogen and progestin receptor concentrations and their relationships to clinical and histopathological variables in endometrial cancer

Mastrangelo R.; Riccardi R.; Corbo S.; Marchetti P.; Iacobelli S., 1984:
Prediction of clinical response to glucocorticoids in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Spillane K.T.; Elsum C.C., 1983:
Prediction of cloud effects in chimney plumes

Segal, B.; Huba, G.J.; Singer, J.L., 1980:
Prediction of college drug use from personality and inner experience

Berry M.R.Jr, 1983:
Prediction of come up time correction factors for batch type agitating and still retorts and the influence on thermal process calculations

Estey, E.H.; Keating, M.J.; Smith, T.L.; Mccredie, K.B.; Legha, S.S.; Walters, R.S.; Bodey, G.P.; Freireich, E.J., 1984:
Prediction of complete remission in patients with refractory acute leukemia treated with 4' 9 acridinylamino methanesulfon m anisidide

Shrier, A.; Dubarsky, H.; Rosengarten, M.; Guevara, M.R.; Nattel, S.; Glass, L., 1987:
Prediction of complex atrioventricular conduction rhythms in humans with use of the atrioventricular nodal recovery curve

Bird P.R., 1984:
Prediction of components of steer carcasses using tritiated body water space fat depth and fasted live weight or carcass weight

Mcsweeney F.K., 1982:
Prediction of concurrent treadle pressing from simple schedule performance

Jeltema M.A.; Zabik M.E.; Thiel L.J., 1983:
Prediction of cookie quality from dietary fiber components

Safford, R.E.; Bove, A.A., 1987:
Prediction of coronary artery disease by left ventricular regional wall motion abnormalities in patients with stenosis of the aortic valve

Rossi L.; Olivieri D.; Scazzina L.; Castello C.; Carbonieri E.; Buonanno C.; Nidasio G.P.; Zardini P., 1985:
Prediction of coronary heart disease severity and of left ventricular dysfunction by exercise test multivariate analysis

Oldfather, J.W.; Anderson, C.B.; Phelan, D.L.; Cross, D.E.; Luger, A.M.; Rodey, G.E., 1986:
Prediction of crossmatch outcome in highly sensitized dialysis patients based on the identification of serum HLA antibodies

Dale R.F.; Coelho D.T.; Gallo K.P., 1980:
Prediction of daily green leaf area index for corn zea mays

Meinert, T.R.; Pearson, R.E.; Vinson, W.E.; Cassell, B.G., 1988:
Prediction of daughter's performance from dam's cow index adjusted for within herd variance

Staniloff, H.M.; Forrester, J.S.; Berman, D.S.; Swan, H.J., 1986:
Prediction of death, myocardial infarction, and worsening chest pain using thallium scintigraphy and exercise electrocardiography

Mohsen F.; Pomonis S.; Illingworth R., 1984:
Prediction of delayed cerebral ischemia after subarachnoid hemorrhage by computed tomography

Schlottmann, R.S.; Anderson, V.H.; Bauer, C.A., 1985:
Prediction of developmental attainments of institutionalized mentally retarded children

Williams, M.P.; Nelson, P.E., 1976:
Prediction of di methyl sulfide production in tomato serum

Laor, A.; Kanter, Y.; Bialik, V., 1984:
Prediction of diabetic vascular complications by nerve conduction data

Gustafson J.M.; Mercer L.P., 1984:
Prediction of dietary cadmium toxicity by the 4 parameter model for physiological responses

Moughan P.J.; Smith W.C., 1984:
Prediction of dietary protein quality based on a model of the digestion and metabolism of nitrogen in the growing pig

Lumpkin, V.G.; Pasternak, R.J.; Cooper, G.D.; Pasnak, R., 1986:
Prediction of differences in Rorschach protocols from the Personality Assessment System

Thomas C.; Njoroge P.K.; Fenlon J.S., 1980:
Prediction of digestibility in 3 tropical grasses

Benson, D.W.; Dunnigan, A.; Benditt, D.G.; Thompson, T.R.; Narayan, A.; Boros, S., 1985:
Prediction of digoxin treatment failure in infants with supraventricular tachycardia: role of transesophageal pacing

Brown, C.E.; Guzick, D.S.; Leveno, K.J.; Santos-Ramos, R.; Whalley, P.J., 1987:
Prediction of discordant twins using ultrasound measurement of biparietal diameter and abdominal perimeter

Morgan, W.P.; Raven, P.B., 1985:
Prediction of distress for individuals wearing industrial respirators

Shestopalov B.V., 1988:
Prediction of dna recognizing protein supersecondary structure alpha helix turn alpha helix in histones

Gengo, F.; Timko, J.; D'Antonio, J.; Ramsey, T.A.; Frazer, A.; Mendels, J., 1980:
Prediction of dosage of lithium carbonate: use of a standard predictive method

Valentino, R.J.; Lockridge, O.; Eckerson, H.W.; La-Du, B.N., 1981:
Prediction of drug sensitivity in individuals with atypical serum cholin esterase ec based on in vitro biochemical studies

Stewart, P.J.; Tucker, I.G., 1984:
Prediction of drug stability 1. mechanisms of drug degradation and basic rate laws

Stewart, P.J.; Tucker, I.G., 1985:
Prediction of drug stability 3. oxidation and photolytic degradation

Stewart P.J.; Tucker I.G., 1986:
Prediction of drug stability part 6 stability trials

Rohr K.; Lebzien P.; Schafft H.; Schulz E., 1986:
Prediction of duodenal flow of non ammonia nitrogen and amino acid nitrogen in dairy cows

D.C.os D.L.; Wrigley C.W.; Hare R.A., 1982:
Prediction of durum wheat triticum turgidum var durum quality from gliadin protein composition

Jerger, J.; Oliver, T.A.; Chmiel, R.A., 1988:
Prediction of dynamic range from stapedius reflex in cochlear implant patients

Gruener G.; Bosch E.P.; Strauss R.G.; Klugman M.; Kimura J., 1987:
Prediction of early beneficial response to plasma exchange in guillain barre syndrome

Powell Tuck J.; Mcivor J.; Reynolds K.W.; Murray Lyon I.M., 1984:
Prediction of early death after therapeutic hepatic arterial embolization

Van Kammen D.P.; Docherty J.P.; Bunney W.E.Jr, 1982:
Prediction of early relapse after pimozide discontinuation by response to dextro amphetamine during pimozide treatment

Geyer H.; Politzki G.; Freitag D., 1984:
Prediction of eco toxicological behavior of chemicals relationship between n octanol water partition coefficient and bio accumulation of organic chemicals by alga chlorella fusca/

Geyer H.; Sheehan P.; Kotzias D.; Freitag D.; Korte F., 1982:
Prediction of eco toxicological behavior of chemicals relationship between physiochemical properties and bio accumulation of organic chemicals in the mussel mytilus edulis

Lin K C.; Koshida M.; Noda Y.; Kanzaki H.; Taii S.; Mori T.; Okamura H., 1987:
Prediction of efficacy of bromocriptine therapy in euprolactinemic infertile women the usefulness of trh and lhrh tests

Fielding D.J.; Ruesink W.G., 1988:
Prediction of egg and nymphal developmental times of the squash bug hemiptera coreidae in the field

Frank K.T.; Leggett W.C., 1981:
Prediction of egg development and mortality rates in capelin mallotus villosus from meteorological hydrographic and biological factors

Cooley, J.M.; Minns, C.K., 1978:
Prediction of egg development times of fresh water copepods

Smith V.H.; Wallsten M., 1986:
Prediction of emergent and floating leaved macrophyte cover in central swedish lakes

Coombes R.C.; Berger U.; Mcclelland R.A.; Trott P.A.; Powles T.J.; Wilson P.; Gazet J C.; Ford H.T., 1987:
Prediction of endocrine response in breast cancer by immunocytochemical detection of estrogen receptor in fine needle aspirates

Lindgren E., 1988:
Prediction of energy value and protein content of forages by near ir reflectance spectroscopy

Möttönen, T.T., 1988:
Prediction of erosiveness and rate of development of new erosions in early rheumatoid arthritis

Gibson T.M.; Redman P.J.; Belyavin A.J., 1981:
Prediction of esophageal temperatures from core temperatures measured at other sites in man

Yae J.D.; Kwun S.K., 1985:
Prediction of evapotranspiration from rice fields using climatic factors

Cavenee, W.K.; Murphree, A.L.; Shull, M.M.; Benedict, W.F.; Sparkes, R.S.; Kock, E.; Nordenskjold, M., 1986:
Prediction of familial predisposition to retinoblastoma

Becker W.A.; Spencer J.V.; Mirosh L.W.; Verstrate J.A., 1979:
Prediction of fat and fat free live weight in broiler chickens using back skin fat abdominal fat and live body weight

Christensen, E.; Bremmelgaard, A.; Bahnsen, M.; Andreasen, P.B.; Tygstrup, N., 1984:
Prediction of fatality in fulminant hepatic failure

Rozkovec A.; Stradling J.R.; Shepherd G.; Macdermot J.; Oakley C.M.; Dollery C.T., 1988:
Prediction of favorable responses to long term vasodilator treatment of pulmonary hypertension by short term administration of epoprostenol prostacyclin or nifedipine

Anderson, D.F.; Phernetton, T.M.; Rankin, J.H., 1980:
Prediction of fetal drug concentrations

Eik-Nes, S.H.; Grottum, P.; Persson, P.H.; Marsal, K., 1982:
Prediction of fetal growth deviation by ultrasonic biometry 1. methodology

Eik-Nes, S.H.; Persson, P.H.; Grottum, P.; Marsal, K., 1983:
Prediction of fetal growth deviation by ultrasonic biometry 2. clinical application

Houlton M.C.C.; Marivate M.; Philpott R.H., 1981:
Prediction of fetal growth retardation in twin pregnancy

Simon N.V.; Williams G.H.; Fairbrother P.F.; Elser R.C.; Perkins R.P., 1981:
Prediction of fetal lung maturity by amniotic fluid fluorescence polarization lecithin sphingomyelin ratio and phosphatidyl glycerol

Cayea, P.D.; Grant, D.C.; Doubilet, P.M.; Jones, T.B., 1985:
Prediction of fetal lung maturity: inaccuracy of study using conventional ultrasound instruments

Isherwood, D.M.; McMurray, J.A.; Campbell, C.; Jenkins, D.M., 1981:
Prediction of fetal pulmonary maturity from amniotic fluid obtained from the vagina after premature rupture of the membranes. A patient treated with dexamethasone

Bergen J.R.; Wilson H.R., 1985:
Prediction of flicker sensitivities from temporal 3 pulse data

Carter J.W.; Mercer L.P., 1983:
Prediction of food intake weight gain and organ weights in rats as a function of dietary aroclor 1254 poly chlorinated bi phenyls by the saturation kinetics model for physiological responses

Mercer L.P.; Morgan P.H.; Flodin N.W.; Domm A., 1979:
Prediction of food intakes and growth rates in weanling rats by the 4 parameter model equation

Briscoe W.T.; Mercer L.P.; Gimlin D.; Ramlet J., 1981:
Prediction of food intakes weight gains organ weights and tumor size in tumor bearing rats by the 4 parameter mathematical model for physiological responses

Aufrere J., 1982:
Prediction of forage digestibility by means of an enzymatic procedure

Robert P.; Bertrand D.; Demarquilly C., 1986:
Prediction of forage digestibility by principal component analysis of near ir reflectance spectra

Smith, M.A.; Jones, E.A.; Strachan, R.K.; Nicoll, J.J.; Best, J.J.; Tothill, P.; Hughes, S.P., 1987:
Prediction of fracture healing in the tibia by quantitative radionuclide imaging

Robbat A.Jr; Xyrafas G.; Marshall D., 1988:
Prediction of gas chromatographic retention characteristics of polychlorinated biphenyls

Rohrbaugh R.H.; Jurs P.C., 1986:
Prediction of gas chromatographic retention indexes of polycyclic aromatic compounds and nitrated polycyclic aromatic compounds

Paiva J.R.D.; Miranda Filho J.B.D.; Siqueira E.R.D.; Valois A.C.C., 1982:
Prediction of genetic gain for some rubber tree characters utilizing 3 different schemes of selections

Foulley, J.; Gianola, D.; Thompson, R., 1983:
Prediction of genetic merit from data on binary and quantitative variates with an application to calving difficulty, birth weight and pelvic opening

Poivey, J.P.; Elsen, J.M., 1984:
Prediction of genetic merit in the case of uncertain paternity 1. deriving selection indices

Elsen, J.M.; Poivey, J.P., 1986:
Prediction of genetic merit in the case of uncertain paternity ii. using gestation length for computing probabilities of descent

Trollfors, B.; Alestig, K.; Jagenburg, R., 1988:
Prediction of glomerular filtration rate from changes in serum creatinine

Ajzen I.; Madden T.J., 1986:
Prediction of goal directed behavior attitudes intentions and perceived behavioral control

Valdes Cruz L.M.; Jones M.; Scagnelli S.; Sahn D.J.; Tomizuka F.M.; Pierce J.E., 1985:
Prediction of gradients in fibrous subaortic stenosis by continuous wave 2 dimensional doppler echocardiography animal studies

Morris J.R.; Cawthon D.L.; Spayd S.E.; May R.D.; Bryan D.R., 1980:
Prediction of grape vitis labrusca cultivar concord maturation and sources of error

Kudzinayu M.A.; Shofman L.I.; Bareisha M.S.; Kanapyel'ka Y.M., 1981:
Prediction of green mass yield of the cow parsnip heracleum sosnowskyi by the regression method

Mardones Restat F.; D.M.rdones G.J., 1987:
Prediction of growth deficiencies in children under one year

Schmuth G.P.F.; Madre D., 1979:
Prediction of growth rotation of the lower jaw and the modification of over bite

Ouchi, A.; Takayama, H., 1984:
Prediction of gymnodinium type '65 red tide by means of red tide map

Cotes J.E.; Dicken C.; Evans D.L.; Johnson G.R.; Kalinowska E.B.; Macintyre I.M.; Saunders M.J., 1979:
Prediction of harvard pack index from the result of an 11 minute progressive exercise test and anthropometric measurements in coal miners

Yokoyama T.; Yonetani I.; Okada I., 1988:
Prediction of hearing level using the stapedial reflex thresholds a comparison of four methods

Niswander, P.S.; Ruth, R.A., 1977:
Prediction of hearing sensitivity from acoustic reflexes in mentally retarded persons

Shvartz, E.; Shibolet, S.; Meroz, A.; Magazanik, A.; Shapiro, Y., 1977:
Prediction of heat tolerance from heart rate and rectal temperature in a temperate environment

Lehn H.; Bopp M., 1987:
Prediction of heavy metal concentrations in mature plants by chemical analysis of seedlings

Westell, R.A.; Van Vleck, L.D., 1985:
Prediction of heifer transmitting ability from genetic evaluations of sire, dam, and maternal grandsire

Taguchi, J.; Saijo, N.; Miura, K.; Shinkai, T.; Eguchi, K.; Sasaki, Y.; Tamura, T.; Sakurai, M.; Minato, K.; Fujiwara, Y., 1987:
Prediction of hematologic toxicity of carboplatin by creatinine clearance rate

Risberg J.; Smith P., 1980:
Prediction of hemispheric blood flow from carotid velocity measurements a study with the doppler and xenon 133 techniques

Eldor A.; Avitzour M.; O.R.; Hanna R.; Penchas S., 1982:
Prediction of hemorrhagic diathesis in thrombocytopenia by mean platelet volume

Beaver, B.L.; Young, D.; Satiani, B., 1985:
Prediction of heparin requirements in acute thromboplastic venous disease

Rane, A.; Wilkinson, G.R.; Shand, D.G., 1977:
Prediction of hepatic extraction ratio from in vitro measurement of intrinsic clearance

Siebert, B.D.; Hunter, R.A., 1977:
Prediction of herbage intake and live weight gain of cattle grazing tropical pastures from the composition of the diet

Honnette J.E.; Vinson W.E.; White J.M.; Kliewer R.H., 1980:
Prediction of herd life and lifetime production from 1st lactation production and individual type traits in holstein cows

Cserhati T.; Bellay T., 1988:
Prediction of high performance liquid chromatographic behavior with thin layer chromatography

Tepper M.E.; Powers S., 1984:
Prediction of high school algebra achievement with attributional motivational and achievement measures

Palmer, J.A.; Jones, V.A., 1976:
Prediction of holding times for continuous thermal processing of power law fluids

Pong S.F.; Demuth S.M.; Kinney C.M.; Deegan P., 1985:
Prediction of human analgesic dosages of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug from analgesic ed 50 values in mice

Lemay A.; Bastide A.; Lambert R.; Rioux J.E., 1982:
Prediction of human ovulation by rapid luteinizing hormone radio immunoassay and ovarian ultrasonography

Mcleod K., 1987:
Prediction of human papilloma virus antigen in cervical squamous epithelium by koilocyte nuclear morphology and wart scores confirmation by immunoperoxidase

Green, K.Y.; Sears, J.F.; Taniguchi, K.; Midthun, K.; Hoshino, Y.; Gorziglia, M.; Nishikawa, K.; Urasawa, S.; Kapikian, A.Z.; Chanock, R.M., 1988:
Prediction of human rotavirus serotype by nucleotide sequence analysis of the VP7 protein gene

Tikuisis P.; Gonzalez R.R.; Pandolf K.B., 1988:
Prediction of human thermoregulatory responses and endurance time in water at 20 and 24 c

Deen, D.F.; Kendall, L.E.; Marton, L.J.; Tofilon, P.J., 1986:
Prediction of human tumor cell chemosensitivity using the sister chromatid exchange assay

Guesten H.; Filby W.G.; Schoof S., 1981:
Prediction of hydroxyl radical reaction rates with organic compounds in the gas phase

Rumyantsev G.I.; Novikov S.M., 1982:
Prediction of hygienic standards for new chemical compounds theoretic and methodologic aspects

Davis, S.; Dawson, J.G.; Seay, B., 1978:
Prediction of hypnotic susceptibility from imaginative involvement

Mcknight R.T., 1980:
Prediction of hypnotizability from personality variables of the california psychological inventory a multiple regression analysis

Nesler T.P., 1986:
Prediction of ice fishing harvest of quality size lake trout salvelinus namaycush from previous gill net sampling

Ravie O.; Lake P.E., 1982:
Prediction of ice formation in fowl spermatozoa at particular cooling rates

Margalit, H.; Spouge, J.L.; Cornette, J.L.; Cease, K.B.; Delisi, C.; Berzofsky, J.A., 1987:
Prediction of immunodominant helper T cell antigenic sites from the primary sequence

Islam A., 1988:
Prediction of impending blast cell transformation in chronic granulocytic leukemia

Pandey, G.N.; Baker, J.; Chang, S.; Davis, J.M., 1978:
Prediction of in vivo red cell plasma lithium ion ratios by in vitro methods

Tofilon, P.J.; Basic, I.; Milas, L., 1985:
Prediction of in vivo tumor response to chemotherapeutic agents by the in vitro sister chromatid exchange assay

Schneider, L.S.; Cooper, T.B.; Staples, F.R.; Sloane, R.B., 1987:
Prediction of individual dosage of nortriptyline in depressed elderly outpatients

Darenskaya N.G., 1986:
Prediction of individual radiosensitivity

Tommasini, G.; Presta, M., 1979:
PRediction of infarct size by enzymatic techniques: modification of a method and clinical application

Danner S.A.; Smit E.M.; Hart G.A.M.; Oosting H.; Dunning A.J., 1979:
Prediction of infarct size from serial creatine kinase determinations evaluation by clinical studies and computer simulation

Fore, F.N.; Smith, G.T.; McNamara, J.J., 1978:
Prediction of infarct size with baboons. A proposed model for accurately determining the efficacy of therapeutic interventions

Kudryashov V.K.; Semenchenya V.A.; Karimova N.R., 1987 :
Prediction of inflammatory complications after radical surgery for colorectal cancer

Chiladze Z.A.; Sikharulidze R.A., 1982:
Prediction of inflammatory complications in female reproductive organs when using the intra uterine contraceptive device umbrella by immunochemical determination of the serum content of individual inflammation protein in female blood

Wolynetz M.S.; Sibbald I.R., 1985:
Prediction of initial carcass composition in comparative slaughter experiments

Drotar D.; Sturm L., 1988:
Prediction of intellectual development in young children with early histories of nonorganic failure to thrive

Van Nieuwkerk R.; Galbraith G.G.; Bierley C., 1984:
Prediction of intelligence with the luria nebraska neuro psychological battery

Sampson M.B.; Thomason J.L.; Kelly S.L.; Work B.A.Jr, 1982:
Prediction of intra uterine fetal weight using real time ultrasound

Chinn D.H.; Callen P.W.; Filly R.A., 1981:
Prediction of intra uterine growth retardation by somatographic estimation of total intra uterine volume

Basu S.; Raghavan N., 1986:
Prediction of inversion strengths and heights from a 1 dimensional nocturnal boundary layer model

Baham J., 1984:
Prediction of ion activities in soil solutions computer equilibrium modeling

Steibe S.; Mccarrey M., 1982:
Prediction of justice related behavior by fairness reasoning and human values

Moresi M.; Patete M., 1988:
Prediction of k la in conventional stirred fermenters

Okabe, T.; Akamine, K., 1980:
Prediction of labor onset and difficulty by multi variate analysis

Zharinov G.M., 1986:
Prediction of late radiation injuries of the bladder and rectum in patients with cervical carcinoma

Giles, J.F.; Ludwick, A.E.; Reuss, J.O., 1977:
Prediction of late season nitrate nitrogen content of sugar beet petioles

Hammermeister, K.E.; Fisher, L.; Kennedy, W.; Samuels, S.; Dodge, H.T., 1978:
Prediction of late survival in patients with mitral valve disease from clinical, hemodynamic, and quantitative angiographic variables

Sivakumar, M.V.K., 1978:
Prediction of leaf area index in soybean glycine max

Rao K.V.; Van Soest P.J.; Fick G.W., 1987:
Prediction of leaf fraction neutral detergent fiber and intake of ground forage samples by airflow segregation

Balasubramanian G., 1979:
Prediction of leafhopper amrasca biguttula biguttula population in upland cotton gossypium hirsutum in relation to plant characters

Fukagawa K., 1981:
Prediction of left anterior descending coronary artery disease by esophageal echo cardiography

Marchionni N.; Moschi G.; Lombardi A.; Tozzi P.; Salani B.; D.B.ri M., 1986:
Prediction of left ventricular function in acute anterior myocardial infarction by serum creatine kinase activity and precordial electrocardiogram mapping

Gupta A.K.; Gurnani M., 1984:
Prediction of lifetime production of milk on the basis of early economic traits in tharparkar cattle

Tigges R.J.; Pearson R.E.; Vinson W.E., 1986:
Prediction of lifetime relative net income from first lactation production and individual type traits in holstein cows

Nyqvist H.; Nicklasson M., 1984:
Prediction of light induced discoloration of tablets from accelerating test conditions by numerical convolution

Cohoon, D.K.; Stewart, J.B., 1977:
Prediction of light induced transient thermal response of the retina

Chisti Y.; Moo Young M., 1988:
Prediction of liquid circulation velocity in airlift reactors with biological media

Pshukov Y.G.; Murav'ev I.A., 1988:
Prediction of liquid extract quality during repercolation

Marr M.A.; Djuric P.E.; Ritschel W.A.; Garver D.L., 1983:
Prediction of lithium carbonate dosage in psychiatric in patients using the repeated 1 point method

Ananth, J.; Pecknold, J.C., 1978:
Prediction of lithium response in affective disorders

Kramer W.; Glodek P., 1985:
Prediction of litter size on farms without regular control of rearing performance

Hermanek P.; Gunselmann W.; Latendorf A.; Gall F.P.; Horbach L., 1981:
Prediction of local recurrences after surgery of carcinoma of the middle rectum

Kumar, S.; Lamb, R.G.; Seinfeld, J.H., 1976:
Prediction of long term mean and mean square pollutant concentrations in an urban atmosphere

Svendsen H.; Malmskov O.; Bjork A., 1985:
Prediction of lower 3rd molar impaction from the frontal cephalometric projection

Nakahara K.; Monden Y.; Ohno K.; Fuji Y.; Maeda H.; Fujimoto Y.; Kawashima Y., 1985:
Prediction of lung cancer spread and functional resectability by xenon 133 radiospirometry

Nakahara K.; Miyoshi S.; Kitagawa Y.; Fujii Y.; Ohno K.; Nanjo S.; Monden Y.; Kawashima Y., 1983:
Prediction of lung function after resection for lung cancer and its relation to surgical risk with special interest in geriatric patients

Sagalowsky, A.I.; Milam, H.; Reveley, L.R.; Silva, F.G., 1982:
Prediction of lymphatic metastases by Gleason histologic grading in prostatic cancer

Hamajima, N.; Aoki, K., 1984:
Prediction of male lung cancer mortality in Japan based on birth cohort analysis

Solem J.H.; Sund T.; Helsingen N.; Nerdrum H.J., 1984:
Prediction of malignancy in solitary thyroid nodules the value of pre operative scintigraphy in a prospective study of 202 patients

Saku T.; Sato E., 1983:
Prediction of malignant change in oral pre cancerous lesions by dna cyto fluorometry

Crecelius E.A., 1981:
Prediction of marine atmospheric deposition rates using total beryllium 7 deposition velocities

Barton K.; Dreger R.M., 1986:
Prediction of marital roles from normal and pathological dimensions of personality 16 personality factor questionnaire and minnesota multiphasic personality inventory

Hillcoat, B.L.; Banerjee, M.; Mcculloch, P.B.; Williams, C.K.O., 1977:
Prediction of marrow toxicity in patients treated by intra venous infusion of 5 fluoro uracil

Maurya K.R.; Jha R.C.; Chaudhary M.L., 1984:
Prediction of maturity of ginger zingiber officinale in calcareous soils

Verma, S.S.; Bharadwaj, H.; Malhotra, M.S., 1980:
Prediction of maximal aerobic power in healthy Indian males from anthropometric measurements

Poortmans J.; Vlaeminck M.; Collin M.; Delmotte C., 1986:
Prediction of maximal aerobic power of a population of brussels belgium male and female aged 6 to 23 years comparison with direct measurement of maximal oxygen uptake

Frumin G.T., 1980:
Prediction of maximal biological activity of compounds in a given series

Barlow, K.; Weltman, A.; Schurrer, R.; Henritze, J., 1985:
Prediction of maximal effort bicycle ergometer endurance performance

Hyatt, R.E.; Wilson, T.A.; Bar-Yishay, E., 1980:
Prediction of maximal expiratory flow in excised human lungs

Sato, M.; Yasukouchi, A.; Harada, H., 1980:
Prediction of maximal oxygen intake over a wide range of air temperature conditions

Sady S.P.; Carpenter M.W.; Sady M.A.; Haydon B.; Hoegsberg B.; Cullinane E.M.; Thompson P.D.; Coustan D.R., 1988:
Prediction of maximal oxygen uptake during cycle exercise in pregnant women

Mital, A.; Karwowski, W.; Mazouz, A.K.; Orsarh, E., 1986:
Prediction of maximum acceptable weight of lift in the horizontal and vertical planes using simulated job dynamic strengths

Murzakaev F.G.; Maksimov G.G.; Khikimov B.V., 1980:
Prediction of maximum allowable concentrations of new chemicals in the atmosphere based on a set of indicators using splines

Yokoyama S., 1983:
Prediction of maximum local muscle energy metabolic rate in voluntary sustained contraction

Lagasse P.P., 1979:
Prediction of maximum speed of human movement by 2 selected muscular coordination mechanisms and by maximum static strength

Spencer, A.J.; Eklund, S.A., 1982:
Prediction of mean caries experience of samples of the Australian population

Garg, A.; Chaffin, D.B.; Herrin, G.D., 1978:
Prediction of metabolic rates for manual materials handling jobs

Terada F.; Serizawa S.; Tano R.; Iwasaki K.; Abe A., 1988:
Prediction of metabolizable energy contents of the diets for cattle from chemical composition or digestible nutrients

McLean, I.W.; Gamel, J.W., 1988:
Prediction of metastasis of uveal melanoma: comparison of morphometric determination of nucleolar size and spectrophotometric determination of DNA

Hsieh, F.H.; Acott, K.; Labuza, T.P., 1976:
Prediction of microbial death during drying of a macaroni product

Starostina N.G.; Lusta K.A.; Fikhte B.A., 1983:
Prediction of microbial resistance to poly acrylamide gel immobilization

Vankov K.; Aleksiev A.I.; Peeva T., 1988:
Prediction of milk yield of buffalo cows

Mason, R.L.; Gunst, R.F., 1976:
Prediction of mobility gains in patients with cervical spinal cord injuries

Gozenbuk V.L.; Keirim Markus I.B., 1983:
Prediction of modification of acute radiation affection of dogs with partially shielded red bone marrow

Downey G.; Byrne P., 1986:
Prediction of moisture and bulk density in milled peat by near ir reflectance

Hirata T.; Watanabe N.; Ishitani T., 1986:
Prediction of moisture changes in roasted and seasoned lavers porphyra yezoensis double packaged with polyolefin plastic materials

Kishi M.J.; Yagi A., 1983:
Prediction of monthly mean chlorophyll a concentration in mikawa bay using group method of data handling

Herson, V.C.; Todd, J.K., 1977:
Prediction of morbidity in haemophilus influenzae meningitis

Brearley, S.; Morris, D.L.; Hawker, P.C.; Dykes, P.W.; Keighley, M.R., 1985:
Prediction of mortality at endoscopy in bleeding peptic ulcer disease

Fioretti P.; Brower R.W.; Simoons M.L.; Bos R.J.; Baardman T.; Beelen A.; Hugenholtz P.G., 1985:
Prediction of mortality during the 1st year after acute myocardial infarction from clinical variables and stress test at hospital discharge

Fioretti, P.; Brower, R.W.; Simoons, M.L.; Das, S.K.; Bos, R.J.; Wijns, W.; Reiber, J.H.; Lubsen, J.; Hugenholtz, P.G., 1984:
Prediction of mortality in hospital survivors of myocardial infarction. Comparison of predischarge exercise testing and radionuclide ventriculography at rest

Ferguson I.S.; Keady E.J., 1984:
Prediction of mortality in radiata pine pinus radiata plantations

N.P.K., 1981:
Prediction of multiple dose blood level curves of drugs administered 4 times daily at nonuniform dosing intervals

Karafiol P.E.; Rosenfeld D.L.; Pek H.; Goldman M.A.; Bronson R.A., 1982:
Prediction of multiple gestation in human menopausal gonadotropin induced ovulation a case report

Baller D.; Sigmund Duchanova H.; Zipfel J.; Hellige G., 1979:
Prediction of myo cardial blood flow by diastolic pressure time index and prediction of the adequacy of myo cardial oxygen supply by the diastolic pressure time index to systolic tension time index ratio under maximal coronary dilation

Matsushita H., 1981:
Prediction of myo cardial infarction by multiple regression analysis of electro cardiographic variables

Vinten Johansen J.; Duncan H.W.; Finkenberg J.G.; Hume M.C.; Robertson J.M.; Barnard R.J.; Buckberg G.D., 1982:
Prediction of myo cardial oxygen requirements by indirect indices

Groth, T.; Hakman, M.; Sylvén, C., 1987:
Prediction of myocardial infarct size from early serum myoglobin observations

Hall R.T.; Kurth C.G.; Bowen S.K., 1983:
Prediction of neo natal hypo glycemia in infants of diabetic mothers by glucose disappearance in the 1st hour of life

Davis R.C., 1983:
Prediction of net primary production in 2 antarctic mosses by 2 models of net carbon di oxide fixation

Khrolenko D.E., 1982:
Prediction of neurological morbidity

Inoue T.; Taguri M.; Hoshi M., 1986:
Prediction of nitrogen oxide concentration by a regression model

Chamberland E., 1982:
Prediction of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizer requirements for vegetables grown in mineral soil peas and beans

Chamberland E., 1983:
Prediction of nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilizer requirements for vegetables grown in a mineral soil cabbage

Lima M.D.L.D.A.; Amim Junior J.; Montenegro C.A.B., 1987:
Prediction of normal curve for total intrauterine volume by ultrasound

Temple, W.P.; Morris, J.F.; Koski, A., 1988:
Prediction of normal spirometric values for adults incapable of standing

Nakui T.; Kushibiki H.; Iwasaki K.; Hayakawa M.; Kuwahata S., 1983:
Prediction of nutrient yield of whole crop corn silage

Barton, K.; Dielman, T.E.; Cattell, R.B., 1986:
Prediction of objective child motivation test scores from parents' reports of child rearing practices

Kharchanka N.N.; Bunyakin V.P., 1980 :
Prediction of occurrence of some phenological phases of the large white cabbage butterfly pieris brassicae

Harris H.C.; Mcwilliam J.R.; Bofinger V.J., 1980:
Prediction of oil quality of sunflower from temperature probabilities in eastern australia

Del Santo, P.; Kazarian, K.K.; Rogers, J.F.; Bevins, P.A.; Hall, J.R., 1985:
Prediction of operative cholangiography in patients undergoing elective cholecystectomy with routine liver function chemistries

Kasai M.; Shimada A., 1982:
Prediction of optimum cooking time of potato basing on softening rate

Mercer L.P.; Cole T.B.Jr; Schweistahl M.R., 1980:
Prediction of organ weights by the 4 parameter model for nutritional responses

Berens A.R., 1985:
Prediction of organic chemical permeation through polyvinyl chloride pipe

Ouchi, K.; Abe, M.; Sato, T., 1987:
Prediction of outcome following sugiura's procedure in patients with liver cirrhosis a multiple linear regression analysis and scoring system

Blanchard E.B.; Schwarz S.P.; Neff D.F.; Gerardi M.A., 1988:
Prediction of outcome from the self regulatory treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Corwin, H.L.; Teplick, R.S.; Schreiber, M.J.; Fang, L.S.; Bonventre, J.V.; Coggins, C.H., 1987:
Prediction of outcome in acute renal failure

Rasmussen, H.H.; Pitt, E.A.; Ibels, L.S.; McNeil, D.R., 1985:
Prediction of outcome in acute renal failure by discriminant analysis of clinical variables

Schweitzer, I.; Maguire, K.P.; Gee, A.H.; Tiller, J.W.; Biddle, N.; Davies, B., 1987:
Prediction of outcome in depressed patients by weekly monitoring with the dexamethasone suppression test

Chaturvedi, S.K.; Sarmukaddam, S.B., 1986:
Prediction of outcome in depression by negative symptoms

Weetman, A.P.; Ratanachaiyavong, S.; Middleton, G.W.; Love, W.; John, R.; Owen, G.M.; Darke, C.; Lazarus, J.H.; Hall, R.; McGregor, A.M., 1986:
Prediction of outcome in Graves' disease after carbimazole treatment

Schuckit, M.A.; Schwei, M.G.; Gold, E., 1986:
Prediction of outcome in inpatient alcoholics

Jonsson, H.; Nyman, A.K., 1984:
Prediction of outcome in schizophrenia

Vannicelli, M.; Becker, B., 1981:
Prediction of outcome in treatment of alcoholism: a study of staff and patients

Tiret L.; Hatton F.; Desmonts J.M.; Vourc'h G., 1988:
Prediction of outcome of anesthesia in patients over 40 years a multifactorial risk index

Djokovic, J.L.; Hedley-Whyte, J., 1979:
Prediction of outcome of surgery and anesthesia in patients over 80

Herrin, G.D.; Jaraiedi, M.; Anderson, C.K., 1986:
Prediction of overexertion injuries using biomechanical and psychophysical models

Bernard C.; Valet J.P.; Beland R.; Lambert R.D., 1984:
Prediction of ovulation in the cow by rapid measurement of plasmatic luteinizing hormone and observation of ovulation by laparoscopy

Critchley H.O.D.; Hobson B.M.; Flockhart J.H.; Templeton A., 1988:
Prediction of ovulation using a dipstick sensitive to urinary luteinizing hormone

Jaffe R.; Abramowicz J.; Ben Aderet N., 1985:
Prediction of ovulation using ultrasound and the appearance of a double outline of the follicle

Fernando, R.S.; Regas, J.; Betz, G., 1987:
Prediction of ovulation with the use of oral and vaginal electrical measurements during treatment with clomiphene citrate

Shino T.; Tsuzuki J.; Kondo T.; Sotobata I., 1981:
Prediction of oxygen consumption in treadmill exercise testing for clinical use

Tien, Y.K.; Gabel, R.A., 1977:
Prediction of oxygen tension from oxygen saturation using the standard oxygen hemo globin equilibrium curve

McKeon, J.L.; Murree-Allen, K.; Saunders, N.A., 1988:
Prediction of oxygenation during sleep in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease

Ninio J., 1979:
Prediction of pairing schemes in rna molecule loop contributions and energy of wobble and nonwobble pairs

Cordner, C.W.; Ough, C.S., 1978:
Prediction of panel preference for zinfandel wine from analytical data using difference in crop level to affect must wine and headspace composition

Vasilinin G.B.; Zin'kovskii G.V.; Golovenko N.Ya; Stankevich E.A.; Andronati S.A.; Yakubovskaya L.N., 1986:
Prediction of parameters of accumulation in the rat body of 1 4 benzodiazepine derivatives based on the kinetics of their excretion

Ruepert C.; Grinwis A.; Govers H., 1985:
Prediction of partition coefficients of unsubstituted polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from 18 carbon chromatographic and structural properties

Auld B.A.; Coote B.G., 1981:
Prediction of pasture invasion by nassella trichotoma gramineae in southeast australia

Peterson, L.R.; Gerding, D.N.; McLinn, D.; Hall, W.H., 1979:
Prediction of peak penicillin and cephalosporin concentrations in canine serum as derived from in vitro serum and tissue quantitative protein binding

Sasagawa T.; Okuyama T.; Teller D.C., 1982:
Prediction of peptide retention times in reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography during linear gradient elution

Tanaka K.; Nakadomo F., 1986:
Prediction of percent body fat in obese women

Hill N.S.; Petersen J.C.; Stuedemann J.A.; Barton F.E.II, 1988:
Prediction of percentage leaf in stratified canopies of alfalfa with near ir reflectance spectroscopy

Chaudhary B.S.; Paroda R.S., 1979:
Prediction of performance in wheat triticum aestivum

von Knorring, J.; Lepäntalo, M., 1986:
Prediction of perioperative cardiac complications by electrocardiographic monitoring during treadmill exercise testing before peripheral vascular surgery

Benedek P., 1979:
Prediction of pests diseases and losses principles and computer applications

Suarez D.L., 1987 :
Prediction of ph errors in soil water extractors due to degassing

Gedykh, V.B., 1976:
Prediction of phenophase onset in species of the family ericaceae in the belorussian ssr ussr

Kohda Y.; Nishihara K.; Saitoh Y.; Nakagawa F.; Tamura Z., 1986:
Prediction of phenytoin dosage for pediatric patients in relation to the plasma phenytoin concentration

Gray, S.P., 1982:
Prediction of phenytoin dosage in epilepsy using multiple linear regression

Mcgee D.C., 1986:
Prediction of phomopsis seed decay by measuring soybean glycine max pod infection

Jones, J.R.; Bachmann, R.W., 1976:
Prediction of phosphorus and chlorophyll levels in lakes

Osborne P.L., 1980:
Prediction of phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations in lakes from internal and external loading rates

Silberbush M.; Barber S.A., 1983:
Prediction of phosphorus and potassium uptake by soybeans glycine max with a mechanistic mathematical model

Truman R.A.; Humphreys F.R., 1985:
Prediction of phosphorus levels in the foliage of pinus radiata in five forests in new south wales australia by parameters derived from soil analysis

Sharpley A.N.; Smith S.J.; Menzel R.G., 1982:
Prediction of phosphorus losses in runoff from southern plains usa watersheds

Nurnberg G.K., 1988 :
Prediction of phosphorus release rates from total and reductant soluble phosphorus in anoxic lake sediments

Moody P.W., 1979:
Prediction of phosphorus requirements of desmodium intortum cultivar greenleaf using a phosphorus sorption index and extractable phosphorus

Bahl G.S.; Singh N.T.; Sinha M.K., 1983:
Prediction of phosphorus uptake by maize zea mays at different stages of growth using a diffusion model

Fontes P.C.R.; Barber S.A.; Wilcox G.E., 1986:
Prediction of phosphorus uptake by two tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivars growing under insufficient and sufficient phosphorus soil conditions using a mechanistic mathematical model

Grigg, J.L., 1977:
Prediction of plant response to fertilizer by means of soil tests

Ogiso, T.; Ito, Y.; Iwaki, M.; Atago, H., 1987:
Prediction of plasma concentration profile during single and repeated skin applications of indomethacin and its calcium salt ointments

Kaneo, Y.; Nishikawa, A.; Kato, Y., 1979:
Prediction of plasma protein binding of salicylic acid in the rabbit

Miller, K.S.; Fish, G.B.; Stanley, J.H.; Schabel, S.I., 1988:
Prediction of pneumothorax rate in percutaneous needle aspiration of the lung

Grimwood C.; Mcghee T.J., 1979:
Prediction of pollutant release resulting from dredging

Disimoni F.G.; Keith R.L.; Darley F.L., 1980:
Prediction of porch index of communicative ability overall score by short versions of the test

Aberle, E.D.; Etherton, T.D.; Allen, C.E., 1977:
Prediction of pork carcass composition using sub cutaneous adipose tissue moisture or lipid concentration

Konishi H., 1982:
Prediction of post operative respiratory function of lung cancer patients using quantitative lung scans

Prabhakar P.; Raje D.; Castle D., 1984:
Prediction of post operative wound infection by a simple score system

Hara F., 1985:
Prediction of postoperative pulmonary function in lung cancer patient using corrected lateral radionuclide lung image

Smith O.P.; Storch R.H.; Manzer F.E.; Hepler P.R., 1984:
Prediction of potato leaf roll virus disease in maine usa from thermal unit accumulation and an estimate of primary inoculum

Daub P.; Wilhelm M.; Schultz H.; Wueneke C D., 1984:
Prediction of potential exposure in the short distance region after atmosphere pollutant emission lasting several hours

Blaak, G., 1972:
Prediction of precocity in the oil palm m elaeis guineensis m

Beck N.C.; Siegel L.J.; Davidson N.P.; Kormeier S.; Breitenstein A.; Hall D.G., 1980:
Prediction of pregnancy outcome maternal preparation anxiety and attitudinal sets

Mortensen, O.A.; Franklin, J.; Löfstrand, T.; Svanberg, B., 1987:
Prediction of preterm birth

Lahey M.; Launer P.B.; Schiff Myers N., 1983:
Prediction of production elicited imitation and spontaneous speech productions of language disordered children

Banno I.; Sakane T., 1981:
Prediction of prospective viability of l dried cultures of bacteria after long term preservation

Pedersen B.; Eggum B.O., 1981:
Prediction of protein digestibility by in vitro procedures based on 2 multi enzyme systems

Shestopalov B.V., 1988:
Prediction of protein dna recognizing supersecondary structure alpha helix turn alpha helix by a method based on modified ohlendorf anderson matthews necessary stereochemical existence requirements

Kopf V.; Brown R.D.; Drawe D.L., 1984:
Prediction of protein intake in white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus in south texas usa

Nagarajan, S.; Singh, H.; Joshi, L.M.; Saari, E.E., 1977:
Prediction of puccinia graminis f sp tritici on wheat in india by trapping the uredo spores in rain samples/

Elliott, C.G.; Rasmusson, B.Y.; Crapo, R.O.; Morris, A.H.; Jensen, R.L., 1987:
Prediction of pulmonary function abnormalities after adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

Widimský, J.; Tartulier, M.; Zielinski, J.; Frídl, P., 1984:
Prediction of pulmonary hypertension from postural changes of pulmonary transfer factor

Nigorikawa T.; Oishi K., 1988:
Prediction of pulmonary residual volume from anthropometric measurements and its applicability to calculate body density in underwater weighing method

Blasco A.; Estany J.; Baselga M., 1984:
Prediction of rabbit meat and bone weight using carcass measurements and sample cuts

Enslein K.; Borgstedt H.H.; Blake B.W.; Hart J.B., 1987:
Prediction of rabbit skin irritation severity by structure activity relationships

Nakamura, W.; Sato, F.; Nishimoto, Y.; Kawashima, N., 1976:
Prediction of radio sensitivity of a mouse from its physiological characteristics before x irradiation

Sowden T.K.; Power G., 1985:
Prediction of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri embryo survival in relation to groundwater seepage and particle size of spawning substrates

Suzuki, J.; Hori, S., 1975:
Prediction of re attacks following rupture of intra cranial aneurysms

Johnston, C.; Prior, M.; Hay, D., 1984:
Prediction of reading disability in twin boys

Beckly, D.E.; Casebow, M.P., 1986:
Prediction of rebleeding from peptic ulcer experience with an endoscopic Doppler device

Horton, A.M.Jr ; Medley, D.M., 1978:
Prediction of recidivism in a criminal population by birth order and family size

Yokoyama M.; Nishio S.; Watanabe K.; Ochi K.; Takeuchi M., 1985:
Prediction of recovery from hydronephrosis using renal functional computed tomographic studies

Christensen, D.; Laursen, H.; Klinken, L., 1983:
Prediction of recurrence in meningiomas after surgical treatment. A quantitative approach

Payne, R.W., 1978:
Prediction of red cell mass from weight and height: a nomogram

Ouchi A., 1984:
Prediction of red tide occurrence by discriminant analysis

Ouchi A., 1982:
Prediction of red tide occurrence by means of a multiple linear regression model

Kremer, F.B.; Steer, R.A., 1985:
Prediction of refractive correction with radial keratotomy

Goldberg, R.T.; Isralsky, M.; Shwachman, H., 1985:
Prediction of rehabilitation status of young adults with cystic fibrosis

Gregson, R.A.; Taylor, G.M., 1977:
Prediction of relapse in men alcoholics

Lieberman, J.A.; Kane, J.M.; Sarantakos, S.; Gadaleta, D.; Woerner, M.; Alvir, J.; Ramos-Lorenzi, J., 1987:
Prediction of relapse in schizophrenia

Krog-Meyer, I.; Kirkegaard, C.; Kijne, B.; Lumholtz, B.; Smith, E.; Lykke-Olesen, L.; Bjørum, N., 1984:
Prediction of relapse with the TRH test and prophylactic amitriptyline in 39 patients with endogenous depression

Takahashi K.; Hirano T., 1987:
Prediction of relative retention value of the individual molecular species of diacyl glycerolipid on high performance liquid chromatography

Young, E.T.; Steel, N.R.; Taylor, J.J.; Stephenson, A.M.; Stratton, A.; Holcombe, M.; Kendall-Taylor, P., 1988:
Prediction of remission after antithyroid drug treatment in Graves' disease

Smith, P.J.; Lihou, M.G., 1986:
Prediction of remission induction in childhood acute myeloid leukemia

Kalika, V.; Bard, R.H.; Iloreta, A.; Freeman, L.M.; Heller, S.; Blaufox, M.D., 1981:
Prediction of renal functional recovery after relief of upper urinary tract obstruction

Garrote R.L.; Luna J.A.; Silva E.R.; Bertone R.A., 1987:
Prediction of residual peroxidase activity in the blanching cooling of corn on the cob and its relation to off flavor development in frozen storage

Wood, I.T.; Mallick, N.P.; Wing, A.J., 1987:
Prediction of resources needed to achieve the national target for treatment of renal failure

Preisler H.D.; Epstein J.; Barcos M.; Priore R.; Raza A.; Browman G.P.; Vogler R.; Winton E.; Grunwald H.; E.A., 1984:
Prediction of response of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia to therapy with high dose cytosine arabinoside

Preisler H.D.; Priore R.; Azarnia N.; Barcos M.; Raza A.; Rakowski I.; Vogler R.; Winton E.L.; Browman G.; E.A., 1986:
Prediction of response of patients with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia to remission induction therapy use of clinical measurements

Masnyk, I.J.; Silverman, D.T.; Hankey, B.F., 1978:
Prediction of response to adrenalectomy in the treatment of advanced breast cancer

Sakurai, Y.; Takahashi, R.; Nakahara, T.; Ikenaga, H., 1980:
Prediction of response to and actual outcome of chlorpromazine treatment in schizophrenic patients

Gustavsson, A.; Olofsson, T., 1984:
Prediction of response to chemotherapy in acute leukemia by in vitro drug sensitivity testing on leukemic stem cells

Georgotas, A.; McCue, R.E.; Friedman, E.; Cooper, T., 1987:
Prediction of response to nortriptyline and phenelzine by platelet MAO activity

Rayment G.E., 1983:
Prediction of response to sulfur by established macroptilium atropurpureum cultivar siratro grass pastures in southeastern queensland australia

Reich, J.; Steward, M.S.; Tupin, J.P.; Rosenblatt, R.M., 1985:
Prediction of response to treatment in chronic pain patients

Schreiner, J., 1978:
Prediction of retarded adults' work performance through components of general ability

Kleinert, T.; Ecknig, W., 1984:
Prediction of retention data by using parameters of intermolecular interaction 1. a model for calculation of non polar and polar interaction parameters

Joe G.W.; Singh B.K.; Lehman W.; Garland J.; Sells S.B.; Seder P., 1982:
Prediction of retention in methadone maintenance in a contextual model

Funasaki N.; Hada S.; Neya S., 1986:
Prediction of retention times in reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography from the chemical structure

Tsai, W.H., 1986:
Prediction of rice leaf blast iii. meteorological variables and percentage of leaf area infected by pyricularia oryzae

Grin' N.V.; Ermachenko A.B.; Govorunova N.N.; Tepikina L.A., 1981:
Prediction of safe concentrations of some water soluble mercury compounds

Lee, K.L.; Lewis, E.R., 1977:
Prediction of schistosome cercarial shedding with a physiological - time model

Hashimoto Y.; Tokura K.; Kishi H.; Strachan W.M.J., 1984:
Prediction of sea water solubility of aromatic compounds

Canfield D.E.Jr; Hodgson L.M., 1983:
Prediction of secchi disc depths in florida usa lakes impact of algal biomass and organic color

Redman C.W.E.; Rosevear S.; Constantine G.; Fowlie A., 1987:
Prediction of secondary postpartum hemorrhage using ultrasound

Otto, J.; Argos, P.; Rossmann, M.G., 1980:
Prediction of secondary structural elements in glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec by comparison with other dehydrogenases

Dobryszycka, W.; Kubisa, W.; Kubicz, Z., 1987:
Prediction of secondary structure of human haptoglobin

Mesyanzhinov, V.V.; Peletskaya, E.N.; Zhdanov, V.M.; Efimov, A.V.; Finkelstein, A.V.; Ivanovsky, D.I., 1987:
Prediction of secondary structure, spatial organization and distribution of antigenic determinants for hepatitis A virus proteins

Gouy M.; Marliere P.; Papanicolaou C.; Ninio J., 1985:
Prediction of secondary structures in nucleic acids algorithmic and physical aspects

Kolaskar A.S.; Thanaraj T.A.; Pandit M.W., 1985:
Prediction of secondary structures of 16s and 23s ribosomal rna from escherichia coli

Smith S.J.; Williams J.R.; Menzel R.G.; Coleman G.A., 1984:
Prediction of sediment yield from southern plains usa grasslands with the modified universal soil loss equation

Mercer L.P.; Morgan P.H.; Flodin N.W.; Epps J.M., 1979 :
Prediction of serum albumin levels in rats by the 4 parameter model equation for nutritional responses

Ieiri I.; Higuchi S.; Ohtsubo K.; Yoshikawa M.; Aoyama T., 1988:
Prediction of serum carbamazepine concentration using autoinduction model with bayesian method

Harashima, H.; Sawada, Y.; Sugiyama, Y.; Iga, T.; Hanano, M., 1986:
Prediction of serum concentration time course of quinidine in human using a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model developed from the rat

Young, R.J.; Ismail, A.H., 1979:
Prediction of serum testosterone before and after an exercise program using physiological and personality variables

Blackstone, E.H.; Shimazaki, Y.; Maehara, T.; Kirklin, J.W.; Bargeron, L.M., 1988:
Prediction of severe obstruction to right ventricular outflow after repair of tetralogy of Fallot and pulmonary atresia

Corfield A.P.; Cooper M.J.; Williamson R.C.N.; Mayer A.D.; Mcmahon M.J.; Dickson A.P.; Shearer M.G.; Imrie C.W., 1985:
Prediction of severity in acute pancreatitis prospective comparison of 3 prognostic indices

Kurade S.A.; Baranowski J.D., 1987:
Prediction of shelf life of frozen minced fish in terms of oxidative rancidity as measured by tbars number

Rudolph F.B., 1987:
Prediction of shelf life of packaged water sensitive foods

Kahn P.; Firstenberg Eden R., 1987:
Prediction of shelf life of pasteurized milk and other fluid dairy products in 48 hours

Figge J.; Webster T.; Smith T.F.; Paucha E., 1988:
Prediction of similar transforming regions in sv 40 large t adenovirus e1a and myc oncoproteins

Truman R.; Humphreys F.R.; Lambert M.J., 1983:
Prediction of site index for pinus radiata at mullions range state forest new south wales australia

Shah, S.D.; Andersen, C.A., 1981:
Prediction of small bowel viability using Doppler ultrasound. Clinical and experimental evaluation

Quaranta P.; Currell R.; Redman C.W.G.; Robinson J.S., 1981:
Prediction of small for date infants by measurement of symphysial fundal height

Harestad A.S.; Bunnell F.L., 1981:
Prediction of snow water equivalents in coniferous forests

Fearnside P.M., 1980:
Prediction of soil erosion losses from uses of the terrain in the transamazon highway colonization area brazil

Epshtein, N.A.; Nizhnii, S.V., 1979:
Prediction of solubility in conditions of screening biologically active compounds 2. additive and semi empirical approaches

Cameron K.C.; Wild A., 1982:
Prediction of solute leaching under field conditions an appraisal of 3 methods

Verma S.S.; Kishore N.; Raman C.V.; Lakhera S.C.; Dass S.K., 1983:
Prediction of some ventilatory norms in healthy indian males 21 to 69 years old

Golodriga P.Ya; Kostik M.A.; Zlenko V.A., 1986:
Prediction of some yield quality components of vine cultivars and seedlings based on the callus tissue

Rothschild M.F.; Douglas L.W.; Powell R.L., 1981 :
Prediction of sons modified contemporary comparison from pedigree information

Satorre E.H.; Ghersa C.M.; Pataro A.M., 1985:
Prediction of sorghum halepense rhizome sprout emergence in relation to air temperature

Crapiste G.H.; Rotstein E., 1982:
Prediction of sorptional equilibrium data for starch containing foodstuffs

Bachmann S., 1986:
Prediction of space requirements in the supporting area by means of multiple regression equations

Swiercinsky, D.P., 1976:
Prediction of specific brain damage location and process by the neuro psychological factor approach

Dorman C.; Hurley A.D.; Laatsch L., 1984:
Prediction of spelling and reading performance in cerebral palsied adolescents using neuropsychological tests

Siegel A.; Grady C.L.; Mirsky A.F., 1982:
Prediction of spike wave bursts in absence epilepsy by electro encephalogram power spectrum signals

Schellong, G.; Waubke-Landwehr, A.K.; Langermann, H.J.; Riehm, H.J.; Braemswig, J.; Ritter, J., 1986:
Prediction of splenic involvement in children with hodgkin's disease significance of clinical and intraoperative findings a retrospective statistical analysis of 154 patients in the german therapy study dal hd 78

Cools L.; Osteaux M.; Divano L.; Jeanmart L., 1983:
Prediction of splenic volume by a simple computed tomographic measurement a statistical study

Barfield B.J.; Walton L.R.; Lacey R.E., 1981:
Prediction of sprinkler rates for nighttime radiation frost protection

Inaba K.; Mizutani J., 1986:
Prediction of stability for prostaglandin e 1 alpha cyclodextrin complex

Garrett, E.R.; Barbhaiya, R., 1981:
Prediction of stability in pharmaceutical preparations 18. application of high pressure liquid chromatographic assays to study of nafronyl stability and bio analysis

Garrett, E.R.; Gardner, M.R., 1982:
Prediction of stability in pharmaceutical preparations 19. stability evaluation and bio analysis of clofibric acid esters by high pressure liquid chromatography

Garrett, E.R.; Seyda, K., 1983:
Prediction of stability in pharmaceutical preparations 20. stability evaluation and bio analysis of cocaine and benzoyl ecgonine by high performance liquid chromatography

Hu, Y.Z.; Zhang, Y.H.; Li, F.W.; Jiang, S.H.; Hou, X.Q., 1987:
Prediction of stability of flucytosine injections

May C.A.; Garnett W.R., 1983:
Prediction of steady state concentrations of valproic acid as determined from single plasma concentrations after the 1st dose

Brunswick D.J.; Amsterdam J.D.; Mendels J.; Stern S.L., 1979:
Prediction of steady state imipramine and demethyl imipramine plasma concentrations from single dose data

Fant W.K.; Ritschel W.A.; Alwis S.K.; Roe S.; Ehret J., 1984:
Prediction of steady state nortriptyline plasma levels by the repeated 1 point method

Cooper T.B.; Bark N.; Simpson G.M., 1981:
Prediction of steady state plasma and saliva levels of demethyl imipramine using a single dose single time point procedure

Brunswick D.J.; Amsterdam J.; Schless A.; Rothbart M.; Sandler K.; Mendels J., 1980:
Prediction of steady state plasma levels of amitriptyline and nortriptyline from a single dose 24 hour level in depressed patients

Alexanderson, B., 1973:
Prediction of steady state plasma levels of nortriptyline from single oral dose kinetics a study in twins

Smettem K.R.J.; Collis George N., 1985:
Prediction of steady state ponded infiltration distributions in a soil with vertical macropores

Forgey W.M.; Blanco M.H.; Darrah L.L.; Zuber M.S., 1982:
Prediction of stewarts wilt disease in single and 3 way crosses in maize zea mays

Matsumoto, M.; Hatakeyama, T.; Akai, F.; Brengman, J.M.; Yanagihara, T., 1988:
Prediction of stroke before and after unilateral occlusion of the common carotid artery in gerbils

Novack, T.A.; Haban, G.; Graham, K.; Satterfield, W.T., 1987:
Prediction of stroke rehabilitation outcome from psychologic screening

Pandit M.W., 1985:
Prediction of strong antigenic determinant of seminal plasmin and rnase from the amino acid sequence

Hanson W.C.; Thomas J.M., 1982:
Prediction of strontium 90 body burdens and radiation dose in anaktuvuk pass alaska usa eskimos due to fallout

Maceina M.J.; Shireman J.V.; Langeland K.A.; Canfield D.E.Jr, 1984:
Prediction of submersed plant biomass by use of a recording fathometer

Meir, E.I.; Keinan, G., 1980 :
Prediction of success in a stressful career by personality attributes

Shiga M., 1986:
Prediction of successful eradication of the oriental fruit fly dacus dorsalis hendel diptera tephritidae using spatial distribution indices

Montgomery, A.B.; Holle, R.H.; Neagley, S.R.; Pierson, D.J.; Schoene, R.B., 1987:
Prediction of successful ventilator weaning using airway occlusion pressure and hypercapnic challenge

Bolocofsky, D.N.; Coulthard-Morrris, L.; Spinler, D., 1984:
Prediction of successful weight management from personality and demographic data

Waspe L.E.; Seinfeld D.; Ferrick A.; Kim S.G.; Matos J.A.; Fisher J.D., 1985:
Prediction of sudden death and spontaneous ventricular tachycardia in survivors of complicated myocardial infarction value of the response to programmed stimulation using a maximum of ventricular extrastimuli

Borg, S.E.; Ståhl, M., 1982:
Prediction of suicide. A prospective study of suicides and controls among psychiatric patients

Ward P.B.; Carson M.; Dodd J.S.; Pavillard E.R., 1984:
Prediction of sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim synergistic action against members of the family enterobacteriaceae with a 2 plate agar dilution breakpoint minimum inhibitory concentration system

Prantera, C.; Levenstein, S.; Capocaccia, R.; Mariotti, S.; Luzi, C.; Cosintino, R.; Simi, M., 1987:
Prediction of surgery for obstruction in Crohn's ileitis. A study of 64 patients

McLaren, S.M.; Barry, F.; Gamsu, C.V.; McPherson, F.M., 1986:
Prediction of survival by three psychological measures

Clemmesen L.; Hansen M.M.; Mortensen L.; Thiede T.; Videbaek A., 1984 :
Prediction of survival in adults with acquired bi cytopenia or pan cytopenia

Check, I.J.; Hunter, R.L.; Rosenberg, K.D.; Herbst, A.L., 1980:
Prediction of survival in gynecological cancer based on immunological tests

Ions, G.K.; Stevens, J., 1987:
Prediction of survival in patients with femoral neck fractures

Hardaway, R.M., 1981:
Prediction of survival or death of patients in a state of severe shock

Wright, G.L.; Knecht, E.; Lempert, B., 1977:
Prediction of survival time of rats in hot environments

Mefferd, R.B., 1984:
Prediction of susceptibility to substance dependency

Waters L.Jr; Blanchette B.L., 1983:
Prediction of sweet corn zea mays field emergence by conductivity and cold tests

Visser M., 1981:
Prediction of switching and counter switching based on optimal foraging

Furer J.; Hochreiter C.; Niles N.W.; Devereux R.B.; Kligfield P.; Pazer D.; Sato N.; Borer J.S., 1987:
Prediction of symptom status following mitral valve replacement for mitral regurgitation by preoperative echocardiographic measurement of the end systolic stress to end systolic volume ratio

Russell W.K.; Stuber C.W., 1984:
Prediction of tassel initiation in corn zea mays

Lin G.H.Y., 1987 :
Prediction of teratogenic potential and a proposed scheme for teratogenicity screening if industrial research and development materials

Chik, L.; Sokol, R.J.; Rosen, M.G., 1976:
Prediction of the 1 minute apgar score from fetal heart rate data

Pincus M.R.; Klausner R.D., 1982:
Prediction of the 3 dimensional structure of the leader sequence of pre kappa light chain a hexadeca peptide

Pincus M.R.; Van Renswoude J.; Harford J.B.; Chang E.H.; Carty R.P.; Klausner R.D., 1983:
Prediction of the 3 dimensional structure of the transforming region of the ej t 24 human bladder onco gene product and its normal cellular homologue

Pincus M.R.; Scheraga H.A., 1981:
Prediction of the 3 dimensional structures of complexes of lysozyme with cell wall substrates

Jones, R.J.; Colvin, O.M.; Sensenbrenner, L.L., 1988:
Prediction of the ability to purge tumor from murine bone marrow using clonogenic assays

Joubert G.D., 1985:
Prediction of the adaptation of wheat cultivars based on daylength and vernalization reaction

Rajasekaran, S.; Shanmugasundaram, T.K., 1987:
Prediction of the angle of gibbus deformity in tuberculosis of the spine

Shurygin D.Ya; Shishmarev Y.N.; Grachev A.M., 1982:
Prediction of the area of myo cardial infarction based on myo globin data in the blood serum

Bykova E.P., 1984:
Prediction of the beet webworm loxostege sticticalis lepidoptera pyralidae abundance based on the estimation of the ecological conditions of formation of its hibernating pool

Zielenkiewicz, P.; Rabczenko, A., 1987:
Prediction of the beta Bp crystallin dimer structure by the complementary surfaces (CS) method

Whiting M.J.; Watts J.M., 1980:
Prediction of the bile acid composition of bile from serum bile acid analysis during gall stone dissolution therapy

Senra A.; Herrero J.I.; Millan J., 1987:
Prediction of the cancer mortality in spain

Tyuma I.; Ueda Y.; Imaizumi K.; Kosaka H., 1981:
Prediction of the carboxy hemo globin levels during and after carbon mon oxide exposures in various animal species

Khramov V.V.; Shchustrov N.I.; Bobkov A.S., 1982:
Prediction of the concentration limits of inflammation of vapors of halogen derivatives of hydro carbons with air

Gerding, D.N.; Peterson, L.R.; Salomonson, J.K.; Hall, W.H.; Schierl, E.A., 1978:
Prediction of the concentration of penicillins in ascitic fluid from serum kinetics and protein binding of the antibiotics in serum and ascitic fluid of dogs

Loucheux-Lefebvre, M.H.; Aubert, J.P.; Jolles, P., 1978:
Prediction of the conformation of cow and sheep kappa caseins

Labutina T.M.; Denisova A.I., 1980:
Prediction of the content of organic and biogenic substances in the water of the vilyuisk reservoir russian sfsr ussr and the degree of its confirmation

Foldspang A.; Hoffmeyer J.; Svendsen I.L., 1981:
Prediction of the course of rehabilitation social and medical predictors for case closure status in a rehabilitation clinic

Cabello A.; Conde J.; Otero M.A., 1981:
Prediction of the degradability of sugarcane cellulosic residues by indirect methods

Rodionov M.A.; Galaktionov S.G.; Akhrem A.A., 1987:
Prediction of the degree of exposure of amino acid residues in globular proteins in relation to some problems of protein engineering

Velichkovskaya T.B.; Zykova V.A.; Orlova T.N., 1981:
Prediction of the degree of fibrogenicity of silicon containing dust in relation to the surface properties of particles

Nava Camberos U.; Vera Graziano J.; Bravo Mojica H., 1987:
Prediction of the development of epilachna varivestis mulsant coleoptera coccinellidae using degree days and the phenological relationship between the pest and the bean crop

Mosjidis J.A.; Waines J.G.; Walko R., 1986:
Prediction of the developmental stage of the embryo in chickpea cicer arietinum cultivar hermosillo

Korva J.; Tuori M., 1986:
Prediction of the digestibility of silage and hay from the crude fiber and crude protein content

McMillan, J.A.; Tristram, D.A.; Weiner, L.B.; Higgins, A.P.; Sandstrom, C.; Brandon, R., 1988:
Prediction of the duration of hospitalization in patients with respiratory syncytial virus infection: use of clinical parameters

Kondo, T.; Ichihashi, H.; Imaizumi, M., 1976:
Prediction of the effect of carcinostatic agents on tumor bearing host by the sensitivity test using acid phosphatase activity in vitro

Vasil'ev V.N.; Chugunov V.S.; Eremeev M.S.; Derbeneva L.M., 1985:
Prediction of the effect of diet therapy by studying the activity of the sympathoadrenal system in patients with neurosis

Prieto J G.; Barrio J P.; Gomez G.; Melcon B., 1988:
Prediction of the effect of ofloxacin on intestinal absorption effect of the body weight and substrate concentration

Jonason, T.; Ringqvist, I., 1987:
Prediction of the effect of training on the walking tolerance in patients with intermittent claudication

Washburn, L.C.; Rafter, J.J.; Hayes, R.L.; Yuhas, J.M., 1976:
Prediction of the effective radio protective dose of s 2 3 aminopropylaminoethyl phosphorothioic acid wr 2721 in humans through an interspecies tissue distribution study

Zolotaya R.D.; Zaslavskaya R.M.; Trubnikov V.I.; Lil'in E.T., 1985:
Prediction of the efficacy of hypotensive therapy

Sledzevskaya I.K.; Il'yash M.G., 1986:
Prediction of the efficacy of nitrosorbide action with respect to exercise tolerance

Crovetto G.M.; Van Der Honing Y., 1984:
Prediction of the energy content of milk from friesian and jersey cows with normal and high fat concentration

Webster, A.J.F.; Smith, J.S.; Crabtree, R.M.; Mollison, G.S., 1976:
Prediction of the energy requirements for growth in beef cattle part 2 hereford x british friesian steers given dried grass or barley

Webster, A.J.F.; Smith, J.S.; Mollison, G.S., 1977:
Prediction of the energy requirements for growth in beef cattle part 3 body weight and heat production in hereford x british friesian bulls and steers

Eeckhout W.; Moermans R., 1981:
Prediction of the energy value of commercial pig feeds according to the various energy systems used in the european community that are based on simple analytical parameters of the feed

Sekine, J.; Kondo, S.; Okubo, M.; Asahida, Y., 1985:
Prediction of the energy value of cow's milk from the concentration of its components

Belot Y.; Gauthier D.; Camus H.; Caput C., 1979:
Prediction of the flux of tritium labeled water from air to plant leaves

Woo S.; Chung K C., 1987:
Prediction of the forced vital capacity and one second forced expiratory volume of the healthy primary school children in seoul south korea

Peterson R.C., 1988:
Prediction of the frequencies of restriction endonuclease recognition sequences using dinucleotide and mononucleotide frequencies

Shiraishi M.; Arimoto H., 1982:
Prediction of the future incidence of cancer in japan

Peske S.T.; Amaral A.D.S., 1986:
Prediction of the germination of soybean glycine max cultivar bragg seeds by measurement of the ph of seed exudates

Rcheulishvili M.D.; Makharadze T.V.; Gogoli G.I.; Aladashvili D.V., 1979:
Prediction of the growth intensity of cattle by genetic polymorphism of blood proteins

Vogeli, P.; Kuhne, R.; Gerwig, C.; Kaufmann, A.; Wysshaar, M.; Stranzinger, G., 1988:
Prediction of the halothane genotypes with the aid of the s phi hal h po2 pgd haplotypes of parents and offspring in swiss landrace pigs

Frey B.M.; Frey F.J.; Zimmermann A.; Arquint N.; Flury B.; Wegmueller E.; Hodler J., 1980:
Prediction of the histological type of glomerulo nephritis multiple discriminant analysis of clinical laboratory characteristics at time of diagnosis

Ivanov G.G.; Dovzhenko Y.M.; Larionova L.A., 1984:
Prediction of the immediate outcomes in patients of intensive care units

Lawther A.; Griffin M.J., 1987:
Prediction of the incidence of motion sickness from magnitude frequency and duration of vertical oscillation

Hanks R.J.; Puckridge D.W., 1980:
Prediction of the influence of water sowing date and planting density on dry matter production of wheat

Grilly, D.M., 1978:
Prediction of the informational and motivational properties of right wrong knowledge of results with the skin resistance response

Rybakowski, J.; Frazer, A.; Mendels, J.; Ramsey, T.A., 1977:
Prediction of the lithium ratio in man by means of an in vitro test

Tandon P.L.; Lal B.; Rao G.S.P., 1983:
Prediction of the mango hopper idioscopus clypealis population in relation to physical environmental factors

Legg, S.J.; Dziados, J.; Mello, R.; Vogel, J.; Doherty, T., 1988:
Prediction of the metabolic cost of exercise from measurements during recovery

Vazquez Valls E.; Gomez Estrada H.; Blancarte Arias R.; Perez Medina R., 1982:
Prediction of the new born respiratory distress syndrome by means of the hydrogen per oxide hemolysis test

Feldschuh, J.; Enson, Y., 1977:
Prediction of the normal blood volume. Relation of blood volume to body habitus

Seoane J.R.; Cote M.; Gervais P.; Laforest J.P., 1981:
Prediction of the nutritive value of alfalfa cultivar saranac brome grass cultivar saratoga and timothy cultivar champ climax bounty fed as hay to growing sheep

Bengtsson S.; Larsson K., 1984:
Prediction of the nutritive value of forages by near ir reflectance photometry

Obbard M.E.; Brooks R.J., 1987:
Prediction of the onset of the annual nesting season of the common snapping turtle chelydra serpentina

Damle A.S.; Ensor D.S.; Sparks L.E., 1984:
Prediction of the opacity of detached plumes formed by condensation of vapors

Eder, J.P.; Bast, R.C.; Peters, W.P.; Henner, D.; Sanchez, E.; Schryber, S.; Frei, E.; Schnipper, L.E., 1986:
Prediction of the optimal timing of bone marrow reinfusion after high dose chemotherapy

Quinlan A., 1984:
Prediction of the optimum ph for ammonia nitrogen oxidation by nitrosomonas europaea in well aerated natural and domestic waste waters

Urbaniak S.J.; Greiss M.A.; Crawfoard R.J.; Fergusson M.J.C., 1984:
Prediction of the outcome of rhesus hemolytic disease of the new born additional information using an antibody dependent cell cyto toxicity assay

Wilson, R.F.; Marcus, M.L.; White, C.W., 1987:
Prediction of the physiologic significance of coronary arterial lesions by quantitative lesion geometry in patients with limited coronary artery disease

Fletcher R.; Jonson B., 1981:
Prediction of the physiological dead space tidal volume ratio during anesthesia intermittent positive pressure ventilation from simple pre operative tests

Sawada, Y.; Harashima, H.; Hanano, M.; Sugiyama, Y.; Iga, T., 1985:
Prediction of the plasma concentration time courses of various drugs in humans based on data from rats

Medd, R.W.; Smith, R.C.G., 1978:
Prediction of the potential distribution of carduus nutans ssp nutans nodding thistle in australia

Choi, H.R.; Kim, S.J., 1980:
Prediction of the prognosis of ovarian cancer by measurement of serum human chorionic gonadotropin beta subunit and alpha feto protein

Tabak, M.A.; Christenson, P.C.; Fine, R.N., 1986:
Prediction of the progression of chronic renal failure in children: are current models accurate?

Claris-Appiani, A.; Galato, R.; Marra, G.; Assael, B.M.; Seveso, M., 1986:
Prediction of the progression of renal failure in adult and in pediatric patients with malignant focal glomerulosclerosis

Sullivan, P.G., 1983:
Prediction of the pubertal growth spurt by measurement of standing height

Edwards, R.W.H., 1978:
Prediction of the relative molar flame ionization response for steroids/

Derkach Yu; Myasnenko A.M., 1982:
Prediction of the requirements state of the production and development of diagnostic agents for virological research

Zharinov G.M., 1986:
Prediction of the response of malignant cervical tumors to irradiation

Eggermont J.J.; Aertsen A.M.H.J.; Johannesma P.I.M., 1983:
Prediction of the responses of auditory neurons in the mid brain of the grass frog rana temporaria based on the spectro temporal receptive field

Jones H.R.; Maling I.R.; Curnow B.C., 1984:
Prediction of the responsiveness to phosphorus of annual non irrigated pasture in northern victoria australia

Wiggs, J.; Nordenskjöld, M.; Yandell, D.; Rapaport, J.; Grondin, V.; Janson, M.; Werelius, B.; Petersen, R.; Craft, A.; Riedel, K., 1988:
Prediction of the risk of hereditary retinoblastoma, using DNA polymorphisms within the retinoblastoma gene

Yoshida, T.; Hara, N.; Furukawa, T.; Inokuchi, K., 1982:
Prediction of the risk of pulmonary complication after surgery

Okamoto, E.; Kyo, A.; Yamanaka, N.; Tanaka, N.; Kuwata, K., 1984:
Prediction of the safe limits of hepatectomy by combined volumetric and functional measurements in patients with impaired hepatic function

Sternberg M.J.E.; Cohen F.E., 1982:
Prediction of the secondary and tertiary structures of interferon from 4 homologous amino acid sequences

Ventura M.M., 1985:
Prediction of the secondary structure of bowman birk soybean protease inhibitor from its sequence

Barkowsky, E.V., 1982:
Prediction of the secondary structure of globular proteins by their amino acid sequence

Lawler J.W., 1981:
Prediction of the secondary structure of platelet factor 4 and beta thrombo globulin from their amino acid sequences

Whyte J.; Graham H., 1981:
Prediction of the severity of abo hemolytic disease of the new born by cord blood tests

Herlitz, J.; Hjalmarson, A., 1985 :
Prediction of the severity of acute myocardial infarction

Lima C.O.; Sahn D.J.; Valdes Cruz L.M.; Allen H.D.; Goldberg S.J.; Grenadier E.; Barron J.V., 1983:
Prediction of the severity of left ventricular outflow tract obstruction by quantitative 2 dimensional echo cardiographic doppler studies

Preti G.; Pera P.; Bassi F., 1986:
Prediction of the shape and size of maxillary anterior arch in edentulous patients

Stewart P.J.; Owen W.R., 1980:
Prediction of the stability of chlorambucil in pharmaceutical solutions

Thönell, S.; Mortensson, W.; Thomasson, B., 1988:
Prediction of the stability of minimally displaced fractures of the lateral humeral condyle

Broitman, A.Y. ; Obolduev, A.T., 1975:
Prediction of the start of the safe use of polymeric building materials by the hygienic standardization method

Borob'eva, L.A.; Novykh, L.L.; Rudakova, T.A., 1982:
Prediction of the state of chemical elements in natural waters according to a solubility diagram 2. effect of phosphate ions on iron concentration

Alekseev A.S.; Lairand N.I.; Popovichev B.G.; Yatsenko Khmelevskii A.A., 1986:
Prediction of the status of forest stands exposed to the toxic action of atmospheric pollutants

Barkovskii E.V., 1985:
Prediction of the structural class of globular proteins by their amino acid sequence

Hasch, E.; Lange, A.P.; Sørensen, T., 1979:
Prediction of the time of delivery by means of ultrasonic scanning between the 20th and 30th weeks of pregnancy

Limb J.O., 1981:
Prediction of the visibility of asynchronous gratings by a single channel model

Smith J.H.; Bomberger D.C.Jr; Haynes D.L., 1980:
Prediction of the volatilization rates of high volatility chemicals from natural water bodies

Ritschel, W.A.; Hammer, G.V., 1980:
Prediction of the volume of distribution from in vitro data and use for estimating the absolute extent of absorption

Wikoff R.L.; Parolini R.J., 1982:
Prediction of the wechsler intelligence scale for children revised full scale iq from the short form test of academic attitude

Haumschild, M.J.; Murphy, J.E., 1985:
Prediction of theophylline clearance using condition correction factors

Robinson, J.D.; Boysen, P.G.; Lupkiewicz, S.M.; Krischer, J.P.; Ariet, M., 1982:
Prediction of theophylline dosage regimens from limited serum sampling

Rosenberg, J.G.; Binder, R.L.; Berlant, J., 1987:
Prediction of therapeutic lithium dose: comparison and improvement of current methods

Raich, P.C., 1978:
Prediction of therapeutic response in acute leukemia

Möller, H.J.; Fischer, G.; von Zerssen, D., 1987:
Prediction of therapeutic response in acute treatment with antidepressants. Results of an empirical study involving 159 endogenous depressive inpatients

Inchiosa, M.A.; Schmahai, T.J.; Phang, W.; Inchiosa, M.E.; Bizzarri, D.V., 1985:
Prediction of thiopental induction dose based on caffeine volume of distribution

Ptitsyn O.B.; Finkel'shtein A.V.; Murzin A.G., 1986:
Prediction of three dimensional structure for alpha and beta interferons

Succar J.; Kayakawa K I., 1982:
Prediction of time correction factor for come up heating of packaged liquid food

Pande A.H.; Deshpande J.N., 1984:
Prediction of timed vital capacity from height and weight in children in the age group of 5 12 years

Schloerb, P.R.; Sieracki, L.; Bambenek, N.R.; Simone, J.N.; Welling, D.J., 1979:
Prediction of total body water from the early arterial disappearance curve of isotopic water

Khoda V.K.; Trivedi K.R., 1987:
Prediction of total lactation yield from part lactation yield in jersey cows

Saigaonkar P.B.; Deshmukh S.N.; Thatte V.R.; Desai R.T., 1981:
Prediction of total lactational milk yield in sahiwal cattle

Misra R.K.; Rawat P.S., 1985:
Prediction of total milk yield in goats on part lactation records

Egorova N.A., 1980:
Prediction of toxicity parameters of different groups of chemical compounds based on the structure activity dependence

Taylor, M.A.; Abrams, R., 1981:
Prediction of treatment response in mania

Large R.G., 1985:
Prediction of treatment response in pain patients the illness self concept repertory grid and electromyographic feedback

Reid, J.G.; Costigan, P.A.; Comrie, W., 1987:
Prediction of trunk muscle areas and moment arms by use of anthropometric measures

Fossa S.D.; Reitan J.B.; Ous S.; Odegaard A.; Loeb M., 1985:
Prediction of tumor progression in superficial bladder carcinoma

Snady, H.; Feinman, L., 1988:
Prediction of variceal hemorrhage: a prospective study

Veneskoski, T.; Sovijärvi, A.R., 1986:
Prediction of ventilatory function after subtotal lung resection using preoperative dynamic spirometry and radiospirometry

McBroom, R.J.; Hayes, W.C.; Edwards, W.T.; Goldberg, R.P.; White, A.A., 1985:
Prediction of vertebral body compressive fracture using quantitative computed tomography

Gescheider G.A.; Verrillo R.T.; Van Doren C.L., 1982:
Prediction of vibro tactile masking functions

Gallais, A., 1975:
Prediction of vigor and choice of parents for a synthetic variety

Lindner D.; Basker D.; Abuful S.; Abdulhadi F., 1988:
Prediction of visual surface quality of industrially peeled tomatoes based on their internal appearance when fresh

Wolfe, V.I.; Steinfatt, T.M., 1987:
Prediction of vocal severity within and across voice types

Osokina T.F.; Razgovorov B.L.; Davydov B.I., 1983 :
Prediction of vomiting in irradiated dogs with a shielded mid section of the abdomen/

Chirife J.; Ferro Fontan C., 1980:
Prediction of water activity of aqueous solutions in connection with intermediate moisture foods experimental investigation of the water activity lowering behavior of sodium lactate and some related compounds

Sharpley A.N., 1982:
Prediction of water extractable phosphorus content of soil following a phosphorus addition

Kuczera G., 1987:
Prediction of water yield reductions following a bushfire in ash mixed species eucalypt forest

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