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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6166

Chapter 6166 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lacy M.L.; Pontius G.A., 1983: Prediction of weather mediated release of conidia of botrytis squamosa from onion allium cepa leaves in the field

Peteroy E.T., 1980: Prediction of wechsler adult intelligence scale scores from quick test scores for white and black patients at a mental health center

Severinghaus C.W.; Moen A.N., 1983: Prediction of weight and reproductive rates of a white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus population from records of antler beam diameter among yearling males

Brzuski P.; Szarek J.; Bulek I., 1986: Prediction of weight losses connected with transport of calves

Porter M.A.; Paulsen G.M.; Feyerherm A.M.; Milliken G.M., 1982: Prediction of wheat triticum aestivum grain protein content from climatic and edaphic variables

Martin R.J.; Cullis B.P.; Mcnamara D.W., 1987: Prediction of wheat yield loss due to competition by wild oats avena spp

Ward L.C.; Ward J.W.; Moore C.W., 1983: Prediction of wiggins content scale scores from 168 item and 399 item abbreviations of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory

Engstrom Heg R., 1986: Prediction of wild brown trout salmo trutta catch rates from estimated yearling population density and fishing intensity

Easton D.M.; Schneiderman M.H., 1987: Prediction of x ray induced mitotic delay and recovery of g 2 cells

Ochsner A.B.; Belloto R.J.Jr; Sokoloski T.D., 1985: Prediction of xanthine solubilities using statistical techniques

Tormosova I.D., 1980: Prediction of year class strength in the north sea haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus from spawning effectiveness

Hansen H.; Buch E., 1986: Prediction of year class strength of atlantic cod gadus morhua off west greenland

Aziz D.A.; Al Rawi A.A.; Kazzal N.T., 1981: Prediction of yearling weight and dimensions from weaning performance in awassi sheep

Rayment G.E.; Bruce R.C.; Cook B.G., 1980: Prediction of yield responses to phosphorus by established greenleaf desmodium grass pastures in southeast queensland australia using chemical tests

Sharma K.N.; Deb D.L., 1986: Prediction of zinc 65 diffusion through chloride 36 diffusion in soils of varying water content

Malasit P.; Warrell D.A.; Chanthavanich P.; Viravan C.; Mongkolsapaya J.; Singhthong B.; Supich C., 1986: Prediction prevention and mechanism of early anaphylactic antivenom reactions in victims of snake bites

Young M.J.; Mcmahon L.F.Jr; Stross J.K., 1987: Prediction rules for patients with suspected myocardial infarction applying guidelines in community hospitals

Hara F.; Kaneto S.; Imayoshi E.; Hara K.; Yamamoto S.; Watanabe T.; Kurita A.; Shimizu N.; Teramoto S., 1986: Prediction study of risk factors of the postoperative complications following pulmonary resection multivariate statistical analysis

Ginzburg E.Kh; Fedotov A.M., 1986: Prediction test in mendelian analysis of quantitative characters

Alpher, V. S.; Turkat, I. D., 1986: Prediction vs. reflection in therapist demonstrations of understanding a replication with clinical cases

Bawa, P.; Mannard, A.; Stein, R. B., 1976: Predictions and experimental tests of a visco elastic muscle model using elastic and inertial loads

Slinn S.A.; Slinn W.G.N., 1980: Predictions for particle deposition on natural waters

Morton E.S., 1986: Predictions from the ranging hypothesis for the evolution of long distance signals in birds

Stoever B., 1986: Predictions of adult height methodologies and limitations

Milligan A.J.; Conran P.B.; Ropar M.A.; Mcculloch H.A.; Ahuja R.K.; Dobelbower R.R.Jr, 1983: Predictions of blood flow from thermal clearance during regional hyper thermia

Ho, S. V.; Shuler, M. L., 1977: Predictions of cellular growth patterns by a feedback model

Macphee, A. W., 1976: Predictions of destructive levels of the apple stinging bugs atractotomus mali and campylomma verbasci hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Brandstrom A., 1982: Predictions of distribution constants

Chiou C.T.; Kohnert R.L.; Freed V.H.; Tonkyn R.G., 1983: Predictions of evaporative loss rates of solutes in stagnant and turbulent waters in relation to rates of reference materials

Gross K.L., 1981: Predictions of fate from rosette size in 4 biennial plant species verbascum thapsus oenothera biennis daucus carota and tragopogon dubius

Werner, P. A., 1975: Predictions of fate from rosette size in teasel dipsacus fullonum

Quero E.; Nobel P.S., 1987: Predictions of field productivity for agave lecheguilla

Robbins C.S., 1980: Predictions of future nearctic land bird vagrants to europe

Stead A.H.; Gill R.; Evans A.T.; Moffat A.C., 1982: Predictions of gas chromatographic retention characteristics of barbiturates from molecular structure

Scott B.C., 1982: Predictions of in cloud conversion rates of sulfur di oxide to sulfate based upon a simple chemical and kinematic storm model

Adams T.N., 1980: Predictions of intrinsic ash emissions from wood waste boilers

Olney S.J.; Winter D.A., 1985: Predictions of knee and ankle moments of force in walking from electromyographic and kinematic data

Johns, G. G.; Greenup, L. R., 1976: Predictions of likely theft by ants of over sown seed for the northern tablelands of new south wales

Leahey D.M.; Schroeder M.B., 1986: Predictions of maximum ground level hydrogen sulfide concentrations resulting from two sour gas well blowouts

Wright, A. J., 1977: Predictions of nonlinear responses to selection for forage yield under competition

Fallahi E.; Righetti T.L.; Richardson D.G., 1985: Predictions of quality by preharvest fruit and leaf mineral analyses in cultivar starkspur golden delicious apple malus domestica

Hill W.G., 1982: Predictions of response to artificial selection from new mutations

Myers R.A.; Runge J.A., 1983: Predictions of seasonal natural mortality rates in a copepod population using life history theory

Young D.R.; Nobel P.S., 1986: Predictions of soil water potentials in the northwestern sonoran desert california usa

Robson B.; Platt E.; Finn P.W.; Millard P.; Gibrat J F.; Garnier J., 1985: Predictions of the conformation and antigenic determinants of the v sis viral oncogene product homologous with human platelet derived growth factor

Mckay, R. M.; Rahnefeld, G. W., 1984: Predictions of the effectiveness of intrapopulation selection vs. selection for specific combining ability in swine

Villanueva G.B., 1984: Predictions of the secondary structure of anti thrombin iii and the location of the heparin binding site

Holliday R.; Kirkwood T.B.L., 1981: Predictions of the somatic mutation and mortalization theories of cellular aging are contrary to experimental observations

Smith L.M.; Kadlec J.A., 1985: Predictions of vegetation change following fire in a great salt lake utah usa marsh

Hauer Jensen M.; Karesen R.; Nygaard K.; Solheim K.; Amlie E.; Havig O.; Viddal K.O., 1985: Predictive ability of choledocholithiasis indicators a prospective evaluation

Crist W.M.; Kelly D.R.; Ragab A.H.; Roper M.; Dearth J.C.; Castleberry R.P.; Flint A., 1981: Predictive ability of lukes collins classification for immunologic phenotypes of childhood non hodgkins lymphoma an institutional series and literature review

Parodi S.; Taningher M.; Balbi C.; Santi L., 1982: Predictive ability of the auto radiographic repair assay in rat liver cells compared with the ames test

Collins L.; Pearce J.M., 1985: Predictive accuracy and the effects of partial reinforcement on serial autoshaping

Langou R.A.; Huang E.K.; Kelley M.J.; Cohen L.S., 1980: Predictive accuracy of coronary artery calcification and abnormal exercise test for coronary artery disease in asymptomatic men

Kindwall K.E.; Brown J.P.; Josephson M.E., 1986: Predictive accuracy of criteria for chronic myocardial infarction in pacing induced left bundle branch block

Woodall W.G.; Hill S.E.K., 1982: Predictive and perceived empathy as predictors of leadership style

Zobel R.W., 1988: Predictive and postdictive success of statistical analyses of yield trials

Maurer T.; Weirich E.G.; Hess R., 1980: Predictive animal testing for photo contact allergenicity

Pal, R.; Poonia, S. R., 1978: Predictive approaches for cation exchange equilibria in soils

Streffer C.; Van Beuningen D.; Gross E.; Schabronath J.; Eigler F W.; Rebmann A., 1986: Predictive assays for the therapy of rectum carcinoma

Knock, F. E.; Galt, R. M.; Oester, Y. T.; Sylvester, R., 1978: Predictive assays on individual human cancers to select active drug treatment

Wellhoner H.H., 1985: Predictive calculation of the efficiency of hemodialysis or hemoperfusion for the removal of drugs from the body

Rast W.; Jones R.A.; Lee G.F., 1983: Predictive capability of usa organization for economic cooperation and development phosphorus loading eutrophication response models

Santamore W.P.; Constantinescu M.; Shaffer T., 1988: Predictive changes in ventricular interdependence

Woods, K. L.; Cove, D. H.; Howell, A., 1977: Predictive classification of human breast carcinomas based on lact albumin synthesis

Fuster F.; Pique J.M.; Teres J.; Bordas J.M.; Perez R.M.; Rodes J., 1987: Predictive clinical factors of visible vessel in bleeding peptic ulcer

Braun S.R.; Dixon R.M.; Keim N.L.; Luby M.; Anderegg A.; Shrago E.S., 1984: Predictive clinical value of nutritional assessment factors in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Srinivasan M.V.; Laughlin S.B.; Dubs A., 1982: Predictive coding a fresh view of inhibition in the retina

Muarer T.; Weirich E.G.; Hess R., 1984: Predictive contact allergenicity influence of the animal strain used

Smolen, V. F.; Erb, R. J., 1977: Predictive conversion of in vitro drug dissolution data into in vivo drug response vs time profiles exemplified for plasma levels of warfarin

Roffe M.W., 1981: Predictive correlates of treatment program completion in a sample of male alcoholics

Khan Z.; Hertanu J.; Yang W.C.; Melman A.; Leiter E., 1981: Predictive correlation of urodynamic dys function and brain injury after cerebro vascular accident

Schultz T.W.; Riggin G.W., 1985: Predictive correlations for the toxicity of alkyl and halogen substituted phenols

Light J.K.; Beric A.; Wise P.G., 1987: Predictive criteria for failed sphincterotomy in spinal cord injury patients

Cheraskin E.; Ringsdorf W.M.Jr, 1982: Predictive dentistry a study in carbohydrate metabolism

Bancroft, G. A.; Dunsmore, I. R., 1976: Predictive distributions in life tests under competing causes of failure

Menges E.S.; Kuntz J.E., 1985: Predictive equations for local spread of oak wilt in southern wisconsin usa

Navratil R.J.; Burris J.S., 1980: Predictive equations for maize zea mays inbred emergence

Welch, S. M.; Croft, B. A.; Brunner, J. F.; Michels, M. F., 1978: Predictive extension timing estimator an extension phenology modeling system for management of multi species pest complex

Brown B.; Haegerstrom Portnoy G.; Adams A.J.; Yingling C.D.; Galin D.; Herron J.; Marcus M., 1983: Predictive eye movements do not discriminate between dyslexic and control children

Bronstein A.M.; Kennard C., 1987: Predictive eye saccades are different from visually triggered saccades

Higgins, C. B.; Roeske, W. R.; Karliner, J. S.; O'rourke, R.; Berk, R. N., 1976: Predictive factors and mechanism of arrhythmias and myo cardial ischemic changes in elderly patients during barium enema

Bross, D. S.; Tutschka, P. J.; Farmer, E. R.; Beschorner, W. E.; Braine, H. G.; Mellits, E. D.; Bias, W. B.; Santos, G. W., 1984: Predictive factors for acute graft vs. host disease in patients transplanted with hla identical bone marrow

Van Barneveld P.W.C.; Van Der Mark T.W.; Sleijfer D.T.; Mulder N.H.; Koops H.S.; Sluiter H.J.; Peset R., 1984: Predictive factors for bleomycin induced pneumonitis

Oates R.K.; Davis A.A.; Ryan M.G., 1980: Predictive factors for child abuse

Hunter R.F.; Roth P.A.; Huang A.T., 1985: Predictive factors for response to anti thymocyte globulin in acquired aplastic anemia

Tilanus H.W.; Obertop H.; Van Urk H.; Terpstra O.T.; Van Seyen A.J., 1988: Predictive factors for thrombosis of ptfe femoropopliteal bypass grafts and the management of this complication

Wolf G.T.; Makuch R.W.; Baker S.R., 1984: Predictive factors for tumor response to preoperative chemotherapy in patients with head and neck squamous carcinoma the head and neck contracts program

Storb, R.; Prentice, R. L.; Sullivan, K.; Shulman, H. M.; Deeg, H. J.; Doney, K. C.; Buckner, C. D.; Clift, R. A.; Witherspoon, R. P.; Et-Al, 1983: Predictive factors in chronic graft vs. host disease in patients with aplastic anemia treated by marrow transplantation from hla identical siblings

Paunescu V.; Craiu V., 1987: Predictive factors in postoperative morbidity from biliary lithiasis

Ambrosetto G.; Rossi P.G.; Tassinari C.A., 1987: Predictive factors of seizure frequency and duration of antiepileptic treatment in rolandic epilepsy a retrospective study

Daverat P.; Sibrac M.C.; Dartigues J.F.; Mazaux J.M.; Marit E.; Debelleix X.; Erny P.; Barat M., 1988: Predictive factors of survival in spinal cord injuries

Lee, S. O., 1976: Predictive factors on recovery of physical function in stroke survivors

Andreasson B.; Nyboe J., 1985: Predictive factors with reference to low risk of metastases in squamous cell carcinoma in the vulvar region

Berg L.; Danziger W.L.; Storandt M.; Coben L.A.; Gado M.; Hughes C.P.; Knesevich J.W.; Botwinick J., 1984: Predictive features in mild senile dementia of the alzheimer type

Ellestad, M. H.; Wan, M. K. C., 1975: Predictive implications of stress testing follow up of 2700 subjects after maximum treadmill stress testing

Udall, J. A.; Ellestad, M. H., 1977: Predictive implications of ventricular premature contractions associated with treadmill stress testing

Swahn E.; Areskog M.; Berglund U.; Walfridsson H.; Wallentin L., 1987: Predictive importance of clinical findings and a predischarge exercise test in patients with suspected unstable coronary artery disease

Dixon P.A.; Oforah E.; Makanjuola R., 1982: Predictive indices for chlorpromazine therapy in schizophrenics

Niemann J.T.; Criley J.M.; Rosborough J.P.; Niskanen R.A.; Alferness C., 1985: Predictive indices of successful cardiac resuscitation after prolonged arrest and experimental cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Hay C.R.M.; Preston F.E.; Triger D.R.; Greaves M.; Underwood J.C.E.; Westlake L., 1987: Predictive markers of chronic liver disease in hemophilia

Clarke W.M.; Hoops H.R., 1980: Predictive measures of speech proficiency in cerebral palsied speakers

Mcmeekin T.A.; Olley J., 1986: Predictive microbiology

Gosse G.; Chartier M.; Lemaire G., 1984: Predictive model designed for a lucerne crop

Davis L.E.; Alberts D.S.; Plezia P.M.; Roe D.J.; Griswold D.P., 1988: Predictive model for plasma concentration versus time profiles of investigational anticancer drugs in patients

Danieu L.; Wong G.; Koziner B.; Clarkson B., 1986: Predictive model for prognosis in advanced diffuse histiocytic lymphoma

Rozich A.F.; Gaudy A.F.Jr; D'adamo P.D., 1983: Predictive model for treatment of phenolic wastes by activated sludge

Plinski M., 1983: Predictive model of cyanophyta invasion in coastal waters of the south baltic

Wilson J.P.F.; Pitcher T.J., 1985: Predictive modeling of a stock of pollan coregonus autumnalis pollan by a monte carlo method

De Villiers G.D.T., 1982: Predictive models for estimating net rainfall and interception losses in savanna vegetation

Newsted J.L.; Giesy J.P., 1987: Predictive models for photoinduced acute toxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to daphnia magna strauss cladocera crustacea

Lumpkin T.A.; Bartholomew D.P., 1986: Predictive models for the growth response of eight azolla accessions to climatic variables

Gore J.A.; Judy R.D.Jr, 1981: Predictive models of benthic macro invertebrate density for use in instream flow studies and regulated flow management

Moller, F.; Cravenna, R.; Rognoni, G., 1977: Predictive models of the mean dairy milk yield in a herd

Girard J.; Lafille C.; Unkovic J.; Barbier A., 1982: Predictive nature of laboratory methods in sunscreen studies

De Mol J., 1985: Predictive parameters in normal pressure hydrocephalus

Marks J.L.; Mcmahon R.; Lipshultz L.I., 1986: Predictive parameters of successful varicocele repair

Rodvold K.A.; Blum R.A., 1987: Predictive performance of sawchuk zaske and bayesian dosing methods for tobramycin

Chiu R.C J.; Lidstone D.; Blundell P.E., 1986: Predictive power of penile brachial index in diagnosing male sexual impotence

Brett A.S.; Phillips M.; Beary J.F., 1986: Predictive power of the polygraph can the lie detector really detect liars?

Herson J., 1979: Predictive probability early termination plans for phase ii clinical trials

Von Hofsten C., 1980: Predictive reaching for moving objects by infants

Ott D.J.; Gelfand D.W.; Chen Y.M.; Wu W.C.; Munitz H.A., 1985: Predictive relationship of hiatal hernia to reflux esophagitis

Fukushima K.; Teller M.N.; Mountain I.M.; Tarnowski G.S.; Stock C.C., 1979: Predictive relationship phagocytic activity to tumor regression in indolo quinolinone derivative treated mice

Baker D.E.; Rayment G.E.; Reid R.E., 1983: Predictive relationships between ph and sodicity in soils of tropical queensland australia

Anderson B.D.; Conradi R.A., 1985: Predictive relationships in the water solubility of salts of a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug

Christou N.V.; Meakins J.L.; Maclean L.D., 1981: Predictive role of delayed hyper sensitivity in pre operative patients

Siani R.; Garzotto N.; Tansella C.Z.; Tansella M., 1979: Predictive scales for parasuicide repetition further results

Bancroft, G. A.; Dunsmore, I. R., 1978: Predictive sequential life testing

Westfall R.H.; Van Staden J.M.; Panagos M.D., 1987: Predictive species area relations and determination of subsample size for vegetation sampling in the transvaal waterberg south africa

Gould K.J.; Manners C.N.; Payling D.W.; Suschitzky J.L.; Wells E., 1988: Predictive structure activity relationships in a series of pyranoquinoline derivatives a new primate model for the identification of antiallergic activity

Goldstein S.; Landis R.; Leighton R.; Ritter G.; Vasu C.M.; Wolfe R.A.; Acheson A.; Vanderbrug Medendorp S., 1985: Predictive survival models for resuscitated victims of out of hospital cardiac arrest with coronary heart disease

Bley M.; Johnson M.E.; Olson N.F., 1985: Predictive test for the tendency of cheddar cheese to brown after processing

Meissen, G. J.; Myers, R. H.; Mastromauro, C. A.; Koroshetz, W. J.; Klinger, K. W.; Farrer, L. A.; Watkins, P. A.; Gusella, J. F.; Bird, E. D.; Martin, J. B., 1988: Predictive testing for huntington's disease with use of a linked dna marker

Maenpaa J.; Kangas L.; Gronroos M., 1985: Predictive testing of vulvar and cervical cancers to chemotherapy by the subrenal capsule assay

Morrison, A. W., 1986: Predictive tests for meniere's disease

Rozencweig M.; Staquet M., 1984: Predictive tests for the response to cancer chemo therapy limitations related to the prediction of rare events

Abdon N J.; Johansson B.W.; Lessem J., 1982: Predictive use of routine 24 hour electro cardiography in suspected adams stokes syndrome comparison with cardiac rhythm during symptoms

Mcmordie W.R.; Swint E.B., 1979: Predictive utility sex of rater differences and inter rater reliabilities of the nurses observation scale for in patient evaluation

Popovics A.J., 1983: Predictive validities of clinical and actuarial scores of the gesell incomplete man test

Hancock P.A., 1981: Predictive validity of a computer model of body temperature during exercise

Tsushima W.T.; Stoddard V.M., 1986: Predictive validity of a short form wechsler preschool and primary scale of intelligence with prekindergarten children a 3 year follow up study

Ulvund S.E., 1984: Predictive validity of assessments of early cognitive competence in light of some current issues in developmental psychology

Helzer J.E.; Brockington I.F.; Kendell R.E., 1981: Predictive validity of diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders iii and feighner definitions of schizophrenia a comparison with research diagnostic criteria and catego

Alterman A.I.; Gerstley L.J., 1986: Predictive validity of four factors derived from an hyperactivity mbd questionnaire

Mcniel D.E.; Binder R.L., 1987: Predictive validity of judgments of dangerousness in emergency civil commitment

Bremond J.; Raphel C., 1987: Predictive validity of personality traits towards success at the end of the first year of medical studies

Hartman B.W.; Fuqua D.R.; Hartman P.T., 1983: Predictive validity of the career decision scale administered to high school students

Tamaren, A. J.; Carney, R. M.; Allen, T. W., 1985: Predictive validity of the cognitive vs. somatic anxiety distinction

House J.D.; Johnson J.J.; Tolone W.L., 1987: Predictive validity of the graduate record examination for performance in selected graduate psychology courses

Vance H.R.; Hankins N.; Brown W., 1986: Predictive validity of the mccarthy screening test based on wide range achievement test

Newmark C.S.; Konanc J.T.; Simpson M.; Boren R.B.; Prillaman K., 1979: Predictive validity of the rorschach prognostic rating scale with schizophrenic patients

Miller L.S.; Funabiki D., 1984: Predictive validity of the social performance survey schedule for component interpersonal behaviors

Braunstein G.D.; Asch R.H., 1983: Predictive value analysis of measurements of human chorionic gonadotropin pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein placental lactogen and cystine amino peptidase for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Pickering T.G.; Sos T.A.; Vaughan E.D.Jr; Case D.B.; Sealey J.E.; Harshfield G.A.; Laragh J.H., 1984: Predictive value and changes of renin secretion in hypertensive patients with unilateral reno vascular disease undergoing successful renal angio plasty

Ameisen O.; Okin P.M.; Devereux R.B.; Hochreiter C.; Miller D.H.; Zullo M.A.; Borer J.S.; Kligfield P., 1985: Predictive value and limitations of the st hr slope

Kundel H.L., 1981: Predictive value and threshold detectability of lung tumors

Lacher D.A., 1987: Predictive value derived from likelihood ratios a superior technique to interpret quantitative laboratory results

Oren S.; Landau E.; Reisin L.H., 1987: Predictive value for atrial fibrillation of p wave terminal force in acute myocardial infarction

Steinberg W.M.; Goldstein S.S.; Davis N.D.; Anderson K.K.; Shamma'a J.M., 1985: Predictive value of a low serum trypsinogen

Anichini P.; Reynaudo G.; Pacini G., 1983: Predictive value of a new osmotic test in the screening of hetero zygous beta thalassemias

Kwikkel H.J.; Bezemer P.D.; Helmerhorst T.J.M.; Quaak M.J.; Stolk J.G., 1986: Predictive value of a positive endocervical curettage in diagnosis and treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Sivak S.L.; Wormser G.P., 1986: Predictive value of a screening test for antibodies to human t cell leukemia virus type iii

Lenstrup C., 1982: Predictive value of a single unstressed ante partum cardio tocogram in apparently uncomplicated pregnancy introduction of a new cardio tocography score

Greco P.; Loverro G.; Doria R.; Mele G.; Varcaccio Garofalo G.; Loizzi P.; Bettocchi S., 1984: Predictive value of a single unstressed antepartum cardiotocogram in an antenatal clinic

Kruger T.F.; Acosta A.A.; Simmons K.F.; Swanson R.J.; Matta J.F.; Oehninger S., 1988: Predictive value of abnormal sperm morphology in in vitro fertilization

Kileny P.R.; Magathan M.G., 1987: Predictive value of abr in infants and children with moderate to profound hearing impairment

Rodrigues R.; Nonohay N.; Vitola D.; Garcia Macedo R.; Guillermo Cal L.; Dutra O.P.; Vaz R.C.; Azevedo A.; Kornfeld J., 1986: Predictive value of acute electrocardiographic alterations and response to therapy of unstable angina pectoris

Riemann B.; Wium Andersen S., 1982: Predictive value of adenylate energy charge for metabolic and growth states of planktonic communities in lakes

Raviele A.; Di Pede F.; Zanocco A.; Zuin G.; Facin G.; Mazzaro I.; Minzi A.L.; Caprioglio F.; Delise P.; Et Al, 1985: Predictive value of ajmaline test in sinus node dysfunctions a four year prospective follow up of 77 cases

Aitken D.A.; Morrison N.M.; Ferguson Smith M.A., 1984: Predictive value of amniotic acetylcholinesterase analysis in the diagnosis of fetal abnormality in 3700 pregnancies

Kalff V.; Froelich J.W.; Lloyd R.; Thrall J.H., 1983: Predictive value of an abnormal hepato biliary scan in patients with severe intercurrent illness

Genta R.M., 1988: Predictive value of an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for the serodiagnosis of strongyloidiasis

Fouad F.M.; Gifford R.W.Jr; Fighali S.; Mujais S.K.; Novick A.C.; Bravo E.L.; Tarazi R.C., 1983: Predictive value of angiotensin ii antagonists in reno vascular hypertension

Novick A.C.; Fouad F.M.; Textor S.C.; Bravo E.L.; Tarazi R.C.; Gifford R.W.; Vidt D.G., 1983: Predictive value of angiotensin ii blockade with sarcosine 1 threonine 8 angiotensin ii in reno vascular hypertension

Di Renzo G.C.; Anceschi M.M.; Guidetti R.; Renzetti A.M.; Simonazzi E.; Cosmi E.V., 1987: Predictive value of antenatal cardiotocography in hypertensive pregnancy

Lenstrup C.; Haase N., 1985: Predictive value of antepartum fetal heart rate non stress test in high risk pregnancy

Lenstrup C., 1984: Predictive value of antepartum nonstress test in multiple pregnancies

Ludivico C.L.; Zweiman B.; Myers A.R.; Hebert J.; Green P.A., 1980: Predictive value of anti dna antibody and selected laboratory studies in systemic lupus erythematosus

Agner E., 1983: Predictive value of arterial blood pressure in old age a 10 year prospective study of men and women born in 1897 and examined at the age of 70 and 80 years

Bull J.E.; Parker D.; Turk J.L., 1985: Predictive value of assessment of lymph node weight and t lymphocyte proliferation in contact sensitivity in acrylates

Holland M.D.; Galla J.H.; Dubovsky E.V.; Luke R.G., 1987: Predictive value of bedside effective renal plasma flow for renal recovery in severe acute renal failure

Mortensen B.T.; Pedersen Bjergaard J.; Pedersen N.T.; Westrup M.; Ersboll J.; Philip P.; Nissen N.I., 1985: Predictive value of bone marrow cultures in 48 patients with acute myeloblastic leukemia or myelodysplasia both secondary to treatment of other malignant diseases

Hammond, N.; Jones, S. E.; Salmon, S. E.; Patton, D.; Woolfenden, J., 1978: Predictive value of bone scans in an adjuvant breast cancer program

Bjermer L.; Rosenhall L.; Angstrom T.; Hallgren R., 1988: Predictive value of bronchoalveolar lavage cell analysis in sarcoidosis

Adhikari M.; Coovadia H.M.; Coovadia Y.M.; Smit S.Y.; Moosa A., 1986: Predictive value of c reactive protein in neonatal septicemia

Niloff J.M.; Bast R.C.Jr; Schaetzl E.M.; Knapp R.C., 1985: Predictive value of ca 125 antigen levels in 2nd look procedures for ovarian cancer

O'connell G.J.; Ryan E.; Murphy K.J.; Prefontaine M., 1987: Predictive value of ca 125 for ovarian carcinoma in patients presenting with pelvic masses

Patsner B.; Day T.G.Jr, 1987: Predictive value of ca 125 levels in advanced ovarian cancer

Marton L.J.; Edwards M.S.; Levin V.A.; Lubich W.P.; Wilson C.B., 1979: Predictive value of cerebro spinal fluid poly amines in medullo blastoma

Evans, M. I.; Lachman, E.; Kral, S.; Melmed, H., 1976: Predictive value of cervical dilatation rates in labor in multi parous women

Melmed, H.; Evans, M. I., 1976: Predictive value of cervical dilatation rates part 1 primi para labor

Cardozo L.D.; Gibb D.M.F.; Studd J.W.W.; Vasant R.V.; Cooper D.J., 1982: Predictive value of cervimetric labor patterns in primigravidae

Poyatos M.E.; Lerman J.; Estrada A.; Chiozza M.; Perosio A., 1984: Predictive value of changes in r wave amplitude after exercise in coronary heart disease

Rubler S.; Gerber D.; Reitano J.; Chokshi V.; Fisher V.J., 1987: Predictive value of clinical and exercise variables for detection of coronary artery disease in men with diabetes mellitus

Kosteljanetz M.; Espersen J.O.; Halaburt H.; Miletic T., 1984: Predictive value of clinical and surgical findings in patients with lumbago sciatica a prospective study 1

Swaak A.J.G.; Groenwold J.; Bronsveld W., 1986: Predictive value of complement profiles and anti double stranded dna in systemic lupus erythematosus

Camilien L.; Gordon D.; Fruchter R.G.; Maiman M.; Boyce J.G., 1988: Predictive value of computerized tomography in the presurgical evaluation of primary carcinoma of the cervix

Businco L.; Marchetti F.; Pellegrini G.; Perlini R., 1983: Predictive value of cord blood immuno globulin e levels in at risk new born babies and influence of type of feeding

Chandra R.K.; Puri S.; Cheema P.S., 1985: Predictive value of cord blood immunoglobulin e in the development of atopic disease and role of breast feeding in its prevention

Hauenstein K.H.; Wimmer B.; Friedburg H.; Henning J., 1988: Predictive value of core spin tomography compared with sonography and computer tomography in the diagnosis of focal liver lesions

Filip, D. J.; Duquesnoy, R. J.; Aster, R. H., 1976: Predictive value of cross matching for transfusion of platelet concentrates to allo immunized recipients

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Lundeen M., 1986: Preferences of the side chains in proteins for helix beta strand turn and other conformations secondary structures of copper proteins

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Saxena R.; Kuthiala A.; Agarwal H.C., 1988: Preferential absorption of cholesterol by the tobacco armyworm spodoptera litura f

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