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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6167

Chapter 6167 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Van-Bel, A. J.; Ammerlaan, A.; Blaauw-Jansen, G., 1986: Preferential accumulation by mesophyll cells at low and by veins at high endogenous amino acid and sugar concentrations in commelina benghalensis l. leaves

Tsukiyama T.; Hara T.; IIo M.; Kido G.; Tsubokawa T., 1986: Preferential accumulation of carbon 11 in human brain tumors after intravenous injection of carbon 11 1 pyruvate

Costa J.L.; Fay D.D.; Nurnberger J.I.; Murphy D.L., 1982: Preferential accumulation of lithium in the dense bodies of human platelets

Gremo F.; Vernadakis A., 1981: Preferential accumulation of tritium labeled cortico sterone in chick brain during embryonic development

Yamasaki, N.; Tsujita, T.; Sakiyama, F.; Masuda, N., 1976: Preferential acid catalyzed hydrolysis of the formamide linkage of n formyl kynurenine in frozen solution

De-Montigny, C.; Aghajanian, G. K., 1977: Preferential action of 5 methoxy tryptamine and 5 methoxydimethyl tryptamine on presynaptic serotonin receptors a comparative iontophoretic study with lsd and serotonin

Kumar N.; Flavin M., 1981: Preferential action of a brain detyrosinolating carboxy peptidase on polymerized tubulin

Halliwell J.V.; Dolly J.O., 1982: Preferential action of beta bungaro toxin at nerve terminal regions in the hippocampus

Dei Cas E.; Slomianny C.; Prensier G.; Vernes A.; Colin J.J.; Verhaeghe A.; Savage A.; Charet P., 1984: Preferential action of chloroquine for plasmodium growing in mature red blood cells

Inaba M.; Yoshida N.; Tsukagoshi S., 1981: Preferential action of liposome entrapped 1 2 chloroethyl 3 4 methylcyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea on lung metastasis of lewis lung carcinoma as compared with the free drug

Marks N.; Berg M.J.; Benuck M., 1986: Preferential action of rat brain cathepsin b as a peptidyl dipeptidase converting pro opioid oligopeptides

Gelfand J.A.; Donelan M.; Burke J.F., 1983: Preferential activation and depletion of the alternative complement pathway by burn injury

Griffiths C.E.M.; Barrison I.G.; Leonard J.N.; Caun K.; Valdimarsson H.; Fry L., 1988: Preferential activation of cd4 t lymphocytes in the lamina propria of gluten sensitive enteropathy

Lobo Yeo A.; Alviggi L.; Mieli Vergani G.; Portmann B.; Mowat A.P.; Vergani D., 1987: Preferential activation of helper inducer t lymphocytes in autoimmune chronic active hepatitis

Kennedy K.A.; Rockewell S.; Sartorelli A.C., 1980: Preferential activation of mitomycin c to cyto toxic metabolites by hypoxic tumor cells

Pixley S.K.R.; Nieto Sampedro M.; Cotman C.W., 1987: Preferential adhesion of brain astrocytes to laminin and central neurites to astrocytes

Matsuura R.; Tanigawa Y.; Tsuchiya M.; Mishima K.; Yoshimura Y.; Shimoyama M., 1988: Preferential adp ribosylation of arginine 3 in synthetic heptapeptide leu arg arg ala ser leu gly

Fong J.C., 1986: Preferential adsorption of dopamine antagonist binding sites by fluphenazine agarose

Breemhaar W.; Brinkman E.; Ellens D.J.; Beugeling T.; Bantjes A., 1984: Preferential adsorption of high density lipoprotein from blood plasma onto biomaterial surfaces

Isackson P.J.; Fishback J.L.; Bidney D.L.; Reeck G.R., 1979: Preferential affinity of high molecular weight high mobility group nonhistone chromatin proteins for single stranded dna

Orstavik J.; Orstavik D.; Kommisar J., 1982: Preferential affinity of oral bacteria for homologous salivary films on dental materials

Corda M.G.; Giorgi O.; Longoni B.; Ongini E.; Montaldo S.; Biggio G., 1988: Preferential affinity of tritiated 2 oxoquazepam for type i benzodiazepine recognition sites in the human brain

Mankes R.F.; Glick S.D., 1986: Preferential alcoholic embryopathy among contiguous siblings of long evans rats

Herz, F.; Halwer, M., 1983: Preferential alkaline phosphatase ec iso enzyme induction by sodium butyrate

Briscoe W.T.; Duarte S.P., 1988: Preferential alkylation by 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitrosourea bcnu of guanines with guanines as neighboring bases in dna

Wunderlich, V.; Schutt, M.; Bottger, M.; Graffi, A., 1970: Preferential alkylation of mitochondrial dna by n methyl n nitroso urea

Ryan A.F.; Schwartz I.R., 1983: Preferential amino acid uptake identifies type ii spiral ganglion neurons in the gerbil meriones unguiculatus

Ozias Akins P.; Tabaeizadeh Z.; Pring D.R.; Vasil I.K., 1988: Preferential amplification of mitochondrial dna fragments in somatic hybrids of the gramineae

Debatisse M.; Saito I.; Buttin G.; Stark G.R., 1988: Preferential amplification of rearranged sequences near amplified adenylate deaminase genes

Renz, M., 1975: Preferential and cooperative binding of histone i to chromosomal mammalian dna

Hicks P.E.; Tierney C.; Langer S.Z., 1985: Preferential antagonism by diltiazem of alpha 2 adrenoceptor mediated vasoconstrictor responses in perfused tail arteries of spontaneous hypertensive rats

Macdonald, D. J.; Bond, D. J., 1974: Preferential ascus discharge during cross maturation in sordaria brevicollis

Chien, C. C.; Ingraham, J. S., 1977: Preferential assignment of allotype a 1 globulin for the production of early immuno globulin m anti p azo benzene arsonate antibodies in hetero zygous a 1a 3 rabbits

Nakayasu H.; Ueda K., 1986: Preferential association of acidic actin with nuclei and nuclear matrix from mouse leukemia l 5178y cells

Rietveld A.; Berkhout T.A.; Roenhorst A.; Marsh D.; De Kruijff B., 1986: Preferential association of apocytochrome c with negatively charged phospholipids in mixed model membranes

Kan F.W.K.; Da Silva P.P., 1986: Preferential association of glycoproteins to the euchromatin regions of cross fractured nuclei is revealed by fracture label

Ledford D.K.; Goni F.; Pizzolato M.; Franklin E.C.; Solomon A.; Frangione B., 1983: Preferential association of kappa iiib light chains with mono clonal human immuno globulin m kappa auto antibodies

Senshu, T.; Fukuda, M.; Ohashi, M., 1978: Preferential association of newly synthesized h 3 and h 4 histones with newly replicated dna

Cremisi, C.; Chestier, A.; Yaniv, M., 1977: Preferential association of newly synthesized histones with replicating sv 40 dna

Cornell H.J.; Enbert G.; Herington A.C., 1987: Preferential association of the insulin like growth factors i and ii with metabolically inactive and active carrier bound complexes in serum

Niranjan B.G.; Bhat N.K.; Avadhani N.G., 1982: Preferential attack of mitochondrial dna by afla toxin b 1 during hepato carcinogenesis

Souroujon M.; White Scharf M.E.; Andre Schwartz J.; Gefter M.L.; Schwartz R.S., 1988: Preferential autoantibody reactivity of the preimmune b cell repertoire in normal mice

Russock H.I., 1986: Preferential behavior of sarotherodon mossambicus pisces cichlidae fry to maternal models and its relevance to the concept of imprinting

Kaufman B.Z., 1987: Preferential behavior of some hydrobionts as a response to changing habitats

Houwing, C. J.; Jaspars, E. M. J., 1980: Preferential binding of 3' terminal fragments of alfalfa mosaic virus rna 4 to virions

Panda C.K.; Choudhury K.; Neogy R.K., 1986: Preferential binding of adriamycin and nogalamycin to dnase i hypersensitive sites of sarcoma 180 chromatin

Yu F L., 1983: Preferential binding of afla toxin b 1 to the transcriptionally active regions of rat liver nucleolar chromatin in vivo and in vitro

Xu Y.H.; Luo R.S.; Wang T.Y., 1987: Preferential binding of androgen to transcriptionally active chromatin in rat prostate

Roulet E.; Allet B.; Chandler M., 1985: Preferential binding of bacteriophage mu repressor to supercoiled mu dna

Kurian P.; Jeffrey A.M.; Milo G.E., 1985: Preferential binding of benzo a pyrene diol epoxide to the linker dna of human foreskin fibroblasts in s phase in the presence of benzamide

Natta C.; Muir M., 1980: Preferential binding of beta c relative to beta s globin to stroma in hemo globin sc disease

Soine P.J.; Blanke R.V.; Guzelian P.S.; Schwartz C.C., 1982: Preferential binding of chlordecone to the protein and high density lipo protein fractions of plasma from humans and other species

Nielson K.B.; Winge D.R., 1984: Preferential binding of copper to the beta domain of metallo thionein

Wood S.H.; Collins J.M., 1986: Preferential binding of dna primase to the nuclear matrix in hela cells

Jost J P.; Seldran M.; Geiser M., 1984: Preferential binding of estrogen receptor complex to a region containing the estrogen dependent hypo methylation site preceding the chicken vitellogenin ii gene

Monasterio, O.; Tarrago, A.; Allende, J. E., 1971: Preferential binding of initiator methionyl transfer rna from eukaryotes and bacteria to ribosomes

Augustyniak H.; Pawelkiewicz J., 1979: Preferential binding of iso accepting species of lysyl transfer rna and iso leucyl transfer rna from lupine cotyledons to poly ribosomes

Nickoloff B.J.; Reusch M.K.; Bensch K.; Karasek M.A., 1988: Preferential binding of monocytes and leu 2 positive t lymphocytes to interferon gamma treated cultured skin endothelial cells and keratinocytes

Mironov N.M.; Grover P.L.; Sims P., 1983: Preferential binding of poly cyclic hydro carbons to matrix bound dna in rat liver nuclei

Inaba T.; Mirocha C.J., 1979: Preferential binding of radio labeled zearalenone to a protein fraction of fusarium roseum graminearum

Maruyama H.; Listowsky I., 1984: Preferential binding of steroids by anionic forms of rat glutathione s transferase

Bruning, P. F.; Kowarski, A.; Migeon, C. J., 1976: Preferential binding of testosterone over epi testosterone by human plasma

Obi F.O.; Ryan A.J.; Billett M.A., 1986: Preferential binding of the carcinogen benzo a pyrene to dna in active chromatin and the nuclear matrix

Kistler, A.; Yoshizato, K.; Frieden, E., 1977: Preferential binding of tri substituted thyronine analogs by bull frog tadpole tail fin cytosol

Israeli A.; Leitersdorf E.; Stein O.; Stein Y., 1987: Preferential binding of tritiated cholesteryl linoleyl ether hdl 3 by bovine adrenal membranes

Gardner D.F.; Kilberg M.S.; Wolfe M.M.; Mcguigan J.E.; Misbin R.I., 1985: Preferential binding of vasoactive intestinal peptide to hepatic nonparenchymal cells

Dharmsathaphorn K.; Harms V.; Yamashiro D.J.; Hughes R.J.; Binder H.J.; Wright E.M., 1983: Preferential binding of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide to basolateral membrane of rat and rabbit enterocytes

Carette B.; Bernier J L.; Henichart J P., 1984: Preferential binding to delta receptors of the enkephalin like tetrapeptide tyrosylisoleucylphenylalanylvaline electrophysiological and conformation studies

Kobayashi M.; Wu C.H.; Yoshi M.; Narahashi T.; Nakamura H.; Kobayashi J.; Ohizumi Y., 1986: Preferential block of skeletal muscle sodium channels by geographutoxin ii a new peptide toxin from conus geographus

Goethert M.; Dieckhoefer C.; Nolte J., 1983: Preferential blockade of alpha 1 adrenoceptors in the rabbits pulmonary artery by derivatives of beta phenethylamine chemically related to be 2254 heat

Gothert M.; Nolte J.; Weinheimer G., 1981: Preferential blockade of postsynaptic alpha adrenoceptors by be 2254 2 beta 4 hydroxyphenyl ethylaminomethyl tetralone

Noamesi, B. K.; Bamgbose, S. O. A., 1982: Preferential blockade of presynaptic alpha adrenoceptors on the rat isolated vas deferens by cryptolepine 7. studies on cryptolepine

Komiya Y.; Kurokawa M., 1980: Preferential blockade of the tubulin transport by colchicine

Lou H.C.; Tweed W.A.; Davies J.M., 1985: Preferential blood flow increase to the brain stem in moderate neonatal hypoxia reversal by naloxone

Fujikawa D.G.; Dwyer B.E.; Wasterlain C.G., 1986: Preferential blood flow to brainstem during generalized seizures in the newborn marmoset monkey

Seal A.G.; Bennett M.D., 1982: Preferential c banding of wheat or rye chromosomes

Schmidt, R.; Joo, F.; Zimmermann, H., 1980: Preferential calcium staining of mitochondria in stimulated cholinergic nerve endings

Ilan J.; Ilan J., 1981: Preferential channeling of exogenously supplied methionine into protein by sea urchin arbacia punctulata embryos

Ron, E. Z.; Falk, A.; Helberg, D.; Horowitz, S.; Zeevi, M., 1978: Preferential charging of formylatable methionine transfer rna in escherichia coli k 12

Chalazonitis A.; Crain S.M.; Kessler J.A., 1988: Preferential cholinergic projections by embryonic spinal cord neurons with cocultured mouse superior cervical ganglia

Madhusoodanan K.J.; Arora O.P., 1984: Preferential chromosomal transmission in matricaria chamomilla aneuploids

Rhoton F.E.; Smeck N.E.; Wilding L.P., 1979: Preferential clay mineral erosion from watersheds in the maumee river basin ohio usa

Marcus F., 1985: Preferential cleavage at aspartylprolyl peptide bonds in dilute acid

Piekarowicz A., 1984: Preferential cleavage by restriction endonuclease hin f iii

Ishibashi M.; Yosida T.H.; Yasue H., 1986: Preferential clustering of viral dna sequences at or near the site of chromosomal rearrangement in fowl adenovirus type 1 dna transformed cell lines

Wain Hobson S.; Nussinov R.; Brown R.J.; Sussman J.L., 1981: Preferential codon usage in genes

Grosjean H.; Fiers W., 1982: Preferential codon usage in prokaryotic genes the optimal codon anti codon interaction energy and the selective codon usage in efficiently expressed genes

Cavallero F.; Taborelli G.; Sbaffi A.; Canepa C., 1979: Preferential colonization site of staphylococci in the upper airways

Hseu T.H.; Wang C., 1981: Preferential conformation of di peptide segments in protein nonregular structure region

Chassaing G.; Convert O.; Lavielle S., 1986: Preferential conformation of substance p in solution

Garbay-Jaureguiberry, C.; Roques, B. P.; Oberlin, R.; Anteunis, M.; Lala, A. K., 1976: Preferential conformation of the endogenous opiate like penta peptide met enkephalin in deuterated di methyl sulfoxide solution determined by high field proton

Peterson C.A.; Piatigorsky J., 1986: Preferential conservation of the globular domains of the beta a3 a1 crystallin polypeptide of the chicken eye lens

Anderson J.H.; Gianturco C.; Wallace S.; Dodd G.D., 1982: Preferential coronary arterial drug delivery

Steenkamp D.J., 1987: Preferential cross linking of the small subunit of the electron transfer flavoprotein to general acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase

Song, C. W.; Clement, J. J.; Levitt, S. H., 1976: Preferential cyto toxicity of 5 thio d glucose against hypoxic tumor cells

Frearson M.; Lee J.B.; Zaidi K.F., 1979: Preferential cyto toxicity of some novel alkylating agents under hypoxic conditions

Kuo M.T., 1981: Preferential damage of active chromatin by bleomycin

Waldmeier, P. C.; Delini-Stula, A.; Maitre, L., 1976: Preferential deamination of dopamine by an a type mono amine oxidase in rat brain

Grunow, J. E.; Lubet, R. A.; Ferguson, M. J.; Gaulden, M. E., 1976: Preferential decrease in thymus dependent lymphocytes during storage at 4 celsius in anti coagulant

Suzuki T.; Natori S., 1985: Preferential degradation and elimination of foreign protein introduced into the abdominal cavity of sarcophaga peregrina larvae

Shimokawa K., 1979: Preferential degradation of chlorophyll b in ethylene treated fruits of mandarin citrus unshiu cultivar satsuma

Tsurugi, K.; Ogata, K., 1977: Preferential degradation of newly synthesized ribosomal proteins in rat liver treated with a low dose of actinomycin d

Roth R.A.; Mesirow M.L.; Cassell D.J., 1983: Preferential degradation of the beta subunit of purified insulin receptor effect on insulin binding and protein kinase activities of the receptor

Rivett A.J., 1985: Preferential degradation of the oxidatively modified form of glutamine synthetase by intracellular mammalian proteases

Baumann H.; Hou E.; Jahreis G.P., 1983: Preferential degradation of the terminal carbohydrate moiety of membrane glyco proteins in rat hepatoma cells and after transfer to the membranes of mouse fibroblasts

Fukuhara, H.; Moustacchi, E.; Wesolowski, M., 1978: Preferential deletion of a specific region of mitochondrial dna in saccharomyces cerevisiae by ethidium bromide and 3 carbethoxy psoralen directional retention of dna sequence

Pinna, L. A.; Donella, A.; Clari, G.; Moret, V., 1976: Preferential dephosphorylation of protein bound phosphoryl threonine and phosphoryl serine residues by cytosol and mitochondrial casein phosphatases

Friedman, H.; Kamo, I., 1978: Preferential depression of immuno globulin m producing immunocytes during masto cytoma induced immuno suppression

Schreck, R. R.; Breg, W. R.; Erlanger, B. F.; Miller, O. J., 1977: Preferential derivation of abnormal human g group like chromosomes from chromosome 15

Rao, M. V.; Krishnamoorthi, K. P., 1977: Preferential devouring of blue green algae by a daphnid moina dubia

Sainteny F.; Lopez M.; Mary J Y.; Frindel E., 1987: Preferential differentiation of murine cfu s toward granulopoiesis and megakaryocytopoiesis after in vitro incubation of bone marrow with asta z 7557

Liotta L.A.; Abe S.; Robey P.G.; Martin G.R., 1979: Preferential digestion of basement membrane collagen by an enzyme derived from a metastatic murine tumor

Simionescu M.; Simionescu N.; Palade G.E., 1982: Preferential distribution of anionic sites on the basement membrane and the abluminal aspect of endothelium in fenestrated capillaries

Sigfridsson B.; Oquist G., 1980: Preferential distribution of excitation energy into photosystem i of desiccated samples of the lichen cladonia impexa and the isolated lichen alga trebouxia pyriformis

Walker, J. L.; Thames, M. D.; Abboud, F. M.; Mark, A. L.; Klopfenstein, H. S., 1978: Preferential distribution of inhibitory cardiac receptors in left ventricle of the dog

Thames, M. D.; Klopfenstein, H. S.; Abboud, F. M.; Mark, A. L.; Walker, J. L., 1978: Preferential distribution of inhibitory cardiac receptors with vagal afferents to the infero posterior wall of the left ventricle activated during coronary occlusion in the dog

Ley K.; Pries A.R.; Gaehtgens P., 1988: Preferential distribution of leukocytes in rat mesentery microvessel networks

Moyan F.M.B.; Shannon D.C., 1979: Preferential distribution of lobar emphysema and atel ectasis in broncho pulmonary dysplasia

Schroedl N.A.; Hartzell C.R., 1984: Preferential distribution of non esterified fatty acids to phosphatidylcholine in the neonatal mammalian myocardium

Patierno S.R.; Sugiyama M.; Basilion J.P.; Costa M., 1985: Preferential dna protein cross linking by nickel chloride in magnesium insoluble regions of fractionated chinese hamster ovary cell chromatin

Mellon I.; Bohr V.A.; Smith C.A.; Hanawalt P.C., 1986: Preferential dna repair of an active gene in human cells

Khawaja, J. A., 1976: Preferential effect of estradiol 17 beta in vivo on the protein synthetic activity of uterine membrane bound ribosomes

Mishra S.D.; Joshi R.K.; Gaur B.K., 1984: Preferential effect of gibberellic acid benzyladenine and ethrel at pegging stage in groundnut arachis hypogaea

Smith A.C.; Boyd M.R., 1984: Preferential effects of 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea on pulmonary glutathione reductase and glutathione to glutathione di sulfide ratios possible implications for lung toxicity

Stoner G.R.; Skirboll L.R.; Werkman S.; Hommer D.W., 1988: Preferential effects of caffeine on limbic and cortical dopamine systems

Iyer K.S.N.; Mahale S.D.; Hurkadli K.S.; Sheth A.R., 1987: Preferential elevation of the levels of follitropin by a synthetic carboxyl terminal nonapeptide 86 94 of human seminal plasma inhibin

Calvo C F.; Boumsell L.; Kolb J P.; Laffy B.; Bernard A.; Senik A., 1984: Preferential elimination of natural killer and cyto toxic t lymphocyte functions by anti d 44 mono clonal antibody

Leser, P. G.; Naspitz, C. K.; Tatani, T., 1977: Preferential enhancement of human thymus derived cell survival in vitro using subthreshold concentration of phyto hem agglutinin

Suko, M.; Ogita, T.; Okudaira, H.; Horiuchi, Y., 1977: Preferential enhancement of immuno globulin e antibody formation by bordetella pertussis

Eisenberg S., 1985: Preferential enrichment of large sized very low density lipoprotein populations with transferred cholesteryl esters

Ohshima T.; Wada S.; Koizumi C., 1984: Preferential enzymatic hydrolysis of phosphatidylcholine in skipjack euthynnus pelamis flesh during frozen storage

Leong A.S Y.; Sage R.E.; Kinnear G.C.; Forbes I.J., 1980: Preferential epidermo tropism in adult t cell leukemia lymphoma

Kelly P.A.; Leblanc G.; Djiane J., 1983: Preferential establishment of a slowly dissociable component in plasma membrane compared to intra cellular prolactin receptors

Ohno, M.; Sakamoto, H.; Shimura, Y., 1987: Preferential excision of the 5' proximal intron from messenger rna precursors with two introns as mediated by the cap structure

Risau W.; Sweet E.; D'amore P.A., 1988: Preferential expression of a 130000 da cell surface protein by vascular wall cells in vitro and in vivo

Imam A.; Drushella M.M.; Taylor C.R.; Tokes Z.A., 1986: Preferential expression of a 155000 molecular weight milk fat globule membrane glycoprotein on luminal epithelium of lobules in human breast

Ruddell A.; Jacobs Lorena M., 1984: Preferential expression of actin genes during oogenesis of drosophila melanogaster

Foshay, M. C.; Zimmerman, S. E.; Spencer, L. K.; Haurowitz, F.; Knight, K. L., 1976: Preferential expression of anti azo benzene arsonate antibodies of hetero zygous a 1 a 3 rabbits in the a 1 allotype

Lobb C.J., 1986: Preferential expression of catfish ictalurus punctatus light chain immunoglobulin isotypes in anti dinitrophenyl antibodies

Kantarjian, H. M.; Barlogie, B.; Pershouse, M.; Swartzendruber, D.; Keating, M. J.; Mccredie, K. B.; Freireich, E. J., 1985: Preferential expression of double stranded rna in tumor vs. normal cells biological and clinical implications

Stromberg K.; Huot R.I., 1981: Preferential expression of endogenous type c viral antigen in rhesus placenta during ontogenesis

Cardarelli P.M.; Crispe I.N.; Pierschbacher M.D., 1988: Preferential expression of fibronectin receptors on immature thymocytes

Miyauchi T.; Yonezawa S.; Sato E.; Muramatsu T., 1987: Preferential expression of glycolipids reacting with ricinus communis agglutinin i in human colorectal adenocarcinomas

Ricardo M.J.Jr; Grimm D.T., 1983: Preferential expression of immuno globulin g 1 antibodies specific for the l 2c leukemia immuno globulin m idiotypic determinants in tumor protected strain 2 guinea pigs

Samarut J.; Mathey Prevot B.; Hanafusa H., 1985: Preferential expression of the c fps protein in chicken macrophages and granulocytic cells

Etkin, L. D., 1977: Preferential expression of the maternal allele for alcohol dehydrogenase in the amphibian hybrid ambystoma mexicanum axolotl x ambystoma texanum

West, J. D.; Frels, W. I.; Chapman, V. M.; Papaioannou, V. E., 1977: Preferential expression of the maternally derived x chromosome in the mouse yolk sac

Livneh, A.; Preud'homme, J. L.; Solomon, A.; Diamond, B., 1987: Preferential expression of the systemic lupus erythematosus associated idiotype 8.12 in sera containing monoclonal immunoglobulins

Devaux, C.; Moinier, D.; Mazza, G.; Guo, X.; Marchetto, S.; Fougereau, M.; Pierres, M., 1985: Preferential expression of v k 21e light chains on cross reactive idiotope ia.7 positive monoclonal anti i e antibodies

Riley S.C.; Connors S.J.; Klinman N.R.; Ogata R.T., 1986: Preferential expression of variable region heavy chain gene segments by predominant 2 4 dinitrophenyl specific balb c neonatal antibody clonotypes

Vadas, R. L., 1977: Preferential feeding an optimization strategy in sea urchins

Terry, E. R.; Schaefers, G. A.; Garber, M. J., 1977: Preferential feeding and damage to cultivars of nigerian cassava by the variegated grasshopper zonocerus variegatus

Hadas O.; Cavari B.Z.; Kott Y.; Bachrach U., 1982: Preferential feeding behavior of daphnia magna

Russell S.D., 1985: Preferential fertilization in plumbago zeylanica ultrastructural evidence for gamete level recognition in an angiosperm

Schnedl W.; Abraham R.; Dann O.; Geber G.; Schweizer D., 1981: Preferential fluorescent staining of hetero chromatic regions in human chromosomes 9 15 and the y by d 287 170

Lohrmann, R.; Orgel, L. E., 1978: Preferential formation of 2 5 linked inter nucleotide bonds in nonenzymatic reactions

Sho K.; Hayashi H.; Ohmiya Y.; Kondo Y., 1988: Preferential formation of triiodothyronine residues in newly synthesized carbon 14 tyrosine labeled thyroglobulin molecules in follicles reconstructed in a suspension culture of hog thyroid cells

Herrera, R. J., 1979: Preferential gene expression of an amylase ec allele in interspecific hybrids of xiphophorus pisces poeciliidae

Bade, E. G.; Howe, M. M.; Rawluk, L., 1978: Preferential generalized transduction by bacterio phage mu

Berger A.E.; Kuentzel S.L.; Davidson S.O., 1985: Preferential generation of human t cell hybrids with a tetraploid fusion partner

Fujiwara, H.; Hamaoka, T.; Teshima, K.; Aoki, H.; Kitagawa, M., 1976: Preferential generation of killer or helper thymus derived lymphocyte activity directed to the tumor associated transplantation antigens

Shaw R.J.; Cromwell O.; Kay A.B., 1984: Preferential generation of leukotriene c 4 by human eosinophils

Zelman A.; Gisser D.; Dufresne C.; Ryan T.; Balakrishnan P.; Krause S.; Eisenmann J., 1985: Preferential glycerol transport by electroosmosis through ionic membranes

Kisseberth W.C.; Buck W.B.; Mansfield M.E.; Manuel R.K., 1986: Preferential grazing by cattle on glyphosate treated fescue pastures

Park, C. H., 1984: Preferential growth inhibition of human leukemic vs. normal myeloid colony forming cells by 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate

Miller F.R.; Medina D.; Heppner G.H., 1981: Preferential growth of mammary tumors in intact mammary fat pads

Orrs F.W.; Young L.; King G.M.; Adamson I.Y.R., 1988: Preferential growth of metastatic tumors at the pleural surface of mouse lung

Peterson E.R.; Crain S.M., 1981: Preferential growth of neurites from isolated fetal mouse dorsal root ganglia in relation to specific regions of co cultured spinal cord explants

Pfizenmaier K.; Pan S H.; Knowles B.B., 1980: Preferential h 2 association in cyto toxic thymus derived cell responses to sv 40 tumor associated specific antigens

Robinson, S. H.; Koeppel, E., 1971: Preferential hemolysis of immature erythrocytes in experimental iron deficiency anemia source of erythropoietic bilirubin formation

Zeidler, R.; Kim, H. D., 1977: Preferential hemolysis of post natal calf red cells induced by internal alkalinization

Rudolph J.R.; Regoeczi E.; Chindemi P.A.; Debanne M.T., 1986: Preferential hepatic uptake of iron from rat asialotransferrin possible engagement of two receptors

Chang A.E.; Sugarbaker P.H., 1979: Preferential homing of passively transferred thymus derived cells into skin allo grafts of mice

Sigal C.E.; Valone F.H.; Holtzman M.J.; Goetzl E.J., 1987: Preferential human eosinophil chemotactic activity of the platelet activating factor paf 1 o hexadecyl 2 acetyl sn glyceryl 3 phosphocholine agepc

Gekko K.; Morikawa T., 1981: Preferential hydration of bovine serum albumin in poly hydric alcohol water mixtures

Gamache D.A.; Fawzy A.A.; Franson R.C., 1987: Preferential hydrolysis of peroxidized phospholipid by lysosomal phospholipase c

Risteli, L.; Risteli, J.; Ihme, A.; Krieg, T.; Mueller, P. K., 1980: Preferential hydroxylation of type iv collagen by lysyl hydroxylase ec from ehlers danlos syndrome type vi fibroblasts

Scott M.G.; Fleischman J.B., 1982: Preferential idiotype isotype associations in antibodies to di nitro phenyl antigens

Johnson G.C.; Barbet A.F.; Klevjer Anderson P.; Mcquire T.C., 1983: Preferential immune response to virion surface glyco proteins by caprine arthritis encephalitis virus infected goats

Brotherton T.W.; Ginder G.D., 1986: Preferential in vitro binding of high mobility group proteins 14 and 17 to nucleosomes containing active and dnase i sensitive single copy genes

Joshi S.S.; Glenn L.D.; Vaughan W.P.; Stevenson M.; Sanger W.G.; Sharp J.G.; Weisenburger D.D., 1988: Preferential in vitro growth and expansion of leukemic t lymphoblasts

Morley, N.; Kuksis, A.; Hoffman, A. G. D.; Kakis, G., 1977: Preferential in vivo accumulation of sn 2 3 di acyl glycerols in post heparin plasma of rats

Brewer B.J.; Fangman W.L., 1980: Preferential inclusion of extrachromosomal genetic elements in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae meiotic spores

Teyssendier De La Serve B.; Jouanneau J P., 1979: Preferential incorporation of an exogenous cyto kinin n 6 benzyl adenine into 18s and 25s ribosomal rna of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cells in suspension culture

Takayama H.; Gimbrone M.A.Jr; Schafer A.I., 1987: Preferential incorporation of eicosanoid precursor fatty acids into human umbilical vein endothelial cell phospholipids

Galling, G.; Ssymank, V., 1970: Preferential incorporation of labelled uridine into precursors of chloroplast ribosomes in algal cells

De Silva N.S.; Siu C H., 1980: Preferential incorporation of phospho lipids into plasma membranes during cell aggregation of dictyostelium discoideum

Tamemasa, O.; Goto, R.; Suzuki, T., 1978: Preferential incorporation of some carbon 14 labeled d amino acids into tumor bearing animals

Birnboim, H. D.; Paterson, M. C., 1978: Preferential incorporation of tritiated thymidine into poly pyrimidine containing regions in dna following uv irradiation of human cells

Pelc L.R.; Gross G.J.; Warltier D.C., 1987: Preferential increase in subendocardial perfusion produced by endothelium dependent vasodilators

Barcia, D.; Martinez-Pardo, F.; Fuster, P.; Belinchon, L., 1978: Preferential indications for depamide according to our experience

Ptak W.; Ptak M.; Gryglewski A., 1986: Preferential induction of antigen specific contrasuppressor t lymphocytes by trinitrophenyl substituted langerhans cells

Dziarski, R., 1982: Preferential induction of auto antibody secretion in poly clonal activation by peptido glycan and lipo poly saccharide 1. in vitro studies

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