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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6168

Chapter 6168 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Schwartz R.W., 1985: Pregnancy in physicians characteristics and complications

Sakuma Y., 1987: Pregnancy in rabbits artificially inseminated into the oviduct

Papoff, P.; Whetham, J. C. G.; Katz, A.; Deveber, G. A., 1977: Pregnancy in renal transplant recipients report of 2 successful pregnancies in a patient with impaired renal function

Valeri M., 1984: Pregnancy in renal transplantation clinical aspects

Yager J., 1986: Pregnancy in restricter type anorexia nervosa a study of six women

Manning P.R., 1986: Pregnancy in sickle cell disease

Verma S.K., 1981: Pregnancy in sub estrus buffaloes bubalus bubalis after treatment with prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Bremberg, S., 1977: Pregnancy in swedish teenagers peri natal problems and social situation

Macdonald D.W., 1983: Pregnancy in the diabetic patient timing and mode of delivery

Goude, H.; Cozic, A.; Franck, J. B.; Boscq, G.; Bercovici, J. P., 1975: Pregnancy in the diabetic woman a report of 9 pregnancies and their management

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167010

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167012

Hakanson E.Y., 1979: Pregnancy in the under weight woman course outcome and growth patterns of the infant

Sandstrom, B., 1977: Pregnancy in the young teenage woman

Zorab P.A., 1981: Pregnancy in thoracic scoliosis

Akinkugbe A., 1986: Pregnancy in treated thyrotoxic nigerians

Jarnum S., 1983: Pregnancy in ulcerative colitis

Walshe, J. M., 1977: Pregnancy in wilsons disease

Ikeme A.C.C., 1981: Pregnancy in women after repair of bladder exstrophy 2 case reports

Spence J.E.H., 1985: Pregnancy in women exposed to thalidomide in utero a case

Horger, E. O-Iii ; Smythe, A. R-Ii, 1977: Pregnancy in women over 40

Corini L., 1980: Pregnancy in women over 40 years old

Brusset G. , 1980: Pregnancy in women wearing a heart valve prosthesis 5 case histories

Krisiloff, M.; Puchner, P. J.; Tretter, W.; Macfarlane, M. T.; Lattimer, J. K., 1978: Pregnancy in women with bladder exstrophy

Ponticelli C., 1986: Pregnancy in women with chronic renal failure

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167026

Sulovic, V.; Radunovic, N.; Pilic, Z., 1985: Pregnancy in women with congenital cardiac malformations that have not been treated surgically

Benzary Z., 1981: Pregnancy in women with cystic fibrosis

Martin, F. I. R.; Heath, P.; Mountain, K. R., 1987: Pregnancy in women with diabetes mellitus fifteen years' experience 1970 1985

Kincaid Smith P., 1988: Pregnancy in women with diffuse mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167031

Madias N.E., 1985: Pregnancy in women with renal disease and moderate renal insufficiency

Buckley B.M., 1984: Pregnancy in xanthinuria demonstration of fetal uric acid production

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167035

Kaskarelis D., 1980: Pregnancy in young girls under 17 years

Oliveira Filho R.M., 1987: Pregnancy in young rats effects of malnutrition

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167038

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167039

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167040

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167041

Petrenciuc O., 1981: Pregnancy induced and maintained under 2 bromo alpha ergocryptine in a patient with evolutive prolactinoma

Mann M.A., 1987: Pregnancy induced autogrooming in mice the effects of nipple removal

Keve T.M., 1986: Pregnancy induced changes in resistance blood vessels

Cox R.H., 1985: Pregnancy induced changes in sheep uterine and carotid arteries

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167046

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167047

Shalev A., 1980: Pregnancy induced h y antibodies and their transmission to the fetus in rats

Singer D.B., 1988: Pregnancy induced hypertension and congenital adrenal hypoplasia

Weaver K., 1986: Pregnancy induced hypertension and low birth weight in magnesium deficient ewes

Gall S.A., 1986: Pregnancy induced hypertension and postpartum maternal morbidity

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167052

Keith J.C.Jr, 1986: Pregnancy induced hypertension development of a model in the pregnancy sheep

Balis J.U., 1985: Pregnancy induced hypertension development of a model in the pregnant primate papio anubis

Beevers D.G., 1983: Pregnancy induced hypertension evidence for increased cell membrane permeability to sodium

Zuspan, F. P., 1977: Pregnancy induced hypertension part 1 role of sympathetic nervous system and adrenal gland

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167057

Smith W.G., 1982: Pregnancy induced hypo responsiveness to paternal allo antigens

Head, J. R., 1982: Pregnancy induced hypo responsiveness to paternal allo antigens 1. alterations of humoral immunity in primi parous female rats

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167060

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167061

Girard J., 1984: Pregnancy induced insulin resistance in the rat assessment by glucose clamp technique

Clarke A.G., 1979: Pregnancy induced involution of the thymus can be prevented by immunizing with paternal skin grafts a strain dependent effect

Pinkhas J., 1983: Pregnancy induced leukocytosis in yemenite jews

Gill T.J.IIi, 1984: Pregnancy induced mono clonal antibody to a unique fetal antigen

Krabec Z., 1979: Pregnancy induced morphologic changes in lymphocytes an experimental study on materno fetal tolerance in the rat

Grover R.F., 1979: Pregnancy induced pulmonary hypertension in cows susceptible to high mountain disease

Hermsen C.C., 1985: Pregnancy induced recrudescences strengthen malarial immunity in mice infected with plasmodium berghei

Hees I., 1987: Pregnancy induced structural changes and trophoblastic invasion in the segmental mesometrial arteries of the guinea pig cavia porcellus l

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167070

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167071

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167072

Webster D.G., 1979: Pregnancy initiation in post partum estrus in 3 species of muroid rodents

Wilks J.W., 1983: Pregnancy interception with a combination of prostaglandins studies in rhesus monkeys

Kamboj V.P., 1987: Pregnancy interceptive activity of triazoles oxadiazoles and thiadiazoles

Sechser, T.; Vanecek, J.; Raskova, H.; Jiricka, Z.; Matejovska, D.; Matejovska, V., 1976: Pregnancy interrupting effects of some bacterial toxins

Nelson R.J., 1984: Pregnancy interruption in microtus ochrogaster laboratory artifact or field phenomenon

Thorbert G., 1981: Pregnancy is associated with extensive adrenergic nerve degeneration in the uterus electron microscopic study in the guinea pig

Mccarty, R.; Kopin, I. J., 1978: Pregnancy its effects on blood pressure heart rate and sympatho adrenal activity in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Martin E., 1984: Pregnancy labor and body image in the usa

Jez W., 1981: Pregnancy labor and puerperium in elderly primi paras

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167082

Langlois, M.; Gagner, R. E.; Madarnas, P. N., 1978: Pregnancy luteoma

Pulkkinen M.O., 1982: Pregnancy maintenance after early luteectomy by 17 hydroxy progesterone capronate

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167086

Schneider W., 1986: Pregnancy monitoring and birth planning in neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia caused by pl a 1

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167088

Kwiatkowski W., 1979: Pregnancy occurring after conservative surgical treatment and subsequent irradiation of ovarian dys germinoma

Waronski W., 1979: Pregnancy occurring after treatment of chorion epithelioma with metastases

Luermann K., 1982: Pregnancy of women with endoscopically detected and untreated sterility retrospective analysis of false negative findings

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167092

Karjalainen O., 1984: Pregnancy outcome after combined amputation and conization of the uterine cervix

Karjalainen O., 1979: Pregnancy outcome after previous induced abortion

Molnar C., 1984: Pregnancy outcome and health conditions of offspring of self poisoned pregnant women

Breart G., 1987: Pregnancy outcome and social conditions of women under 20 evolution in france from 1972 to 1981

Zetterstrom R., 1984: Pregnancy outcome and social indicators in sweden

Yasin, S. Y.; Beydoun, S. N., 1988: Pregnancy outcome at greater than or equal to 20 weeks' gestation in women in their 40s a case control study

Poplack D.G., 1980: Pregnancy outcome following cancer chemo therapy

Sackett G.P., 1981: Pregnancy outcome following jet transport stress in nonhuman primates

Patton G.W.Jr, 1982: Pregnancy outcome following micro surgical fimbrio plasty

Rock J.A., 1981: Pregnancy outcome following treatment of intra uterine adhesions

Jones H.W.Jr, 1979: Pregnancy outcome following utero tubal implantation a comparison of the reamer and sharp cornual wedge excision techniques

May K.A., 1983: Pregnancy outcome for adolescents receiving pre natal care by nurse practitioners in extended roles

Ostlund E., 1980: Pregnancy outcome for women working in laboratories in some of the pharmaceutical industries in sweden

Anderson G.D., 1983: Pregnancy outcome in 211 patients with mild chronic hypertension

Anderson G.D., 1984: Pregnancy outcome in 303 cases with severe preeclampsia

Giuntoli R.L., 1982: Pregnancy outcome in 98 women exposed to di ethyl stilbestrol in utero their mothers and unexposed siblings

Zarrabi M.H., 1987: Pregnancy outcome in cancer patients experience in a large cooperative group

Turnbull A.C., 1988: Pregnancy outcome in elderly primigravidae with and without a history of infertility

Else J.G., 1987: Pregnancy outcome in free ranging vervet monkeys cercopithecus aethiops

Nir I., 1988: Pregnancy outcome in heat exposed hamsters the involvement of the pineal

Quebbeman J.F., 1985: Pregnancy outcome in human couples with recurrent spontaneous abortions hla antigen profiles hla antigen sharing female serum mixed lymphocyte reaction blocking factors and paternal leukocyte immunization

Picone, T. A.; Allen, L. H.; Schramm, M. M.; Olsen, P. N., 1982: Pregnancy outcome in north american women 1. effects of diet cigarette smoking and psychological stress on maternal weight gain

Picone, T. A.; Allen, L. H.; Olsen, P. N.; Ferris, M. E., 1982: Pregnancy outcome in north american women 2. effects of diet cigarette smoking stress and weight gain on placentas and on neo natal physical and behavioral characteristics

Karp M., 1986: Pregnancy outcome in patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus with preconceptional diabetic control a comparative study

Phelan J.P., 1981: Pregnancy outcome in the patient with a nonreactive nonstress test and a positive contraction stress test

Marsal K. , 1987: Pregnancy outcome in women perceiving decreased fetal movement

Blattner, P.; Dar, H.; Nitowsky, H. M., 1977: Pregnancy outcome in women with sickle cell trait

Paul R.H., 1984: Pregnancy outcome in women with systemic lupus erythematosus

Anderson G.D., 1986: Pregnancy outcome of intensive therapy in severe hypertension in first trimester

Holmes, G. E.; Holmes, F. F., 1978: Pregnancy outcome of patients treated for hodgkins disease a controlled study

Shaw M., 1987: Pregnancy outcomes after first trimester vaginitis drug therapy

Dong S Y., 1988: Pregnancy outcomes after successful chemotherapy for choriocarcinoma and invasive mole long term follow up

Astley S.J., 1987: Pregnancy outcomes after weekly oral administration of ethanol during gestation in the pig tailed macaque macaca nemestrina

Barker D., 1986: Pregnancy outcomes among adolescent and older women receiving comprehensive prenatal care

Clingman E.J., 1986: Pregnancy outcomes among spanish surname women in california usa

Schiff I., 1983: Pregnancy outcomes following tompkins metro plasty

Ross A., 1984: Pregnancy outcomes in a maternity center and a tertiary care hospital

Gross G.K., 1981: Pregnancy outcomes in black women aged 35 and older

Medina A., 1982: Pregnancy outcomes of indochinese refugees santa clara county california usa

Ochi M., 1986: Pregnancy outcomes of the infertile women attending our infertility clinic

Tsang, R. C.; Glueck, C. J.; Mclain, C.; Russell, P.; Joyce, T.; Bove, K.; Mellies, M.; Steiner, P. M., 1978: Pregnancy parturition and lactation in familial homo zygous hyper cholesterolemia

Fabanwo A.O., 1987: Pregnancy performance of nigerian women aged 16 years and below as seen in ibadan nigeria

Hodgen G.D., 1985: Pregnancy prevention by intravaginal delivery of a progesterone antagonist ru 486 tampon for menstrual induction and absorption

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167136

Kraft S.L., 1986: Pregnancy prophylaxis parenteral postcoital estrogen

Lunglmayr G., 1983: Pregnancy rate after homologous insemination of pathological ejaculate with and without the addition of kallikrein

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167140

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167141

Eddy, C. A.; Shenken, R. S.; Pauerstein, C. J., 1986: Pregnancy rate in timed mated spontaneously cyclic rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167143

Quarrington A.M., 1986: Pregnancy rates after hysterosalpingography with oil and water soluble contrast media

Van Hall E.V., 1984: Pregnancy rates after laparoscopy for infertility

Olbrich E., 1982: Pregnancy rates during long term use of copper intra uterine devices

Ellicott, A. R.; Thompson, C. E.; Hill, J. R-Jr, 1977: Pregnancy rates in cows and heifers inseminated at predetermined times using progesterone releasing intra vaginal devices

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167150

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167151

Ims R.A., 1986: Pregnancy rates in small rodents the consequences of differential onset of breeding

Elsaesser F., 1985: Pregnancy rates relative to recipient plasma progesterone levels on the day of nonsurgical transfer of frozen thawed bovine embryos

Seddon R.J., 1986: Pregnancy rates with artificial insemination by donor the influence of the cryopreservation method and coexistent infertility factors

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167156

Mascaro K., 1980: Pregnancy related changes in rat cervical glycosamino glycans

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167158

Thorburn G.D., 1984: Pregnancy related changes in the connective tissue of the ovine cervix

Sureau C., 1985: Pregnancy related changes in the distribution of glycosaminoglycans in the cervix and corpus of the human uterus

Damjanov I., 1985: Pregnancy related changes in the human endometrium revealed by lectin histochemistry

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167162

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167163

Kerin J.F., 1986: Pregnancy related chemotactic activity of human follicular fluid

Jones H.W.Jr, 1985: Pregnancy related to infertility diagnosis number of attempts and age in a program of in vitro fertilization

Jacobson S., 1983: Pregnancy resolution decisions what if abortions were banned

Gardner S.D., 1981: Pregnancy risk following laparoscopic sterilization in nongravid and gravid women

Stromberg P., 1981: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein a comparison of analysis by radio immunoassay and enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay observations on patients with malignant teratoma of testis

Maran S., 1982: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein and carcino embryonic antigen in malignant tumors of the female genital tract

Cooke I.D., 1981: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein and chorionic gonadotropin in early human pregnancy

Mandelin, M.; Rutanen, E. M.; Heikinheimo, M.; Jalanko, H.; Seppala, M., 1978: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein and chorionic gonadotropin levels after 1st trimester abortions

Saunders D.M., 1981: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein and chorionic gonadotropin levels following conception

Seppala, M.; Rutanen, E. M.; Jalanko, H.; Lehtovirta, P.; Stenman, U. H.; Engvall, E., 1978: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein and chorionic gonadotropin like immuno reactivity during the latter half of the cycle in women using intra uterine contraception

Brock D.J.H., 1980: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein and human chorionic gonadotropin levels in amniotic fluid and maternal serum in the 1st half of pregnancy

Jones W.R., 1980: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein as a prognostic indicator in complications of early pregnancy

Hillier R., 1981: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein as a screening test for at risk pregnancies

Grudzinskas J.G., 1982: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein conversion of sp 1 beta to sp 1 alpha by acidification an artifact

Teisner B., 1979: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein determined by means of electro immunoassay radial immuno diffusion and nephelometry

Heikinheimo M., 1980: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein in amniotic fluid in high risk late pregnancy

Seppalae M., 1980: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein in cultured amniotic fluid cells

Rutanen E M., 1980: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein in ectopic pregnancy

Grudzinskas, J. G.; Evans, D. G.; Gordon, Y. B.; Jeffrey, D.; Chard, T., 1978: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein in fetal and maternal compartments

Teisner B., 1980: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein in patients with tropho blastic disease molecular heterogeneity and a sp 1 consuming factor

Seppala M., 1980: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein in tropho blastic disease

Heikinheimo, M.; Unnerus, H. A.; Ranta, T.; Jalanko, H.; Seppala, M., 1978: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein levels in cholestasis of pregnancy

Unnerus H A., 1979: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein levels in normal and toxemic pregnancy

Palo J., 1982: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein like material in human cerebro spinal fluid

Engvall E., 1980: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein purification and partial characterization

Kjessler B., 1984: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein sp 1 in maternal serum during uncomplicated single pregnancies

Axelsson O., 1983: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein sp 1 in serum from women with pregnancies complicated by intra uterine growth retardation

Tamsen L., 1984: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein sp 1 levels measured by nephelometry in serum from women with vaginal bleeding in the 1st half of pregnancy

Salvador L., 1984: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glycoprotein as a marker of tumors of trophoblastic and nontrophoblastic nature

Asch R.H., 1986: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glycoprotein concentrations throughout pregnancy in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167194

Masson P.L., 1986: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glycoprotein in serum in monoclonal gammopathies relationship with serum beta 2 microglobulin and cellular origin

Cook R.G., 1988: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glycoprotein messenger rna is present in placental as well as non placental tissues

Mendelsohn G., 1984: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glycoprotein sp 1 in breast carcinoma pathologic and clinical considerations

Eppenberger U., 1987: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glycoprotein sp1 after in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer

Sindic C.J.M., 1987: Pregnancy specific beta 1 glycoprotein sp1 in the cerebrospinal fluid

Tatra G., 1981: Pregnancy specific beta glyco protein and pregnancy associated alpha 2 globulin in tumors of the female genital tract

Chard T., 1980: Pregnancy specific beta glyco protein in complications of early pregnancy

Alexander L.C., 1985: Pregnancy specific beta glycoprotein in normal pregnancy in nigeria

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167203

Nasr F., 1981: Pregnancy specific glyco protein and beta human chorionic gonadotropin in suspected ectopic pregnancy

Janisch H., 1986: Pregnancy specific parameters in early pregnancies after in vitro fertilization prediction of the course of pregnancy

Sasser R.G., 1988: Pregnancy specific protein b progesterone concentrations and embryonic mortality during early pregnancy in dairy cows

Cherchi P.L., 1984: Pregnancy specific protein human placental lactogen and human chorionic gonadotropin determination in the prognostic evaluation of threatened abortion

Subrahmanyam D., 1982: Pregnancy specific proteins suppression of in vitro blastogenic response to mitogen by these proteins

Liu D.K., 1982: Pregnancy stimulates dna synthesis in r 3230ac mammary adeno carcinoma

Cooper, D. R.; Butterfield, J., 1970: Pregnancy subsequent to mastectomy for cancer of the breast

Babaknia, A.; Rock, J. A.; Jones, H. W., 1978: Pregnancy success following abdominal myomectomy for infertility

Harrison R.F., 1980: Pregnancy successes in the infertile couple

Adiga P.R., 1982: Pregnancy suppression by active immunization against gestation specific riboflavin carrier protein

Adiga P.R., 1987: Pregnancy suppression in the bonnet monkey by active immunization with chicken riboflavin carrier protein

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167215

Rosenblatt J.S., 1982: Pregnancy termination by prostaglandin f 2 alpha stimulates maternal behavior in the rat

Black R.B., 1984: Pregnancy termination for genetic indications the impact on families

Omodei Sale A., 1982: Pregnancy termination in dogs with nonhormonal compounds evaluation of selected derivatives

Galliani, G.; Lerner, L. J., 1976: Pregnancy termination in dogs with novel nonhormonal compounds

Olukoya A.A., 1987: Pregnancy termination results of a community based study in lagos nigeria

Spitz I.M., 1986: Pregnancy termination with a high and medium dosage regimen of ru 486

Pulkkinen, M. O., 1978: Pregnancy termination with the prostaglandin e 2 analog shb 286

Mihok S., 1987: Pregnancy test for meadow voles microtus pennsylvanicus based on blood azurocyte counts

Udry, J. R.; Keovichit, S.; Burnright, R.; Cowgill, D. O.; Morris, N. M.; Yamarat, C., 1971: Pregnancy testing as a fertility measurement technique a preliminary report on field results

Mostl E., 1986: Pregnancy testing in large animals by the determination of estrogens in feces

Chalmers, B., 1987: Pregnancy the pedi women's veil of secrecy

Lage A.L., 1984: Pregnancy toxemia eclampsia in syrian golden hamsters mesocricetus auratus

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167228

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167229

Sidhu L.S., 1988: Pregnancy wastage in scheduled caste women of punjab india

Mehra, U.; O'connor, T.; Ostapowica, F.; Cavanagh, D., 1976: Pregnancy with bilateral ruptured benign cystic teratomas

Gupta A., 1987: Pregnancy with diabetic proliferative retinopathy a case report

Aktuglu, Y.; Demircan, O., 1981: Pregnancy with jaundice intra hepatic cholestasis vs. viral hepatitis

Lin, T. M.; Halbert, S. P.; Plasencia, R., 1976: Pregnancy zone protein analog in pregnant and nonpregnant primates and its decrease during pregnancy in some monkey species

Angelini, A.; Ferrarese, R., 1985: Pregnancy's evolution and intrauterine fetal growth related to pregnant woman's alimentation

White A.H., 1985: Pregnane derivatives from 2 soft corals of the genus capnella

Takeya K., 1988: Pregnane glycosides from an antitumor fraction of periploca sepium

Yamauchi T., 1988: Pregnane glycosides from trachelospermum asiaticum

Serio M., 1985: Pregnanediol 3 alpha glucuronide measured in diluted urine by mass spectrometry with fast atom bombardment negative ion ionization

Et Al, 1988: Pregnanediol 3 glucosiduronate in early morning urine and 24 hour urine during the menstrual cycle measured by an immunochemical assay

Abe, F.; Yamauchi, T., 1976: Pregnanes in the root bark of nerium odorum

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167244

Ramirez V.D., 1987: Pregnanolone a metabolite of progesterone stimulates lhrh release in vitro and in vivo studies

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167246

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167247

Giblin, P. T.; Poland, M. L., 1986: Pregnant adolescents' health information needs implications for health education and health seeking

Kaufman M.H., 1985: Pregnant and pseudopregnant mice produce a low cytotoxic alloantibody response when challenged by fetal but not adult f 1 alloantigens

Kinoshita M., 1982: Pregnant cases and their outcome in infertility clinic from 1975 1980

Duckert M., 1985: Pregnant drug abusers

Bryner, J. H.; Foley, J. W.; Hubbert, W. T.; Matthews, P. J., 1978: Pregnant guinea pig model for testing efficacy of campylobacter fetus vaccines

Kaminski M., 1986: Pregnant immigrant women occupational activity antenatal care and outcome

Albrecht, E. D.; Koos, R. D.; Gottlieb, S. F., 1977: Pregnant mare serum and human chorionic gonadotropin stimulate ovarian delta 5 3 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase in aged mice

Section 7, Chapter 6168 , Accession 006167255

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167256

Bahl O.P., 1979: Pregnant mare serum gonadotropin purification and physicochemical biological and immunological characterization

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167258

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167259

Pal, A.; Gupta, T.; Chatterjee, A., 1976: Pregnant mares serum gonadotropin part 1 progesterone or prolactin and the reversal of anti fertility efficacy of pregnant mares serum gonadotropin

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167261

Chatterjee, A.; Pal, A. K.; Gupta, T., 1977: Pregnant mares serum gonadotropin part 3 hemi spaying and the reversal of the anti fertility faculty of pregnant mares serum gonadotropin

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167263

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167264

Carlson G.A., 1979: Pregnant mice are not primed but can be primed to fetal allo antigens

Sherwood O.D., 1984: Pregnant mouse corpora lutea immunocytochemical localization of relaxin and ultrastructure

Scholten, P., 1976: Pregnant stewardess should she fly

Brabrand J., 1988: Pregnant with iud intrauterine device in situ outcomes of pregnancy

Oftestad B.B., 1988: Pregnant women in distress an investigation of 2 937 women who visited the alternative to abortion center in oslo aan norway

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167270

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167271

Saurel-Cubizolles, M. J.; Kaminski, M., 1987: Pregnant women's working conditions and their changes during pregnancy a national study in france

Cetrulo C.L., 1985: Pregnant womens absorption of iron from prenatal supplements

Holtzman N.A., 1983: Pregnant womens attitudes toward the abortion of defective fetuses

Van-Wimersma-Greidanus, T. B., 1977: Pregnene type steroids and impairment of passive avoidance behavior in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167276

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167277

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167278

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167279

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167280

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167281

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167282

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167283

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167284

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167285

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167286

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167287

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167288

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167289

Bowers E.J., 1987: Preharvest aflatoxin contamination effect of moisture and substrate variation in developing cottonseed and corn kernels

Noel R., 1984: Preharvest aflatoxin contamination of dent corn in indiana usa in 1983

Loftis D.L., 1985: Preharvest herbicide treatment improves regeneration in southern appalachian hardwoods

Payne G.A., 1984: Preharvest infection of corn silks and kernels by aspergillus flavus

Hagstrum D.W., 1985: Preharvest infestation of cowpeas by the cowpea weevil callosobruchus maculatus coleoptera bruchidae and population trends during storage in florida usa

Paulsen G.M., 1985: Preharvest sprouting of hard winter wheat triticum aestivum as affected by nitrogen nutrition

Roubaud P., 1986: Prehatching embryo survival of 9 freshwater fish eggs after a ph shock during fertilization or early stages of development

Roubaud P., 1983: Prehatching survival of carp eggs after treatment during fertilization and early development with the anti mitotic fungicide carbendazim

Khachatourians G.G., 1986: Prehemolytic erythrocyte deformability changes caused by trichothecene t 2 toxin an ektacytometer study

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Myking A.O., 1979: Prehepatic portal hypertension in the rat immediate and long term effects on portal vein and aortic pressure of a graded portal vein stenosis followed by occlusion of the portal vein and spleno renal collaterals

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Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167847

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167848

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Et Al, 1987: Preliminary discussion on the clinical application of computed tomography in tuberculosis meningitis

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Clark G.M., 1988: Preliminary evaluation of a multichannel electrotactile speech processor

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Skulmowska Kryszkowska D., 1986: Preliminary evaluation of a vaccine against influenza in horses

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Gerasimenko V.F., 1981: Preliminary evaluation of breeding material based on parameters of ecological plasticity

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Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167956

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167957

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Et Al, 1984: Preliminary evaluation of red blood cell survival time and destruction site determination in aplastic anemia

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Wang M., 1987: Preliminary evaluation of the combination of chinese herbal medicine destagnation and radiotherapy for esophageal cancer

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Mora D., 1983: Preliminary evaluation of the postharvest problems in 6 tropical fruits in costa rica

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Karasek F.W., 1984: Preliminary evaluation of thermal desorption gas chromatographic analysis of airborne particulate matter on dichotomous filters

Thomas H.F., 1987: Preliminary evaluation of treatment and selection conditions which affect expression of anthracycline mutagenicity in salmonella typhimurium and a diploid human lymphoblast cell line

Halliday W.R., 1987: Preliminary evaluation of trimethacarb as a wheat protectant against four species of stored product insects

De-Vos, R. N.; Mallett, J. B., 1987: Preliminary evaluation of two maize zea mays l. growth simulation models

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167985

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Et Al, 1985: Preliminary evaluation on clinical application of multibreath nitrogen washout

Schubart H.O., 1982: Preliminary evaluation on the effects of application of the herbicide paraquat and conventional plowing on the meso fauna of the soil in the region of manaus amazonas brazil

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Chand N., 1979: Preliminary evidence for 2 subclasses of histamine h 2 receptors

Modenesi P., 1986: Preliminary evidence for a cholinergic like system in lichen morphogenesis

Gilsdorf M., 1986: Preliminary evidence for a diagnostic immunoglobulin g 1 antibody response among culture positive cows vaccinated with brucella abortus strain 19 and challenge exposed with strain 2308

Leichnetz, G. R.; Astruc, J., 1975: Preliminary evidence for a direct projection of the prefrontal cortex to the hippocampus in the squirrel monkey

Wictum E., 1988: Preliminary evidence for a fourth allele at the phosphohexose isomerase phi locus of horse erythrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167998

Section 7, Chapter 6168, Accession 006167999

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