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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6170

Chapter 6170 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wilson, W.L.; Andrews, N.C.; Frelick, R.W.; Nealon, T.F.; Bick, R.L.; Adams, T., 1976:
Preliminary report on the use of 1 2 chloroethyl 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea nsc 79037 adriamycin nsc 123127 and hexa methyl melamine nsc 13875 in carcinoma of the lung

Sadovsky, E.; Yarkoni, S., 1978:
Preliminary report on the use of the combined multi load contraceptive intra uterine device

Davila Y.Aguilar S.; Paz Morelos G., 1986:
Preliminary report on therapeutic effect of a hypocaloric controlled diet formula in obese patients

Acad-Tradit-Chin-Med-Hsi-Yuan-Hosp-Dep-Intern-Med-Hematol-Sect, 1977:
Preliminary report on treatment of chronic aplastic anemia with combined traditional Chinese and western therapy

Liu D.; Dai C.; X.Y., 1986:
Preliminary report on treatment of retinoblastoma with hematoporphyrin derivative laser

Ahmed S.R.; Grant J.; Shalet S.M.; Howell A.; Chowdhury S.D.; Weatherson T.; Blacklock N.J., 1985:
Preliminary report on use of depot formulation of lhrh analog ici 118630 zoladex in patients with prostatic cancer

Mizutani A., 1980:
Preliminary report on worker oviposition in the ant pristomyrmex pungens

Tepper B.J., 1986:
Preliminary report patterns of nutrient selection in long term diabetic rats association with diabetic complications

Giordano G.; Miniello S.; Losacco T.; Custodero I.; Giordano A.T.; Romano D., 1987:
Preliminary report the ton that tung transparenchymal hepatic resection technique

Enria D.A.; Briggiler A.M.; Levis S.; Vallejos D.; Maiztegui J.I.; Canonico P.G., 1987:
Preliminary report tolerance and antiviral effect of ribavirin in patients with argentine hemorrhagic fever

Urbatsch, L.E., 1977:
Preliminary reports on the flora of louisiana usa part 1 the genera and species of the tribe vernonieae compositae

Murry R.E.Jr; Urbatsch L.E., 1979:
Preliminary reports on the flora of louisiana usa part 3 the families droseraceae and sarraceniaceae

Ellis R.R.; Urbatsch L.E., 1979:
Preliminary reports on the flora of louisiana usa part 4 onagraceae

Tans, W.E.; Iltis, H.H., 1979:
Preliminary reports on the flora of wisconsin usa 67. verbenaceae the vervain family

Scaroina, F.; Cavallari, L.; Oneglia, C.; Amprimo, M.C.; Zola, F.; Rabino-Massa, E.; Ricco, G., 1987:
Preliminary reports on the oxygen loading in blood of anemic patients

Picozzi P.; Santucci S.; D'angelo P.; Corridoni C.; Marsili P.; Balbarini A.; Campa P.P.; Mariani M., 1983:
Preliminary research about the use of a physical computerized model to estimate the main cardiac function parameters

Rauta C.; Zarioiu V.; Creanga I.; Petre N.; Kaszoni E.; Carstea S.; Mihalache G., 1987:
Preliminary research concerning the technology for bringing under agricultural use some soils polluted with petroleum residues

Suzuki K.; Murase S.; Yamazaki T., 1986:
Preliminary research for dwarfing rootstock of peach and cherry

Teodoreanu, M., 1977:
Preliminary research on coleopteran populations in litter and humus levels of soil in 2 forest ecosystems of the vladeasa mountains

Poli, A.; Migani, P.; Bartolini, G.; Orlandi, M., 1975:
Preliminary research on conjugation processes in isolated hepatocytes

Pelizzo, A.; Tocci, A., 1978:
Preliminary research on seeds and seedlings of pinus halepensis and pinus brutia and pinus eldarica

Pasqualini E.; Briolini G.; Memmi M., 1982:
Preliminary research on the damage by panonychus ulmi on apple on emilia romagna italy

Shen S.; Chen Y., 1984:
Preliminary research on the ecology of the plateau pica at dawu area guoluo qinghai province china

De-Domenico, M., 1975:
Preliminary research on the marine distribution of hydro carbon oxidizing microorganisms

Balacco Gabrieli C.; Palmisano C.; Castellano L., 1986:
Preliminary research on the resistance of iols to a q switched neodymium yag laser

Boscher, J., 1975:
Preliminary research on the substances emitted by leek allium porrum and stimulant for egg laying of moth acrolepia assectella

Cova, C.; Merli, A.; Pavan, M., 1977:
Preliminary research on the vertebrate fauna of the vincheto di cellarda animal and plant reserve belluno province italy

Mirabella A., 1983:
Preliminary research on truffle tuber magnatum soils of metauro foglia marecchia and savio valleys marche county italy

Innocenti G.; Zambonelli A., 1985:
Preliminary researches on biology of ascosphaera apis in pure culture

Ozino Marletto O.I., 1982:
Preliminary researches on hyphomycetes isolated from zyginidia pullula

Menghi, G.; Accili, D.; Polzonetti Magni, A., 1985:
Preliminary researches on the characterization of the glycoconjugates in the oviduct of Rana esculenta complex during its reproductive cycle

Mlynarczyk G.; Mlynarczyk A.; Sawicka Grzelak A.; Jagusztyn Krynicka E.; Osowiecki H., 1986:
Preliminary restriction enzyme analysis of dna in selected staphylococcus aureus bacteriophages

Genin E.; Jullien R.; Perez F.; Fonta C.; Masson C., 1984:
Preliminary results about chemicals emitted by bumblebees bombus hypnorum hymenoptera apoidea bombinae

Rybalko, M.A.; Mirolyubov, N.N.; Yaroslavtsev, V.L., 1978:
Preliminary results and some prospects of clinical physiological studies carried out by the irkutsk medical institute in the western part of the baikal amur railway

Videau C.; Khalanski M.; Penot M., 1979:
Preliminary results concerning effects of chlorine on mono specific marine phyto plankton

Lei, J.; Dexheimer, J., 1987:
Preliminary results concerning the controlled mycorrhization of oak quercus robur l. vitroplants

D.R.nzis C.; Pastore G.; Mardarella G.; Fusco A.; Cellini N., 1979:
Preliminary results concerning the role of dental prophylaxis in irradiated patients

Gaboriaud G.; Michel D.; Bataini P.; Jaulerry C., 1981:
Preliminary results for a 434 megahertz microwave hyper thermia applicator

Tsugita, A.; Yariv, J., 1985:
Preliminary results for the primary structure of bacterioferritin of Escherichia coli

Kleiner U.; Profe D.; Trenner P., 1986:
Preliminary results from bacteriological testing of kombinal vetasept disinfectant

Lock, J.M., 1977:
Preliminary results from fire and elephant exclusion plots in kabalega national park uganda

Voros A., 1987:
Preliminary results from the aszofo section middle triassic balaton area hungary a proposal for a new anisian ammonoid subzonal scheme

Toulmin, P.I.i ; Clark, B.C.; Baird, A.K.; Keil, K.; Rose, H.J.Jr, 1976:
Preliminary results from the viking x ray fluorescence experiment the 1st sample from chryse planitia mars

Philippe L.; Itti R., 1981:
Preliminary results in dynamic single photon cardiac blood pool tomography

Bornfeld N.; Alberti W.; Foerster M.H.; Gerke E.; Wessing A.; Meyer Schwickerath G., 1984:
Preliminary results in external beam radiation of choroidal melanomas using the linear accelerator

Parmentier C.; Finaud M.; Schlumberger M.; Morardet N.; Berger R.; Bayle C.; Carde P.; Hurteloup P.; Hayat M., 1985 :
Preliminary results in secondary acute non lymphocytic leukemia treated with idarubicin

Teichmann G.; Stohr P., 1981:
Preliminary results obtained from use of agramelk m udder preparation for assurance of good udder health

Sutherland R.; Dahne C.; Place J., 1984:
Preliminary results obtained with a no label homogeneous optical immunoassay for human immuno globulin g

Veronesi F.; Mariani A.; Falcinelli M.; Arcioni S., 1981:
Preliminary results of 1 cycle of selection for green matter yield in medicago sativa

Mathe, G.; De-Vassal, F.; Schwarzenberg, L.; Delgado, M.; Weiner, R.; Gil, M.A.; Pean-Angulo, J.; Belpomme, D.; Pouillart, P.; Et-Al, 1978:
Preliminary results of 3 protocols for the treatment of acute lymphoid leukemia of children distinction of 2 groups of patients according to predictable prognosis

Von-Heyden, H.W.; Beyer, J.H.; Mattaei, A.; Nagel, G.A.; Schroeder, M., 1981:
Preliminary results of a chemo therapy trial for squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck region comparison of 2 regimes cis di chloro di ammine platinum ii and bleomycin vs. methotrexate and vindesine

Schroeder M.; Von Heyden H.W.; Scherpe A.; Borghardt J.; Beyer J H.; Nagel G.A.; Gerhartz H.; Kastenbauer E.; Westerhausen M.; E.A., 1983:
Preliminary results of a chemo therapy trial in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck comparison between 2 regimens cis di ammine di chloro platinum ii and bleomycin against methotrexate and vindesine

Lipsey L.L.Jr, 1988:
Preliminary results of a classification of fifty one selected northeastern wisconsin lakes usa using indicator diatom species

Bruni, L.; Califano, A.; D.A.gelis, G.; Montagnani, A.; Pisani, M.; Pezzarossa, G.; Pozzo, G.; Reali, D.; Rebora, A.; Zanca, A., 1980:
Preliminary results of a clinical trial relative to the use of rifamycin SV in the treatment of herpes zoster

Heiliger, R.; Geks, J.; Mittermayer, C., 1986:
Preliminary results of a comparative test of mechanical bileaflet valves and tilting disc valves

Paredes Cencillo C.; Guillem Lanuza F.; Nogueira J.M.; Jorda A.; Portales M.; Brines J., 1988:
Preliminary results of a follow up in a neonatal population with positive antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus

Boehme W.; Eisentraut M., 1981:
Preliminary results of a hybridization experiment with pityusae lizards podarcis pityusensis reptilia lacertidae conducted under natural conditions

Trakhtenberg A.Kh; Chissov V.I.; Kiseleva E.S.; Barchuk A.S.; Vagner R.I.; Glagolev A.N.; Dar'yalova S.L.; Dorfman M.V.; Zakharchenko A.V.; E.A., 1983:
Preliminary results of a joint study on the effectiveness of combined treatment of lung cancer

Lens J.; Bijvoet H.; Gouw G.N.; Wamsteker H.; Belsey R.H.R., 1980:
Preliminary results of a long myotomy with anti reflux procedure for achalasia of the esophagus

Teugels G.G., 1982:
Preliminary results of a morphological study of 5 african species of the subgenus clarias clarias pisces clariidae

Pautrat, Y.; Verjux, C., 1987:
Preliminary results of a new excavation campaign at the genay breccia cote d'or france

Giovannini, M.G.; Puliti, R.; Megazzini, I.; Corte, L.D.; Marconi, M.; Sgaragli, G.P., 1980:
Preliminary results of a new method of purification of rat ileum peroxidase ec

Calle Pascual A.L.; Gomez Gallesteros V.; Ponce D.L.on A.; Vinas C.; Martin Alvarez P.J.; Bordiu Obanza E., 1988:
Preliminary results of a one year follow up of a diabetic population group in guadalajara spain after receiving a short course of continued diabetic education

Riegel W.; Wilde V.; Pelzer G., 1986:
Preliminary results of a paleobotanical excavation in the fluvial wealden facies of the osterwald near hannover west germany

Dewhirst M.W.; Bonnor W.G.; Sim D.A., 1982:
Preliminary results of a phase iii trial of spontaneous animal tumors to heat and or radiation early normal tissue response and tumor volume influence of initial response

Campbell, F.W.; Hess, R.F.; Watson, P.G.; Banks, R., 1978:
Preliminary results of a physiologically based treatment of amblyopia

Lippman H.G.; Von Ardenne M.; Wiemuth H H., 1980:
Preliminary results of a pilot study on the optimization and clinical examination of oxygen multi step therapy

Corridori S.; Scevola D.; Averna R., 1981:
Preliminary results of a pre treatment with a thymus extract in endo toxin experimental hepatitis in mice

Cachin, Y.; Jortay, A.; Sancho, H.; Eschwege, F.; Madelain, M.; Desaulty, A.; Gerard, P., 1977:
Preliminary results of a randomized european organization for research on treatment of cancer study comparing radio therapy and concomitant bleomycin to radio therapy alone in epidermoid carcinomas of the oro pharynx

Kinsella, T.J.; Sindelar, W.F.; Lack, E.; Glatstein, E.; Rosenberg, S.A., 1988:
Preliminary results of a randomized study of adjuvant radiation therapy in resectable adult retroperitoneal soft tissue sarcomas

Antman, K.; Suit, H.; Amato, D.; Corson, J.; Wood, W.; Proppe, K.; Harmon, D.; Carey, R.; Greenberger, J.; Blum, R., 1984:
Preliminary results of a randomized trial of adjuvant doxorubicin for sarcomas: lack of apparent difference between treatment groups

Boerner A.; Lehmann C.O.; Mettin D., 1987 :
Preliminary results of a screening for ga 3 response in wheats of the gatersleben east germany gene bank

Gerrettson-Cornell, L., 1977:
Preliminary results of a study of the sexuality in phytophthora cambivora

Henry, R.; Caramaschi, E.M.P.; Tundisi, J.G., 1978:
Preliminary results of a survey of ecological factors in a shallow tropical reservoir

Heyns, J., 1976:
Preliminary results of a survey of fresh water nematodes in south africa

Gastal, H.A.D.O.; Galileo, M.H.M., 1976:
Preliminary results of a survey of the occurrence of arthropods in soybean cultures glycine max using traps

Perez Manga G.; Madrigal Alonso P.L.; Gonzalez Beca R.; Alvarez Suarez S.; Alonso Munoz A., 1980:
Preliminary results of a therapeutic effort in advanced carcinoma of the breast

Standke E.; Kunze M L.; Oelssner W.; Pfeiffer J., 1984:
Preliminary results of adjuvant half body irradiation in metastasizing cancer of the breast

Corrias, A.; Rossi, G.; Pitzalis, A.; Nardi, M.G.; Burrai, P.; Orani, S., 1986:
Preliminary results of an epidemiological research on allergic diseases in cagliari's district italy

Giordano L.; Massa G., 1987:
Preliminary results of an experiment in the prevention and treatment of gastroduodenal ulcer using h 2 receptor antagonists

Fulton R.S.IIi, 1982:
Preliminary results of an experimental study of the effects of mysid predation on estuarine zoo plankton community structure

Diamond, J.M., 1976:
Preliminary results of an ornithological exploration of the islands of vitiaz and dampier straits papua new guinea

Caplet J., 1981:
Preliminary results of an ultrastructural study of acidophilic bodies in glomeris marginata oocytes

Capperucci U.; Ronca V., 1984:
Preliminary results of argon laser photocoagulative treatment in different types of glaucoma

Marboutie, G., 1976:
Preliminary results of biological control tests in peach and apple orchards

Capriello P.; Barale E.; Parrini A.; Lupo S.; Tarantino E.; Cappelli N.; Fioretti P., 1986:
Preliminary results of chorionic villi sampling

Kondrat'eva, N.A.; Lorie-Yu, I.; Kruglova, G.V.; Vorob'ev, A.I.; Koshel, I.V.; Kurmashov, V.I.; Beresneva, I.A.; Lipatov, A.M., 1977:
Preliminary results of clinical trials of soviet l asparaginase from escherichia coli

Kovar J., 1986:
Preliminary results of comparative floristic studies on miocene floras of the alpine molasse and the pannonian area vienna basin and neighboring regions austria

Borisov, V.I.; Lipatov, A.M.; Perevodchikova, N.I.; Alekseev, N.A.; Vygovskaya-Ya, I.; Gershanovich, M.L.; Grishko, V.A.; Gorbunova, V.A.; Zak, B.I.; Et-Al, 1976:
Preliminary results of cooperative clinical trial of carminomicin a new anti tumor antibiotic

Zurowski W., 1979:
Preliminary results of european beaver re introduction in the tributary streams of the vistula river

Strauch D.; Mossmueller A.; Kaendler U.; Koenig W.; Philipp W., 1982:
Preliminary results of examinations of organic and semi organic fertilizers on their components and their hygienic microbiological condition

Koncicki A.; Janowska I., 1986:
Preliminary results of examinations on the passive immunity in young turkeys against newcastle disease

Crawford C.M., 1984:
Preliminary results of experiments on the rearing of tasmanian australia flounders rhombosolea tapirina and ammotretis rostratus

Magomedov G.M.; Azhigalieva G.K.; Popovichenko S.N., 1979:
Preliminary results of final stages of egg incubation outside the fish hatchery and release of young autumn chum oncorhynchus keta into the caspian sea ussr

Barbetta, F.; Zanotti, L., 1972:
Preliminary results of fluorescence spectroscopy and epr in the study of some latexes

Caudarella R.; Stefani F.; Rizzoli E.; Malavolta N.; D'antuono G., 1983:
Preliminary results of glycosamino glycans excretion in normal and stone forming subjects relationship with uric acid excretion

Litvinenko V.S., 1985:
Preliminary results of implementing the plan of action of combat desertification

Laurincik, J.; Capistrak, A.; Lindovsky, R., 1978:
Preliminary results of improvement of merino sheep by kent rams

Sawitzky C.; Kuehn R.A., 1986:
Preliminary results of in vitro cultivation of stem cells from bone marrow and peripheral blood in an autologous test system in patients with hematological disease

Garcia Lopez F.; Tobajas Asensio L.M.; Carreras Delgado J.L.; Mateo Navarro A.; Banzo Marraco J.; Abos Olivares M.D.; Teijeiro Vidal J.; Marin Gorriz F., 1980:
Preliminary results of indirect isotopic lympho gammagraphy with technetium 99m labeled colloidal sulfide in urological pathology

Krasnowska M.; Cieslinska A.; Jankowska R.; Czapska J., 1985:
Preliminary results of investigations on the activity of monoamine oxidase and ceruloplasmin in the serum of patients with chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis

Yamada A.; Dabrowski J.; Hanfland P.; Egge H., 1980:
Preliminary results of j resolved 2 dimensional proton nmr studies on glyco sphingo lipids

Vorob'ev E.I.; Gazenko O.G.; Gurovskii N.N.; Egorov A.D.; Beregovkin A.V.; Degtyarev V.A.; Kalinichenko V.V.; Kas'yan I.I., 1981:
Preliminary results of medical research at manned flights of the salyut 6 program

Vorob'ev, E.I.; Gazenko, O.G.; Gurovskii, N.N.; Nefedov-Yu, G.; Egorov, B.B.; Baevskii, R.M.; Bryanov, I.I.; Genin, A.M.; Degtyarev, V.A.; Et-Al, 1976:
Preliminary results of medical studies conducted during the 2nd flight of the orbital station salyut 4

Vorob'ev E.I.; Gazenko O.G.; Shul'zhenko E.B.; Grigor'ev A.I.; Barer A.S.; Egorov A.D.; Skiba I.A., 1986:
Preliminary results of medical studies during a 5 month space flight on salyut 7 soyuz t

Schorcht M.; Alvarez P., 1979:
Preliminary results of micro dendrometer investigations in stands of pinus caribaea

Portugalov, V.V., 1976:
Preliminary results of morphological and cytochemical studies of animals on board the artificial earth satellite kosmos 605 for a 22 day flight

Barluzzi C.; D.D.minicis V.; Perini C., 1983:
Preliminary results of myco cenological researches in the evergreen oak woods of the hills near the tyrrhenian coast italy

Bartolomei, G.; Broglio, A., 1975:
Preliminary results of new research on quaternary deposits in cave a at veia italy

Issar G.; Seidman E.R.; Samocha Z., 1987:
Preliminary results of nursery and pond culture of penaeus semisulcatus in israel

Janssen C.R.; Van Straten R., 1982:
Preliminary results of palynological research in the forez central plateau france

Waclawiczek H.W., 1987:
Preliminary results of pancreas duct occlusion with a fibrin sealant following pancreatic head resection for the protection of pancreaticodigestive anastomoses

Mathe, G.; Serrou, B.; Hayat, M.; De-Vassal, F.; Misset, J.L.; Schwarzenberg, L.; Machover, D.; Ribaud, P.; Belpomme, D.; Et-Al, 1977:
Preliminary results of phase i and ii clinical trials of chloro 2 ethyl 1 ribofuranosylisopropylidene 2 3 p nitro benzoate 5 3 nitroso urea a new nitroso urea sugar derivative in digestive tract tumors

Rybak B.; Duchatel F., 1982:
Preliminary results of phonatory echo tomography

Gragoudas, E.S.; Goitein, M.; Seddon, J.; Verhey, L.; Munzenrider, J.; Urie, M.; Suit, H.D.; Blitzer, P.; Johnson, K.N.; Koehler, A., 1984:
Preliminary results of proton beam irradiation of macular and paramacular melanomas

Robert, J., 1975:
Preliminary results of provenance tests on douglas fir

Mohiuddin M.; Kramer S.; Phillips T.; Soberon M.; Forgione H., 1982:
Preliminary results of radiation therapy and oncology group phase i ii study of misonidazole and radiation for bladder cancer

Deichert G., 1981:
Preliminary results of reproduction traits of the indigenous malaysian goats

Filo P., 1982:
Preliminary results of research on neuro psychic stress in operators

Fleming M.; Jones D.; Simons J., 1982:
Preliminary results of rorschach protocols of pre operative and post operative trans sexuals

Goncalves P.D.; Rossetti A.G., 1982:
Preliminary results of rubber tree hevea sp clones behavior in the ecological conditions of manaus brazil

Choang Kim Choi; Nguyen Chung Tu; V.C.ang Man; Lai Van Tak; Nguyen Chi Tien, 1983:
Preliminary results of studies of certain groups of soil animals in the tainguen tropical forest the central plateau vietnam

Szewczyk, Z., 1978:
Preliminary results of studies on mental and social development of children with cleft lip and or cleft palate

Forni C.; Zitelli G., 1979:
Preliminary results of studies on resistance sources to septoria tritici in wheat

Radujkovic B.M.; Romestand B.; Trilles J.P., 1983:
Preliminary results of studies on the effect of some parasitoses acanthocephala and nematoda on erythrocytic constants of the host fish chelon labrosus pisces mugilidae from the bay of boka kotorska yugoslavia

Adamczyk Z.; Bilski D.; Ciesielski L.; Gryszkiewicz M.; Korzycki J.; Markert R.; Modzelewski B.; Plewinski J.; Sereczynska Wozniak T.; E.A., 1986:
Preliminary results of studies on the rate causes and effects of accidents at work at the belchatow industrial district poland

Adamczyk, Z.; Bilski, D.; Ciesielski, L.; Gryszkiewicz, M.; Korzycki, J.; Markert, R.; Modzelewski, B.; Plewinski, J.; Szereszynska-Wozniak, T.; Et-Al, 1986:
Preliminary results of studies on the rate causes and effects of accidents at work at the belchatow industrial district poland part i. direct cause of accidents at work

Pushkarskaya N.L.; Berezin V.E.; Klyushnik S.Yu; Zaides V.M.; Barinskii I.F., 1987:
Preliminary results of studying the immunogenicity of subunit herpes vaccine

Babaluk J.A.; Campbell J.S., 1987:
Preliminary results of tetracycline labelling for validating annual growth increments in opercula of walleyes

Szanto J.; Johos E.; Hindy I.; Eckhardt S., 1988:
Preliminary results of the chemotherapy of osteogenic sarcoma following surgery

Stolzman M.; Jasirowski H.; Reklewski Z.; Zarnecki A.; Kalinowska G., 1985:
Preliminary results of the comparison of 10 varieties of black and white cattle in field conditions

Fischer A.M.; Aurousseau M.H.; Dautzenberg M.D.; Bentata Pessayre M.; Beguin S., 1982:
Preliminary results of the effects of pentosan poly sulfate hemoclar injection in a woman with hereditary anti thrombin iii deficiency

Roland, M., 1976:
Preliminary results of the endometrial and ovarian response to luteal phase norgestrel

Salazar, C.R.; Torres, M.R.; Serna, V.J.; Gallego, V.A., 1978:
Preliminary results of the evaluation of 8 avocado persea americana cultivars in colombia coffee areas

Cianciara Z.; Bozalek H.; Horbal T.; Wawrzynczak P., 1986:
Preliminary results of the evaluation of the effects of ethrel on the mechanical harvest of sweet cherry cultivar hedelfinger reisenkirsche

Sanchez, S.L.F.; Leal, M.D., 1978:
Preliminary results of the fertilization in nonirrigated rice in the colombian eastern plains

Ger Hodgkin Study Group, 1986:
Preliminary results of the german hodgkin study

Bieniarz, K.; Epler, P., 1976:
Preliminary results of the in vivo studies on ovarian resorption in carp cyprinus carpio

Morkowski J.; Nowak J., 1981:
Preliminary results of the isolation of chicken fc immuno globulin g receptor

Santos A.; Torres S., 1983:
Preliminary results of the marking campaigns skipjack 7909 and skipjack 8007 in waters of the canaries spain

Mel'nikov R.A.; Mosidze B.A., 1988:
Preliminary results of the preoperative regional chemotherapy of rectal cancer

Barbier, D.; Coulanges, P., 1977:
Preliminary results of the study of allergens responsible for asthma in madagascar malagasy republic

Otel V.; Ilinca N.; Nereuta E., 1980:
Preliminary results of the treatment of ovary cyst in cows with a synthetic releasing factor preparation

Brodzki L.M.; Pawelski S.; Gepner Wozniewska M., 1986:
Preliminary results of the treatment of some forms of acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia with cytosine arabinoside

Stief C.G.; Baehren W.; Beckert R.; Altwein J.E., 1986:
Preliminary results of treatment of erectile impotence by auto application of vasoactive substances into corpus cavernosum

Miser, J.S.; Kinsella, T.J.; Triche, T.J.; Tsokos, M.; Forquer, R.; Wesley, R.; Horvath, K.; Belasco, J.; Longo, D.L.; Steis, R., 1988:
Preliminary results of treatment of Ewing's sarcoma of bone in children and young adults: six months of intensive combined modality therapy without maintenance

Costantino V.; Pedrazolli S.; Miotto D.; Pescarini L., 1985:
Preliminary results of treatment of fistula with human fibrin glue tissucol

Zhao W K., 1988:
Preliminary results of using pelvic elastic splint in the treatment of fracture of the pelvis a report of 27 cases

Morizet J.; Falcimagne R.; Martignac M., 1987:
Preliminary results on a experimental device for simultaneous measurement of water absorption and transpiration of a young plant grown on soil

Costa C.M.D.C.; Oliveira L.M.D.; Ramos Junior F., 1984:
Preliminary results on a possible analgesic property of croton zehntneri in rats

Clumeck N.; Van D.P.rre P.; Mascart Lemone F.; Cran S.; Bolla K.; Duchateau J., 1984:
Preliminary results on clinical and immunological effects of thymopentin in acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Louis M.; Hoai T.L.; Lasserre G., 1985:
Preliminary results on fish recruitment in two lagoons belle plaine and manche a eau in the mangroves of guadeloupe west indies

Cadic, A.; Decourtye, L., 1976:
Preliminary results on floral biology and genetics of barberry breeding consequences

Destefanis, S.; Gotlib, A.; Urrejola, R., 1977:
Preliminary results on metabolism of cladocera using cartesian submersible micro respirometry

Ochoa Galvan P.; Malagon Vera C., 1985:
Preliminary results on milk production with the use of proved sires in a holstein friesian herd

Salvini M.; Santangelo G.; Nobili R., 1983:
Preliminary results on rna synthesis during cell union activation in blepharisma japonicum protozoa ciliata

Garnier, L.; Albano, J.P., 1977:
Preliminary results on splanchnico laryngeal reflex in the cat

Bagni B.; Jotti G.S.; Cavallini A.R., 1983:
Preliminary results on the application of the precision profile to the radio immunoassay

Delepine, R.; Mascre, M.; Beucher, M.; Decroix, J.F., 1978:
Preliminary results on the biology and chemical composition of lessonia in the french kerguelen islands

Samor B.; Mazurier C.; Goudemand M.; Debeire P.; Fournet B.; Montreuil J., 1982:
Preliminary results on the carbohydrate moiety of factor viii von willebrand factor

Malcoste R.; Van Wormhoudt A.; Bellon Humbert C., 1983:
Preliminary results on the characteristics of the hepato pancreas of the prawn palaemon serratus crustacea decapoda natantia cultivated in vitro

Obatolu C.R., 1985:
Preliminary results on the comparative effects of two nitrogen sources on the growth of the young tea camellia sinensis cuttings

Labourg P.J.; Clus C.; Lasserre R., 1985:
Preliminary results on the distribution of juvenile fish assemblages occupying a tidal marsh in arcachon bay france

Kellomaki S., 1980:
Preliminary results on the effect of drying and soaking on the thickness of bark in scotch pine and norway spruce timber

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Preliminary results on the fecundity of the larvivorous fish poecilia reticulata peters 1895 cyprinodontiformes poeciliidae

Zatyko J.M.; Molnar I., 1985:
Preliminary results on the in vitro mass propagation of grapes from shoot tip meristem

Barghigiani C.; Pellegrini D.; Gioffre D.; D.R.nieri S.; Bargagli R., 1986:
Preliminary results on the mercury content of citharus linguatula in the northern tyrrhenian sea

Van Ballaer E.; Amat F.; Hontoria F.; Leger P.; Sorgeloos P., 1985:
Preliminary results on the nutritional evaluation of omega 3 highly unsaturated fatty acid enriched artemia nauplii for larvae of the sea bass dicentrarchus labrax

Fromentin, H., 1975:
Preliminary results on the proteases of entomophthora coronata pathogen of mammals

Maissiat R., 1980:
Preliminary results on the ultrastructure of the antennal gland of the crustacean ligia oceanica and ultrastructural variations during the molting cycle

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Preliminary results on the uptake and release of phosphorus 32 by potamogeton pectinatus

Tran L.C.; Hassan S.A., 1986:
Preliminary results on the utilization of trichogramma evanescens to control the asian corn borer ostrinia furnacalis in the philippines

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Preliminary results on the x ray structure analysis of oxyimino cephalosporins

Bruner D.M.randa L.; D.S.lveira Mascarnhas A.Jr; Ikeda Y.; Rago T.A.; Leao Cacciari P., 1985:
Preliminary results on thermal structure and velocity field sampled during the transcobra ii oceanographic cruise

Edgren, M.; Olsson, M.; Renberg, L., 1979:
Preliminary results on uptake and elimination at different temperatures of p' p' ddt and 2 chloro bi phenyls in perch perca fluviatilis from brackish water

Simeray J.; Delcourt A., 1979:
Preliminary results relative to the action of cobalt zinc and copper on the growth of euglena gracilis

Malyk B., 1981:
Preliminary results serum chemistry values before and after the intra vaginal administration of 5 percent nonoxynol 9 cream

Yovich, J.M.; Edirisinghe, W.R.; Cummins, J.M.; Yovich, J.L., 1988:
Preliminary results using pentoxifylline in a pronuclear stage tubal transfer (PROST) program for severe male factor infertility

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Preliminary results using technetium 99m scintigraphy in the study of mega esophagus

Luzzani A.; Passerelli M.; Maffezzoli G.F.; Pasetto A.; Garofano A., 1981:
Preliminary results with fazadon in anesthesia

Reiser M.; Bohndorf K.; Niendorf H P.; Friedmann G.; Erlemann R.; Kunze V., 1987:
Preliminary results with gadolinium dtpa in magnetic resonance tomography of bone and soft tissue tumors

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Preliminary results with leukocytic interferon in the treatment of acute leukemia in children

Buchholz, H.W.; Baars, G.W.; Dahmen, G.; Behrend, R., 1985:
Preliminary results with the mini total hip replacement st. georg mini model in dysplasia coxarthrosis

Novotná, J.; Andrysek, O., 1980:
Preliminary results with the new cytostatic Penberol in ovarian carcinoma

Sazonov-Yu, I.; Shcherbachev-Yu, N., 1985:
Preliminary review of grenadiers close to the genus cetonurus gadiformes macrouridae 2. the genus cetonurus comparative analysis of taxonomic characteristics of the group

Sazonov Y.I.; Shcherbachev Y.N., 1982:
Preliminary review of grenadiers related to the genus cetonurus gadiformes macrouridae descriptions of new taxa related to the genera cetonurus and kumba

Grau J., 1984:
Preliminary review of the iberian representatives of ranunculus section auricomus

Krieg N.; Rutten J.M.J.; Crul J.F.; Booij L.H.D.J., 1980:
Preliminary review of the interactions of org nc 45 1 2 beta 3 alpha 16 beta 17 beta 3 17 bis acetyloxy 2 1 piperidinylandrostan 16 yl 1 methyl piperidinium bromide with anesthetics and antibiotics in animals

Anon, 1984:
Preliminary review of the modern hypotheses on the mechanism of action of lithium

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Preliminary review of the northwest american carditidae

Descamps M., 1984:
Preliminary review of the tribe of copiocerini orthoptera acrididae

Aubert, J.F., 1978:
Preliminary revision of european orthocentrinae ichneumonids hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Povolny D., 1983:
Preliminary revision of the genera isophrictis and pyncostola lepidoptera gelechiidae

Miotto, S.T.S., 1975:
Preliminary revision of the genus borreria rubiaceae in the state of rio grande do sul brazil

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Preliminary sanitary chemical study of gas discharge of polymeric materials

Dilly, P.N.; Wright, J.L.W., 1976:
Preliminary scanning electron microscopic observations from a case of menieres disease

Simon-Martin, F.; Gomez-Bautista, M., 1986:
Preliminary scanning electron microscopic observations of the cercaria of a sanguinicola sp digenea sanguinicolidae

Wen, S.T.; Chu, K.Y., 1984:
Preliminary schistosomiasis survey in the lower Volta River below Akosombo Dam, Ghana

Faff, J.; Wolinski, J.; Bandolet, J.; Bak, W., 1978:
Preliminary screening of anti cholinergic effect of some new derivatives of glycolic acids and amino acetic acids

Fageria N.K.; Barbosa Filho M.P.; Carvalho J.R.P.; Rangel P.H.N.; Cutrim V.D.A., 1984:
Preliminary screening of rice cultivars for tolerance to iron toxicity

Bajon A.M.; Yuen T.L.S.T.H.; Fong J C.L.S.; Olah G.M., 1985:
Preliminary screening of some fungal strains for protein upgrading of sugar beet pulp

Shoeb H.A.; Diwan B.H., 1986:
Preliminary screening of some plant extracts for molluscicidal activity

Jadhav, R.B.; Jadhav, L.D., 1978:
Preliminary screening of some sorghum hybrids and varieties against earhead midge contarinia sorghicola

Mathiot C.; Rakotondraibe J.; Coulanges P., 1986:
Preliminary search for antibodies to lav in some groups at risk of aids in madagascar

Ali S.R.; Amin A., 1985:
Preliminary seasonal eutrophication studies of missriot dam as influenced by the living organisms and physicochemical characteristics of water

Baumane L.Kh; Gavar R.A.; Stradyn' Y.P.; Lidak M.Yu; Sukhova N.M., 1982:
Preliminary selection of potential radio sensitizers of the 5 nitro furan series

Wilcox M.D., 1982:
Preliminary selection of suitable provenances of eucalyptus regnans for new zealand

L.F.uci M.A.; Navarra G.; Anastasi G.; Pisani A.; Magaudda L.; Zizza A., 1986:
Preliminary sem studies on early enamel deposition

Sovjak, R., 1977:
Preliminary sero epizootiological survey of bovine brucellosis in beef cattle traditionally held in the western province of zambia/

Leinonen, M.; Luotonen, J.; Herva, E.; Valkonen, K.; Mäkelä, P.H., 1981 :
Preliminary serologic evidence for a pathogenic role of Branhamella catarrhalis

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Preliminary serologic studies of antibody to hepatitis a virus in populations in the usa

Oluwafemi C.O., 1979:
Preliminary solar spectrophotometric measurements of aerosol optical density at lagos nigeria

Simone M.J.; Heineman W.R.; Kreishman G.P., 1982:
Preliminary spectro fluoro electrochemical studies indicate a possible conformational change in horse heart cytochrome c upon reduction

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Preliminary spectroscopic characterization of 6 toxins from latin american scorpions

Isono H.; Sakaguchi Y.; Katoh H.; Miyaura S., 1986:
Preliminary spot test of paraquat on an alkali impregnated paper followed by heating and its confirmation by paper electrophoresis

Kelly, P.M.; Sterling, P.H.; Speight, M.R.; Entwistle, P.F., 1988:
Preliminary spray trials of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus as a control agent for the brown tail moth euproctis chrysorrhoea l. lepidoptera lymantriidae

Pandey N.N.; Thapaliyal S.N.; Upreti D.D., 1982:
Preliminary standardization of shilajeet

Doctor E.A.; Becker M.A.; Kulutbanis G., 1983:
Preliminary standardization of the durrell listening reading series

Strop P.; Cechova D.; Wuethrich K., 1983:
Preliminary structural comparison of the proteinase iso inhibitors iia and iib from bull seminal plasma based on individual assignments of the proton nmr spectra by 2 dimensional nmr at 500 megahertz

Santa-Cruz, G., 1975:
Preliminary structural observations on the experimentally induced reactivity of the aortic wall in the rabbit

Janson, C.A.; Smith, W.W.; Eisenberg, D.; Hartman, F.C., 1984:
Preliminary structural studies of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase ec from rhodospirillum rubrum

Dematte J.B.I.; Machado J.O.; Graziano T.T.; Nahas E.; Assumpcao J., 1982:
Preliminary studies about biological removal of escherichia coli and some chemical elements and nitrogenous compounds in water destined to irrigation of vegetables and fruit plants

Grillo Ravelo H.; Alvarez Rodriguez M., 1986:
Preliminary studies about the entomofauna in the citrus enterprise victoria de giron cuba

Stepan C.; Agripina L.; Paunescu G.; Constantinescu L., 1985:
Preliminary studies concerning the efficacy of the cytogenetic assay in the diagnosis of bovine enzootic leukosis in the preclinical stage of this disease

Follmann, G., 1987:
Preliminary studies for a monograph of the lichen family roccellaceae chev. viii. secondary products and phylogenetic relations of roccella hereroensis vain. and rocella mossamedana vain

Liou, S.C.; Chen, Z.C., 1977:
Preliminary studies in coprophilous discomycetes in taiwan

Dissing H.; Kore R.P., 1980:
Preliminary studies in the genera ruhlandiella sphaerosoma and sphaerozone order pezizales

Dissing H.; Schumacher T., 1979:
Preliminary studies in the genus boudiera taxonomy and ecology

Drazkiewicz, M.; Hattor, T., 1978:
Preliminary studies of adsorption of bacteria by soil particles

Haque M.; Mustafa M.G.; Shahjahan M.; Islam A.S., 1979:
Preliminary studies of advanced generations of some intraspecific and interspecific hybrids along with their parents of corchorus for resistance to stem rot

Farr R.S.; Cox C.P.; Wardlow M.L.; Jorgensen R., 1980:
Preliminary studies of an acid labile factor in human sera that inactivates platelet activating factor

Tseng, L.; Mazella, J.; Funt, M.I.; Mann, W.J.; Stone, M.L., 1984:
Preliminary studies of aromatase in human neoplastic endometrium

Rao N.S.; Desappa; Singh C.D., 1985:
Preliminary studies of chemical weed control in eucalyptus hybrid nursery

W.S.B.; L.Z.L., 1985:
Preliminary studies of chromosome morphology of several wild and cultivated eggplants

Pawley, J.; Hayes, T.L.; Hook, G., 1978:
Preliminary studies of coated complementary freeze fractured yeast membranes viewed directly in the scanning electron microscopy

Balcerzak, S.P.; Grever, M.R.; Sing, D.E.; Bishop, J.N.; Segal, M.L., 1982:
Preliminary studies of continuous extracorporeal carbamylation in the treatment of sickle cell anemia

Le-Deaut, J.Y.; Rabesandratana, H.; Rakotovao, L.H.; Solar, S.; Zeller, H.; Coulanges, P., 1978:
Preliminary studies of conus geographus venom structural properties evaluation of the molecular weight of the toxin

Morgan J.; Mumford P., 1981:
Preliminary studies of energy expenditure in infants under 6 months of age

Hoadley, A.W.; Ajello, G.; Masterson, N., 1975:
Preliminary studies of fluorescent pseudomonads capable of growth at 41 celsius in swimming pool waters

Wolf E.G.; Morson B.; Fucik K.W., 1983:
Preliminary studies of food habits of juvenile fish china poot marsh and potter marsh alaska usa 1978

Van Montfrans J.; Orth R.J.; Vay S.A., 1982:
Preliminary studies of grazing by bittium varium on eelgrass zostera marina periphyton

Jurkschat U.; Baranski E.; Golke P.; Koernig P.; Hoehne M., 1982:
Preliminary studies of histochemical detection of the amino acids arginine and tyrosine in smears of fissure contents from caries free human teeth

Rao M.R.; Willey R.W., 1980:
Preliminary studies of inter cropping combinations based on pigeon pea or sorghum

Porter N.G.; Shaw M.L.; Hurndell L.C., 1982:
Preliminary studies of lavender as an essential oil crop for new zealand

Vykhrestyuk N.P.; Yarygina G.V., 1982:
Preliminary studies of lipids of the trematodes eurytrema pancreaticum and calicophoron erschowi and the turbellarian penecurva sibirica

Caulton E.; Mocogni M., 1987:
Preliminary studies of man made litter in the firth of forth scotland uk

Hart M.R.; Huxsoll C.C.; Tsai L S.; N.K.C., 1988:
Preliminary studies of microfiltration for food processing water reuse

Brossat J.Y.; Cerf P.; Clerc Y.; Coulanges P., 1981:
Preliminary studies of molluscicide properties of polygonum extracts

Nelp, W.B.; Eary, J.F.; Jones, R.F.; Hellstrom, K.E.; Hellstrom, I.; Beaumier, P.L.; Krohn, K.A., 1987:
Preliminary studies of monoclonal antibody lymphoscintigraphy in malignant melanoma

Panicker K.N.; Srinivasan R., 1986:
Preliminary studies of pachycrepoideus vindemmiae hymenoptera pteromalidae and its potential for controlling houseflies

Wei L.Y.; Chow Y.S., 1980:
Preliminary studies of parasite of the tarsonemid mite steneotarsonemus spinki

Hagen, T.C.; Lawrence, A.M.; Kirsteins, L., 1978:
Preliminary studies of plasma growth hormone releasing activity during medical therapy of acromegaly

Severson D.W.; Parry J.E., 1981:
Preliminary studies of pollen collection by honey bees apis mellifera in a wisconsin usa apple orchard

Mioshi T.; Sato T.; Okimoto Y.; Sunami S.; Komori I.; Oda H.; Shima Y.; Arimizu N.; Nakajima H., 1986:
Preliminary studies of radiation port in children receiving cranial irradiation for preventing central nervous system disease of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Jug-Dujakovic, J.; Glamuzina, B., 1988:
Preliminary studies of reproduction and early life history of diplodus vulgaris e. geoffroy saint hilaire 1817 in captivity

Chen W P.; Zhang S M.; Yan S Z., 1983:
Preliminary studies of root stem transition in brassica napus

Brown N.A.C.; Bridglall S.S., 1987:
Preliminary studies of seed dormancy in datura stramonium

Garcia Pita M.C.; Benito Rueda E.; Diaz Fierros Viqueira F., 1986:
Preliminary studies of soil compaction in galicia spain

Shima S.N.; Gobbi N., 1981:
Preliminary studies of some factors that influence mating behavior of ascia monuste orseis under laboratory conditions lepidoptera pieridae

Jacq E.; Geesey G.; Prieur D., 1987:
Preliminary studies of the bacterial community at a coastal hydrothermal vent white point southern california usa

Tseeb Y.Y.; Zhdanova G.A., 1980:
Preliminary studies of the effect of pumped storage plant operation on zoo plankton

Del Gobbo V.; Santucci L.; Premrov M.G.; Favalli C.; Rinaldi C.; Jezzi T.; Titti F., 1980:
Preliminary studies of the effects induced by the anemic strain of friend leukemia virus in dba 2 mice

Maddox, D.M.; Mccready, R.M., 1975:
Preliminary studies of the effects of an induced phosphate deficiency on carbohydrate nitrogen ratios in alternanthera philoxeroides centrospermae amaranthaceae and on the feeding of agasicles hygrophila coleoptera chrysomelidae

Odamtten G.T.; Appiah V.; Langerak D.I., 1986:
Preliminary studies of the effects of heat and gamma irradiation on the production of aflatoxin b 1 in static liquid culture by aspergillus flavus link nrrl 5906

Kimber R.W.L.; Fergus I.F., 1984:
Preliminary studies of the fertilizer capability of some novel high analysis multi nutrient compounds

Sigal L.L.; Taylor O.C., 1979:
Preliminary studies of the gross photosynthetic response of lichens to per oxy acetyl nitrate fumigations

Keller J.C.; Young F.A.; Marcinak C.F.; Hansel B., 1985:
Preliminary studies of the histopathological responses to titanium 13 percent copper casting alloys

Kyegombe, D.B.; Njoroge, D.; Wangai, J.; Telang, B.V., 1977:
Preliminary studies of the intense sympathetic discharge induced centrally after lateral ventricular administration of whole venom of dendroaspis polylepis

Khanolkar, S.R., 1982:
Preliminary studies of the metabolic activity of purified suspensions of Mycobacterium leprae

Holman, M.E.; Hirst, G.D.S.; Spence, I., 1972:
Preliminary studies of the neurons of auerbachs plexus using intra cellular micro electrodes

Renugopalakrishnan V.; Uchiyama A.; Horowitz P.M.; Rapaka R.S.; Suzuki M.; Lefteriou B.; Glimcher M.J., 1986:
Preliminary studies of the secondary structure in solution of two phosphoproteins of chicken bone matrix by circular dichroism and fourier transform ir spectroscopy

Ungar, F.; Mosnaim, A.D.; Ungar, B.; Wolf, M.E., 1978:
Preliminary studies of the sodium boro hydride stabilizable binding of phenethylamine and tyramine to brain preparations

Weiner, W.M., 1976:
Preliminary studies of the soil collembola of the pieniny poland

Plytycz B.; Kilarski W.; Mazur Kolecka B.; Sygula M., 1986:
Preliminary studies of the spleens of bombina variegata bombina bombina and their hybrids

Gottfried, B.M.; Gottfried, A.H., 1978:
Preliminary studies of the vocal responses of territorial cardinals cardinalis cardinalis to songs of a strange male

Sigarroa, A.; Zayas, L.A., 1976:
Preliminary studies of varieties and lines of introduction for tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum

Evesham E.J.M.; Cammaerts M C., 1984:
Preliminary studies of worker behavior toward alien queens in the ant myrmica rubra

Means, R.G.; Grayson, M.; Blakemore, E., 1977:
Preliminary studies on 2 biologically different strains of aedes triseriatus in new york

Zhu, Z.; Sun, C.; Shen, Z.W., 1985:
Preliminary studies on a lectin on the surface of adipocytes

Radecki J.; Radecka H., 1986:
Preliminary studies on a method for analysis of lead forms in plants grown on nutrients containing tetraethyl lead and triethyl lead chloride

Richter, A.M.; Kelly, B.; Chow, J.; Liu, D.J.; Towers, G.H.; Dolphin, D.; Levy, J.G., 1987:
Preliminary studies on a more effective phototoxic agent than hematoporphyrin

Burdon, J.J.; Chilvers, G.A., 1977:
Preliminary studies on a native australian eucalypt forest invaded by exotic pines

Ghaswala P.S.; Rao S.B., 1987:
Preliminary studies on a protease from carp fish muscle partial purification and some peculiar properties

L.X.; Zhang P.; Huang W.; L.B., 1988:
Preliminary studies on a serum free medium for the cultivation of hybridoma cells

Guinard J X.; Pangborn R.M.; Lewis M.J., 1986:
Preliminary studies on acidity astringency interactions in model solutions and wines

Gonzalez, M.T.; Montoya, E., 1977:
Preliminary studies on an rho plus acatalasic strain of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Regnery, R.L., 1975:
Preliminary studies on an unusual poxvirus of the western gray squirrel sciurus griseus griseus of north america

Zhong, Z.X.; Ren, Y.Y.; Dai, W.P., 1978:
Preliminary studies on anther culturing of brassica chinensis

Reddy N.S.; Ranganathan B., 1983:
Preliminary studies on anti microbial activity of streptococcus lactis ssp diacetylactis

Guo, R.; Tang, E.H.; Wang, H.; Yang, X.F.; Liu, M.Y.; Qin, H.X.; Li, Q.H.; Zhuang, J.Y.; Liu, K.M., 1987:
Preliminary studies on antigenic variation of poliovirus using neutralizing monoclonal antibodies

P.C.P.; Hsieh J S., 1982:
Preliminary studies on aphid melanaphis sacchari resistance in sorghum sorghum virgatum

Brown, K.N.; Hills, L.A.; Jarra, W., 1976:
Preliminary studies on artificial immunization of rats against plasmodium berghei and adoptive transfer of this immunity by splenic thymus derived and thymus derived plus bone marrow derived cells

Banerjee U.; Choudhury P.K.R., 1986:
Preliminary studies on artificial regeneration of mangrove forests in the sundarbans west bengal india

Sanders, P.L.; Burpee, L.L.; Cole, H.J., 1978:
Preliminary studies on bi nucleate turf grass pathogens that resemble rhizoctonia solani

Rao L.M., 1987:
Preliminary studies on biochemical constituents of clypeomorus clypeomorus in relation to the reproductive cycle

Narsaiah J.; Jamil K., 1986:
Preliminary studies on biological control of mosquito larvae using bacillus thuringiensis and bacillus sphaericus

Slowik, J.; Barnecki, W., 1976:
Preliminary studies on blastic transformation of peripheral blood lymphocytes in bursectomized chicks

Suzuki, T., 1978:
Preliminary studies on blood meal interval of aedes polynesiensis in the field

Bondurant R.H.; Anderson G.B.; Boland M.P.; Cupps P.T.; Hughes M.A., 1982:
Preliminary studies on bovine embryo survival following short term storage at 4 celsius

Shrestha B.M.; Mundorff S.A.; Bibby B.G., 1982:
Preliminary studies on calcium lactate as an anti caries food additive

Dziadowiec H., 1983:
Preliminary studies on carbon dioxide evolution from tundra soils of spitsbergen kaffioyra oscar ii land northwest spitsbergen arctic ocean

Ravanko O., 1987:
Preliminary studies on cells and chromosomes in polysiphonia violacea

Warnes, C.E.; Randles, C.I., 1977:
Preliminary studies on chitin decomposition in lake erie sediments

Raman M.; Jolly C.I., 1986:
Preliminary studies on clematis hedysarifolia

Patil, A.A.; Patil, S.S., 1988:
Preliminary studies on combiners and combinations for quality traits in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Rai, G.P.; Rao, K.M., 1986:
Preliminary studies on comparative efficacy of Brucella abortus antigens in indirect immunofluorescence technique

Maillet J.; Abdel Fatah H., 1983:
Preliminary studies on competition between solanum nigrum ssp nigrum black nightshade and transplanted lycopersicon esculentum tomato

Turowska, B.; Turowski, G., 1976:
Preliminary studies on complement c 3 polymorphism in the polish population

McDonough, E.S.; Wisniewski, T.R.; Penn, L.A.; Chan, D.M.; McNamara, W.J., 1976:
Preliminary studies on conidial liberation of Blastomyces dermatitidis and Histoplasma capsulatum

Parra, O.O.; Ugarte, E.; Chuecas, L.; Balabanoff, L., 1977:
Preliminary studies on contamination of el morro channel concepcion bay chile

Dos Santos P.L.; Gouvea R.D.C.D.S.; Gouvea V.D.A., 1979:
Preliminary studies on contamination with radioactivity in mytilidae

Liou S C.; Chen Z C., 1979:
Preliminary studies on coprophilous pyrenomycetes from taiwan

Macfoy C.C.A.; Dabrowski Z.T., 1984:
Preliminary studies on cowpea vigna unguiculata resistance to aphis craccivora homoptera aphididae

Subhedar S.; Rao K.S., 1980:
Preliminary studies on dalapon toxicity to developing stages of cyprinus carpio

Acad-Sin-Inst-Bot, 1976:
Preliminary studies on deferring senescence of cucumber fruits during storage

Celinski F.; Wika S., 1980:
Preliminary studies on degradation of forest habitats near knurow silesia poland

Sandhu J.S.; Toor H.S., 1983:
Preliminary studies on dietary overlap of fishes in a poly culture

L.Z.; Qin C.; Han J., 1988:
Preliminary studies on ecology of meriones meridianus

Teodoreanu M., 1984:
Preliminary studies on edaphic coleoptera in 2 forest ecosystems of the upper limit in the retezat massif romania

Wedzisz A.; Strzelecka E., 1985:
Preliminary studies on effects of small doses of sodium fluoride on blood serum level of some elements and fluorosis formation in rat

Chen M.; Luo X., 1986:
Preliminary studies on elachertus sp an exoparasite of the citrus leaf miner phyllocnistis citrella

Huy, N.D.; Kingma, J.G.; Huot, J.; Roy, P.E., 1981:
Preliminary studies on experimentally induced calcification of femoral arteries in the rat

Li, L.G.; Tang, R.T.; Fu, M.F.; Mo, L.; Zhang, S.Z.; Chen, Q., 1975:
Preliminary studies on fermentative production of tryptophan

Hippa, H.; Koponen, S., 1976:
Preliminary studies on flower visitors to and potential pollinators of the cloudberry rubus chamaemorus in subarctic lapland finland

Abdu, R.M.; Soliman, Z.A., 1976:
Preliminary studies on gamma radiation effects on flour beetle tribolium confusum in egypt

Wu, W.S., 1977:
Preliminary studies on garlic dry rot in taiwan

Zhu G.; Jiang S.; Zheng Z.; Fang G., 1986:
Preliminary studies on geographical ecology of birds and mammals on some islands of zhejiang province china

Maithani, G.P.; Bahuguna, V.K.; Sood, O.P.; Rawat, M.M.S., 1987:
Preliminary studies on germination and longevity of carissa opaca stapf. seeds

Zhai, Y.J., 1977:
Preliminary studies on herse convolvuli

Doijode S.D.; Sulladmath U.V., 1984:
Preliminary studies on heterosis in pumpkin cucurbita moschata

Cajal J.L., 1981:
Preliminary studies on home range in marsupials

Welch, T.M.; Triglia, R.; Spitler, L.E.; Fudenberg, H.H., 1976:
Preliminary studies on human transfer factor activity in guinea pigs systemic transfer of cutaneous delayed type hyper sensitivity to purified protein derivative and strepto kinase streptodornase

Singhal P.C.; Gupta R.K.; Singh J.B.; Joshi L.D., 1982 :
Preliminary studies on hypo glycemic and hypo cholesterolemic activities of leucaena leucocephala

Capuzzo A.; Fabbri E.; Ferretti M.E.; Pareschi M.; Tomasi V.; Trevisani A.; Corallini A., 1981:
Preliminary studies on in vitro biosynthesis of prostaglandins of e type in tumor and in virus transformed cells

Asare E.O.; Shehu Y.; Agishi E.A., 1984:
Preliminary studies on indigenous species for dry season grazing in the northern guinea savanna zone of nigeria

Gürsoy, A.Z.; Yardimci, T.U.; Emekli, N.B.; Ugur, M.S.; Ulutin, O.N., 1981:
Preliminary studies on indobufen (K 3920). A new inhibitor of platelet aggregation

Wang F Z.; Yan J Z.; Yang M J., 1986:
Preliminary studies on inducing interferon in mice by immune rna

Liu, M.Y.; Zhou, H.A.; Gao, J.Y.; Zhai, Q.R.; Shi, W.A.; Yan, Z.C.; Meng, H.T., 1978:
Preliminary studies on insecticidal activities of some esters of o ethyl s propyl phosphorothioic acids

Shimizu N., 1982:
Preliminary studies on interspecific and intervarietal differences of morphological and ecological characteristics in the genus echinochloa

Martinetto P.; Valtz A.; Pessione E.; Olivero S.; Foco A.; Sciasci C., 1981:
Preliminary studies on kinetics of netilmicin in human serum and gastric tissue

Fubini, S.L.; Cummings, J.F.; Todhunter, R.J., 1985:
Preliminary studies on long distance, retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase in equine peripheral nerves

Chinoy, N.J.; Seethalakshmi, L., 1978:
Preliminary studies on manganese free radical in vasectomy

Murray D.I.L.; Gadd G.M., 1981:
Preliminary studies on microdochium bolleyi with special reference to colonization of barley

Douine, L.; Marchoux, G.; Clement, M., 1977:
Preliminary studies on multiplication of the rna 4 component of cucumber mosaic virus

Rao M.L.V.; Soni J.L., 1986:
Preliminary studies on murinization of borrelia anserina

Tezabwala, B.U.; Gothoskar, S.V., 1977:
Preliminary studies on mutagenicity of saccharin by induction of dominant lethals

Avilla J.; Albajes R., 1983:
Preliminary studies on mutual interference in opius concolor hymenoptera braconidae

Karim M.I.B.A., 1981:
Preliminary studies on nutritional qualities of malaysian tempeh

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Preliminary studies on origination of central nervous system and neuro secretory system in the leech herpobdella octooculata

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Preliminary studies on palearctic hydraenidae

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Preliminary studies on papaya selection in malaysia

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Preliminary studies on paragonimiasis in ichun hokiang and mutankiang areas of heilungkiang province china with observations on paragonimus westermani ichunensis new subspecies

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Preliminary studies on pathogen of strawberry virus disease

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Preliminary studies on peking queen bee pap as a food for subjects with calorie protein malnutrition

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Preliminary studies on phyto plankton of northwest arab gulf

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Preliminary studies on plaque method for screening attenuated strain of influenza a virus

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Preliminary studies on potable water cadmium effect on rabbit gonads

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Preliminary studies on potato varieties in sind pakistan

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Preliminary studies on poultry cum fish culture

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Preliminary studies on primary productivity at payakonda gulf of kandalaksha white sea ussr

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Preliminary studies on purification of honey enzyme by deae cellulose chromatography

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Preliminary studies on radopholus similis infesting coconut and areca palms in south india

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Preliminary studies on rearing of the gilthead sea bream sparus aurata in brackish water ponds

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Preliminary studies on reproduction of puntazzo puntazzo pisces sparidae under controlled conditions

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Preliminary studies on root activity of bengal gram cicer arietinum

Braun U., 1981:
Preliminary studies on rust fungi of east germany

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Preliminary studies on sap flow in cocos nucifera part 1 water relations and xylem transport

Milburn, J.A.; Zimmermann, M.H., 1977:
Preliminary studies on sap flow in cocos nucifera part 2 phloem transport

Fenech M.; Jarvis L.R.; Morley A.A., 1988:
Preliminary studies on scoring micronuclei by computerized image analysis

Ezeoke A.C.J., 1986:
Preliminary studies on serum alpha 1 antitrypsin in children with sickle cell anemia

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Preliminary studies on shared antigens among cercaria, adult worm and egg of Schistosoma japonicum

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Preliminary studies on some aspects of kikuyu kenya food habits

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Preliminary studies on some micro nutrients in recently reclaimed soils in egypt

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Preliminary studies on spore germination in discomycetes

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Preliminary studies on steroid binding proteins in human testes of testicular feminization syndrome

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Preliminary studies on strength properties on some exotic timbers

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Preliminary studies on taro colocasia sp under the edapho climatic conditions of manaus brazil

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Preliminary studies on the ability of drosophila melanogaster microsomal preparations to activate mutagens and carcinogens

Schultz B.; Aaes Jorgensen T.; Bogeso K.P.; Jorgensen A., 1981:
Preliminary studies on the absorption distribution metabolism and excretion of 3 hydroxy 4 5 6 7 tetra hydro isoxazolo 5 4 c pyridinium bromide in animal and man using carbon 14 labeled compound

Guangxi-Med-Coll-Acupunct-Anesth-Res-Group-(China), 1978:
Preliminary studies on the action of mid brain reticular formation in acupuncture analgesia and its afferent pathways

Arumugam I.; Sivapalan A.; Theivendirarajah K., 1981:
Preliminary studies on the alginic acid and agar contents of some marine algae

Szulc, K., 1976:
Preliminary studies on the anti viral effect of acridine derivative c 283

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Preliminary studies on the antimicrobial activity of sesquiterpene lactones extracted from iraqi compositae

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Preliminary studies on the antineoplastic action mechanism of injection of sansheng composite

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Preliminary studies on the application of systemic insecticides to the soil for the control of the maize stalk borer busseola fusca lepidoptera noctuidae

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Preliminary studies on the association between pleonosporium squarrosum rhodophyta and cryptochiton stelleri polyplacophora

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Preliminary studies on the biodynamics of the juvenile shrimps penaeidae of the mangrove swamp of guadaloupe french antilles

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Preliminary studies on the bird community in human habitations in forest regions of the tumen river basin china

W.Z.; L.Z., 1984:
Preliminary studies on the breeding behavior of the chinese blackbird turdus merula mandarinus

Zhao Z J., 1980:
Preliminary studies on the breeding behavior of the eastern gray wagtail motacilla cinerea robusta

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Preliminary studies on the carcass characteristics of native breeds of woolless sheep in hot tropical semi arid northeast brazil

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Preliminary studies on the characteristics of phenyl alanine and beta methyl glucoside transport in the tench intestine in vitro

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Preliminary studies on the characterization and distribution of Staphylococcus and Micrococcus species on animal skin

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Preliminary studies on the conditions for increasing the yields of released virions of respiratory syncytial virus from cultured cells

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Preliminary studies on the control of neotenic formation in mastotermes darwiniensis isoptera

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Preliminary studies on the conversion of tubifex tubifex as food by elvers of anguilla nebulosa

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Preliminary studies on the correlation between induced nitrate reductase and nitrogenase in azotobacter vinelandii

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Preliminary studies on the damage caused by brinjal leaf beetle henosepilachna vigintiocto punctata on brinjal solanum melongena

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Preliminary studies on the detection isolation and partial characterization of c1q containing igm immune complexes in sera of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis

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Preliminary studies on the development and structure of root nodules in casuarina equisetifolia

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Preliminary studies on the development of ovary of black flies diptera simuliidae

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Preliminary studies on the distribution of influenza a viruses in poultry and domestic animals in china

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Preliminary studies on the distribution of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in the urban region of krakow poland

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Preliminary studies on the dopaminergic receptor in the superior cervical ganglion of the calf

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Preliminary studies on the ecology of fishes near artificial reefs outline of the artificial reefs off sarushima island japan

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Preliminary studies on the ecology of the golden haired monkey rhinopithecus roxellanae

Siddaramaih A.L.; Krishna Prasad K.S.; Lingaraju S., 1979:
Preliminary studies on the effect of a few fungicides against beauveria bassiana causing muscardine disease of silkworms

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Preliminary studies on the effect of epinephrine on the intra cranial internal carotid artery temperature in the dog canis familiaris

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Preliminary studies on the effect of gibberellic acid and naphthaleneacetic acid on growth and cardiac glycoside content in adonis autumnalis

Formicki K.; Winnicki A., 1982:
Preliminary studies on the effect of magnetic field on embryonic development of salmo trutta and salmo gairdneri

Kmitowa K., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the effect of passaging through the host on pathogenicity of entomo pathogenic fungi

Naqvi K.M.; Khanzada A.G., 1988:
Preliminary studies on the effectiveness of oil based ulv insecticide formulations against cotton jassid and thrips

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Preliminary studies on the effects of diflubenzuron dimilin on termites isoptera

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Preliminary studies on the effects of direct current on the bone porous implant interfaces

Samson P.R.; Smibert J., 1986:
Preliminary studies on the efficacy and establishment of roptrocerus xylophagorum hymenoptera torymidae a parasitoid of ips grandicollis coleoptera scolytidae in australia

Gartner S.; L.F.ucheur L.; Roinel N.; Paris Pireyre N., 1984:
Preliminary studies on the elemental composition of xylem exudate from 2 varieties of wheat triticum aestivum by electron probe analysis

Yang A.; Bian W.; Liu Y.; Liu G., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the embryonic development of megalobatrachus davidianus

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Preliminary studies on the energy and protein requirements of white leghorn and new hampshire chicks

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Preliminary studies on the entomofauna of cones of abies alba mill. in the roztocze national park in poland

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Preliminary studies on the etiology of marek's diseases in nigeria

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Preliminary studies on the evolution of grasserie disease resistant strains of the silkworm bombyx mori through selection

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Preliminary studies on the extraction of anthracene derivatives in the course of the preparation of tisanes

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Preliminary studies on the fate of carbon 14 fentiazac in man

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Preliminary studies on the flowering habit and fruit setting of amomum villosum var xanthioides and amomum villosum

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Preliminary studies on the fructification in culture of pleurotus eryngii

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Preliminary studies on the fungus disease of the scale metaceronema japonica

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Preliminary studies on the genus inocybe in guagdong province of china

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Preliminary studies on the growth and food consumption of the juvenile loggerhead turtle caretta caretta in captivity

A.H.ssan L.A.J.; A.A.ood A.Y., 1988:
Preliminary studies on the hemoglobin concentration in some freshwater fishes of iraq

Huang Z., 1982:
Preliminary studies on the heredity of characters of wheat

Braun-Munzinger, R.A.; Southgate, B.A., 1977:
Preliminary studies on the histochemical differentiation of strains of Onchocerca volvulus microfilariae in Togo

Jurkschat U.; Petzold A.; Moschek H., 1982:
Preliminary studies on the identification of the cell structure of fissure contents obtained from human teeth

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Preliminary studies on the incidence of parasites of sorghum midge contarinia sorghicola at delhi india

Xiamen-Fish-Coll-Res-Group-Eel-Reprod ; Fujian-Fish-Inst, 1978:
Preliminary studies on the induction of spawning in common eels

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Preliminary studies on the inheritance of atrazine tolerance in maize zea mays

Gihad, E.A., 1977:
Preliminary studies on the intake and digestibility of tropical feedstuffs by goats and sheep indigenous to zambia

Vashishtha B.B.; Pareek O.P., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the inter varietal crossability in ber zizyphus mauritiana

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Preliminary studies on the life cycle of leptothrix racemosa, a common organism in dental plaques

Zhao J.; Liu F.; Chen W., 1980:
Preliminary studies on the life history of misumenops tricuspidatus and its control of cotton pests

Koyama, J., 1977:
Preliminary studies on the life table of the rice stem borer chilo suppressalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Datta N.C.; Sarangi N., 1980:
Preliminary studies on the macro zoo benthos in a brackish water bheri at taldi west bengal india

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Preliminary studies on the measurement of conjunctival oxygen tension in the foal

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Preliminary studies on the method of plaque formation and plaque reduction assay of respiratory syncytial virus

Sallal A.K.J.; Stewart W.D.P., 1981:
Preliminary studies on the micro flora of treated and untreated sewage from kuwait city

Yang Y.; Teng S., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the minute tubule structure and its function in the leydig cells of rat testes

Xiao, S.H.; Shao, B.R.; Yu, Y.G., 1984:
Preliminary studies on the mode of action of pyquiton against Schistosoma japonicum

Wong, L.K.; Crowden, R.K., 1976:
Preliminary studies on the mucus secretion of the wood wasp sirex noctilio part 1 physicochemical and biochemical properties

Tomova J.; Shabalina A.; Gorinov Y.; Mladenov M.V., 1984:
Preliminary studies on the mutual relations between local gray cows and calves

Somani A.K.; Lange L.; Mathur S.B., 1986:
Preliminary studies on the mycoflora of true seed of potato solanum tuberosum

Deruelle S.; Petit P.J.X., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the net photosynthesis and respiration responses of some lichens to automobile pollution

Zhuang Y.; L.L.; Jing Y.; Wang R.; S.M., 1985:
Preliminary studies on the nutrient status of productive tree and orchard soil of poon kan citrus reticulata in fujian china

Odak S.C.; Mishra V.K.; Nema K.K.; Shrivastava D.K., 1982:
Preliminary studies on the ovipositional and developmental response of the exotic parasite eucelatoria armigera tachinidae diptera on heliothis armigera in the laboratory

Odak S.C.; Shrivastava D.K.; Mishra V.K.; Nema K.K., 1982:
Preliminary studies on the pathogenicity of bacillus thuringiensis and nuclear polyhedrosis virus on heliothis armigera host in the laboratory and in pot experiment

Tuah, A.K.; Danso, Y.N., 1985:
Preliminary studies on the performance and productivity indices of N'Dama and west African shorthorn cattle in Ghana

Grof B., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the performance of accessions of tropical fine stem stylo stylosanthes guianensis var guianensis in the eastern plains of colombia

Ahmed S.U., 1979:
Preliminary studies on the performance of some cultivars of mustard under arid climate in kuwait

D.H.; L.G.; Wei S.; Fan J.; Shi Q.; Zhou B., 1987:
Preliminary studies on the phage types of pseudomonas mori

Gao K.; Aruga Y., 1987:
Preliminary studies on the photosynthesis and respiration of porphyra yezoensis under emersed conditions

Codignola A.; Maffei M.; Fusconi A., 1985:
Preliminary studies on the photosynthetic structures of trifolium alpinum as related to productivity

Huq, M.F.; Hadi, R.A.; Al-Saadi, H.A., 1977:
Preliminary studies on the phyto plankton of northwest arab gulf part 2 phyto plankton population dynamics

Del Rosario R.R.; Gabuya E.S., 1980:
Preliminary studies on the poly saccharide composition of coconut and makapuno cell wall

Harman J.E., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the post harvest physiology and storage of babaco fruit carica heilbornii pentagona

Bordas E.; Cristea C.; Nagy S.; Lenghel I., 1981:
Preliminary studies on the presence of cadmium in drinking water from the b city and some effects on children from a collectivity

Iwuagwu Y.O.U.; Izuagbe Y.S., 1986:
Preliminary studies on the preservation of oyokpo beer a nigerian fermented alcoholic beverage

Huq, M.F.; Al-Saadi, H.A.; Hadi, R.A., 1978:
Preliminary studies on the primary production of northwest persian gulf during post monsoon period

Congregado F.; Estanol I.; Espuny M.J.; Fuste M.C.; Manresa M.A.; Marques A.M.; Guinea J.; Simon Pujol M.D., 1985:
Preliminary studies on the production and composition of the extracellular polysaccharide synthesized by pseudomonas sp eps 5028

Siegfried, R.E.L., 1978:
Preliminary studies on the production of toxins by plant rot producers in potatoes

Li-Yin, C.; Foo-Woon, F., 1978:
Preliminary studies on the productivities of the 2 most abundant aquatic macrophytes in subang lake malaysia

Maris P.; Girre L., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the purification of an antigen of viral origin bovine leukosis

H.C.B.; Zhang Y X.; Meng X M.; Zhang L H.; S.H., 1980:
Preliminary studies on the purification of the envelope and cell wall of chlamydia trachomatis and examination of their structure

Huang J F.; Luo A L.; Zhang H M.; Zhou J D.; L.Y.X.; Liang Y C., 1982:
Preliminary studies on the reactivation of molybdenum iron protein denatured by oxygen with iron molybdenum cofactor

Younis S.A.; Hagop E.G., 1988:
Preliminary studies on the red onion scaly leaves abortive action and effects on serum enzymes in mice

Xue, K.; Ji, G.; Sun, Y.; Zhou, P., 1986:
Preliminary studies on the relationship between micronucleus formation and cell cycle i. effects of various store and culture intervals of irradiated human whole blood on micronucleus frequency

Xue, K.; Sun, Y.; Zhou, P.; Ji, G., 1986:
Preliminary studies on the relationship between micronucleus formation and cell cycle ii. studies on micronucleus formation by autoradiography and microscopy

Jiang, L.F.; Chen, Y.C., 1981 :
Preliminary studies on the relationship between the snake classification and its venom and serum proteins 1. electrophoretic analysis of the venoms and serum proteins of snakes

Varghese T.J.; Shantharam B., 1979:
Preliminary studies on the relative growth rates of 3 indian major carp hybrids

Stefaniak T.; Molenda J.; Krolinski J.; Chelmonska A., 1987:
Preliminary studies on the reproductive organ infection of bulls caused by haemophilus somnus

Bluemel, S.; Hausdorf, H., 1986:
Preliminary studies on the resistance of phorodon humuli schr. to insecticides in austria

Valera, C.V.; Shute, G.T., 1976:
Preliminary studies on the response of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine in the Philippines, with the in vitro technique

Bamgbose, S.O.A., 1976:
Preliminary studies on the responses of some tissues of the giant african snail achatina fulica to drugs

Reddy M.S.; Rao P.K.; Rao B.H.K.; Rao G.N., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the seasonal prevalence of certain homoptera occurring on rice at hyderabad india

Awan J.A.; Kar A.; Udoudoh P.J., 1980:
Preliminary studies on the seeds of annona muricata

Przyjalkowski Z.; Starzenska A., 1985:
Preliminary studies on the serum proteins of germ free and conventional mice infected with trichinella pseudospiralis only or simultaneously with trichinella spiralis

Alsop C.; Gibson J.; Richardson C.; Samec A.; Marshall C.; Mcdonald C.; Sunderland V.B., 1984:
Preliminary studies on the stability of natamycin eye drops after sterilization by autoclaving

Zhu Z Y.; Yang T Z.; F.G.M.; Yao S R.; Pan C J., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the strain r 3 of epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus isolated from apodemus agrarius entrapped in endemic area of zhejiang province china

Foo A.E.S.; Yap H.H., 1987:
Preliminary studies on the sublethal effects of bacillus thuringiensis h 14 against aedes aegypti linnaeus

Yin M.; M.X.; Y.N., 1985:
Preliminary studies on the sulfate reducing bacteria in saline lake sediment and its applications

Riba G.; Katagiri K.; Kawakami K., 1982:
Preliminary studies on the susceptibility of the silkworm bombyx mori lepidoptera bombycidae to some entomogenous hyphomycetes

Zielke, E., 1977:
Preliminary studies on the transplantation of adult Dirofilaria immitis into laboratory rodents

Pradhan N.R.; Mukherjee B.N.; Misra S.K., 1986:
Preliminary studies on the treatment of anemia in goats with special reference to blood transfusion

Gaigher I.G.; Cloete T.E.; Toerien D.F., 1982:
Preliminary studies on the treatment of canning factory effluent with an integrated bacterial algal fish system

Shawky M.E.; Wahdan A.A., 1986:
Preliminary studies on the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity as affected by sample pre treatment

Polzonetti-Magni, A.; Bellini-Cardellini, L.; Gobbetti, A., 1978:
Preliminary studies on the uptake of labeled mammalian gonadotropins by ovary and oviduct of the green frog, Rana esculenta, in vivo

Dheim M.A.; Browning G., 1988:
Preliminary studies on the use of 2rs 3rs paclobutrazol for fruitlet thinning and growth control of conference pear

Wasfy E.H.; Bridge P.D.; Brayford D., 1987:
Preliminary studies on the use of biochemical and physiological tests for the characterization of fusarium isolates

Ferroni G.D.; Leduc L.G.; Choquet C.G., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the use of the heterotrophic activity method to evaluate acid stress effects in aquatic environments

Ekwall, B., 1981:
Preliminary studies on the validity of in vitro measurement of drug toxicity using hela cells 4. therapeutic effects and side effects of 50 drugs related to the hela toxicity of the therapeutic concentrations

Vest, D.K., 1986:
Preliminary studies on the venom of the chinese snake azemiops feae fea's viper

Margaret G.R.; Phanuel G.J., 1988:
Preliminary studies on the venom of three indian spiders

Soulimov, A.A.; Bouquet, A.; Glouchko, B.A.; Filatov, I.P.; Fournet, A., 1975:
Preliminary studies on the viricidal and anti viral action of some medicinal plants of the congo brazzaville

Dong, J.H.; Tian, M.Z., 1987:
Preliminary studies on the virus etiology or children's acute myocarditis in wuhan china

Csoknya, M.; Horvath, I., 1978:
Preliminary studies on thoracic ganglion cells of mayfly larva palingenia longicauda ephemeroptera

Maeda Y.; Shoji Y.; Yoneda A.; Azumi T., 1984 :
Preliminary studies on treatment of chromium tannery waste sludge by anaerobic digestion

Van Der Wielen N.J.G.J.; D.K.uif A., 1984:
Preliminary studies on treatment of dairy cows with human chorionic gonadotropin on the day of insemination

Husain S.A.; Saeed V.A.; Hussain S.S., 1986:
Preliminary studies on trickle irrigation system modifications and improvements

Shanghai-Inst-Parasit-Dis-Lab-Malar-Res, 1975:
Preliminary studies on tripiperaquine (M 1020)

Mugwira L.M., 1980:
Preliminary studies on triticale triticosecale wheat triticum aestivum barley hordeum vulgare and rye secale cereale responses to lime and nitrogen

Pulsford A., 1984:
Preliminary studies on trypanosomes from the dogfish scyliorhinus canicula

Krishnaswami S.; Samson M.V.; Baig M.; Nataraju B., 1979:
Preliminary studies on weathering of bactericides on mulberry leaf and their toxicity to silkworms

Bokhari M.H.; Dasti A.A.; Ahmad S., 1986:
Preliminary studies on weeds of wheat in multan pakistan

Lienhard, C., 1985:
Preliminary studies to a psocid fauna of the western palearctic region 2. the european species of the genus elipsocus psocoptera elipsocidae

Lienhard, C., 1986:
Preliminary studies to a psocid fauna of the western palearctic region iii. contribution to the knowledge of the family psocidae insecta psocoptera

Follmann, G., 1979:
Preliminary studies toward a monograph on the lichen family roccellaceae 4. roccellina olivacea new species of semi fruticose lichen related to roccellina condensata

Follmann, G.; Geyer, M., 1986:
Preliminary studies towards a monograph of the lichen family roccellaceae chev vii. secondary products and relationships of the genera combea de not. and schizopelte t. m. fries

Muntz, E.P.; Meyers, H.; Wilkinson, E.; Jacobson, G., 1977:
Preliminary studies using electron radiography for mammography

Rogers, S.; Goldsmid, J.M., 1977:
Preliminary studies using the indirect fluorescent antibody test for the serological diagnosis of Ternidens deminutus infection in man

Scarpin M.; Tendler M.; Messineo L.; Katz N., 1980:
Preliminary studies with a schistosoma mansoni saline extract inducing protection in rabbits against challenge infection

Thomas A.L.; Majoos F.L.; Nuki G., 1983:
Preliminary studies with aza propazone in gout and hyper uricemia

Gastpar M.; Gastpar G., 1982:
Preliminary studies with citalopram lu 10 171 a specific 5 hydroxy tryptamine re uptake inhibitor as anti depressant

Boulton, R., 1978:
Preliminary studies with coated wire electrodes for malate lactate and tartrate ions in model solutions

Smith M.A., 1985:
Preliminary studies with fertilizers and legumes for improving the natural grasslands of the aruliho land system guadalcanal solomon islands

Umeh B.U.O.; Iphie P.; Okechukwu C.C., 1987:
Preliminary studies with flunitrazepam a new intravenous induction agent for anesthesia

Mederos Olalde E.; Orquin Lena J.; Hernandez A.; Somarriba C., 1986:
Preliminary study about the dynamics of growth of the papaw plant cultivar maradol roja in a red ferralitic soil

Ayuso M.J.; Garcia M.D.; Saenz M.T.; Toro M.V., 1988:
Preliminary study and antimitotic activity of leaves from quercus rotundifolia lam

Ayuso Gonzalez M.J.; Sanez Rodriguez M.T., 1985:
Preliminary study and antimitotic activity of viscum cruciatum on plant cell cultures

Wirths W.; Rottka H.; Anders H.; Beck P.; Meseberg D.; Nourney M.; Steller W., 1979:
Preliminary study comparing 6 methods to study eating habits of the general population of west germany

Cartier D.; Blaise S., 1984:
Preliminary study concerning variation of chromosome numbers and cyanogenesis of lotus corniculatus

Rojas Hernandez I.M.; Garcia Monteagudo J., 1981:
Preliminary study for an ideal medium to increase antibiogram sensitivity

Terawaki, T.; Goto, H., 1988:
Preliminary study for creation of kelp forest i. seasonal changes of lamina and root growth of eisenia bicyclis in odawa bay miura peninsula japan

Arcioni S.; Ceccarelli S.; Falcinelli M.; Mariani A.; Veronesi F., 1980:
Preliminary study for obtaining a medicago sativa variety to be used for the dehydration and adapted to central italy

Kugler J.; Moreau J.; Orachungwong C.; Pequignot J.; Segura G., 1987:
Preliminary study for on growing of young tilapia oreochromis niloticus pisces cichlidae with diverse foods

Gil C.; Gomez Cordoves C., 1986:
Preliminary study for the differentiation of wines from different vitis vinifera varieties benzoic acid and cinnamic acid concentrations

Mohammad M.; Couderc B.; Chateaureynaud P.; Mayer G., 1985:
Preliminary study in the female rat of the immunoregulatory effects of estradiol progesterone and hypophyseal prolactin on natural killing type cell mediated cytotoxic activity

Caldas, M.D.J.T.; Pourchet-Campos, M.A., 1975:
Preliminary study of 3 algae of the family ulvaceae from the beach of mae luisa rio grande do norte brazil

D.B.evre C.; Mariat F., 1981:
Preliminary study of a galacto mannan extracted from conidiobolus coronatus a fungus pathogenic to man

Reeder, K.; Strong, W.J.; Palmer, E.P., 1977:
Preliminary study of a low frequency formant based speech code for the severely hearing impaired

Kergomar O.; Fauvage B.; Stieglitz P., 1981:
Preliminary study of a method of obstetric anesthesia by a rapidly acting barbiturate methohexital

Pussard, M.; Alabouvette, C.; Pons, R., 1971:
Preliminary study of a mycophagic amoeba thecamoeba granifera ssp minor new subspecies thecamoebidae amoebida

Boussignac G.; Bertrand C.; Huguenard P., 1988:
Preliminary study of a new endotracheal tube

Acuna, S.E., 1977:
Preliminary study of age and growth of fissurella latemarginata in tocopilla chile mollusca gastropoda fissurellidae

Pal, G.P.; Tamankar, B.P., 1983:
Preliminary study of age changes in Gujarati (Indian) pubic bones

Reymonet C.; Fabres G.; Labeyrie V., 1987:
Preliminary study of an external physiological marker in the diapause of dinarmus acutus hymenoptera pteromalidae a parasite of bruchus affinis coleoptera bruchidae

Julien, M., 1980:
Preliminary study of animal bone material from the dia.4 dorset site jfe1 4 eastern arctic

Jin Z.; E.A., 1984:
Preliminary study of anti escherichia coli immune rna induced cell mediated immunity by leukocyte adherence inhibition test

Templado J.; Garcia Carrascosa M.; Baratech L.; Capaccioni R.; Juan A.; Lopez Ibor A.; Silvestre R.; Masso C., 1986:
Preliminary study of associated fauna of coralliferous bottoms of the alboran sea southeastern spain

Santiago, G.; Chereguini, M.O.; Mate, P.; Garcia-De-La-Banda, I.; Perez, A., 1977:
Preliminary study of bacterial contamination of puerto arrecife lanzarote canary islands

Willis E.O.; Oniki Y., 1981:
Preliminary study of birds in 13 areas of the state of sao paulo brazil

Liu, J.S.; Wang, X.J., 1982:
Preliminary study of blood gas analysis in cough and asthma diagnosis

McKnight, M.E.; DeBoer, K.F., 1988:
Preliminary study of blood pressure changes in normotensive subjects undergoing chiropractic care

Wang B.; Shaowen H., 1980:
Preliminary study of certain auto antibodies in thyroid diseases

Shimazaki, K.I.; Asagi, M., 1980:
Preliminary study of chymosin ec kappa casein reaction measured by density gradient tube method

Small E.B.; Wetzel B.; Maugel T.K.; Meola P., 1980:
Preliminary study of ciliates stained with silver albuminose protargol examined in the backscattered electron mode with the scanning electron microscope

Dai C.; Sheng C.; L.M., 1986:
Preliminary study of circulating erythroid progenitors in normal people and donors

Garcia, A.F.; Martinez, S.I.; Munoz, F.J.P.; Caloca, M., 1976:
Preliminary study of demersal fishing on the grand sole bank and of the west coast of ireland by the spanish fleet

Richard P B., 1985:
Preliminary study of desman activity galemys pyrenaicus in captivity insectivora talpidae

Arle R.; Mendonca C., 1982:
Preliminary study of dicranocentrus spp collembola occurring in tijuca national park rio de janeiro brazil

Ramirez L.S.; Standen I.D.; Lizana M.E.; Biolley H.M.A., 1979:
Preliminary study of diphyllobothriasis in lake colico province of cautin 9th region chile

Richards C.; Bouchard J.P.; Bouchard R.; Barbeau H., 1980:
Preliminary study of dynamic muscle function in hereditary ataxia

Liu L.; Yang S.; Zhao X.; Wang J.; L.G.; Tang X.; Xiao B.; L.Q., 1987:
Preliminary study of effects of diagnostic ultrasound in early pregnant women on chorionic villi

Horan, J.J.; Laying, F.C.; Pursell, C.H., 1976:
Preliminary study of effects of "in vivo" emotive imagery on dental discomfort

Huang R.; E.A., 1983:
Preliminary study of elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for detection of antibodies in tuberculosis patients sera

Torossian, C., 1978:
Preliminary study of entomological consequences of cutting done in the forest of gresigne france

Sheng J.P., 1985:
Preliminary study of ethnobotany in xishuang banna china

Kurokawa, S.; Hirohama, T., 1977:
Preliminary study of fine structure of the thalli and apothecia in the physciaceae viewed with the scanning electron microscope

W.C.Y.; Shu T Y., 1982:
Preliminary study of genus corydalis section benecinctae

Patriti, G., 1972:
Preliminary study of global pollution effects on the plankton population in the northern harbor of marseilles

Zakaria S.; Mabrouq M.A.S.; Shaker Z.A.; E.R.ziky E S.H., 1982:
Preliminary study of hepatitis b surface antigen and its antibody in the sera and urine of patients with liver disease in egypt

Prévost, P.; Méneau, P.; Lefèvre-Witier, P.; Marcelli-Barge, A.; Poirier, J.C.; Schmid, M.; Hors, J., 1984:
Preliminary study of HLA markers in French Catalonia

Scaglia, H.E.; Koliren, L.; Loruso, A.; Zylbersztein, C.; Ramos, G.; Díaz, L.; Soto, E., 1984:
Preliminary study of hormone determinations during aminoglutethimide therapy for advanced breast cancer

Iranzo, J.; Vilar, M.; Ibars, A.; Salvo, A.E., 1987:
Preliminary study of iberian equisetaceae iii. on the cone of the genus hippochaete milde

Zhou F.; Y.X.; G.H.; Tan L., 1982:
Preliminary study of identification of bacteria by pyrolysis gas chromatography

Wang B.; Cao G.; Xiao L.; W.H., 1988:
Preliminary study of il 2 activity in mice infected with mycobacterium lepraemurium by incorporation of tritiated in tdr ctll assay

Bouza Suarez M.; Dumenigo Ripoll B., 1985:
Preliminary study of influence of hygienic conditions on dog filariasis

Fuqua, D.R.; Newman, J.L.; Anderson, M.W.; Johnson, A.W., 1986:
Preliminary study of internal dialogue in a training setting

Calvario J., 1984:
Preliminary study of intertidal benthic populations movable substrates of the tagus estuary portugal and its cartography

Dinga, A.; Braut-Boucher, F.; Paris, M.; Mercier, J., 1980:
Preliminary study of labiatae originating from africa 1. comparative analysis of essential oils of leocus africanus and alvesia rosmarinifolia

Lam C.N.H.; Jensen J.O.T.; Alderdice D.F., 1982:
Preliminary study of low gamete viability in adult chum salmon oncorhynchus keta held in sea pens at deserted creek hisnit inlet british columbia canada

D.G.egorio Ariza M.A.; Morandeira Garcia A.; Marco Larraga R.; Bustamante Arias E.; Moros Garcia M.; Blasco Villacampa G., 1985:
Preliminary study of lung radiological alterations in the rabbit with experimentally induced acute pancreatitis

Borrego J.J.; Arrabal F.; D.V.cente A.; Gomez L.F.; Romero P., 1983:
Preliminary study of microbial inactivation in the marine environment

Zhou Y J.; Jiang H H.; Cao S F.; Cui G F.; Hong Q.; Shi Y C., 1987:
Preliminary study of molecular epidemiology of human rotaviruses among infants with acute gastroenteritis in shanghai china 1982 1984

Vespignani H.; Brichet B.; Hartemann P.; Duc M.; Weber M., 1981:
Preliminary study of muscular transmission in hyper thyroidism

Palmgren M.S.; Lee L.S.; Delucca A.J.II.; Ciegler A., 1983:
Preliminary study of myco flora and myco toxins in grain dust from new orleans louisiana usa area grain elevators

Siddiqui H.H.; Rao P.R., 1986:
Preliminary study of mycotoxins associated with deteriorating maize hay

Machida Y., 1988:
Preliminary study of nerve pattern in neobythites sivicola ophidiidae ophidiiformes

Lee, C.J.; Lee, P.H.; Lee, P.C., 1984:
Preliminary study of neutrophil leukocyte function in uremic patients and renal transplant recipients

Pascual, F., 1978:
Preliminary study of orthoptera of the sierra nevada spain 4. altitude distribution

Yu, M.H., 1977:
Preliminary study of pachytene morphology in a homo zygous line of sugar beet

Zhang K.; E.A., 1988:
Preliminary study of parameter fitting of complex ligand binding system with computer

Assaf, M.H.; Ali, A.A.; Makboul, M.A.; Beck, J.P.; Anton, R., 1987:
Preliminary study of phenolic glycosides from Origanum majorana; quantitative estimation of arbutin; cytotoxic activity of hydroquinone

Pergent G.; Boudouresque C.F.; Vadier B., 1985:
Preliminary study of posidonia oceanica beds on the alberes coast pyrenees orientales france

Pasquet A.; Leborgne R., 1986:
Preliminary study of predator prey relations in zygiella x notata

Karle, W.; Hart, J.; Corriere, R.; Gold, S.; Maple, C., 1978:
Preliminary study of psychological changes in feeling therapy

Pinzon S.R.; Rubiano R.A., 1986:
Preliminary study of pteridium aquilinum chemical components and toxicological action

Soper W.B., 1979:
Preliminary study of ratings of satisfaction by male university faculty

Zuberi M.I.; Zuberi S., 1981:
Preliminary study of self incompatibility of 24 collections of brassica campestris cultivar toria from bangladesh

Zhou W.; E.A., 1982:
Preliminary study of serotype distribution of salmonella groups and drug resistance in tianjin china

Berazain-Iturralde, R., 1976:
Preliminary study of serpentine flora of cuba

Tyler R.S., 1982:
Preliminary study of simultaneous masking and pulsation threshold patterns of vowels

Moore T.B.; Stevens R.; Mcarthur E.D., 1982:
Preliminary study of some insects associated with rangeland shrubs with emphasis on kochia prostrata

Prance G.T.; Schaller G.B., 1982:
Preliminary study of some vegetation types of the pantanal mato grosso brazil

Itoo T.; Kato H.; Wada K., 1983:
Preliminary study of stomach contents of the kuril seal phoca kurilensis along the eastern coast of hokkaido japan

Estruch Fajardo I.M.; Mesa Despaigne A.; Cao Lopez J.; Estruch Rancano L., 1980:
Preliminary study of the acarina of house dust of santiago de cuba city cuba

Camey M.; L.D.c A., 1980:
Preliminary study of the action of the yttrium aluminum garnet laser on canine prostatic adenoma and experimental urethral stenosis

Desutter L., 1985:
Preliminary study of the african species of the genus homoeogryllus grylloidea phalangopsidae

Palma H.; Munoz O.; Guevara G.; Salazar J., 1987:
Preliminary study of the agar content in 2 species of red algae rhodophyta gracilaria domingensis sonder and hypnea musciformis wulfen lomoroux from the coasts of margarita island venezuela

Tziafas, D.; Kolokuris, J., 1987:
Preliminary study of the apical reactions following experimental trauma (of concussion type) on dog's immature teeth

Betancourt C.; Cruz J.; Garcia J.; Galarza L., 1986:
Preliminary study of the aquatic hyphomycetes deuteromycotina of the dominican republic

Melzacka M.; Rurak A.; Vetulani J., 1981:
Preliminary study of the bio transformation of 2 new drugs trazodone and etoperidone

Wiener L.F.; Capinera J.L., 1980:
Preliminary study of the biology of the white grub phyllophaga fimbripes coleoptera scarabaeidae

Zavanella T.; Arias E.; Pacces Zaffaroni N., 1979:
Preliminary study of the carcinogenic activity of the fungicide manganese ethylene bis di thio carbamate in the adult newt triturus cristatus carnifex

Mate, P.; Revenga, S.; Masso, C., 1986:
Preliminary study of the chemical composition of red coral corallium rubrum l. from different areas of the spanish mediterranean

Fonvieille J L.; Touze Soulet J M.; Dargent R.; Montant C., 1982:
Preliminary study of the chemical composition of whole membranes of scopulariopsis brevicaulis

Finnegan I.; Mendelsohn D.; Seftel H., 1987:
Preliminary study of the chemical differences of the erythrocyte membrane in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia

Vazquez Boucard C.G.; Moureau C.E.; Ceccaldi H.J., 1985:
Preliminary study of the circadian variations of hemolymph proteins in penaeus japonicus

Hsu T Z., 1981:
Preliminary study of the classification of chinese gaultheria

Creagan E.T.; Eagan R.T.; Kvols L.K., 1981:
Preliminary study of the combination di anhydro galactitol cis di ammine di chloro platinum ii and vp 16 213 vepeside in patients with advanced cancer

Montagner, H.; Pain, J., 1971:
Preliminary study of the communications between worker bees during trophollaxis

Hofer, H.O., 1976:
Preliminary study of the comparative anatomy of the external nose of south american monkeys

Vaissiere R.; Seguin G., 1980:
Preliminary study of the composition of copepod populations in the tyrrhenian and ionian seas italy in relation to hydrology

Robert, D.; Deschaux, P.; Pellissier, J.P.; Santini, R.; Fontanges, R., 1978:
Preliminary study of the cumulative effect of microwave radiation 2450 megahertz on the immune response of the mouse

Rodriguez J.; Cabrera L., 1985:
Preliminary study of the dehydrated garlic morphology by conventional hot air drying and solar drying

Mosimann R.M.D.S., 1984:
Preliminary study of the diatomaceae chrysophyta bacillariophyceae in the region of anhatomirim santa catarina brazil

Wang F., 1985:
Preliminary study of the ecology of trogopterus xanthipes

Yang C.; Zhu M.; Zhao X.; Tang Y., 1985:
Preliminary study of the effect of 764 1 eyedrops on the biochemical constituents of corneal scar in rabbit

Prot J C.; Kornprobst J M., 1983:
Preliminary study of the effect of quassinoid extracts of hannoa undulata on meloidogyne javanica nematoda juveniles

Cabannes R.; Marion P.; Garnier E.; Juvin E.; Jubault M.P.; Sangare A., 1981:
Preliminary study of the effects of cetiedil on acute symptoms of sickle cell anemia

Al-Soudi, K.A.; Al-Fayadh, H.A.; Al-Khazraje, A.K.; Mehdi, A.W.R.; Al-Jiboori, N.A.J.; Al-Muraib, S., 1976:
Preliminary study of the effects of feeding ethyl mercury chloride on 4 breeds of chickens

Pinel Alloul B.; Methot G., 1984:
Preliminary study of the effects of impoundment of lg 2 reservoir james bay territory quebec canada on the net seston and the zooplankton of impounded rivers and lakes

Morrison, D.A.; Henry, R.; Goldman, S., 1986:
Preliminary study of the effects of low flow oxygen on oxygen delivery and right ventricular function in chronic lung disease

Felber F.; Thiebaut B., 1984:
Preliminary study of the enzyme polymorphism of the beech fagus sylvatica genetic variability of 2 peroxidase systems in relation to ecologic conditions

Mickovski, J., 1975:
Preliminary study of the extent of tobacco resistance to peronospora tabacina

Fernandez D.Puelles M.L., 1985:
Preliminary study of the feeding and mortality of larvae of the decapod pisidia longicornis under laboratory conditions

Espinosa M.D.C.; Ramos C.; Lopez R., 1984:
Preliminary study of the fermentation inhibitors in chemical prehydrolysates from pith

Russo J.F.; Ronkin S.; Furness G., 1981:
Preliminary study of the flora in the lower genital tracts of sexually active adolescent females in relation to symptoms and inflammatory responses

Millet Clerc J.; Michel D.; Simeray J.; Chaumont J.P., 1987:
Preliminary study of the fungistatic properties of propolis compared to those of several commercial products

Lopez-Jamar-Martinez, E., 1977:
Preliminary study of the ichthyo plankton of the arosa estuary

L.W.; Yen S., 1983:
Preliminary study of the immune responses in infants and children with pneumonia

Duche D.; Nicolas J.; Goyffon M.; Drouet J., 1983:
Preliminary study of the in vitro action of the venom of the scorpion androctonus australis the rat lymphocyte membrane potential in liquid flow cytometry

Ferraz J.A.D.N.; Guerra R.T., 1983:
Preliminary study of the influence of humidity of the soil on reproduction of pontoscolex corethrurus glossoscolecidae oligochaeta

Khatena J.; Morse D.T., 1987:
Preliminary study of the khatena morse multi talent perception inventory

Rossi L.B.; Gutierrez C.P., 1981:
Preliminary study of the lignolytic activity of residual liquors resulting from the ammonium mono sulfite process of sugarcane bagasse

Jiang, H.X., 1983:
Preliminary study of the mechanism of silicosis therapy by tetrandrine

Gilli, M.; Bergamasco, B.; Benna, P.; Coppo, F.; Lacquaniti, F., 1978:
Preliminary study of the movement related potentials in paretic subjects

Benderev T.V.; Schaeffer A.J., 1985:
Preliminary study of the neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser in canine partial nephrectomy

Broschinski L.; Diener W.; Fischer G.; Namaschk A.; Bochnig P.; Wettig K., 1987:
Preliminary study of the nitrate nitrite and bacteria content of human saliva as a function of environmental factors

Decrouez D.; Altiner D., 1981:
Preliminary study of the nummulites of the eocene from the region situated northwest of pinarbasi eastern taurus mountains turkey

Paz, J.D., 1976:
Preliminary study of the occurrence and distribution of DDT residues in the Jordan watershed, 1971

Reinaldo I.; Slutzky B.; Lopez R., 1981:
Preliminary study of the ozonification of the hemi cellulose and cellulose of pith

Yeates R.A.; Laufen H.; Raeder K.; Leitold M., 1986:
Preliminary study of the pharmacokinetics of demethyldiazepam administered as drops or tablets

Jansa, J., 1977:
Preliminary study of the photosynthetic pigment content of the digestive tract of salps and appendicularians

Murko D.; Alibabic S., 1980:
Preliminary study of the possibility of converting sulfite waste liquors into longer acting nitrogen fertilizers

Zhang, X.Y.; Zhang, Z.B.; Chen, X.T.; Deng, J.L.; Mou, Z.X.; Pan, B.R.; Xing, L.P.; Gao, R.Z.; Qiao, T.D., 1987:
Preliminary study of the relationship between the distribution of antral G cells and the gastrin contents of the antral mucosa, gastric juice and serum in chronic atrophic gastritis

Lourenco, W.R., 1975:
Preliminary study of the scorpions of the federal district brazil

Joseph H.Jr; Knobel M.G., 1980:
Preliminary study of the sensitivity of drosophila melanogaster flies for several organo chlorine pesticides

Corrales D.J.cobo M.A.; Frutos S.M., 1985:
Preliminary study of the sirena pond zooplankton corrientes argentina

Campbell H.W.; Gicca D., 1981:
Preliminary study of the situation and distribution of the manatee trichechus manatus in mexico

Accordino A.; Chambers R.A.; Don J.L., 1985:
Preliminary study of the stability of phenobarbitone elixir

Arrizaga M.A.; Inostroza I., 1979:
Preliminary study of the stomach content of the common sardine clupea bentincki pisces clupeidae in the 8th region of chile

Lemaitre B J.; Ollier Hartmann M.P.; Husson H.P.; Hartmann L., 1980:
Preliminary study of the synthesis plasma circulation and urinary excretion of melatonin in man and the rat

Osborne, N.N.; Neuhoff, V., 1977:
Preliminary study of the use of dansyl chloride to determine cyclic amp in tissues

Aguiar L.W.; Jacques S.M.C.; Martau L.; Bueno O.L.; Irgang B.E., 1979:
Preliminary study of the vegetation of the metropolitan region of porto alegre rio grande do sul brazil part 1 islands of pavao marinheiros flores and lage

Garces B.H.A., 1984:
Preliminary study of the zooplankton of lake bayano panama

Vasilikiotis G.S.; Voulouvoutis N.A.; Themelis D.G.; Sofoniou M.C., 1982:
Preliminary study of thessaloniki bay greece for contamination by mercury and lead

Sinoda, M.; Lim, P.Y.; Tan, S.M., 1978:
Preliminary study of trash fish landed at kangkar fish market in singapore

France, R.D.; Krishnan, K.R.R.; Goli, V.; Manepalli, A.N.; Dickson, L., 1986:
Preliminary study of trh stimulation test in chronic low back pain patients

Pilet C.; Shalaby M.A.; Person J.M., 1981:
Preliminary study of vaccines against brucellosis destined for sheep and goats

Lamoureux, G.; Lacoursiere, E., 1976:
Preliminary study of vegetation characterizing mosquito breeding areas in the region of trois rivieres quebec canada

L.Cohu R., 1980:
Preliminary study of vertical migration in phyto plankton within a shallow nonstratified pond

Bolle, D.; Wauthy, G.; Lebrun, P., 1976:
Preliminary study of water mites acari prostigmata as bio indicators of pollution of streams

I.M.I.; Krylova R.G.; Usov A.I., 1987:
Preliminary study of water soluble polysaccharides from the bamboo sasamorpha chiisanensis leaves

Tauk, S.M., 1976:
Preliminary study of wine as a substrate for yeast growth

Brichetti P.; Cambi D., 1979:
Preliminary study on a colony of larus audouinii audouins gull in the tuscan archipelago italy

Kuan S.S.; Ngeh Ngwainbi J.; Guilbault G.G., 1986:
Preliminary study on analytical methods for the determination of thioglucosides after enzymatic hydrolysis

Luo H.; Cheng S.; Jang Y.; Han N.; L.X.; Yie S.; Liang J. , 1987:
Preliminary study on antimutagenesis of vegetables and fruits

Domenech Oliva J.; Carulla Paris M.; Oliveras Gil M., 1987:
Preliminary study on audiometry of high frequency

Chang, S.F.; Feng, X.X.; Liu, Y.P.; Cui, J.Y.; Li, K.W.; Li, S.Z., 1977:
Preliminary study on bacillus sp a pathogen of white grubs

Galichet, P.F.; Poitout, S.; Loma, T.F., 1976:
Preliminary study on behavior of chilo suppressalis towards 3 varieties of rice cultivated in france

Ghirardi P.; Marzo A.; Parenti M.A.; Grosso F., 1979:
Preliminary study on blood levels of flurazepam administered in 2 pharmaceutical formulations

Pelargonio, S.; Siccardi, M.; Paone, F.M.; Marietti, G.; Colabucci, F., 1977:
Preliminary study on bone growth retardation in children with congenital heart disease

Shrestha, S.K., 1977:
Preliminary study on brown rot of potatoes in nepal

Bougeard M.; Vegh I., 1980:
Preliminary study on cercosporidium punctum agent of cercosporidiosis of fennel foeniculum vulgare

Gupta R.A.; Singh B.N.; Singh R.N., 1981:
Preliminary study on certain vedanasthapana analgesic drugs

Guo Y.; W.J.; Shi K., 1985:
Preliminary study on cervical excretion of cytomegalovirus in pregnancy and maternal infant transmission

Y.P., 1980 :
Preliminary study on chinese carabid beetles as grain crop tests

Melone-Ricci, C., 1976:
Preliminary study on cultivation of a bdelloid rotifer

Ling C., 1986:
Preliminary study on culturing fish with the application of chemical fertilizers

Chippaux J P.; Pajot F X.; Geoffroy B.; Tavakilian G., 1985:
Preliminary study on ecology and systematic of triatomine bugs in french guyana

Tousif S.B.; Mir R.A.; Ahmed S., 1985:
Preliminary study on ecology of rats in upper sind rice fields pakistan

Bourgoin A.; Guillou M.; Morvan C., 1985:
Preliminary study on epifauna in biosediments in the bay of brest finistere france using an underwater video camera

Brichetti P.; Isenmann P., 1981:
Preliminary study on evolution of the breeding status of laridae and sternidae in valli comacchio italy camargue france

Pintus, G.; Sau, T.; Puddu, E.; Casali, L.; Monti, G., 1986:
Preliminary study on flunisolide plus salbutamol in obstructive bronchial diseases

Ngulube M., 1986:
Preliminary study on germination of pretreated seed of teak tectona grandis under nursery conditions in zomba malawi

Porcelli G.; M.; Ranieri M.; Volpe A.R., 1985:
Preliminary study on hydroxyproline phenylalanine arginine substrate for human urinary kininase assay

Mesquida J.; Renard M.; Mesquida B., 1987:
Preliminary study on in vitro germination of rapeseed brassica napus var oleifera pollen and its evolution during the time of its ability to germinate

Zhao X.; Mackenzie J.; Kelts K., 1984:
Preliminary study on lithofacies and stable isotope geochemistry of laney member of eocene green river formation wyoming usa

Periera, J.L., 1974:
Preliminary study on milk yield and growth of gelbvieh fleckvieh and schwarzbunten cattle in angola

Cao Lopez J.; Estruch Fajardo I., 1981:
Preliminary study on mites in house dust of havana city metropolitan area cuba

Dalimunthe, D.; Hara, H.; Hayashi, H.; Mito, K.; Kawate, R., 1980:
Preliminary study on mononuclear cells insulin receptor in porcine blood

Sciancalepore, V.; Alviti, F.S., 1985:
Preliminary study on multiple forms of peroxidase ec from malvasia grapes

Ribas, M.; Ponce-De-Leon, R.; Portal, N., 1978:
Preliminary study on nongenetic factors and correlations in milk and fat production in holsteins in cuba

Cui H.; Zhang W.; L.J.; Liu B.; L.J.; Lin Y.; Zhang W.; W.A.; Liu Z., 1987:
Preliminary study on nucleic acid hybridization technique in detecting hsv 2 dna corresponding sequence of cancer tissues of uterine cervix

Moyano, G.H.I.; Marin, O.E.; Salamanca, M.A., 1974:
Preliminary study on oxygen consumption in schizoporella bifrons and membranipora hyadesi bryozoa cheilostomata

Rondon, P., 1978:
Preliminary study on plant parasitic nematodes associated with grape vitis vinifera in venezuela

Zhao G.; Yuan X.; Shen X.; E.A., 1987:
Preliminary study on plasma 6 ketoprostaglandin f 1 alpha levels before and after provoked by furosemide in hypertensive patients

Jestin A., 1988:
Preliminary study on resistant forms of tritrichomonas suis

Suharti M., 1980:
Preliminary study on rust disease of acacia auriculiformis

Degani G.; Levanon D.; Visel A., 1983:
Preliminary study on selection of food by levant vole microtus guentheri from alfalfa field

W.Q.; E.A., 1986:
Preliminary study on serological activity of phenolic glycolipid and its application of leprosy

Bondok A.Z.; Wahdan H.M.; E.D.n T.M.N.; Shaker I., 1985:
Preliminary study on strawberry propagation using tissue culture technique

Motojima, K.; Tanase, M.; Suzuki, K.; Iwasaki, M., 1976:
Preliminary study on sublimation separation of molybdenum 99 from neutron irradiated uranium di oxide

Nishihata T.; Hirotani Y.; Yamazi A.; Takahashi K.; Yoshitomi H., 1988:
Preliminary study on sustained release particles prepared with hydrogenated soy phospholipid and cholesterol

Rosolem C.A.; Malavolta E., 1982:
Preliminary study on sweet sorghum foliar diagnosis

Balacco Gabrielli C.; Reibaldi A.; Salamanna S.; Mininno L.; Vavalle G.; Giuliani E., 1980:
Preliminary study on the acidification of aqueous humor ph in the rabbit treated with timolol maleate

Aubert B.; Weber G.; Dorion N.; L.N.rd M.; Bigot C., 1986:
Preliminary study on the adventitious organogenesis of tulip embryos cultivated in vitro tulipa gesneriana

Pu, L.; Fang, C.; Hsing-Hua, M.; Ching-Yu, P.; Li-Sheng, H.; Shih-Chiang, C., 1977:
Preliminary study on the age of yuanmou man by paleo magnetic technique

Barton F.E.II.B.rdick D., 1979:
Preliminary study on the analysis of forages with a filter type near ir reflectance spectrometer

Hua, Z., 1977:
Preliminary study on the ancient fauna of south china and its stratigraphic significance

Ali, H.A., 1976:
Preliminary study on the aquatic beetles of iraq haliplidae coleoptera

Bronzino M.P., 1985:
Preliminary study on the assessment of erect stance in hemiplegics

Chow Y.S.; Lin Y.M.; Shyr Y.L., 1984:
Preliminary study on the attraction of asian corn borer ostrinia furnacalis to synthetic sex pheromone in taiwan

Manoleli D.; Galdean N.; Mihai Bardan A., 1979:
Preliminary study on the biocenoses of some sources of the basin of the neajlov river romanian plains

Tang Y Q.; Chen Z M., 1984:
Preliminary study on the biology and the ecology of aphidius gifuensis

P.Z.; Tang W., 1985:
Preliminary study on the classification of soil properties and the indexes of interclass delimitation of soils in south xinjiang china

Champalbert, G.; Politchuk, L.; Zaitsev, J., 1976:
Preliminary study on the comparative morphology of pontellidae of the mediterranean and the black sea

Jain A.K.; Shimoi K.; Nakamura Y.; Tomita I.; Kada T., 1987:
Preliminary study on the desmutagenic and antimutagenic effect of some natural products

Walman, 1987:
Preliminary study on the distribution of school of fish estimated acoustically on the lease islands water indonesia

Cancrini G.; Iori A.; Costantini R.; Salniccia R.; Bagalino S.; Persiani A.; Ortis M.; Corselli A., 1982:
Preliminary study on the distribution of trichinelliasis in 589 wild foxes of the province of rome italy

Yoshida M., 1981:
Preliminary study on the ecology of 3 horizontal orb weavers tetragnatha praedonia tetragnatha japonica and tetragnatha pinicola araneae tetragnathidae

Hatano S.; Hara Y.; Takahashi M., 1983:
Preliminary study on the effects of photoperiod and nutrients on the vertical migratory behavior of a red tide flagellate heterosigma akasiwo

Galli, S.; Fuentes, I.; Marusic, E.; Pang, P.K.T., 1977:
Preliminary study on the functional role of stannius corpuscles in sicyases sanguineus

Pace, R., 1976:
Preliminary study on the genus cyrtotyphlus coleoptera staphylinidae

Suzuki, K.; Yamada, K.; Teranishi, M.; Tadauchi, O., 1975:
Preliminary study on the geographical distribution of color forms in chrysolina aurichalcea coleoptera chrysomelidae

Yousheng C.; Sziklai O., 1985:
Preliminary study on the germination of toona sinensis seed from 11 chinese provenances

Alagarswami, K., 1975:
Preliminary study on the growth of cultured pearls/

Tada M.; Shimizu S.; Nomiyama S.; Sakita M.; Seki T.; Inokuchi H.; Yamaguchi N.; Kawai K., 1985:
Preliminary study on the heat probe method for treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding

Janczar, W.; Wrona, S., 1976:
Preliminary study on the hybrid corylus maxima x corylus avellana

D.L.s Angeles Gato M.; Calleja J.M., 1982:
Preliminary study on the hypo glycemic activity of vaccinium myrtillus

Ambadkar P.M.; Gangaramani N.F., 1980:
Preliminary study on the immediate influence of castration on certain functions of hepatic tissue

Veluda G.; Dutu R.; Sandulescu L.; Mogos I., 1980:
Preliminary study on the importance of the lymphocytic infiltrate in malignant tumors of the breast

Bondok A.Z.; Gabr M.F.; Tadros M.R.; E.D.n T.M.N.; Saweris I.S., 1985:
Preliminary study on the in vitro propagation of banana

Pena J.B., 1986:
Preliminary study on the induction of artificial spawning in haliotis coccinea canariensis

Degani G.; Levanon D.; Trieger G., 1984:
Preliminary study on the influence of different feeds on mortality and growth of eels anguilla anguilla in the initial period

Yamazato K.; Yeemin T., 1986:
Preliminary study on the interspecific and intraspecific interactions among corals of khang khao island the sichang islands gulf of thailand

Cescon, B.; Macchi, G.; Scarazzato, P., 1975:
Preliminary study on the interstitial water composition in some small cores of the north adriatic sea

Nash T.H.IIi; Sigal L.L., 1981:
Preliminary study on the lichens of zion national park utah usa

Lal, R.; Sharma, P.L., 1983:
Preliminary study on the mechanism of dopamine action on rabbit myometrium

D.A.tis G.; Giannotti A.; Lanza A.M., 1983:
Preliminary study on the medical history of pediatric psychoses followed in psychoanalytic treatment

Degheele, D.; Fontier, H.; Auda, M.; De-Loof, A., 1986:
Preliminary study on the mode of action of precocene ii on musca domestica l. and lucilia caesar l

Chantarasa Ard S., 1984:
Preliminary study on the overwintering of anagrus incarnatus hymenoptera mymaridae an egg parasitoid of the rice planthoppers

Li, Y.F.; Chen, L.L.; Lan, Y.J., 1987:
Preliminary study on the partial immune state of 146 neonates within 1 week after birth

Hori R.; Phang V.P.E.; Lam T.J., 1987 :
Preliminary study on the pattern of gonadal development of the sea urchin diadema setosum off the coast of singapore

Faggi, A.M.; Collantes, M.B., 1978:
Preliminary study on the phenology of the natural grasslands of the salado river valley argentina

Konta F.; Hayakawa E., 1982:
Preliminary study on the pollen tetrads in the orchidaceae

Wang N.; H.X., 1983:
Preliminary study on the quaternary calcareous nanno fossils of beijing plain china

Shanghai-Chronic-Bronchitis-Etiol-Prev-Treat-Coord-Group, 1976:
Preliminary study on the relation between allergy and chronic bronchitis

H.Q.; E.A., 1985:
Preliminary study on the relationship between the functional and pathological changes of small airways

Ying J Z., 1980:
Preliminary study on the resupinate aphyllophorales from china

Ujiie, H.; Mitsuoka, T., 1978:
Preliminary study on the sea floor sediments west off chichi jima bonin islands japan

Chen Y Y.; Lin L F.; Sun X L.; Chen W X.; Liao Z H., 1986:
Preliminary study on the serum specific anti mite immunoglobulin g level with elisa in patients with bronchial asthma

Sacks, H.J.; Braunstein, V.; Brosnan, C.F., 1987:
Preliminary study on the suppression of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in the Lewis rat with spirogermanium

Toriba M., 1986:
Preliminary study on the systematic status of a danjo islands japan snake

Guay M., 1987:
Preliminary study on the temporal localization of events occurring during an athletic competition

Chitra T.; Rao J.V.R., 1984:
Preliminary study on the unit oxygen consumption of channa punctatus on exposure to sodium fluoride

Long S.M.; Ahmad A.; Ismail N.; Ismail G., 1987:
Preliminary study on the wood fouling community and their distribution at kampung tanjung aru kota kinabalu sabah malaysia

Liu Y.; E.A., 1986:
Preliminary study on value of assessing effect of drug for untypical patients with paragonimiasis with elisa

Boschi M.C.; Grasso Cannizzo P., 1987:
Preliminary study regarding ocular alterations in workers exposed to laser radiations

Brockelman, W.Y.; Nadee, N., 1977:
Preliminary survey and bio geographic analysis of the birds of the surin islands thailand

Arnaud P.M.; Jazdzewski K.; Presler P.; Sicinski J., 1986:
Preliminary survey of benthic invertebrates collected by polish antarctic expeditions in admiralty bay king george island south shetland islands antarctica

Abdalla M.H.; E.T.yeb N.M., 1981:
Preliminary survey of cotton flower gossypium barbadense cultivar barakat myco flora from sudan

Lamprecht S.C.; Knox Davies P.S., 1984:
Preliminary survey of foliage diseases of annual medicago spp in south africa

Zhan S C., 1985:
Preliminary survey of fur bearing mammal resources in fujian province china

Oates, D.; Stucky, N., 1977:
Preliminary survey of heavy metal contamination of channel catfish in Nebraska

Descals E., 1987:
Preliminary survey of ingoldian fungi from catalonia spain

Harakly, F.A., 1974:
Preliminary survey of pests infesting solanaceous truck crops in egypt

Hrs Brenko M., 1980:
Preliminary survey of populations of the bivalve noahs ark arca noae in the northern adriatic sea

De-Lema, T.; Fabian-Beurmann, M.E., 1977:
Preliminary survey of reptiles from the region of the brazil uruguay border

Becker C.J., 1984:
Preliminary survey of the blattaria of the state of rio grande do sul brazil

Pereira D.N.; Tommasi L.R., 1984:
Preliminary survey of the coastal region between peruibe and iguape brazil plankton and hydrography

Crosby, T.K.; Knight, G.S., 1975:
Preliminary survey of the flora and fauna of the tata islands and adjacent mainland golden bay new zealand

Chatterjee A., 1987:
Preliminary survey of the flora of banasthali vidyapith campus area tonk district rajasthan india

Verni F.; Rosati G., 1980:
Preliminary survey of the morphology and cytochemistry of poly saccharide reserves in ciliates

Harris S.C.; Lago P.K.; Carlson R.B., 1980:
Preliminary survey of the trichoptera of north dakota usa

Mathe A.; Mathe I.Jr, 1979:
Preliminary survey of the variability of the cardiac glycoside production of adonis vernalis native in hungary

Silveira V.D.; Rodrigues K.F., 1985:
Preliminary survey of the xylariaceae of the amazon region

Koyachi, S.; Hashimoto, R., 1977:
Preliminary survey of variations of meristic characters of walleye pollack theragra chalcogramma

Lowrie D.C., 1985:
Preliminary survey of wandering spiders of a mixed coniferous forest

Kinugawa, K.; Goto, T., 1978:
Preliminary survey on the matsutake armillaria ponderosa of north america

Glassman, S.F., 1977:
Preliminary taxonomic studies in the palm genus attalea

Glassman, S.F., 1978:
Preliminary taxonomic studies in the palm genus maximiliana

Glassman, S.F., 1977:
Preliminary taxonomic studies in the palm genus orbignya

Glassman, S.F., 1977:
Preliminary taxonomic studies in the palm genus scheelea

Stanford, J.L.; Rook, G.A.; Convit, J.; Godal, T.; Kronvall, G.; Rees, R.J.; Walsh, G.P., 1975:
Preliminary taxonomic studies on the leprosy bacillus

Skarbek, J.D.; Brady, L.R., 1978:
Preliminary taxonomic study of members of the order actinomycetales that produce antibiotics of the aureolic acid group

Marchal C.; Bey P.; Jacomino J.M.; Hoffstetter S.; Gaulard M.L.; Robert J., 1985:
Preliminary technical experimental and clinical results of the use of the hplr 27 system for the treatment of deep seated tumors by hyperthermia

Lopez A.S.; Mcdonald C.R., 1982:
Preliminary test of a simple and inexpensive system for the mechanical aeration of box type cacao fermentation

Simmons, G.A.; Mahar, J.; Kennedy, M.K.; Ball, J., 1977:
Preliminary test of prescribed burning for control of maple leaf cutter lepidoptera incurvariidae

Roehrich, R.; Carles, J.P.; Tresor, C., 1977:
Preliminary test on the protection of vineyards from lobesia botrana using the synthetic sex pheromone disruption method

Farmer, R.E.J. ; Wilcox, J.R., 1968:
Preliminary testing of eastern cottonwood d populus deltoides d clones

Chvapil, M.; Droegemueller, W.; Betts, K.; Heine, W.; Weinstein, L., 1980:
Preliminary testing of the contraceptive collagen sponge

Umemura T.; Sasa H.; Esaki K.; Suzuki S.; Unagami S.; Yanagita T., 1981 :
Preliminary tests for determination of the dose range of disopyramide phosphate in reproduction studies

Alves M.L.B.; Flores W.B.C., 1982:
Preliminary tests for the control of black rot of the palm bactris gasipaes

Adamek, R.; Daubner, I.; Johnova, V.; Trzilova, B., 1977:
Preliminary tests of the influence of waste waters from sugar factories on the numbers of intestinal bacteria in water

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