Preliminary study on the pollen tetrads in the orchidaceae

Konta, F.; Hayakawa, E.

Reports of Faculty of Science Shizuoka University 16: 103-108


Accession: 006169934

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Pollen tetrads of 20 spp. were observed [Calanthe discolor, Cremastra appendiculata, Cymbidium goeringii, Epipactis thunbergii, Galeorchis cyclochila, Liparis formosana, L. plicata, Neottia asiatica, Orchis asiatica, Platanthera ophrydioides, Spiranthes sinensis, Angraecum eburneum, Cyclopogon argirifolia, Dendrobium bracteosum, D. discolor, D. lineare, Onchidium incurvum, Pomatocarpa marsupiale, Romisea parviflora and Sauroglossum elatum]. Among them 9 spp. were native to Japan and the remaining 11 spp. were native to several tropical countries. Presence of 5 types of the pollen tetrads, decussate, rhomboidal, square, T-shaped and linear ones were confirmed in 14 spp. The pollen tetrads of these 5 types were in morphologically normal conditions. The mixed condition of several types of the pollen tetrads were recognized in all species observed.