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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6171

Chapter 6171 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Christensen M.S., 1981: Preliminary tests on the suitability of coffee pulp in the diets of common carp cyprinus carpio and catfish clarias mossambicus

Back C.; Lanouette J G.; Aubin A., 1979: Preliminary tests on the use of temephos for the control of black flies diptera simuliidae in northern quebec canada

Siegfried, R., 1978: Preliminary thin layer chromatographic separation of plant extracts containing 3 4 benz pyrene

Varnagy L., 1981: Preliminary toxicity and teratogenicity testing of captan in japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica embryos

Rosenkrantz, H.; Metterville, J. J.; Fleischman, R. W., 1986: Preliminary toxicity findings in dogs and rodents given the iron chelator ethylenediamine n n' bis 2 hydroxphenylacetic acid

Lindamood C.IIi; Giles H.D.; Hill D.L., 1987: Preliminary toxicity profile of arotinoids smr 2 and smr 6 in male b6d2f1 mice

Kostyniak P.J., 1984: Preliminary toxicity studies on bis beta n n di morpholinoethyl selenide a new radio imaging agent

Kostyniak, P. J., 1984: Preliminary toxicity studies on n n n' trimethyl n' 2 hydroxyl 3 methyl 5 iodobenzyl 1 3 propanediamine a new brain perfusion imaging agent

Mcgovren J.P.; Clarke G.L.; Pratt E.A.; Dekoning T.F., 1984: Preliminary toxicity studies with the dna binding antibiotic cc 1065

Stosic D.; Gorunovic M.; Popovic B., 1987: Preliminary toxicological study of the stones and oil of several species of the genus prunus

Bustomi S.; Soemarna K., 1986: Preliminary tree volume table of shorea spp for the forest district of bangkinang riau indonesia

Soemarna K.; Siswanto B.E., 1986: Preliminary tree volume table of shorea spp in the forest district of solok west sumatra

Juret, P.; Tanguy, A.; Girard, A.; Le-Talaer, J. Y.; Abbatucci, J. S.; Dat-Xuong, N.; Le-Pecq, J. B.; Paoletti, C., 1978: Preliminary trial of 9 hydroxy 2 methyl ellipticinium nsc 264 137 in advanced human cancers

Sordillo P.P.; Magill G.B.; Schauer P.K.; Vikram B.; Kim J.H.; Hilars B.S., 1982: Preliminary trial of combination therapy with adriamycin and radiation in sarcomas and other malignant tumors

Jin B.; Li F J., 1982: Preliminary trial of ketamine anesthesia in war casualties

Bever C.T.; Salazar A.M.; Neely E.; Ferraraccio B.E.; Rose J.W.; Mcfarland H.F.; Levy H.B.; Mcfarlin D.E., 1986: Preliminary trial of polyriboinosinic acid polyribocytidylic acid in poly l lysine and carboxymethyl cellulose in chronic progressive multiple sclerosis

Eisenberg M.; Rosno S.; Garcia G.; Konrad M.W.; Gregory P.B.; Robinson W.S.; Merigan T.C., 1986: Preliminary trial of recombinant fibroblast interferon in chronic hepatitis b virus infection

Sajjad Ur Rahman M.A.; Muhammad K.; Hussain I.; Irfan M., 1987: Preliminary trial of single radial hemolysis test for assaying pasteurella multocida antibody in bovine

Nakamura S.; Tsubokawa T., 1985: Preliminary trial of spinal cord stimulation for post apoplectic spastic hemiplegia

Jimerson D.C.; Post R.M.; Stoddard F.J.; Gillin J.C.; Bunney W.E.Jr, 1980: Preliminary trial of the noradrenergic agonist clonidine in psychiatric patients

Upatham, E. S.; Sturrock, R. F., 1977: Preliminary trials against biomphalaria glabrata of a new molluscicide formulation gelatin granules containing bayluscide wettable powder

Sommaruga A., 1984: Preliminary trials in the comparison of different sugar nutrition on apis mellifera

Ashraf, M., 1978: Preliminary trials of 60 cultivars of grain sorghum sorghum vulgare in central zambia

Bianchi M.; Chicoteau P.; Cloe C.; Bassinga A., 1986: Preliminary trials of baoule embryo transfers in burkina faso

Henriet L.; Renaut F.; Van Hoecke A., 1982: Preliminary trials on the resistance of bull spermatozoa to high pressure in view of storing them under low pressure in the liquid state

Hodsman A.B.; Wong E.G.C.; Sherrard D.J.; Brickman A.S.; Lee D.B.N.; Singer F.R.; Norman A.W.; Coburn J.W., 1983: Preliminary trials with 24 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 in dialysis osteo malacia

Spanier, E., 1978: Preliminary trials with an uv liquid sterilizer

Pal B.; Verma B.B., 1988: Preliminary trials with kanamycin acid sulfate in the treatment of subclinical mastitis in buffaloes

Katz N.; Rocha R.S.; Chaves A., 1979: Preliminary trials with praziquantel in human infections due to schistosoma mansoni

Donato A.; Mauceri A.; Sippelli G., 1982: Preliminary ultrastructural observations on the hepatocytes of the teleosts boops boops and coris julis

Bernstein L.H.; Russell P.J.; Foster W.D., 1982: Preliminary use of linear discriminant function to predict success or failure of kidney transplant

Shores E.A.; Marosszeky J.E.; Sandanam J.; Batchelor J., 1986: Preliminary validation of a clinical scale for measuring the duration of post traumatic amnesia

Gottschalk L.A.; Uliana R.L.; Hoigaard J.C., 1979: Preliminary validation of a set of content analysis scales applicable to verbal samples for measuring the magnitude of psychological states in children

Amin A.; Roohi Z.U.R.; Jamil T., 1984: Preliminary vegetation and soil investigations of lohibher range pakistan

Yu R.; Et Al, 1987: Preliminary virologic investigation of pediatric pneumonia in tianjin china

Morgan K.S.; Asbell P.A.; Mcdonald M.B.; May J.G.; Loupe D.N.; Kaufman H.E., 1983: Preliminary visual results of pediatric epikeratophakia

Gaur P.K.; Lichtwardt R.W., 1980: Preliminary visual screening of soil samples for the presumptive presence of histoplasma capsulatum

Boreham B.W., 1986: Preliminary wing tunnel investigation of the dispersion of pollutant particles in model building wake flows using bipolar space charge

Amato M.; Schaad U.B., 1987: Preliminary with ceftazidime monotherapy in perinatal infection

Kaltenbach, A., 1982: Preliminary work for a revision of the phalangopsidae of the ethiopian fauna region saltatoria grylloidea 1. new species of the genus paragryllodes

Kaltenbach, A., 1986: Preliminary work for a revision of the phalangopsidae of the ethiopian fauna region saltatoria grylloidea 3. the central african species of the genus phaeophilacris walker

Hammer K.; Skolimowska E.; Knuepffer H., 1987: Preliminary work on monographs of wild plant collections secale l

Follmann, G., 1979: Preliminary work toward a monograph of the lichen family roccellaceae 2. what is dirina condensata

Follman, G., 1975: Preliminary work toward a monograph on the lichen family roccellaceae part 1 the genus sagenidium

Miller M.; Weinstein J.N.; Wlodawer A., 1983: Preliminary x ray analysis of single crystals of ov albumin and plak albumin

Moshkov, K. A.; Shavlovski, M. M.; Zaitzev, V. N.; Neifakh, S. A., 1977: Preliminary x ray crystallographic and physicochemical investigations of human ceruloplasmin

Hong S.B.; Kim S.K.; Kim M.S.; Suh S.W., 1985: Preliminary x ray crystallographic and raman studies on gramicidin s dihydrochloride

Navia M.A.; Springer J.P.; Poe M.; Boger J.; Hoogsteen K., 1984: Preliminary x ray crystallographic data on mouse submaxillary gland renin and renin inhibitor complexes

Hough, E.; Little, C.; Jynge, K., 1978: Preliminary x ray crystallographic data on phospho lipase c ec from bacillus cereus/

Suh S.W.; Rhee S.G., 1983: Preliminary x ray crystallographic studies and molecular symmetry of the p ii regulatory protein from escherichia coli

Seaton B.A.; Campbell R.L.; Petsko G.A.; Rose D.R.; Edelstein I.; Marcus F., 1984: Preliminary x ray crystallographic studies of pig kidney fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase

Carlisle, C. H.; Lindley, P. F.; Moss, D. S.; Slingsby, C., 1977: Preliminary x ray crystallographic study of the bovine lens protein gamma crystallin fraction ii

Slingsby C.; Miller L.R.; Berbers G.A.M., 1982: Preliminary x ray crystallographic study of the principal subunit of the lens structural protein bovine beta crystallin

Delbaere L.T.J.; Bruse L.M.; Waygood E.B., 1982: Preliminary x ray data for the hpr protein of the phosphoenol pyruvate sugar phospho transferase system of escherichia coli

Takano T.; Ogawa K.; Sato M.; Bando S.; Yubisui T., 1987: Preliminary x ray data of nadh cytochrome b 5 reductase from human erythrocytes

Neidhart D.J.; Powers V.M.; Kenyon G.L.; Tsou A.Y.; Ransom S.C.; Gerlt J.A.; Petsko G.A., 1988: Preliminary x ray data on crystals of mandelate racemase

Rosenberg, J. M.; Dickerson, R. E.; Greene, P. J.; Boyer, H. W., 1978: Preliminary x ray diffraction analysis of crystalline eco r i endo nuclease/

Mcpherson A.; Hankins C.N.; Shannon L., 1987: Preliminary x ray diffraction analysis of crystalline lectins from the seeds and leaves of sophora japonica

Mcpherson A.; Jurnak F.; Singh G.J.P.; Gill S.S., 1987: Preliminary x ray diffraction analysis of crystals of bacillus thuringiensis toxin a cell membrane disrupting protein

Chandrsegaran S.; Smith H.O.; Amzel M.L.; Ysern X., 1986: Preliminary x ray diffraction analysis of h ha ii endonuclease dna cocrystals

Matthews D.A.; Webber S.; Whiteley J.M., 1986: Preliminary x ray diffraction characterization of crystalline rat liver dihydropteridine reductase

Mcpherson, A.; White, H., 1980: Preliminary x ray diffraction data for chicken muscle glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec

Jurnak, F.; Rich, A.; Miller, D., 1977: Preliminary x ray diffraction data for tetragonal crystals of trypsinized escherichia coli elongation factor

Wright C.S.; Kahane I., 1987: Preliminary x ray diffraction results on co crystals of wheat germ agglutinin with a sialoglycopeptide from the red cell receptor glycophorin a

Sieker L.C.; Gnanarajah G.G., 1988: Preliminary x ray diffraction studies and biochemical characterization of the antitumor protein mitomalcin indicate close similarity to neocarzinostatin

Smit, J. D. G.; Pulver-Sladek, J.; Jansonius, J. N., 1977: Preliminary x ray diffraction studies of ortho rhombic crystals of super oxide dis mutase ec from bacillus stearothermophilus

Abdel-Meguid, S. S.; Murthy, H. M. K.; Steitz, T. A., 1986: Preliminary x ray diffraction studies of the putative catalytic domain of gamma delta resolvase from escherichia coli

Tsukihara T.; Homma K.; Fukuyama K.; Katsube Y.; Hase T.; Matsubara H.; Tanaka N.; Kakudo M., 1981: Preliminary x ray diffraction studies on 4 iron 4 sulfur ferredoxin from bacillus thermoproteolyticus

Sampieri, F.; Habersetzer-Rochat, C.; Astier, J. P.; Frey, M.; Haser, R., 1978: Preliminary x ray diffraction studies on a scorpion neuro toxin toxin ii of androctonus australis

Robertus, J. D.; Monzingo, A. F.; Irvin, J. D., 1977: Preliminary x ray diffraction studies on an anti viral protein

Masakuni M.; Simpson R.J.; Isaacs N.W., 1981: Preliminary x ray diffraction studies on the goose type lysozyme from the egg white of the black swan cygnus atratus

Lobert S.; Heil P.D.; Namba K.; Stubbs G., 1987: Preliminary x ray fiber diffraction studies of cucumber green mottle mosaic virus watermelon strain

Rao, S. N.; Basu, S. P.; Sanny, C. G.; Manley, R. V.; Hartsuck, J. A., 1976: Preliminary x ray investigation of an orthorhombic crystal form of human plasma albumin

Rodriguez A.; Tablero M.; Arreguin B.; Hernandez A.; Arreguin R.; Soriano Garcia M.; Tulinsky A.; Park C.H.; Seshadri T.P., 1988: Preliminary x ray investigation of an orthorhombic crystal of hevein

Aschaffenburg, R.; Blake, C. C. F.; Burridge, J. M.; Esnouf, M. P., 1977: Preliminary x ray investigation of fragment 1 of bovine prothrombin

Eaalick S.E.; Cook W.J.; Fontecilla Camps J.C.; Suddath F.L.; Bugg C.E.; Watt D.D., 1984: Preliminary x ray investigation of variant 2 scorpion toxin from centruroides sculpturatus evidence of a reversible transition between crystal forms

Mylvaganam S.E.; Slingsby C.; Lindley P.F.; Blundell T.L., 1987: Preliminary x ray studies of adult turkey delta crystallin evidence of a space group transition

Lobsanov Yu D.; Kuzev S.V.; Riskulov R.R.; Ryskin A.I.; Pletnev V.Z.; Mokul'skii M.A., 1987: Preliminary x ray studies of the carbohydrate complex of pea lectin pisum sativum

Huse, Y.; Mitsui, Y.; Iitaka, Y.; Miyaki, K., 1978: Preliminary x ray studies of the interaction of salmon sperm dna with spermine

Salemme F.R., 1982: Preliminary x ray studies on chromatium vinosum flavo cytochrome c 552

Katsuya Y.; Hamada K.; Hata Y.; Tanaka N.; Sato M.; Katsube Y.; Kakiuchi K.; Miyata K., 1985: Preliminary x ray studies on serratia protease

Delucas L.J.; Greenhough T.J.; Rule S.A.; Myles D.A.A.; Babu Y.S.; Volanakis J.E.; Bugg C.E., 1987: Preliminary x ray study of crystals of human c reactive protein

Bryzgunov, V. A.; Lutsik, M. D.; Melick-Adamyan, V. R.; Mokulskii, M. A., 1976: Preliminary x ray study of crystals of mitogenic lectin from pea seeds

Jurnak, F.; Rich, A.; Van-Loon-Klaassen, L.; Bloemendal, H.; Taylor, A.; Carpenter, F. H., 1977: Preliminary x ray study of leucine amino peptidase ec bovine lens an oligomeric metallo enzyme

Fedorov, A. A.; Chernaya, M. M.; Strokopymov, B. V.; Vol'nova, T. B.; Zhdanov, A. S.; Goryunov, A. I., 1982: Preliminary x ray study of leucine amino peptidase ec

Shamala N.; Lim L.W.; Mathews F.S.; Mcintire W.; Singer T.P.; Hopper D.J., 1985: Preliminary x ray study of p cresol methylhydroxylase flavocytochrome c from pseudomonas putida ncib 9869

Mc-Pherson, A. Jr ; Rich, A., 1972: Preliminary x ray study of rabbit muscle pyruvate kinase

Stoel Gammon C., 1988: Prelinguistic vocalizations of hearing impaired and normally hearing subjects a comparison of consonantal inventories

Choong C.Y.; Herrmann H.C.; Weyman A.E.; Fifer M.A., 1987: Preload dependence of doppler derived indexes of left ventricular diastolic function in humans

Schmidt, H. D.; Hoppe, H., 1978: Preload dependence of maximum intra ventricular pressure rise velocity maximal calculated shortening velocity of contractile element and calculated maximum velocity of contractile element shortening compared to the inotropic sensitivity of these indices of cardiac contractility

Dyke, C. M.; Brunsting, L. A.; Salter, D. R.; Murphy, C. E.; Abd-Elfattah, A.; Wechsler, A. S., 1987: Preload dependence of right ventricular blood flow i. the normal right ventricle

Sekelj P.; Collins G.; Marble A.E., 1987: Preload independent index of contractility for the assessment of left ventricular function

Lee J D.; Tajimi T.; Patritti J.; Ross J.Jr, 1986: Preload reserve and mechanisms of afterload mismatch in normal conscious dog

Blanloeil Y.; Pinaud M.; Desjars P.; Nicolas F.; Souron R.; Bizais Y., 1981: Preload test experimental study in the anesthetized dog

Aguirrezabal, A. V.; Castaneda, A.; De-Miguel, R.; Vilella, M. L.; Yurrebaso, M. J.; Lacasa, C., 1986: Preloaded syringes in emergency situations

Komi P.V.; Norman R.W., 1987: Preloading of the thrust phase in cross country skiing

Yeomans M.R.; Savory C.J., 1988: Preloads of water but not isotonic saline reduce drinking in domestic fowls

Ohta Y.; Abe S.; Komura H.; Kobayashi M., 1984: Prelunularic acid in liverworts

Barnes, F. J.; Qureshi, A. A.; Semmler, E. J.; Porter, J. W., 1973: Prelycopersene pyro phosphate and lycopersene intermediates in carotene biosynthesis

Gordon, P. B.; Seglen, P. O., 1988: Prelysosomal convergence of autophagic and endocytic pathways

Tirosh R.; Degani H.; Berke G., 1984: Prelytic reduction of high energy phosphates induced by antibody and complement in nucleated cells phosphorus 31 nmr study

Dahiya R.; Dudeja P.K.; Brasitus T.A., 1987: Premalignant alterations in the glycosphingolipid composition of colonic epithelial cells of rats treated with 1 2 dimethylhydrazine

Dahiya R.; Dudeja P.K.; Brasitus T.A., 1988: Premalignant alterations in the glycosphingolipids of small intestinal mucosa of rats treated with 1 2 dimethylhydrazine

Brasitus T.A.; Dudeja P.K.; Dahiya R., 1986: Premalignant alterations in the lipid composition and fluidity of colonic brush border membranes of rats administered 1 2 dimethylhydrazine

Ruiter D.J.; Steijlen P.M.; Bergman W.; Scheffer E., 1988: Premalignant and borderline melanocytic lesions

Heidenreich A., 1987: Premalignant anorectocolonic injuries

Ojeda V.J.; Shilkin K.B.; Walters M.N I., 1985: Premalignant epithelial lesions of the gallbladder a prospective study of 120 cholecystectomy specimens

Lechner W.; Schleicher G., 1984: Premalignant fibroepithelial tumors and basal cell nevus syndrome

Baram A.; Galon A.; Schachter A., 1985: Premalignant lesions and microinvasive carcinoma of the cervix in jewish women an epidemiological study

Riera Velasco J.R.; Suarez Nieto C.; Pedero De Bustos C.; Alvarez Marcos C., 1987: Premalignant lesions of the larynx pathological prognostic factors

Marini G.; Simoncini E.; Marpicati P.; Montini E.; Ferrari V.; Arcangeli G.; Zaniboni A., 1988: Premarin priming before prednimustine high dose folinic acid and 5 fluorouracil as salvage chemotherapy for advanced breast cancer

Lanes R.; Lifshitz F.; Sekaran C.; Fort P.; Recker B., 1986: Premarin priming does not alter growth hormone release following exercise

Sack A.R.; Billingham R.E.; Howard R.D., 1985: Premarital contraceptive use a discriminant analysis approach

Halstead D.C.; Hoffert M.R.; Colasante G.G., 1987: Premarket evaluation of ids rapid ss u system for identification of urine isolates

Phillips L.E.; Faro S.; Smith P.B.; Martens M.G.; Riddle G.D.; Goodrich K.H., 1988: Premarket evaluation of monofluor reagent for detecting chlamydia trachomatis in adolescent outpatients

Veuille M., 1986: Premating behavior and male discrimination in jaera ischiosetosa isopoda

Bartsocas, C. S.; Danon, M.; Crawford, J. D., 1976: Premature adrenarche in identical twins

Holman C.D.J.; Shean R.E., 1986: Premature adult mortality and short stay hospitalization in western australia attributable to the smoking of tobacco 1979 1983

Leber W.R.; Parsons O.A., 1982: Premature aging and alcoholism

Noonberg A.; Goldstein G.; Page H.A., 1985: Premature aging in male alcoholics accelerated aging or increased vulnerability

Pai S.R., 1983: Premature aging of pituitary of irradiated icrc mice

Hirabayashi K.; Ikeda K.; Shimokawa K.; Orthner H., 1979: Premature aging of the brain in downs syndrome

Herbin C.; Duee P H.; Pegorier J P.; Blade C.; Kohl C.; Girard J., 1988: Premature appearance of gluconeogenesis and fatty acid oxidation in the liver of the postterm rabbit fetus

Mencher, D.; Shouval, D.; Reshef, L., 1979: Premature appearance of hepatic phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec in fetal rats not mediated by cyclic amp

Langeron P., 1988: Premature atheromatosis study of 55 cases of arteritis of the lower limbs in young adults

Kirkorian G.; Touboul P.; Atallah G.; Moleur P.; De Zuloaga C., 1984: Premature atrial stimulation during regular atrial pacing a new approach to the study of the sinus node

Andre M.; Boutroy J.L.; Debruille C.; Djoffon J., 1986: Premature babies born by cesarean section before the 32nd week of pregnancy

Searight H.R.; Handal P.J., 1986: Premature birth and its later effects towards preventive intervention

Mazumdar, B. C., 1976: Premature blooming of grapefruit seedlings

Hazen P.G.; Zamora I.; Bruner W.E.; Muir W.A., 1980: Premature cataracts in a family with hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia

Gabarron J.; Jimenez A.; Glover G., 1986: Premature centromere division dominantly inherited in a subfertile family

Madan K.; Lindhout D.; Palan A., 1987: Premature centromere division pcd a dominantly inherited cytogenetic anomaly

Hoeckel M.; Kraemer S.; Lippold R., 1987: Premature cervical ripening operative or conservative treatment

Egberts J.; Fontijne P.; Van Der Weijden G.C., 1981: Premature changes in surface activity in lung fluid of fetal lambs

Rao, P. N.; Wilson, B.; Puck, T. T., 1977: Premature chromosome condensation and cell cycle analysis

Popescu, N. C.; Dipaolo, J. A., 1976: Premature chromosome condensation and chromosome despiralization in syrian hamster cells transformed in vitro

Morse H.G.; Odom L.F.; Castro R.; Hays T.; Blake M.; Vannais D.; Robinson A., 1987: Premature chromosome condensation as a predictive indicator of relapse in children and adolescents with acute leukemia initial observations

Hittelman, W. N.; Rao, P. N., 1976: Premature chromosome condensation conformational changes of chromatin associated with phyto hem agglutinin stimulation of peripheral lymphocytes

Kovacs G., 1985: Premature chromosome condensation evidence for in vivo cell fusion in human malignant tumors

Griffiths T.D.; Carpenter J.G., 1979: Premature chromosome condensation following x irradiation of mammalian cells expression time and dose response

Nishimoto, T.; Eilen, E.; Basilico, C., 1978: Premature chromosome condensation in a temperature sensitive dna mutant of baby hamster kidney bhk cells

Sreekantaiah C.; Bhargava M.K.; Shetty N.J., 1987: Premature chromosome condensation in human cervical carcinoma

Reichmann A.; Levin B., 1981: Premature chromosome condensation in human large bowel cancer

Williams, D. M.; Scott, C. D.; Beck, T. M., 1976: Premature chromosome condensation in human leukemia

Witkowski, R.; Anger, H., 1976: Premature chromosome condensation in irradiated man

Cervenka J.; Camargo M., 1987: Premature chromosome condensation induced by electrofusion

Hittelman, W. N.; Broussard, L. C.; Mccredie, K., 1979: Premature chromosome condensation studies in human leukemia 1. pre treatment characteristics

Hittelman, W. N.; Broussard, L. C.; Mccredie, K.; Murphy, S. G., 1980: Premature chromosome condensation studies in human leukemia 2. proliferative potential changes after induction therapy for acute myelogenous leukemia patients

Hittelman, W. N.; Vellekoop, L.; Zander, A. R.; Dicke, K. A., 1982: Premature chromosome condensation studies in human leukemia 4. characterization of albumin density fractionations of bone marrow at presentation remission and relapse

Hittelman W.N.; Menegaz S.D.; Mccredie K.B.; Keating M.J., 1984: Premature chromosome condensation studies in human leukemia prediction of early relapse

Bruederlein S.; Gebhart E.; Siebert E.; Augustus M., 1986: Premature chromosome condensation studies on human metastatic carcinoma cells

Hieber L.; Luecke Huhle C., 1983: Premature chromosome condensation technique reveals severe chromatin lesions and repair in g 2 arrested cells after alpha irradiation

Wise M.J.; Rinn R.C., 1983: Premature client termination from psycho therapy as a function of continuity of care

Busch U.W.; Pechacek L.W.; Garcia E.; Mathur V.S.; Hall R.J., 1982: Premature closure of prosthetic mitral valves as a consequence of gravity

Truter P.J.; Franszen S.; Van Der Merwe J.V.; Coetzee M.J., 1986: Premature closure of the ductus arteriosus causing intrauterine death a case report

Tuma, S.; Samanek, M.; Benesova, D.; Voriskova, M., 1978: Premature closure of the foramen ovale cordis with left atriocardinal vein

Becker, A. E.; Becker, M. J.; Wagenvoort, C. A., 1977: Premature contraction of the ductus arteriosus a cause of fetal death

Tenenbaum A.; Cohen I.; Fejgin M.; Ben Aderet N.; Sarov I., 1988: Premature contractions and chlamydia trachomatis infection

Schneider K.T.M.; Huch A.; Huch R., 1985: Premature contractions are they caused by maternal standing

Kallen, R. J.; Brynes, R. K.; Aronson, A. J.; Lichtig, C.; Spargo, B. H., 1977: Premature coronary athero sclerosis in a 5 year old with cortico steroid refractory nephrotic syndrome

Johnsonbaugh, R. E.; Bryan, R. N.; Hierlwimmer, U. R.; Georges, L. P., 1978: Premature cranio syn ostosis a common complication of juvenile thyro toxicosis

Menking, M.; Weibel, J.; Schmid, W. U.; Schmidt, W. T.; Ebel, K. D.; Ritter, R., 1972: Premature cranio syn ostosis associated with hyper thyroidism in 4 children with reference to 5 further cases in the literature

Spier J.; Hoepner F.; Oberlinner G., 1980: Premature cranio syn ostosis with special reference to the indication for operative or expectative procedure

Petersson B.; Trell E.; Hood B., 1984: Premature death and associated risk factors in urban middle aged men

Das, G. D., 1978: Premature death of purkinje cells following low level x ray irradiation during embryonic development

Warner K.E.; Murt H.A., 1983: Premature deaths avoided by the anti smoking campaign

Tsuang M.T.; Woolson R.F.; Fleming J.A., 1980: Premature deaths in schizophrenia and affective disorders

Shtefyrtse A.A.; Kushnirenko M.D., 1984: Premature defoliation in the cultivar golden group apples depending on the environment

Wassermann M.; Ron M.; Bercovici B.; Wassermann D.; Cucos S.; Pines A., 1982: Premature delivery and organo chlorine compounds poly chlorinated bi phenyls and some organo chlorine insecticides

Bartolome J.V.; Schanberg S.M.; Slotkin T.A., 1981: Premature development of cardiac sympathetic neuro transmission in the fetal alcohol syndrome

Rubba P.; Postiglione A.; De Simone B.; Faccenda F.; Riccardi G.; Mancini M., 1984: Premature development of iliac artery stenosis in asymptomatic type ii hyperlipoproteinemia

Gatmaitan, Z.; Lewis, S.; Turchin, H.; Arias, I. M., 1977: Premature development of ligandin reduced glutathione transferase b in mice with an inherited defect in endoplasmic reticulum golgi structure and function

Zeleznik A.J., 1981: Premature elevation of systemic estradiol reduces serum levels of fsh and lengthens the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle in rhesus monkeys

Milstone L.M.; Mcguire J.; Ablow R.C., 1982: Premature epiphyseal closure in a child receiving oral 13 cis retinoic acid

Colavita N.; Orazi C.; Danza S.M.; Falappa P.G.; Fabbri R., 1987: Premature epiphyseal fusion and extramedullary hematopoiesis in thalassemia

Kerenyi S.Z.; Hartgraves S.L., 1987: Premature excess release from the alzet osmotic pump

Engstrom C.; Thilander B., 1985: Premature facial synostosis the influence of biomechanical factors in normal and hypocalcemic young rats

Fujino, S.; Yoshida, T., 1976: Premature flocculation of yeast induced by some wort constituents

Board J.E.; Hall W., 1984: Premature flowering in soybean glycine max yield reductions at nonoptimal planting dates as influenced by temperature and photoperiod

Arad, P.; Degani, S., 1988: Premature foramen ovale closure in newborn of a mother with ebstein's anomaly

Jamdar, S. C.; Greengard, O., 1970: Premature formation of gluco kinase in developing rat liver

Lawson J.P.; Ablow R.C.; Pearson H.A., 1983: Premature fusion of the proximal humeral epiphyses in thalassemia

De J.Marquez Ortiz J.; Ortiz Cereceres J., 1984: Premature germination of maize zea mays in the central puebla zone mexico

Van Der Merwe J.V., 1981: Premature gonadal failure

Schneyer, C. A., 1977: Premature increases in amylase of post natal rat parotid with chronic isoproterenol

Sasaki, R.; Mura, M.; Takeuchi, T.; Furihata, C.; Matsushima, T.; Sugimura, T., 1976: Premature induction of amylase ec in pancreas and parotid gland of growing rats by dexamethasone

Newman, L. F., 1986: Premature infant behavior an ethological study in a special care nursery

Bull M.J.; Stroup K.B., 1985: Premature infants in car seats

Curbelo, V.; Bejar, R.; Benirschke, K.; Gluck, L., 1981: Premature labor 1. prostaglandin precursors in human placental membranes

Bejar, R.; Curbelo, V.; Davis, C.; Gluck, L., 1981: Premature labor 2. bacterial sources of phospho lipase

Grella, P.; Zanor, P., 1978: Premature labor and indomethacin

Miller, J. P-Jr ; Pupkin, M. J.; Crenshaw, C. Jr, 1978: Premature labor and premature rupture of the membranes

Bieniarz, J.; Shah, N.; Dmowski, W. P.; Rao, R.; Scommegna, A., 1978: Premature labor treatment with ritodrine in multiple pregnancy with 3 or more fetuses

Jacobs H.; Jobe A.; Ikegami M.; Glatz T.; Jones S.J.; Barajas L., 1982: Premature lambs rescued from respiratory failure with natural surfactant clinical and biophysical correlates

Legovi M.; Cehic A., 1985: Premature loss of resistance zone teeth as an additional therapeutic problem of mixed dentition malocclusion

Hamori M.; Stuckensen J.A.; Rumpf D.; Kniewald T.; Kniewald A.; Kurz C.S., 1987: Premature luteinization of follicles during ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization

Fitch N.; Victor J.D.; Richer C L.; Pinsky L.; Sitahal S., 1982: Premature menopause due to a small deletion in the long arm of the x chromosome a report of 3 cases and a review

Coulam C.B.; Ryan R.J., 1979: Premature menopause part 1 etiology

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