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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6174

Chapter 6174 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173000

Gandour R.D., 1987: Preparation of crystalline sodium norcarnitine an easily handled precursor for the preparation of carnitine analogs and radiolabeled carnitine

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173002

Zagrebina O.V., 1988: Preparation of cultures from human embryonic liver

Islam B., 1979: Preparation of cupric palmitate membrane its characterization and evaluation of thermodynamically effective fixed charge density

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173005

Puglia K.V., 1979: Preparation of cyanogen bromide fragments of mm nn and mn glyco proteins glycophorins from human erythrocyte membranes of single donors

Ko Y.K., 1986: Preparation of cyclic carbonates and 2 oxazolidones using di 2 pyridylcarbonate

Johnson R.A., 1980: Preparation of cyclic nucleotide anti sera with thyro globulin cyclic nucleotide conjugates

Sponholtz, D. K.; Brautigan, D. L.; Loach, P. A.; Margoliash, E., 1976: Preparation of cytochrome c 2 from rhodospirillum rubrum

Nelson, C. E.; Sitzman, E. V.; Kang, C. H.; Margoliash, E., 1977: Preparation of cytochrome c peroxidase ec from bakers yeast

Swift J.G., 1986: Preparation of cytoplasmic bodies cytospheres from isolated hepatocytes and their biochemical properties

Novotna Z., 1981: Preparation of d manno heptulose

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173013

Doman N.G., 1982: Preparation of d ribulose 1 5 di phosphate

Doman N.G., 1988: Preparation of d ribulose 5 phosphate

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173016

Van Dijken J.P., 1988: Preparation of d xylulose from d xylose

Wells K., 1984: Preparation of dairy products for scanning electron microscopy etching of epoxy resin embedded material

Kawai H., 1987: Preparation of dead water for low background liquid scintillation counting

Thomas D., 1986: Preparation of decolorized peptides from slaughter house blood

Kobayashi T., 1987: Preparation of defatted mustard by extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173022

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173023

Rothblat, G. H.; Arbogast, L. Y.; Ouellette, L.; Howard, B. V., 1976: Preparation of delipidized serum protein for use in cell culture systems

Grinenko G.S., 1979: Preparation of delta 17 20 ene 21 steroid aldehydes

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173026

Iyengar J.R., 1984: Preparation of deoxy nivalenol vomitoxin from field inoculated corn

Tomaszewski J.E., 1979: Preparation of derivatives of 8 9 10 and 11 hydroxy benz a anthracene 7 12 diones benz a anthracenes and 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracenes

Kortvelyessy G., 1985: Preparation of derivatives of citronellal

Keglevic D., 1980: Preparation of desalanine b 30 insulin via the tryptic hydrolysis of porcine insulin modified at the arginyl residue by cyclo hexane 1 2 dione

Takeshita, T.; Ishimoto, S.; Ikekawa, N., 1976: Preparation of desmosterol from fucosterol

Christie D.L., 1986: Preparation of desulfated bovine fibrinopeptide b and demonstration of its sulfation in vitro by an enzyme system from neuroblastoma glioma hybrid cells

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173033

Emken E.A., 1986: Preparation of deuterated methyl 8c 11c octadecadienoate and deuterated methyl 8c 11c 14c octadecatrienoate

Anet F.A.L., 1986: Preparation of deuterated paraformaldehyde

Hachey, D. L.; Palladino, L.; Blair, J. A.; Rosenberg, I. H.; Klein, P. D., 1978: Preparation of deuterated pteroyl glutamic acid by acid catalyzed exchange with deuterium oxide

Smith R.V., 1981: Preparation of deuterium labeled bi phenyl

Emken E.A., 1982: Preparation of deuterium labeled cis cis 12 15 octadecadienoic acid trans cis 12 15 octadecadienoic acid cis trans 12 15 octadecadienoic acid and trans trans 12 15 octadecadienoic acid methyl esters and tri glycerides

Butler R.N., 1981: Preparation of deuterium labeled litho cholic acid

Emken E.A., 1981: Preparation of deuterium labeled methyl cis 9 cis 12 octadecadienoate

Mccloskey J.A., 1982: Preparation of deuterium labeled nucleosides by platinum catalyzed exchange and reduction

Miyamoto T., 1981: Preparation of deuterium labeled rutin by hydrogen exchange reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173043

Vereshchagin A.G., 1979: Preparation of di acyl glycerols of a predetermined fatty acid composition from a mixture of vegetable oils

Tashmukhamedova, A. K.; Saifullina, N. Zh ; Stempnevskaya, I. A.; Abdullaeva, R. A., 1978: Preparation of di alkyl derivatives of 2 3 11 12 di benzo 1 4 7 10 13 16 hexaoxa cyclo octa deca 2 11 diene

Kidani Y., 1981: Preparation of di chloro sulfato di nitrato oxalato d glucuronato and d gluconato platinum ii complexes of di amine isomers and determination of their anti tumor activity against leukemia l 1210

Heinrichova K., 1983: Preparation of di d galactoside uronic acid by enzymatic hydrolysis

Povarov, L. S.; Shorin, V. A.; Bazhanov, V. S.; Shepelevtseva, N. G., 1976: Preparation of di hydro carminomicin and comparison of its anti tumor activity to activity of carminomicin

Krutzsch, H. C.; Pisano, J. J., 1979: Preparation of di peptidylamino peptidase iv ec 3.4.14. for poly peptide sequencing

Bock S., 1982: Preparation of di phenyl bismuth carboxylates

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173051

Betig B., 1985: Preparation of diagnostic sera to the medically important enteroviruses 69 70 and 71

Kerman, R. H.; Harris, T. N.; Harris, S., 1972: Preparation of dialyzable histo compatibility antigen from balb c mice

Shakhanina, K. L.; Kleev, B. V.; Fedorov-Yu, M., 1976: Preparation of different immuno sorbents and their use in isolating antigens and antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173055

Hoshino M., 1987: Preparation of dihydrothiopyran 3 ones by aldol condensation of diketo sulfides and acid catalyzed rearrangement of ketol intermediates leading to thiolan 3 one derivatives

Azarkova, A. F.; Kabanov, V. S.; Cherkasov, O. A.; Mel'nikova, T. M.; Maisuradze, N. I.; Zadorzhnyi, A. M., 1986: Preparation of diosgenin from the steppe's onion allium nutans l

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173058

Kokko E.G., 1986: Preparation of dipteran larvae for scanning electron microscopy using a freeze substitution technique

Stamm A., 1988: Preparation of direct compressible effervescent components spray dried sodium bicarbonate

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173061

Tsujimoto M., 1984: Preparation of disaccharide peptides with immunostimulation from microbial cell walls

Radisson J., 1981: Preparation of dna from rat liver by gel filtration on ultrogel a 2

Ramirez, I. B.; Casas, M. A. R.; Carvajal, G., 1978: Preparation of dna immuno globulin clathrates 2. properties and composition

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173065

Khristolyubova N.B., 1987: Preparation of drug containing liposomes

Lundberg B., 1987: Preparation of drug low density lipoprotein complexes for delivery of antitumoral drugs via the low density lipoprotein pathway

Pawlaczyk, J.; Kokot, Z.; Macialowicz, A., 1980: Preparation of drugs used in hyper acidity 4. effect of sulfate chloride and nitrate ions and mannitol on neutralizing properties and changes of alumina gels

Pawlaczyk, J.; Kokot, Z.; Zuzak, A., 1976: Preparation of drugs used in hyper acidity part 1 effects of ph of precipitation on the neutralizing properties of alumina gels

Hochmann, J., 1976: Preparation of dry brain display specimens using methyl methacrylate

Havrankova J., 1981: Preparation of dust for intra tracheal administration to experimental animals

Soda, R., 1978: Preparation of dynamic mixture of vinyl chloride and air by permeation tube

Nakayama, J.; Murabayashi, S.; Hoshino, M., 1986: Preparation of e 1 2 bis 2 2' bithiophene 5 ylethylene and e 1 2 bis 2 2' 5' 2 terthiophene 5 ylethylene

Shakirov T.T., 1983: Preparation of ecdysterone

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173075

Scharf H D., 1987: Preparation of enantiomeric erythro and threo 1 2 3 pentanetriols by an enzymatic racemate resolution

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173077

Pal B.C., 1982: Preparation of enantiomers of racemic trans 7 beta 8 alpha di hydroxy 9 alpha 10 alpha epoxy 7 8 9 10 tetra hydro benzo a pyrene

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173079

Eastman J.T., 1983: Preparation of enriched populations of corticotrophs from goldfish carassius auratus rostral pars distalis

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173081

Young, I. G., 1976: Preparation of enterochelin from escherichia coli

Igarashi A., 1987: Preparation of envelope glycoprotein v3 e fraction associated with hemagglutinating activity from purified japanese encephalitis virus by triton x 100 treatment

Otuk G., 1985: Preparation of enzymatic hydrolyzates from soybean waste and their use in bacteriology

Tallman G., 1983: Preparation of enzymatically cleaned leaf epidermal strips of nicotiana glauca

Lin C C., 1984: Preparation of enzyme immunoassay kit for the detection of hepatitis b surface antigen

Polonskaya, L. B.; Bortkevich, L. L.; Stekol'nikov, L. I., 1977: Preparation of enzymes from raw material of animal origin for medical use

Smidsrod O., 1982: Preparation of enzymically active lysozyme from sputum and its distribution between the sol and gel phases

Lillie, R. D.; Donaldson, P. T.; Pizzolato, P., 1978: Preparation of eosinates and giemsa stains of low azure b content from hot acid di chromate oxidized commercial medicinal methylene blue

El-Saadawi, W. E.; Badawi, A. A.; El-Awamri, A. A., 1976: Preparation of epidermal strips from fossil plants by the peel method

Clark A.F., 1982: Preparation of epithelial and stromal cell fractions from immature rat prostatic tissue using percoll gradients

So K.F., 1982: Preparation of epon embedded renal tissue for scanning electron microscopy

Karal'nik B.V., 1984: Preparation of erythrocyte diagnostic agents with thermostable and thermolabile antigens of echinococcus

Burness A.T.H., 1980: Preparation of erythrocyte receptors for viruses by affinity chromatography

Panurina R.L., 1980: Preparation of erythrocytic fab kappa and gamma diagnostic agents

Vladimtseva I.V., 1981: Preparation of erythrocytic ganglioside diagnostic reagent for detecting cholera entero toxin and toxoid in the passive hem agglutination test

O'brien, T. A.; Schrock, H. L.; Russell, P.; Blake, R. Ii ; Gennis, R. B., 1976: Preparation of escherichia coli pyruvate oxidase ec utilizing a thiamine pyro phosphate affinity column

Chinault, A. C.; Kozarich, J. W.; Hecht, S. M.; Schmidt, F. J.; Bock, R. M., 1977: Preparation of escherichia coli transfer rna terminating in modified nucleosides by the use of ctp atp transfer rna nucleotidyl transferase and poly nucleotide phosphorylase

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173099

Mchardy J., 1983: Preparation of etched tantalum semi micro capacitor stimulation electrodes

Sato K., 1985: Preparation of ethyl 1 aryl 2 2 pyridylethenylcarbamates and their biological activities

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173102

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173103

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173104

Penzikova, G. A.; Levitov, M. M.; Oreshina, M. G., 1978: Preparation of extracellular rnase from actinomyces rimosus 994

Doelle, H. W.; Manderson, G. J., 1969: Preparation of extracts of culture liquids for gas chromatographic determination of acidic fermentation products

Mabie P.C., 1986: Preparation of fab fragments from a mouse monoclonal immunoglobulin m

Kurkela, R.; Vuolas, L.; Vihko, P., 1988: Preparation of fab' 2 fragments from monoclonal mouse igg1 suitable for use in radioimaging

Lamoyi, E.; Nisonoff, A., 1983: Preparation of fab' 2 fragments from mouse immuno globulin g of various subclasses

Takemoto, Y., 1986: Preparation of fab' horseradish peroxidase conjugate from rat sera infected with paragonimus miyazakii and its use for elisa

Tuddenham E.G.D., 1982: Preparation of factor ix deficient human plasma by immuno affinity chromatography using a mono clonal antibody

Yoshioka K., 1986: Preparation of factor vii depleted plasma by immunoaffinity chromatography of insolubilized anti factor vii

Naud M.F., 1979: Preparation of factor viii concentrates by cryo precipitate sedimentation

Beck E.A., 1979: Preparation of factor viii deficient plasma by immuno adsorption

Duckert F., 1983: Preparation of factor viii free plasma by immuno affinity chromatography on insolubilized antibodies against factor viii related antigen

Feuge, R. O.; White, J. L.; Brown, M., 1978: Preparation of fatty acid esters of poly ol glucosides

Sato Y., 1985: Preparation of fermented sausage by lactic acid bacteria

Hsu K.C., 1981: Preparation of ferritin conjugates and antibodies for the localization and identification of antigens in tissues and cells by electron microscopy

Katz W., 1980: Preparation of fetal calf serum for use in tissue culture

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173120

Kantor R., 1981: Preparation of finger nails for trace element analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173123

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173124

Tombs M.P., 1987: Preparation of fluorescent derivatives of lipases and their use in fluorescence energy transfer studies in hydrocarbon water interfaces

Barna K., 1984: Preparation of fluorescent labeled and biologically active aminoglycoside antibiotics

Salganik R.I., 1986: Preparation of fluorescent labeled dna and its application as a probe for molecular hybridization

Kawashima, A.; Seto, H.; Kato, M.; Uchida, K.; Otake, N., 1985: Preparation of fluorinated antibiotics followed by fluorine 19 nmr spectroscopy i. fluorinated vulgamycins

Lemire, A. E.; Reed, M. F., 1978: Preparation of fluorine 18 beta d glucosyl fluoride

Nozaki T., 1982: Preparation of fluorine 18 labeled 6 fluoro 9 benzyl purine and 2 fluoro 9 benzyl purine as a potential brain scanning agent

Maier Borst W., 1988: Preparation of fluorine 18 labelled n fluoropyridinium triflate

Sattler E.L., 1980: Preparation of fluorine 18 with an electron linear accelerator for applications in medical and biological investigations

Sen, A. K.; Saha, S. N.; Mathur, B. B. L., 1980: Preparation of foot and mouth disease inactivated type o vaccine using bhk 21 glasgow cells

Pawlicki, R., 1976: Preparation of fossil bone specimens for scanning electron microscopy

Kobayashi Y., 1983: Preparation of fractionated low molecular weight poly s carboxymethyl l cysteine by ion exchange chromatography

Peters T.Jr, 1983: Preparation of fragments 505 582 and 505 573 of bovine serum albumin

Laferte S., 1983: Preparation of fragments of carcino embryonic antigen and identification of a major subset of antigenic determinants

Michener, H. D.; King, A. D-Jr, 1974: Preparation of free heat resistant asco spores from byssochlamys asci

Doerge, A.; Rick, R.; Gehring, K.; Thurau, K., 1978: Preparation of freeze dried cryo sections for quantitative x ray micro analysis of electrolytes in biological soft tissues

Takaya, K., 1976: Preparation of fresh frozen dried ultra thin sections by drying without vacuum

Huriaux F., 1980: Preparation of frog myosin isolation and characterization of the light chains

Glaeser R.M., 1984: Preparation of frozen hydrated specimens for high resolution electron microscopy

Uldall A., 1984: Preparation of frozen reference sera and examples of applications

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173145

Shimadate, T.; Rosenstein, F. U.; Kircher, H. W., 1977: Preparation of fucosterol from giant kelp

Lopez M.J., 1979: Preparation of full fat soy flour by conditioning heating and grinding

Malthouse, J. P. G.; Brocklehurst, K., 1976: Preparation of fully active ficin ec from ficus glabrata by covalent chromatography and characterization of its active center by using 2 2 di pyridyl di sulfide as a reactivity probe

Kim K H., 1987: Preparation of functional acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase messenger rna from rat mammary gland

Mattern D.L., 1985: Preparation of functional group analogs of unsaturated fatty acids and their effects on the circadian rhythm of a fatty acid deficient mutant of neurospora crassa

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173151

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173152

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173153

Mosesson M.W., 1985: Preparation of functionally intact monomers by limited disulfide reduction of human plasma fibronectin dimers

Tengerdy R.P., 1987: Preparation of fungal starter culture in liquid fluidized bed reactor

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173156

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173157

Coghlan G., 1985: Preparation of gallium 67 labeled human immunoglobulin g and its fab fragments using desferrioxamine as chelating agent

Chichua, A. I., 1976: Preparation of gangliosides of minimal conductance

Feingold D.S., 1980: Preparation of gdp d mannose specifically labeled with tritium in the d mannosyl moiety

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173161

Hofmann H., 1982: Preparation of gels from hyaluronate solutions

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173163

Walker, D. A., 1978: Preparation of geological samples for scanning electron microscopy

Sebedio J.L., 1987: Preparation of geometrical isomers of linolenic acid

Macdonald R.C., 1982: Preparation of giant liposomes

Berger M., 1980: Preparation of giant rna from bovine thyroid gland by agarose gel filtration

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173168

Hori T., 1979: Preparation of girdle lamella containing chloroplasts from the diatom phaeodactylum tricornutum

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173170

Van-Wyk, P. J.; Heinen, E. A.; Ackermann, L. G. J., 1978: Preparation of glucose and high fructose syrups from bananas musa cavendishii

Klesov A.A., 1980: Preparation of glucose from cellulose containing materials using cellulases of different origin

Sneden A.T., 1985: Preparation of glucosidic derivatives of steganol

Smith, D. J.; Taubman, M. A.; Ebersole, J. L., 1979: Preparation of glucosyl transferase ec from streptococcus mutans by evolution from water insoluble poly saccharide with a dissociating solvent

Borysonyk Ts B., 1983: Preparation of glycerin solutions for intra venous administration

Sotnykov, V. S.; Utkin, D. V.; Obodan, L. Z.; Smyrnov, V. V.; Borysonik, L. B., 1977: Preparation of glycerin solutions for intra venous administration part 3 some pharmacodynamic properties of glycerin solutions

Dodd, G. H.; Golding, B. T.; Ioannou, P. V., 1976: Preparation of glycerols protected at the 2 hydroxy group and their application to the synthesis of lipids

Zinn, A. B.; Marshall, J. S.; Carlson, D. M., 1978: Preparation of glyco peptides and oligo saccharides from thyroxine binding globulin

Suzuki T., 1987: Preparation of glycocyamine kinase from polychaete perinereis brevicirris

Tettamanti G., 1985: Preparation of gm 1 ganglioside molecular species having homogeneous fatty acid and long chain base moieties

Rothstein J., 1983: Preparation of goat antibodies against interleukin 1 use of an immuno adsorbent to purify interleukin 1

Catt K.J., 1982: Preparation of gonadotroph enriched cell populations from adult rat anterior pituitary cells by centrifugal elutriation

Wallace, R.; Ashton, F. E.; Ryan, A.; Diena, B. B.; Vijay, H. M., 1977: Preparation of gonococcal antigens by zeolite disruption

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173184

Melling, J.; Scott, G. K., 1972: Preparation of gram quantities of a purified r factor mediated penicillinase from escherichia coli strain w 3310

Higashide F., 1988: Preparation of granules by fluidized bed granulator with turning flow

Liles B.A., 1984: Preparation of granulocyte concentrates for neo natal patient transfusion

Nanu A., 1984: Preparation of granulocyte concentrates from the buffy layer of individual units of blood

Dugan E.P., 1980: Preparation of granulocyte poor red blood cells by micro aggregate filtration a simplified method to minimize febrile transfusion reactions

Mcllroy, P. J.; Ryan, R. J., 1980: Preparation of gtp sensitive adenylate cyclase ec from luteinized rat ovaries

Inada Y., 1982: Preparation of guinea pig anti serum to quantitative serum fragment d dimer derived from cross linked fibrin

Pine L., 1985: Preparation of h and m antigens of histoplasma capsulatum free of heterologous antigens

Nambara T., 1983: Preparation of haptens for use in immunoassays of tetra hydro 11 deoxy cortisol and its glucuronides

Suzuki S., 1981: Preparation of hard crown and bridge resins with new composite fillers

Weisleder D., 1979: Preparation of harringtonine from cephalotaxine

Doi E., 1988: Preparation of heat induced transparent gels from egg white by the control of ph and ionic strength of the medium

Stemshorn B., 1985: Preparation of heavy chain specific antisera to bovine immunoglobulin a immunoglobulin m immunoglobulin g 1 and immunoglobulin g 2

Naumenko P.A., 1984: Preparation of heifers for calving

Kurochkin A.A., 1987: Preparation of heifers for lactation

Sommereyns, G.; Closset, J. L., 1978: Preparation of helminthosporal by extraction with di ethyl ether from culture filtrates of helminthosporium sativum

Masuda H., 1984: Preparation of heparan sulfate from the mitral valve of the human heart

Culvenor, J. G.; Evans, W. H., 1977: Preparation of hepatic gap communicating junctions identification of the constituent poly peptide subunits

Zuckerman A.J., 1982: Preparation of hepatitis b poly peptide micelles from human carrier plasma

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173205

Plumel M.M., 1984: Preparation of herbaria specimens and medicinal plants by microwaving

Gupta M.N., 1988: Preparation of heteroenzyme conjugates trypsin chymotrypsin and trypsin alkaline phosphatase

Matsumoto I., 1986: Preparation of high capacity affinity adsorbents using formyl carriers and their use for low performance and high performance liquid affinity chromatography of trypsin family proteases

Matsumoto I., 1986: Preparation of high capacity affinity adsorbents using new hydrazino carriers and their use for low and high performance affinity chromatography of lectins

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173210

Brasch D.J., 1985: Preparation of high fructose syrup from the new zealand cabbage tree cordyline australis

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173212

Miller D.J., 1988: Preparation of high molecular weight dna from hermatypic corals and its use for dna hybridization and cloning

Malinauskas, A. A.; Kulys, J. J., 1978: Preparation of high molecular weight nad derivatives using cyanuric chloride

Sumner A.K., 1983: Preparation of high protein curd from field peas pisum sativum

Mitra G., 1986: Preparation of high purity factor viii concentrates

Minski M.J., 1984: Preparation of high purity sulfur 35 labeled carbonyl sulfide

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173218

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173219

Nakamura, Y.; Chopra, I. J.; Solomon, D. H., 1977: Preparation of high specific activity radioactive iodo thyronines and their analogs

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173221

Prokop O., 1988: Preparation of high titer anti p 1 sera for blood typing in man

Valenzuela M.S., 1981: Preparation of high titer radioactive phage stocks on agar plates

Rosen L., 1988: Preparation of high titerd antisera for sigma virus strains from hawaii usa and france and their use in neutralization tests in vitro and in vivo

Malley, A.; Begley, D.; Forsham, A., 1977: Preparation of high titered rabbit anti mouse immuno globulin e sera

Herz J.E., 1979: Preparation of highly hindered steroid esters application of some newer methods of esterification

Ben Efraim S., 1981: Preparation of highly immunogenic protein conjugates by direct coupling to glutaraldehyde treated cells comparison with commonly used preparations

Sugiyama, K.; Shimizu, K.; Homma, M.; Watanabe, Y., 1976: Preparation of highly labeled hemagglutinating virus of japan in de embryonated eggs

Liau M.Y., 1981: Preparation of highly potent lyophilized tetanus anti toxin

Liau, M. Y., 1978: Preparation of highly potent naja naja atra formosan cobra anti venin

Shikita, M.; Talalay, P., 1979: Preparation of highly purified 3 alpha hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase ec and 3 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase ec from pseudomonas sp

Popova N.A., 1987: Preparation of highly purified bovine immunoglobulins igg igm and iga

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173233

Norberg R., 1985: Preparation of highly purified f actin depolymerizing factor of human serum

Plotkin S.A., 1985: Preparation of highly purified human cytomegalovirus envelope antigen

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173236

Delacourte, A.; Plancot, M. T.; Boutteau, F.; Han, K. K.; Hildebrand, H. F.; Biserte, G., 1977: Preparation of highly purified micro tubules and demonstration of a new arrangement of tubulin molecules at low temperature

Barath Z., 1983: Preparation of highly purified mitochondria of neurospora crassa on a percoll gradient

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173239

Tishkoff, G. H.; Williams, L. C.; Brown, D. M., 1968: Preparation of highly purified pro thrombin complex i crystallization biological activity and molecular properties bovine

Gil, G.; Sitges, M.; Hegardt, F. G., 1981: Preparation of highly radioactive homogeneous phosphorus 32 labeled hydroxymethyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec from rat liver

Biocca, S.; Calissano, P.; Barra, D.; Fasella, P. M., 1978: Preparation of highly tritium labeled s 100 protein under nondenaturing conditions

Delling G., 1987: Preparation of hip endoprostheses for qualitative and quantitative morphological evaluation

Rowden, G.; Fraser, R. B., 1988: Preparation of histocomposites for direct immunohistological screening of monoclonal antibodies

Sekyalo E., 1985: Preparation of hitherto undetected hemagglutinin and precipitin antigens of wanowrie g 700 virus

Kirchberger, J.; Kopperschlaeger, G., 1982: Preparation of homogeneous alkaline phosphatase ec from calf intestine by dye ligand chromatography

Sophianopoulos J.A., 1981: Preparation of homogeneous concanavalin a

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173248

Hashimoto, Y.; Otoshi, T.; Oikawa, K., 1976: Preparation of homogeneous dust sample for comparison of analytical results of atmospheric samples

Van-Etten, R. L.; Saini, M. S., 1977: Preparation of homogeneous human prostatic acid phosphatase ec using concanavalin a sepharose 4b

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173251

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173252

Wells W.W., 1987: Preparation of homogeneous pig liver thioltransferase by a thiol disulfide mediated pi shift

Seto Y., 1988: Preparation of homogeneous sample solution for the determination of chloroform in tissue by headspace gas chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173255

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173256

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173257

Yan X., 1984: Preparation of horseradish peroxidase labeled horse anti human immunoglobulin e and survey of total serum immunoglobulin e by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173259

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173260

Jackson, P. A.; Dixon, K., 1977: Preparation of human antibodies to insulin

Fujii T., 1988: Preparation of human erythrocyte ghost having the membrane structure and properties similar to those of the intact cell

Saleemuddin, M.; Zimmermann, U.; Schneeweiss, F., 1977: Preparation of human erythrocyte ghosts in isotonic solution hemo globin content and poly peptide composition

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173264

Grady G.F., 1984: Preparation of human hyper immune globulin to haemophilus influenzae b streptococcus pneumoniae and neisseria meningitidis

Habeeb, A. F. S. A.; Francis, R. D., 1976: Preparation of human immuno globulin by ammonium sulfate precipitation

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173267

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173268

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173269

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173270

Ito, K.; Katayama, M.; Minamiura, N.; Yamamoto, T., 1985: Preparation of human salivary alpha amylase ec specific monoclonal antibody

Newby A.C., 1987: Preparation of human saphenous vein for coronary artery bypass grafting impairs its capacity to produce prostacyclin

Persson M.A.A., 1987: Preparation of human sera containing one single igg subclass using affinity chromatography

De Landsheere C.M., 1984: Preparation of human serum methyl carbon 11 labeled methyl albumin microspheres and human serum methyl carbon 11 labeled methyl albumin for clinical use

Braude P.R., 1984: Preparation of human spermatozoa for in vitro fertilization by isopycnic centrifugation on self generating density gradients

Lageman, A.; Dietz, W., 1978: Preparation of hybrid antibodies with mouse immuno globulin g and ferritin specificities for the immune electron microscopic detection of cell membrane antigens

Tamai S., 1981: Preparation of hybrid proteins from subunits of sesame 13s globulins and soybean 11s globulins and their molecular weights

Goldberg E.P., 1982: Preparation of hydrophilic albumin microspheres using polymeric dispersing agents

Brown, E.; Racois, A.; Boschetti, E.; Corgier, M., 1978: Preparation of hydrophilic co polymers in bead form as carriers in affinity chromatography

Yamazaki H., 1984: Preparation of hydrophobic cotton cloth

Osdene H.V., 1986: Preparation of hydroxyalkyl substituted nicotinoids

Williams, J. H.; Taylor, L.; Kuchmak, M.; Witter, R. F., 1970: Preparation of hyper cholesteremic and or hyper tri glyceridemic sera for lipid determinations

Di-Natale, P.; Murino, P.; Perfumo, A., 1978: Preparation of iduronate sulfatase from human placenta

Oreshkova S.F., 1987: Preparation of immobilized alkaline phosphatase from escherichia coli and investigation of its properties

Tsuchiya H., 1983: Preparation of immobilized alpha amylase covalently attached to granular poly acrylonitrile

Goheer, M. A.; Gould, B. J.; Parke, D. V., 1976: Preparation of immobilized bakers yeast glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec attached to modified sepharose and sephadex and a comparison of the properties of these preparations with those of the soluble enzyme

Maeda, H., 1975: Preparation of immobilized beta galactosidase by poly vinyl pyrrolidone and the continuous hydrolysis of lactose in acid whey

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173288

Kaetsu I., 1985: Preparation of immobilized enzyme slurry by urethane reaction and radiation polymerization

Kaetsu I., 1984: Preparation of immobilized enzyme surfaces by radiation technique

Amarakone, S. P.; Kawashima, K.; Hayashi, T., 1983: Preparation of immobilized enzymes by radio polymerization 10. preparation of beta galactosidase and its utilization for the continuous determination of lactose

Oreshkin, E. N.; Nakhapetyan, L. A.; Vainer, L. M., 1974: Preparation of immobilized gluco amylase by ion exchange sorption on deae cellulose

Pedersen, H.; Horvath, C.; Ambrus, C. M., 1978: Preparation of immobilized l phenyl alanine ammonia lyase in tubular form for depletion of l phenyl alanine

Bonizzi L., 1984: Preparation of immobilized nad glycohydrolase from neurospora crassa conidia by hydrophobic interaction characteristics of the enzyme derivative

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173295

Seliger, H.; Teufel, E. H.; Philipp, M., 1980: Preparation of immobilized phospho di esterase ec from calf spleen and its use in oligo nucleotide analysis

Kurichev, V. A.; Folomeeva, O. G.; Terteryan, R. A.; Khrapov, V. S.; Kozlova, T. P.; Lebedeva, O. G., 1977: Preparation of immobilized proteolytic enzymes on co polymers of ethylene with maleic anhydride

Guisan, J. M.; Ballesteros, A., 1980: Preparation of immobilized sepharose micrococcal nuclease ec derivatives activity and stability

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173299

Dreizin, R. S.; Ponomareva, T. I.; Borovkova, N. M.; Dukhovnaya, E. M.; Vikhnovich, E. M., 1975: Preparation of immune sera for identifying rhinoviruses

Rajcani J., 1980: Preparation of immune serum to immediate early and early poly peptides specified by herpes simplex virus type 1

Haller, W.; Tympner, K. D.; Hannig, K., 1970: Preparation of immuno globulin concentrates from human serum by chromatography on controlled pore glass

Duphot M., 1982: Preparation of immuno sorbents from lipo poly saccharides and poly saccharides extracted from different gram negative and gram positive bacteria

Margolis, L. B.; Dorfman, N. A., 1977: Preparation of immuno specific liposomes

Hanna M.G.Jr, 1979: Preparation of immuno therapeutic autologous tumor cell vaccines from solid tumors

Miura K., 1987: Preparation of immunoadsorbent which interacts specifically with cortisol binding globulin cbg and its application for the interaction between cbg and cortisol evaluation of association constant ka between cbg and cortisol in normal subjects

Sandeman D.C., 1987: Preparation of immunoperoxidase labelled wholemounts of invertebrate brains

Snape T.J., 1980: Preparation of improved cryo precipitated factor viii concentrate a controlled study of 3 variables affecting yield

Stone, H. D.; Brugh, M.; Hopkins, S. R.; Yoder, H. W.; Beard, C. W., 1978: Preparation of inactivated oil emulsion vaccines with avian viral or mycoplasma antigens

Doi Y., 1986: Preparation of inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine with attenuated sabin strains

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173311

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173312

Zhilinskaya, I. N., 1978: Preparation of individual fragments of influenza virus rna by preparative electrophoresis in poly acrylamide gel

Lechene C., 1985: Preparation of individual human diploid fibroblasts and study of ion transport

Melnichenko E.I., 1987: Preparation of influenza b virus recombinant strains

Palese P., 1983: Preparation of influenza virus sub viral particles lacking the ha 1 subunit of hem agglutinin unmasking of cross reactive ha 2 determinants

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173317

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173318

Sha'afi R.I., 1982: Preparation of inside out membrane vesicles from neutrophils capable of actively transporting calcium

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173321

Walsh, F. S.; Barber, B. H.; Crumpton, M. J., 1976: Preparation of inside out vesicles of pig lymphocyte plasma membrane

Watanabe, E., 1978: Preparation of insolubilized dna

Steven, F. S.; Thomas, H., 1973: Preparation of insoluble collagen from human cartilage

Dzantiev B.B., 1986: Preparation of insulin conjugate with escherichia coli beta galactosidase for enzyme immunoassay

Woeber G., 1980: Preparation of intact chloroplasts by chemically induced lysis of the green alga dunaliella marina

Chandrakasan, G.; Torchia, D. A.; Piez, K. A., 1976: Preparation of intact monomeric collagen from rat tail tendon and skin and the structure of the nonhelical ends in solution

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173328

Hirsch J., 1981: Preparation of intermediates for the sequential synthesis of xylo dextrins

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173330

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173331

Et Al, 1985: Preparation of interstitial lung cells by enzymatic digestion of tissue slices preliminary characterization by morphology and performance in functional assays

Stoltz J.F., 1984: Preparation of intravenous cytomegalovirus immune globulin

Miyachi, Y.; Mizuchi, A.; Sato, K., 1977: Preparation of iodinated cyclic gmp derivatives by a lacto peroxidase method

Vantrappen G., 1986: Preparation of iodinated synthetic canine motilin for radioimmunoassay and radioreceptor assay

Stoecklin G., 1981: Preparation of iodine 123 labeled fatty acids by iodine 123 for bromine exchange comparison of 3 methods

Li C.H., 1986: Preparation of iodine 125 27 monoiodotyrosine 5 leucine beta h endorphin and its use for crosslinking of opioid binding sites in human striatum and ng 108 15 neuroblastoma glioma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173338

Bhalla, R. B.; Geraci, D.; Modak, M. J.; Prensky, W.; Marcus, S. L., 1976: Preparation of iodine 125 deoxy ctp and its use as a substrate for rna and dna directed dna synthesis

Fahrenkrug J., 1983: Preparation of iodine 125 labeled 3 tyrosine neurotensin and iodine 125 labeled 11 tyrosine neurotensin for radio immunoassay

Pitt, C. G.; Seltzman, H. H.; Setzer, S. R.; Williams, D. L., 1980: Preparation of iodine 125 labeled 5' iodo delta 8 tetra hydro cannabinol a radio ligand for the radio immunoassay of cannabinoids

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173342

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173343

Penniston J.T., 1980: Preparation of iodine 125 labeled calmodulin with retention of full biological activity its binding to human erythrocyte ghosts

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173345

Frazier W.A., 1980: Preparation of iodine 125 labeled discoidin i and the properties of its binding to dictyostelium discoideum cells

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173347

Knight, E., 1978: Preparation of iodine 125 labeled human fibroblast interferon

Cavalieri, R. R., 1975: Preparation of iodine 125 labeled human thyroxine binding alpha globulin and its turnover in normal and hypo thyroid subjects

Wajchenberg, B. L.; Pinto, H.; Torres-De-Toledo, E. Souza, I.; Lerario, A. C.; Pieroni, R. R., 1978: Preparation of iodine 125 labeled insulin for radio immunoassay comparison of lacto peroxidase and chloramine t iodination

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173351

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173352

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173353

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173354

Marinchenko G.V., 1981: Preparation of iodine 125 labeled prolactin using lacto peroxidase adsorbed on zirconium phosphate

Billestrup N., 1984: Preparation of iodine 125 labeled protein a usable for up to 10 months in immunoassays

Ingbar S.H., 1982: Preparation of iodine 125 labeled receptor purified graves immuno globulins properties of their binding to human thyroid membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173358

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173359

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173360

Van-Rijk, P. P.; Heinsius, H. L.; Van-Den-Hamer, C. J. A., 1976: Preparation of iodine 131 asialo alpha 1 acid glyco protein

Digenis G.A., 1984: Preparation of iodine 131 labeled iodinated nonoxynol 9

Rovnij, N.; Zayas-Crespo, F.; Kronrad, L.; Jradilek, P., 1985: Preparation of iodoradionuclide labeled radiopharmaceuticals i. a rapid method for the production of iodine 131 labeled o iodohippuric acid

Roy S., 1984: Preparation of ion exchange silica and effect of ph on protein binding of ion exchange silica

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173365

Rosenberg, L.; Schwartz, R.; Dafoe, D. C.; Clarke, S.; Turcotte, J. G.; Vinik, A. I., 1988: Preparation of islets of langerhans from the hamster pancreas

Barua, A. B.; Verma, K., 1977: Preparation of iso propyl retinoate and ethyl retinoate

Wangsness P.J., 1983: Preparation of isolated bovine adipocytes validation of use for studies characterizing insulin sensitivity and binding

Hayashi, S.; Ooshiro, Z., 1978: Preparation of isolated cells of eel liver

Kemnitz P., 1986: Preparation of isolated exocrine cells from adipo pancreatic tissue of pike esox lucius and carp cyprinus carpio morphology amylase and lipase contents of exocrine pancreatic cells

Berg T., 1984: Preparation of isolated liver endothelial cells and kupffer cells in high yield by means of an entero toxin

Dionne V.E., 1987: Preparation of isolated mouse olfactory receptor neurons

Foxwell, C. J.; Buck, G. M.; Baron, D. N., 1968: Preparation of isolated multiple forms of rabbit brain aldolase

Osipova L.A., 1981: Preparation of isolated rat hepatocytes and their evaluation

Butler, W. H.; Judah, J. D., 1970: Preparation of isolated rat liver mitochondria for electron microscopy

Liu Y M., 1986: Preparation of isolated retina of rana nigromaculata and determination of photosensitivity of rhodopsin in situ

Snoeren, T. H. M.; Van-Der-Spek, C. A.; Payens, T. A. J., 1977: Preparation of kappa casein and minor alpha s casein by electrostatic affinity chromatography

Povarov, L. S.; Bazhanov, V. S.; Olsuf'eva, E. N.; Lyashenko, V. A., 1978: Preparation of karminazon and its anti tumor properties

Macmillan J., 1982: Preparation of kaurenolide and its 5 alpha 6 alpha h isomer

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173380

Maekaji K., 1980: Preparation of konjac mannan gel

Przudzik J., 1985: Preparation of ku abo preparations under hospital conditions for the treatment of the hemolytic disease of the newborn

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173383

Chappell, W. A.; Halonen, P. E.; Toole, R. F.; Calisher, C. H.; Chester, L., 1969: Preparation of la crosse virus hem agglutinating antigen in baby hamster kidney 21 suspension cell cultures

Khokhlov A.S., 1984: Preparation of labeled a factor

Hsieh, D. P. H.; Mateles, R. I., 1971: Preparation of labeled afla toxins with high specific activities

Poulos, A., 1970: Preparation of labeled alkyl acyl glycerophosphoryl choline

Rusinova, G. G.; Rogacheva, S. A., 1975: Preparation of labeled dna from animal tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173389

Niskanen, A.; Lindroth, S., 1976: Preparation of labeled staphylococcal entero toxin a with high specific activity

Aizikov G.S., 1982: Preparation of labyrinthectomized animals for flight on the bio satellite cosmos 936

D'souza S.F., 1988: Preparation of lactose free milk by fermentation using immobilized saccharomyces fragilis

Richardson, M.; Moore, S., 1980: Preparation of large curved biological surfaces for scanning electron microscopy

Morris, N. R., 1978: Preparation of large molecular weight dna from the fungus aspergillus nidulans

Powers, L.; Clark, N. A., 1975: Preparation of large mono domain phospho lipid bi layer smectic liquid crystals

Sulston J.E., 1987: Preparation of large numbers of plasmid dna samples in microtiter plates by the alkaline lysis method

Perlman, D.; Huberman, J. A., 1977: Preparation of large quantities of separated strands from sv 40 dna restriction fragments by low temperature low salt agarose gel electrophoresis

Kwan H W., 1987: Preparation of large temporomandibular joint specimens for pathological study

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173399

Mitsuo, N.; Kunieda, T.; Takizawa, T., 1978: Preparation of lecithin type of phospho lipid analogs and mesomorphic states

Marconi M., 1983: Preparation of leukocyte free platelets for transfusion by filtration through cotton wool

Stampe D., 1982: Preparation of leukocyte poor and platelet poor red cell concentrates

Rock G., 1981: Preparation of leukocyte poor blood a comparison of ibm 2991 washing and huggins freeze thawing

Olsen A B., 1981: Preparation of leukocyte poor blood by the imugard cotton filter

Grunnet N., 1981: Preparation of leukocyte poor blood comparison of 5 methods

Pietersz, R. N. I.; Reesink, H. W.; Dekker, W. J. A.; Fijen, F. J., 1987: Preparation of leukocyte poor platelet concentrates from buffy coats i. special inserts for centrifuge cups

Pietersz, R. N. I.; Reesink, H. W.; Dekker, W. J. A., 1987: Preparation of leukocyte poor platelet concentrates from buffy coats ii. lack of effect on storage of different plastics

Pietersz, R. N. I.; De-Korte, D.; Reesink, H. W.; Van-Den-Ende, A.; Dekker, W. J. A.; Roos, D., 1988: Preparation of leukocyte poor platelet concentrates from buffy coats iii. effect of leukocyte contamination on storage conditions

Buchholz, D. H.; Charette, J. R.; Bove, J. R., 1978: Preparation of leukocyte poor red blood cells using the ibm 2991 blood cell processor

Ahmed, F.; Dunlap, R. B., 1984: Preparation of levo 5 6 7 8 tetrahydrofolate using immobilized dihydrofolate reductase ec

Veschambre H., 1987: Preparation of levo cis and levo trans 2 4 dimethylcyclohexan 1 ones for the synthesis of cycloheximides

Carter, P., 1978: Preparation of ligand free human serum for radio immunoassay by adsorption on activated charcoal

Deloach J.R., 1987: Preparation of lipid free human hemoglobin by dialysis and ultrafiltration

Meslar, H. W.; White, H. B. Iii, 1978: Preparation of lipid free protein extracts of egg yolk

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173415

Gamble R.C., 1979: Preparation of lipid vesicles containing high levels of entrapped radioactive cations

Matsumoto, S.; Kohda, M.; Murata, S. I., 1977: Preparation of lipid vesicles on the basis of a technique for providing water oil water emulsions

Mekhtikhanov S.D., 1984: Preparation of lipids from caspian invertebrates and their use in ointments and suppository manufacture

Okada R., 1984: Preparation of liposome encapsulated antitumor drugs relationship between lipophilicity of drugs and in vitro drug release

Smirnov A.A., 1984: Preparation of liposomes by means of phase reverse evaporation and freezing thawing

Downing D.T., 1986: Preparation of liposomes from stratum corneum lipids

Tosi R., 1979: Preparation of liposomes incorporating membrane components from human lymphoid cells

Papahadjopoulos D., 1979: Preparation of liposomes of defined size distribution by extrusion through poly carbonate membranes

Dvorkin V.M., 1985: Preparation of liposomes using phase reversal technique excluding ultrasonic treatment

Mahmood M.A., 1984: Preparation of live virus sheep pox vaccine from romanian strain and immunity produced against local sheep pox strain

Eriksson, L. C., 1978: Preparation of liver microsomes with high recovery of endoplasmic reticulum and a low grade of contamination

Keller, F.; Stone, B. A., 1978: Preparation of lolium multiflorum protoplasts and their purification using an anti galactan sepharose conjugate

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173428

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173429

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173430

Ponce J., 1986: Preparation of low free gossypol and high available lysine cottonseed soybean blends

Damaty, S. M.; Hudson, B. J. F., 1975: Preparation of low gossypol cottonseed flour

Grama D.P., 1980: Preparation of low percent poly acrylamide gels for radio isotopic analysis of nucleic acid preparation

Siy, R. D.; Talbot, F. D. F., 1982: Preparation of low phytate rapeseed protein by ultra filtration 1. the aqueous extraction of phytate from de oiled rapeseed meals

Siy, R. D.; Talbot, F. D. F., 1981: Preparation of low phytate rapeseed protein by ultra filtration 2. membrane development and testing

Hook, G. E. R.; Bend, J. R.; Hoel, D.; Fouts, J. R.; Gram, T. E., 1972: Preparation of lung microsomes and a comparison of the distribution of enzymes between sub cellular fractions of rabbit lung and liver

Lachman, L. B.; Hacker, M. P.; Blyden, G. T.; Handschumacher, R. E., 1977: Preparation of lymphocyte activating factor from continuous murine macrophage cell lines

Itoh, Y.; Minoshima, K.; Kikugawa, K., 1978: Preparation of lymphocyte suspension from blood by cotton wool filter

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173439

Proksch, G. J.; Bonderman, D. P., 1980: Preparation of lyophilized abnormal hemo globin controls for cellulose acetate electrophoresis

Hannon W.H., 1988: Preparation of lyophilized human serum based reference materials with graded levels of apolipoproteins a l and b

Shen, F. W., 1977: Preparation of lyt anti sera

Oh I.J., 1986: Preparation of magnetic gelatin microspheres for the targeting of drugs

Kinsella J.E., 1984: Preparation of maltosyl beta cyclo dextrinyl glucosaminyl and glucosamineoctaosyl derivatives of beta lacto globulin

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173445

Collins, R. G.; Musasche, V. W.; Howley, E. T., 1977: Preparation of matched reagents for use with the scholander gas analyzer

Gardner M.D., 1981: Preparation of material to control precision of calcium selective electrodes

Fahr F., 1986: Preparation of matrix tablets on the basis of polyacrylates

Tsubotani A., 1985: Preparation of mean drug concentration time curves in plasma a study on the frequency distribution of pharmacokinetic parameters

Higashide F., 1985: Preparation of medicinal carbon from acid treated tropical wood and wooden waste

Higashide F., 1985: Preparation of medicinal carbon from coal

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173452

Utsumi S., 1983: Preparation of membrane fraction from herpes simplex virus infected cells which induce cyto toxic t lymphocytes

De Gracia Zabala M., 1985: Preparation of membrane vesicles enriched in atp dependent proton transport from suspension cultures of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar vf 36 cells

Steck, A. J.; Siegrist, P.; Zahler, P.; Herschkowitz, N. N.; Schaefer, R., 1978: Preparation of membrane vesicles from isolated myelin studies on functional and structural properties

Nicholas D.J.D., 1980: Preparation of membrane vesicles in lithium chloride from cells of nitrosomonas europaea

Kawashima, K.; Umeda, K., 1976: Preparation of membranous immobilized invertase and its characteristics

Edward, J. T.; Sheffler, R. H., 1985: Preparation of mesoionic dipyrido 1 2 a 1' 2' c imidazolium 11 thiolates from the binz marx reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173459

Gehrke L., 1986: Preparation of messenger rna transcripts for secondary structure analysis using sp 6 polymerase guanylyltransferase and preparative gel electrophoresis

Ward, K. A., 1976: Preparation of metabolically active cell suspensions from wool roots

Coles, N. W.; Gross, R., 1973: Preparation of metabolically active staphylococcus aureus protoplasts by use of the aeromonas hydrophila lytic enzyme

Marsheck, W. J.; Karim, A., 1973: Preparation of metabolites of spirono lactone by microbial oxygenation

Zolle, I.; Rhodes, B. A.; Wagner, H. N-Jr, 1970: Preparation of metabolizable radioactive human serum albumin micro spheres for studies of the circulation

Daae H.L., 1988: Preparation of metallothionein from rat liver and studies of its properties with respect to use as a standard in gel permeation chromatography polyacrylamide gel systems autoradiography and western blotting

Matsumoto S., 1982: Preparation of metaphase chromatin of physarum polycephalum without the loss of repressed rna synthesis

Franssila K.O., 1988: Preparation of methacrylate embedded cytologic smears from prefixed cells

Austin R.D., 1982: Preparation of methadone and some congeners labeled with tritium in the aromatic rings

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173469

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173470

Alfoldi J., 1988: Preparation of methyl 6 o beta d galactopyranosyl alpha and beta d galactopyranosides

Shah, R. H., 1970: Preparation of methyl carbon 14 d glucuronate and nmr studies of its mono benzylidene and di o benzylidene intermediates

Smith H.E., 1982: Preparation of methyl carbon 14 labeled docosa 7 10 13 16 tetraenoate

Rakoff H., 1988: Preparation of methyl cis 9 cis 12 cis 15 octadecatrienoate 15 16 d 2 and methyl cis 9 cis 12 cis 15 octadecatrienoate 6 6 7 7 d 4

Nagasawa K., 1980: Preparation of methyl glycosides of di saccharides and higher oligo saccharides from glycosamino glycuronans by solvolysis with di methyl sulfoxide containing methanol

Vorotnikova L.F., 1987: Preparation of methyluracil in a continuous reactor

Rak J., 1984: Preparation of microcapsules by fluid coating

Mortada, S. A. M.; Motawi, A. M.; El-Egaky, A. M.; El-Khodery, K. A., 1987: Preparation of microcapsules from complex coacervation of gantrez gelatin i. development of the technique

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173479

Miura K., 1983: Preparation of microspheres of poly glycidyl methacrylate and its derivatives as carriers for immobilized proteins

Winther Nielsen H., 1983: Preparation of mid sagittal semi thin epon sections of the entire secretory amelo blast population in the maxillary rat incisor

Cruz L.L., 1982: Preparation of milk coagulants from adult carabao cattle and goat abomasa

Wells R.D. , 1981: Preparation of milligram amounts of 21 dna restriction fragments

Gardestrom, P.; Ericson, I.; Larsson, C., 1978: Preparation of mitochondria from green leaves of spinach by differential centrifugation and phase partition

Kirnos, M. D.; Vanyushin, B. F., 1976: Preparation of mitochondrial dna free of nuclear dna from animal tissues methylation level and pyrimidine nucleotide clustering degree as criteria for purification

Fujita, T.; Masuno, H.; Sakaguchi, T., 1978: Preparation of mixed ligand copper ii complexes with uracil or 6 methyl uracil and glycyl glycine

Dutt M.K., 1980: Preparation of modified schiff reagents their shelf life and cytochemical properties

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173489

Gonzalez Rodriguez J., 1984: Preparation of mono clonal antibodies against glyco protein iiia of human platelets their effect on platelet aggregation

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173491

Knutson D.W., 1984: Preparation of mono clonal antibody ferritin conjugates of high specific activity

Yang C.C., 1983: Preparation of mono clonal antibody to cobra toxin

Cirrincione G., 1982: Preparation of mono halo pyrroles 1

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173495

Goichot J., 1981: Preparation of mono specific anti salmonella lipo poly saccharide antibodies by affinity chromatography

Duphot M., 1982: Preparation of mono specific anti salmonella lipo poly saccharide antibodies on salmonella entrapped into a poly acrylamide gel lattice

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173498

Pershin B.B., 1981: Preparation of mono specific anti sera to immuno globulin a immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m

Tchan, Y. T.; Wyszomirska-Dreher, Z.; Kennedy, I. R., 1981: Preparation of mono specific anti serum to lupine nodule glutamate dehydrogenase ec

Levin W., 1979: Preparation of mono specific antibodies against 2 forms of rat liver cytochrome p 450 and quantitation of these antigens in microsomes

Chipysheva T.A., 1979: Preparation of mono specific antibodies against a protein and the immunological study of its distribution in normal and tumorous tissues

Cross, D. E.; Whittier, F. C.; Greiner, R. F.; Foxworth, J.; Weaver, P.; Ross, J. A., 1976: Preparation of mono specific hl a antibodies from cross reactive multi specific anti sera

Skurkovich, S. V.; Ol'shanskii, A. Ya ; Klinova, E. G.; Eremkina, E. I., 1978: Preparation of mono specific immuno globulin to human leukocyte interferon

Posevaya, T. A.; Kosyakova, N. P., 1976: Preparation of mono specific sera against oncornaviruses and oncornavirus associated antigens of continuous human cells

Nowoslawski A., 1979: Preparation of mono specific subtyping reagents for hepatitis b surface antigen

Iwata D., 1987: Preparation of monoclonal antibodies against a glycolipid asialo gm1

Kaul, S.; Pfeifer, G. P.; Drahovsky, D., 1984: Preparation of monoclonal antibodies against dna cytosine 5 methyltransferase ec from human placenta

Hirose, H.; Matsuda, H.; Murata, M.; Sekiya, Y., 1986: Preparation of monoclonal antibodies against marek's disease virus and herpesvirus of turkeys

Saito H., 1985: Preparation of monoclonal antibodies against theileria sergenti

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173512

Glimcher M.J., 1988: Preparation of monoclonal antibodies to chicken bone phosphoproteins

Toft D.O., 1986: Preparation of monoclonal antibodies to the avian progesterone receptor

Imanishi J., 1986: Preparation of monoclonal antibodies to the hemagglutinin of h 1 influenza virus and analysis of antigenic drift

Fukuda T., 1988: Preparation of monoclonal antibodies to the spores of nosema bombycis m11 and m12

Yagi Y., 1988: Preparation of monoclonal antibodies to theileria sergenti and their reactivity to antigens in experimentally infected cattle

Kuroda M., 1987: Preparation of monoclonal antibodies to vanilmandelic acid and homovanillic acid

Yamauchi K., 1987: Preparation of monoclonal antibody against bovine beta lactoglobulin and its unique binding affinity

Ogawa H., 1985: Preparation of monoclonal antibody to hepatocellular membranes and its application to induction of liver cell membrane damage

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173521

Takasaki H., 1985: Preparation of monoclonal antibody to streptococcal nephritis strain associated protein

Lingwood C.A., 1985: Preparation of monoclonal antibody to sulfatoxygalactosylglycerolipid by in vitro immunization with a glycolipid glass conjugate

Ansorge S., 1985: Preparation of monocytes by adherence to gelatin coated surfaces

Matijevic E., 1985: Preparation of monodispersed colloidal cadmium compounds

Inoue, S.; Hashida, S.; Tanaka, K.; Imagawa, M.; Ishikawa, E., 1985: Preparation of monomeric affinity purified fab' beta d galactosidase conjugate for immunoenzymometric assay

Nalecz, K. A.; Bolli, R.; Azzi, A., 1983: Preparation of monomeric cytochrome c oxidase ec its kinetics differ from those of the dimeric enzyme

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173528

Semenova G.B., 1987: Preparation of monospecific anti 0 4 salmonella antibodies by affinity chromatography and their use in enzyme immunoassays eia

Denisova I.I., 1986: Preparation of monospecific antiserum to lactoperoxidase with the use of immunoprecipitates

Gaitonde B.B., 1980: Preparation of monovalent common indian sea snake enhydrina schistosa anti venin

Beppu, M.; Terao, T.; Osawa, T., 1976: Preparation of monovalent succinyl concanavalin a and its mitogenic activity

Chernousova, L. N.; Kul'berg, A. Ya ; Simonyan, S. A.; Yurin, B. L.; Khorobrykh, V. V.; Kaulen, D. R., 1977: Preparation of mouse anti serum against isologous aggregated immuno globulins and investigation of its effect on rosette forming cells

Mizugaki J., 1980: Preparation of mouse anti serum specific for rabbit beta 2 micro globulin

Mckerrow J.H., 1986: Preparation of mouse monoclonal antibodies and evidence for a host immune response to the preacetabular gland proteinase of schistosoma mansoni cercariae

Tebow G.B., 1984: Preparation of mouse type i and type ii insulins for immunologic studies

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173537

Martin G.M., 1983: Preparation of multi vesicular liposomes

White S.H., 1985: Preparation of multilamellar vesicles of defined size distribution by solvent spherule evaporation

Thompson, L. U.; Hung, L.; Wang, N.; Rasper, V. F.; Gade, H., 1976: Preparation of mung bean flour and its application in bread making

Montenecourt, B. S.; Eveleigh, D. E., 1977: Preparation of mutants of trichoderma reesei with enhanced cellulase production

Ferenczy L., 1981: Preparation of mutants of trichoderma viride with increased production of cellulase

Takasawa S., 1985: Preparation of mutants resistant to catabolite repression of trichoderma reesei

Kurtti, T. J.; Brooks, M. A., 1976: Preparation of mycetocytes for culture in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173545

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173546

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173547

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173548

Yamazaki, Y.; Maeda, H.; Suzuki, H., 1977: Preparation of n 6 n 6 aminohexylcarbamoyl adenine nucleotides and their application to coenzymically active immobilized adp and atp and affinity adsorbents

Ratner, S., 1976: Preparation of n alpha acetyl l ornithine from n alpha acetyl l arginine a new substrate for arginase

Decorte, E.; Caplar, V.; Sega, A.; Sunjic, V., 1980: Preparation of n amino n' tert butoxycarbonyl l proline esters and attempted cyclization into 1 oxa 4 5 diazepin 2 ones

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173552

Paik W.K., 1984: Preparation of n g mono ethyl l arginine

Brandenburg D., 1979: Preparation of n n bis methylsulfonylethoxycarbonyl insulins

Tolstikova, O. V.; Tolstikov, A. G.; Aripova, S. F., 1987: Preparation of n n' 7 thioctylurea the sulfide predecessor of the alkaloids diptocarpidine and diptocarpiline

Yurevich, V. P.; Khlyupina, L. E.; Shul'gina, N. L.; Noskova, T. A., 1983: Preparation of n n' dibenzylethylenediamine diacetate

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173557

Kozaki Y., 1985: Preparation of narrow pores carbon suitable for hydrogen sulfide adsorption

Julkunen I., 1987: Preparation of nasopharyngeal secretions for immunofluorescence by one step centrifugation through percoll

Sakata S., 1983: Preparation of native alpha and beta subunits from canine hemo globin

Maubois J L., 1979: Preparation of native phospho caseinate by combining membrane ultra filtration and ultra centrifugation

Nakayama, J.; Nakamura, Y.; Tajiri, T.; Hoshino, M., 1986: Preparation of naturally occurring alpha terthiophenes 2 2' 5' 2 terthiophenes

Kuwahara, S.; Fuwa, T.; Otagiri, M.; Uekama, K.; Suzuki, K.; Shibata, M.; Hamada, M.; Kondo, S.; Takeuchi, T.; Umezawa, H., 1986: Preparation of negamycin ointments i. possible utility of gel bases

Kuwahara, S.; Fuwa, T.; Irie, T.; Uekama, K.; Suzuki, K.; Shibata, M.; Hamada, M.; Kondo, S.; Takeuchi, T.; Umezawa, H., 1986: Preparation of negamycin ointments ii. improvement in stability and antimicrobial activity

Ochsenfahrt A., 1987: Preparation of neoglycoprotein enzyme conjugate using a heterobifunctional reagent and its use in solid phase assays and histochemistry

Yoshida A., 1983: Preparation of neuraminidase resistant human alpha protease inhibitor and its clearance in rat blood circulation

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173567

Dolly J.O., 1982: Preparation of neuro toxic tritium labeled beta bungaro toxin demonstration of saturable binding to brain synapses and its inhibition by toxin i

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173569

Vincent J P., 1984: Preparation of neurotensin selectively iodinated on the tyrosine 3 residue biological activity and binding properties on mammalian neurotensin receptors

Vidal, R.; Galy, J. P.; Vincent, E. J.; Galy, A. M.; Barbe, J., 1986: Preparation of new 4 4' linked bisacridines 9 9' linked bisacridines and 4 4' 9 9' bi linked bisacridines

Roman Galan E., 1980: Preparation of new c nucleotides by intra molecular dehydration of 2 penta hydroxypentyl 4 5 6 7 tetra hydro indol 4 ones

Ueda H., 1981: Preparation of new derivatives from alpha di hydro grayano toxin ii

Nambara T., 1984: Preparation of new haptens for use in immunoassay of glycine conjugated bile acids/

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173575

Kakehi, A.; Ito, S.; Yotsuya, T., 1986: Preparation of new nitrogen bridged heterocycles xiii. syntheses of some tricyclic and tetracyclic indolizine derivatives with antiallergic activity

Lee Y.C., 1982: Preparation of new omega aldehydoalkyl 1 thio d glyco pyranosides and their coupling to bovine serum albumin by reductive alkylation

Akatsuka S., 1987: Preparation of new seasoning by hydrolysis of mixture of animal and plant protein materials

Hirobe M., 1985: Preparation of nitrogen 13 beta phenethylamine

Barzu O., 1987: Preparation of nitrogen 15 labeled l alanine by immobilized l alanine dehydrogenase differential incorporation of nitrogen 15 in bacterial proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173581

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173582

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173583

Stoecklin G., 1986: Preparation of no carrier added fluorine 18 fluorobromomethane via aminopolyether supported nucleophilic substitution

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173585

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173586

Brand, O. M.; Allen, W. P., 1970: Preparation of noninfectious arbovirus antigens

Ikenaka T., 1985: Preparation of nonreducing end substituted p nitrophenyl alpha maltopentaoside fg 5p as a substrate for a coupled enzymatic assay for alpha amylase

Ashraf M., 1982: Preparation of normal and ischemic myo cardial tissue for scanning electron microscopy

Caddy B., 1986: Preparation of novel curable capillary gas chromatographic systems and their application to the analysis of underivatized barbiturates and other controlled drugs of forensic interest

Schwentner J., 1980: Preparation of novel mono saccharide and di saccharide glycals for the synthesis of oligo deoxy oligo saccharides

Kovacs K., 1979: Preparation of novel n 9 xanthyl alpha amino acid n carboxy anhydrides for use in peptide synthesis

Deppert W., 1984: Preparation of nuclear matrices from cultured cells subfractionation of nuclei in situ

Knotz, H.; Zbiral, E., 1986: Preparation of nucleoside analogues from glycosyl azides 4. synthesis of ara tetrazole nucleosides

Lerner, L. M.; Cheng, Y. Y., 1970: Preparation of nucleosides via iso propylidene sugar derivatives part 5 coupling reactions using the titanium tetra chloride method

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173596

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173597

Pal B.C., 1986: Preparation of o 4 ethylthymine containing synthetic dna and its possible repair by escherichia coli extracts

Fukui S., 1985: Preparation of o aminoacyl sugars as enzymatically removable protections for hydroxyl groups in carbohydrates

Darzynkiewicz, E.; Ekiel, I.; Dudycz, L.; Rudzinska, A.; Shugar, D., 1977: Preparation of o methyl derivatives of 9 beta d xylo furanosyl adenine

Takano S., 1986: Preparation of o protected 2s 3s 1 2 epoxy 3 butanols enantioselective synthesis of levo rhodinose and dextro epimuscarine iodide

Torczynski E., 1981: Preparation of ocular specimens for histo pathologic examination

Epler J.L., 1983: Preparation of oils for bacterial mutagenicity testing

Sawai, H.; Shibata, T.; Ohno, M., 1981: Preparation of oligo adenylates with 2' 5' linkage using lead ii catalyst

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173605

Kull F.J., 1980: Preparation of oligo nucleotides and their use in molecular weight estimations

Stirm S., 1980: Preparation of oligo saccharides by bacterio phage degradation of poly saccharides from klebsiella serotypes k 21 and k 32

Merrifield E.H., 1981: Preparation of oligo saccharides by the action of bacterio phage borne enzymes on klebsiella capsular poly saccharides

Watzlawick H., 1980: Preparation of oligomers of deoxy ribo guanylic acids by partial chemical hydrolysis of dna

Whitesides G.M., 1986: Preparation of optically active 1 2 diols and alpha hydroxy ketones using glycerol dehydrogenase as catalyst limits to enzyme catalyzed synthesis due to noncompetitive and mixed inhibition by product

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173611

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173612

Patel M., 1985: Preparation of optically active functionalized cis delta 6 1 octalones

Morlacchi, F.; Losacco, V. , 1976: Preparation of optically active hetero cyclic compounds a facile synthesis of s levo 1 2 3 5 6 9 hexa hydro 7 8 benzopyrrocoline

Hongo, C.; Shibazaki, M.; Yamada, S.; Chibata, I., 1976: Preparation of optically active proline optical resolution of n acyl dl proline by preferential crystallization procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173616

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173617

Proksch, G. J.; Bonderman, D. P., 1976: Preparation of optically clear lyophilized human serum for use in preparing control material

Yamashita K., 1982: Preparation of optically pure cis 2 4 di methyl 1 cyclo hexanones the key intermediates in cyclo heximide synthesis using microbial resolution

Suzuki K., 1985: Preparation of optically pure ethyl r dextro and s levo 2 4 6 chloro 2 quinoxalinyloxyphenoxypropanoate by resolution method and their herbicidal activities

Wong, C. H.; Ho, M. F.; Wang, K. T., 1978: Preparation of optically pure n tert butyloxycarbonyl o benzyl l serine and its antipode

Mccuen R., 1983: Preparation of optically pure r dextro nicotine studies on the microbial degradation of nicotinoids

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173623

Obijeski J., 1981: Preparation of orthopoxvirus dna

Gregerson D.S., 1988: Preparation of overlapping peptides of bovine retinal s antigen and their localization by immunoblotting with peptide specific antibodies

Droleskey R., 1986: Preparation of ovine carrier erythrocytes their action and survival

Gould K.L., 1986: Preparation of oxygen 15 butanol for positron tomography

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173628

Nishimura M., 1982: Preparation of oxygen evolving photosystem ii sub chloroplasts from spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar world best

Forstel, H.; Weiner, B.; Schleser, G., 1976: Preparation of oxygen samples for oxygen 18 oxygen 16 measurements by a combined gas chromatography burning technique

Kawaguchi, K.; Kashimura, N., 1976: Preparation of p nitrophenyl beta d manno pyranoside by the helferich method and separation of some anomeric p nitrophenyl aldo pyranoside acetates using thin layer chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173632

Hayashi, R.; Moore, S.; Merrifield, R. B., 1973: Preparation of pancreatic rna 1 114 and rna 1 115 and their reactivation by mixture with synthetic carboxyl terminal peptides

Su J C., 1985: Preparation of pancreatin and purification of lipase from hog pancreas

Gleiberman, A. S., 1976: Preparation of paraffin sections for immuno fluorescent analysis of antigens of various chemical natures

Bojar, H.; Basler, M.; Fuchs, F.; Dreyfuerst, R.; Staib, W.; Broelsch, C., 1976: Preparation of parenchymal and nonparenchymal cells from adult human liver morphological and biochemical characteristics

Bukanova M.I., 1983: Preparation of parent mother solution of romanovskii giemsa stain from azure eosine powder after romanovskii

Feder E.M., 1979: Preparation of parietal peritoneum for measurements of in vitro permeability

Jansen H.W.B., 1982: Preparation of partially decalcified sections of human dental enamel for electron microscopy

Gattner H G., 1982: Preparation of partially protected b 30 desalanine insulin b chain di sulfide and its use in semi synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173641

Brockerhoff H., 1987: Preparation of passive bilayer liposomes

Staniaszczyk M., 1986: Preparation of patients for colonic operations by means of marketed nutritional formulas and flow washing of the intestine

Zmeskal A., 1987: Preparation of patients for coloscopy and irrigoscopy using peroral solution with macrogol 300

Ramirez Armengol J.A., 1987: Preparation of patients for endoscopy of the colon a topic of present interest our experience with x prep

Kozhina I.N., 1982: Preparation of patients with chronic ischemic heart disease for aorto coronary shunt operations

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173647

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173648

Sklyankina V.A., 1980: Preparation of peptide maps of sheep fetus hapto globin using immobilized trypsin

Matsueda G.R., 1986: Preparation of peptide protein immunogens using n succinimidyl bromoacetate as a heterobifunctional crosslinking reagent

Hargrave P.A., 1983: Preparation of peptides containing any desired amino acid methionyl peptides of bovine rhod opsin

Bordenave G., 1982: Preparation of per oxidase anti per oxidase complexes for immuno histological labeling of mono clonal antibodies

Buick R.N., 1979: Preparation of permanent slides of intact soft agar colony cultures of hematopoietic and tumor stem cells

Kucuker O., 1980: Preparation of permanent smear slides using liquid carbon di oxide

Zvonarev, A. Yu ; Mal'tseva, N. N., 1987: Preparation of peroxidase protein a conjugate and its use in virological investigations

Goldenberg, H.; Huettinger, M.; Kampfer, P.; Kramar, R., 1978: Preparation of peroxisomes from carp liver by zonal rotor density gradient centrifugation

Shonka, J. J.; Mcginley, P. H., 1976: Preparation of phantom lung material

Thappa, R. K.; Sawhney, R. S.; Atal, C. K., 1976: Preparation of pharmacodynamic compounds based on embelin

Spicer, D. S.; Desanctis, A. N., 1976: Preparation of phase 1 q fever antigen suitable for vaccine use

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173660

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173661

Becker H., 1986: Preparation of pheromones by simple procedures

Singh C.P., 1985: Preparation of phospho compost and its effect on the yield of moong bean and wheat

Pestka S., 1986: Preparation of phosphorus 32 labeled murine immune interferon and its binding to the mouse immune interferon receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173665

Gal, A. E.; Fash, F. J., 1977: Preparation of phosphoryl choline from phosphoryl choline chloride calcium salt

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173667

Wong S.S., 1986: Preparation of phosphorylcholine conjugated antigens

Liu T Y., 1987: Preparation of phosphorylcholine derivatives of bovine serum albumin and their application to the affinity chromatography of c reactive protein

Rao, S. P.; Dunn, B. M., 1982: Preparation of photo affinity labels of pepsin with p nitro p azido and p di azo phenyl ligands and study of the effects of irradiation on pepsin ec

Ramachandran J., 1982: Preparation of photo reactive derivatives of alpha melanotropin by selective modification of the lysine or tryptophan residue

Ramachandran J., 1981: Preparation of photo reactive derivatives of glutathione and 9 2 mercapto tryptophan acth by selective modification of the sulfhydryl group

Birk Y., 1985: Preparation of photoreactive derivatives of trypsin chymotrypsin inhibitors from soybeans and chick peas by selective modification of lysine residues

Shimizu T., 1988: Preparation of photosystem i particles from spinach by column chromatography

Tokunaga, M.; Nakano, Y.; Kitaoka, S., 1976: Preparation of physiologically intact mitochondria from euglena gracilis z

Harley, J. L.; Black, M. K.; Wedding, R. T., 1978: Preparation of plant mitochondria using gel filtration columns

Rinast K., 1986: Preparation of plant sociological tables using microcomputers

Dau, P. C., 1978: Preparation of plasma membranes from line 10 and line 1 guinea pig hepatomas

Thornber, M. J.; Buchanan, N.; Manchester, K. L., 1978: Preparation of plasma samples for amino acid analysis by equilibrium dialysis

Matsubara, K., 1974: Preparation of plasmid lambda dv from bacterio phage lambda role of promoter operator in the plasmid replicon

Rasmussen J.W., 1979: Preparation of platelet suspensions from whole blood in buffer description of a method which gives a large platelet yield

Tsydendambaev, V. D.; Zhukov, A. V.; Vereshchagin, A. G., 1977: Preparation of plates with a permanent adsorbent layer and their application in the analytical thin layer chromatography of lipids

Johnson, P. G.; Carver, R. D.; Dupzyk, R. J., 1977: Preparation of plutonium 242 for use as an alpha spectrometry and mass spectrometry tracer

Klimenko T.V., 1981: Preparation of pneumococcal diagnostic sera

Alexander, G.; Rutten, G. A. F. M., 1973: Preparation of polar phase coated open tubular columns for steroid analysis

Sobsey, M. D.; Lavigne, M. E.; Cooper, R. C., 1972: Preparation of poliovirus labeled with phosphorus 33

Tatzreiter S., 1985: Preparation of pollen and spores for the scanning electron microscope and the light microscope by using rhodanides

Axelsson, B.; Ohlsson, R.; Deutsch, A.; Jergil, B., 1977: Preparation of poly adenylic acid binding proteins from endoplasmic reticulum containing subfractions of rat liver cells and their use in messenger rna purification

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173689

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173690

Werner, S., 1977: Preparation of poly peptide subunits of cytochrome oxidase ec from neurospora crassa

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173692

Grandics P., 1981: Preparation of poly saccharide derivatives containing amino groups for application in affinity chromatography

Nakamura I., 1988: Preparation of polyelectrolyte coated ph sensitive polystyrene microcapsules and their application to initiation cessation control of an enzyme reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173695

Kasahara M., 1982: Preparation of polymorphonuclear leukocyte plasma membranes which show fc receptor activity

Macleod, M. C., 1976: Preparation of polysomes and radioactively labeled rna from adult drosophila melanogaster

Schwaerzler, M.; Braun, R., 1977: Preparation of polysomes from synchronous macroplasmodia of physarum polycephalum

Eguchi T., 1986: Preparation of polysulfon hollow fiber membrane filters and their structural and permselective characteristics

Smaragdov, M. G.; Smirnov, A. F.; Tolchkov, E. V., 1976: Preparation of polytene chromosomes from isolated cell nuclei of drosophila salivary glands

Kaul, B.; Davidow, B.; Millian, S. J., 1977: Preparation of polyvalent antibodies for use in simultaneous multiple drug radio immunoassay

Heymann D.L., 1981: Preparation of polyvalent viral immuno fluorescent intra cellular antigens and use in human sero surveys

Hodges P.A., 1984: Preparation of pooled cryoprecipitate for treatment of hemophilia a in a home care program

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173704

Donner, J., 1976: Preparation of porcine pancreatic lipase free of colipase activity

Pickardt C.R., 1985: Preparation of porcine thyroid follicles with preserved polarity functional and morphological properties in comparison to inside out follicles

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173707

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173708

Brendel K., 1987: Preparation of positional renal slices for study of cell specific toxicity

Jalil F., 1987: Preparation of post diarrheal food for infants and its biological and clinical evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173711

Kwon C S., 1984: Preparation of powdered dried sea mussel mytilus edulis and anchovy engraulis japonica for instant soup

Ha J H., 1987: Preparation of powdered smoked dried mackerel soup and its taste compounds

Chan, E. C. S.; Devries, J.; Harvey, R. F., 1978: Preparation of pre reduced anaerobically sterilized media and their use in cultivation of anaerobic bacteria

Messeguer A., 1985: Preparation of precocene 2 and 3 4 epoxyprecocene 2 deuterated analogs at carbon 3 carbon 4 and carbon 3 carbon 4

Reed S.I., 1982: Preparation of product specific anti sera by gene fusion antibodies specific for the product of the yeast cell division cycle gene cdc 28

Perrine R.L., 1986: Preparation of professionals for groundwater protection

Aroda, E. N.; Hultin, T., 1978: Preparation of projectionless particles from influenza virus and their messenger activities in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems

Wang Z., 1986: Preparation of prostaglandin e pge antibodies and its technical improvements

Wang, D.; Moore, S., 1978: Preparation of protease free and rnase free pancreatic dnase ec

Wang, S. S.; Kulesha, I. D.; Winter, D. P.; Makofske, R.; Kutny, R.; Meienhofer, J., 1978: Preparation of protected peptide hydrazides from the acids and hydrazine by di cyclohexyl carbodiimide hydroxy benzotriazole coupling

Surolia A., 1981: Preparation of protein a peroxidase mono conjugate using a hetero bi functional reagent and its use in enzyme immunoassays

Waldrep J.C., 1979: Preparation of protein coated zymogen granules for use in studies of phagocytosis vascular distribution and adherence techniques

Baschong W., 1986: Preparation of protein colloidal gold complexes in the presence of commonly used buffers

Plaskett L.G., 1981: Preparation of protein concentrates from symphytum asperrimum russian comfrey for nonruminant feeds and human foods

King, T. P.; Li, Y.; Kochoumian, L., 1978: Preparation of protein conjugates via inter molecular di sulfide bond formation

Lam T., 1986: Preparation of protein conjugates via intermolecular hydrazone linkage

Weiner C., 1980: Preparation of protein conjugates with alkoxy poly ethylene glycols

Tsibanov V.V., 1985: Preparation of protein hydrolysates with the use of immobilized bacterial peptide hydrolases

Arai S., 1982: Preparation of proteinaceous surfactants by enzymatic modification and evaluation of their functional properties in a concentrated emulsion system

Kobzeva N.Ya, 1980: Preparation of protoplasts and localization of rnase beta 1 3 glucanase and glucose isomerase in the fungal mycelium of penicillium brevicompactum

Venkitasubramanian T.A., 1979: Preparation of protoplasts and whole cell ghosts from mycobacterium smegmatis

Allermann K., 1985: Preparation of protoplasts from mycelium and arthroconidia of geotrichum candidum

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173734

Calandra, G. B.; Nugent, K. M.; Cole, R. M., 1975: Preparation of protoplasts of group h streptococci streptococcus sanguis

Egorov N.S., 1984: Preparation of protoplasts of streptococcus lactis strain msu producing nisin

Titova, T. I.; Sidorova, T. N.; Radkevich, S. A.; Antsiferova, N. G.; Moroz, A. F., 1985: Preparation of pseudomonas aeruginosa polyvalent corpuscular vaccine and the study of its properties communication 4. influence of immunization with pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine on the immune status of volunteer donors

Fomichev Yu K., 1982: Preparation of pseudomonas putida protoplast like structures and their reversion into bacterial forms

Cantor C.R., 1982: Preparation of psoralen cross linked r loops and generation of large deletions by their repair in vivo

Krantz, S.; Lober, M., 1976: Preparation of pure albumin and transferrin from rabbit serum using concanavalin sepharose

Frajese G., 1980: Preparation of pure fractions of human sperm membranes

Pertoft H., 1985: Preparation of pure hepatocytes and res cells in high yield from a single rat liver by means of percoll centrifugation and selective adherence

Luriya E.A., 1981: Preparation of pure lines of thymic stromal fibroblasts and discrimination of fibroblasts and epithelium in thymic cultures

Oxborrow, G. S.; Fields, N. D.; Puleo, J. R., 1976: Preparation of pure microbiological samples for pyrolysis gas liquid chromatography studies

Mccarthy, K. D.; Partlow, L. M., 1976: Preparation of pure neuronal and nonneuronal cultures from embryonic chick sympathetic ganglia a new method based on both differential cell adhesiveness and the formation of homotypic neuronal aggregates

Nakhapetyan L.A., 1987: Preparation of pure serine proteinase from a culture fluid filtrate

Laky M., 1985: Preparation of purified a polypeptide chain from a ricin lectin

Barinski I.F., 1988: Preparation of purified antigens of herpes simplex virus type i and a study of their immunogenic properties

Dubois, D. R.; Cutchins, E. C.; Berman, S.; Lowenthal, J. P.; Timchak, R. L., 1972: Preparation of purified suspensions of coxiella burnetii by genetron extraction followed by continuous flow ultra centrifugation

Garcia C., 1988: Preparation of pyrazolo 1 5 a pyridine and 1 2 4 triazolo 1 5 a pyridine derivatives from 1 6 diaminopyridine 2 thiones

Zielinski, W., 1985: Preparation of pyrimidines and pyridines from alkyl ketones and nitriles in presence of phosphorylchloride

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173753

Buser, H. R., 1976: Preparation of qualitative standard mixtures of poly chlorinated di benzo p dioxins and di benzo furans by uv and gamma irradiation of the octa chloro compounds

Carlson, R. A.; Roberts, R. L.; Farkas, D. F., 1976: Preparation of quick cooking rice products using a centrifugal fluidized bed

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173756

Lehrer R.I., 1980: Preparation of rabbit alveolar macrophages in high purity and yield

Lee, W. Y.; Heiner, D. C., 1978: Preparation of rabbit anti immuno globulin e for use in radio immunoassays of total immuno globulin e and specific immuno globulin e antibodies

Kimura M., 1980: Preparation of rabbit beta 2 micro globulin

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173760

Sleeckx J., 1979: Preparation of racemic 2r carboxy trans trans 3 4 di deutero pyrrolidine dl trans trans 3 4 di deutero proline and unambiguous assignment of protons in the proton nmr spectrum of proline

Golmohammadi R., 1982: Preparation of racemic and optically active 13 thia chaulmoogric acid some of its homologues and racemic and optically active 12 thia homo chaulmoogric acid

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173763

Klootwijk W., 1981: Preparation of radio iodine labeled thio uracil derivatives

Nomoto, S.; Seshima, T.; Shiba, T., 1978: Preparation of radio isotopically labeled tuberactinomycin beta carbon 14 ureido dehydro alanine 5 tuberactinomycin o

Fromm H., 1979: Preparation of radio labeled 3 alpha hydroxy 7 keto 5 beta cholanic acid and its glycine and taurine conjugates

Wolfe L.S., 1979: Preparation of radio labeled gm 2 and ga 2 gangliosides

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173768

Larkin E.C., 1980: Preparation of radio labeled tetracosa monoenoic acid and dienoic acid methyl esters from rat erythrocyte lipids by thin layer chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173770

Bieber L.L., 1982: Preparation of radioactive acetyl l carnitine by an enzymatic exchange reaction

Yasuda, T.; Niwa, T.; Kumazawa, A.; Tsumita, T.; Nagai, Y., 1977: Preparation of radioactive basic protein of bovine nervous tissue

Collins E.B., 1981: Preparation of radioactive di acetyl acetoin and 2 3 butylene glycol

Norden B., 1988: Preparation of radioactive enantiomers of amino acids using labelled racemates only

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173775

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173776

Weinberg, P. B.; Kinkade, J. M-Jr ; Collins, D. C., 1977: Preparation of radioactive iodinated cholyl histamine for use in the radio immunoassay of cholic acid

Begley, J. A.; Horch, C.; Hall, C. A., 1978: Preparation of radioactive labeled cobalt 57 sulfito cobalamin

Schneider, M.; Wenzel, M.; Riesselmann, B., 1978: Preparation of radioactive ruthenocene derivatives optimization and interchange of central atom with aluminum oxide

Kolodny, E. H.; Brady, R. O.; Quirk, J. M.; Kanfer, J. N., 1970: Preparation of radioactive tay sachs ganglioside labeled in the sialic acid moiety

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173781

Rovnij, N.; Zayas-Crespo, F.; Kronrad, L.; Jradilek, P., 1985: Preparation of radioiodine nuclides labeled radiopharmaceuticals ii. preparation of iodine 131 labeled rose bengal

Bleakney, J. S., 1982: Preparation of radulae and penial styles for scanning electron microscopy using 0.5 normal quaternary ammonium hydroxide

Rapp U.R., 1988: Preparation of raf oncogene specific antiserum with raf protein produced in escherichia coli

Rubin L.J., 1984: Preparation of rapeseed protein concentrates and isolates using ultra filtration

Rubin L.J., 1988: Preparation of rapeseed protein isolate by sodium hexametaphosphate extraction ultrafiltration diafiltration and ion exchange

Lonnerdal, B.; Gillberg, L.; Tornell, B., 1977: Preparation of rapeseed protein isolates a study of rapeseed protein isolates by molecular sieve chromatography

Aman, P.; Gillberg, L., 1977: Preparation of rapeseed protein isolates a study of the distribution of carbohydrates in the preparation of rapeseed protein isolates

Gillbert, L.; Tornell, B., 1976: Preparation of rapeseed protein isolates dissolution and precipitation behavior of rapeseed proteins

Gillbert, L.; Tornell, B., 1976: Preparation of rapeseed protein isolates precipitation of rapeseed proteins in the presence of poly acids

Evered D.F., 1984: Preparation of rat enterocyte mitochondria

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173792

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173793

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173794

Redshaw Loten J.C., 1986: Preparation of rat liver plasma membranes in a high yield

Sherr C.J., 1982: Preparation of rat mono clonal antibodies to epitopes encoded by the viral oncogene v fms of mcdonaugh feline sarcoma virus

Polishchuk A.G., 1986: Preparation of recipient yeast strains for the stable replication of vectors based on 2 micron dna

Cullis P.R., 1985: Preparation of reconstituted cytochrome oxidase vesicles with defined transmembrane protein orientations employing a cytochrome c affinity column

Et Al, 1987: Preparation of red blood cell depleted marrow for abo incompatible marrow transplantation by density gradient separation using the ibm 2991 blood cell processor

Ohanian, V.; Gratzer, W., 1984: Preparation of red cell membrane cytoskeletal constituents and characterization of protein 4.1

Freedman, J.; Mollison, P. L., 1976: Preparation of red cells coated with complement c 4 and complement c 3 sub components and production of anti complement c 4d and anti complement c 3d

Viglino, P.; Scarpa, M.; Cocco, D.; Rigo, A., 1985: Preparation of reduced bovine copper zinc superoxide dismutase ec

Benson R., 1979: Preparation of reference anti sera for laboratory diagnosis of blasto mycosis

Williams J.H., 1981: Preparation of reference sera with desired levels of cholesterol and tri glyceride

Radola B.J., 1986: Preparation of rehydratable polyacrylamide gels and their application in ultrathin layer isoelectric focusing

Vig, C. B.; Issar, M. M., 1976: Preparation of relatively pure tri ethyl ammonium salt of penicillin g an intermediate for the production of therapeutically important penicillin salts

Liang, C. T.; Sacktor, B., 1977: Preparation of renal cortex basal lateral and brush border membranes localization of adenylate cyclase and guanylate cyclase activities

Williams G., 1980: Preparation of renal tissue for scanning electron microscopy

Rentier B., 1988: Preparation of reproducible alkaline phosphatase antibody conjugates for enzyme immunoassay using a heterobifunctional linking agent

Crumpton M.J., 1980: Preparation of resealed pig lymphocyte plasma membrane vesicles

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173812

Lee K Y., 1985: Preparation of restriction endonuclease alu i from arthrobacter luteus

Thouron C.L., 1987: Preparation of retinal vessels for scanning electron microscopic examination using microdissection by ultrasonication

Olson J.A., 1985: Preparation of retinamides by use of retinoyl fluoride

Marks F., 1982: Preparation of retinoic acid esters of phorbol derivatives

Berger M., 1979: Preparation of rhenium 186 labeled ethane 1 hydroxy 1 1 di phosphonate and its possible use in the treatment of osseous neoplasms

Eisenhut M., 1982: Preparation of rhenium 186 labeled per rhenate for nuclear medical purposes

Halvorson H.O., 1979: Preparation of ribo homo polymers of defined length

Krasnobaeva, Z. N.; Mel'nikova, E. E.; Gaidamovich, S. Ya, 1977: Preparation of ribo nucleo proteins and virion envelopes of the zaisan 260 and r 16225 strains of semliki forest virus for antibody production

Raftery M.A., 1979: Preparation of right side out acetyl choline receptor enriched intact vesicles from torpedo californica electro plaque membranes

Richardson T., 1984: Preparation of rigid low density flame retardant polyurethane foams from whey permeate

Bell, GR., 1978: Preparation of rigid plastic casts of the blood vessels of fish

Kaplan D.C., 1985: Preparation of ring tritiated and of aldehyde carbon 14 labeled 1 pyrenecarboxaldehyde

Griffiths S., 1988: Preparation of risk cards using a computerized obstetric information system

Rubenis, O. S.; Brinkmanis, R. A.; Irgen, A. M.; Liepinya, V. A.; Tenisone, R. A., 1976: Preparation of rna from yeast by live steam extraction

Shaposhnikov-Ya, D.; Zerov-Yu, P.; Bobrov-Yu, F.; Ratovitskii, E. A.; Ivanov, S. D., 1976: Preparation of rna with high specific radioactivity by iodination using chloramine t

Gren E.Ya, 1981: Preparation of rnase free escherichia coli ribosomes active in initiation of protein biosynthesis

Kenyon, R. H.; Pedersen, C. E-Jr, 1975: Preparation of rocky mountain spotted fever vaccine suitable for human immunization

Filczak, K.; Korbecki, M., 1978: Preparation of rubella virus hem agglutinating antigen by poly ethylene glycol precipitation

Kao C L., 1980: Preparation of rubella virus hem agglutination antigen

James B.R., 1979: Preparation of ruthenium ii and ruthenium iii myo globin and the reaction of di oxygen and carbon mon oxide with ruthenium ii myo globin

Kmec J., 1982: Preparation of s 2 3 bis ethylthiomaleimidomethyl thio phosphates and s 2 3 bis ethylthiomaleimidomethyl di thio phosphates their spectral and biological properties

Valovicova V., 1979: Preparation of s 2 3 bis phenylthiomaleimidomethyl thio phosphates and s 2 3 bis phenylthiomaleimidomethyl di thio phosphates their spectral and biological properties

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173835

Mehta, S. B.; Trivedi, P. B.; Undavia, N. K.; Patwa, B. S., 1978: Preparation of s triazinyl derivatives as anti bacterial agents

Shchelkunov S.N., 1985: Preparation of saccharomyces cerevisiae protoplasts and their use for dna plasmid transformation

Zhou, X. B.; Salganicoff, L.; Sevy, R., 1986: Preparation of salganicoff's platelet strip

Saganak I., 1980: Preparation of salmonella 0 7 agglutinating serum

Gras P.W., 1983: Preparation of salt free protein from acid or alkali treated proteins

Fujita M., 1988: Preparation of sample solutions from cosmetics using continuous liquid liquid partition liquid solid extraction method application to the determination of p hydroxybenzoate esters in products containing surfactants

Langer, G. A.; Frank, J. S.; Philipson, K. D., 1978: Preparation of sarcolemmal membrane from myo cardial tissue culture mono layer by high velocity gas dissection

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173843

Dutt M.K., 1981: Preparation of schiff type dye sulfur di oxide reagents with phosphoric acid and their cytochemical properties

Hamilton P.B., 1987: Preparation of scirpentriol and triacetoxyscirpenol in good yield from cultures of fusarium sambucinum nrrl 13495

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173846

Mscisz A., 1979: Preparation of scopoletin from cichoriin

Thomas E., 1979: Preparation of seco penicillanates preparation of methyl 3 methyl 2 2 r 3 r 2 methylthio 4 oxo 3 phthalimidoazetidin 1 yl but 2 enoate

Griffiths, D. V.; Feeney, J.; Roberts, G. C. K.; Burgen, A. S. V., 1976: Preparation of selectively deuterated aromatic amino acids for use in proton nmr studies of proteins

Ribon V., 1986: Preparation of selectively isotopically labeled beta hydroxypropionic acid

Rotilio G., 1981: Preparation of selectively metal free and metal substituted derivatives by reaction of copper zinc super oxide dis mutase with di ethyl di thio carbamate

Zoller U., 1981: Preparation of selenium containing aromatic and hetero cyclic c substituted alpha amino acetic acid derivatives of potential biomedical application

Fadda, M. B.; Pellegrini, M., 1975: Preparation of seleno hypo taurine

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173854

Carpenter F.H., 1983: Preparation of semi synthetic insulin analogs from bis tert butyloxycarbonyldesocta peptide insulin phenyl hydrazide importance of the aromatic region b 24 b 26

Basile G., 1986: Preparation of sensitized paper discs for rast

De Vellis J., 1980: Preparation of separate astro glial and oligodendro glial cell cultures from rat cerebral tissue

Arro L., 1979: Preparation of sera for subtyping of influenza a viruses by immuno fluorescence

Johansson, M. E.; Wadell, G., 1978: Preparation of sera for typing of adenovirus infections by immuno fluorescence

Tekman, S.; Berkkan, H.; Oner, N., 1976: Preparation of serum albumin and study of its purity by cellulose acetate electrophoresis

Martensson E., 1986: Preparation of serum and plasma samples for determination of tricyclic antidepressants effects of blood collection tubes and storage

Pertoft, H.; Hallen, A., 1976: Preparation of silica agarose beads for gel chromatography

Hirata T., 1985: Preparation of simple biological dosimeter and its use in the evaluation of the sterilization effect of low energy electron beams

Snell J.J.S., 1985: Preparation of simulated clinical material for bacteriological examination

Noro S., 1986: Preparation of single bilayer liposomes by an electrocapillary emulsification method

Hayakawa, I.; Nomura, D., 1977: Preparation of single cell protein for food and improving of its spinnability

Rachman, F.; Nguyen, T. T.; Frommel, D., 1978: Preparation of single cell suspension from rat liver a simple method designed for immunologic studies

Ono, J.; Takaki, R.; Fukuma, M., 1977: Preparation of single cells from pancreatic islets of adult rat by the use of dispase

Aebi U., 1983: Preparation of single molecules and supra molecular complexes for high resolution metal shadowing

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173870

Christophe D., 1987: Preparation of single stranded dna probes using an immobilized template

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173872

Burri P.H., 1981: Preparation of small and soft specimen for scanning electron microscopy investigation of mouse optic nerve

Taylor R.S., 1987: Preparation of small otoliths for microscopic examination

Charpied G.L., 1981: Preparation of small temporal bones for high resolution light microscopy

Balistreri M., 1986: Preparation of small volume leukocyte and erythrocyte very poor platelet concentrates

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173877

Wilkinson D.J., 1984: Preparation of sodium cromoglycate intal labeled with isotopic hydrogen

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173879

Prokhorov B.S., 1981: Preparation of soft dosage forms on a vaseline base for inoculation during detection of their microbial contamination and sterility

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173881

Sipe, J. D.; Schaefer, F. V., 1973: Preparation of solid phase immuno sorbents by coupling human serum proteins to cyanogen bromide activated agarose

Penttila I., 1983: Preparation of soluble apo lipo protein a i apo lipo protein b and apo lipo protein c ii by a chromato focusing column method and evaluation of their concentrations in serum in pulmonary disease

Atallah, M. T.; Hultin, H. O., 1977: Preparation of soluble conjugates of glucose oxidase ec and catalase ec by cross linking with glutaraldehyde

Chiba H., 1984: Preparation of soluble insoluble interconvertible enzymes enzyme polymerized alpha s 1 casein conjugates

Hollunger, G.; Oreland, L., 1970: Preparation of soluble mono amine oxidase ec from pig liver mitochondria

Romanova, I. B.; Vinokurova, N. G., 1978: Preparation of solutions of d xylonic acid of a known concentration

Lee Y.C., 1982: Preparation of some 1 6 linked di saccharides and their derivatives suitable for protein modification

Yarbrough G.G., 1983: Preparation of some 10 3 di methylamino 1 propyl 10h pyrazino 2 3 b 1 4 benzothiazines as potential neuroleptics

Kozuka H., 1986: Preparation of some acetylated reduced and oxidized derivatives of 2 4 diaminotoluene and 2 6 dinitrotoluene

Farag A.N., 1980: Preparation of some carbon 14 labeled amino acids by radio photosynthesis using sugar beet beta vulgaris plant

Farag A.N., 1984: Preparation of some carbon 14 labeled sugars by radio photosynthesis using sugar beet beta vulgaris whole plant

Arsenijevic V., 1986: Preparation of some choleretic drugs by modified reformatsky reaction direct synthesis of beta hydroxy acids

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173894

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173895

Sumrell G., 1980: Preparation of some fatty glycolic acid derivatives and screening for anti microbial activity

Cross, B. E.; Hendley, P., 1975: Preparation of some fluoro palmitic acids and fluorination of brefeldin a

Pannekoek W.J., 1981: Preparation of some hydrazones of conjugated styryl ketones and related compounds for evaluation principally as anti neoplastic agents

Sarah F.Y., 1979: Preparation of some kaurenolides from 7 18 di hydroxy kaurenolide

Paquet A., 1980: Preparation of some long chain n acyl derivatives of essential amino acids for nutritional studies

Lee Y.C., 1980: Preparation of some new neo glyco proteins by amidination of bovine serum albumin using 2 imino 2 methoxyethyl 1 thio glycosides

Van-Der-Wolf, L.; Kloeze, J.; Pabon, H. J. J.; Van-Dorp, D. A., 1978: Preparation of some prostaglandin e 1 and omega homo prostaglandin e 1 esters and their inhibiting properties on rat blood platelet aggregation

Karwe, M. V.; Deshpande, N. R.; Hiremath, S. V.; Kulkarni, G. H.; Kelkar, G. R., 1978: Preparation of some sesqui terpenic conjugated endo alpha methylene gamma lactones and exo alpha methylene gamma lactones

Williams G.M., 1981: Preparation of some specifically tritium labeled carcinogenic hydro carbons and their covalent binding to dna

Kwok, R., 1978: Preparation of some tri cyclic fused ring imino pyrido 3 2 e pyrimidines

Rosenstein F.U., 1982: Preparation of some unsaturated side chain derivatives of cholesterol

Prabhakara R., 1987: Preparation of some unsaturated trans e sulfide sulfones and disulfones

Klyuev N.A., 1986: Preparation of some ursolic acid derivatives and their antimicrobial activity

Sasahara H., 1985: Preparation of soybean nodule bacteroids retaining high nitrogenase activity

Garrido Fernandez A., 1984: Preparation of spanish green olives without washing waters solution to the problems caused by hydrochloric acid additions and effects of treatment with weak lye solutions

Krollos S.Y., 1985: Preparation of special types of gliadin free bread

Svensson L., 1979: Preparation of specific anti sera against adenoviruses by affinity bead immunization

Takeda, J.; Okuyama, H.; Morikawa, K., 1978: Preparation of specific anti sera against guinea pig thymus cells

Arnheim, N.; Macintyre, R., 1976: Preparation of specific anti sera of drosophila acid phosphatase without rigorous protein purification

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173916

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173917

Taylor V.E., 1983: Preparation of specific anti sera to honey bee apis mellifera viruses by immunization with agar gel precipitates

Fraser C.A.M., 1982: Preparation of specific anti sera to the opacity factors of group a streptococci

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173920

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173921

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173922

Petrovic M., 1981: Preparation of specific anti serum to the gamma chain of bovine immuno globulin g 1

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173924

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173925

Miwa, A.; Yoshioka, M.; Shirahata, A.; Tamura, Z., 1977: Preparation of specific antibodies to catecholamines and l dopa part 1 preparation of the conjugates

Samejima K., 1980: Preparation of specific antibody to 2 3 tri methylene 4 quinazolone for the immunoassay of delta 1 pyrroline

Rulka J., 1984: Preparation of specific antigens of the bovine leukosis virus blv

Tohma M., 1985: Preparation of specific antisera to 3 beta hydroxy 5 cholenoic acid by immunization with conjugates attached to protein through the carbon 3 position

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173930

Jansen W.H., 1980: Preparation of specific escherichia coli k 88 anti sera by means of purified k 88ab and k 88ad antigens

Schwartz, K.; Sebag, C.; Bouveret, P.; Klotz, C.; Swynghedauw, B., 1977: Preparation of specific immune sera against rabbit skeletal pig and human cardiac heavy mero myosins

Duval J., 1981: Preparation of specific pituitary cells by centrifugal elutriation

Muschik G.M., 1981: Preparation of specifically deuterium labeled benz a anthracenes and 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracenes

Vliegenthart J.F.G., 1982: Preparation of specifically deuterium labeled or tritium labeled n acetyl neuraminic acid and cmp beta n acetyl neuraminic acid as precursors for glyco conjugate synthesis

Tulloch, A. P., 1977: Preparation of specifically di deuterated octa decanoates and oxo octa decanoates

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173937

Crawford, D. L.; Crawford, R. L.; Pometto, A. L-Iii, 1977: Preparation of specifically labeled carbon 14 labeled lignin and carbon 14 labeled cellulose ligno celluloses and their decomposition by the micro flora of soil

Misawa Y., 1981: Preparation of sperm by the filtration through nylon fiber column

Takenaka H., 1981: Preparation of spherical matrices of prolonged release drugs from liquid suspension

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173941

Berezin I.V., 1986: Preparation of spheroplasts from citrobacter freundii cells

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173943

Isenberg I., 1982: Preparation of spheroplasts of schizosaccharomyces pombe

Williams M.G., 1981: Preparation of sphingo lipid fatty acid methyl esters for determination by gas liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173946

Bielka H., 1982: Preparation of spin labeled poly uridylic acid and its activity in assays with eukaryotic ribosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173948

Sewell D.L., 1981: Preparation of sputum smears for acid fast microscopy

Yuan C.W., 1987: Preparation of stable 1 4 dihydropyrazines

Irie S., 1988: Preparation of stable alginate gel beads in electrolyte solutions using barium and strontium

Sandermann H.Jr, 1979: Preparation of stable and solvent free model membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173953

Eisen M., 1986: Preparation of stable lyophilized cryoprecipitate in the original frozen plasma bags

Zsidai J., 1985: Preparation of stable monodisperse polystyrene latex based rheumatism diagnostics

Muftic, M., 1970: Preparation of stable p chloromercuri benzoate solutions

Lewis, V. J.; Engelman, H. M.; Thacker, W. L., 1975: Preparation of stable sensitized erythrocytes for detection of chlamydial antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173958

Tkachenko L.V., 1985: Preparation of stable solutions of mezaton and phetanol used in ophthalmology

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173960

Ioffe B.V., 1984: Preparation of standard vapor gas mixtures for gas chromatography continuous gas extraction

Wood H.G., 1987: Preparation of standards and determination of sizes of long chain polyphosphates by gel electrophoresis

Nelp W.B., 1986: Preparation of standards for the calculation of effective renal plasma flow

Cerna, I.; Batova, D.; Horak, V.; Malota, H.; Marsalek, E.; Schnapka, J., 1977: Preparation of staphylococcal vaccine and its application to chronic infections

Doane W.M., 1981: Preparation of starch esters of herbicides and their evaluation as slow release agents

Audebert R., 1988: Preparation of starch graft copolymers influence of several parameters on structure and properties

Perez Cruet M.J., 1987: Preparation of sterile seawater through photodynamic action preliminary screening studies

Martin D.F., 1987: Preparation of sterile seawater through photodynamic action studies of vibrio vulnificus

Nisula B.C., 1985: Preparation of steroid radioligands for ultrafiltration assays by a solid phase transport globulin method using concanavalin a sepharose

Truneh A., 1988: Preparation of steroidal 5 beta 6 beta epoxides and their oxidation by chromium trioxide

Anderson W.A., 1984: Preparation of stroma free hemo globin by selective deae cellulose absorption

Siegrist A.E., 1981: Preparation of styryl and stilbenyl derivatives of pyrimidines

Kulonen E., 1979: Preparation of sub cellular fractions from granulation tissue by density gradient centrifugation

Holowczak J.A., 1980: Preparation of sub viral particles from vaccinia virions irradiated with uv light

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173976

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173977

Gadal P., 1981: Preparation of submicrogram nitrogen samples for isotope analysis by the gs 1 emission spectrometer

Taylor G.F., 1980: Preparation of substituted 2 pyridones by thermal rearrangement of propargylic pyrrolidine pseudo ureas

Luna M., 1984: Preparation of substituted cinnamic acids labeled with deuterium and tritium at the ring positions

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173981

Okunuki K., 1979: Preparation of subunits of flavo cytochromes c derived from chlorobium limicola f sp thiosulfatophilum and chromatium vinosum

Maeda, H., 1974: Preparation of succinyl neocarzinostatin

Vananuvat, P.; Kinsella, J. E., 1978: Preparation of succinylated yeast protein composition and solubility

Albahari S.R., 1979: Preparation of sulfur 35 labeled l cysteine hydro chloride by reduction of sulfur 35 labeled l cystine

Albahari, S. R.; Skakun-Todorovic, M. B., 1978: Preparation of sulfur 35 labeled l methionine and l cystine by biosynthesis

Chistyakov P.G., 1987: Preparation of sulfur 35 labeled ribosomes of escherichia coli

Ueda T., 1982: Preparation of sulfur 35 labeled rna and dna and their use for the assay of nucleolytic enzymes nucleosides and nucleotides 39

Hehmke B., 1986: Preparation of suspensions of pancreatic islet cells a comparison of methods

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173991

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173992

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173993

Baltimore D., 1979: Preparation of syngeneic tumor regressor serum reactive with the unique determinants of the abelson murine leukemia virus encoded p 120 protein at the cell surface

Mckimm Breschkin J.L., 1982: Preparation of t cell growth factor free from interferon and factors stimulating hemopoietic cells and mast cells

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173996

Ortaldo J.R., 1986: Preparation of target antigens specifically recognized by human natural killer cells

Mcdonald, T. J.; Foote, R. H.; Drost, M.; Lu, L.; Patrascu, M.; Hall, C. E-Jr, 1976: Preparation of teaser bulls and steroid implanted steers and their effectiveness in detecting estrus

Section 7, Chapter 6174, Accession 006173999

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