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Preparation of new 4 4' linked bisacridines 9 9' linked bisacridines and 4 4' 9 9' bi linked bisacridines

, : Preparation of new 4 4' linked bisacridines 9 9' linked bisacridines and 4 4' 9 9' bi linked bisacridines. Heterocycles (Tokyo) 24(5): 1419-1428

New bis-derivatives belonging to the acridine series have been prepared. These compounds are bis(4-amino-9-acridanones) and bis(4-amino-9-thioacridanones) linked in positions 4,4' or 9,9'. There are also some 4,4'-diaminoacyl-9,9'-dithioalkyl bi-linked bis-acridines. In any case, chemical structures are discussed with reference to the 13C NMR chemical shifts, as well as to the HSAB concept.

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