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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6175

Chapter 6175 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174000

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174001

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174002

Kula M R., 1987: Preparation of technical grade polyethylene glycol n 6 2 aminoethyl nadh by a procedure adaptable to large scale synthesis

Gowda A.R., 1985: Preparation of tempeh culture for commercialization

Kalei U.O., 1979: Preparation of tert butyloxycarbonyl derivatives of amino acids using di tert butyl pyro carbonate

Matsueda G.R., 1986: Preparation of tert butyloxycarbonyl s 3 nitro 2 pyridinesulfenylcysteine and its use for unsymmetrical disulfide bond formation

Lund H., 1979: Preparation of tetra hydro folic acid and related compounds by electrochemical methods

Mayer D., 1983: Preparation of tetra methyl rhodaminyl phalloidin and uptake of the toxin into short term cultured hepatocytes by endocytosis

Emken E.A., 1987: Preparation of tetradeuterated methyl 8c 11c eicosadienoate tetradeuterated methyl 8c 11c 14c eicosatrienoate and tetradeuterated methyl 5c 8c 11c eisosatrienonate

Firth M.R., 1981: Preparation of the 15 6 alpha lactone from 8 beta 13 beta h tetra hydro abietic acid

Boikova V.V., 1981: Preparation of the 17 caproate of 6 methyl pregnane 4 6 diene 3 beta 17 alpha diol 20 one and its effect on rat reproductive function

Eugster C.H., 1984: Preparation of the 1st spiro methyl cyclo propane phenanthrene 1 3 dione derivatives by 1 6 elimination reactions of spiro coleons/

Haslewood, E. S.; Haslewood, G. A. D., 1976: Preparation of the 3 mono sulfates of cholic acid cheno deoxy cholic acid and deoxy cholic acid

Azuma T., 1985: Preparation of the acetabulum to correct severe acetabular deficiency for total hip replacement with special reference to stress distribution of periacetabular region after operation

Radin N.S., 1987: Preparation of the active isomer of 1 phenyl 2 decanoylamino 3 morpholino 1 propanol inhibitor of murine glucocerebroside synthetase

Perry S.V., 1983: Preparation of the alkali and p light chains of chicken gizzard myosin amino acid sequence of the alkali light chain

Lerner L.M., 1982: Preparation of the alpha and beta anomers of 9 3 5 di deoxy d glycero pent 4 enofuranosyl adenine and their activity with leukemia l 1210 cells in vitro

Wang D., 1979: Preparation of the bi functional enzyme rnase dnase by cross linkage

Jouy M., 1983: Preparation of the c 695 682 chlorophyllide protein complex

Stewart C.S., 1982: Preparation of the cellulase from the cellulolytic anaerobic rumen bacterium ruminococcus albus and its release from the bacterial cell wall

Schulte J.J., 1980: Preparation of the colon in colo rectal surgery

Cargill, A.; Hately, W., 1978: Preparation of the colon prior to radiology a comparison of the effectiveness of castor oil dulcodos and x prep liquid

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174023

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174024

Lerner L.M., 1979: Preparation of the e and z isomers of 9 5 6 di deoxy beta d erythro hex 4 enofuranosyl adenine

Lerner, L. M., 1978: Preparation of the enantiomeric forms of 9 5 6 di deoxy beta d ribohex 5 enofuranosyl adenine

Lerner L.M., 1979: Preparation of the enantiomeric forms of 9 5 deoxy alpha threo pent 4 enofuranosyl adenine and 9 3 5 di deoxy beta d glycero pent 4 enofuranosyl adenine and in vitro anti leukemic screening

Seebach D., 1985: Preparation of the enantiomerically pure cis and trans configurated 2 tert butyl 3 methylimidazolidin 4 ones from the amino acids s alanine s phenylalanine r phenylglycine s methionine and s valine

Braun V., 1986: Preparation of the fhu a ton a receptor protein from cell envelopes of an overproducing strain of escherichia coli k 12

Schleyer, H.; Cooper, D. Y.; Rosenthal, O., 1972: Preparation of the heme protein p 450 from the adrenal cortex and some of its properties

Choong, Y. S.; Shepherd, M. G.; Sullivan, P. A., 1975: Preparation of the lactate oxidase apo enzyme and studies on the binding of fmn to the apo enzyme

Nazmitdinova G.G., 1986: Preparation of the lactone lamorolide and its antitumor activity

Teague, R. H.; Manning, A. P., 1977: Preparation of the large bowel for endoscopy

Paul M.H., 1987: Preparation of the left ventricle for anatomical correction in patients with simple transposition of the great arteries surgical guidelines

Johnson, A. J.; Macdonald, V. E.; Semar, M.; Fields, J. E.; Schuck, J.; Lewis, C.; Brind, J., 1978: Preparation of the major plasma fractions by solid phase poly electrolytes

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174036

Cetin E.T., 1986: Preparation of the media by the enzymatic hydrolysis of soybean waste in a short time

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174038

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174039

Meire, H. B.; Farrant, P., 1978: Preparation of the patient for abdominal ultrasound scanning

Astaf'ev V.V., 1985: Preparation of the physician and the patient for transurethral surgery

Ochi O., 1982: Preparation of the poly peptides of the giant hemo globin of travisia japonica in carbon mon oxy form

Folch-Pi, J.; Sakura, J. D., 1976: Preparation of the proteo lipid apo protein from bovine heart liver and kidney

Gutierrez Cernosek R.M., 1979: Preparation of the radio iodinated histamine amide of 4 o carboxypropyldiethyl stilbestrol

Kizelev F.L., 1986: Preparation of the rat embryonic fibroblast cell line by dna transfection of the early region of simian adenovirus sa 7

Zappatore F., 1984: Preparation of the rectum and colon for endoscopic examination with dds 170

Sokolova T.A., 1984: Preparation of the soil clay fraction with soil chlorites for x ray diffractometric analysis

Juricova Z., 1987: Preparation of the specific antigen of tahyna virus with a high hemagglutinin titer

Takeda, K.; Tanida, H.; Horiki, K., 1975: Preparation of the steroidal 1 4 11 trien 3 ones and a surprisingly rapid dienone phenol rearrangement

Jones A.P., 1981: Preparation of the vagina for surgery a comparison of povidone iodine and saline solution

Su D.S., 1988: Preparation of the variable valency thalidasine td pvc membrane selective electrode and its application in the pka determination of thalidasine

Faulborn J., 1985: Preparation of the vitreous body for comparative examinations with light microscopy scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy

Petska M., 1983: Preparation of therapeutic doses of leukocytes and platelets with a blood cell separator

Moshchinskii P., 1980: Preparation of thiamine derivative protein complexes

Moshchinskii, P.; Pych, R., 1976: Preparation of thiamine protein complexes

Inaba, M.; Anthony, J.; Ezaki, T., 1978: Preparation of thick tissue sections using cellophane tape an improved method

Morecombe D.J., 1987: Preparation of thienyl 3 carbon 14 temocillin

Bland C.J., 1979: Preparation of thin alpha particle sources from solutions at low concentrations

Roomans, G. M.; Seveus, L. A., 1977: Preparation of thin cryo sectioned standards for quantitative micro probe analysis

Burns, J., 1970: Preparation of thin epoxy resin sections from thick sections of paraffin embedded material

Fritzsche H., 1985: Preparation of thin films of oriented dna and dna ligand complexes suitable for optical studies by a modification of the wet spinning method

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174062

Cox, J. W.; Horrocks, L. A., 1981: Preparation of thio ester substrates and development of continuous spectrophotometric assays for phospho lipase a 1 ec and mono acyl glycerol lipase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174064

Aoki N., 1985: Preparation of thrombomodulin from human placenta

Stanley T.M., 1984: Preparation of thyrotroph cells from adult male rat pituitary glands by centrifugal elutriation

Sauer L.A., 1986: Preparation of tissue isolated rat tumors for perfusion a new surgical technique that preserves continuous blood flow

Hausman, R. E.; Knapp, L. W.; Moscona, A. A., 1976: Preparation of tissue specific cell aggregating factors from embryonic neural tissues

Temple W.J., 1980: Preparation of tissues for dna flow cytometric analysis

Khan, Z. H.; Lari, F. A.; Ali, Z., 1977: Preparation of toxoids from the venoms of pakistan species of snakes naja naja vipera russellii and echis carinatus

Okamoto, K.; Hashimoto, J.; Nozu, Y., 1976: Preparation of transfer rna from tobacco plant and examination of its accepting ability of acetyl serine

Wood, T., 1981: Preparation of transketolase ec free from d ribulose 5 phosphate 3 epimerase ec

Baranov V.I., 1983: Preparation of translating ribosomes using columns with immobilized poly uridylic acid

Doi E., 1988: Preparation of transparent egg white gel with salt by two step heating method

Michejda C.J., 1980: Preparation of tri alkyl triazenes a comparison of the nitrogen nitrogen bond rotation in tri alkyl triazenes and aryldialkyl triazenes by variable temperature carbon 13 nmr

Thesen, R.; Back, W.; Loos, M., 1978: Preparation of tri nitro phenylated red cells for antibody independent lysis by complement

De S., 1982: Preparation of tri terpenoid diosphenol via oximino ketone and structure of baccatin

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174078

Shevchenko, V. P.; Potapova, A. V.; Myasoedov, N. F., 1986: Preparation of tritiated 2z 5 4' tert butyl trans 1' hydroxy 1' cyclohexyl 3 methyl 2 4 pentadienoic acid

Franklin, R. B.; Statham, C. N.; Boyd, M. R., 1978: Preparation of tritiated 3 methyl furan and tritiated 2 methyl furan

Dedenkov A.N., 1981: Preparation of tritiated carminomicin and rubomycin by isotope exchange of tritiated water and determination of marker stability in aqueous solutions

Conti A., 1986: Preparation of tritiated collagen for studies of the biologic fate of xenogenic collagen implants in vivo

Rupar, C. A.; Carroll, K. K., 1976: Preparation of tritiated dolichol and dolichyl phosphate

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174084

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174085

Myasoedov N.F., 1985: Preparation of tritiated prostaglandin e 3

Fraser, A. D.; Clark, S. J.; Wotiz, H. H., 1976: Preparation of tritiated substituted estratrienes

Smith H.E., 1980: Preparation of tritium labeled 17 beta hydroxy 4 6 androstadien 3 one

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174089

Zakrzewski S.F., 1981: Preparation of tritium labeled 2 4 di amino 5 adamantyl 6 methyl pyrimidine

Katzenellenbogen, J. A.; Tatee, T.; Robertson, D. W., 1981: Preparation of tritium labeled 4 hydroxy alpha p 2 n pyrrolidinylethoxyphenyl alpha' nitro stilbene cn 928 a biologically important metabolite of the anti estrogen ci 628

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174092

Degraw J.I., 1982: Preparation of tritium labeled all trans retinal and tritium labeled all trans retinyl acetate

Degraw J.I., 1981: Preparation of tritium labeled all trans retinoic acid and tritium labeled all trans retinyl acetate

Ramachandran J., 1981: Preparation of tritium labeled alpha melanotropin with high specific radioactivity

Kohler C., 1985: Preparation of tritium labeled benzamide dopamine d 2 ligands at high specific activity

Puett D., 1981: Preparation of tritium labeled beta endorphin suitable for studying brain receptor interactions

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174098

Myasoedov N.F., 1980: Preparation of tritium labeled biogenic amines and their analogs

Zagoya J.C.D., 1987: Preparation of tritium labeled diosgenin esmilagenin and tigogenin

Yarygin K.N., 1982: Preparation of tritium labeled enkephalins using gaseous tritium

Holtzman J.L., 1981: Preparation of tritium labeled ethyl morphine and carbon 14 labeled ethyl morphine

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174103

Schuette H.R., 1983: Preparation of tritium labeled jasmonic acid ethyl di hydro jasmonate and itaconic acid

Shevchenko, V. P.; Myasoedov, N. F.; Bergel'son, L. D., 1979: Preparation of tritium labeled lipids by heterogeneous catalytic isotope exchange with gaseous tritium in solution 1. labeling of saturated fatty acid methyl esters

Shevchenko, V. P.; Myasoedov, N. F.; Volgin-Yu, V.; Bergel'son, L. D., 1980: Preparation of tritium labeled lipids by heterogeneous catalytic isotope exchange with gaseous tritium in solution 3. preparation of tritium labeled phospho lipids

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174107

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174108

Chang, F. C.; Chu, F. S., 1976: Preparation of tritium labeled ochra toxins

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174110

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174111

Deluca H.F., 1981: Preparation of tritium labeled or deuterium labeled vitamin d analogs by a convenient general method

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174113

Bergel'son L.D., 1981: Preparation of tritium labeled sphingo glyco lipids by heterogenic catalytic isotope exchange with gaseous tritium in solution

Mattocks A.R., 1982: Preparation of tritium labeled synthanecine a and its bis n ethyl carbamate

Mackenzie R.E., 1985: Preparation of tritium labeled tetrahydropteroylpolyglutamates of high specific radioactivity

Neiman L.A., 1981: Preparation of tritium labeled tri ethyl oxonium tetra fluoro borate a reagent for protein modification

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174118

Augier J., 1985: Preparation of tuberculin antigen l

Matsuzaki M., 1987: Preparation of two monoclonal antibodies reactive with human myeloid antigens

Schroeter D., 1986: Preparation of two plasma membrane fractions from ascites tumor cells by gel chromatography on sephacryl s 1000

Palmer, E. L.; Martin, M. L.; Warfield, D. T., 1971: Preparation of type 2 herpes simplex virus complement fixing antigen

Beck, A.; Bergner-Rabinowitz, S., 1977: Preparation of type specific anti m streptococcal sera by immunization with acid hydrolyzed cells

Duncan, N. H.; Hinton, N. A.; Penner, J. L.; Duncan, I. B. R., 1976: Preparation of typing anti sera specific for o antigens of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174125

Voigt B., 1986: Preparation of ubiquinone 10 from acetobacter methanolicus imet b 346

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174127

Tochikura T., 1981: Preparation of udp n acetyl galactosamine from udp n acetyl glucosamine by using microbial enzymes

Novak, M.; Jelinkova, A.; Benda, R., 1977: Preparation of ultra thin frozen sections in electron microscopy specimen supported by poly ethylene glycol

Mcdonnell H.M., 1981: Preparation of uni lamellar lipid vesicles at 37 celsius by vaporization methods

Szoka, F.; Olson, F.; Heath, T.; Vail, W.; Mayhew, E.; Papahadjopoulos, D., 1980: Preparation of uni lamellar liposomes of intermediate size 0.1 0.2 micron by a combination of reverse phase evaporation and extrusion through poly carbonate membranes

Schneeweiss, F.; Zimmermann, U.; Saleemuddin, M., 1977: Preparation of uniform hemo globin free human erythrocyte ghosts in isotonic solution

Matijevic E., 1987: Preparation of uniform spherical titania particles coated with polyurea by the aerosol technique

Heys J.R., 1981: Preparation of uniformly carbon 14 labeled and carbon 13 enriched catechol and hydro quinone via phenol

Kuleeva, M. F., 1978: Preparation of universal anti rhesus sera for determination of the rhesus factor with the express method on a surface without heating

Vasella A., 1986: Preparation of unprotected and partially protected 1 deoxy 1 nitro d aldoses and some representative x ray structure analyses

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174137

Stache, U.; Radscheit, K.; Haede, W.; Fritsch, W., 1982: Preparation of unsaturated lactones in the steroid series 12. synthesis of novel 4 5 di dehydro 14 15 beta epoxy bufadienolides and their l rhamno pyranosides

Stache, U.; Fritsch, W.; Haede, W.; Radscheit, K., 1977: Preparation of unsaturated lactones in the steroid series part 11 synthesis of novel cardenolides with 1 or 2 additional carbon atoms in position 19

Meyer J., 1980: Preparation of unstained protein structures for mass determination by electron scattering

Depasquale, R. J., 1977: Preparation of uracil

Storch G.A., 1985: Preparation of urine samples for use in commercial latex agglutination tests for bacterial antigens

Chopra, A. K.; Kakkar, V. K.; Gill, R. S.; Kaushal, J. R., 1974: Preparation of uromol a urea molasses complex and its rate of breakdown in vitro

Weintraub R.M., 1987: Preparation of valved conduits by plasma immersion and autoclaving

Doellgast G.J., 1979: Preparation of variant specific anti human placental phosphatase anti sera by immuno absorption

Streiff F., 1981: Preparation of varicella herpes zoster immuno globulin

Jiang F W., 1986: Preparation of various cholera vaccines and comparison of their immuno effect

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174148

Klibanov A.M., 1987: Preparation of various glucose esters via lipase catalyzed hydrolysis of glucose pentaacetate

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174150

Gertz, S. D.; Rennels, M. L.; Forbes, M. S.; Nelson, E., 1975: Preparation of vascular endothelium for scanning electron microscopy a comparison of the effects of perfusion and immersion fixation

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174152

Toribara, T. Y., 1978: Preparation of very high specific activity tritiated methyl acetimidate for protein labeling

Balazs R., 1979: Preparation of viable astrocytes from the developing cerebellum

Brown, E. M.; Hurwitz, S.; Aurbach, G. D., 1976: Preparation of viable isolated bovine parathyroid cells

Rugini E., 1983: Preparation of viable protoplasts from suspension cultured loblolly pine pinus taeda cells and subsequent regeneration to callus

Quintero A., 1980: Preparation of viable protoplasts from tomato leaf lycopersicum esculentum

Smith D.M., 1987: Preparation of viable single cell suspensions of tracheal epithelial cells

Frei B., 1986: Preparation of vicinal azidohydrins by reaction of oxiranes with triethylaluminum hydrogen azide

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174160

Abels J., 1979: Preparation of vitamin b 12 free serum for the use in vitamin b 12 radioassays

Mueller Berghaus G., 1986: Preparation of washed platelets from non anticoagulated human blood

Matsumoto, S., 1977: Preparation of water in oil in water multiple phase emulsion and lipid vesicle suspension

Ochiai H., 1987: Preparation of water soluble and stable chlorophylls and beta carotene by forming complexes with egg albumin

Feingold D.S., 1980: Preparation of water soluble high molecular weight substrates for beta d galactosidase

Kishida, N.; Okimasu, S., 1978: Preparation of water soluble methyl konjac gluco mannan

Ridley Johnson R., 1984: Preparation of well children in the classroom an unexpected contrast between the academic lecture and filmed modeling methods

Dokiya, Y.; Taguchi, M.; Toda, S.; Fuwa, K., 1978: Preparation of wet fish reference material from shark meat

Kirolles S.Y., 1985: Preparation of wheat flour low in gliadin

Yoshinari M., 1988: Preparation of white cell poor blood components using a quadruple bag system

Humphries C., 1979: Preparation of white leaf protein concentrate using a poly anionic flocculant

Moore P.A., 1981: Preparation of whole blood for liquid scintillation counting

Valls A.A., 1986: Preparation of whole rabbit knee joints for microscopic examination

Valeanu L., 1980: Preparation of working models by galvano plasty as a means for improving prosthetic therapy

Zhou C X., 1987: Preparation of xenogenic antiserum to esophageal cancer associated antigen by immunization with blocked tumor cells and its preliminary application

Ushakov V.M., 1980: Preparation of yeast capsular material

Polumienko A.L., 1983: Preparation of yeast cell lysates to isolate large fragments of mitochondrial dna

Suzuki, M.; Matsumoto, T.; Mikami, T.; Suzuki, S., 1976: Preparation of yeast mannan derivatives by stearoylation and phosphorylation

Chuan S J., 1983: Preparation of yeast saccharomyces sp protein isolates with low nucleic acid content and improved functionality through chemical phosphorylation

Morse E.E., 1984: Preparation of young red cells for transfusion using the fenwal cs 3000 cell separator

Miler I., 1980: Preparation of zymosan from yeast cell walls

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174182

Jones, A. D.; Burns, I. W.; Sellings, S. G.; Cox, J. A., 1977: Preparation optimization and slurry packing of an amino bonded phase for the analysis of sugars in food by high performance liquid chromatography

Gleason C.A., 1983: Preparation or intention to act in relation to pre event potentials recorded at the vertex

Friedman M.L., 1982: Preparation or oroso mucoid from nephrotic urine

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174186

Miholics E., 1981: Preparation potency testing and clinical trial of house dust allergen and de sensitizing vaccine

Wurster U., 1987: Preparation procedure for cerebrospinal fluid that yields cytologic samples suitable for all types of staining including immunologic and enzymatic methods

Worthington P.A., 1986: Preparation properties and activity of pp 969 a triazole fungicide with high systemic activity

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174190

Fernandez Alvarez E., 1982: Preparation properties and anti hypertensive activity of 1 oxo and 4 oxo derivatives of 5h pyridazino 4 5 b indole

Hermann T., 1983: Preparation properties and biological activity of natural and semi synthetic urethanes of monensin

Schmitz K., 1981: Preparation properties and composition of nereis vitellin the yolk protein of the annelid nereis virens

Krishna-Mallia, A.; Lakshmanan, M. R.; John, K. V.; Cama, H. R., 1969: Preparation properties and metabolism of 5 6 mono epoxy 3 dehydro retinal

Mallia, A. K.; Lakshmanan, M. R.; John, K. V.; Cama, H. R., 1968: Preparation properties and metabolism of retro 3 dehydroretinyl acetate rat intestine liver

Cresswell, P.; Sanderson, A. R., 1970: Preparation properties and substrate exclusion effects of an insoluble pronase derivative

Hawley, D. M.; Tsou, K. C.; Hodes, M. E., 1981: Preparation properties and uses of 2 fluorogenic substrates for the detection of 5' nucleotide phospho di esterase venom ec and 3' nucleotide phospho di esterase spleen

Gajda, A. T.; Zaror-De-Behrens, G.; Fitt, P. S., 1970: Preparation proteolysis and reversible oxidation of highly purified azotobacter vinelandii poly nucleotide phosphorylase ec

Kistenmacher T.J., 1981: Preparation proton nmr spectrum and structure of cis di ammine bis 1 methyl cytosine platinum ii nitrate 1 methyl cytosine cis steric effects in pyrimidine ring bound cis bis nucleic acid base platinum ii compounds

Trim, A. R.; Parker, J. E., 1970: Preparation purification and analyses of 13 alkali stable di nucleotides from yeast rna

Shires M., 1986: Preparation purification and analysis of bovine serum albumin coated latex particles for in vivo studies non ionic adsorbance of unbound protein ligand

Nagi, A. M.; Babiuk, L. A., 1988: Preparation purification and characterization of bovine peyer's patch leukocytes

Pandolfi, F.; Luzi, G.; Tozzi, M. C.; Aiuti, F., 1977: Preparation purification and in vitro properties of a serum against human lympho blastic leukemia associated antigens

Frieden C., 1983: Preparation purification and properties of a cross linked trimer of g actin

Kochupillai, N.; Yalow, R. S., 1978: Preparation purification and stability of high specific activity iodine 125 labeled thyronines

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174206

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174207

Homolka L., 1988: Preparation reversion mutagenesis and intra species fusion of protoplasts of oudemansiella mucida

Jorgensen, J. H.; Smith, R. F., 1973: Preparation sensitivity and specificity of limulus lysate for endo toxin assay

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174210

Ryan W.S.Jr, 1985: Preparation separation and identification of partially methylated alditol acetates for use as standards in methylation analysis

El Ridy M.S., 1986: Preparation separation and storage of n acetyl cysteine nac liposomes

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174213

Panouse J.J., 1986: Preparation spectral studies ir nmr and pharmacological approach concerning a series of 2 arylthieno 2 3 c benzo e pyran 4 ones

Yamamoto, I.; Unai, T.; Suzuki, Y.; Katsuda, Y., 1976: Preparation stabilization and insecticidal activity of cyclo dextrin inclusion compounds of pyrethroids

Riche C., 1985: Preparation stereochemical study and evaluation of the antileukemic activity of glucosidal derivatives of levo steganol

Wieckowski T., 1986: Preparation stereochemistry and crystal structures of some complexes of the macrocycle 3 3 7 7 11 11 15 15 octamethyl 1 9 dithia 5 13 diazacyclohexadecane with cobalt ii nickel ii copper i copper ii zinc ii rhodium iii silver i cadmium iii platinum ii and mercury ii salts

Taylor, M. D.; Minaskanian, G.; Winzenberg, K. N.; Santone, P.; Smith, A. B-Iii, 1982: Preparation stereochemistry and nmr spectroscopy of 4 hydroxy acetoxy bi cyclo 5.1.0 octanes synthesis of levo and racemic 8 8 di methyl bi cyclo 5.1.0 oct 2 en 4 one

Mlynarcik D., 1980: Preparation structure and anti bacterial activity of some 1 5 di phenyl 3 pyrazinyl 2 pyrazoline derivatives

Beechey R.B., 1982: Preparation structure and properties of per iodate oxidized atp a potential affinity labeling reagent

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174221

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174222

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174223

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174224

Stock C.E., 1984: Preparation techniques for concentrating pollen from marine sediments and other sediments with low pollen density

Ryan K.G., 1986: Preparation techniques for x ray analysis in the transmission electron microscope of wood treated with copper chrome arsenate

Donchin E., 1980: Preparation to respond as manifested by movement related brain potentials

Rauth A.M., 1988: Preparation toxicity and mutagenicity of 1 methyl 2 nitrosoimidazole a toxic 2 nitroimidazole reduction product

Hood L.F., 1983: Preparation ultrastructure and functional properties of egg albumin and corn zein modified via the plastein reaction

Barnum D.A., 1984: Preparation use and evaluation of standards developed for simultaneous monitoring of coulter and fossomatic electronic cell counting instruments in ontario canada

Sunjic V., 1986: Preparation via diastereoselective hydrogenation absolute conformation and configuration of exogenous anabolic zeranol 3s 7r 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 decahydro 7 14 16 trihydroxy 3 methyl 1h 2 benzoxacyclotetradecin 1 one

Ridley D.D., 1986: Preparations and crystal structures of the 2 oxides of some octahydro 3 2 1 benzoxathiazines and octahydro 2h 3 1 2 benzoxazaphosphorines

Amano T., 1981: Preparations and immunological characterizations of 2 lysozyme derivatives di nitro phenylated at lysine 33 and lysine 96 respectively

Kleppe, R. K.; Kleppe, K., 1976: Preparations and properties of rna polymerase ec from acinetobacter calcoaceticus

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174235

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174236

Luftig R.B., 1980: Preparations enriched for immature murine leukemia virus particles that remain in tissue culture fluids are deficient in pr 65 g a g proteolytic activity

Kiselev E.N., 1986: Preparations for parenteral nutrition used as means increasing the body resistance to hypoxia

Tadanier, J.; Hallas, R.; Martin, J. R.; Cirovic, M.; Stanaszek, R. S., 1981: Preparations of 2 epi fortimicins a from 2 epi fortimicin b by intra molecular base catalyzed 2 o acylation of 1 2' 6' tri n benzyloxycarbonyl 2 epi fortimicin b

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174240

Gross J., 1979: Preparations of continuous gradient gel slabs a simple technique

Christensen, S. B.; Krogsgaard-Larsen, P., 1980: Preparations of deuterium labeled guvacine and iso guvacine

Bashkis, E. V.; Valyukaite, R. V.; Ragavichyus, A. B.; Golubenko, I. A.; Neumoina, I. P.; Chepurnova, N. K.; Balaban, N. P., 1978: Preparations of extracellular rnase from bacillus subtilis

Yamada, K.; Murakami, H.; Shirahata, S.; Nishiguchi, H.; Shinohara, K.; Omura, H., 1978: Preparations of histone and nucleosome

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174245

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174246

Cremieux, A.; Guiraud, H.; Dumenil, G.; Chevalier, J., 1978: Preparations of homogeneous suspensions of mycobacteria application to evaluation of mycobactericidal activity

Wallach D., 1984: Preparations of lympho toxin induce resistance to their own cyto toxic effect

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174249

Panda H., 1988: Preparations of nematocides from maleopimaric acid

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174251

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174252

Hiei S., 1980: Preparations of omega amino substituted acetanilide derivatives and their pharmacological actions

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174254

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174255

Pogorelov A.G., 1981: Preparations of the epi cardial ganglionic nervous plexus of the right auricle for micro electrode studies

Goerl, M.; Welfle, H.; Bielka, B., 1978: Preparative 2 dimensional poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis of rat liver ribosomal proteins and determination of their amino acid compositions/

Soulillou J P., 1984: Preparative 2 step purification of human interleukin 2 by high performance liquid chromatography and hydrophobic affinity chromatography

Feizi T., 1981: Preparative affinity chromatography of sheep gastric mucins having blood group i i activity and release of antigenically active oligo saccharides by alkaline borohydride degradation

Hansson C., 1983: Preparative affinity electrophoresis application to human erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174261

Kobayashi S., 1987: Preparative agarose gel isoelectric focusing with cover gel

Chaiken I.M., 1979: Preparative and analytical affinity chromatography of neurophysins on methionyltyrosylphenylalanylaminohexyl agarose

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174264

Seely, G. R.; Duncan, M. J.; Vidaver, W. E., 1972: Preparative and analytical extraction of pigments from brown algae with di methyl sulfoxide

Prusoff W.H., 1985: Preparative and analytical high performance liquid chromatographic methods in the synthesis and analysis of decomposition of nitrosourea nucleosides

Ellis B.E., 1984: Preparative and analytical liquid chromatography of complex caffeoyl esters

Gillespie D., 1979: Preparative and analytical purification of dna from agarose

Weber J.D., 1984: Preparative and analytical separation of amygdalin and related compounds in injectables and tablets by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography and the effect of temperature on the separation

Schmahl H J., 1987: Preparative and analytical separation of the enantiomers of the teratogenic racemate em 12 2 2 6 dioxopiperidin 2 yl phthalimidine by low pressure liquid chromatography lc and hplc

Segrest J.P., 1980: Preparative and quantitative isolation of plasma lipo proteins rapid single discontinuous density gradient ultra centrifugation in a vertical rotor

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174272

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Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174274

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Bhatnagar R., 1981: Preparative counter current chromatography with a rotating coil assembly

Ito Y., 1980: Preparative counter current chromatography with a slowly rotating glass coil

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174281

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Ito, Y.; Bowman, R. L., 1978: Preparative countercurrent chromatography with horizontal flow through coil planet centrifuge

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Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174290

Seits I.F., 1984: Preparative electrophoresis isolation of nonintegrated forms of oncovirus pro viral dna

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Pham T.D., 1987: Preparative electrophoresis on agarose submerged gels of two aggregating proteoglycan monomers from articular cartilage

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Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174298

Garwin J.L., 1979: Preparative enzymatic synthesis and hydrophobic chromatography of acyl acyl carrier protein

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174300

Hearn M.T.W., 1979: Preparative flatbed electro focusing in granulated gels with natural ph gradients generated from simple buffers

Pras M., 1987: Preparative fractionation of amyloid proteins on a microgram scale by high performance liquid chromatography and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

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Halvorson H.O., 1979: Preparative fractionation of nucleic acids by agarose gel electrophoresis

Tivol, W. F.; Benisek, W. F., 1977: Preparative fractionation of peptide mixtures by 2 dimensional chromatography and electrophoresis on paper location of peptides by contact printing

Olefirenko G.A., 1985: Preparative fractionation of soluble human leukocyte antigens by absorption and ion exchange chromatography

Adkison L.R., 1980: Preparative fractionation of t and b lymphocytes of the syrian golden hamster with soybean agglutinin

Lindqvist, B.; Sjogren, I.; Nordin, R., 1974: Preparative fractionation of tri glyceride mixtures according to acyl carbon number using hydroxyalkoxypropyl sephadex

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Kato Y., 1985: Preparative high performance ion exchange chromatography

Rathbone E.B., 1987: Preparative high performance liquid chromatographic purification and structural determination of 1 o alpha d glucopyranosyl d fructose trehalulose

Appendino G., 1983: Preparative high performance liquid chromatographic separation of epimeric guaianolides

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174317

Matlin, S. A.; Chan, L., 1984: Preparative high performance liquid chromatography 1. a comparison of 3 types of equipment for the purification of steroids

Matlin, S. A.; Chan, L., 1985: Preparative high performance liquid chromatography 2. purification of beta lactam derivatives using laboratory assembled equipment

Gabriel, T. F.; Michalewsky, J.; Meienhofer, J., 1976: Preparative high performance liquid chromatography applied to peptide synthesis

Crews T., 1984: Preparative high performance liquid chromatography for the facile isolation of drug glucuronide conjugates from crude extracts of urine

Appendino G., 1981: Preparative high performance liquid chromatography isolation of the true pro azulenes from artemisia arborescens

Sondey S.M., 1987: Preparative high performance liquid chromatography of malto oligosaccharides

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174324

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174325

Rubinstein M., 1979: Preparative high performance liquid partition chromatography of proteins

Rose M.S.F., 1979: Preparative high pressure liquid chromatography of the lipid fraction of teucrium canadense

Karkas J.D., 1981: Preparative high speed gel permeation chromatography of proteins on toyopearl hw 55f

Regnier F.E., 1987: Preparative hplc of soybean trypsin inhibitor using large particle diameter supports

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174330

Shieh C.H., 1986: Preparative hydrophobic interaction chromatography of proteins using ether based chemically bonded phases

Mahley R.W., 1985: Preparative immobiline isoelectric focusing of plasma apolipoproteins on vertical slab gels

Polson, A.; Von, M. Wechmar, M. B.; Moodie, J. W., 1978: Preparative immuno absorption electrophoresis

Andersen, N. H., 1969: Preparative inst thin layer chromatography and inst column chromatography of prostaglandins

Craven G.R., 1986: Preparative ion exchange high performance liquid chromatography of bacterial ribosomal proteins

Wahrmann, J. P.; Gros, F.; Piau, J. P.; Schapira, G., 1980: Preparative iso electric focusing and some properties of solubilized adenylate cyclase ec from rat brain

Arnaud P., 1981: Preparative iso electric focusing in agarose

Armstrong H., 1980: Preparative iso electric focusing in agarose

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Gelfi, C.; Righetti, P. G., 1983: Preparative iso electric focusing in immobilized ph gradients 2. a case report

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Drzeniek R., 1980: Preparative iso electric focusing of poliovirus poly peptides in urea sucrose gradients

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Barkhan P., 1980: Preparative isolation and characterization of the urinary aglycones of vitamin k 1 phyllo quinone in humans

Buttner, W.; Veres-Molnar, Z.; Green, M., 1976: Preparative isolation and mapping of adenovirus 2 early messenger rna species

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174352

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174353

Drize, O. B.; Voskoboinik, A. D.; Polotskaya, A. V.; Shlyankevich, M. A.; Shapot, V. S., 1977: Preparative isolation and some properties of sv 40 tumor antigen

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Vasilenko, S. K.; Serbo, N. A.; Ven'yaminova, A. G.; Boldyreva, L. G.; Budker, V. G.; Kobets, N. D., 1976: Preparative isolation of 5 oligo ribo nucleotides using cobra venom rnase

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Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174359

Kahlenberg, A., 1976: Preparative isolation of band 3 the predominant poly peptides of the human erythrocyte membrane

Svoboda V., 1988: Preparative isolation of carbon 14 labelled saccharose from a partly purified fraction of chlorella vulgaris

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Schott H., 1980: Preparative isolation of deoxy ribo adenylic acids from hydrolysates of oxidized herring sperm dna using template chromatography

Schott, H.; Schwarz, M., 1978: Preparative isolation of di pyrimidine tri pyrimidine and tetra pyrimidine nucleotides from depurinated herring sperm dna

Marx J.J.M., 1983: Preparative isolation of distinct molecular forms of rabbit liver ferritin using high performance liquid chromatography

Voronina A.S., 1979: Preparative isolation of free cytoplasmic informosomes

Schott H., 1984: Preparative isolation of hexa pyrimidine hepta pyrimidine octa pyrimidine nona pyrimidine and deca pyrimidine oligo nucleotides from hydrolysates of depurinated herring sperm dna

Dalen A.B., 1984: Preparative isolation of immune complexes from serum by sucrose gradient ultra centrifugation

Lebedev A.V., 1988: Preparative isolation of individual phenylalanine transfer rna by high performance liquid chromatography

Simanovskaya, V. K., 1975: Preparative isolation of influenza virus a hong kong 1 68 h 3n 2 hem agglutinin

Rakhimov A.Kh, 1987: Preparative isolation of lipases from the fungus rhizopus microsporus

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Schott, H.; Schwarz, M., 1977: Preparative isolation of mono pyrimidine nucleotides and di pyrimidine nucleotides from depurinated herring sperm dna

Watzlawick H., 1982: Preparative isolation of oligo guanosine phosphates from partial hydrolyzates of dna using template chromatography

Schott H., 1982: Preparative isolation of oligo thymidine phosphates from partial hydrolysates of chemically degraded dna using template chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174378

Ivanishchev V.V., 1988: Preparative isolation of phosphoribulokinase

Kirkland J.J., 1985: Preparative isolation of plasmid dna with sedimentation field flow fractionation

Kiselev G.V., 1982: Preparative isolation of poly phospho inositide fractions from ox brain

Ludriks M.R., 1980: Preparative isolation of poly ribosomes from escherichia coli and examination of their properties

Schiechl, H., 1977: Preparative isolation of protein iii of the human erythrocyte membrane

Schott H., 1987: Preparative isolation of purine oligonucleotides from partial hydrolysates of depyrimidinated dna

Segall H.J., 1979: Preparative isolation of pyrrolizidine alkaloids derived from senecio vulgaris

Alekhina, S. K.; Chumikina, L. V.; Gumilevskaya, N. A.; Kretovich, V. L., 1977: Preparative isolation of ribosomal subunits from pea seeds

Lagodyuk, P. Z.; Klos-Yu, S., 1978: Preparative isolation of serum albumin

Selezneva, A. A.; Babenko, G. A.; Bol'shakova, M. D.; Rozhanskaya, T. I.; Margolina, N. A., 1976: Preparative isolation of terrilytin components and examination of their enzyme properties

Schrade H., 1984: Preparative isolation of tetra purine penta purine and hexa purine oligo nucleotides from partial hydrolysates of depyrimidinated herring sperm dna

Aviles F.X., 1985: Preparative isolation of the 2 forms of pig pancreatic procarboxypeptidase a and their monomeric carboxypeptidases a

Metzger H., 1979: Preparative isolation of the cell receptor for immuno globulin e

Klimchuk S.A., 1982: Preparative isolation of thiamin tri phosphate by means of cation exchange resins

Schott H., 1979: Preparative isolation of tri tetra penta and hexa pyrimidine nucleotides from hydrolysates of depurinated herring sperm dna

Hassam S.B., 1985: Preparative isolation of uniformly carbon 14 labeled solanesol from carbon 14 dioxide chamber grown tobacco

Battersby, R.; Holloway, C. J., 1982: Preparative isotachophoresis in a flat bed of granulated gel 1. principles and procedures comparison with iso electric focusing and application to the isolation of a low iso electric point high mobility form of cat liver cytosolic glutathione s transferase ec

Avogaro P., 1981: Preparative isotachophoresis of human plasma high density lipo proteins hdl 2 and hdl 3

Houghten, R.; Chrambach, A., 1977: Preparative isotachophoresis on poly acrylamide gels resolution as a function of time and wattage

Stodola J.D., 1982: Preparative liquid chromatographic separation of amino acids and peptides on amberlite xad 4

Berg A., 1986: Preparative liquid chromatography in the field of x ray contrast agents

Stodola J., 1981: Preparative liquid chromatography of 1 1 adducts derived from the reaction of malondialdehyde with amino acids

Doner L.W., 1987: Preparative liquid chromatography of carbohydrates monosaccharides and disaccharides uronic acids and related derivatives

Unger S., 1986: Preparative liquid chromatography of pharmaceuticals using silica gel with aqueous eluents

Pipkorn R., 1979: Preparative merits of the mixed anhydride method in the excess use of alpha alpha di methyl 3 5 dimethoxybenzyloxycarbonyl amino acids in the peptide synthesis of biologically active new antamanide analogs

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174405

Akhmed Zade A., 1983: Preparative method for isolating glyco sphingo lipids from the thymus

Tsutsui, K.; Kumon, H.; Ichikawa, H.; Tawara, J., 1976: Preparative method for suspended biological materials for scanning electron microscopy by using of poly cationic substance layer

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174408

Kiselev, G. V., 1977: Preparative method of isolating phospho inositide fractions from brain tissue

Shabalin-Yu, A.; Tsiomenko, A. B.; Bagabov, V. M.; Kulaev, I. S., 1976: Preparative microbiological method to synthesize phosphorus 32 nucleoside tri phosphates from 5 prime mono nucleotides

Mage, M.; Mathieson, B.; Sharrow, S.; Mchugh, L.; Haemmerling, U.; Kanellopoulos-Langevin, C.; Brideau, D. Jr ; Thomas, C. A. Iii, 1981: Preparative nonlytic separation of lyt 2 plus and lyt 2 minus t lymphocytes functional analyses of the separated cells and demonstration of synergy in graft vs. host reaction of lyt 2 plus and lyt 2 minus cells

Sticher O., 1986: Preparative on line overpressure layer chromatography oplc a new separation technique for natural products

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174413

Danho W., 1981: Preparative oxidative conversion of protected peptide c alpha hydrazides into the corresponding acids by n bromo succinimide

Bier, M.; Cuddeback, R. M.; Kopwillem, A., 1977: Preparative plasma protein fractionation by isotachophoresis in sephadex columns

Boecker, R.; Kersten, W., 1978: Preparative poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis of nuclear rna

Enders, G. L-Jr ; Duncan, C. L., 1977: Preparative poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis purification of clostridium perfringens entero toxin

Sander E.G., 1980: Preparative poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis removal of poly acrylate from proteins

Nudel, U.; Ramirez, F.; Marks, P. A.; Bank, A., 1977: Preparative poly acrylamide gel electrophoretic purification of human alpha globin and beta globin messenger rna

Schott H., 1988: Preparative preparation of homologues of oligoribouridylic acid by selective partial hydrolysis of rna

Alberti, B. N.; Klibanov, A. M., 1982: Preparative production of hydro quinone from benzo quinone catalyzed by immobilized d glucose oxidase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174422

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174423

Greenberg R.N., 1985: Preparative purification of escherichia coli heat stable enterotoxin

Schleyer M., 1983: Preparative purification of human placental colony stimulating factors

Kask A.M., 1986: Preparative purification of peptides by countercurrent chromatography on the ito coil planet centrifuges

Yurt, R.; Austen, K. F., 1977: Preparative purification of the rat mast cell chymase characterization and interaction with granule components

Viale A.M., 1984: Preparative purification of the subunits of chloroplast and rhodospirillum rubrum coupling factors by flat bed electrofocusing in granulated gels

Dodds A., 1987: Preparative regimens for marrow transplantation containing busulphan are associated with hemorrhagic cystitis and hepatic veno occlusive disease but a short duration of leukopenia and little oro pharyngeal mucositis

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174430

Jozefonvicz, J.; Petit, M. A.; Szubarga, A., 1978: Preparative resolution of dl proline by liquid chromatography on a poly styrene resin containing the l proline copper ii complex/

Mory H., 1979: Preparative reversed phase chromatography of polar and nonpolar metabolites on columns packed with micronized xad 2 resin

Sonne O., 1986: Preparative reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography of iodinated insulin retaining full biological activity

Jacobson M., 1979: Preparative reversed phase liquid chromatographic isolation of azadirachtin from neem azadirachta indica kernels

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174435

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174436

Kuehn, G. D.; Hsu, T. C., 1978: Preparative scale enzymic synthesis of d carbon 14 ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate

Svensson I., 1980: Preparative scale fractionation of escherichia coli ribosomal rna and transfer rna on sepharose 6b

Malcolm A.D.B., 1982: Preparative scale high resolution purification of low molecular weight dna fragments

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174440

Marshall A.G., 1984: Preparative scale isolation and purification of prokaryotic and eukaryotic ribosomal 5s rna bacillus subtilis neurospora crassa and wheat germ/

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174442

Richards F.M., 1982: Preparative scale isolation of isotopically labeled amino acids

Jones, A. R.; Guerin, M. R.; Clark, B. A., 1977: Preparative scale liquid chromatographic fractionation of crude oils derived from coal and shale

Carrea G., 1986: Preparative scale regiospecific and stereospecific oxidoreduction of cholic acid and dehydrocholic acid catalyzed by hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174446

Girard R., 1985: Preparative scale separation of functionally distinct murine b cell subpopulations

Sticher O., 1979: Preparative scale separation of xanthones and iridoid glycosides by droplet countercurrent chromatography

Muller, R. N.; Tisue, G. T., 1977: Preparative scale size fractionation of soils and sediments and an application to studies of plutonium geochemistry

Schlaepfer W.W., 1982: Preparative separation and amino acid composition of neuro filament triplet proteins

Klibanov A.M., 1983: Preparative separation of alpha naphthols and beta naphthols catalyzed by immobilized sulfatase

Vockova J., 1987: Preparative separation of an enzymatic hydrolysate of carbon 14 labelled proteins

Cook C.E., 1985: Preparative separation of demeton isomers with ito multi layer coil countercurrent chromatography

Sticher O., 1980: Preparative separation of dia stereo isomeric iridoid glucosides by droplet countercurrent chromatography

Helling R.B., 1980: Preparative separation of dna ethidium bromide complexes by zonal density gradient centrifugation

Mccormick, A. G.; Wachslicht, H.; Chrambach, A., 1978: Preparative separation of hemo globin a and hemo globin s by gel electro focusing using selective zone elution by gel transposition between suitable anolytes and catholytes

Schoenberg D., 1988: Preparative separation of human b and t lymphocytes by free flow electrophoresis

Beladi I., 1982: Preparative separation of intact incomplete and empty adenovirus type 2 particles

Leffler H., 1983: Preparative separation of sialic acid containing lipids from sulfate group containing glyco lipids from small intestine of different animals analysis by thin layer chromatography and detection of novel species

Perova N.V., 1981: Preparative separation of subclasses of high density lipo proteins and characteristics of their composition

Hilschmann N., 1980: Preparative separation of the tryptic hydrolysate of a protein by high pressure liquid chromatography the primary structure of a mono clonal l chain of kappa type subgroup i bence jones protein wes

Nunogaki H., 1988: Preparative separation of unsaturated fatty acids esters by centrifugal partition chromatography cpc

Shore V.G., 1982: Preparative size exclusion chromatography of human serum apo lipo proteins using an analytical liquid chromatograph

Saito K., 1985: Preparative studies on the isolation of an enzyme associated with carthamin synthesis in carthamus tinctorius

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174465

Gong E.L., 1985: Preparative subfractionation of high density lipoproteins in dysalphalipoproteinemias

Mikhailopulo I.A., 1986: Preparative synthesis of 9 beta d arabinofuranosyladenine an antiviral nucleoside by bacterial cells

Ovodov Yu S., 1986: Preparative synthesis of methyl beta d galactopyranoside methyl ethers

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174469

Sawai T., 1979: Preparative use of the analytical column of sugar autoanalyzer for resolution of gluco oligo saccharides of the same molecular weight

Duman J.G., 1983: Preparatory adaptations for winter survival in the cold hardy beetles dendroides canadensis and dendroides concolor

Pedersen B.V., 1987: Preparatory cleansing of the colon prior to a double contrast barium enema

Miller M.C., 1979: Preparatory immuno diffusion for production of specific anti adult southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis serum

Zahn T.P., 1988: Preparatory interval effects on the reaction time performance of introverts and extraverts

Quaid K.A., 1983: Preparatory interval influences on reaction time of elderly adults

Blencke, B. A.; Hagen, P.; Broemer, H.; Deutscher, K., 1978: Preparatory investigations about the usefulness of glass ceramics in kerato plasty

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174477

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174478

Watts K.C., 1987: Preparatory methods for dna hydrolysis cytochemistry immunocytochemistry and ploidy analysis their application to automated and routine diagnostic cytopathology

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174480

Bus A.G., 1986: Preparatory reading instruction in kindergarten some comparative research into methods of auditory and auditory visual training of phonemic analysis and blending

De-Silva, P.; Rachman, S.; Seligman, M. E. P., 1977: Prepared phobias and obsessions therapeutic outcome

Mccutcheon N.B., 1980: Prepared responses and gastric lesions in rats

Hugdahl, K.; Fredrikson, M.; Ohman, A., 1977: Preparedness and arousability as determinants of electro dermal conditioning

Foa E.B., 1986: Preparedness and resistance to extinction to fear relevant stimuli a failure to replicate

Trueman I.C., 1979: Preparing a new flora of the shropshire region england uk using a federal system of recording

Daniels J.T., 1986: Preparing alberto salazar for the heat of the 1984 olympic marathon

Tsyryapkin V.A., 1980: Preparing an amino acid mixture for nutrition of phenyl ketonuria patients

Golikov, V. Ya ; Mashchenko, N. P.; Usol'tsev, V. I., 1978: Preparing and increasing the qualifications of physician radiologists in the area of radiation safety

Urvolgyi, J., 1976: Preparing and staining of coxiella burnetti natural phase ii antigen for the micro agglutination reaction

Wald A., 1982: Preparing anesthesia equipment for suspected malignant hyper thermia episodes

Tikhonov V.N., 1982: Preparing anti sera reagents and immuno genetic study of blood allotypes of domestic and wild pigs

Kovalev I.E., 1981: Preparing antibodies to adrenaline and their use for determining low concentrations of catecholamines

Sterling P., 1979: Preparing auto radiograms of serial sections for electron microscopy

Peled N., 1988: Preparing children for anesthesia and surgery

Newman J.A., 1982: Preparing hem agglutinating antigen from isolates of infectious bronchitis virus

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174497

Sayatov M.Kh, 1981: Preparing inhibitor free anti influenza sera by columnless chromatography on deae cellulose

Thornsberry C., 1984: Preparing inoculum for susceptibility testing of anaerobes

Skilbeck W.M., 1983: Preparing low income hispanic black and white patients for psycho therapy evaluation of a new orientation program

Maurer D.H., 1983: Preparing mono layers of nonadherent mammalian cells

Lyon, F. L.; Kramer, C. L., 1977: Preparing myxomycete spores for scanning electron microscopy

Butler W.B., 1984: Preparing nuclei from cells in monolayer cultures suitable for counting and for following synchronized cells through the cell cycle

Zhurov A.V., 1984: Preparing of large polished sections for pore space investigations

Gunn, C. R.; Seldin, M. J., 1977: Preparing seed and fruit characters for a computer with discussion of 5 useful programs

Teren'ko G.N., 1982: Preparing soil for structural analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174507

Laws R.A., 1983: Preparing strewn slides for quantitative microscopical analysis a test using calibrated microspheres

Pfeiffer A., 1986: Preparing the export of animal production units from the point of view of management

Echlin P., 1982: Preparing the liverwort ricciocarpus natans for scanning electron microscopy

Ferguson B.F., 1979: Preparing young children for hospitalization a comparison of 2 methods

Ivanoff B., 1985: Prepartal infection of the placenta with neisseria gonorrhoeae

Et Al, 1986: Prepartal monitoring and fetal prediction

Hudson P.B., 1988: Preparticipation screening of special olympics athletes

Evens S., 1986: Prepartum and intrapartum breast stimulation in obstetrics a review

Gonyou H.W., 1988: Prepartum behavior of gilts in three farrowing environments

Johnson T.R.B., 1987: Prepartum diagnosis of limb shortening defects with associated hydramnios

Taylor M.A., 1985: Prepartum diagnosis of traumatic fetal maternal hemorrhage

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174519

Williams C.J., 1987: Prepartum supplementation of selenium and vitamin e to dairy cows assessment of selenium status and reproductive performance

Rosenfeld J.B., 1983: Prepatellar bursitis due to anaerobic streptococcus haemolyticus group a

Prost A., 1980: Prepatent period in onchocerciasis onchocerca volvulus

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174524

Beydoun S., 1987: Preperitoneal trans ileal cutaneous ureterostomy a review of 46 cases

Baken R.J., 1985: Prephonatory laryngeal and chest wall dynamics

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174527

Pascual R., 1980: Prepidolopidae new didelphoid marsupial family from the south american eocene

Robison, C. R., 1977: Prepinus parlinensis new species from the late cretaceous of new jersey usa

Lewy R., 1985: Preplacement examination of temporary hospital workers

Cotter D.J., 1987: Preplant seed treatment effects on growth and yield of chile pepper

Dowler C.C., 1981: Preplant tillage soil strength and root growth of turnip brassica campestris greens

Beutelspacher C.R., 1979: Prepona medinai new species lepidoptera nymphalidae from mexico

Malmberg L., 1981: Preponderance for either alpha adrenoceptor of beta adrenoceptor mediated sensitization in the rat submaxillary gland

Villeneuve A., 1983: Preponderance of alpha 2 adrenergic receptor sites and beta 1 adrenergic receptor sites in human fat cells is not predictive of the lipolytic effect of physiological catecholamines

Kanan, M. W.; Francis, M. J. O.; Sykes, B.; Reed, W. B.; Ryan, T. J.; Van-Diest, P.; Marsden, A., 1977: Preponderance of lysosomal bodies in cultured fibroblasts from patients with recessive epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica an electron microscopic study

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174537

Chopra V.L., 1985: Preponderance of tryptophan auxotrophy in azotobacter by nitrosomethyl urea

Giletti D.H., 1981: Preponderance of women in possession cults the calcium deficiency hypothesis extended

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174540

Girardier L., 1988: Prepontine knife cut induced hyperthermia in the rat effect of chemical sympathectomy and surgical denervation of brown adipose tissue

Dale P.S., 1981: Prepositional marking of source goal structure and the comprehension of english passives by children

Fleischmann N., 1980: Prepositional phrases pronominalization reflexivization and relativization in the language of learning disabled college students

Lee V.L., 1981: Prepositional phrases spoken and heard

Kobrin V.I., 1986: Prepotentials of the contractile myocardium cells

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Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174867

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Ciorbaru, R.; Petit, J. F.; Lederer, E.; Zissman, E.; Bona, C.; Chedid, L., 1976: Presence and sub cellular localization of 2 distinct mitogenic fractions in the cells of nocardia rubra and nocardia opaca preparation of soluble mitogenic peptido glycan fractions

Kanemasa Y., 1979: Presence and synthesis of cholesterol in stable staphylococcal l forms

Coculescu, M.; Matulevicius, V.; Goldstein, R.; Pavel, S., 1978: Presence and synthesis of vasotocin in the pineal gland of brattleboro rats

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174872

Deftos L.J., 1980: Presence by radio immunoassay of a calcitonin like substance in porcine pituitary glands

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174874

Karoum F., 1983: Presence distribution and pharmacology of conjugated catecholamines in the rat spinal cord

Vanderzant C., 1979: Presence growth and survival of yersinia enterocolitica in oysters shrimp and crab

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174877

Sukurai M., 1979: Presence if the near 358 nanometer uv absorbing substances in red algae

Lefevre M., 1981: Presence in a human thyroid carcinoma of follicular structures similar to ultimobranchial follicles described in the mouse

Leloir L.F., 1980: Presence in a plant of a compound similar to the dolichyl di phosphate oligo saccharide of animal tissue

Allain P., 1979: Presence in blood and urine of a substance promoting bismuth dialysance in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174882

Benedetto A., 1980: Presence in cerebro spinal fluid of herpes antibodies detectable by antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity

Trouillet, J.; Vattier-Bernard, G., 1977: Presence in congo of sergentomyia decipiens new record sergentomyia dissimillima new record sergentomyia tauffliebi new record sergentomyia wansoni new record and sergentomyia squamipleuris new record

Knoepffler, L. P.; Combes, C., 1977: Presence in corsica france of polystomoides ocellatum in emys orbicularis chelonia emydidae considerations on the worldwide distribution of the genus polystomoides

Nakayama, N.; Sugimoto, I.; Asahi, T., 1980: Presence in dry pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska cotyledons of soluble succinate dehydrogenase ec that is assembled into the mitochondrial inner membrane during seed imbibition

Burrows, R. B.; Brown, G. M., 1978: Presence in escherichia coli of a deaminase and a reductase involved in biosynthesis of riboflavine

Rapilly, M., 1977: Presence in france of cryptocephalus connexus coleoptera chrysomelidae

Secq, B., 1987: Presence in france of dryops sulcipennis a. costa and notes on its habitat coleoptera dryopidae

Gevrey J P., 1980: Presence in france of paramphistomum leydeni trematoda paramphistomata

Grouet, D., 1977: Presence in france of pythium splendens on scindapsus aureus

Moncel, J.; Muriaux, L., 1976: Presence in france of trechus rufulus new record coleoptera carabidae

Carafa A.M., 1979: Presence in grains of wheat of a factor stimulating scar formation of wounds

Priestman D.A., 1985: Presence in human cells and tissues of two prolidases and their alteration in prolidase deficiency

Green H., 1979: Presence in human epidermal cells of a soluble protein precursor of the cross linked envelope activation of cross linking by calcium ions

Boffa G.A., 1984: Presence in human plasma of 2 hepatocyte proliferation inhibitors acting on g 1 s transition of the cell cycle

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174897

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174898

Nonis U., 1979: Presence in italy of lysurus mokusin new record

Yamazaki M., 1983: Presence in mouse bone marrow of mediator dependent cyto toxic effector cells against tumors

Saunders G.F., 1982: Presence in mouse dna of repeated sequences related to small regions of the genome of gross akr murine leukemia virus

Hernando L., 1983: Presence in normal human urine of a hypotensive and platelet activating phospho lipid

Gilot, B.; Pautou, G.; Ain, G., 1975: Presence in quebec canada of culiseta melanura new record

Selenska-Traikova, S. I.; Rodionova, N. P.; Novikov, V. K.; Atabekov, I. G., 1978: Presence in rna preparations of the cucumber virus 3 4 of short messenger rna coding membrane protein

Clastrier J., 1980: Presence in southern france and re description of stilobezzia lutacea new record diptera ceratopogonidae

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174907

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174908

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174909

Galichet, P. F.; Radisson, A., 1976: Presence in the agro ecosystem of the rhone delta france of an alternate host for lydella thompsoni diptera tachinidae a parasite of the european corn borer

Cesari, C.; Dominguez-Alonso, P., 1975: Presence in the buenos aires argentina delta of the common mountain guan penelope obscura obscura

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174912

Alva V., 1987: Presence in the mediterranean of the bathyal echinoid echinus alexandri new record danielssen and koren 1883 echinodermata echinoidea

Cristaldi, M.; Federici, R.; Recco, M. A., 1978: Presence in the same area of apodemus flavicollis and of apodemus sylvaticus in the zones of tolfa and manziana italy critical considerations

Smigielski, F.; Souplet, A., 1977: Presence in the straits of dover of 3 annelida species new for the region

Mckenzie I.F.C., 1981: Presence in unprimed mice of helper t cells specific for antigens closely related to self and their possible relevance to tumor immunology

Bottini, E.; Lucarelli, P.; Spennati, G. F.; Businco, L.; Palmarino, R., 1970: Presence in vicia faba d of different substances with activity in vitro on glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficient male red blood cell reduced glutathione

Taljedal, I. B., 1969: Presence induction and possible role of glucose 6 phosphatase in mammalian pancreatic islets

Martin T.J., 1982: Presence of 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 receptors in established human cancer cell lines in culture

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174920

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174921

Bishai, I.; Coceani, F., 1976: Presence of 15 hydroxy prostaglandin dehydrogenase prostaglandin delta 13 reductase and prostaglandin e 9 keto alpha reductase in the frog spinal cord

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174923

Labrie F., 1985: Presence of 19 carbon steroids in mammary shionogi carcinoma sc 115 in castrated mice

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174925

Wada O., 1986: Presence of 2 amino 3 8 dimethylimidazo 4 5 f quinoxaline in dialysate from patients with uremia

Biagioni T.M., 1982: Presence of 2 benzodiazepine binding sites in the rat hippocampus

Fournie, J., 1976: Presence of 2 cell types in the shell of agriolimax agrestis

Ray, M.; Bhaduri, A., 1980: Presence of 2 conformationally vicinal sulfhydryl groups at the active site of udp glucose 4 epimerase ec from saccharomyces fragilis

Cowell J.K., 1984: Presence of 2 cyto genetic forms of amplified dna evidence for a role in tumor growth in an intraspecific mouse hybrid cell line

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174931

Ohba, H.; Harano, T.; Omura, T., 1977: Presence of 2 different types of protein di sulfide isomerase on cytoplasmic and luminal surfaces of endoplasmic reticulum of rat liver cells

Fischetti V.A., 1985: Presence of 2 distinct regions in the coiled coil structure of the streptococcal pep m 5 protein relationship to mammalian coiled coil proteins and implications to its biological properties

Romero P., 1979: Presence of 2 distinct types of rotavirus in infants and young children hospitalized with acute gastro enteritis in mexico city mexico 1977

Philippe, M.; Chevaillier, P., 1978: Presence of 2 dna polymerases in bull spermatozoa

Andries, J. C., 1976: Presence of 2 endocrine and 1 exocrine cell types within the mesenteron of the larva of aeshna cyanea odonata aeshnidae

Brewer H.B.Jr, 1983: Presence of 2 forms of apo lipo protein b in patients with dys lipo proteinemia

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174938

Kervabon, A.; Albert, B.; Etemadi, A. H., 1976: Presence of 2 forms of palmityl coenzyme acyl carrier protein trans acylase in homogenates of mycobacterium smegmatis purification using the monomer polymer inter convertibility

Hall D.O., 1980: Presence of 2 hydrogenase activities in chromatium vinosum isolation and some properties

Penefsky H.S., 1981: Presence of 2 hydrolytic sites on beef heart mitochondrial atpase

Faraldo, A.; Pinto, R. M.; Canales, J.; Fernandez, A.; Sillero, A.; Sillero, M. A. G., 1983: Presence of 2 isozymes of adenylo succinate synthetase ec in artemia salina embryos purification and properties

Cherayil J.D., 1985: Presence of 2 methylthioribosyl trans zeatin in azotobacter vinelandii transfer rna

Reinharz, A. C.; Vallotton, M. B., 1977: Presence of 2 neurophysins in the human pineal gland

Dubouchet J., 1979: Presence of 2 phialophora cinerescens glyco peptides in infected carnation dianthus caryophyllus

Stoops, J. K.; Arslanian, M. J.; Oh, Y. H.; Aune, K. C.; Vanaman, T. C.; Wakil, S. J., 1975: Presence of 2 poly peptide chains comprising fatty acid synthetase

Tiboni, O.; Parisi, B.; Perani, A.; Ciferri, O., 1970: Presence of 2 sets of ribosome specific transfer factors in the cell free extracts from the non photosynthetic alga prototheca zopfii

Bowman, L. H.; Chollet, R., 1980: Presence of 2 subunit types in ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase ec from thiobacillus intermedius

Lafuste, J.; Debrenne, F., 1977: Presence of 2 types of micro structures in archaeocyathus atlanticus lower cambrian labrador canada

Ugolev, A. M.; Smirnova, L. F.; Nurks, E. E.; Roshchina, G. M., 1976: Presence of 2 types of transport of substances in the small intestine on the example of some sugars and amino acids

Reimer, G., 1978: Presence of 2 typical dna binding nonhistone proteins in psoriatic scales contrary to normal human dermis epidermis and horny layer

Clark V.L., 1984: Presence of 2 unique genes encoding macrolide lincosamide streptogramin resistance in members of the bacteroides fragilis group as determined by dna dna homology

Volterra, L.; Cassone, A.; Tonolo, A.; Bruzzone, M. L., 1975: Presence of 2 virus like particles in penicillium citrinum

Nilsen, T. W.; Wood, D. L.; Baglioni, C., 1982: Presence of 2' 5' oligo adenylic acid and of enzymes that synthesize bind and degrade 2' 5' oligo adenylic acid in hela cell nuclei

Sokawa, J.; Shimizu, N.; Sokawa, Y., 1984: Presence of 2' 5' oligoadenylate synthetase in avian erythrocytes

Mathieu H., 1982: Presence of 25 hydroxy vitamin d 3 and 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 24 hydroxylase in vitamin d target cells of rat yolk sac

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174957

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174958

Oikawa A., 1983: Presence of 3 amino beta carbolines 3 amino 9h pyrido 3 4 b indoles effectors in the induction of sister chromatid exchanges in protein pyrolysates

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174960

Crocker, J.; Skilbeck, N.; Brown, G.; Bunce, C., 1986: Presence of 3 fucosyl n acetyllactosamine shown by monoclonal antibody agf 4.48 in reed sternberg cells

Brown, F.; Neal, D. J.; Wilkinson, S. G., 1977: Presence of 3 o methyl l xylose in the lipo poly saccharide of pseudomonas maltophilia nctc 10257

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174963

Mikhailov, V. S.; Marlyev, K. A.; Ataeva, D. O.; Kullyev, P. K., 1986: Presence of 3' 5' exonuclease activity in dna polymerase of chinese silkworm nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Izquierdo J.A., 1983: Presence of 5 hydroxy iaa in diloboderus abderus larvae without mono amine oxidase like activity

Tiengo M., 1985: Presence of 5 hydroxytryptamine positive neurons in the medial nuclei of the solitary tract

Thomason, A. R.; Friderici, K. H.; Velicer, L. F.; Rottman, F., 1978: Presence of 5 prime terminal cap structures of virus specific rna from feline leukemia virus infected cells

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174968

Kunst, F.; Steinmetz, M.; Lepesant, J. A.; Dedonder, R., 1977: Presence of a 3rd sucrose hydrolyzing enzyme in bacillus subtilis constitutive levanase synthesis by mutants of bacillus subtilis strain marburg 168

La Torre J.J., 1988: Presence of a 43 kda host cell polypeptide in purified aphthovirions

Tsuji H., 1982: Presence of a base line level of sister chromatid exchanges in somatic cells of drosophila melanogaster in vivo and in vitro

Mehrotra P.N., 1988: Presence of a blastocyst and mast cell depletion of the mouse uterus

Rapoport S.I., 1984: Presence of a blood nerve barrier within blood vessels of frog sciatic nerve

Weese, W. C.; Talamo, R. C.; Neyhard, N. L.; Kazemi, H., 1976: Presence of a brady kinin like substance in pulmonary washings

Robert Lezenes J., 1987: Presence of a c myc transcript initiated in intron 1 in friend erythroleukemia cells and in other murine cell types with no evidence of c myc gene rearrangement

Hanbauer, I.; Lovenberg, W., 1977: Presence of a calcium ion dependent activator of cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase in rat carotid body effects of hypoxia

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174978

Riou J.Y., 1986: Presence of a capsule in neisseria lactamica antigenically similar to the capsule of neisseria meningitidis

Morton D.L., 1980: Presence of a carcinoma associated antigen in the spent chemically defined medium of a human colon carcinoma cell line

Frot Coutaz J., 1988: Presence of a cellular retinylphosphate binding protein in rat liver

Pillay D.T.N., 1988: Presence of a chloroplast like elongator methionyl transfer rna gene in the mitochondrial genomes of soybean and arabidopsis thaliana

Cedard L., 1982: Presence of a chorionic gonadotropin like factor in mouse placental cultures during the 2nd half of gestation

Nakajima Y., 1986: Presence of a ciliary patch in preoral epithelium of sea urchin plutei

Hoobler S.W., 1982: Presence of a circulating depressor substance by rat cross perfusion after chronic carbon tetra chloride treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6175, Accession 006174986

Iwakura, Y.; Yonehara, S.; Kawade, Y., 1978: Presence of a common structure in the 2 molecular species of mouse l cell interferon

Rose M.E., 1981: Presence of a complete endothelial barrier between lymph and lymphoid tissue in the lumbar lymph nodes of the duck anas platyrhynchos

Hoffstetter R., 1983: Presence of a condylarth salladolodus deuterotherioides new genus new species in the deseadian early oligocene from salla bolivia

Burroughs, J. N.; Brown, F., 1978: Presence of a covalently linked protein on calicivirus rna

Dong B., 1980: Presence of a cytochrome b containing ferritin in azotobacter vinelandii

Nikitina, L. A., 1978: Presence of a cytotomy factor in the karyoplasm of acipenser stellatus oocytes at the onset of the period of rapid growth

Dorai D.T., 1983: Presence of a di nucleotide fold in a cholera toxin possible approach to chemo prophylaxis

Brandon M.R., 1988: Presence of a distinct cd8 positive and cd5 negative leukocyte subpopulation in the sheep liver

Martin D.W.Jr, 1982: Presence of a dna demethylating activity in the nucleus of murine erythro leukemic cells

Brandt J., 1979: Presence of a family of annelida as intermediate host of metastrongylus apri in cuba

Buffe, D.; Rimbaut, C.; Lemerle, J.; Schweisguth, O.; Burton, P., 1970: Presence of a ferro protein of tissular origin the alpha 2 h globulin in sera of children with tumors

Abeles R.H., 1980: Presence of a flavine semi quinone in methanol oxidase

Londos C., 1987: Presence of a functional inhibitory gtp binding regulatory component g i linked to adenylate cyclase in adipocytes of ob ob mice

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